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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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right now at 11:00 commuter train flies off the rails into a creek. we are learning a mudslide may have caused that derailment, and hearing from passengers about their frightening moments. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'll scott mcgrew, kris sanchez is on assignment this morning. new video of the train, for just a couple of minutes ago. you can see the crews behind the trees removing the car in the water. latest details for you just found out that train was going under the speed limit 35 miles an hour in a 40 mile an hour zone. officials think a mudslide and fallen tree sent the train off the tracks. more than 200 people on board, 9
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of them were hurt. team coverage, first nbc bay area's bob redell, live at the scene in sunol. bob? >> reporter: good morning, we've heard from union pacific which owns the land and rails, and they tell us they hope to have tracks fixed and the two remaining cars removed by 4:00 this afternoon. not clear if that means a.c.e. trains would start running for tomorrow's commute but two cars, one in the alameda creek, and the other one that's derailed but upright on top of the embankment. workers will be using a special hoist and crane. they're on the rails now to pull and rerail the upright car so it can be taken away, and then workers will use the train to drag the car that's in the creek. but drag it so it becomes parallel to the tracks, drag up the 40-foot em bankment and try to get it back on the rails for transport out of here. if you want a look from a view
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from above to give you a sense of what we're talking about. significant mudslide, a good 30-foot long slice of land came down the hillside and took out that train last night. this was the number 10 a.c.e. train, last train of the night for 214 commuters traveling between san jose and stockton when it derailed around 7:30 here in niles canyon, a mile west of sunol. the engine pushing four railcars when debris and a tree swept out on the tracks. the engine and back two cars stayed on, the third car derailed but stayed upright while the fifth car tumbled into the water. nine people were hurt, four seriously, but everyone survive the which the sheriff office call a minor miracle. >> screaming passengers, panic among people and a rushing creek that the deputies and firefighters had to get through to rescue everyone.
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put that altogether and you've got a pretty hectic and chaotic scene. >> reporter: we did hear from the a.c.e. train this morning, reiterating what you're saying, scott. a very steep and curvy terrain, niles canyon, that is. imagine trains want to go slow through here. a.c.e. train says their train was going 35 miles per hour in 40 mile an hour zone, obviously, five miles slower than the limit. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> it does seem to be that the mudslide was indeed the cause of the derailment. we have more video that bob was showing you of our helicopter and the damage left behind. of the mudslide down across the tracks here, workers this morning, you can see them, they are digging it out, hillside has been saturated by recent rains. meteorologist kari hall's going to have more about the rain in a few moments. first, talk about that train ride, horrific for passengers.
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nbc bay area stephanie chuang live in eden medical center in castro valley. one person still there, right? >> reporter: yeah, that's what we understand, scott. good morning to you. latest is this, we knew two people went to the e.r. at washington hospital in fremont. we've learned one man treated and left, and one is still there but in good condition. here at eden at trauma center, a 52-year-old woman came here last night. but the good news is that she's in good, stable condition and expected to go home today, as early as this morning. but i did also speak with a passenger on the train in the last hour, john huang of pleasanton, who took this cell phone video. he was in the last car, he says and these are moments as first responders are trying to make sure everyone is okay. here's how he and others described what happened. >> i felt two jerks, hard jerks. i didn't hear anything, nothing
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really loud, but it was a couple of jerks and then the train went into the, you know, complete stop. >> all of a sudden hard stops, rapid deceleration and it was jarring and then it stops and we could see mud and rocks and trees up against the side of the train. >> one member under the mudslide, we were trying to dig her out while the train was hanging. it was a crazy experience. >> reporter: and harrowing experience inside as well. people describing how passengers were getting thrown around inside the train, breaking glass when they hit the windows. passenger whose were not hurt had to walk a half mile to get out of the area. six other passengers may have been hurt and taken to hospitals but not admitted for treatment. nobody suffered life-threatening injury. we have more coverage coming up tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. live in castro valley, stephanie
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chuang. >> we've been looking into the details of safety records with a.c.e. trains. before last night the agency has one derailment in the last ten years in 2008. overall, in the u.s., train derailments and accidents have been on the decline in the past decade, this according to federal reports. derailments dropped 43%. and over that same time frame, accidents were down 38%. now rains over last couple of days have -- probably leading to the mudslide. more rain expected this week. coverage with meteorologist kari hall. when do we get the next rain? >> expecting rain very soon here, scott. it seems to be the atmosphere's juicy. today was supposed to be our break from the rain but we're already starting to see some of those showers and thunderstorms developing farther off to the north. heavy rain approaching santa rosa, past clearlake, solano county as well.
