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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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know and the rest of us, as well. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> we are here on this thursday morning,/friday eve. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the first of a one-two punch a series of storms and live look at the golden gate bridge in san rafael and two places feeling the latest of the brunt. isolated in the north bay as we're waiting for another wave of wet weather waiting for it to move in. let's get to rob mayeda for a timeline of multiple storms. >> you can see on the doppler radar mainly into the north bay, you can see sonoma county and marin county right now the rain pushing through and not seeing a big impact for the south bay or into noon or the afternoon. heavy rain into times in napa and santa rosa. by the evening commute start to arrive around the south bay.
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mike? >> over here towards the san mateo bridge and we'll talk about the south bay, as well. an easy drive. from time to time that camera shakes and the wind is starting to kick up. look at your map now, we'll cover the entire bay south and notice to note as far as traffic incidents and little slowing out of the altamont and we'll move the map north and the weather data on the road conditions right here shows you the wetter roadways north of there and north of novata and santa rosa and petaluma. and, of course, we have more than road sensors to tell us what is going on and we'll hand it off to you guys for sure. >> stephanie chuang is in the middle of the latest storm and her big, red jacket all bundled up ready to go. how are things out there so far, steph? >> the hat and jacket is off and the rain hasn't hit, but the concern, of course, is the morning commute when the rain is supposed to hit eventually here around lucky drive. there are signs that are always out here warning of the flooding
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because this is a notorious trouble spot for drivers. there is a flash flood warning watch that is in effect through sunday afternoon, especially around small streams and creeks which we checked this morning is under three feet. 11 1/2 feet is considered the critical level. storms have already saturated the soil, so runoff could cause some flooding. there are people constantly tracking water levels thanks to technology. >> web camera where we can visually online monitor them for the most part and then we have alerts that let us know the minute it rises a little bit too high. people around the north bay area all too familiar with what to do, including the owner of a store. she's just installed flood gates. her store was one of many on that street under water during the storm ten years ago. crews are on call in sonoma
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county as officials are watching the river which they'll say will be close to cresting. again here in the north bay, no rain, but we will be watching throughout the morning and, of course, rob will have all the updates. stephanie chuang "today in the bay." crews are racing to repair a small sinkhole on a busy san francisco off ramp this morning. take a look at this picture released from the chp. along 101 southbound. coming up later in the newscast, a temporary solution for a long-term problem. chuck coppola will take a closer look at how the city of san francisco is planning to protect residents and businesses in the event of possible flooding. if you want to track the storms as they come in, get our free nbc bay area app. go over to the weather tab to get your bay area. frightening attack in a quiet south bay neighborhood. so many questions left unanswered this morning after a man was brutally beaten in his very own driveway.
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>> this happened tuesday night. typically very quiet place. "today in the bay" kris sanchez with the steps the neighborhood wants to take to try to keep other people safe. >> good morning to you both. this kind of violent crime, we certainly go out there for wild pig attacks but nothing like this. the victim says he has no enemies. the victim, as you said, a 61-year-old man who was in his own driveway when a masked man approached him with a baseball bat and started swinging. it was about 8:20 tuesday night when he said that attacker came out of the darkness. he believes that the attack happened because the suspect was trying to steal his car. he tried to protect himself and backed up yelling into the garage in his family came out and called 911. >> i'm backing away like that and he is just trying to hit me and i'm protecting myself and he hit me once, twice and i'm backing away. >> more and more louder noise
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and i remember him saying, what are you doing? what are you doing? >> san jose police did arrive and search for the suspect but didn't find him. khales is speaking out to warn his neighbors and what he is going to do next, installing security cameras. he was attacked doing something we all do, unloading groceries from the trunk of his car. make sure you leave the lights on and ask one of your family members to watch from the doorway. >> neighbors and family looking out for each other. neighbors in one south bay apartment complex plan to take safety into their own hands following a recent sexual assault. santa clara police are still looking for the man who attacked a woman inside of oher home. that's right near rivermark plaza. a few days after that police believe that the same man broke into another woman's apartment in the same block. well, tonight, neighbors are going to hold a community meeting to launch a neighborhood
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watch program. san jose state university beefing up security at its martin luth king jr. library. this following an incident on tuesday night when a woman was attacked in a second floor bathroom. campus police say that a man was hiding inside of that bathroom when the woman came in and apparently tried to pull the woman into a stall, but she screamed and was able to take off. as did he. police managed to apprehend that man. he is now facing charges and the woman was not harmed. at 5:06 right now. he is ahead of one of the most prominent law schools in the country and now choudhry is in trouble. then she complained to the school last year. administrators say choudhry admitted it and was docked 10% of oher salary for a year.
