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tv   Today  NBC  March 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> narrator: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee give ford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey! >> hoda's favorite day. now known as spanky tuesday. it's the first day of march. that's "back it up." and we're so excited jennifer lopez will be here with us. >> if you've seen shades of blue it's one of the hits on nbc which has been renewed. congratulations. she plays a cop who is dirty
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kind of. but how dirty can j. lo ever be. she's also on her last season of "american idol" and her ever so hot vegas residency. >> also just extended by popular demand. >> and theseshe's a mother of two. she'll sit down with us for two segments. not one, but two. >> the first time she will be sitting down in a long time. and the newest boy band that will get the young girls hearts racing. they were a lowe hoda pick a while back and they would be sinking their latest single. plus ryan scott is in the kitchen. >> with willie. >> congratulations on the boy band. >> what kind of canookies are they? >> brown butter salted cashew
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and chocolate chip. so good. we'll make it step to step. these are really good. >> and i can have it all. >> today is the first of march and always an easy day for me to remember because one of my favorite people in the entire world was born on this day. i want to say happy 90th birthday to my son's godfather, stanley moore. look at him. he looks like that the day mitt him 35 years ago. he's such a beautiful ethical human being. i love the man. >> i've met him several times at your house. first of all, he's so much fun, sharp as a tack. >> he still plays squash. enjoys a little vino once in a while. i love you. so this is something we love too. shall be in our arm's forces comes back and is reunited with
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their family. >> if you wanted to find true love this is it right here. so a 7-year-old alex from virginia was really missing his dad. he's been deployed in the navy for 99 days. so his mom wanted just to cheer him up. take a look at what happened. >> i don't know if you're ready to hear it. >> what? he's coming home? >> i don't know. what do you think? >> no. >> what do you think he has to tell you? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? if you can think of one surprise in the whole world, what would it be? >> i'm coming home. >> daddy's home. >> oh, my gosh.
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i've seen it three times and it still gets to me. >> like getting under the cuffs with twinkies. >> my daddy was a chief petty officer. and you know what i love so much the kid didn't even talk. he's just -- he clung for taker life. just precious. >> beautiful. >> so we'll put you in a good mood. if you happen to be in -- >> that put me in a good mood. these are tears of joy. >> okay. so -- >> that was so beautiful. >> we're ruining our makeup with j. lo coming on. >> do you remember i told you that my arm was hurting me? i am a selfie taker. i want to know if anyone else is getting tennis elbow from taking sell if is igoig.
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and i'm not kidding. i had to go to the doctor and he said any repeated motion. he goes with the phone, i was like, oh my god, that kills me. so i wonder if anyone else is getting tennis elbow from taking selfies. >> let other people take your picture. >> that's what i'm going to do. but i bet the young kids will have thumb problems and elbow problems. >> and social problems. >> anyway joy to the world. all right. so oprah winfrey is doing something cool. she's auctioning off a lot of stuff from her closet on ebay. and so you can buy things. now, i heard a rumor that she wear as size 10 shoe and i wear a 9 1/2. and sometimes i wear a 10 too. anyway all kinds of stuff from sale. this black gown size 16, it's
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already on ebay for $1200. and look at her 10 size louie vuitton. >> oh, get those. you need those. >> look how -- how come none of her stuff is like scuffed up? >> she wore them probably wochbs. >> how about a slip. a slip from oprah. >> a black sheer waste band. >> and all the proceeds go to her leadership academy in south africa. >> you go to your which was either and you're like i haven't worn it in five years and somebody would love that. we should do it too. >> i like the things i have like these shoes. >> hoda love the dress. really love those shoes. >> i've literally had these shoes for eight years and they're highmy favorite. >> and this is the dress you wore in vegas.
