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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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people dead after a passenger plane crashes. what caused that plane to go down. and finding a woman's torso at the dumbarton bridge. piecing together what appears to be a gruesome find. and finding out how long he will spend in prison after the prosecutor says he violated their trust and what they said to consider is exemplary character. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> let's get right to that breaking news. within the last 15 minutes or so, a suspect in an early morning gun shop burglary turned himself over peacefully. >> live at the way this morning, bob, you have details how it all came to an end? >> reporter: it did end pea
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peacefully within the last few minutes. we spoke to the owner of the gun shop, target gun shop and all she said was how stupid it was for them to break into her store considering it was behind the milpitas police department. there's the police department in the foreground and an area you cannot see that well by the gun shop range. three were caught shortly after entering and they were near a concrete mixing plant and park. and one was held up a few hours in the store at one point displayed to it the police and police ordered him to drop it and he did and he just stood there and did not surrender. at 5:30 this morning, police did
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say he surrendered peacefully and i don't know if you can see in the background, an officer from the milpitas police is g e giving an updated how it went down. i will go and get more information. >> thank you. in just 30 minutes, turning around to our forecast, we take a live look at the bay bridge this morning. we are waiting for some rain but right now the conditions are just fine. >> good morning, sam. we're enjoying it while we can. might as well since we have beautiful weather this afternoon. we're at 48 degrees in the peninsula and south bay. highs reaching to the low to mid 70s once again. we will be close to setting new records at some spots. keeping an eye on those numbers, getting to 74 degrees in the tri-valley and 76 degrees in south bay.
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let's see how the roads are moving as you approach the bay bridge with mike. >> absolutely. just at the beginning of the curve, a carpool lane is heading faster. 880 and there's 580 across from the maze. look at your map. no surprises there. not so dramatic when you look at the grand scheme of things. hayward toward union city, the crash is near the industrial area and what remains it. that prevents folks from getting to the san mateo bridge. we're northbound 87 and north 101 have now started that morning commute. we'll track that as well. back to you. >> thank you. also tracking breaking news overs overseas. hours ago, rescuers found the wreckage of a small passenger plane that crashed in central
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nepal. all 24 on board are dead. the plane flew directly into a mountain. the flight blasted only 18 minutes and no americans on board. a developing story, human remains found on sunday. it's a torso they discovered with head, arms and legs apparently severed. we first told you on monday. the gruesome details were found at the end of marchlands road near the bum barton bridge. last night, 48 hours after the ail me da county found a torso. they spent the evening searching around the levees and around that bridge. the torso was found initially sunday night. now, they said the head and l b limbs are missing. >> a lot of cars and police cars
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told us to leave. i just left when they said just leave, don't go on the bridge. >> the coroner has not identified the remains yet. if you have any information, call the police. facing a judge for senten sentencing today -- >> chris, we're talking between five and eight years for a sentence. >> leland's lawyers asking for five and federal prosecutors want eight. at the end of the day, it is up too the fefrld judge. lee avoided a trial by pleading guiltfy to a judge punishable up to 20 years in prison and 250,0$250,000 fine what federal prosecutors say wasn't quote a one time thing. it should reflect the serio seriousness of his crime and serve as a deterrent to others.