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we see rain billowing up here in the last couple of frames. looking closely at these showers that have developed and those heavy downpours as we go into the rest of the day. now, we are looking at potential of some of this moving into san francisco. later on this afternoon with a quick moving shower, and that could approach parts of the east bay as well. they may be cleaning up that train derailment in some of the spotty showers that will be moving through. expecting heavier rain as we go into early tomorrow morning. i'll give you updates on that and heavy downpours expected before the weekend. that's coming up later. commuter train from san jose to stockton will not be in service while workers clear the mudslide. also seeing other traffic delays because of the derailment. mike inouye joins us. >> two aspects to this. first, the long ride that folks are not able to take. so they have to do a longer drive if they can't telecommute. this is over stockton, and tracy. this is where the bulk or the
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bay area traffic starts. folks have to come in through the area, by the closure, sunol, pleasanton, south bay. the maps, speed sensors, off of i-5, more traffic out of the altamont. it want a big deal until the dublin interchange. slow south in towards sunol, close sure for the niles canyon area more of an issue for local drivers. slower drive south 680, more cars coming in late of the commute. mission boulevard jammed as folk had to get over towards 680. between mission and 680, major cutthrough was cut off, a hillside came down, they have to remove the train and close one lane in each direction for safety's sake. updating the story minute by minute on our website. get the latest on you can see video of the crash site as well that our chopper shot this morning. download our app for updates right to your cell phone, as
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well. meanwhile, speaking of trains, high speed rail project got the green light from the judge. the ruling released a few hours ago by a sacramento county superior court judge removes a major roadblock. a group of land owners argued the state's projections about ridership and construction and operating figures are not reliable. but a judge ruled in state's favor. the latest plans call for 250-mile segment from san jose to north baker's field, to start operating by 2025. demolition starts today on a pacifica apartment building on the brink in the most literal way. 320 esplenad red tagged. el nino's made it worse. the city manager says the property owner hasn't taken steps to demolish the 20-unit building so the city's going knock to down. >> we are concerned that the building could end uppen 0 the beach below and if so, would
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cost more to demolish and it would also potentially hur someone who is on the beach and also asbestos that i mentioned and lead would be exposed to the environment. >> crews will start to tear down the interior today. heavy work's scheduled for thursday. of course, weather permitting. we watch the case of that 6-year-old boy hit by a driver of a stolen car. police are still looking for that driver. we first told you about this yesterday as it happened. now, this is the man, castro valley police are looking for. they day daniel morris and a team broke in and stole five cars monday morning. morris lost control of the car and plowed into a family near marshall elementary school in castro valley. the car jumped the curb, pinned a 6-year-old boy to a power pole. the boy has serious injuries.
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morris took off running. police say they will catch him. next at 11:00. super tuesday part ii. presidential candidates fighting over michigan. reason this might be last stand for some of those republicans. and stuck in the flight path the way homeowners in the peninsula are hoping to decrease noise of the planes flying overhead. (scott ad libs markets)
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==scott//cu== a new app allows you to rayour a welcome back on this tuesday. markets are mildly lower, after a rough start. folks are from san jose, they deal with chips. markets again not doing that great today. your app -- new app allows you to rate your friends the way you rate a restaurant. a couple of screen shots as i downloaded people to my phone.
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rate me whatever way you wished it's like linked in, rate people dased on das ability. critics say it's right for abusive behavior. the air india crew, probably asleep in san francisco. they landed at sfo after a 17-hour flight from deli. now, what's remarkable about this is the entire flight crew from flight attendants to cockpit crew was women. air india, one of many companies celebrating international women's day today. the best place for a woman to work is iceland. the magazine used measurements like paid leave for parents and levels of education for women. and the united states came in 18th. but when you look at silicon valley specifically, where many. cans have paid leave and most women have a college degree, silicon valley is more like denmark. north korea is hacking into
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iphones of high ranking officials. that's the latest in the war of words between the two. leaders in seoul will convene an emergency meeting to counter the emergency cyberthreat from pyongya pyongyang. turning to decision 2016. it's decision day in michigan, mississippi, idaho, and hawaii. michigan could be a defining moment for the democrats, and the republicans are trying to turn mississippi into a battleground. the latest from nbc's tracy pots in washington. >> reporter: today's michigan primary could be bernie sanders' last chance to beat hillary clinton. he's disputing her claim he voted against saving the state's auto industry. >> what i did not vote for was a middle class bailout for the crooks on wall street. >> reporter: in a fox news town hall, clinton reached out sanders supporters. >> i hope to win the nomination. i hope to work with him.
