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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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now that looks pretty foggy out there. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. looks foggy back here, as well. it's not an isolated kind of thing, fog all over the bay area this morning. let's get a check of oyour weather right now with meteorologist kari hall. >> that could cause major issues as people get out there this morning. allow some extra time to get to work or school. we are seeing fog all across the bay area and it's in patches. you may encounter some spots where it's mostly clear as our temperatures now in the lower 50s. highs today will top out in the 70s after the fog clears and it will be a beautiful day and a lot of sunshine but we will have some as we go through the week. i'll detail that coming up, but let's see how it looks at the bay bridge now with mike. >> kari, tougher to see. we can see the toll plaza camera with all the lights backed up and the metering lights on and you can't see much of the structure work around it and that's an issue as far as
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signage for your drive gotten fog advisories from chp and the san mateo didn't get the fog advisory. we do have a big issue, though. the. one major crash here southbound 880 at around warren that caused a backup with one lane blocked. it has been there for over half an hour and backup at stephenson also hearing another crash. both blocking the fast lane as you travel through the area. a slower drive south of the dumbarton bridge. we'll send it right back to you. >> mike, thank you. an update now to breaking news that we have been following since 4:30 this morning. just moments ago, crews towed away this suv after it crashed into a san jose home. the driver ran off and is still on the run. "today in the bay stephanie chuang live in san jose neighborhood near park avenue and ray street. do we know anything else about the driver? >> sam, all we know the santa clara county sheriff office said somehow this driver broke the traffic law and then started a chase that ended here early this
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morning. this is 1120 park avenue west of downtown. you can see the damage to the front and foundation of this house and then over here by the sidewalk, we see some children's toys out front. that's always a bit concerning as sort of a view here. but thankfully no reports of any injuries here. around an hour ago, the tow truck arrived to separate that red suv from the front of this house. the sheriff office said it all began around 1:30 this morning. a deputy tried to stop someone wh who ran a stop sign or red light and that person drove off and that's when the short pursuit began and also a gas leak concern. but pga&e crews took care of tht an hour ago. investigators dusted for fingerprints in and outside of that suv searching with flashlights. the vehicle did not have plates that we could see. investigators hoping for something inside that can hopefully find something to point to who that driver was. the search for the person
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continues four and a half hours later. sunnyvale police may have been helping with a canine unit. we also want to make clear there was a robbery earlier in mountain view and some word that maybe that might be connected. we learned that is not the case. two separate incidents. and, again, here, this case in san jose the police still looking for the driver. live here in san jose, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." new this morning, two minors arrested after robbing a south bay liquor store with a gun. meanwhile, a third suspect is still on the run. happened just before 11:00 last night at the liquor and food mart on california street in mountain view. new video into our newsroom of liquor store. the suspect led officers on a through city streets in menlo park before one jumped out of the suv near alma and willow road. police caught and arrested the other two. happening later today, we might be getting our first look at the evidence against three correctional deputies charged with killing an inmate with the santa clara county jail. the prosecution and the defense
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are expected to present their case during a preliminary hearing this morning. the prosecution is hoping they have enough evidence to go to trial. deputies matthew farris, jereh lubrin and rafael are accused of killing tyree and all three and expected to last three days. a man accused of killing is jose mother is expected back in court today. esmid pedraza shot and killed his girlfriend, 22-year-old stacey aguilar and she leaves behind a 7-year-old son. helped hide her body. he is also expected to be in court. yesterday dozens of people came out for a car wash in the willow glen neighborhood of san jose to help raise money for aguilar's funeral costs. her funeral will be held tonight. developing story out of baghdad where several critically
