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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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investigation. guys? >> pete, thank you. just into our news room we have a sketch of a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman and breaking into another woman's home in santa clara. the attack happened at an apartment complex near lick mill boulevard and hope drive on saturday, february 13th this is not far from levi stadium. week later, someone broke into a unit at another apartment complex at that same intersection. but a woman there managed to scare that man away. >> we believe that both cases are connected. based on the suspect description. as well as the time of occurrence. and so forth. >> officers say descriptions of both suspects have key similarities. they believe this sketch is very accurate. now if you have any information linked to the crime you're urged to call santa clara police. we are tracking developing news in brisbane. theirs and friends are leaving flowers outside the home of shelly kitchener who disappeared
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two weeks ago, we're live in brisbane tonight. our investigators getting closer to linking her disappearance to that torso found near fremont? >> well i can tell you that today investigators from two police departments believe there is a strong likelihood that the body found in fremont may be that of the missing brisbane woman, shelly tichner, investigators were back out looking for evidence. flowers and cards sit outside of the brisbane home police from two agencies searched last night. >> it was very shocking and two doors away from your house when there's something scary as that. >> some of shelly tichner's neighbors are holding out hope that a woman's torso discovered sunday near fremont by marshlands road is not connected to her missing person's case. though investigators are exploring it. >> we are looking into that possibility. moving forward with it. as a possibility. but we can't positively say
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anything until the coroner's office makes that determination. >> a search of the area tuesday turned up other parts and evidence that might connect the cases. this morning, investigators searched again. one neighbor who didn't want to go on camera said they're stunned. >> sad. there's no reason for it. >> she was reported missing february 15th. by her husband, paul. who subsequently died after investigators say he jumped off the bay bridge. investigators say he was a person of interest. on a facebook page, his son asked for privacy, saying both his parents had passed away. now investigators believe there may still be potential evidence in the fremont area. and say they will likely be searching again. reporting live in brisbane, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, christy. right now confusion and worry in the aftermath of a workplace shooting rampage in hefton, kansas just outside of wichita. nbc news is reporting that the shooter is dead.
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an employee at that business, excel industries, as many as three or four others are dead. and the local station in wichita says as many as 20 more are hurt. excel industries makes products for lawn care. and we're going to keep following the story. if there are any new updates, keep it here and we will keep you posted. late today, new developments on the fight between apple and the fbi. no progress, instead the two sides are farther apart. our business and tech reporter scott budman is in cupertino at apple headquarters, apple playing hardball. what does today's decision mean from apple? >> well raj it means another legal salvo fired in the battle against the fbi. while rumors circulate that apple wants to build a more secure version of its iphone. it appears apple and the federal government are miles apart and heading to court. apple just filing a request to reverse the order that the tech giant must help the fbi hack into a locked iphone saying it
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would hurt apple's first amendment rights. dr. brent westlake teaches digital forensics at san jose state. he said apple's request focuses on our mobile device and what we keep inside them. >> if your phone gets stolen or lost, this will make it for those situations people's information doesn't go away. >> apple would not comment on reports about plans to build a more secure iphone. something tech watchers say might make mobile users feel safer about their privacy. >> you know if a device that actually cannot be broken into should exist so that no government or no public agency or law enforcements can break into it. >> now although apple would not comment today, we know they are indeed due to speak in front of a hearing next tuesday in washington, d.c. reporting live in cupertino, scott budman, nbc bay area news. thank you, our coverage
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continues on "nightly news." a closer look at apple's legal maneuver and what the company is doing to make its phones even more secure. lester holt joins us at 5:30. to a follow up. the former south bay police officer accused of rape is going on trial again. a jury deadlocked last week in the first trial of jeffrey graves. now prosecutors have decided they're going to retry the former san jose police officer on assault charges. he's accused of raping a woman while on duty three years ago. he was called to the woman's home after a call came in about a domestic dispute. a woman backing out of her driveway hit and killed a pedestrian in san jose. police say the collision happened around 8:30 this morning on bellingham drive. not far from the los lagos golf course. the woman who was hit died at the scene, her identity has not been released. a new warning about a medical device that's been sold to women for years. it's still on the market despite thousands of complaints. senior investigative reporter
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vicky nguyen is with us. are doctors still using the device? >> they are and the product is still being sold implanted in the women. it's called transvaginal meche. also known as pelvic mesh or bladder sling. the fda is reclassifying it as a high-risk medical device and putting new requirements on makers to demonstrate this mesh is safe and effective when it is used to treat women whose organs have shifted out of place. tonight we look into the serious health problems women have reported about this product. from infection and chronic pain to the inability to have sex. >> i literally sat in the bathtub all night long sometimes. it was so painful. >> on the a scale of 1-10, what was the pain? >> it was close to a 10. >> the doctors have lost the trust of their patients. and we have to regain that trust. and tonight, at 11:00, we will be investigating why the product may still be on the market, despite two fda warnings since 2008 and why makers of