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>> reporter: republicans are focused on the mississippi primary. >> raise your right hand, everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow, raise that hand. i love you! >> reporter: ted cruz is going after trump supporters there. >> we're seeing folks who had been supporting donald trump who are realizing he isn't who they thought he was. >> we need someone that will unite this party, and i can, and i will. >> rubio, rubio! >> reporter: in florida, marco rubio the underdog facing attack adds from trump. >> all talk, no action. >> reporter: the latest shows rubio closing in but still eight points behind trump in rubio's home state. florida votes next tuesday. so does ohio, winner take all as well. governor kasich says he's going to win his home state. he's four points behind donald trump, averaging in the latest poll. tracie potts, nbc news
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washington. san mateo county leaders meeting to talk about noise plants about a small peninsula airport. the take-off and landings has grown 10%. homeowner in redwood city and east palo alto are filing more noise complaints. we'll bring you more about this later this afternoon. b.a.r.t. riders need to prepare for delays over several weekends. a half mile of track needs replaced. crews working between the san leandro and bayfair stations. fares to dublin and fremont will be affected. there's a bus bridge set up during the closures. construction starts the weekend of march 26th and 27th, running over six consecutive weekends. work expected to be completed by mid-june. one county asking, what drought? all of marin county reservoirs are full up. the wet weather over the weekend put last of the county's seven
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major lakes use ford drinking water storage over the top. marin county depended on the labors for its municipal water supply. marin water district says nearly 40 inches of rain have fallen at the lake this winter. so does that mean we're out of the drought? let's talk to kari hall. >> need to hold on to that water because we'll have a long, dry summer. we've had more rain moving in. a leak at healdsburg, dark clouds overhead. seven-day forecast coming up bottom of the screen. check it out because we're supposed to take a break today, at least some of us will, especially in the south bay. north bay not so much. now temperatures are in the upper 50s. some mid-50s as well. as we start to see that rain moving in, the showers are weakening. and they will continue to do so but they have held up across parts of the north bay, moving into santa rosa now and past clearlake as that continues to
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move to the south. we expect this activity to wind down a bit but still may be enough to hold together and bring if a chance of rain in san francisco within the next hour or two. here we are at 12:00, rain moving into san francisco, right aen lo the coast and the peninsula. and a brief shower moving into oakland as well as other parts of the east bay. and then it all winds down as we go into the rest of the day. expecting more scattered showers in the forecast as we go into tomorrow. and then for tonight we'll see that activity starting to ramp back up again before we head into tomorrow morning's commute. hour by hour in san francisco, a lot of clouds heading overhead as we go into the rest of the day a that slight chance of rain as we go into the evening as well. a look at futurecast. it shows coverage of rain as we go into tomorrow. here's 6:00 in the morning, reducing rain over the north bay. also extends towards south bay. but we won't see much of the rain in the south bay. much of the rainfall totals will be farther to the north of
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san francisco and then the next round of stronger and heavier downpours moves in by thursday morning. so we'll see round after round of rain moving through and throughout the day on thursday scattered showers, getting heavier on friday morning. and the subtropical moisture continues to stream in. that's the reason the weather stays active. we will not see a change over the next several days as weather systems lined up. another one set to move in thursday and friday and behind that, there will be one for the weekend. looking at the futurecast for the next several days, we're going to start on friday. early in the morning, heavy rain coming down, once again that continues into the afternoon. and then on saturday, the next storm systems holds off until late saturday night. so if you're trying to make plans to get out there, maybe saturday morning may be best time. that will be when we'll have a break before we have more storms moving in on sunday, and then start out the week also with wet
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weather on monday and tuesday. so over the next seven days, we've already had quite a bit of rain. those is what the models put down for us. anywhere from 2 1/2 to 4 inches of rain for the south bay. maybe higher for the north bay, 4 inches plus. we'll be keeping an eye on that. and also an update on what's happening in the sierra, how much snow they're expecting. next at 11:00, alleged drug ring run out of a sorority and fraternity house at uc santa cruz. tips that led agents to the bust. new details about the train derailment. minute by minute, new word is that crews hope to have rails cleared by 4:00 this afternoon. bob redell covering the seratos updates. the all female pilots, maybe
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not unusual here in america but women were landing in saudi arabia. we'll tell you about that on facebook. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean,
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in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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we should learn more today about a deadly shooting by a police officer in san jose last night around 6:15 in the downtown area near 3rd and
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martha streets. officers were called out to a reported stabbing when the shooting occurred. the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. no officers injured. as of now, no word to what led up to officers opening fire, but we will bring you more information the minute we get it. in six hours, san franciscans have the chance to talk to the u.s. department of justice. the feds want to know what they think about san francisco's police department. everybody is invited to participate. the doj wants to know how to improve trust. the police department's come under intense scrutiny in the past few years because of officer-involved shootings. today's listen in sessions at gateway high school in the western edition at 6:00 tonight. big business on campus, highly illegal, major drug bust at uc santa cruz. six student as rested. linked to fraternities and sororities. nbc bay area cheryl hurd at uc santa cruz with details.
