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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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sheets of rain coming dowin parts of the bay area. right now at 11:00, sheets of rain coming down in parts of the bay area bringing down trees and even this roof at a north bay store. complete coverage of the first of a series of storms to hit. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm vicky nguyen in for kris sanchez. our doppler radar showing off the storm. check it out, lots of green, yellow and even orange on the map there, so get ready, another major event is heading towards us. let's take you outside right now. our traffic cameras catching the conditions there, all four of them. looking a little bit gray really across all of the microclimate forecasts. up there in san rafael we're seeing as drizzle as well. we have team coverage and rob
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mayeda spearheads our coverage. rob, where's the storm right now. >> right now we're seeing rain heavy at times especially across the north bay where rain totals have been extreme. you're look at 1 to 2 inches of rain falling in four to six hours time and that is causing some localized flooding from sonoma county down into napa county. moderate rain at times from san rafael but it's this section of the north bay under a flood advisory through noon, napa, sonoma and marin counties. you can see the rain making an approach down into san francisco. a slow-moving line and it's because the line is stalled out that we're seeing more of these problems, tapping into a plume of moisture which does extend all the way down into hawaii. this is helping to boost the rainfall rates around the bay area as that rain comes racing into the north bay. we're seeing not just the local flood advisory for the north bay but bay area wide a flash flood watch between now and 6:00 sunday. just updated, the hydrograph, the russian river add
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guerneville expected to go two feet over flood stage. expected to go 34.7 late friday night into saturday as all the rain starts to get plugged into these computer models for river forks. we're starting to see rapid rises. we'll have more on how much rain we're expecting the next couple of days coming up in a few minutes. >> let's get to stephanie chuang in santa rosa. the storm bringing down a roof of a k-mart. they knew they had problems with that roof even before today. >> reporter: that's right, scott. they knew about the rain, which is hitting pretty hard in santa rosa so they had contractors come out earlier this week and also put in barriers so people would not walk underneath the section of roof over the garden center where you see it collapsed. rainwater seeped into where there was dry rot and became too heavy to support. a couple of managers said contractors put wooden planks for support because there was visible sagging. i asked were those contractors scheduled to come back out to add to the support knowing there were storms through the weekend. one store manager said he did
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not think so. the store is open but k-mart is closed off, the section inside. the electronics area where the fire department says the ceiling tiles buckled as the roof outside pulled away. it was not just rainwater. the collapse also severed some part of the fire sprinkler system so that water was also coming out, exacerbating the problem. thankfully this happened before the store opened at 8:00 this morning so employees were around but no one was hurt. santa rosa's assistant fire marshal hopes this open up people's eyes to maintenance before the storm hits. >> clear gutters, get the debris off your roofs. even commercial businesses, this should be a wake-up call. go up on your roof, check things out. if you see a lot of water, there's a problem. >> reporter: and this warning goes out to people everywhere, but mostly in the north bay which is getting hit hardest right now. there's an urban and small
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stream flood advisory for napa, sonoma and marin counties, especially in poor drainage areas. back here live again, as for this damage, the building department inspectors did come to clear the rest of the area. k-mart managers tell me that contractors should be coming back here today to start work on a more permanent fix, although it's unclear just how long that work will take but they will be keeping people away from this area, of course. stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> we have a picture just into our newsroom. this is down in saratoga in the south bay. a huge tree came down. crews on the scene say weather almost certainly to claim. >> let's go to chuck in san francisco. chuck, city crews have a new flood control technology. will they be using it with this approaching storm? >> reporter: that's right. here at 17th and folsom it's not raining yet but it's sure thinking about it. this area is particularly prone to flooding, so that's why at 3:00 in the morning city work
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crews from the city's public utilities commission came on out. they started putting these water barriers all down this block. we're about halfway down folsom. that's 17th street there. it goes around the block this entire line. these barriers right here are filled with water about halfway. these fins will be dropped in here to continue to secure them and keep them in place. these red ones over here, these are going to be slid in at the very last minute into the driveways in front of doorways. floodwaters, if there are floodwaters will fill in from the bottom. that's how these things work. why are they only on this side of the street? this is a pilot program. the city only has a limited number of these water barriers. over here on this side of the street frankly it's a little lower. this morning san francisco work crews at 17th and folsom streets filled 122 plastic blocks halfway with recycled water. the blocks, when linked together with large pins, form a solid
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wall to keep floodwaters from seeping into buildings. this intersection floods often. >> i own a build on the other side of town that is flooded. so i would be willing to put up with a lot not to have a flood in my building. >> reporter: at first they were positioned in front of doorways and driveways. they remained empty until floodwaters filled them from the water. >> it's not a big deal. they're able to accommodate us and there's people in here when we does them if we can move around, we're able to do that so there's people that can help us. >> reporter: by mid-morning the red barriers had been pulled aside. crews decided to keep access to doorways open until the heaviest rainfall. >> the majority of the barriers are in place but when we feel the rain coming on, we'll drop in the final sections and create that watertight seal. >> reporter: if the barriers are effective in keeping water out, the city may buy more of them for other areas of the city.