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wounded victims died overnight in market bombings. that now makes it 73 people killed in those attacks. another 12 are still in the hospital and at least more people are missing. isis is claiming responsibility for those attacks. moving on to decision 2016. the stage is nearly set for a make or break moment in the race for president. super tuesday. tomorrow voters in 12 states will weigh in. on the republican side, donald trump appears to be leading the way in all but one of those states. texas. with so much at stake,'s closest contender spent the weekend hitting it hard. >> friend do not let friends vote. >> it was such an insulting thing. you don't call somebody of achievement. you don't coo that. >> we got decimated. that's what happened. >> bernie sanders over the weekend talking about big defeat in south carolina. headed into super tuesday, sanders is looking up a big mountain. hillary clinton leading nearly 2-1 in's key battleground states. in california politics now, the state's democratic
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convention wrapped up last night in san jose. prominent democrats including vice president joe biden were here to fire up the base over the weekend. yesterday san jose mayor sam licardo took to the podium and delegates selected harrison to replace barbara boxer. 6:06 right now. uc berkeley police may be thanking their lucky stars for an astronomer who cracked a recent crime. vincent bradley and 27-year-old jared starkweather are now facing charges. police say they were tipped off by an astronomer that works at cal. he noticed two suspicious men inside campbell hall. when officers arrested the pair, police say inside the car they found items stolen from both cal and uc irvine. >> we would love to look at the stars this morning. that might be a little tricky. of course, that's because there's fog everywhere this morning and it is going to be an issue for some drivers. let's check right now with meteorologist kari hall who is
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monitoring your latest microclimate forecast. >> we can the fog behind you and very dense in spots and clear visibility there and oakland a quarter of a mile and barely able to see ahead of your headlights. and half moon bay along the coast, we have basically no visibility there, but once all of that clears out, we'll have some sunshine and temperatures today reaching into the low to mid-70s. it will be a very nice afternoon in the financial district up to 71 degrees. 73 in napa and antioch 77 degrees while livermore today is at 32. we are looking at more of this kind of weather, also some rain as we go through the week. i'll detail that coming up in less than ten minutes. let's check in now with mike tracking the problem in fremont. >> a problem for folks on the nimitz freeway in the southbound direction and this is as you're heading down past warren where
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there is a crash. let me show you the map, actually, where it gives you a better idea. the crash over here just shy of mission boulevard. mission makes the crossover just fine and in that backup the fog and the crash. we have another crash southbound 880 stevenson boulevard more backups south of the dumbarton bridge. again, 680 is okay coming out of sunol and the tri-valley. in the tri-valley this crash and still blocks one lane, at least as far as i understand in the midd middle of the freeway and the express lane gets by all right and that keeps traffic flowing pretty well. i'm going to widen out your view and note that aside from that fremont, the two crashes in fremont, the rest of your bay moves pretty well and the orange highlighted, that is where fog will be a factor. patchy, dense fog at times. bob redell traveling through the bay bridge and i think you're over on the peninsula side and maybe san francisco. >> correct. just left san francisco 101
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south past candlestick point approaching sfo where it is not super dense. clearly see the cars in front of you. ing around the bay all morning long and the worst of it was definitely for us on the bay bridge and incidentally within the past 20 minutes chp has issued a fog advisory for many parts of the drive to work. but especially martinez and richmond san rafael and the dumbarton and carquinez and the bay bridge as i mention. those are areas where you'll see heavy fog. this is video we shot, let's say, i am going to guess about an hour ago. this was us heading northbound 101 through the belmont, san carlos area and then did go across the san mateo bridge which was actually not that bad in terms of fog and then we went up 880. once you start getting 880 north into oakland and then as i mention, the bay bridge, that's where we the worst of it. yes, you could see the cars in front of you, but it was definitely hazy.
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if you do find some areas where you're in really dense fog like half moon bay as kari was mentioning, do not use your bright headlights. that will beam right back into your eyes. if you have fog lights, use them. watch the distance between you and the driver in front of you. reporting live here 101 southbound, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> you can check the fog driving conditions and weather in your own neighborhood. all at your fingertips on your nbc bay area app. a pantless golfer at a pga tournament. he's allowed to play on. why he was on the course in the first place. >> hot. somebody makes a very, very big mistake on facebook. we'll show it to you coming up in "business and tech." not the only controversy that was addressed that academy awards last night. we have a wrap up for you, coming up.
