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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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conditions across the bay area. we're tracking the first stormo weekend.d showers right now wils the completemeline. kris/2shot good morning, and thanks forjoi and i'm scott mcw. /2shot ==scott//rad== here's a livlo at our rar. you can see allhe green popping off the screen. ==scott= another live look outside at tg it's been covered in rain dro all morning long. ==kris//anim== several orms to hit t bay area. let's bring in meteorologi let's take you out to the golden gate bridge. covered with rain drops all morning long. >> we're bringing in meteorologist ckari hall right
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off the bat. >> we're watching a bigger storm system that will be here in time for the weekend. what we've seen today has been just enough to produce mist around san francisco and parts of the north bay. and also, we had a brief downpour that moved through fremont. but most of the rain we've measured so far have been in a few hundredths of an inch. in the north bay. nothing really significant here. and as we go into the weekend, we are expecting once again a stronger storm that could bring in some gusty winds. a look at that rain timeline, spotty, light rain with some breezy winds today, and mostly cloudy skies. our temperatures coming down. and there will be times with showers heading into the day, mainly some lying rain. this weekend is when it does go downhill, with the very strong storm system expected to move in with some heavy rain and gusty winds. also the potential of some thunderstorms. so i'll talk more about saturday, what we're expecting that evening, and also for the
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next several days with more storm systems moving in. that's coming up a little bit later. >> you can track the rain on the bay area app. it is free in the apple app store and google play. >> a developing story for you. we're learning new details, as a 20-year-old east bay woman is accused of child abuse. her name is mariah gonzalez. police say she was the victim's babysitter. >> bob ridel is live. you have the documents released just an hour ago. we are talking about a 13-month-old baby. how do the parents know? >> reporter: according to law enforcement, it was a hidden video camera hidden in the boy's bedroom that allegedly captured moriah gonzales of livermore allegedly abusing a 13-year-old
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boy. police say she was in the boy's bedroom in the home where she was hired as a nanny, trying to calm the boy up and down by bouncing him up and down. police say the video appears to she her putting her hand over his face to muffle the crying. the boy squirms and kicks, goes limp, she puts him on to her shoulder, where he begins to cry again, and finally into his crib for a nap. she then leaves the room. police reported what they say in the video. next day, an interviewer interviews gonzales, who they say waived her miranda rights. she says she was surprised to say she was caught on camera and denies she hurt the child in any way. the d.a. has since charged her with felony charge child abuse with means to likely produce great bodily harm. police say they hired them through, a site popular for parents trying to find childcare. we have spoken with and heard from several parents who defend the safety of the website. who believe that this "one bad
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seed shouldn't ruin it." one mom pointed out to me that background checks aren't mandatory on that website, that childcare providers must pay for that service, as is outlined on the terms of the website. in other words, parents are well aware of who's been checked and who hasn't. it's not clear if gonzales submitted herself for one of those checks. a spokesperson for did issue this statement. i'm quoting right now. we are deeply troubled by this incident and our thoughts are with the family. the safety of our community is of paramount importance to us and we have proactively contacted local law enforcement to provide whatever assistance we can in this matter. livermore police are asking anyone who has used moriah gonzales's service to contact them. by the way, i did reach out to her and when we talked briefly on the phone, she refused kme d comment. she is due in court tomorrow. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> difficult story for a lot of
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parent. an update to a breaking news story we covered all morning long. streets are open in livermore after an officer-involved shooting. police say it started early this morning when they got reports of a suicidal man with a gun. around 3:00 in the morning, officers approached the back parking lot of a police station and that's where they say they noticed that man just outside the department's back gate. police say that's when officers say they saw he was armed with a shotgun. when officers retreated, the man fired the shotgun, causing damage to the back window of his car. one officer returned fire, fearing for his life. and after trying to call out the man and getting no response, officers found the men dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. no officer were hurt and the man has not been identified. >> a high speed chase ends with a hollywood-like car crash. a black bmw flew off an east bay highway. >> and landed hundreds of feet