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the school announced he'll take an indefinite leave of absence. the racist message was discovered mother at the elem t elementary school. we blurred out the words on those doors. police ended up arresting a 21-year-old man yesterday. he was riding a bike with a fresh coat of red and white paint that happened to be the same colors of the graffiti. >> identical to those used on the doors sprayed of the school district office. we are 100% positive we have the person who committed this crime. >> the man faces charges now of hate-based vandalism. 5:07. back to our microclimate forecast. a live look outside at a very calm, so far, san francisco. but rain clouds are lingering over the city this morning. and there's more wet weather to come. >> let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda. he's staying on top of the forecast for us.
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the storm moves out and another one moves in. >> one overlapping the other. the story now into the weekend. you can see and sonoma county, petaluma over towards santa rosa and heavy downpours there right along santa rosa heading towards windsor and the area off of the west of santa rosa and these are locations that will get a lot of rain. about 2 to 4 inches of rain coming down we think over the next 36 hours or so. that is why flooding risks are highest today for the north bay. areas north of san francisco and bay area wide this flash flood watch through about 6:00 sunday evening. creeks and streams not just in the north bay, but around the santa cruz mountains and central bay, too, as the heavy rains make their way to the south. right now the morning commute affect bood thinorth bay and those heavier rains at time and the temperatures later on today in the 60s across the bay area and rain throughout the day in the north bay and breezy conditions around san jose. mike? we see some of the cameras
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move and the dublin camera holds steady and traffic moves and tough for 580. a light build out of the altamont pass and the construction crews are eastbound and countercommute not causing any slowing. thinks should be calmer and now today they know that the trains are back in service for the next couple days. a smooth drive towards the bay bridge. debris over towards the richmond san rafael bridge. sound like everything is clear. rain further north and the drivers to the golden gate bridge are okay and a quick look at san jose shows you, there we go. now we're back to normal. there we go. >> thanks, mike. coming up last night, a devastating gunman ambushed a pennsylvania house party there leaving several people dead this morning. the latest overnight developments, next. plus, not such a gopro. computer wins in that go game. we'll show you the highlights, can we call them that? ahead in "business and tech." i'm chuck coppola in san
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francisco where they're bracing for the storm by putting up these temporary water barriers. if they work here, you may see them in other places of the city, next. that story coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail theunit@n nbc bay area, we investigate. ==sam//2 shot== five people ha e
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this morning, a developing
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story. five people have died and three more injured after a shooting during a backyard party in pennsylvania. >> the shooting happened a little before midnight last night in wilkinsburg right outside pittsburgh. two gunman ambushed a group of people holding a late night cookout. they continued firing as victims tried to run into the house. the gunman got away and this morning they are still on the loose. protests over transit construction in the south bay. members of the san jose business group gathered at the alan rock library last night. plan to hold a meeting about the transit project. it's been in the works for two years. many business owners say it's driving customers away. they're upat set that vta is on covering a small part of their losses. >> brought on an auditor to come on and assess the application for assistance and they had to be able to show proof that they were in business during that
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time and that there were laws. >> so far 154 business owners have filed for compensation. it is paid out on 41 claims. a lot of people this morning have been watching what is called the most boring car accident ever on youtube. >> scott mcgrew, vta released video of one of its buses collided with the google car. >> t first time an autonomus car is to blame. video from the bus' point of view. you see the driver react to the accident as the google car clips the bus about midway down a minor accident as the google try tried to move to the left to avoid some sandbags. it happened in one of the right lanes where the lane is wide enough two vehicles one to turn right and the other to go straight. the google's computers saw the bus, but figured the bus behind it would slow to allow the car to move over a bit, but the computers were wrong. i want to take you back to
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last november outside the new york stock exchange. this was square's first day of trading where ceo jack dorsy's mom brought some flowers using square. just reported the first financials and did much better than expected. the company still loses money, but investors seem much happier with square than twitter. jackie deangeles is live at cnbc world headquarters. long time no see, jackie. >> hey, good to see you, scott. well, wall street looking to add to wednesday's modest gains today. the futures are pointing to a higher open and we did see stocks rise on a rebound in oil prices. now, this morning, we'll get data on unemployment and investors are eyeing the european central bank. the bank has come out in the last hour or so unveiling its second round of economic stimulus in three months. the dow rising 36 points to 17,000 and the nasdaq adding 25 points to 4674.