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let's remind you what he admitted to doing, conspireing to engaging in racketeering, accepting 11,0$11,000 for settip a meeting with another senator, accepting 10,0$10,000 recommend someone for a grant and taking 60$6000 just for writing a certificate on state heard head. he admitted to discussing illegally smuggling drugs in from the philippines in excluding rocket propel grenade laun launchers. his attorneys fighting for a lighter sentence citing his character and health of his ailing wife. he will face a judge in about four hours. >> thank you. 6:06. a test ride turned deadly when a bay area man lost vol of a sports car in california. 28-year-old alex demetro, charged with vehicular man claurgt and felony, driving
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under the seat. >> and he was driving the car with a carmax employee. and the carmax employee died at a local hospital. getting the attention and saying reported racism is unacceptable and calling for change. yesterday, dozens of students walked out. they're upset about a display put up by students showing r rappers and president obama along with the title happy black history month #gangs. the students took the protest to last night's board meeting getting this response from the superintendent. >> i am deeply disturbed as is this board of education by what we're hearing and i applaud these students for speaking up about their experience. >> saying these pictures represents black history month shows the ignorance they have towards us. >> the student protesters are
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demanding a change in the school's curriculum and more african-american teachers and staff members. the superintendent promised their voices will be heard. >> innocent animals poison. sheriff's department wants any who thinks their animal was a victim to come forward. a homemade cookie poisoned with plant, ollian der killed this dog and a horse. another horse also ate it but survived. the sheriff's official said they identified a person of interest but any with more information is urge to come forward. a developing story across the gulfcoast where severe weather is being blamed for the death of at least three people. a tornado struck and killed three people and more expected today. an entire rv park was destr destroyed. >> reporter: good morning. behind me is what used to be
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sugar hill mobile home park. this is the worst of the tornado damage in the south. there were 160 mobile homes here. 90% were torn off their foundation and thrown. some of them blocks away from where they originally stood. two people died here alone. ire person died from the severe weather in mississippi. more than 30 people hospitalized, more than 30 pulled from the rubble. seven are critical injuries, life-threatening, still fighting for their life this morning. and there was an intense search overnight for two to three people missing who may be trapped in the rubble. that search has taken a brief pause and may continue later this morning. a severe threat for tornadoes and other weather continues to the east coast later today. back to you. >> amazing destruction there. you can watch the full report on
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the "today" show. starts at 7:00 and report where the severe weather is headed next. >> meantime, here at home how consistent lly calm it's been here. let's get a check on weather. good morning. >> good morning. we will have chilly temperatures heading out the door. be prepared for that. sunglasses an short-sleeves today. we will be warming up quickly, a look at the noontime temperature mostly around the low 70s. mid-afternoon, 69 degrees and east bay, 72 degrees. a beautiful sunny day well above average. we will start to detail that coming up. now y to the freeway with mike. >> we will show it's not so nasty across the cluoliseum, a good bit of traffic heading south.
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south towards the area, industrial parkway. we're starting to see speeds improve, red to orange and now the toll plaza shows backup. through the area, out of fruitville and dublin, pleasa pleasanton, and now the line has cleared up altering back on time. north of the san mateo bridge the volume builds up here and slowing at 101. we see that burst easing off and should see another one in 20 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. >> the count down is on. bay area tickets for concerts from prince. >> it looks like something straight out of a movie. the connection to the bay area. >> why is he being so mean to that robot?
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and meanwhile apple's new strategy and delay, delay. coming up. ==sam/cont vo== the bay area -s
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days from now .. a there yeah, that will get you dancing at 6:15 in the morning. a surprise appearance by rock royalty. prince will play at oakmont theater. tickets go on sale at noon. if you score seats, hoping you have your sunday clear when he
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will appear at 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. he debuted in australia and gave tribute to chris matthews, who died. the rocket is attempting to put another telecommunications satellite into orbit. the company will try to land its rocket booster on a floating platform in the atlantic ocean. spacex successfully landed a rocket booster in december however this is a bit more ambitious and a successful la landing not expected. today's launch at cape canaveral is 3:36 our time. apple wants congress not the courts to decide cracking open the encryption on its iphone. >> playing the long game. >> any time you get involved with congress you're getting involved with congress, nothing happens quickly and could be part of their strategy. they will file that request to