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away, upside down, lodged into a walnut creek office building around midnight. thankfully, both driver and passenger did survive. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang was live there this morning. >> reporter: a group of people who happened to be paramedics. they were parked here on their break. up there is the 680 interchange. the black bmw flew over here, split a tree, went through all of this brush. had so much force, it continued until it was basically several hundred feet away into that office building that houses a yoga studio. but the story here, five people who were here, they walked away alive. >> sounded like a dinosaur coming through the bushes. we heard a big pop, which was obviously them going through the
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wall. and branches breaking. >> we hear this crash coming down, and i look out the front window and i see this black flash. >> what flashed before their eyes was this. a 2014 black bmw suv, narrowly missing their ambulance. it was crushed like a soda can after it barrelled into this office building. >> she was scared. she was banging on the door wanting help. but we just tried to talk her through it. until we could get her out, we kept her calm. >> and we administered first aid as best we could and make sure they got to the hospital quick. >> the chp says before midnight, police started to pursue this bmw on eastbound 24 before calling off the chase. the wreck happened moments later. destroying this part of the building that houses a yoga studio. owner jenny rendell says it's thankfully the teacher training site and not where her customers come early in the morning for yoga. >> i just, like, crumbled with,
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you know, that -- is this really special? so i'm grateful that it's not our main studio. >> everybody in the building knows everybody. we're going to help them relocate for a moment. >> gratefulness for much more this morning from. the first responders who were almost hurt themselves, adding it was a bit of a miracle they happen to be in the very spot where the crash happened, likely hoping to save the lives of the two people who had been trapped inside. >> nobody would have known where they were. this is kind of a back location. so it would have been hard to find them. yeah, it's incredible. they're very lucky. yeah. i think we're all lucky right now. >> contra costa county fire was telling me it's this, all that brush that helped to save their lives, because it slowed the speed down of the suv. the male driver suffered moderate injuries. the skull fracture to the back of his head. the female passenger had major injuries, a broken net, and facial lacerations and cuts. i spoke to a relative of the owner of that bmw suv and he
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said it was the owner's son who was driving the car with a girlfriend as a passenger, that the son is a local walnut creek resident and student and that the family all morning long has been going to visit him at the hospital. live here in walnut creek, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. facebook is funding a new plan to explore solutions for the gridlock between the east bay and silicon valley. social media giants giving that money to county transit planners. the goal is to find a way to relieve the congestion that commuters face with their computers on the dumbarton bridge. several ideas are rehabilitating the old rail bridge for express bus service. and now turning to decision 2016, it is mitt versus donald. the former republican presidential candidate is taking on the gop frontrunner, and mitt romney is not mincing words when it comes to donald trump.
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nbc's brian mooar has the story from washington. >> what we're seeing today is virtually unprecedented. never before has a former candidate come out and taken the hatchet to a frontrunner like this. but donald trump has gone from being a punch line to a very serious contender here, and the republican party establishment is in panic mode. a war of words between the multi-millionaire who won the gop nomination in 2012, and the billionaire hoping to win it in 2016. mitt romney -- >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as the degree from trump university. >> reporter: and donald trump. >> mitt romney is a stiff. >> reporter: it is nothing less than a fight for the heart and soul of the republican party with the viable field now down to four candidates, taking the stage for tonight's debate in detroit. romney is giving voice to party insiders who believe their brand is being hijacked by someone who talks like a republican, but has
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a history of playing both sides of the political field. >> mr. trump has changed his positions, not just over the years, but over the course of the campaign. and on the ku klux klan for three days in a row. >> reporter: but trump's strong super tuesday showing proves he's got support where it counts. >> i've won a lot of different states, but maybe more importantly, millions and millions of people are joining the republican party and going out to vote. >> reporter: the republican party fighting to win, with or without donald trump. and if the party is going to stop trump, based on the current polls and the upcoming primaries, they have about two weeks to do it. scott? >> he's not waiting around, trump isn't. thank you. this is a live picture out of maine of donald trump speaking to his fans, reacting to mitt romney. let's dip in and listen for just a couple seconds.