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heavy storms have caused storm drains and sewers to back up. those have caused numerous complaints and lawsuits against the city. this is one attempt to mitigate that. a longer term solution, wholesale improvements to the city's sewer system, particularly in the city's low-lying areas. that could begin in 2018 but cost well over a quarter of a million dollars. -- billion dollars, $250 million. reporting live in san francisco, i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. our nbc bay area app is a great resource to stay ahead of the storms. use our live doppler radar to track the rain. our app is free for androids and iphone devices. major changes coming to the san jose police department. in a story we broke here on nbc bay area, sources tell us department leaders are contemplating cancelling or outsorou outsourcing the next police academy and mandatory overtime might be on the horizon for
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current officers. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is following this developing story and will bring us the latest at 5:00 and 6:00. happening now, jurors are deliberating in the wrongful death lawsuit against san francisco police officers who shot and killed a man two years ago. lieutenant jason sawyer and rookie officer richard schiff shot and killed alex nieto. the officers say nieto was threatening them with a gun which turned out to be a taser stun gun. his parents are suing the officers and the city for an unspecified amount of financial compensation. we will bring you the jury's decision as soon as we get it. this morning san jose police looking for a masked suspect they say brutally attacked a homeowner with a baseball bat. david kale said he was attacked tuesday outside of his home. the victim says the suspect came out of nowhere, started swinging the bat, hitting him several times. >> i'm backing away like that and he's trying to hit me and
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i'm protecting myself. of course he hit me once, twice, and then i'm backing away. >> but then there was more and more louder noise. i remember him saying what are you doing, what are you doing? >> the masked man ran off. the victim believes the attacker was after his car. well, just in, it is now up to the governor. within the past 90 minutes california's legislature approved a bill raising the smoking age from 18 to 21 statewide. if the governor signs off, california would become the second state to raise the smoking age to 21. hawaii was the first. this week san francisco also changed its age limit to 21 joining two other bay area municipalities. the tobacco industry has vowed a court fight to block this statewide bill if the governor signs it into law. >> the first state visited by a canadian leader. prime minister justin trudeau and his wife received a ceremonial welcome to the white house this morning. a large crowd was on hand for
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the arrival along with dignitaries. president obama and prime minister trudeau are in private meetings in the oval office. they are pledging to share information about terror threats. they're also promising to make it easier for the two countries to trade and invest in one another. >> the history may be complex, but the bottom line is clear. there is no relationship in the entire world like the canada-u.s. relationship. >> the prime minister delivering those remarks in both french and english this morning. tonight the obamas will host a state dinner at the white house in honor of the trudeaus. and up next at 11:00, fists flying in the middle of a flight. it's all caught on camera. what triggered this midair brawl. and this apartment building is still standing for now hanging off a cliff. when the city of pacifica will finally tear it down.