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deal with congress and not the court. in the meantime people gathered outside apple stores in 30 locations to show support for the company. they're a minority. a recent pugh research poll s w shows the slight majority of americans support the fbi and not apple. >> i think our security will not be increased if apple breaks the security features on the iphone. i think it's actually worrisome that citizen s rights to privac are being debated between a giant corporation and a very powerful government. >> the new york ci"new york tim the government has nine other iphones by syed farook it wants opened. originally they said one iphone and only one iphone is at issue. apple said it probably wouldn't
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stop at one iphone. >> zynga will sell its offices and lease them back. it bought the space for more than a quarter billion dollars years ago and can get more than that now. >> facebook will add emoticons to the social network today. these will be added to the thumbs up and like so you have more choices. as you know, you find out something sad, my dog passed away, you don't want to like that. >> a little sad. >> yeah. >> happy, gleeful, joyful. >> yes. ah-ha! wow, of course, like. >> big thumbs up. >> and heart the option. thank you very much. sleeker, quieter and more adult. a robot that might make some
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more uncomfortable. >> at 5'9" with a strong stride and 180 pounds, atlas can stand on two legs and do a lot including taking a punch from a hockey stick. look at this as it picked up a 10 pound box, even bullying it from getting the job done. watch as the box is moved atlas still stays on task. it was created by boston dyna c dynamics, a massachusetts company owned by alphabet, google's parent company. >> can't you see that being a movie? it turned on you. >> that was not nice. would you want to hear a knock on your door and atlas is delivering something? >> no. especially when it's a lot ta taller than me. >> they originally made it 6 feet tall but it was too
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intimida intimidating. you should be a developer. >> 70 degree temperatures. >> i am loving the weather and looking forward to some rain. the only rain chances we get friday and sunday will be very light. we will be keeping an eye on that. getting ready for a beautiful sunrise, looking at the bay bridge. don't forget the sucnglasses one again. 45 in the east bay and 38 degrees in the peninsula and south bay and getting a closer look at san francisco now, 41 degrees in mission. interchange 41 degrees now in the north bay. as they 7-day forecast comes up bottom of the screen, highs for the 70s today and the next couple of days, we will have a few spotty showers in this forecast and now we're enjoying sunshine in fremont at 78
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degrees. if you're heading to squaw valley the next couple of days, we have snowfalls at 124 inches, base, 65 inches. we made a little wbit more of progress this last week. look how warm these temperatures will be. expect that snow to melt especially with no more snow systems the next few days. we also had above average temperatures and drier weather and temperatures. with the cold front moving in, we will have 50s and mostly 60s towards the east bay and north bay an south bay expecting it to cool down a few degrees saturday and sunday. sunday, we are looking at a chance of spotty showers. shouldn't ruin your outdoor plans but the most sunshine and high temperatures reaching 60 degrees in the east bay. we'll see how the roads are
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pulling. >> southbound through the curves and slowing expected from nevada to san rafael. it doesn't show up yet because it's not through the stretch. percent slowing south of there on the eastbound shore freeway, out of the maze. heading towards the toll plaza where metering lights are on. down towards the industrial p k parkway and view at the bridge. still some activity from the crash and should have it cleaned up soon. at capital expressway and 680, 87 consolidated heading to downtown. no problems in the bayshore freeway along the peninsula. there's 101 north, back to you.
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numbers on how easy the zika virus spreads. an overnight school board decision means middle school students will have access to cond condoms. what this means for the students and parents coming up. good morning, coming up today, deadly tornadoes in a cross the south. al is tracking it all for us. with donald trump winning big in nevada and looking forward to the super tuesday states, is trump a done deal? we'll talk to marco rubio and ted cruz. and flying, carson's adventure interning as a ramp aide at jfk in new york.
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when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people
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when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. surrounding condoms at
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it is 6:25 right now. a controversial decision surrounding condoms at state middle schools. >> a lot of parents doing a double-take on this. live in our san francisco newsroom. this program officially going into effect next month and parents can't opt out. >> no, they can't. parents can't do much because they point to california law about access to different ways of pregnancy prevention giving minors access to this prevention even if the parents don't give the permission.