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mesh say it's safe and that it works. guys? >> see you at 11:00. if you have a tip for vicky regarding this story or any other story, call us at 888-996-tips. or send an email to the unit at new video of a vintage clothing store at the upper haight in san francisco where a raid went down. wildlife agents searched the store, decades of fashion. saying they were tracking a lead about banned or illegally obtained animals. we know the department was looking for furs, but we don't know what kind. the agents whacked away with evidence bags and boxes. the countdown is on for a homeless camp on san francisco's division street. those living in the rose tents have until tomorrow to move. otherwise as the city threatened in a notice this week, police will move them forcibly and their belongings will be dumped. the city's homeless outreach team is encouraging the campers to come to a new homeless
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facility promoted by mayor lee. less than half of those referred have moved. >> they take all our stuff and put it into a container. and they won't let us have access to our stuff. i mean, that's basically like being in jail. >> a public health inspector lists several reasons this encampment is a public nuisance, citing garbage, needles and human waste. california missed the state's mandated water-saving target for the drought. since june of last year water users have cut back by 24.8%. that is good, but just misses the 25% goal ordered by governor brown. state is asking water users to be more vigilant as we head into spring. more than 94% of california remains under some type of drought warning. a case of road rage. go first. >> and we are tracking the dry weather and also mild temperatures across the bay area, san jose at 77 degrees
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today. 75 in oakland and san francisco, at 72. not only mild today, but showers approaching the kroeflt. we'll let you now how much rainfall we could get out of the storm system. it was a case of road rage? the confrontation on a south bay street. that led to gunfire and left neighbors rattled. plus -- >> you know that gradual work day after day, one step forward. could get you somewhere pretty incredible. >> he is a magician who spends hours practicing his craft. but it's not his only talent. what this cal grad has his is sights on, it will make you bay area proud. his name is "charles welch."andy
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he's the one whshot and lled his name is charles well much. and marin county authorities say he's the one who shot and killed two people. this happened at an outside of an apartment complex on cold drive about two and a half weeks ago in marin, investigators say it happened while people were trying to break up a domestic dispute. a third person was also shot and is still recovering. now if you know where well much is, do not approach him. he's considered armed and dangerous. road rage erupts in the gun fire. sending people scattering. it happened in south san jose near capital expressway and copperfield drive. nbc bay area's laura mallport is on the scene and has more.
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>> well raj it all happened here by the side of this wells fargo bank. in fact you can still see the crime tape and an oil spill from where a van crashed. police say it started out on the busy road and ended here. when a driver lost control and crashed into the median. >> i was pretty surprised. i came out about ten minutes before and i didn't see any police activity at all. >> as alex valle came out to walk his dog, he saw this, the entrance to his neighborhood strip mall blocked off by cop cars and crime tape. and an abandoned gold van stuck on the median. >> i never saw anything like that around this area. i've lived here almost five years. i wouldn't say it's quiet because right here on capital expressway. but it's a small community. >> san jose police say it all started about a mile east of here. near capital and monterrey. >> the actual motive behind this is is still under investigation. but it started object the street. it was two cars involved in an
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altercation. >> police say after the gold van crashed into the median, four to five people got out and fled. that's when someone from the other car fired several shots, hitting one man, then took off. police say that man went into lucky's grocery store for help. >> went into lucky's, made contact with the victim inside and he was, the victim of a gunshot. >> charlene twigs who lives nearby, says she isn't surprised that this started with an apparent case of road rage. >> yes, you know, i see a lot of road rage. going up and down the capital. >> police say they've received conflicting reports about the description of the vehicle that got away. they have also gathered surveillance video from that wells fargo bank. but it is unclear whether that video captured what happened. the good news is the gunshot victim is expected to be okay. reporting live from san jose, laura mallpert, nbc bay area
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news. fighting to keep class in section, san francisco state students ral idea against a possible closure of the college of ethnic studies. it's the only such program in the country. students were worried that budget cuts by the university would mean the college would go away. but san francisco state president kwan said the program is facing a funding deficit. but after pushback from students the university will find a way to cover those costs. a berkeley magician has something up his sleeve. not what you'd think. >> it's not cards or a handkerchief. it's something very special. >> chuck cade said he fell in love with magic at the age of five. seeing a street performer in london turn a single coin into many. what he had discovered was a talent. though as you'll see it's far from his only one. >> the first thing i'm going to do is show you how magicians find your card.