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>> a period of, what, 24 hours? and maine is one of the most beautiful places on earth. and people don't realize how large your land mass is. >> so you are hearing him as he begins to wind up. we have people monitoring this feed. and when he says what you think he's going to say, we'll make sure to bring it to you. mitt romney said watch what he says in reaction. we will do exactly that. up next at 11:00, a bay area sheriff goes on a shopping spree. the reason that sheriff lori smith is buying these surveillance cameras with her own credit cards. plus, workers wanted. the jobs that need filling here in the bay area and the reason there are so many openings. >> got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips. or e-mail today you can do everything
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man, is it quiet on the markets this morning. the dow and the nasdaq essentially unmoved. the economy is on the move, though. and as the economy expands, there are lots of new low-paying jobs in the bay area. a lot of service jobs. it actually turns out to be a problem. a new report says low-paying jobs are going unfilled because companies cannot find people in the bay area to fill them. in fact, california as a state has the third fastest growth in low paying jobs according to a study by a liberal leaning think tank called next ten. texas and florida are number one and number two, but keep in mind, it costs less to live in texas and florida. now, we're going to get the latest unemployment numbers from the labor department tomorrow at 5:30 our time, a.m. unemployment stands at 4.9%. that is close to full employment. you don't have to get to zero before economists say everyone who wants a job has a job. but remember, the 4.9% is for the nation as an average.
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some regions are not doing well. even california isn't doing as well as 4.9. today's the day apple finds out who its friends really are. we expect a number of high-tech firms to file friends of the court briefs in support of the cupertino company. apple is resisting a court order to open an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. these friend of the court briefings are sometimes called amicus briefs. some lawyers swear it's amicus. some say amicus. it's kind of a tomato, tomato controversy in the legal world. although supreme court justice stephen breyer says amicus. nobody thinks he's right about that, but nobody will tell him. >> if you have a question for apple, the tech giant now providing customer service on twitter. this morning, apple launched a
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twitter account dedicated to fielding customer service issues. it's offering up tips and tricks as well as tutorials through that account. apple has twitter accounts for specific products, but until now, it largely avoided having a central presence on social media. new at 11:00, a proposal for a housing project in milpitas that could become the city's tallest building. the planning commission recently voted to increase the height of the milpitas landmark towers from 18 stories to 22 according to the mercury news. the $300 million project would include 450 condominium units, along with retail and office space. council members in milpitas will meet next month to consider the revised project. >> speaking out against bullies after beating nearly cost him his life. brian stowe speaking to students on the peninsula today. this is new video just into our newsroom. you'll remember that brian stowe survived being beaten into a coma outside dodgers stadium
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five years ago, but it did leave him with permanent injuries. stowe has battled back in his long recovery, telling the story to ninth and tenth graders in san mateo. >> you know, in his previous life, he was a paramedic, so this is just his way to keep giving. >> he's a great person. meteorologist kari hall has been watching that radar like you and i bing watch all kinds of programs. it's so entertaining for her. >> yeah, but the folks in san jose are looking around like, what are you talking about, storm system? because all we've seen today are clouds and a couple of sprinkles. and we are going to see this same kind of weather. just off and on clouds. nothing but fog out there. low visibility in some sports in the north bay. we've also had fog in san francisco. it was misting just enough to give us light measurements of rain. and as this continues to move in, we will still have the clouds all throughout the day,