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back to. >> jackae thank you. hey, remember we were talking yesterday about that big contest in korea where the world's best go player lost to a computer player programmed by google. one of the world's most complicated games mathematically. the human lost again in round two. these are the highlights. this is as exciting as it gets. they'll play a total of five games. computers have been winning at chess since the 1990s. go is way more complicated than chess. the economist magazine ran the math and said there are 10 to the 170th power. these are how many potential outcomes. >> what's that? >> use it every day. >> this is how many outcomes there are in go and how many in the known universe. go is more complicated than that. that's why -- >> that's why we don't play. >> we play connect four. >> for not being able to beat the computer when it's mathematically impossible. >> even for the computer to
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figure out what's going on has been a real challenge. >> okay. we're not going to take too hard the person who lost. >> because the computer programmers. all right, thanks a lot. 5:17. we are tracking that line of storms moving in this morning. >> with all that rain comes the possibility flooding, especially in the north bay. right now a flash flood watch is in effect for parts of that area of the bay, but one city is trying to get ahead of the next storm. >> chuck coppola with how they plan to keep people and businesses safe amid a wave of wet weather. good morning, chuck. >> good morn. i want to show you something they're trying out here at 17th and folsom. they're putting together legos that snap together. look inside they fill these with recycled water and these are not movable once that happens. they'll use these pins that i can barely lift up. kind of spongy material on the outside. that will drop in and hold these secure. this is the temporary water barrier that san francisco is
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testing out you see workers began putting in these water barriers at 3:00 a.m. they have 122 of them that they've put in at 17th and folsom running all the way down the block. they hope to have this job completed by 9:00 a.m. in times for the first rains that are expected around here at 10:00 a.m. the crews deployed them last weekend at the same spot but not a good enough test. didn't get very wet or the water didn't get high enough. this pilot program costs $165,000. if it works, it will be expanded to use and other parts of the city. now, there are, these are temporary. they do block driveway and doorways. the city does have to weigh the inconvenience factor against the risk of flooding and sewer overflooding which have triggered numerous complaints and lawsuits. but the longer term solution, frankly, is sewer improvement
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and the to expand that is going to begin some time later this year, perhaps next year and cost a quarter of a billion dollars. very large, indeed. we'll see if these work. reporting live in san francisco, i'm chuck coppola, "today in the bay." >> very interesting concept there. >> if you're barricaded inside your home, go to the grocery store first and get some bread and milk because you might be there for a while. >> rob is really tracking everything for us. >> we can use those in the north bay this morning. sonoma county for sure. you have already moderate rain coming down and the rest of the area not and golden gate bridge, it's a dry commute. just a few sprinkles there right now and the temperatures very interesting. 60 san jose over towards mountain and 61 degrees and they see it right there in the north bay. 54 right now. that's where the rain is flying right now. santa rosa seeing rain and at
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times we'll take you to the north bay right now and you can see this is the area throughout the day today. especially out towards guernville that will see periods of heavy rain and eventually sliding to the south and the rain rates about a third of an inch of rain per hour and serious rainfall coming down and that line will begin to move to the south. and closer to san francisco and late in the day we think down towards san jose. hour by hour the forecast, you have the rain in the north bay and notice san jose mostly miss misting out and clouds at times today and then after the evening commute beginning to see the showers move further to the south. during the day today, just a few showers in the south bay, mild temperatures and upper 60s to near 70 and san francisco in the low 60s and rain throughout the day and we'll watch that area for localized flooding and around the tri-valley highs in the low 60s. rain continues tomorrow morning and more widespread rain for the south bay for friday and things calm down as we head towards friday evening and the rain continues to add on up. totals in the north bay now
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between 11:00 friday and at least two to three inches of rain and locally higher in the hills of the north bay. around san francisco getting close to 2 inches of rain by the time the second storm arrives heading into friday morning. now for a check of this mo morning's commute, let's check in with mike. >> santa rosa, put luma and looking towards our san rafael camera and the lights starting to get that glow. more moisture in the air and watch as the conditions change. in fact on the maps, we dee to some of that and rob's radar shows light activity through san rafael and areas north of nov novato. a little tree on fire and no lanes affected and the fire crews are on scene. a stall at 580 approaching the maze and that's out of lanes and little build out of the altamont pass and the rest of your bay moves very well and foster city we've seen this camera shake bit and the wind kicking up, as well. coming up next, another
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faceoff and this time the stakes even higher. a break down of last night's democratic debate and the topic that got these two candidates the most fired up.
