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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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bay area tonight . right now at 11:00, our live radio shows the first of four storms zeroing in on the bay area tonight, which means we could have a wet commute in the morning. >> el nino isn't over yet. on the coast, the people of pacifica are getting a little
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anxious. the crumbling cliffs, will they hold up in the storming weather ahead. >> we begin with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> much anticipated after that super dry february. you can see back here behind me, it mainly just cloud cover for 90% of the bay area. this is quickly approaching those of you in santa rosia the highway 101 corridor. we expect some of the heavier rainfall to make it here. for the greater north bay, it looks like this rainfall will continue through 1:00 in the morning and gradually pushing through the bay area when a lot of us are sleeping. we'll track your thursday morning commute, plus four-day
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rain totals we haven't seen like this in weeks. >> not everyone will be welcoming in this rain. crews are standing by in pacifica for what could be a long few days. home literally on the verge of slipping away. terry, what kind of damage are we expecting there? >> for the people living closest to the waters the heavy rains and high surf will probably translate and less coastline. >> he lives here in pacifica. >> i've got 20 bags of sand. >> he showed us the most recent sinkhole on the promenade by his house. >> there. see that little patch they put on there. >> the city says all member and the geo consultant are on call.
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>> yes, i am rethinking the longevity in which i would like to stay in this place. >> this woman is out with had dog, lola. this is just down the street from where a disintegratiing cliff. >> i'm in the back of the apartment. i don't have the best view. so that will give me time in an earthquake or a slide to get out. >> the ocean takes what it takes and that's all there is to it. >> the waves here at pacifica pier usually look pretty wild. this weekend saturday and sunday, they're going to be definitely wild, 10 to 15 feet. live in pacifica, nbc bay area news. >> the roads are dry for now but the morning commute could be
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wet. stay on top of the traffic and weather with mike inouye. you can track the rain 24/7 in realtime. and track the radar on our nbc bay area app. new tonight fed up with the red tape. the santa clara county sheriff takes matters into her own hands, making a costco run and buying security cameras with her own credit card. she said she couldn't wait anymore and there's a little bit of a publicity stunt, too. >> reporter: six months after an inmate died here. still no additional security cameras. and she's fed up when she heard it would take two additional
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years, she was fed up and so she went shopping. >> the sheriff has been asking for more cameras since the beating death of an inmate. three officers on trial for the beatings. when she was told it would take two years and $20 million to add cameras to the jail. we finally got their work year, we knew we needed an interim system. she said she asked which cameras to buy, went to costco and paid for a system. cameras won't be pointed at cells and don't record audio but
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they will store video for 30 days and for the first time record what's happening inside inmate modules. it. >> if there's an allegation against a deputy, we can look at the tape. >> under arrest for alleged child abuse, this baby-sitter, who police say advertised her services or the popular baby-sitter sight. police say the investigation is ongoing. >> two new developments in the case of shelly tichenor, the missing woman from brisbane.
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police have confirmed it was her remains found and they have parts of a body, they have a suspect but they don't know on the, however after new details were released. the family's fear confirmed late today, and if. >> on sunday mikers found more remains and the coroner matched
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a fingerprint to her. >> tonight the police are tracking the couple's final movement before shelly's death. investigators are getting search warrants to check their phones and checking credit card and bank statements. they're even checking license plate, anything to point them in the right direction. >> we want to know what happened to shelly tichenor. if they be anything what once again to see if anyone saw chely in remember final days. >> thank you, ian pap car set on fire and a disturbing message on a front love. it happened in el cerrito. last tuesday a couple awoke to
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find car "found october front lawn." police are asking any neighbors with surveillance cameras to come forward. >> we're looking to see if we can track how the suspect got to the scene of the crime. even if the footage doesn't know what to see, so far no arrests have been made. >> the zika virus has hit home and is now here in the bay area. >> there a no evidence of logal trans -- loctransmission.
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>> mike flofan is astudent who thin thinks. >> so what do you say to reassure a taxpayer that all mistakes didn't happen like this along the rest of the project? >> that's a valid concern one would raise. >> coming up, where the materials are stalled and what to to in a disaster. >> and we're waiting for another
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touchdown. astronaut scott tullly expected to touch down. what one year in space did to his body. >> rain right now from dough vega bay.