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>> reporter: police say they are uc santa cruz students, three women, three men, each 21, arrested friday. one neighbor saw a uniform and undercover police officers surround this home on locust street in santa cruz. she agreed to talk if we concealed the identity. >> looked out the window, saw the guns, and i hid. >> reporter: scary? >> yeah. they came back and they were bringing kids out. >> reporter: police say the packages of mdma, better known as ecstasy or molly, were shipped from overseas through the u.s. postal service and headed to three locations in santa cruz. the investigation revealed ecstasy was being imported and shipped to students who belong to the lamb da fi fraternity. a total of 4.1 pounds, or 5,000 tablets of ecstasy, seized with a street value of more than $100,000. >> i'm not surprised. >> reporter: students we talked to tonight say they're not
11:27 am
surprised by the drug bust. they say if you want illegal drugs, you can easily get them here on campus. >> we're in santa cruz, there's a lot of drugs here. >> frats, you know, they go crazy. it's bound to happen eventually. >> santa cruz police found out about another large shipment of drugs headed to the same group. that was intercepted by homeland security on friday. up next at 11:00, following developing story that train that derailed while carrying hundreds of passengers, we'll have a live update. plus -- messy cleanup in millbrae. how long it's going to take to clean up raw sawage. flooding into people's homes. ==scott//cu== workers hope to h.
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a big task after a mter traiderails nr sunol, hurtin welcome back. we've been talking about the
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derailment all morning, and workers thoep hawork r worker s hope to have tracks cleared by 4:00, considering the commuter train derailed near sunol, hurt at least nine. bob redell live at the scene with an update. bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. union pacific, which owns the rails and the land surrounding it, said they hope to have the two derailed railcars out of here within 4 1/2 hours. if you look over to your left, beyond that tree right there, you'll see a black crane, a special crane on its own rail bed. what they're going to be doing is using that to rerail the one car upright and what they'll do is the railcar in the creek, the altamont creek, they will drag that, make it parallel to the embankment, drag it up the embankment, all in theory what they're trying to do, get it rerailed and get the two railcars out of here.
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this is because of a mudslide that happened around 7:30 last night. take a look from the video, we shot from chopper, you should be able to see it. it's a very large 30-foot arch gash that fell off the hill there and swept on to the tracks. this is as the a.c.e. train number 10 traveling between san jose and stockton, the last run of the night, 214 commuters on, about a mile west of sunol here when debris, mud, rock and a tree swept on to the tracks and derailed two cars. there was an engine and four cars, two cars derailed. inside those cars nine people seriously hurt, but remarkably everyone -- nine people hurt, four seriously, everyone survived. >> it's a minor miracle. you know, to paint the picture, when you're down there and you're close, you feel like the movie "the fugitive" when the train is derailed and that starts your movie.
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but that's the kind of scene it is, rugged, rural, cold, dark, and for the people that are on the train they may not be dressed to be out in 45 degree weather at the time, kind of a misty fog. so you've got to account for all of these things going on when you're sheriff's office and fire to get everybody out safely, keep them warm, get them on buses, stage them at the fair grounds so loved ones can be reunited with them. a lot going on in a very short period of time. >> this section of the a.c.e. train running through niles canyon is steep and curvy. the speed limit here is 40 miles an hour but last night the train was traveling 35 miles an hour, 5 miles an hour below the speed limit. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> before you go, a quick question. they're going to rerail the car that's down in the creek?