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>> and the oscar goes to -- "spotlight." golden night for the underdog. "spotlight" surprised many winning the oscar for best picture. but a real spotlight, you could say, was on the host chris rock and how he handled the controversy surrounding the lack of diversity in hollywood. >> certainly a very delicate issue going in. kris sanchez joining us now with reaction on how he did. good morning to you. >> what is chris rock going to say, how is he going to handle it? that was anticipated as any part
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of the oscars and the comedian did take on the race issue from the moment he walked out on stage welcoming the people to the show with humor that was surprised light hearted and sometimes biting and drawing nervous laughter from that star-studded crowd. >> i'm here at the academy awards. otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. things going to be a little different at the oscars. this year, it's just going to be black people that were shot by the cops on the way to the movies. things are changing. yeah, we got a black rocky this year. yeah some people call it creed i call it black rocky. >> each of you is an ambassador who could influence others in the industry. it's not enough to just listen and agree. we must take action. >> while the academy also took on the issue of sexual assault on college campuses with the performance by lady gaga who was
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surrounded by survivors of sexual assault. he was introduced by vice president biden who calls for a whole culture change. that among victims and perpetrators and among anyone who sees something happening. and leonardo dicaprio spoiler alert. he won his first oscar. he used that first oscar acceptance speech to call for a global action on climate change. now, we are continuing this conversation on facebook and on twitter. we're curious takno know what y had to say about the issues that were raised and whether using the oscars as a platform does anything to elevate those very important causes. sam and laura. >> certainly some interesting questions. as for the other big winners of the night, as kris just mentioned leonardo dicaprio took home his first academy award out of five nominations. finally he gets the win. much more on who walked away victorious coming up in a live report from at 6:45. it's 5615 right now.
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apple trying to keep its iphone secure takes another turn this week. >> this week, laura, apple will to washington and silicon valley are lining up in support of the cupertino company. >> a hearing tomorrow, sam, in washington. apple ceo tim cook has been invited to appear, but we understand he won't. though apple will be represented. cook on friday addressed shareholders at apple headquarters. this is file video. we're not permitted to tape the shareholders meeting, but he got a standing ovation from the shareholders they are right behind you and we expect silicon valleys to file friend of the court this week. this is real support. more than just a, hey, we're behind you on twitter or what not. the fbi wants apple to unlock an iphone 5c used by one of the san bernardino shooters. surely they could open the phone themselves.
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why not do that? we ask bob sideman who opens up phones for courts for his job. >> the fbi can do it, but i thought it was good they were being above board and publicly asking apple saying we don't want to touch it, you touch it. >> he said apple should open the phone. apple can destroy that tool. the fbi creates the tool, it can use it as often as it wishes. it's the last day of trading for february. looks like we'll have a positive month when you add up all the gains and subtract the losses and, sam and laura, did you see this. a fellow in england received a two-year suspended sentence for drug dealing. he went on facebook to celebrate it and then he said something very nasty about the judge who gave him that suspended sentence. checking his facebook page this morning. he has apologized but not before the judge hauled him back to court and unsuspended his
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suspended sentence. he's going to prison for two years. >> no way, really. >> don't say nasty thing about a judge that didn't put you in prison. >> maybe about anyone at any time. >> by the way, a larger point here. you will and can be held responsible for anything you say in social media. we know this, we preach this and you're saying you get off on a crime and then go to facebook. >> everybody needs miranda rights for their facebook. 6:18 when it comes to golf shots, all right, this one is a little too hot for television. certainly answers the age old question. boxers or briefs. >> or starts the new question, what were you thinking? perhaps a dry cleaning bill -- at least he's in shape. garry woodland's mind yesterday during the honda classic. yes, he's in briefs. he's taking that shot without pants on. so, what he did, he stripped down and shot bare foot in his boxers. naturally woodland then went
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straight into a bunker so, parentally, it didn't work. talk about cool under pressure. >> can we agree on that? >>. >> know how his competitors felt. >> he managed to par that hole after all those theatrics. >> did you see the banner par under wear. >> just wear swimsuits underneath your pants. >> get a new sponsor maybe he'll get, fruit of the loom sponsor or something. >> i bet. i could see that. >> speedo could start making golf pants. >> don't hit it in the drink. there you go. >> we have some great golfing weather today. after this fog rolls out of here. don't the links too early because we'll have some low visibility. and, yes, wear pants. as we take a live look out there at the golden gate bridge. you can barely see anything and it's also misting in some spots where the fog is the thickest. so, watch out for that.