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tying up some low visibility and some fog. temperatures now, bringing it down now to 64 degrees in livermore and concord. it's 58 degrees in napa. 63 degrees in san carlos. and we are looking at a change in our weather pattern, as an atmospheric river begins to develop. and it begins to stream these areas of low pressure right into the bay area. this is the trend of the upper level winds allowing for some more low pressure systems to come in. now this one, the center of low pressure is well away from the bay area. and it's also drawing in some dry air. so with the next one moving in by tomorrow, we should get a better soaking, starting out during the morning and moving into parts of the south bay as well as the peninsula and the east bay. and the spotty rain throughout the morning and afternoon. all day long. pretty much off and on. but it won't be a total washout. there will be some breaks during the day. and then here we are on saturday, where we start out in the morning, kind of hard to make some weekend plans to get
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outside, because we are still looking at the potential of rain at any point, at any time of the day, and it will be heavy at times. so we'll be keeping you up to date on that. looking at livermore, going throughout the day, we will have a slight chance of rain through at least the next several hours, and then mostly cloudy skies this evening. temperatures dropping back into the mid to upper 50s. and then as we go into the weekend, we're expecting a stronger storm system to move in by friday evening, we will start to see some heavier rain moving in. once again, that spotty rain all throughout the day. we start to see some yellows and oranges coming up here. that's the arrival of another storm system that will start out in the north bay, and then bring in a rush of some heavier rain and gusty winds throughout the evening hours into the start of the day sunday. and we could also have some thunderstorms in the mix, too. and the forecasts show the possibility of winds gusting, up to 50 miles an hour. so that could cause some wind damage there. that happening saturday night,
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and still some scattered showers throughout the day on sunday. so we will have the potential of some flash flooding. mainly some street flooding, just briefly as that rain continues to come down fast and heavy. we may get anywhere from an inch and a half to over two inches of rain for parts of the south bay. a limit bit more than that, over two and a half inches of rain. we haven't had rain like that in quite a while. with that coming down once again fast and heavy, we could have some street flooding for this year, between now and the weekend, we could have up to a foot of snow, even more heading into next week. as our weather stays very active. so we'll talk more about that coming up a little bit later. i'll have another update coming you can track the weather using the interactive radar. >> it's easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside. you just click on the radar on the weather page.
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once you do that, you can zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that will of course give you exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it. that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app. up next at 11:00, smash and grab at a gun store. the latest on the search for some of the burglars caught on camera. and happening now, livermore police arrest a babysitter for felony child abuse. bob redell took a first look at those charging documents and jody hernandez is diving deeper on the evidence and the role of the website expect updates throughout the day on our website. plus, a san jose teenager invents ad condom that detects sexually transmitted diseases. he says it can save lives and he's filing paperwork with the u.s. patent office. read and watch our entire story on our app. newly released security videoca
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some of the bandits are now newly released security video caught a brazen robbery on camera. >> some of the bandits under arrest. here's nbc's natalie morales. >> this morning, an atf spokesman confirms authorities have made multiple arrests and recovered some of the weapons that were stolen early tuesday morning. the crime caught on surveillance video looks like a scene from a hollywood movie. bold, brutally efficient, and lightning fast. in a stunningly simple snatch and grab assault, a black pickup
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truck backs up to the store with ten men close behind. one grabs a chain, smashes the glass doors, and wraps it around the metal security gates. as the driver guns the engine and smoke billows from the tires, the pickup lurches forward, pulling the gates from their hinges. and then the robbers, wearing sweatshirts with hoods to hide their identities, just run in. once inside, they leap over the counters, smashing the glass, and ransacking the place, methodically scooping up more than 50 bweapons, both rifles ad hand guns, before making their escape, dropping weapons as they run. >> that was natalie morales. the entire operation took less than three minutes. a warning for ford truck owners. police are seeing an increase in theft in martinez. the main models targeted are work trucks. the f-250s and f-350 trucks.
