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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  February 21, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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good evening, we start with breaking news out of hayward this evening. police there say that they have found the body of a missing san jose woman. 22-year-old stacy aguilar was last seen leaving a party in hayward last weekend. investigators say they found they are body around noon yesterday. coroners bureau will conduct an autopsy. policing are treating the case a as a homicide. we spoke to the family who says they were frustrated by police who asked them not to search fore for her. breaking news out of vallejo, a car slams into a
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building killing the passenger. witnesses say a helicopter took the driver to the hospital, condition unknown. this video came into our newsroom. if we don't have it you can see an active scene. police are trying to figure out what led up to that crash happening on sacramento street in vallejo. police are asking people to stay away from the scene. also we have breaking news now from san francisco. we just learned within the last half hour that police are investigating a deadly shooting there. >> nbc bay area's christie smith live at the scene located in the western addition. christie what do you know right now? >> reporter: i can tell you the scene is very active. i spoke with one officer who tells me homicide investigators are on the way. we're hoping to get more information soon. i spoke with one man who works on the block who tells me he heard five or six shots. he got down on the ground for safety. he looked outside the window and said one man was down on the ground and others rushed over to where that man was laying on fillmore at golden gate.
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a car with five or six bullet holes in it. paramedic rushed the man to the hospital. unclear whether he was inside or outside the car when this happened. the northern police station is across the street. there are cameras on the block but so far police have not commented on a suspect. we're hoping to get more information soon. i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there -- >> hot off her win in nevada yesterday, hillary clinton now in the bay area raising campaign cash. the democratic presidential candidate edged out opponent bernie sanders in yesterday's caucuses. it as much-needed boost for hillary following her blowout loss to sander ares in the new hampshire primary earlier this
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month. chuck coppola. >> i understand hillary clinton wrapped up the second of three fund raising events in the the bay area? >> reporter: it's nearly wrapped up. it's going to be less than an hour long. hillary clinton arriving in atherton 10 or 15 minutes ago at the home of sukinder founder of board list. the fund-raiser drew about 400 people. it cost about $1,000 a head. but half that if you're under 35. still most of the attendees were o older. people felt more confident about clinton's campaign after saturday's victory in the caucus. >> i think nevada seal the deal for her, shows she has resiliency. >> reporter: clinton's nevada rebound came largely from union labor and latino voters. clinton's weakness is among voters in their 20s or 30s. organizers of this clinton fund-raiser charged half the
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amount, $500 if you're under 35, twice that if you were older. >> bernie is overshooting a little bit. i think some young people like that a lot. but they're not super involved in politics so they don't know that it's not that easy. i think we need somebody who can really achieve things. >> reporter: even among clinton's most loyal supporters such as laura kimton, the question of hillary clinton's wall street connections is a concern. >> i although like to hear her address how she's going to deal with the fact that people think she's too -- plays the game with wall street. and too much in the pocket of wall street. i would like to hear that. >> reporter: there was also a smattering of signs claiming clinton is too cozy with corporate interests. the protest though largely silent. this is the second of three fund-raisers here in the bay area. the next one in menlo park scheduled to start in about a half hour. much of the money raise the likely to go to campaigns in other states for tv ads, for example in south carolina's
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democratic primary which happens next weekend, and of course super tuesday, the big one after that. now both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will square off next saturday in south carolina. that's when the democratic primary state will be held. sanders is already campaigning in south carolina. republican side, donald trump is celebrating his bin in south carolina. the republican prime pulmonary was held yesterday. today trump spent the day campaigning in georgia. georgia is a super tuesday state. marco rubio and ted cruz are also focusing on getting votes for super tuesday. that's scheduled for march 1st. >> right now i'm fighting for my life. >> the continue consequences are extraordinary if we get this election wrong. >> our game plan from day one was do well in the first four states and consolidate conservatives to go forward into super tuesday. >> jeb bush is out of the republican race. he announced he was ending his
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campaignesterday night after the results for south carolina primary were released. a flasher inside a daly city store. police are looking for the guy who exposed himself to three teenage girls. this is the man they're looking for. his picture caught on the store's surveillance yesterday about 4:30 in the afternoon at the store on mission and wilson. the girls told police they left the store after the incident, the man stayed inside. if you know him daly city police would like to hear from you. >> six dead, two wounded in kalamazoo, michigan. investigators believe the shootings were random. >> reporter: first shots fired just before 6:00 saturday night in the parking lot of an apartment complex. the gunman shot a mother who was with her three children. she's in serious condition. about four hours later, 15 miles away, shots were fired at a car dealership. 18-year-old tyler smith and his father killed.