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5:24. the candidates descending on florida. republican debate in miami tonight. democrats faced off there last night. >> lots of pressure right now on senator marco rubio to win the sunshine state's primary and his entire campaign hanging in the balance. it's rubio's home state, as well. tracie potts joining us live
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from washington. tracie, next tuesday coming up fast. well, coming up very fast for marco rubio and he now admits that meantime we're watching the democrats and hillary clinton has a 30-point lead in florida, but after that double-digit lead dissolved in michigan and she lost there. she told reporters late last night she's not taking any chances. hillary clinton campaigned in tampa today facing new questions about her e-mails, the republican party suing for more and about whether she'll be indicted. >> that is not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> reporter: immigration a big topic in night's miami debate. undocumented children pouring into the u.s. without their parents. >> i said welcome those children into this country. secretary clinton said, send them back. that's the difference. >> that is not fair about what i said. i did say, we needed to be very
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concerned about little children comi coming to this country. >> reporter: on the other side marco rubio acknowledging. and on donald trump. >> we have very different conversation next wednesday about the state of the republican race. >> reporter: rubio met with jeb bush and ted cruz also on the list. >> florida is my place. >> reporter: meantime frontrunner donald trump campaigning in north carolina focusing on isis. >> we have to knock them out. we have to knock them out. we have to knock them out. >> reporter: these he's something he's also hoping to do in florida on tuesday. he may be able to do that. right now a 23-point lead in the latest poll. and keep in mind a lot of people in florida have already voted. a million so far and election officials say that, in fact, they could have double that. 2 million before the polls open on tuesday. >> all eyes on florida. interesting to see.
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>> could be two people left in the field after tuesday. 5:26. coming up next, attack would a baseball bat in his own driveway. the frightening ordeal that happened to this man in the south bay. he's concerned for his neighbors, too. we'll hear from the victim, next. and i'm stephanie chuang live in the north bay where the rain is supposed to hit during the morning commute. what the different counties and property owners have been doing to prepare. joining us.
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i'm laa gcia canno=sam/2shot= and i'm sam brock.
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sa good thursday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. waking up and starting all over again. a series of storms starting to hit the bay area. live look at the golden gate bridge on the hand side of your screen and san rafael and two places that will feel the brunt of the latest storm. a wave of wet weather moves in and let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda for a timeline of these storms. >> right now seeing the rain across sonoma county and rain rates of about a third of an inch per hour around santa rosa and a few sprinkles at best in san francisco and that rain line will begin to move to the south as we watch a flash flood watch all throughout the north bay and into parts of the central bay and inner bay coastline and the coast between now and 6:00 sunday. but for the rain, for the morning, it will be mainly to the north of the golden gate, even into the afternoon. the south bay seeing a few showers and upper 60s and a very soggy commute.