11:27 am
also the e-350 van. officers say the thieves are breaking the ignition locks to start those vehicles. police are telling owners to use anti-theft device, maybe those clubs. remember those? a south bay sheriff used her own credit card to buy security cameras. sheriff lori smith faces a lot of criticism about the mistreatment of inmates in her jail, including one apparent murder. so these pictures may help her dust off her image. smith says she got fed up with the red tape of buying new security cameras for the county jail. so she brought them herself with her own credit card. she's been pushing for more cameras ever since last year's beating death of michael tyree, which now has three deputies facing criminal charges. in fact, they're in a hearing right now. that incident was not caught on camera. the county -- she says waiting for the county would take two years, $20 million to add to the current surveillance system. >> i was very frustrated.
11:28 am
we've been talking about it for six months. we finally got their work plan that shows it would be two years before they were installed. we knew we needed an interim system. >> smith says she brought the cameras the same way you and i might, she went to costco. the price tag was $761 for a 12-camera system being installed in the wing where tyree died. if this system works, smith says she'll buy more cameras. what do you say to reassure taxpayers that other mistakes like this didn't happen along the rest of the project? >> it's a valid concern that one would raise. >> new concerns tonight about the bart extension to san jose. the underground mistake we uncovered where the wrong materials were installed and the potential dangers in a disaster. we're tracking the rain. here's a live look from our traffic camera on the golden gate bridge. wet indeed. brace for several more days of rain. we'll have your forecast coming up.
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your window. bay area. its rurn to the our live doppler radar showi our top story of the day, right outside your window. rain make its return to the bay area. and the radar showing green across the region. more on the way, too. >> let's take a look at a live camera. this is the city. you see it there? it's right there. maybe we can see part of a building. you'd normally see the transamerica building. let's bring in kari hall. what happened to the transamerica building? >> it's in there somewhere. we've seen the light rain, mist, and drizzle with low clouds flying under the radar. that's the reason why you're not seeing much green here on the radar as of now. but much of the light rain has been farther to the north. not looking all that impressive. but we will continue to see this wet moist air just streaming in. and we haven't seen much of anything in the south bay. a look at what we're expecting over the next couple of days. more of that light rain that's
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been coming down, once again in part to the city. but as we head into tomorrow, showers all across the bay area, but we're still expecting it to be light. into the day on sunday, that's when another storm system arrives. this one looks like the strongest one of the series that we'll see over the next few days. i'll have details on that. what to expect the next couple of days is coming up later. >> you can click on the weather tab there, get personalized forecasts, right to your neighborhood. >> a major construction mistake that won't be fixed. here are the details. >> there's no question, construction crews made a mistake. one that stopped work for 70 days on part of the project. plans called for the installation of this. pvc piepg. it's flexible and durable.
11:33 am
but instead, the contractor installed this cast iron pipe. there are key differences between how long these two materials last and how they respond during an earthquake. crews broke ground in april of 2012. the six-station project is scheduled to open next fall at a cost of more than $2 billion. but a source contacted the investigative unit saying he's concerned about a major mistake at the new bart station. he asked not to be identified for fear of losing his job. he says crews mistakenly installed the wrong type of sewage pipe under the terminal. cast iron instead of pvc. soon after, we saw red tape blocking the work area from the rest of the construction site. records show work stopped in this area for 70 days, as the contractor and its subcontractor
11:34 am
decided what to do about the error. after the work stoppage, we learned project leaders decided to remove the cast iron where possible. but in some places, crews had already installed other utilities around it, making the pipe more difficult to replace. now, 1,400 feet of cast iron remains under this portion of the terminal. >> even though it's going to take quite a long time to fail, it will fail. at that point in time, it's going to be exponentially more expensive than it is now to repair it. >> probably a high likelihood that there will be an earthquake sometime within the next hundred years. >> this is the chair of the structure engineering program at arizona state university. he specializes in underground infrastructure. he went to new zealand after a 6.3 earthquake devastated the city of christ church and he worked with a team that rebuilt the water line. he says cast iron plumbing failed across the city because it's two brittle. >> being in the bay area, which is a seismic -- a known seismic area, using a flexible pipe like
11:35 am
a pvc or some sort of other plastic pipe is a prudent engineering practice, as opposed to brittle pipe, which can't withstand earthquake damages. >> in this article published by the american water association, researchers said the loma prieta earthquake demonstrated the superior performance of pvc pipe. adding the scarcity of brakes can be attributed to their inherent flexibility. what's more, bart's standards for its stations call for plastic pipes, because they won't corrode when exposed to different types of soil, water, or electricity. unlike cast iron. the investigative unit obtained more than 10,000 pages of vta's project specs, stop work orders, and e-mails. >> it should be fixed. >> we reviewed them with the professor of construction engineering at santa clara university. >> clearly, any sewer pipe underground should be a pvc pipe.