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>> looks like where somebody just driving around, finding people, shooting them dead in their tracks. >> reporter: 15 minutes later, more shots. this time at a popular restaurant. >> priority south ninth street at the cracker barrel. shots fired. >> reporter: five more victims, four dead. a 14-year-old girl reported to be killed survived. rushed into surgery after she squeezed her mother's hand. she's in critical condition. the shooter had eight victims, six killed. about seven hours after the first shots were fired, police arrested 45-year-old jason dalton without incident. authorities found the gun and other evidence inside his car. dalton is an uber driver who authorities say has ties to the community. his neighbors say he was a normal working family guy. >> would have never suspected anything like that. >> reporter: what connects the alleged gunman, the locations and the victims? police say nothing. >> the randomness of this is
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hard to deal wilt. that's one of the most frightening things about it. >> reporter: authorities have searched dalton's home and they're trying to find out why one man may have taken so many lives. now good news on the pen minutes ra. after a suspected burglar and prowler is behind bars, palo alto police say they arrested 30-year-old brandon yamagata riding a bright blue bike. this started thursday when a bomb said she saw a man prowling in her backyard. 20 minutes later a report came in about a theft at summer winds nursery not far away. two hours another report of a burglarized home. police say they caught up with the man responsible for all of this, yamagata, after recognizing that blue bicycle. officers are looking to see if he's connected to any other recent burglaries or robberies. did the fbi miss its chance to break into the san bernardino's phone? the new information to suggest the feds could have accessed
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data without asking for apple's help. a charity with a criminal past. the people hired to keep teens safe on the peninsula after a cluster of suicides. warmer temperatures here on the sunday as we see 66 in livermore. 64 right now in san jose. a few spots closing in close to 70. even a strong storm off to the west bringing high surf our way. will we see any chance of rain the next seven days? on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks
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as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. an encrypted cellphone. federal new details into the fight between the fbi and apple over an encrypted cell phone. federal agents want to see if the san bernardino terror suspect used the iphone to communicate with others about the attack. we're learning the san bernardino county health department paid for but never installed a feature that would have allowed federal agents to easily and immediately unlock that iphone. instead the battle between the federal government and apple. federal agents want apple to create a back door to bypass the
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security measures of that phone, apple is fighting a judge's order and warns the hacking technology could be used on other iphones as well. lawyers for bill cosby's wife are trying again to save her from testifying in a deposition set for tomorrow. camille cosby's attorneys have filed an emergency motion to postpone her deposition while she appeals a judge's order. friday a federal judge ruled mrs. cosby just answer questions under oath on monday in a defamation suit brought against her husband, bill cosby. cosby's attorneys argue camille has nothing to do with the case. the motion also argues her testimony would create unnecessary media circus. 57 women claim mr. cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. some of the women from there the bay area. missing a radioactive material, found. iraq's government says it's recovered the potentially dangerous chemical that went missing last week. the material was found dumped at a gas station in southern iraq. it was still in a protective case and undamaged. the material is normally used to
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test oil and gas pipelines. but it's also radioactive. the iraqi government was worried it would fall into the wrong hands and possibly be used as a weapon. r. teenage suicide a huge problem, coming up. >> it's a huge funk upon the community. >> palo alto hired security guards to cover the train tracks but we uncovered problems with those guards.