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>> reporter: apparently. you can't see it from our side, but the undercarriage is still intact. right now what you're seeing is the top side. but the backside, from people we've heard with union pacific say that wheels are still intact and they think that, yes, in theory, if they can drag the derailed car in the creek, make it parallel to the embankment, drag it up on the tracks and move it out of here. >> that's extraordinary. >> reporter: aim to have this done by 4:00 this afternoon, yes. >> bob redell, thank you. mudslide that most likely caused that derailment was caused by recent rains. march started off wet, another batch of rain's coming. let's bring meteorologist kari hall back. when do we get our next rain? >> hopefully they'll get that cleaned up by 4:00 because we are watching showers quickly approaching from the north. they have been fizzling out as they've been moving to the south. but still a chance of rain as we
11:34 am
go through the day. a quick burst of heavy downpours that moved through santa rosa and clearlake but it's weakening and will continue to approach san francisco as we go into the next several minutes. looking at this rain, pretty much covering the north bay and once again as you move over toward napa, you see showers moving in and it's moving closer to mill valley, and once again, approaching san francisco. so we will have a chance of wet weather at least san francisco and farther to the north before a lot of the showers weaken. i'll talk about heavier rain in the forecast before the weekend. that's coming up later. >> that commuter train from san jose to stockton will not be in service while workers clear all of those things you saw in bob's report. also seeing other traffic delays because of the derailment. mike inouye updates us. >> we have started over here in stockton. four trains in the morning, coming in four trains go out. we don't need evening trains because the four trains did not come in. folks had to hit the road.
11:35 am
some just finding out about the problem and no a.c.e. train service. so that caused a late commute through livermore. not a problem. was the dublin interchange things gummed up for 580 and 680. still closed all day, hoping to reopen by 5:00. we'll see how that develops. >> we continue to update the story minute by minute on our website on several homeowners on the peninsula facing a daunting task. cleanup that could last months after a pipe problem left their homes covered in raw sewage. the problem began in millbrae neighborhood during the storm saturday while sue annual coated a homeowner's floors and oozed into bathtubs. several familiar i wills say homes are no longer safe to live in. the public works department says the storm pushed rocks into the main line and clogged it. despite several recent cases of zika in the bay area, health
11:36 am
officials are still downplaying the threat of a severe outbreak. scientists from top bay area facilities, including ucsf and stanford gave a status report  yesterday. they talked about the growing connection to birth defects in south america. all five bay area patients sickened with zika virus got it while outside the united states. bay area doctors are still trying to raise awareness about the potential dangers. >> pregnant woman's worst possible nightmare. she might not know if she was infected. >> scientists say the bay area's cooler climb help limit conditions for mosquitos to transmit the virus. you see progress made on developing tests more quickly to diagnosis it. a bay area health tech company singled out for putting people at risk during the ebola outbreak. e-mails from the world health organization, leaders called on
11:37 am
the start-up company to help fight that outbreak but staffers and at tulane university made a series of costly mistakes including botching lab results. the ce of is defending the company saying no evidence his employees were responsible for the mistakes. ebola killed more than 10,000 people in the latest outbreak. today marks two years since flight 370 disappeared with 239 on board. relatives of passengers marked the anniversary at a buddhist temple in beijing today. the prayer session served as a protest. the family members held signs and shouted slogans demanding malaysia safely return their relatives. no one on board's ever been found. investigators believe the boeing 777 crashed in a remote section of the southern indian ocean after flying far offcourse and running out of fuel. the parliament marked the anniversary with a motel of
11:38 am
silence today. tributes pour in for former first lady nancy reagan. as officials at reagan library moved forward with plans for a funeral later this week. friday's funeral will be invite only but members of the public who wish to pay respects to the form first lady will have the opportunity on wednesday and thursday as she lies in repose at the reagan library. nbc's natalie morales has more. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama one of the vip guested in attendance. steph members say mrs. reagan hat personally approved details. >> the events that are going to unfold in the course of the next three, four days were all approved by mrs. reagan and including who was invited to where she would be laid to rest. >> reporter: longtime employees and friends say that while they mourn mrs. reagan's passing, they're comforted by the thought of her being reunited with her
11:39 am