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welcome back. the markets mildly lower this morning. dow industrials down about 150 points, the nasdaq down about the same percentagewise. lots of people are watching what's been described as the world's most boring car crash on youtube. a google autonomous car clipped a vta bus. it's the first time an autonomous car was to blame for a car accident. now we're seeing video from the bus's point of view. buses have video cameras, lots of them. you can see the driver react to the accident as the google car clips the bus about midway down. it was a minor accident as the google car tried to move left to avoid some sandbags. it happened in one of those right lanes where the lane is wide enough for two vehicles.
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the google computers saw the bus but figured the bus would slow down to allow the car to move over a bit but the cars were wrong. this was square's first day of trading. jack dorsey's mother just bought some flowers on square. it did much better than expected. the company still loses money, but investors seem much happier with square than jack's other company, twitter. going back to the google cars, that's a decent track record, first-ever car crash. but are there estimates this could be on the road in the next three to five years? >> and there have been other autonomous car crashes but they have been the fault of someone else on the road or at times people are behind the wheel ready to take over at the last second, they have taken over when they shouldn't have and caused the crash. so this is the first one where the computer itself was at fault. but yeah, you can expect these to be fairly regular within i'd
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say the next seven to ten years. >> all right, scott, thank you. now to an investigative unit exclusive. the safety of one of the bay area's largest developments faces new questions this morning. a former worker is raising concerns about the radiation cleanup at hunters point in san francisco. anthony smith worked on the site for years. now he's speaking exclusively to the unit. he says that tetra tech did not properly test soil samples. he said his supervisors altered computer data to pass off potentially contaminated dirt as clean. nbc bay area first exposed concerns about radiation there in 2013. tetra tech won $300 million in cleanup contracts from the navy but has ignored our requests to respond to these repeated allegations about its work. >> hi, my name is vicki, a reporter with nbc bay area. we're looking for the supervisor on site for tetra tech. >> that's me and i am not allowed to talk to anybody. >> when i come out here i was healthy and when i left, i had high blood pressure.
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very high. that's how much it ate at me. >> it put you under a lot of stress? >> yes. >> knowing you were keeping this secret? >> yes, ma'am. >> tonight at 11:00, smith breaks his silence revealing for the first time the records he claims were forged. and we'll tell you where on hunters point smith remembers the soil testing positive for radiation and never getting cleaned. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-anyo996-tips or sen an e-mail. turning now to decision 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashed on the debate stage last night in miami ahead of tuesday's critical winner-take-all primaries in florida and ohio. kristen welker with the blow-by-blow. >> with the democrats locked in an increasingly fierce fight, secretary clinton faced one of the sharpest exchanges yet about the fbi investigation into her private e-mail server. >> if you get indicted, would you drop out?
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>> oh, that's not going to happen. i'm not going to answer that question. >> reporter: trying to get on offense, clinton took aim at senator sanders for opposing the auto bailout. >> but if everyone had voted as he voted, we would not have -- >> pardon me, it was the wall street bailout. >> reporter: clinton used the strategy heading into the michigan primary but still lost in a stunning upset to sanders. now she's hoping the attack will help her win states like ohio and illinois, where sanders is looking increasingly competitive. >> i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> reporter: the candidates also sparred over immigration. >> you're telling us tonight that if you become president, you won't deport children who are already here? >> i will not. >> let me just say this. i don't think the secretary fully answered your question and i think the proof may be in the pudding. >> reporter: and while both candidates took sharp aim at donald trump, they deflected a
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question about whether he's a racist. >> i think it's unamerican. i think what he has promoted is not at all in keeping with american values. >> i think that the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mexicans, who insults muslims. >> reporter: and clinton flashed a rare moment of candor when asked why so many voters say they don't trust her. >> i am not a natural politician, if you haven't noticed, like my husband or president obama, so i have a view that i just have to do the best i can. >> reporter: tonight it is the republicans turn on the debate stage. the presidential candidates will meet in florida for their 12th debate of the campaign. donald trump is ahead in the polls in the sunshine state. that's marco rubio's home state and could be the do-or-die place for that senator. ted cruz says he's the best man to devote trump. yesterday he gained support from