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and highway 101 through santa rosa and eventually approaching the golden gate. mike? >> so does this camera from emoryville. from time to time i zoomed it over towards the metering lights and as the metering lights. not yet and we'll follow the maps and show you no slowing south of there all the way to the south bay and little build west 580 out of the altamont. north of the bay bridge, this is what rob is talking about. an easy drive, but that green highlighting shows you where they are damp and wet road ways of novato and we're watching petaluma and we have other resources,o i turn it over to you. >> resources on the ground, thank you so, mike. let's turn to "today in the bay" steph chuang live in marin county this morning. how are things looking out there? >> it's really not hit marin yet
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but the warning is for drivers, especially places like lucky drive here where the flooding warning signs have been out and the flash flood watch in effect through the weekend. especially around small streams and creeks, which i just checked minutes ago still under three feet. 11.5 feet is considered critical level. >> people constantly tracking water levels if those levels get too high. meanwhile north bay business owners whose storms were under water are adding to storm preps >> here.r like flood gates. and then you crank this down and so it makes a seal with the rubber against the water coming in. >> and in sonoma county, crews are on call all weekend long. in particular, keeping their eyes on the russian river. it is at about 15 feet and could hit 31 feet tomorrow night and
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flooding stage is 32 feet. one foot difference there. now, chp is ready for this morning and we heard some officers who say the responses to crashes always go up when the wet weather hits. the message is to be safe. we'll keep tracking and check in with you in the next half hour. live here, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." not just the north bay worried about flooding. coming up later in our newscast a temporary solution for a long-term problem in san francisco. "today in the bay" chuck coppola is planning to protect its residents and businesses in the case of flooding. the demolition of a pacifica apartment on top of a crumbling cliff will not happen today postponed until next week. it will now come down next friday. today's demolition was scrapped due to the rain that is expected today. crews, however, have been gutting the inside of that building all week. the 20-unit apartment building
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was red tagged after the el nino storms back in 2010. if you want to track the storms as they come in, get our free nbc bay area app. just head to the weather tab, look for our live doppler radar and you can get your own personalized seven-day forecast. last night a frightening attack in a typically quiet bay neighborhood and still many questions left unanswered this morning after a man was beaten with a bat in his own driveway. >> it happened on jeremy drive in almaden valley neighborhood tuesday night. ste kris, the steps that the neighborhood wants to take to keep people safe. >> looked at the crime statistics and it is pretty clean. the victim said he had no enemies. that man a 61-year-old man who was beaten in his own driveway by a maskd man was just surprised. he was approached by that man with a baseball bat and that man started swinging. it was about 8:20 tuesday night when he says that that attacker came out of the blue. khales believes he was attacked
5:35 am
because he believes the suspect wanted to steal his car. he backed up into the garage yelling until that attacker took off and his family came outside and called 911. >> i'm backing away like that and he's trying to hit me and i'm protecting myself and, of course, he hit me once, you know, twice and then i'm backing away. >> my dad is just bleeding profusely just everywhere. it was so scary. >> jose police searched for the suspect, but didn't find him. khales is speaking out to warn his neighbors and ask him to consider what he is, which is installing security cameras. he was attacked doing something we all do which is unloading the groceries from the trunk of the car. coming up at 6:00, some of the crime stats for that neighborhood and how you can find the same crime stats for where you live. sam? >> kris, thank you very much. new details about the stabbing suspect shot and killed by san jose police on monday night. police now identify him as 45-year-old byron roses of san jose.
5:36 am
investigators say he stabbed his estranged wife and her male frend at third and martha street. officers fired at him when they said he ignored his orders to drop his knife. the male victim still remains in critical condition. investigators say that suspect was under a temporary restraining order to stay away from his wife. happening today, jurors continue deliberating in the wrongful death lawsuit against san francisco police officers who shot and killed a man two years ago. lieutenant jason sawyer and richard shift shot and killed et a park. his parents are suing thoses and the city for an unspecified amount of compensation. the department of justice continues to look into policies and practices the san francisco police department. the doj will hold a second listing session. taking place at gateway high school.