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>> my skrchltj. lo dress. i'm wearing it again. >> and it's time. >> time for the bachelor. >> you're quite the superstar. everybody loves you. and they love your updates. >> it's a passion. so last night the show made bachelor history okay? this is important because this is why. there has always been an unwritten rule that when the girls start to say i love you to the bachelor they're not supposed to respond, they're supposed to stay vague and it's in the until the finale that they can ask express their love. ben broke the rule. take a look at his date with lauren. >> i am completely in love with you. >> i've known i'm in love with you for a while, as well.
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>> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> that's crazy. >> okay. so super cute but there are two other girls still left. so then he had to go on a date the next day with jo-jo knowing he told the other girl he loved her. so let's look at her date. >> i do love you, and that's weird that i just said that because i've been so terrified about saying that. i don't want to think about what it would be like to lose you. >> jo-jo, i love you, too. >> what? >> i do. >> today is the best day of my life. p i'm so happy. i'm really happy.
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>> i don't know how you can be in love with two women, but i am. >> still one to go? >> no no no. we need to marinate that for a secretary. what just happened? >> i'm living like kris hair ris so that says the show applauds him for living in the moment. but one of those girls is going to be devastated. >> first time i didn't like ben. first time ever. >> does he want america to hate him? >> and jo-jo is the one with the brothers. >> oh, i love the brothers. >> they will beat him up. >> did he say it again, is there a third person? >> here is the third girl. he did send her home. so she gets in the car. but what i liked about her, she's like wait a minute i have some questions. and she got back out of the car and confronts him and says did you know this whole time. because this is the fantasy suite episode. so who knows what happened in the fantasy suite.
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>> is that the end-end? >> and she cried her way home. so we're down to the two girls. >> i don't even like him anymore. >> when you hear him talk he like puts her on a pedestal where he always talks about her saying she lets me be myself. >> he kissed her ring finger. isn't that what he did? >> please don't day metell me you're paying that close attention. >> suddenly because i don't like him now after he said i love you to two girls. >> have you ever been in love with two people at the same time? >> no i have not. >> is it possible? >> he sayses it's possible. >> i think there is lust at the same time but i don't think there is love. >> i've been in lust with two people p. >> lust is okay. >> we have to get here because this is big from the bronx to vegas, baby. jennifer lowpez sits down with us so my kids don't have to forage, got two jobs to pay a mortgage
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if there was anyone who did not need an introduction it's this lovely woman here with us. jennifer lopez. jack back in january we caught up with her on her opening night at planet hollywood which was just extended through december. >> of course it was. >> she's also busy judging the 15th and final season of american idol. >> and if that's not enough she's also one of the stars and executive producers of the new nbc drama shades of blue. take a look. >> i need you to keep the commitment that you made to me last night. >> i'm not defending wozniak any more. i have to wear that wire. i'll find out whatever this job is or was if wozniak decides not to do it. don't worry. i'll take hillm down.
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>> she's going to take wozniak down. shades of blue is on fire. >> thank you. >> is it fun to be a little bit dirty? >> it is. it is so fun. you guys know about that. >> we do. by the way, ray leeiota, i hate him but i love hum.ufove him. >> everybody asks me and i'll like he's intense. >> and he's so much fun, too. >> he's a funny guy. surprising because he's so intense. >> he was talking about the show and you and he said he loved act opposite you. he said you have a great vibe. >> he said that to me. yeah i love playing tennis with you. we go back and forth, we have a natural acting chemistry. i don't know.
10:16 am
our characters really just work together really well. >> and what is cool about your characters you understand -- she starts off kind of -- she wants to do good for her daughter and her life. but she starts tiptoeing into the dark side. >> it's a slippery slope. even when you have good sbepgs intentions you can make bad choices and you're like how did i get in this position. but i think what people know about harley already is that she's trying. >> yeah. >> always trying to do the right thing and sometimes we just don't. >> and with everything on your plate, when you found out this was picked up for a second season which was reason to celebrate -- >> oh, yay. not true. i was very excited. because we worked so hard on it. we developed it for like 2 1/2 years. and we wanted it -- we knew it could be something special. you know what i mean? and when it comes together and
10:17 am
that happens -- but, yes, i'm busy but it's a good busy. you put the work in and you're like okay. >> look what happened. and one of the rare days that you don't have anything to do, what do you do? >> nothing. i'm very like sweats you know pajama top and the fuzzy socks with hearts on them. the bun and the no makeup. and i do like -- and everybody makes fun of me. >> i like the no makeup. love to see the human part. >> but that's what i do. i do nothing. my goal is like to be with the kids more. >> and your vegas residency is crazy. it's extended as well. i went on the opening night. >> you were so much fun and my mom had so much fun with you. >> can we show her dancing one more time? your mom does not sit down. i was sitting near justin bieber and i said, no i want to sit next to your mom.