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allow some extra time to get out the door and get to work. a look at the forecast this morning. we see the dark shades of gray where the fog is now and that means visibility is low in those spots. and i'll give it another couple of hours before it starts to clear out. the sun breaks out and we'll have a beautiful day. only some fog holding on to the immediate coast right around the outer sunand pacifica. looking now at those temperatures, we're in the mid-40s in some spots to mid-50s along the coast and as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, you'll see a couple chances of rain in the forecast this week. 46 degrees now in the east bay and let's drop in on the south bay. santa theresa is at 53 degrees and 51 degrees in willow glen and taking it hour by hour in san francisco, we start out in the 50s. and then it warms up as we go through the morning. at lunchtime, it's 66 degrees and great outdoor lunch weather and then into the low 70s today as we go well above average. and then we will have a couple of chances of rain in the
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forecast this week. the first one, only for the north bay late tomorrow evening. the rest of the bay area we'll see an increase in cloud cover and that has pretty much been the story the past couple of weeks and then another system moving in on wednesday night. starting in the north bay and then moving to the south, this one doesn't lose its punch as easily. so, we could have a measurable rain here and then a more significant rain heading into the weekend. both saturday and sunday. but the next three days, it's mostly dry in the south bay. high temperatures reaching into the mid-70s in san francisco and right at about 70 degrees. the east bay will be anywhere from 70 to 74 degrees. and some cooler temperatures moving in as that rain arrives over the next several days. i'll be keeping an eye on that, but mike's still keeping tabs on what's happening in fremont. how is it looking now? >> promises of better trachffic guess. the dumbarton bridge and the crash at warren and stephenven
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have both cleared from the roadway. we should see some recovery, but pretty dense fog in patches through the area, that's why folks are slowing, as they should. south of fremont, the silicon valley not showing really any slowing. we'll show you the problems north of there. the orange, that's the fog. that is the big issue for more of our drivers than just that stretch of fremont. slower drive just through hayward as you would expect through the san mateo bridge and i want to show you the live shot. chp issued advisory for fog across all of your bay area bridges and i'll extend it to the san mateo and golden gate bridge even though they listed those. conditions at the bay bridge, you can't see the east shore freeway. let me show you what i can of that north bay. these lights here you normally see the curve and this is a factor for your drive and it will build, it will change. we'll track it and more news after this break.
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at 6:25. now to an investigative unit exclusive. playing for college team is a dream come true for many young athletes, but the same characteristics that make a star player can also fuel a serious illness. investigative unit learned eating disorders among student athletes are a growing problem, but it's a health issue that is receiving little to no attention on some campuses. we reviewed medical history forms and questionnaires to see how they screen for students at risk. >> out of all mental illnesses, this is the highest mortality rate. this is not a joke. >> problem is there is still a
6:26 am
whole lot of shame and stigma associated with eating disorders. >> tonight at 11:00, we investigate how some coaches are making the problem worse and why some schools say they don't track the issue at all. if you have a trip for our investigative unit rbs gi, give call or send us an e-mail to happening today, a rare honor for a living member of the u.s. armed forces. president obama is set to present the medal of honor to navy s.e.a.l. edward buyers. buyers is a senior chief who helped in the dramatic rescue of an american hostage in afghanistan back in 2012. he'll be the first living s.e.a.l. to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war. coming up, a live report from washington, d.c. super tuesday come up tomorrow. i'm tracie potts. a make or break day for ted cruz or marco rubio or bernie sanders. we'll talk about that, next. and i'm stephanie chuang live in san jose where the damage has been done to this
6:27 am
house after an suv barrelled into it early this morning. police still looking for the driver. what led up to this crash coming up a live report. and this is bob redell standing by to take you for a live ride on your ride into work this morning to show you how that fog could affect your commute. that story coming up.