11:36 am
and they mentioned the specific name of that pipe. >> so what happened, and why isn't it being fixed? the valley transportation authority is overseeing the bart construction in san jose, so we sat down with bta project manager john inkstrom. he blames the subcontractor. did the contractor just misinterpret the facts? >> we felt it was a misinterpretation. >> does the contractor agree with bta that it's the contractor's fault? >> >> i think they would say they've agreed to disagree and they have agreed with the solution and moved on. >> they admit inspectors could have done it sooner. there were a couple of weeks that went by that this could have been caught but wasn't. >> that's fair to say. >> he says the contractor conducted and paid for a study that concluded corrosions won't be an issue in this case. he's confident that replacing the pipes is not necessary. >> is this pipe as good as what you originally called for?
11:37 am
>> yes, in this particular condition, it is as good, yes. >> no concerns about croatian? >> no. >> do you trust the results of the study? >> yes, we do. >> he says construction is six months ahead of schedule and under budget. what do you say to reassure taxpayers that other mistakes like this didn't happen along the rest of the project? >> it's a valid concern that one would raise. what i would say is that there's a robust oversight program. >> the post-construction failures are the most costly. you've got a cascading effect. >> they should have doiscovered it when it was materials in the parking lot. >> our source disagrees with the decision to keep the piping in place, worried about what will happen in the event of a future disaster. >> i think they should do the right thing. acknowledge their error and operate like responsible people. and repair it now as opposed to pawning it off on the future taxpayer. >> according to vta, skansa
11:38 am
believes they have the discretion to install pipe over the pvc. we also reached out to bart. in a statement, they said bart is confident in vta's decision-making process and they look forward to our continued partnership with vta in bringing bart service to silicon valley. see the plans for yourself on our website at >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, or send an e-mail to medically, it's a highly contagious common virus, and today a wrestler is warning it could be spreading. >> blake believes he contracted the virus during a wrestling match, and now he and his family are trying to get the state championship postponed. they're hoping south bay schools will consider establishing better protocols to help stop
11:39 am
the spread of infectious diseases. he says some students even wrestle when they are infected. they know they have it but they try to hide it so that they can still compete. >> i just don't want other kids to get this. it's really not worth it for anyone else to have this. it's totally preventable. >> the virus is spread by skin-to-skin contact. also through saliva. it is not uncommon in the wrestling world, but once you have it, you have it for life. up next at 11:00, from virtual reality to reality. the new technology a bay area company has developed that lets users feel the digital world. plus, donald trump leading the republican nomination and he's speak out today. he's leading the gop establishment, looking for other options. we reality check the moves that the party could take to prevent trump from getting the nomination.
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so, they're going to move to mexico. here's what we have to do, folks. mitt romney said we have to keep
11:43 am
free trade. well, if we keep free trade the way we have it now, we're not going to have any companies left at all. and you people know more about nafta than anybody. >> you're watching donald trump. he is speaking live in the state of maine. earlier, mitt romney, the previous republican candidate for president of the united states, blasted trump and warned people not to vote for him. it was extraordinary. we've never seen one presidential candidate from a previous race tell the world not to vote for the next one, the presumptive candidate for the party. >> it's certainly not a former vice presidential candidate -- or presidential candidate who had accepted the endorsement of that same person just four years before. >> very strange. >> it is getting very interesting. donald trump was the big winner clearly on super tuesday, as we have been reporting. and the establishment is now finally seeming to accept that he is a force to be reckoned with. >> there are many republican leaders still trying to derail trump, and romney among them.