10:18 am
look at her. >> now you know where i get it from. >> she knows every word to every song. >> and a lot of choreography as well. but she's so funny because she calls me afterwards when she gets back home and she go jen, i'm kind of depressed. and i'm like why? and she said because i can't dance the way i used to. she's always the life of the party and she said -- i said no, you were dancing like crazy. and she was like, no i had to hold on to the railing. >> aah. >> but i know what she means. what you used to do you can't do anymore as you get older. >> and you have the final season of idol. you have a full plate. >> and going to be with us for one more segment. you get to sit a little longer.
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shades of blue is thursdays at 10:00, 9:00 central and you can binge watch. >> fans have been tweeting questions so jen will stick around to answer help. >> and also the five guys who hope to become america's newest idol. ♪ plants may have their limits. ♪ imagination...doesn't ♪ with the right nourishment... ...patience... ♪ day... have you seen your garden?'ll blossom. find low prices on the things that make easter fun and delicious. walmart. i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®. hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look
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we have a special treat for you today because our good friend national radio host is back once again and he's brought along some up and coming music stars that we think you will love. >> they are his artists of the month and they have a brand new ep coming out very soon called meet los five. elvis. >> do you know what is so great will los five other than the talent? they're okay looking guys. they are not even signed to a label yet. this is as fresh as this gets. >> we ran into your manager in
10:23 am
the steps earlier. he was saying that it happened that big. by the time this show is off the air, let's get you a record deal. >> describe the kind of music you guys play. >> okay. so we have a bunch of elements. the singing part, the struchlts, s instruments, the english, the spanish. different flaifrss flavors. >> any poll came numbers? >> polka. >> i want to ask you guys. turn around. there is j. lo. were nervous? >> now we are. >> they seemed totally fine a minute ago. >> stick around and watch them perform. they're from all over the world. >> how did you meet? >> j.p. and i met in colorado. we were going to rival high schools. but we didn't run into even 00
10:24 am
other until we were both in l.a. i was in theater school, he was in music school where he met two of the guys. >> and i said we should start making a band and i invited my cousin p. >> and they're always so positive. positivity is what it is about. and your message was keeping bullying out of the high schools and it was a part of their -- >> good. i remember i picked one of your songs. >> you were laying it here on the tv show. and we've been making friends are radio all over the place. especially iheart. >> can't wait to hear you. los five will be performing their new song. and we'll be out
10:25 am
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10:27 am our bob riddel is there to cover a trial in the case of a man who with a taser and is seeking compensation. look for bob's report at 11:00 as well. we'll have a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
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=trx at ck= ck fremont we're in for more beautiful weather today with highs reaching the low to mid-70s in
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the south bay. palo alto, 72 degrees while the marine na is 59 degrees. highs in the low 70s for the north bay. you'll see some clouds moving in later on this afternoon and in oakland, a high of 73 degrees. pleasanton, a high of 75. there will be a slight chance of some rain for the north bay later on as we head into tonight and then again tomorrow night. a more widespread rain moving in by thursday morning for most of the bay area. we'll have more updates on that. here's an update on the morning commute now with mike. yeah we have this slowing right here southbound 880 right there at the off ramp and approaching mission boulevard. there's the slow section on the map as well. it's got orange and red right there at the top of your screen but good recovery. also, the rest of the south bay looks great. a sticking point around north 101 in the last 20 minutes or so. the rest of the bay continues to ease.