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many questions about the bart extension to san jose. >> vicky nguyen. >> there's no question that construction crews made a mistake that stopped the project for 70 days. plans called for this pv pipe. instead they installed this,
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cast iron. there are key differences to how these two materials last and how they respond in an earthquake. >> crews broke ground 2 n 2012. a source close to the project's construction contacted the investigative unit saying he's concerned about a major mistake at the new bart station. he asked not to be identified for fear of losing his job. he said crews mistakenly installed the wrong type of sewage pipe under the terminal, cast iron instead of pvc. we saw red tape blocking the work area. records show work stopped in this area for 70 days as it was decided what to do about the
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error. we learned project leaders would remove it where possible. now 1,400 feet around in this area. >> it is going to take time but it will fail. >> he went to new zealand after a 6.3 raek devastated the city of christ church in 2011in an. he said cast iron failed across the think citi because it's too brittle. >> using a pvc is a proven
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engineering damages. >> in this article published, researchers said the earthquake demonstrated the superior performance of pvc pipe adding that -- what's more, bart's standards for its station call for plastic pipe because they won't corrode, unlike cast iron. the investigative unit. >> it should be fixed. we. >> it's staying where my pipe you -- we sat down with the
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subcontractor. >> did the contractor just misinterpret the specs specs? >> we felt it was a misinterpretation. >> does the contractor agree with bpa that is was their fault? >> i think they greed agreed and they could have restored that this could have been caught by wasn't. >> jah, that's fair to say. he said the contractor conducted and paid for a study that con chewed emotion won't be an issue in this case. he's confident that replacing the pipes is not necessary. >> is this pipe as good as what you originally called for? >> in this case it is as good,
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yes. >> no concern about trojanan? >> none. >> what do you say to reassure taxpayers that other mistakes didn't happen along the rest of the project? >> sure. it's a valid concern one would raise. >> there's a rebust -- if. >> if there's any type of failure of that system, you have dea deteriorating effects. >> i think they should do the right thing, acknowledge their error and operate like responsible people. and repair it. now as opposed to. >> the contractor believed they
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had the right to use cast iron. they also said bart. >> a tip from a missile blower led to that story. give us a call or send us an e-mail directly to the unit an nbcbay area ran ry. >> i do want to make it clear, we're not looking at heavy widespread rainfall.
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it will be more of a pot earned rain, low 50s in the east bay and as well for the out bayh. you're going to see here, a lot of you of every dk but every being of of of -- >> you can see the intense forecasts. though gusts could take down trees and maybe cause power outages.
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that's the time slot to really watch out for this wet weather. we're still good for contra costa, al meetias over the next four days into the weekend. santa rosa and then down sana rosees. for many microclimate. . you will need a lit jacket. 60s return to san francisco, 67 in the mission for the peninsula. we had san mateo at 67, homosexual at 67. it will be a smart concentration that we've had throughout the 630s. >> maybe you should lake at that l
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low. >> looks solution $ hup eve-- ls like the heaviest snow predicted on monday. >> up next, he just landed in the united states. astronaut scott kelly, who just spent a year in space is still on the tarmac about to be reunited with his family. >> and here's jimmy. >> rachel maddow and tina fey
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it's all happening. cash back on purchases. here we go! backed by the service and security of american express. here we go! =vo= a reion in tes. about 5 minutes ago...astronaut
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in houston. a long flight from kazakhstan w just into our newsroom, a reunion in texas. about five minutes ago, astronaut scott kelly arrived in houston. this is him in kazakhstan arriving in russia after spending nearly a year in space. here it is, the plane in houston, texas at the johnson space center. scott kelly finally reunionitin with his brother. the lack of gravity allows your spinal cord to stretch, returning 2 inches taller. >> a warning to ford truck dealers. -- owners. f-250 and f-350 trucks are being
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targeted. is he healthy enough to play? we'll check in with steph curry. and harmless mascot or racist image? the principal of san lorenzo high is asking the school board to remove the mascot. >> pretending to be a doctor and practicing medicine without a license.
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gab yet sotelo with sports. jeff samardzija was on the mound today for two innings of work. the giants face the milwaukee brewers tomorrow. >> and in nba news, steph curry practiced today but is listed as
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questionable along with andre iguodala. they have a tough game coming up against the oklahoma city thunder. >> they're really talented. westbrook and duran are two of the top players in the league. they have a huge front line, they're good defensively. they're tough to stop. >> the san francisco 49ers re-signed shaun draughn. >> and still no news on what the future holds for quarterback colin kaepernick. more news
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old.
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you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. ==3shot== a live look over san jose. the clouds are building. >> we have scattered rainfall for tomorrow. rain thursday, friday and saturday. but if you want snow, as we mentioned earlier, that's going to happen on sunday, 6 to about 10 inches. if all of our storms line up
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into next week, we could have possibly 2 to maybe 3 feet of snow. through tomorrow, scattered rainfall coming our way with that storm system. >> nice spring skiing is what they're calling for. >> we want to show you scott kelly arriving about 15 minutes ago in houston. a remotional reunion, hugging his family and girl friend and kids. >> that's going to do it for us. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tina fey, rachel maddow,


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