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the city is paying for years palo alto has been trying to solve its problem of teenage suicide. the city is paying thousands of dollars for guards to protect students near the train tracks. >> we've uncovered the security guards were convicts, parolees, even people accused of burglarizing the neighborhoods while they were on the clock. senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen shows us what she's uncovered. >> reporter: the city of palo
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alto spent more than $700,000 on security services during the past four years, part of a program called track watch. it was created in response to a spate of tragic student deaths. as we've learned, residents did not get what they were promised. in palo alto, the impact of teen deaths is still felt deeply. >> it is simply a huge scar, a wound, upon the community, it would be on any community. >> reporter: a wound that remains open for mark vin tenti, a retired gunn high school english teacher. in 200 anybody four students from his school took their own lives. >> to go into the classroom the next day when you know one of those desks is going to be empty, that is -- that's -- that's a difficult job. >> reporter: in response to the
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crisis, vincenti and a team of volunteers set up watch posts along the rail line, hoping to guide distressed teens toward help. city leaders joined the effort, hiring val security in 2011 for a four-year contract as part of "project track watch." >> the presence of the guards at the tracks is a tangible signal every day to kids who are coming and going across those tracks that we are doing something, and we care. >> reporter: but some of the guards cared about something else. in october, palo alto police arrested james broughten in connection with a string of residential burglaries. police say instead of watching the tracks for students, broughten was watching empty homes, stealing jewelry and electronics. the investigative unit searched through criminal records and found his legal troubles started before he was hired by val. the 21-year-old was recently released from san quentin where he served time for armed robbery with a handgun. records show broughten is under investigation by palo alto
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police for identity theft using stolen credit cards. when questioned about the crimes broughten denied the charges telling investigators, "he does not do burglaries but he does do robberies." we sat in on a court hearing and found another val security guard down the hall dealing with a case of his own. >> charges are for possession of methamphetamines. pretty much that's it. >> reporter: val security hired brett scott in early 2015, despite his history of drug offenses dating back to 2013. scott is now back in court facing possession charges in palo alto. >> are you nervous about the proceedings? >> not really. you know. pretty much do the crime, do the -- i mean, you pay for it, know what i mean? >> reporter: records revealed kenneth white, a val security guard wanted for petty theft from fry's. in november white was arrested by palo alto police and pled guilty to the charge. white's past also includes grand theft charges in mountain view
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which were later dropped. >> for me it's frightening. >> reporter: sherry moved to palo alto for safe neighborhoods. police records allege two homes across from hers were broken into by a val security guard. she says it's a betrayal on an even deeper refusal. >> i have a brother that committed suicide. not in front of a track. but that's a tragedy that you don't want any family to go through. it's horrible. so knowing that the city is hiring people that aren't really going to be able to help these people, that are supposed to be watching the tracks and instead are stealing from the community around them, that's really hurtful. >> reporter: we requested an interview with the city of pat low alto to ask how it screens guards before putting them on the street. the city declined our request but said in a statement it had no knowledge of the criminal backgrounds and all background checks are the responsibility of the vendor, not the city, as they are not city employees. in december palo alto hired a new company, cypress security, to stand watch through the summer. the contract pays twice the
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hourly wage for a total of $429,000 over seven months. and again, the city is relying on its contractor for screening. a process that allowed these guards to make the cut. >> i do have three other co-workers that saved three people's lives. we did a good deed there. >> reporter: city and community leaders emphasize the importance of having a physical presence at the crossings. still, vincenti says he wants the guards more thoroughly vetted by the city to ensure they know the weight of their responsibility. >> we need to have the best adults for these kids at the tracks. >> reporter: cypress security tells us they allow people with a criminal history to serve as guards but on a case-by-case basis. we understand this is a sensitive topic, we have information on our website, including warning signs and a suicide prevention hotline number. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call.
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888-996-tips. you can send us an e-mail to very, very nice sunday today. >> beautiful weekend. >> great weather to do anything. rob mayeda is here talking about the day, maybe tomorrow too. >> pretty nice afternoon after a chilly start this morning north of the golden gate, 30s around napa county. right now 58 degrees san francisco, a slight sea breeze with high clouds over toward the trivalley. 66 in livermore, temperatures upper 60s. hazy skies san jose, 64. and over towards tiburon, 61 right now with some of those high clouds coming on in. for the moment the winds still somewhat on shore. the reason why san francisco is only 58 right now. as we head towards tomorrow, we see those winds begin to turn offshore. so morning temperatures again a little bit on the chilly side. 40s and 50s. and then as early as noon tomorrow, mid 60s across the valleys on our way to a stretch of it looks to be at least five days of 70-degree temperatures.