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out of the san mateo bridge as the fog is making its presence felt. bob redell patrolling the streets there and give osground level view momentarily. thank you for joining us on this monday, i'm sam broc. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. seeing when this fog will lift, at all. >> it will take a couple hours before we see visibility and it's hard to see what is in front of you as you drive this morning. keep in mind is now 41 degrees in the north bay and heading into the afternoon in the low to mid mid mid-70s and a beautiful afternoon. >> kari, having trouble showing you what i wanted to show you. cars southbound because of that fog. the stretch right in front of our camera and it's slow from basically hayward where the commute starts to build down towards dakota where it really
6:31 am
jams up because of two earlier crashes at stevenson and warren. those crashes have cleared and the slowest drive for the bay, though. the rest of the bay influenced by that fog where the orange hieing is. a new crash around the dublin interchange may involve a motorcycle. i'm concerned, i just heard about it. we'll give you an update on that. breaking news we have been following since we came on air at 4:30 this be clear, but the search for a driver who ran into a house in san jose is still on. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live and we it all started, as we understand, as a chase. >> that's right, laura. that's according to the santa clara county sheriff office and about five hours ago and ended when the driver crashed into this house. and then the damage to the front of the house and the foundation of home. so far, thankfully, we've heard no reports of any injuries here. the tow truck arrived around 5:00 this morning to pull the
6:32 am
red suv from the house. the sheriff office says this was around 1:30 this morning when a deputy saw the driver of the suv run either a red light or a stop sign when the deputy tried to stop the driver, he or she took off and there was a short pursuit before the driver then crashed into this house, which also brought up a gas leak concern. but pg&e crews took care of this earlier. had to be towed across the street as investigators dusted for fingerprints in and outside the vehicle and also searching the suv with flashlights. the vehicle did not have plates. the search for the person, of course, continues and that's five hours later now. we also hear that sunnyvale police with the canine unit may have helped in this search, but, again, no lock and the person still on the run. live in san jose this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." turning our decision to 2016. by this time tomorrow, super tuesday is going to be well under way with hundreds of delegates up for grabs. >> "today in the bay" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. how are things shaping up so
6:33 am
far? >> well, let's take a look at the polls. the latest nbc news/"wall street yearn journal" polls and by 13 points and that's going to be a key state for him. he's also hoping to win a lot of delegates in oklahoma to stay competitive in this race. cruz and rubio have been jumping on trump and why they haven't been released yet. and his refusal to denounce former kkk leader. this morning, trump said that interview yesterday he had a bad ear piece and he couldn't really hear what was being said to him. on the democratic side, the same types of results in the primaries. hillary clinton with big leads in all of those after sweeping south carolina. bernie sanders admits that was a
6:34 am
tough one for him. he called it, he said he was decimated in south carolina. now, he's looking to make that up in the west, in the midwest and in the northeast. of course, vermont, his home state be voting tomorrow, as well. he's got a ways to go, based on the polls. she's got a big advantage going into super tuesday. >> all right, pivotal races for both parties. no question about it. thank you very much, tracie potts, live from d.c. meantime back at home two minors arrested after robbing a south bay liquor store with a gun. a third suspect still on the run at this hour. happened just before 11:00 last night at the licker and food mart in mountain view. the suspects led officers on a chase through city streets in menlo park before one of them jumped out of the suv. police caught and arrested the other two. it is 6:34. happening today, we may be getting our first look at evidence against three correctional deputies charged
6:35 am
with killing an inmate at the santa clara county jail. the prosecution and the defense are expected to present their case during a preliminary hearing this morning. the prosecution is hoping they have enough evidence to go to trial deputies matthew farris and jereh lubrin are accused of killing michael tyree last august. all three pleaded not guilty to the charge the preliminary hearing is expected to last three days. at 6:35. a tragic scene unfolding in san jose over the weekend. a toddler found dead. now an investigation is under way to find out what happened. this occurred around 1:30 sunday morning. police were called to a house on glenbury way east of the highway 85 and 87 connector. they say the girl, a 2-year-old, was not breathing when they got there. she was rushed to the hospital but died before doctors could see her. the circumstances of the death are not clear right now and police continue to investigate. new des on a controversial
6:36 am