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join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. ♪ waiting for tonight ♪ >> we don't understand anything about this. >> we're in bed with j. lo eating blueberries. >> they're very good for you. >> tried to get rid of them but they put them back. >> a lot of lovely people want to ask you questions. you do have a vegas residency. you're on "shades of blue." everything has been renewed. nobody is going to let you quit anything ever. you have "american idol." >> we're in this comfy bed. >> look what we did. ready? >> in case you want to be cozy with ray. >> that's nice. >> weird. >> so we have some questions.
10:31 am
are you ready? should i get up and do will? okay. hold on. >> what's happening? >> usually spin a bottle? >> you're here and you're different. how do you stay so healthy and fit? what's the best advice you'd give? >> how do i stay so healthy and fit? you know, i'm like anybody else. i get tired of working out and i try to eat right. and sometimes i do and sometimes i don't. and i do my best. >> and this residency -- the thing in vegas. >> that keeps me this shape. when i did it, i lost like seven pounds between the -- it made a big difference. >> when does it start up again? >> may 22. >> get a little break. >> all right. here is another question. flip, flip, flip, flip. okay. >> do you ever -- >> now, why do we spin it? >> we have the questions right here. >> i don't want to get up and down. all right. lindsay wants to know do you ever just put your hair in a messy bun, wear pjs and binge
10:32 am
watch tv? >> so you didn't see -- we do dumb smashes all the time. i like doing them me and the kids and everybody. for some reason that one got a lot of attention because i had my hair in a bun and -- >> what shows do you binge on? >> i binge on "homeland," "blacklist," "game of thrones." >> nothing you can watch with the kids at this point? >> no no no. they can't. no that's after they're asleep. >> okay. >> matt asks -- probably matt lauer -- if j.lo could have anyone guest with her at her las vegas show who would it be? >> and do a song? probably bruno mars. >> oh, yes. >> i love bruno. i've told him for years i'm like we have to do something together. so maybe one day it will happen. >> and from ann, if you didn't have the career you have, what do you think you would have
10:33 am
been? >> i think still something creative. maybe some type of artist. i can't paint, but in my mind like i would be a painter. you know? >> can't paint, that's a problem. >> and that's why i did what i did. and that's what i do what i do. >> it might work out for you. >> we're in bed with j.lo. >> and ray. >> ray.lo. >> all right. >> coming up little salty and little sweet, ryan scott shows us home baked goodies from scratch. plus a song to add from elvin's artelartist's of the month.
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look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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>> narrator: citi concert series produce thely presented by citi. >> we've been having a great time with los five artist of the month. >> they're set to release their new ep this month. >> and because we can't wait another minute here they are with their brand new single. is this this is los five. ♪
10:39 am
♪ ♪ ♪
10:40 am
♪ ♪
10:41 am
♪ [ applause ] >> great job. >> really good. >> i love that. that was really good. >> very peppy. >> all the girls are wondering if all the boys are all taken. >> we don't kiss and tell but, you know we're -- >> i'll take that as available. >> all right, guys.
10:42 am
stay with us. coming up it looks like we'll make the perfect cookie. >> i'm ready for some cookies. >> you guys were are awesome. ♪ ♪ now you can create your own tour
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there is nothing better than the smell of cookies baking in the oven, so we have just the thing to satisfy your sweet tooth. this is a recipe that comes out perfect every time. and here to show us is our friend chef ryan scott. >> when am i going to get a song? i've been on eight years. >> we'll have to work on that. >> no pressure. >> we're back in two week. let's come up with a song. >> okay. >> you're not going to do it. >> she might. >> this is my mom's recipe and i adapted it and made it really
10:48 am
fun. not that my mom's cookies are not fun. my phone is going off.baking so dae, brown and white sugar, eggs salt, flower cashews is my kicker. and chocolate chips and butter. >> light weight. >> great for the waste line. you'll position this is weird. brown butter. this is super nutty and delicious.this is weird. brown butter. this is super nutty and delicious. my trick to making brown butter microwave the butter with the lid on. >> i don't even get what is going on. >> check out the butter after it's melted. microwave it for a minute 1/2 to two minutes and stir it. it's perfect and done. does that make sense? >> yes. >> so now what we do we -- by the way, i'm totally ready for this segment by the way.