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san jose 63 degrees tomorrow. mid 70s around los gatos. it looks like wednesday and thursday could be the warmest days of the week. downtown san jose, mid 70s. maybe even close to 80s. south of downtown san jose for thursday, notice san francisco, mid to upper 60s tomorrow as winds begin to change direction. should see temperatures climbing close to the 70s through the middle part of the week, cooler approaching friday. to the north bay and tri-valley, the same temperatures trends continue. santa rosa, a bit of a north wind should bring it up to 75 tomorrow. 74 in dublin. we'll see those temperatures in the trivalley staying well above the 63 degree average throughout the week. so we do have strong storms in the pacific. high pressure blocking the rain but not the big waves. if you're going to head to the coast, temperatures warm up tuesday into wednesday, watch out. we could see high surf coming into the middle part of the week. missing the rain though. that high is holding its ground at least through about friday. no real chances rain till you
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get to saturday. there's a chance we could see a little bit of light rain. the computer models at this point kind of arguing between themselves. right now one of the models looks like this. this is the euro model. if you compare the two side by side, this is the same time frame. notice on the right the global forecasting system doesn't quite have the rain. right now we'll be an optimist and lean on what we call the euro model. we'll lean that on our forecast heading towards next weekend with a slight chance of light rain. look at the temperatures not dropping a whole lot. temperatures staying in the mid to upper 60s. more sunshine and a little bit of a warmup as we head toward next sunday. as we go through the rest of the month, 80% to 90% of average rain. really not helped out by february. as you can see these numbers, we're looking now like we're not going to be adding much at all. well below the averages for the month of february. hopefully things will change as we move into march. >> i vote for the euro model, if anybody's keeping score.
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airline complaints from passengers are really taking off. >> oh, man. where do you start? what are the biggest issues for passengers? we reveal what travelers hated last year. and also which airlines had the worst records. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso.
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that's what airlines are nowfac deptme more passenger complaints. that's what airlines are now facing. the department of transportation says they heard a recordgy that you 20,000 complaints last year, an increase of 30%. issues range from flight and baggage problems to refunds and even reports of discrimination. american airlines received the most complaints. the number one issue there, flight problems, including oversold flights and botched reservations. spirit airlines came in second worst. the second-largest number of complaints. followed by frontier. >> how about that. a hack a thon for a notable
4:57 pm
cause. the department of veterans affairs hosted hock a thons aimed at helping veterans suffered mild traumatic brain injuries and ptsd. it had less to do with computers and more with teens hacking their way through problems. vets pared up with members of the community including producers, developers and health care experts to come up with solutions to the problems that veterans face on a daily base sister. >> it's a little differently formatted than a lot of hack a thons. it's rapidly creating a solution. at the end of the weekend you're presenting that solution. and hopefully we're creating new solutions for veterans with mild brain injury and post-traumatic stress. >> experts will choose up to three winners who might be asked to present their solutions to washington, d.c. in april. come up next, we're following breaking news in san francisco. one man is dead after a shooting from at mcdonald's. we're live with new details on what happened. a dramatic rescue all caught on camera. rescue crews are able to
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successfully lift this driver out of a ravine after a nasty crash. live at the hayward police department, investigators say they have found the body of a missing san jose woman. the latest on the investigation coming up. these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders.
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these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that sew the seeds of business growth, that weave the data, and find the perfect spot to thrive. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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breaking news -- >> good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. breaking news in san francisco. homicide detectives now have been called to a mcdonald's in the city's western addition neighborhood. streets there are closed off. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at the scene with the latest. you said this is a very active scene? >> reporter: that's right. i can tell you the medical exercise just arrived. i did speak with a san francisco police sergeant who gave me information, he says this unfolded when traffic was backed up here before 3:00 on fillmore and in the fast food parking lot when someone came up to this car that's sitting here and opened fire on the passenger sid


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