shooting death of a guatemalan man. a second autopsy shows two police officers shot the man several times in the back. the san francisco examiner obtained autopsy results by the medical examiner showing 21-year-old perez lopez shot four times in the back and once through the arm and in the back of the head. an independent autopsy done last says the same thing. soon after that shooting, perez lopez was lunging at the officer with a knife. no officer os were charged in the shooting. the deadline to leave has come and gone but some homeowners are still camping out on ay stretch in san francisco. the big encampment near 101 on 13th street and division. on friday, san francisco dwav notices saying that it had to be cleared out. this after the health department declared the encampment a public nuisance and a health hazard. but some folks are refusing to go. edwin is running for district nine supervisor spent a night on
6:37 am
the street. he says that more compassion and vision are needed here. >> i think that many ways a microcosm of what is happening in our city. of people getting pushed out. >> on the move and in a thousand different directions at one time. >> homeless outreach workers have been trying to connect people with shelters and services. it is 6:37. talking about how foggy it is out there as you head out the door this morning. let's check in with kari hall. >> we can see what it looks like on the san mateo bridge behind you and also seeing visibility low in spots. down to a quarter of a mile in napa and oakland and three quarters of a mile in novato. in san francisco, also three quarters of a mile. as you turn on the headlights, you can at least see what's right in front of you. but very low in spots and we will see this improving within the next quupal alcouple of oh. then the sun breaks out. mid and upper 70s. well above average temperatures today and that continues into
6:38 am
the next few days and we'll also get some rain in the forecast this week. i'll detail that coming up in about ten minutes. mike is still tracking some issues out there on the roadways. how is it looking in the tri-valley? >> first of all, the view is good right here. we can see a nice view of the roadway. there's haze, but not fog here in the tri-valley. what there is is another crash westbound 580 as we look at your map and approaching the dublin interchange and a motorcycle involved. but the rider i just got word is up and walking around and that is much better news and still slowing for the distraction should be moved to the shoulder soon. meanwhile southbound 680 shows that build. tri-valley clear view and lower traffic view there. a slower drive southbound 88 through fog in the southbound direction. hayward, union city and then jamming up towards warren and mission where there were earlier crashes. we're starting to see some improvement the south end of this backup and that is much better news. right now a little extra slow through fremont. that orange highlighting all
6:39 am
around the bay where we will have tougher visibility and bob is heading right here middle of the roadway and middle of the map and the san mateo bridge. bob, how are you and where are things? >> good morning to you, mike. we're on the top of the span of the san mateo bridge and, yes, it is foggy, but you can see the driving conditions are safe because you can clearly all the cars well in front of you. not necessarily the case if you're further north of here into oakland on the bay bridge. here's some video we shot earlier this morning. this is actually us heading northbound on 101 on the peninsula across the san mateo. when you start getting across to the other side of the bay and i'm talking about that hayward area and start heading northbound 880. once you get am to oakland it starts to get thick. one reason the chp within the past hour has issued a fog advisory much of the bridges in the northern area. i'm talking about the richmond san rafael and martinez, the bay bridge, for whatever reason the san ma teteo is clear and chp
6:40 am
issued a fog advisory for that bridge, as well. if you're out on the roads this morning and you do hit that dense fog, make sure you watch the distance between you and the cars in front of you and don't use the bright lights, as well. we have the sun up right now. if you were to use the bright loi lights and it was dark out, you get the lights back in your eyes. bob edell, "today in the bay." >> track the driving conditions in your neighborhood, just download our nbc bay area app. coming up next, bright lights and a red carpet rewind. live in hollywood with the stars and a look at the expected and unexpected outcomes from last night's academy awards. plus, has apple reached middle age? not that there is anything wrong with middle age. meanwhile, no movement whatsoever on the markets. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
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theunit@nbcb theunit@nbcb nbc bay area, we investigate. a new apple i-phone may be
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hitting the stores soon. . it's that time, again. a new apple iphone may be hitting stores soon. the most anticipated change is the lowered price by about $400. that is half the cost of the iphone 6s. apple is expected to hold an event in just three weeks. the tech giant also expected to
6:44 am
show brand-new ipad pro, bands for the apple watch and new support for apple pay. >> which is interesting because we're used to shiny new things from apple, but here there is actually nothing new in that list, just improvements on old oer, existing things. >> that's right. we like shiny new things, though. scott mcgrew, does apple need a hit? >> it doesn't need a new hit necessarily. it makes plenty of mun making minor improvements. however, we do see signs of aging or at least becoming more mature. apple says it's committed to raising the dividend it pays its shareholders. dividends are a sure sign the company has reached middle age, not there is anything wrong with middle age. apple ceo tim cook addressed and this is file video because we're not permitted to videotape shareholders meetings. he got a standing ovation from shareholders. they are right behind him as apple continues to fight the fbi over that one iphone.