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>> chuck tatis has been very busy practicing these days. he's got more than one big event planned this summer. >> if i have the ace here, where's the 9? >> there's the magic show he's putting together. one that will support his nonprofit. helping sick, hungry and homeless children. >> oh wow. >> chuck was just a kid himself when he became fascinated by magic. though it wasn't until his sister was in the hospital, and his magic tricks helped keep her spirits up, that chuck realized it was a talent he could use for good. >> i realized that it was something that was meaning ifle to me. and the floodgates opened. >> it started chuck down the road to forming the magic of miracles. performing and teaching magic to kids in hospitals and homeless shelters. >> if this magic could take them out of that situation for even a second, it would have been totally worth it. >> chuck sometimes wishes he could devote all his time to magic. but then, there is that other
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event he's been preparing for this summer. a little something called the olympic games. chuck, you see, is a cal grad and an american record-hold anywhere the medley relay, with his goggles firmly fixed on rio. >> i want to make the olympic team. i want to go represent the u.s. >> church believes his two passions aren't as different as they may seem. mastery of either takes untold hours of practice. what's more, chuck is certain that doing one helps the other. making the olympic swim team would certainly bring attention to his nonprofit. and working with children in need? well that provides an extra kick in the pool. >> and i think receiving that strength and energy back from them, makes everything i do worth it. >> chuck it would seem is a magician with a little something extra up his sleeve. particularly when he isn't
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wearing any. >> wow. >> i know who we're rooting for. >> absolutely. the goal is first you got to get to the olympic trials, all his energy is focused on that right now. he says if he has a good day, in the olympic trials, he could be on his way to rio. he's certainly working hard enough. not just in magic, but hours every day in the pool at berkeley. some of the best coaches in the world. do you not have a better spot in the world to train for the olympics than that pool at berkeley. >> we're rooting for him. the olympics and his nonprofit. thanks, garvin. speaking of that, our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, perfect pool weather, right? >> it's been so nice in february we should have the rain and colder temperatures, but this february, despite how stronlstrong el nino is we have been much dryer than average across the area. the seven-day forecast, we have three chances of rain in the next seven days, details and the most immediate chance coming up in a few moments. we'll take you outside to sky camera network and look at how
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fantastic it is in the south bay. 77 degrees. east bay checking in at 69. san francisco, 71 and for north bay. a mild 73 degrees. our weather underground camera showing the beauty of the bay. pretty good tonight as you can see here, back towards the san francisco skyline, we've got eight-mile visibility or better. heading through tomorrow morning even with a chance of showers coming our way for tomorrow, you're going to be able to see we'll start off dry for your commute and we'll get into the south bay with 49 degrees, peninsula, 351. a little bit of chill in the air for the east bay at 44. san francisco, 52, and the north bay at 46. when exactly does that possibility of showers arrive? let's get a look at the futurecast. you'll see for tomorrow morning, a little bit of cloud cover, plenty of sunshine to begin. and then as we hit 1:00, cloud cover begins to increase. you can see it right here on the model. from the north bay down to san jose. some more of a partly sunny sky for the afternoon. and then here comes our storm system by 5:00. now what you need to know about this, is that the heaviest
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rainfall is centered well off to the north. so unfortunately, as the storm system continues to get close, you'll see it break apart here so that's what's really helping to dwindle our rain chances. we think six to 10:00 p.m. is the window of our best chance of getting any kind of shower activity for tomorrow. and then unfortunately rainfall totals are very sparse. i want to show thaw next. and you'll see here throughout the bay area, it's only trace amounts to maybe .01 of an inch. for san jose, redwood city, from or inda, santa rosa, napa, .02 of an inch. that's on the high side. the way things see it now. taking you to the microclimate forecast heading through friday, it will be dry throughout most of the day. that's why we don't have any shower icons on here. even though we have the chance for showers. through the south bay day, you should plan for partly sunny skies and 69 degrees. that's the other thing, temperatures about ten degrees colder than what we experienced today.