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5% of san francisco middle school students admit to being sexually active and more than 40% saying they use condoms. they say it's not about giving away condoms for free, helping kids understand the risk of becoming or staying sexually active. >> have a face to face discussion with a nurse or social worker and then decide if this is the time and the place to begin a sexual relationship. >> reporter: the condoms are already available in the san francisco high school and this has been in effect since the '90s. it happens in the next couple to a few weeks. live here in our newsroom today in the bay. >> thanks very much. 6:26, coming up.
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donald trump makes it three in a row. >> i love you folks very much. remember, make america great again. > >> we're live with more reaction from the gop presidential candidates as they now turnpike their attention -- they turn their attention towards super tuesd tuesday. live with a twist and why it took a burglary suspect so long to surrender holed up in a gun store.
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joining us. i'm sam brock =lra/ garcia cannon. let's check the forecast with k good morning on your wednesday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> let's check that forecast. it has been spring-like lately. >> it continues today. a cool start to the morning and mostly clear skies. a beautiful sunrise and temperatures mostly below 50 degrees. into the day, we're looking at 76 degrees in the south bay, 75 in the east bay and high temperatures the end of february at 65 degrees. we're well above that in san francisco, looking at 71 degrees today. i'll let you know how long this lasts and i'll detail a slight chance of rain in the forecast. mike has a heads up if you need
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to cross the bay bridge. >> that's right. there's that beautiful sunrise we're talking about. i have to focus the horizon, the approach across the freeway off the nimitz as well. the crash report somewhere in this area and impacting a bit. there may be more backups fo forming off the nimitz freeway and making that curve. we see a gradual slowing. the pattern pretty typical wa h watching the crash on the nimitz, southbound all the way to the industrial parkway, that happened all the way down and in the shoulder, across the water, the san mateo bridge shows sl slowing and dumbarton bridge showin ings the build and at lie there is a crash at greenville, talk to you more about that coming up. >> thank you.
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we look forward to it. 6:31. update of breaking news and standoff in the south bay. it began inside a gun shop and shooting range right next to the milpitas police department. >> bob has been covering the story all morning long. you just got an update on the police investigation and how things finally ended. >> reporter: it turns out that fourth suspect upside this gun shop wanted to surrender all along but couldn't because he was stuck inside. according to milpitas police, he was just briefed. if you're not familiar with the location, right behind is the milpitas police department and the gun store and range. right behind the milpitas police department. an officer arrived to work, heard the burglar alarm going off in the shop, arrested two suspects and a third fled on
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foot and a fourth suspect stuck in the store. he did display a gun. officers ordered him to drop it, which he did. he indicated he wanted to surrender. the door was locked from the inside and he couldn't come out. he tried to climb back to the ceiling to get through the roof which he entered but couldn't get out. they had to secure the area to make sure he wouldn't go for any guns inside the store before finally getting access around an hour ago, when they took him into custody peacefully. all this happening right across the street from the police department itself. >> i can't speak for them, i don't know what they're thi thinking, they might have not noticed it was a police department or thinking there's no cops here. >> there was plenty of law enforcement. they called in mutual aid from the islamsanta clara's police o.