6:45 am
meanwhile, we do expect silicon valley companies to file friend of the court briefs this week in support of apple. apple will also send lawyers to a congressional hearing tomorrow. we will continue to cover all of that. the fbi, of course, wants apple to unlock that iphone 5c used by one of the san bernardino shooters. encryption and tech become a real issue. we'll have full coverage of the congressional hearing coming up tomorrow. sam and laura. >> thank you. >> it's broccoli. >> well, i just saved our lives. yeah. you're welcome. >> pixar's "inside out" you're welcome for winning took home the oscar for best animated feature film. the emoryville based company and its animation studio film tells the story of a girl named riley who moves from the midwest to the big city life of san francisco. five emotions helping guide her through a new life in a new city but not all those emotions agree
6:46 am
with each other. >> i like joy. pixar netted its alth oscar for many last night last night was full of firsts. >> including the best male actor. jennifer byorklund live in oakland. a mixed bag of expected and unexpected winners. >> yeah. really, really unexpected a couple of things happened, including the grand finale best picture all of a sudden they announced "spotlight." it was something nobody expected. it's a film about, well, journalism. boston globe investigative reporting on sex buse victims of the roman catholic priests. that won best picture and that was a huge surprise. not so much a surprise leonardo dicaprio for "revenant" taking home the best actor oscar at last after five other nominations. leonardo can finally say he is an academy award winning actor. and so can best actress brie
6:47 am
larsen who won for her role in the film "room." winning for best actress and there were so many other movies that kidreally well like "mad max fury road" was mentioned so often it was nominated for so many awards. the six awards it did win were all technical awards. so, "mad max" doing really well also at the oscars last night. we'll have plenty more about the oscars including the controversy and the protests and how chris rock handled it all. that's all coming up. for now, back to you. >> jennifer bjorklund. we wanted to be able to see the entire event. difficult when you're on a morning shift, jennifer. >> i remember those days and it's, boy, it's still last night for me right now. >> i like how you said the high heels are gone and the hard hats
6:48 am
are out. >> oh, they're gone. yeah. thanks a lot, jen, good to see you. all right. still recapping last night. did you guys catch the entire academy award? >> some parts of it. >> i did most of it in between bathing children, you know. >> the monologue. i missed the opening monologue and that was the one i wanted to see. >> luckily you probably can. >> i think there is what they call that youtube. >> or dvr. >> we have all the highlights. 6:48. we have been talking about the fog all morning because it seems to be where. still kind of a thorn in the side of some drivers right now. >> you'll have to deal with that as you head out and it might be where you're headed and make sure you allow extra time to get there. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see that dense fog and the traffic just backed up we'll check in with mike to see what is happening across the bay area. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. you can see we will have several chances of rain this week as we
6:49 am
go into the next seven days. i'll detail that coming up in a few seconds. now, looking at those temperatures as you head out the door, we're in the 50s in san francisco and we also have some 50s in parts of the east bay and some 40s in spots like pleasanton are we do have some fog in there, as well. in the north, it's 41 degrees, so cool in spots. let's take it hour by hour in oakland where we will still see the clouds throughout the morning once the fog lifts and then the sun breaks out and temperatures warm up quickly. almost be at 70 degrees by lunchtime and reaching to the low 70s. and here's a look at the futurecast and it shows we have scattered showers for the north bay late tomorrow evening and the rest of us will still be dry as our temperatures continue to stay well above average. another system moving in late wednesday night into early thursday brings in some rain first to the north bay and then it starts to move else where across the bay area. this may give us some measurable rain before a heavier rain moves in this weekend. temperatures for the next few
6:50 am
days will be in the mid-70s. a mix of sun and clouds for the south bay peninsula and san francisco is in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. in the north bay, also looking at temperatures above average, reaching into the low to mid-70s. heading into the weekend, we will have round one of rain mainly on thursday and then we'll have a couple of dry days in between. on saturday, another system moving in and now this looks like it will be a heavy one starting out during the afternoon. continuing into the sunday. we may see that rain falling pretty much all weekend. at least saturday and sunday before it clears out. and we could have a good amount of. some of the initial totals of the rainfall showing us we have the potential of getting anywhere from an inch and a half to 2.5 inches for most of the bay area. the north bay may have 2.5 to 4 inches of rain. maybe el nino will be making a return with some wet weather heading into march. i'll be keeping tabs and keeping
6:51 am
you updated on that. let's see what's happening another update on that crash now from mike. >> yeah, kari. slower drive and we have dublin and we have the southbound correction in t direction in the east bay. the fog and low clouds and this is san jose and a slow drive now developing here and let me show you another camera in palo alto. low clouds. on the deck, these folks are able to do just fine. enough visibility over half a mile that they can do safe braking. let's look at your maps. where there is that oronge haze across and with that orange highlighting is there. that's where you'll have a tougher view, the fog. the northbound route starts their build and it's there, nonetheless. the drive we talked about this fremont recovering through union city and into fremont still a big jam and earlier crashes south of there have now recovered for that drive but westbound 84, dumarton bridge slow towards the toll plaza. speeds improving a bit.