ronnie. >> they had great respect for one another and fun with each other and laughed and giggled and held hands and had a look they gave one another. >> break a leg. >> no, good luck. >> reporter: flags at many government buildings around the nation remain at half-staff this morning. president obama praised nancy reagan's personal chairman and significance to the nation. >> i had the opportunity to meet mrs. reagan once be obviously she was already advanced in age, but could not have been more gracious and more charming to myself and michelle when we first came into office. >> up next at 11:00, homes going for millions in the bay area. other parts of the country aren't seeing the same. how stock markets are dragging down the price of luxury homes. total solar eclipse coming. ng iuptt place to see it. milo dollar
11:40 am
11:41 am
11:42 am
home sales. but a troubled stock markem here in the bay area, we're seeing an uptick in million dollar home sales. but troubled stock market may cause lower sales of expensive homes in other areas of the country. cnbc's diana olick reports. >> the best is the his and her bathroom upstairs and the his
11:43 am
and her closets. >> reporter: no, the best is that this $5.7 million d.c. listing had an offer in barely ten days. >> demand is higher, though the stock market has gotten in the way. i think demand is there. people are feeling very good about the economy. >> reporter: that may be the case in high-end d.c. homes today. >> and this is hers. >> this is hers. >> literally the sex and the city closet. >> totally. >> reporter: but not the case nationally. the recent correction in stocks has only put an exclamation point on the correlation between the stock market and sales of million dollar plus homes. the two did diverge during the housing boom in the mid-2000s butted that had to do with loose credit. >> coming out of the recession, the s&p index doubled over the next six years and so did high-end home sales defined as million plus sales. >> reporter: recently since its peak last year, the s&p index fell 10%, as of mid-february.
11:44 am
that was matched by a 15% decline in the share of million dollar plus home sales. in new york city, especially, but also in san francisco, where the local economies are reliant on financial markets, luxury home sales are slowing and supply is rising. also in southwest florida, where the real estate market is fueled by wealthy retirees from the northeast and midwest, luxury sales have stalled. >> i actually think the stock market is good for my business. >> really? >> i think people are going to really think about divesting a little bit and putting it to something they can enjoy. >> reporter: in other words, bricks and mortar over bulls and bears. diana olick. >> million dollar homes look outside different outside of the bay area. a solar eclipse tomorrow, that's when the moon passes between the sun and earth, blocking the sun. last total solar eclipse happened last year. this year, the sun will stay blacked out anywhere from 90
11:45 am
seconds to four minutes depending where you are. but no matter what you won't see in the bay area. curious about the phenomenon, the san francisco exploratoryium will hold a special event from 5:00 to 8:00. let's check our weather. >> good morning. seeing showers that have been moving closer to the north bay and holding together long enough to drop a little bit of rain there. and it's moving closer to san francisco. so if you have friends outside you may want to give them a call. we'll have showers moving in within the next 20 to 30 minutes. seeing much activity weakening as it moves through santa rosa, petalu petaluma, navato, raining in napa. we'll see showers moving into san francisco and oakland before they continue to weaken. so we will have that chance of scattered sprinkles throughout at least early afternoon. through the evening commute, we should see much activity clearing up. for tonight, we will have more scattered showers moving from
11:46 am
north to south. we start out the morning tomorrow with more rain moving from north to south. but there be fairly weak in nature. we done see as much energy with this system. but a stronger system moving in that will produce heavier rain starting thursday morning and then that starts to advance farther to the south and bringing heavy rain for the north bay and then rest of the bay area on friday morning. but we're still tapping into the subtropical moisture streaming into the bay area. so it's going to keep our weather soggy with brief breaks in between. we'll see next weak system moving in tomorrow and another one after that on thursday and friday. a look at the futurecast, as we go into the weekend. still rainy on friday, early in the morning. and there could be problems with gusty winds, a few thunderstorms as well. we'll keep an eye on that. friday, that system moves to the east. we'll take a break saturday morning. if you want to get out there and make planned, maybe cleanup the
11:47 am
yard or gutters, saturday morning will be it. we'll see another round of heavy rain moving in. by sunday we'll have another batch of downpours rolling on through and just continues on from there. in the sierra, also taking a break there. but some light snow showers moving in that direction. we've had anywhere from two to three feet spots have had more than that and over the next several days if you're planning to go, the snow really won't get cranking until friday afternoon into early saturday and then between saturday and tuesday we're looking at a foot in south lake tahoe, more in twin bridges. so the tire chains deaf nutley requirement. and temperatures will be dropping, too. looking at upper 50s for the next several days on friday. high of 59 degrees in the south bay and peninsula. low 60s saturday. that may be when we see that break and sunshine popping out. but sunday that rain returns and we keep it cool well below average for this time of year.