5:37 am
the goal is to help improve the relationship between san francisco police and the community. the department has been under fire after several controversy officer-involved shootings. it a similar event was held on tuesday. back to our microclimate forecast this morning and a live look at the bay bridge and the toll plaza there. rain clouds lingering over the city this morning and there is more wet weather to come. >> meteorologist rob mayeda staying on top of the forecast for us. after this storm moves in, another one after it. >> another for saturday and another one for sunday into monday. so, the focus of a lot of these storms could be right here over the north bay. like we're seeing right now this morning mostly off to the north of petaluma. rain which was about a third of an inch of rain per hour and only a few sprinkles right now in main county and that will change as we go into the afternoon. that rain line will slowly move to the south. in fact, so slowly, probably not see much around the south bay, even this afternoon. so, heavy rain into the north bay for the morning and then as you approach the evening commute now, fair to see the showers
5:38 am
into san francisco and san jose largely misting out. upper 60s around san jose and san francisco in the low 60s for the afternoon and rain throughout the day, especially sonoma county and highs close to 60 in santa rosa and mid-60s around pleasanton and livermore. look at the rain totals through 7:00. almost nothing in the south bay. by the time the second storm comes in on sunday, rain fill in for areas south of san francisco as this sets up a stormy pattern that will take us from friday into the weekend with these daily chances of rain all the way through sunday. now, for another check of your morning commute, here's mike. >> we'll take that familiar shot i showed you just last report. the backup light here because they turned them on and all the folks letting loose just past the metering lights. and continuing back towards the maze. so, we have about the build starting about west grand avenue now. no surprises. i do want to show you that road weather index and our traffic
5:39 am
data combine would the weather da data. and it's coming down and steph is right there and we often see some flooding. in fact, still a big puddle left over and no delays over the south bay. coming up next, frustration boiling over in berkeley over street lights. the tragic accident that is sparking an urgent call for action. support for apple grows in its case against the fbi. and more evidence that robots are going to take a lot of jobs. we'll take a look. mind yourers. why having bad manners on b.a.r.t. could start costing you big buck. when marin and bay area microclimate alert. made it easy for you to get the latest information on your smartphone. click on the bar that says weather alerts and that will take you right to the information you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and that's how you stay inform would the nbc bay area app.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago.
5:42 am
chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. berkeley. s well k78 back, everyone. 5:42. frustration over a crosswalk in berkeley. some parents calling on the city to do more after a fourth grader was hit by a taxi in a crosswalk. the young girl that was hit last night broke both legs and now several parents are pressuring the city to add more lights to that area. >> it's unfortunate that a young
5:43 am
girl has to be hit by a car, but if that's what gets the focus, that's great. >> adding more street lights has been a battle. their past five requests for state grants to pay for it have been denied. the city will try, again, for the grant next year while looking for other solutions. hopefully your mother raised you the right way, but if not, this is not just about courtesy. it's also about a rule. i find that microphone always help. >> you put that on and i'll take this. you know what they're doing on b.a.r.t. they want to make sure that everyone has a seat on the train. live at the pleasanton dublin and we're talking about a little bit of b.a.r.t. etiquette this morning, paol oorx. >> mom said so. we should remember that. but we all know how annoying it is to get on the b.a.r.t. hoping to find a comfortable seat only to find out that people are straight out sloping or by those who have placed a bag streemgically by their side.
5:44 am
the board of directors of b.a.r.t. is meeting this morning to assess an ordinance that would prohibit riders from using more than one seat, and the penalty would be a fine, $100 for the first infraction. 200 for the second and 500 for any infractions after that. anyone who needs more than one seat because of a disability would be okay. this, of course as b.a.r.t. trains are more crowded in the last few years and more people are riding the rails, but no new cars have been added. now, the idea sent to the board of directors today and no decision will be made and certainly something to keep in mind as you start your commute on public transit this morning. live from the b.a.r.t. at pleasantoon. >> making the world a kinder place. >> the golden rule. well, a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows half of all
5:45 am
americans are siding with apple in its conflict with the fbi. >> and, scott, the other half with the fbi. >> the poll shows support for apple growing. that's the key figure. earlier polls said apple had far less than half the population. to get specific, it's 47% that support apple. 42% support the fbi. apple, as you well know, was ordered to open a phone in the san bernardino terror case. i was talking with apple's lead attorney on the case, ted olsen. i asked him what he thought about the growing support for apple. >> i think the more the american people understand the issue and i think we're seeing this already. the more american people understand and will be on apple's side in this. >> one of the world's most skilled attorneys and solicitor general and the lawyer that represents the government before the supreme court. and also stranger to terrorism. he lost his own wife in the 9/11 attacks. she missed a flight on september 10th. there are very skilled