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cupertino at 71. san francisco, chance of drizzle at the marina and 63. north bay, east bay and tri-valley, instead of upper 70s to 80, we're dropping to 66 in napa and north bay, that's our best chance of any shower activity. through the next 15 days, we have the light chance once again of some scattered rain, friday evening and sunday evening. but our next best chance, raj and janelle of any kind of widespread measurable rainfall will come by next thursday, could bring us a quarter to a half an inch. still to come, spring forward, fall back, could you soon say good-bye to daylight saving time if a south bay lawmaker has his way. and the search for a missing bald eagle and how it slipped away from a peninsula zoo. ==reveal==
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49ers q-colinaepernickants out. reportedly -- he'sasked tht happening now, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick wants out. reportedly he's asked the team to trade him. this comes an hour after the 49ers new head coach said he believed kaepernick wanted to stay. the story is trending on our facebook page. and we're tweeting about the decision by sears to lay off hundreds of corporate employees, including some here in san francisco. sears just posted a big quarterly loss. more news in a moment. milpitas police identified thisp
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burglary. vo milpitas police identified this man, jose david fernandez as one of four suspects of a gunshot burglary. the store target masters right next door to the milpitas police department. a sergeant heard the burglary alarm go off and the suspects were captured quickly. the three other suspects in custody are juveniles, the youngest is 15. heading to 90210, san leandro's police chief will be the top cop in beverly hills. chief sandra spagnoli will take over next month. she's led the department in san leandro since 2011. assistant chief will take over as acting until a permanent replacement is found. a bald eagle is missing from
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the palo alto junior museum and zoo. zoo keepers took sequoia out for a flight demonstration on monday when she took off in pursuit of a red-tailed hawk. she's done this before but usually she's found in few hours. this time it's been four days. the longest she's been missing. sequoia arrived at the zoo four years ago as a rescue animal. she's partially paralyzed and missing part of a foot. the result of being shot out of the sky. we've been changing our clocks twice a year since the 1940s. and this time, it could be changed again. thanks to a new bill. we've been doing it since the late '40s, but san jose assemblyman canton chu introduced the bill to get rid of daylight savings time. studies have shown that daylight savings is linked to increased rates of heart attack. >> it's only an hour but it tweaks your whole life for a couple of weeks. it's hard to miss the return of our record-breaking ship into
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the bay area, that's next.
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lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-greenĀ® fertilizer, at lowe's. the courthouse.
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==anim== tonight at 6:00, angry cat owners rally outside of the courthouse. the man accused of killing cats pled not guilty. this is in the south bay. cat owners say they have
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evidence that proves otherwise. that's ahead on our 6:00 newsca. just a quick visit this time. as the largest container ship ever to dock in the u.s. returns. we've sped up the video of the benjamin franklin megaship so you can see more of its voyage through the bay. on new year's eve the ship was here as part of its maiden voyage. it's back, massive, 1300 feet long and it can carry up to 18,000 shipping containers. it leaves tomorrow afternoon for seattle. its last u.s. stop before returning to asia. finally at 5:00, jetblue conducted a social experiment on a recent flight. this is for real here. it offered all 150 passengers a free round-trip ticket to anywhere in the world. but there was one catch -- all the passengers had to work together and unanimously agree on one destination by the end of the flight it came down to two options, turks and caicos or costa rica. the big winner -- costa rica. jetblue says it conducted the
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experiment in light of all the division in washington, d.c. >> they're united on that for sure. developing news tonight. tornado disaster. states of emergency as over two dozen twisters carve a deadly path of destruction. hundreds of homes decimated. for the first time, we see the massive scope of the damage. targeting trump. a critical night for cruz and rubio. it could be their last chance to blunt donald trump's march to the nomination. super lice warning. striking in 25 states. extremely resistant to the ways we usually get rid of them. what every parent should know. don't drink the water. another big city warns its residents about what's flowing into their homes. and video horror. the chilling moment that made erin andrews get up and leave the courtroom as jurors see the tape that she says turned her life into a nightmare.


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