6:52 am
again, that orange highlighting on either side of the bay and pretty much all of your bay bridges have a fog advisory and we extend it to you, as well. visibility on the span okay. slower down the east shore freeway as you would expect coming across the carquinez and benicia bridges. back to you. >> just highlighting that fog on your map. the fog could make for a tricky drive to work or to school. mike mentioned bob redell on the roadways right now tracking the conditions in realtime. a live report from him coming up at 6:57. and i'm stephanie chuang live in san jose where police are still looking for the person who crashed an suv into this house earlier this morning. what led to this, we've got the latest, coming up in a live report. happening now, we're following an overpolice chase. it started after an armed robbery in mountain view and ended up in menlo park. look for more details under the link on our home page. and later this morning, the man accused of killing a south bay mother and leaving hbody in
6:53 am
fremont is expected to appear in court. go our twitter page later today for updates. one final check of the day's toi
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:55. welcome back. a final check of the day's top stories before we send you off to "today" show in just a few minutes. >> rith now let's get to
6:56 am
stephanie chuang following breaking news out of san jose. >> yeah, good morning, sam and laura. the search is still on. the scene is clear from this house where an suv slammed it into it earlier. 1120 park avenue. the damage mostly to the front of the house in this neighborhood just west of downtown. the tow truck arrived to the red suv from the house. the sheriff office says this is around 1:30 this morning when the deputy saw the suv driver run a red light or stop sign and short chase before the driver crashed into the house. deputies had the suv towed just across the street as investigators dusted for fingerprints in and outside and searching the vehicle with flash lites. we noticed children's toys outside but thankfully no reports of any injuries. i'm kris sanchez in the newsroom and a number of social issue raised at the academy awards and the most anticipated
6:57 am
was diversity in hollywood. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> now, the academy president did say that everyone has to be part of the culture change, which is what vice president joe biden said as he introduced lady gaga's performance. leonardo dicaprio used his first oscar acceptance speech to call for more global action on climate change. now, by the way, change is what one filmmaker said she got. the winner of the best documentary said that raising an issue about killing on film helped to change the law in pakistan. in the newsroom, kris sanchez, "today in the bay. good morning, i'm bob redell. live southbound 880 to tell you about the fog that you could see along the ride to work this morning and i chp within the last hour has issued a fog advisory for all the major
6:58 am
bridges in the bay area, except for the san mateo which we just crossed and based on our observations, we're not surprised to put an advisory on that bridge because it wasn't that bad. the worst we've seen it during our drive around the bay this morning was non bay bridge and even at the worst, you could still see the car in front of you. yes, the fog might your commute down a little bit. just drive slow out there and watch the distance between you and the person in front of you. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> he's definitely crawling along out there, but that might not be the fog, the traffic may have something to do with that, too. >> that's right. >> check in with in just a moment, but pretty foggy ought out there. >> see this for the next couple of hours before that fog clears. temperatures now in the low 40s in the north bay and low 50s else where and it will be a beautiful day. once we get that sunshine breaking out, highs today in the low to mid-70s. >> wow, really nice finish.
6:59 am
but a lot of people making their way to work. >> chuckling because there is fog in every one of kari's shots. fog is playing one factor, not for the tri-valley. a series of crashes westbound 580 and your commute direction the latest clearing right around that dublin interchange but traffic is flowing past that seen scene. the express lane helping a lot and so is the clear view. not foggy in the tri-valley and the orange highlighting and denser fog area and those arrows marking 84 westbound and southbound 880 and two stuff tough stretches there and bob in union city you see that marking the map that is where the traffic starts to slow and that's what bob is seeing. a smooth drive for the rest of the bay and the san mateo bridge behind us all morning and show folks a clear view of that shot. westbound with those taillights disappearing into the fog. but you can see enough, that's good. >> very good. >> very emotional morning.
7:00 am
we have the usked the oscars lad the fog. we would say check out this sunrise, but we say check out this fog. we'll see you in 25 minutes. >> have a good one. good morning. king of the world. leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar 22 years after his first nomination. >> i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> brie larson nabbing best actress. "spotlight," the surprise winner for best picture. host chris rock takes on the oscars so white controversy. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> this morning, al and natalie are live in hollywood with all the highlights from the show, the red carpet and, of course, the after parties. klan controversy. why did donald trump refuse to disavow support from the


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