11:44 am
can he be stopped? here is sam brock with that reality check. >> the trump train is officially roaring full-tilt, after banking in seven more states on super tuesday. can anything derail his track to the nomination? is it fair to say that the republican party is ready to pull out all of the stops to take out trump? >> is there a nuclear option for stopping trump? i think there is, which is to try to deny him 1,237 delegates, the number he needs in cleveland. >> bill whalen is talk about a game of delegate keepaway. trump only has about a quarter of the pledged delegates he needs to seal up the nomination. >> for the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates. >> the prevailing republican strategy is to consolidate the field, forcing trump to go head-to-head with either ted cruz or marco rubio, except whalen explains that polling
11:45 am
shows that that would backfire. >> they posed hype th ed hypoth trump versus rubio and cruise. he beat both. so the narrative of trump loses in a head-to-head to either of those two doesn't necessarily pan out. >> delay, delay, delay. >> if republicans want to delay until cleveland, keep this in mind. march 15th is the real super tuesday. that's when florida and ohio vote. throw in new jersey on june 7th. and that's three winner take all states. if trump takes all three, it's game over. the reality is rubio and cruz need to stay in the race and hope that one can carry a crucial winner take all primary. >> i am a unifier. >> or else, it will be donald trump holding the trump card. for reality check, i'm sam brock. >> and as always, we will continue to cover the happenings of the presidential race. you can watch usually, but
11:46 am
tomorrow, you're stuck with me. >> what? >> yes. >> i'm stuck with you every day. >> well, tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> let's check in with kari. >> some wet weather, a change in this pattern as we now welcome in march with some rain. it's been very light, though. looking at san francisco, the low clouds, the mist and drizzle. you will need the umbrella all day, but we haven't seen much of that activity in parts of the south bay, and it's just been cloudy. but we can still see that moisture streaming in with those clouds right overhead with a very weak system that's been also tapping into some dry air. the rain not all that impressive, but it's been misting and drizzling in parts of the north bay and san francisco pretty much all morning. so we will still have a chance of seeing some light rain through the rest of the day. temperatures will be topping out in the low to mid 60s. in san jose, we're up to 66 degrees. brentwood, 65. in san ramon today, also at 65 degrees. and we're expecting a change in this pattern, due to the upper
11:47 am
level winds. bringing in a low pressure system afflalo pressure system into the next several days. we call that an atmospheric river. that develops. and it is at least allowing for this system to move in. but that center of low pressure displaced well to the north, so we're not seeing a strong amount of energy with this one. into the day tomorrow, we will have a chance of some more measurable rain across parts of the south bay and east bay, as well as the peninsula. it starts during the morning with some spotty rain. and then there will be some breaks in between. you may even get a little bit of sunshine. but still a chance of rain all throughout the day and even into tomorrow evening. and then we're expecting a stronger storm system to arrive on saturday. looking a little bit closer at what we are expecting for the weekend, once that first batch of rain moves through on friday, once again, we'll have a little bit support, some energy, and some stronger winds moving in early saturday morning, starting in the north bay. the green shades show where we will have some light to moderate rain.