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and the one that fled on foot they captured him four blocks from here. there are train tracks and police are searching the train tracks in case that third suspect might have taken them and dropped them along the way and don't want them in the public. reporting here live from the bay. overseas, just hours ago, resc rescuers found the wreckage of a small passenger plane that cr h crashed in central nepal. all 23 aboard are confirmed dead. it appears the plane flew directly into a mountain. the flight lasted only 18 minutes. no americans on board. a torso discovered with the head, arms and legs apparently severed. this comes from what we told you monday, human remains discovered. we learn gruesome details near
6:35 am
the marshlands road near the dumbarton bridge. 48 hours after they removed the torso from the area, investigators were back on scene searching the water and levees. the torso had the head and limbs missing. police are now calling this a suspicious death. >> a lot of cars coming and the police told us to leave. i left when they said leave, don't go under the bridge. >> the coroner has not identified the human remains yet. if you have any information or saw anything, you're asked to call fremont police. the white house puts terrorist recruitment videos squarely in the crosshairs. the justice department will host a summit looking to host on isis propaganda. it's on the slickly produced
6:36 am
isis videos that encourage young people to join the cause. of course, if you listen to the pundits, we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning winning winning the country. [ applause ] >> and soon the country is going to start winning winning winning. >> yep. he's got the same material and the same winning formula pea apparently because the trump train continues to roll on. gop candidate donald trump n netting his third straight victory in the race for the white house. >> traci live in washington, d.c., nevada in the rear view mirror, the investigation turns to super tuesday. >> exactly. on super tuesday we're looking at nearly a dozen states with 600 delegates to give away to these republican candidates halfway through the nomination. right now, it's donald trump, you said, running away with that train into super tuesday. he's not only looking good with
6:37 am
those three states but feeling very confident about his chances. ted cruz has a big prize he's going after super tuesday, texas, his home state. just this morning he was endorsed by texas governor greg abbott, not a big surprise because he is his former boss, nonetheless, a big prize that could help cruz trying to overtake donald trump and marco rubio trying to overtake trump. the numbers are looking much more challenging for cruz and rubio than trump at this point. don't forget, after super tuesday, another big prize coming up, ohio and florida on the same day, march 15th. the big deal about that is those are winner take all states. if you don't do too well on super tuesday, always the possibility to make it up when ohio and florida vote. certainly, john kasich and marco rubio are hoping their home state may do just that.
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>> we may know a lot within the next couple of weeks. traci pots live from d.c. thank you. happening later today, federal health leaders will express the public's growing concern about the spread of the zika virus. there is growing evidence that virus is being sexually transmitted. 14 more people including pregnant women may have caught the zika virus in the u.s. without traveling to affected zones. the labor and pensions committee will hold a hearing on that topic this morning. the patriodirector of centers f disease center all expected to testify. and lee will find out how much time he will spend behind bars this morning. he admitted to accepting thousands of dollars in bribes after an organized crime bust netted more than 20 arrests. prosecutors calling for eight year sentence, his attorneys asking for five years.
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an attorney accused of st stabbing an officer in san francisco will be back in court this morning stabbing the officer several times in the neck near a homeless encampment on the on ramp to the bay bridge. it happened three weeks ago. the chp said the officer's health has steadily improved and he has pleaded not guilty to all charges. you talked about officially spring is in a few weeks but you would not be able to tell. >> hasn't sprung just yet but sure feels like it. >> you see the trees blooming and flowers coming it, it does look and feel like spring but we have another month to go. temperature feels line w-- like winter. in oakland we have another month to go. look at these highs this afternoon. up to 74 degrees in burlingame and milpitas at the arena, 67 degrees and 76 degrees in santa
6:40 am
rosa, oakland, 74, and pleasa pleasanton, high of 75 degrees. over the next few days, still warm but also have a chance of some rain. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. leads head to the tri-valley as drivers get out on the road. how's it looking? >> the express lane needs a wider lane to spell out the whole word. no problems here. i will show you the stretch at greenville on the map. it has been great this morning and right where that lane starts and possibly a last minute shift, we have a crash, fender-bender out of the al altamont and pleasanton at south bay, 680. manag metering lights are on. and around the 880 crossing, that may be on the shoulder by now. and the san mateo bridge is the
6:41 am
second spot there and 880 south through hayward, another slowing spot and south of there no problems. >> thank you. more troubles for uber as the search is on for a driver who allegedly attacked an employee in the south bay. looks like what could go for sale any minute now. the dow jones coming up. oflaura/vo== about the health ( soft, calm music ) hi, you've reached emma.