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carly fiorina. the demolition of a pacifica apartment on top of a crumbling cliff will not finish today. it's been postponed until next week ironically because of the weather. it will come down next friday. today's demolition was scrapped because the expected storm is coming in. crews have been gutting the inside of the building all week. the 20-unit apartment was red tagged after the el nino storms of 2010. >> that was a long time ago. i remember that. but that building has been hanging there every six years. >> they're worried it's actually going to go over before they get a chance to knock it down. >> let's check your weather with rob. he's had a busy day. >> if you're in san jose, you're wondering what all this talk about storms is about, right now it's 65. warm temperatures from the peninsula south but it's the north bay where you're seeing the rain really fly right now. 65 degrees, no rain in san jose but different story there across
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the bridge. healdsburg has been the bull's-eye for the rain today. let's show you the north bay totals just since this morning. 2 inches of rain and still climbing. guerneville, almost 2 inches of rain. it's the north bay, again those counties from sonoma county, napa county and marin county where you have the flood advisory up through noon and you can see the heavy rain through santa rosa and extending down, lighter rain closer to san francisco. rain rates at times in this area have been as high as an inch and a third per hour. that's the reason you're seeing some flood concerns today into the north bay. eventually this line will move a little fwuurther to the south b it's going to weaken by the time it approaches san jose. you'll see how the showers do reach the peninsula and south bay with some breezy conditions but the heavier rain will show up as we get into friday, as the next storm starts to arrive.
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highs today around san jose, upper 60s near 70. just a few showers. the rain picks up in coverage and intensity once you pass san francisco and headed to the north bay where it's been a soaker of a day so far. temperatures close to 60 in santa rosa, mid-60s out towards the tri-valley. so the timing now on the next storm, watch how the rain line moves up into the north bay. 9:00 tomorrow morning you're seeing the rain filling in across the south bay, then changing over to showers for the afternoon. hopefully we get that break for the north bay by midafternoon into the evening but these showers may include thundershowers which could cause some localized flooding issues as well along with gusty winds. that is the trend as we go through the friday forecast. more heavy rain at times and a bit of a break as we head towards saturday before more rain comes in for sunday. we have mid to upper 60s outside today. this is good news for snow-produce storms. as we head to the weekend, highs dropping back to the 50s to low 60s. so the projections here in terms of rainfall, now through monday
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you can see 3 to 5 inches of rain here in the north bay, higher in the coastal hills of the north bay an generally 2 to 3 inches in the hills and around san jose. by the time we get through those weekend storms. not so much from today's storms but friday and saturday those totals will continue to go up. as the runoff hits, the larger river systems, russian river at guerneville expected to go 2 feet above flood stage late friday into saturday. also the napa river at st. helena about a quarter foot over flood stage, that's another one we'll be watching as the rest of the bay area will have to endure this pattern at least through sunday, 6:00. flash flood watches in effect for the smaller creeks and streams. as the stormy pattern continues we think all the way through monday. when will we find some relief from the rain and warmer temperatures? we'll have a look at that in our ten-day forecast in the next half hour. i think if you're whims cal, if you like dr. seuss, you'll think it's a great idea. >> but could it work?
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we'll show you the plans for the few bay bridge bike path and let you be the judge. that's coming up next. first happening now, as rob just told us today's morning drizzle is just a prelude to the next round of rain. we're tracking those conditions on our weather app and also posting weather alerts. sign up for those on our app as well. and will kaepernick leave the 49ers next season? more trade rumors bubbling up. our csn insiders keep us updated on our facebook page. several women exchanging bloon h
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it was an all-out brawl caught on camera. several women exchanging blows on a spirit airlines flight wednesday morning as a planeful of passengers watched. the fight broke out minutes between the flight from baltimore to los angeles landed. >> they were throwing serious punches. the ladies, you know, they were serious. to be honest, i felt like alcohol was definitely involved in the fight. me and my friend, jazz, we stepped in and broke the fight. i went over and calmed the situation, sat the ladies down. somebody had to step in at that point before somebody seriously gets hurt. >> drinking and flying. it is not clear what prompted the altercation, but according to multiple reports that fight broke out between a group of younger women and older women after an argument about loud music. police responded but they didn't arrest anyone or charge anyone.