5:46 am
economists working at the offices of thumbtack on san francisco. a service that connects workers with jobs and a report by its economist say they expect many workers in the so-called sharing economy will be replaced by robots in the next decade. this jives with the recent report by the president's council of economic advisors who warned much of the same thing in a report to congress last month. it is a serious enough problem. some are talking about a distant future where there is some kind of guaranteed income. a universal basic income. we are a ways away from that. i can name four jobs in this newscast that have been replaced by robots in just the last few years, including our very good friend, camera one. >> not know what you're talking about. >> i know let's go start taking robot building classes in college. that is about the only way. >> going back to school. you know what else we're doing this morning. we are tracking a line of storms
5:47 am
moving in this morning. >> with all of that rain comes the possibility of flooding. right now a flash flood is in effect for parts of the north bay and rob has been talking about it all morning. one city trying to get ahead of the next storm. >> chuck coppola with how they try to keep people and businesses safe amid a wave of wet weather. >> good morning. putting these temporary water blockers and barriers up afolsom street and 17th street and the last time we told you a little bit about how some driveway are blocked by this. they are trying to deal with that by putting the red ones in front of doorways and driveways. the red ones are heavy. if you can see down here at the bottom and they allow the flood water to come in. the white ones over here on this side will be filled with recycleder all the way up. these red ones if there is no flooding, that is a big if. they'll be able to pull these pins and allow people to come out. same thing for these driveways. the red ones are positioned here so that the driver had to move
5:48 am
his car or her car, they could pull this red one and pull this out. the workers began installing these at 3:00 a.m. this morning and putting in place 122 water barriers at 17th and folsom. they hope to have it completed by 9:00 a.m. before the rains are expected here. the pilot program that cost $165,000 and if this works, you may see this else where in the city. s deploy them here last weekend, but, frankly, it didn't rain hard enough or long enough for them to get a good test of how long this will work. the longer term solution in san francisco, by the way, a big improvement program that is scheduled to begin later this year, perhaps next year and will cost $250 million. reporting live in san francisco, i'm chuck coppola, "today oin the bay." >> good to see what they'll do with that water after. watter the plants. wash the gutters. by the way, breaking out any of those bad boys in the north way? >> i think you can use them
5:49 am
around santa rosa this morning. it kind of stalled out in the north bay. one of the stories we're watching is a slow-moving system that is going to drop a lot of rain in the north bay and areas south of san francisco not so much. mild this morning. little breezy and our temperatures in the 60s around san jose and mountain view this morning. no signs of a rainy commute san francisco south. that's up towards santa rosa and guernville and rain heavy at times. right now across sonoma county and areas here you see in yellow rain rates a third of an inch per hour and multiply that by eight to ten hours and that's the reason why we're watching these areas here as the rain water and runoff hits the area streams and creeks within a matter of hours. see rapid rises and the russian river by saturday morning rising closer to flood stage. again, that's something we're watching as we get towards saturday. not expected to hit flood stage but get very close if the rain
5:50 am
line stalls out over the north bay. further south and not by the time it hits san jose and the south bay in terms of heavy rainfall and the second storm as we get into friday and today upper 60s and not much in the way of rain and rain little bit later on and north bay rain later on and stay there and for the tri-valley highs in the mid up toer 60s. friday south bay and the rest of the bay area seeing quite a bit of rain and us through midday friday and as things wind down a slight chance of a thundershower friday afternoon and another wave comes in as we get into saturday night and helping to really raise rainfall rates and a lot of moisture coming away from hawaii and slamming at a right angle and that helps to enhance the rainfall rates and boost the rainfall totals around some of the mountaintops. you get into thursday and friday, looking at two to three inches in the north bay and those totals continue to go up, maybe as much as five inches or more in the coastal hills of the north bay. not just today, but rain that
5:51 am
will continue friday into the weekend and very likely that rainy pattern will hold on all the way to the monday morning commute. mike? >> my gosh, rob, that is a lot offer over the next few days. right now just looking at the camera shaking and a little bit of wind and that is bringing winds of change, i guess. looking towards oakland where traffic hasn't changed a lot. a few more cars by the coliseum. look at your map and green here through 580 and 880 and towards the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. over here the build south through hayward no problems off of 238. just a little build. same thing for the tri-val. calmer than yesterday. and folks know about it now. we're looking at northbound 101 a little build through san jose and get a look at palo alto where we haven't seen this for a while. more traffic holding up steady and 101 past university and in towards san francisco. back to you. >> mike, thank you. it's 5:51 right now. >> a touch of wine. how about that at the white house and wine country fine finding its place at the white