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i'm out of the office right now but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can. join princess cruises for exclusive discovery at sea experiences. princess cruises. come back new. ==sam/ots== a ur-month longnbc a
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right now an investigative unit exclusive four month-long bay area investigation has a history of inmates treatment at santa clara jail reports given to the blue ribbon commission. a little history, that commission was formed following the beating death of inmate michael tyree last september. three officers now face murder charges in his death. now facing allegations of physical abuse never before made public and talking to insiders
6:45 am
about what's been happening long before tyree died. >> you have to increase your sta staffing, increase your training base. increase your bed space, right? give people the tools to do the job. >> this extends way back past michael tyree's death. >> correct. >> our investigative unit also breaks down the numbers and talks to the sheriff about what's really going on at that jail, all coming up tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-966-tips or send us an e-mail at this uber driver allegedly attacked an employee last week happened near the car rental center. he was originally pulled over for speeding but when they started taking pictures of the car the driver yelled at him and
6:46 am
pushed him and picked up a passenger and drove off in a white ford. >> big news in tech this morning. yahoo! is a stock to watch. >> you're saying the company may sell itself any minute now? >> yes. we think it's coming sooner than later. yahoo! will sell off the things that make it yahoo! and home page and mail service and horoscope and other yahooey stuff and keep its investment in alibaba but little else. the market continues to suffer under low oil prices, low oil prices, low market. why? a bit more complex. one theory is low oil prices are evidence of a fading economy. one way or the other the dow is down 200 points and inside down 66. a san jose capital firm has been ordered to pay 300,0$300,000 in pay to its interns because the u.s. department of labor said it didn't treat them like interns.
6:47 am
they had a lot of work, greeting clients and wrote reports and employee levels. one of the things we heard of one of their investments, a cute home robot they have invested a lot of money in that. the irony is being an intern at silicon valley xwraits way to make money. interns at google make 68,0$68,a year. you think to yourself, that would be enough to afford a nice apartment in silicon valley. no no no. apartment is included part of a free rent thing. 68,000 on top of that. >> even for interns? >> yes. the total value is probably 110,0 $110,000. >> it's very competitive as you might imagine. >> i just got paid in experience when i was an intern. >> $8 an hour. knew got paid? >> -- you got paid?
6:48 am
>> i made a little bit of money. one mother's tribute to g e giving oscars to her kids. one mother uses her daughters to capture lasting images of this year's oscar nominated films. maggie's 8-month-old daughter even steals the show for a martian portrait. look at that! mom did the same kind of thing last year. i guess she plans to keep going. thinks it's pretty fun. >> adorable. those work for the most part. did you see "the resident?" >> i don't know. i don't know if i want my kid in that. >> they don't have to actually see it. >> they should watch every movie. >> assigned home work is continue getting outside. beautiful day. >> it would be hard to get that home work done or any work for that matter after the sunrise, we will have beautiful weather
6:49 am
and live look at san jose. you can see a nice sunrise clear once again and 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. you can see temperatures stay warm the next few days and we will have a couple of sprinkles into the weekend. it's 48 degrees and 50 degrees in san francisco. and 39 in east bay and dublin and livermore starts out at 41 degrees. bundle up and then take off the layers throughout the day. as temperatures continue to warm, we will be reaching to upper 60s to low 70s. if you're heading to the beach today, heads-up, a high surf advisory today. waves may top 11 to 14 feet and also strong rip currents and large storm breaks. keep an eye on everyone around you and pets.
6:50 am
we could have sneaker waves too. moderate to high amounts of ash and alder and juniper. we need something to wash all that pollen out of the air. looks like it takes a couple of days before we start to see the showers moving in. not until friday afternoon we start to see light rain moving to the north bay. a few spotty showers. this system like many other ones falling apart as it moves inland. as we look at those temperatures over the next couple of days, low 70s for the north bay and south bay. as we cool down on friday, we will see more of the 60s and 50s along the immediate coast. this weekend is looking really nice. highs near 70 degrees and south bay saturday. there will be a chance of rain on sunday. looks like a slight chance of rain brings temperatures back down to the mid-60s and heading to next week, we will still be
6:51 am
dry as our temperatures gradually start to warm up. i will have another look at the forecast coming up. let's see what's happening on the peninsula with mike. >> we will show you paolo alta. the bigger concern is this time of day the sun comes up, in your eyes traveling san bernardin ii. and that's not uncommon. looking at your map, northbound map starting to pick up that vacu volume. this is the same pace we will track again. and southbound off of the roadway, noting it's there and southbound heading towards union city and across the dumbarton bridge, east palo alto and crash on the 880 approaching the toll plaza moves well and just a
6:52 am
little slowing, guys. >> to san francisco, a battle brewing there, the plan to knock-down a critical stretch of freeway. opponents packed a meeting on the idea of replacing the freeway with a boulevard near at&t park and creates new real estate possibilities. critics including the former mayor art agnos says it's essential. >> it has become more useful and valuable today than it ever was when it was first built. >> i do recall embarcadero freeway that came down after the earthquake, what a godsend that was. if that's similar, i'm in favor of it. >> a final decision is still months away at the earliest. >> more valuable, for sure. properties at the ballpark.