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more fights may be breaking out in the air as another airline crams more passengers into the plane. united airlines plans to add a seat to its boeing 777s going from nine seats to ten a row. apparently ten across seating for wide-body aircraft is now the industry standard. according to boeing, they requested 10 across seating on about half the airplanes delivered last year. it is an important part of our etiquette. one seat per rider when the trains are crowded. that etiquette could soon become a rule and riders who break it could face hefty fines. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors will consider that rule today. if passed riders taking up more than one seat will be fined $100 for the first offense. the second time it goes to $200 and the third time it jumps to
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$500. transit leaders describe some of the proposed changes for a bay area -- for the bay bridge bike path. >> the bay area biking community says it will be a reality if they have anything to do with it. our jessica aguirre shows us their vision. >> from the inspired to the imaginative. the idea is for a sky pass connecting yerba buena island from the city are anything but dull. >> it's like a ramp circular all the way down 150 feet. i think if you're whimsical and like dr. seuss you'll think it's a great idea. >> reporter: this is the first part of the study to see if a pike and pedestrian path is even possible. >> whenever you try to retrofit anything onto an 80-year-old anything, be it a bathroom or kitchen in your house or a bike path on a bay bridge, it's going to be hard and likely to be expensive. >> reporter: rough estimates top $500 million, but mike east bay, a coalition of 4,000 cyclists, say it's worth it, even if it
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just offers a little traffic relief on the bridge. >> there are a lot of folks who live in the east bay and work in san francisco that are very eager to commute by bike, and it is a doable commute. there are people who ride from marin to san francisco now. >> reporter: but not all cyclists agree. >> they're going about it all wrong. >> reporter: a former pro psychler said his proposal is simple. take a lane away from cars and turn it into a bike path. >> it would be so much less expensive. structurally it would be so much more easier and it would just annoy a bunch of motorists. >> the mtc says a big challenge in creating a bike path is it can't weigh down the bridge and can't prevent mega ships like this one from reaching the port of oakland. transit leaders say even if a proposal passes, they don't expect construction for at least eight years. up next at 11:00, new clues to a deadly b.a.r.t. shooting on a train.
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new video that police hope will bring a killer to justice. and we're tracking a storm pounding the bay area. rob will be right back with your forecast. straight to your micrlimate for
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microclimate forecast.a look ao it's popping. the time is 11:32. let's take you straight to your microclimate forecast. a look at our doppler radar and it is popping, full of greens, yellow and maybe a tiny bit of orange there in the north bay. prepare for a soaker. >> this storm is just the beginning. a live look outside in san rafael. it's pouring. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. this thing is headed south, right? >> slowly but surely but it's the fact it hasn't moved that's causing the problems in the north bay. you mentioned those areas of yellow and orange moving away from the coast and approaching novato at 11:47 just after
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lunchtime. as you head over towards santa rosa, those heavy rain bands continue to advance off to the north and east between now and noon. the flood advisory up for sonoma, napa and marin counties will be extended or expanded beyond that time based on the rain rates you just saw on the radar. notice how every place south of san francisco we're seeing mid to upper 60s around the south bay. the pattern that's in place has just dumped the rain all across the north bay up to more than two inches so far in healdsburg. as that begin to runs off, it's a bit of a delayed reaction but the reaction being felt by the russian river at guerneville expected to go 2 feet above flood stage late friday night and the napa river at st. helena may get slightly above flood stage on friday night based on the speed of the storm. now, if it stalls out even more, you could see even more rises on those rivers. but bay area wide, flash flood watch in effect through all north bay counties down the coast. the inner bay communities as the runoff from the santa cruz