5:52 am
house. >> a wine will be served for a state dinner tonight. cliff lady vineyards received the honor. white house will feature the vineyard's 2012 bordeaux blend. here's a look at the menu. the pairing will be serve would baby lamb chops, yukon potatoes. >> all the rage these days and, by the way, luck be the lady for those couples, the lady vineyard tonight. here's your awe factor for the morning. all courtesy of the marin humane society. >> a dog separated from her young pup went from scared to death to jumping for joy when they were reunited. kind of a delayed reaction. just wait for it. starting to sniff around and the tail gets wagging. the humane society says a dog owner recently dropped the mother off. when they examined her, they discovered she had recently given birth to those puppies. you see the big eyes now all excited. they convinced that person to
5:53 am
bring back the dog and, as you can see, the mother was overjoyed with that decision and everyone now is into a frenzy. >> the mama loves her babies. coming up, charted as a medical breakthrough is turning into a tragic story. the reason the first uterus transplant has failed. happening right now, we're already tracking lots of rain in the far north bay, but meteorologist rob mayeda tells us it will soon be sliding its way south. in a few minutes we'll post our weather alerts. and thousands of leaked documents are shedding new lights on isis recruits from around the world that include in the united states. document listing 22,000 jihadists. nbc has obtained some of that information you can link to it at the top of our home page. we'll be back in just two minutes.
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5:56 right now. now to an investigative unit exclusive. the safety of one of the bay area's largest developments faces new questions this morning. a former worker is calling into question the radiation cleanup at hunter's point in san francisco. anthony smith worked on that site for years. now he is speaking exclusively to the investigative unit. he explains the contractor overseeing the contract doid no
5:57 am
properly test soil samples. pass off potentially contaminated dirt as clean. they first exposed concerns in 2013. it has ignored our request to respond to repeated allegations about the work. >> hi, my name is vicky and i am a reporter with nbc bay area. can i speak with the manager on site for tetra tech. >> he put you under a lot of ostress. >> yes. knowing you were keeping this secret? >> yes, ma'am. >> tonight at 11:00 smith breaks his silence knowing the records f for the first time were forged. if you have a tip, give us a call or send us an e-mail to e
5:58 am medical center will resume kidney transplants. "the chronicle" is reporting that that program was suspended back in december after one of the donors died shortly after a procedure. that man just 28 years old was donating a kidney to his sister. medical center said that his death was not caused by the transplant and an autopsy supports that claim. the risk of a kidney donor death is extremely rare. three deaths in every 10,000 cases. in the meantime, the first uterus transplant in america has failed. a texas woman developed serious complications after receiving the organ. the transplant was done over two weeks ago at the cleveland clin, but the organ was removed on tuesday. doctors aren't saying what the complications were. the uterus came from a woman who died unexpectedly. an experimental program to help women become pregnant. happening later today in sacramento, lawmakers voting on raising the smoking age across
5:59 am
the state to 21. the state senate takes on that package of anti-smoking measures today. if the senate approves it and governor brown signs off on it, california would become just the second state in the country to raise the smoking age to 21. hawaii being the first to take that step. this week san francisco also did the same thing locally. a law that goes into effect in june. right now at 6:00, bring on the rain, again. the entire area in for what is a serious possibility of storms starting to make its way through. good morning, i'm chuck coppola where they are bracing for the storm by putting the water barriers up in one of the most flood prone parts of the city. we'll show you how it is supposed to work coming up. a 60-year-old man fended off a baseball attack, baseball bat attack in his own driveway. i'll show you the statistics for where hes and how you can find out the crime statistics for where you live.
6:00 am
a very good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. let's get right to our microclimate forecast as we're tracking that rain. a live look right now in san rafael on the left-hand side of your screen. the bay bridge on the right. you can see a little bit wet right now but looks can be deceiving as most of that rain accumulating just north of our cameras. >> in fact, sam, our live satellite radar shows that heavy band of wet weather moving south and slowly. we have team coverage and begin with meteorologist rob mayeda. another stronger system on its heels. >> for the south bay, we'll talk about friday storm. today's storm moving at a pace that you could probably literally outwalk it. hung up across sonoma county and starting to spill in parts of marin county and multiply that by six to eight hours of kind of stalled out time. you see the reasons why we're really watching the north bay for today in terms


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