6:53 am
yes. coming up, condoms for middle school students in san francisco and why parents have no say and could soon become a reality. and leland year finds out h -- leland yee finds out how long he may spend in prison. and a controversial cop getting his job back. more on our twitter page. a corvette crashes at high speed. the driver survived and from the bay area. we just posted new information and photo on our facebook page. an emergency c-section you might have to see to believe. the patient, baby gorilla. you will find this in our national headline section on our home page. back in two minutes. to the today show in just a few:
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==laura/boxes==i welcome back. let's get a final check of today's top stories before we send you to the "today" show in a few minutes. following breaking news in the south bay. >> good morning. four burglars have learned why you do not break into a gun shop that is located next to the police department. that's the milpitas police department. right behind it is the target master's gun store and range. all four men who broke into that
6:57 am
shop earlier this morning are now in police custody. it started around 2:00, an officer arriving to work heard the burglar alarm going off and immediately arrested two susp t suspects trying to flee in a car and a third suspect was arrested a few blocks away and the fourth suspect was stuck inside the store. officers ordered him to drop his gun which he did and couldn't get out because of the inside locks and the police took a few hours to secure the area to make sure he didn't take any guns inside the shop and about five minutes ago they did gain access to the store and took him in successf successfully. in about three hours, d disgraced state senator leland yee will find out how many years he will spend in prison. lee's lawyers asking for five and prosecutors want eight. it's up to the judge who could
6:58 am
sentence him up to 20 years in prison and quarter million dollars fine. they said his sentence should reflect the seriousness of his crime as deterrent to others. last summer he admitted to racketeering and accepting br e bribes and arranging illegal gun smuggling from the philippines. his lawyers are asking the judge to consider the health of his ailing wife and his previously exemplary character. in the newsroom, today in the bay. live in our san francisco newsroom, in the city, there was a vote anonymously hours ago to give students free condoms at middle schools on campus and parents can't opt out of it. 5% of school middle students admitted to being sexually active and 45% saying they use cond condoms. there will be training of staff members before the program begins. school nurses and social nurses
6:59 am
providing the condoms and helps for soccer the social activities. good morning. it's cool as you head out. if y if -- you will need sunglasses. starting out in 40s and 76 in the south bay. aside from sun in your eyes, typical traffic spots but nothing too serious. >> the san mateo bridge just starting to slow down. not too bad. and slowing down in san mateo and the bay bridge, the 580 crash has them slowing down and the crash is cleared from the span. we'll be back in a half hour. big news on the political
7:00 am
front. "today" show about to break down the big victory for donald trump in nevada. we leave you with a shot of the bay bridge. >> we are winning, winning, winning. >> donald trump cruises to victory in nevada. his third straight win. super tuesday less than a week away and he is ahead in nearly every state and he thinks the nomination is now his to lose. we'll talk to him live. tornado outbreak. >> it's crossing the road. look at that! >> a string of twisters across the south. entire neighborhoods wiped out. the damage stretching from louisiana to florida. at least three people killed, more than 30 others injured and there's more dangerous weather expected today. new cases, new fear.


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