11:48 am
when you see the yell lows and the oranges, that indicates more intense downpour. that starts to move into parts of the east bay, the tri-valley. by 9:00 on saturday morning, according to our current forecast. and then on saturday afternoon, much stronger activity begins to develop and move in all across the bay area with some very intense rainfall expected. also, once again, some strong winds and the potential of a few thunderstorms that may be in the mix. and much of that activity winds down late saturday night. still on sunday, we will have a chance of rain, mainly some spotty light showers that could continue all throughout the day. so a flash flooding potential there as we go into saturday. we're also looking at some heavy amounts of rain over the next four days. all of these areas shaded in purple show up to one and a half to over two inches of rain, and then over the south bay, over two and a half inches of rain over the next four days. so it looks like a pretty soggy weekend. slightly warmer as we go into
11:49 am
the day tomorrow, but then saturday, that's the washout day, and then scattered rain throughout sunday, and it will be much cooler, only reaching into the upper 50s in many spots. scott and kris? >> thank you. up next, target is trying something new to boost its bottom line. the strategy that will have more customers clicking online. comie
11:50 am
11:51 am
companexecuves say ty are on online shoppng. it plans to make some stores target online. company executives say they're focusing more on online shopping. target plans to make some stores double as order fulfillment centers to ship out orders faster as well. target also working to test ideas to make customer service more personalized. big changes are also coming to the grocery section of the stores, as the company looks to offer more organic options as well. something tells me that even if i click on target, it's
11:52 am
stimgoisti still going to be 100 bucks, because that's what it is every time i walk in the door. virtual technology, allows users to react with a 3-d digital world by relying on their senses of sight and hearing. >> and now an inventor here in the bay area is also trying to add a realistic sense of touch to that experience. here's kate snow from nbc. >> reporter: at the silicon valley virtual reality meet-up in san mateo, california, a new technology is being showcased that uses the sense of touch to enhance a person's experience with mechanical or computer devices. it's a science called haptics. >> it's the study of human touch. it has to do with the applications of forces in motion, as well as sensations that come in through your fingertips, through your skin. >> william is the founder and ceo of tactical haptics.
11:53 am
he's designed the reactive grip. when a user does something in a computer simulation, like pull or lift an object, the device calculates the physical forces at work. this turns it into feedback on the sliding bars. which the user then experiences through his or her hands. >> what's special about our device is that it's creating this illusion of forced feedback. >> so whether it's shooting a bow and arrow, catching a fish and reeling it in, or stretching out an object, the reactive grip makes it feel like the action is real. >> that's what we were trying to accomplish. have that same nuanced interaction. >> these devices aren't just for game play. he hopes this haptics technology could one day be used by doctors to perform surgery remotely, by astronauts who need to repair satellites from inside their
11:54 am
spacecraft, or by patients undergoing physical therapy. >> and we will be right back. many people clean their dentures
11:55 am
with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
11:56 am
kr/v all right, imagine hitting the golf shot of a lifetime and you're 11 years old. >> that's exactly what happened to this young man, taylor croshere on hand to help open the playground. it's a par 3 course on the tiger woods design blue jack national in montgomery, texas. he can't believe it either.
11:57 am
the fans, tiger himself watching him on the very first hole of the day. croshere aces it from 81 yards out. it is a hole in one. >> that would be extraordinary to do at 11. but then you've got all these tv cameras and tiger woods there. the crowd goes nuts. the 14-time champion goes nuts. that is just extraordinary. there it is one more time. just absolutely amazing. >> wow. cool. >> and stormy weekend ahead, kari. you said we have to clean or something? >> yeah. i think it will be a great weekend to clean. because we will have some evening rain, lightning and thunder expected on saturday evening. high temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 60s. cooling down on sunday and still raining off and on. but we should see a little bit of a break sunday evening. >> all right. do be careful if you're driving around. >> oh, yes. make sure you hit the road as soon as possible. >> good advice. >> have a great day.
11:58 am
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today on access hollywood live, rue is back. which would look best in drag? >> and congrats to emily johnson. she announced she is pregnant with baby number three. >> we have to ask bachelor ben telling two women he loves them. >> and what goes on in the fantasy suite. i have questions. >> she knows. she's been in the suite. "access hollywood" live starts now. >> stand by billy and kit. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> i want to thank governor


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