11:48 am
so, cool and soggy this weekend once again, scott, we are going to continue to rack up rainfall totals. >> another weekend indoors. thank you. next at 11:00 -- >> forgiving debt at library. i'm damian trujillo. the city of san jose my be willing to forgo millions of dollars in fines.
11:49 am
11:50 am
the team broke the recordf consecutive home regularseason huge momenter to the warriors. team broke the record for consecutive home regular season wins, beating orlando 119-113. dare we call that a dynasty? either way the warriors continue unprecedented, historic run. some key shots from steph curry, including majestic three-pointer and a clutch three-pointer down
11:51 am
the stretch from klay thompson when things got really close, there you go, gave the warriors another big win. the team broke the record of 44 straight home wins set by the '95-'96 chicago bulls. after the game, players kept their eye on bigger things, like breaking the record for wins in the season. >> 44 at home, a great chance to get to 73. >> just like the game's coming to easy. we're winning, staff is bailing out an awful lot. >> the last time the warriors lost at home was back january 27th of the year 2015, in an overtime loss to chicago. san jose city leaders want to give amnesty for people who owe library fines. total fines are millions of dollars and as damian trujillo found out, the fines hurt most
11:52 am
the people the library's trying hardest to help. >> movies first? >> reporter: took advantage of the week off school to stock up on library books. >> how about this one? >> reporter: but he won't make the same mistake he made a few months ago when the family turned in library books and paid a significant fine. they're late. i'm like, how much? only $17. i'm like, geez! i didn't know it was blockbuster. >> reporter: it's those kind of fines the library says is keeping people away, specifically schoolchildren. >> we heard from educators that they were concerned that kids in their classes couldn't get online to use databases when teaching class. >> reporter: the librarian says san jose has the stiffest fines of any system in the bay area, up to 50 cents per day per item. also a $20 processing fee for lost items. so now there's a proposal to offer amnesty to people who
11:53 am
might owe fines. that's no small figure. it's estimated the library's owed $7 million city wide. the city librarian says san jose should reconsider the way it issues fines. i think that something has to be done because we don't want to be in a situation where any person who lives in san jose feels they can't go into a library and utilize the resources. >> reporter: but not everyone likes the amnesty idea. >> there are critics who don't like the idea. they say people should pay their debts new yo s no matter how hi. other options might be include allowing people to work off fines by volunteering or allowing children to work off fines by reading in the library. >> best thing to do. especially some parents out there, they don't make a lot of money, and another bill coming into the household that's going to affect something. >> reporter: as a city works to figure it out, for now, their goal to get the books and videos back on time. damian trujillo, nbc bay area
11:54 am
news. >> more details. san jose has the most outstanding fines of any local library system in the bay area. oakland libraries have roughly 3 million in outstanding fines. san francisco reports $4.6 million in unpaid fines. we will be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
a western lowland rilla tre recently gave birth. well, it's a girl for the denver zoo.
11:57 am
a gorilla gave birth, a baby girl, named. zookeepers say both mother and baby are inseparable. the first birth of the critically endangered in years and the fifth in zoo history. it's going to be rain but let's check. >> we're going to have rain, as we go into the next several days. we're starting out with light rain be, moving from the north bay into san francisco. you'll see that in oakland soon. and continues to weaken, falling apart. and we may have a couple of sprinkles if parts of the south bay but we'll be watched that over the next several hours and stronger storms expected as we go into the day tomorrow and on thursday. so we're going to keep it up. >> thanks. thanks for joining us. next newscast at 5:00. of course, get the latest information we'll see you tomorrow. have a good day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
today on "access hollywood live." >> we've got it, the new dancing cast was revealed. >> can misha barton and her partner is with us today. >> got to find out how much dancing experience she has. >> geraldo is dancing, but prince lou is back and she has a new victoria secret swim suit special. nice to see you. look at that. >> i'm following her. "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> looks like bb 8 is following her, too. good taste, ball. >> stand by billy and kit, stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one.


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