10:49 am
>> i don't think -- there it is. okay. >> but anyway, let's pretend. >> let's pretend this mixes. this is great. >> can i plug it in for you? where is the plug? >> i don't know. >> it's too far down. you need an extension cord. >> don't worry about it. >> you see how amazing that looks? and then you take the brown butter. >> pour it in. >> so sad. >> need some wine. >> so sad. >> so it be looks nice and emulsified. see how it's creamy? and then one egg at a time. and then you fold them in. and see how they're mixed? and then you go like this and it looks like that. and you add the flour. can we get some audience participation? >> aah! >> so good. . >> so i added baking soda and
10:50 am
salt& and flour and it looks like this. >> why didn't you add the chocolate chips and cashews? >> wait, what? because you want them to be nice and chunky. >> i said that. >> this segment is are horrible. here we go. >> so you dump all that in. >> and once you dump it all in you fold it. >> fold it. >> you fold it. >> i've already sprayed this. was i supposed to? >> actually, you're supposed to put it on the scooper here. so you have to work it make sure you mix it. the great thing about this recipe, my mom never refrigerateded the the dough. instead you take it go like this. >> is that the only thing you changed? >> i did the brown butter and added salted cashews and then i
10:51 am
put salt in it and renamed it. >> oh. >> so what you do now, can you try one or no? >> yes. >> and i know you're not eating -- >> i'm not eating sweets right now, but for you -- >> take a little bite. they're so amazing. with the brown butter, you get the nuttiness and salted cashews. >> if you're only going to have one sweet in your life today, this is the one to have. >> it's the cookie in ryan. >> 208108 to 10 minutes at 350 degrees. >> love you, babe. if you think we're cooking now see what we have cooked up for our giveaway. you could be a winner. but first it's "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
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10:55 am
before hoda gives it away we want to show you this funny clip. >> when jimmy fallon introduced him, he was missing. take a look why. >> i don't want to do this show i got no more material i don't want to do this show. now i'm going to go out there and sit in the velvet chair and ask him about his wife and kids and pre-tend as if i care. i don't care no one cares. no one cares. >> love him. but he's right, no one does. >> but can you believe we were will bed with j. lo?
10:56 am
we had j. lo here. >> yes, we did. but now let's make five lucky viewers very happy. it's time to give it away. >> this is amazing the number of entries we're getting. >> the prize is unbelievable. >> phillips smokeless grill and slow cooker. it's available at william sonoma to $479. it's a one pot wonder. just program the timer and it starts cooking when you're away and come home to a beautiful home cooked meal. >> both are great prizes. we'll find out who the winners are. look at all these entries. almost 11,000. >> because it's spanky tuesday. >> this is josephine riddle from
10:57 am
bensalem. >> and i have darlene from glendale. >> and let's see. i've got annette banahan from massachusetts. >> and i have carol langford from louisville, kentucky. congratulations all our winners. enter for next week's prize. >> listen to this. tomorrow from "fuller house," dave culiah. >> and we'll have fun stuff to get you organized. >> and we'll play who knew with kid. so we will see you tomorrow. but for now it's spanky tuesday. ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
kris//vo that breaking wis in the south bay. a cmunity colle evacuated becae of what that breaking news is in the south bay our chopper overhead a community college which is evacuated because of what the school is calling a credible bomb threat. we're talking about west valley community college in saratoga. you can see the parking lot virtually empty, all of the staff and student body have been evacuated. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. west valley evacuated 85 on fruit fruitavle. about 90 minutes ago the santa clara sheriff's office received reports of what the college is describing is a credible bomb


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