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mountains gets under way. this is something we're watching through sunday at 6:00. coming up we'll go through all the rainfall totals that we expect the next few days and when we'll expect a prolonged break from the rain in a forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> rob, thank you. when we were not on the air get your forecast right in the palm of your hand. download the nbc bay area app and click on the weather tab and get a personalized forecast. we have new video of the man suspected in a deadly shooting on a crowded b.a.r.t. train. oakland police are looking for any leads, hoping someone may recognize him, perhaps even the way this man walks. the video was taken in the night of the murder in early january, the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. the suspect shot and killed carlos munoz romero. the two got into an argument and they both boarded the train where romero was shot. san jose state university is beefing up security at its martin luther king jr. library. tuesday night a woman was
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attacked in a second floor bathroom. a man was hiding inside the bathroom when the woman came in and he apparently tried to pull her into a stall but she screamed and he took off. police managed to apprehend the man. he is now facing charges. the woman is okay. he is the head of one of the most prominent law schools in the country, but now the dean of uc berkeley is in legal trouble over sexual harassment accusations. his former executive assistant says he hugged, kissed and touched her repeatedly. when she complained to the school, he admitted it. he was docked 10% of his salary. she said that is not enough and she is suing the dean and the school. hateful and racist slurs were spray painted onto an east bay school district office. this happened in san leandro. this morning police have a suspect in custody. >> investigators say he made one major mistake right before he was arrested.
11:36 am
nbc bay area's ian cole has more. >> reporter: san leandro school district employees arrived at work monday morning to this hate-filled graffiti with racial slurs and symbols painted in red and white. >> it's especially saddening to us in san leandro that we have to investigate a case like this. >> reporter: the school district says the build's doors are not used by students or parents for dropoff and it was removed within hours. >> in a school, it's terrible. >> reporter: mike beatty lives in the area and found two paint cans in his yard over the weekend. he didn't think much of it until he heard about the graffiti. then he called police. >> so i let them know. they came out and picked up the reds. can of red, can of white. >> reporter: with evidence left behind, detectives started looking through suspicious people they stopped around the campus over the weekend before the graffiti was discovered. one man stood out. when detectives went looking for him today, they spotted the suspect a half mile from the school district office.
11:37 am
he was riding a bike with a fresh coat of red and white paint. >> the colors match identical to those that were used sprayed on the doors of the school district office. we are 100% positive that we have the person who committed this crime. happening today, neighbors in one south bay apartment complex plan to take safety into their own hands after a recent sexual assault. neighbors at the bella vista apartments will launch a neighborhood watch program. someone attacked a woman inside her home in the apartments in february near river mark plaza. then a few days after that, police believe the same man broke into another woman's apartment along the same block. in that case the woman was able to scare him off. we are following a developing story. police are still on the hunt for two shooters who they say opened fire last night on a house party in a pittsburg suburb killing five people and wounding three others. >> reporter: this is the backyard here in wilkinsburg
11:38 am
where police say eight people were shot last night. five of them have died, three people are still alive and clinging to life at the hospital. it happened about 11:00 last night in wilkinsburg. franklin avenue is where the home actually sits but it's the alley where they believe that one of the gunmen was standing when he started opening fire on a group crowded for a barbecue. the other believed gunman was in a neighboring backyard and started firing as well. four died at the home, one died at the hospital and at this point the medical examiner has not released any of the names of the victims. police at this point don't have a motive and are looking for the public's help in trying to find what they believe are two gunmen who opened fire here on this backyard. apple has announced its next product launch event. it will be march 21st. >> anticipated by many, i'm sure. the tech giant sent this invitation to media outlets stating let us loop you in.
11:39 am
analysts and tech blogs are -- nothing really new, just improvements on older products. the march 21st event will take place at apple's one infinite loop campus in cupertino. up next, deadly flooding in louisiana as floodwaters overtake home. plus the fight neighbors are taking to city leaders. ==anim== ==chopper/le==
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san jose police are at thscene of a hostage situation inhe willow glen neig breaking news in san jose. san jose police at the scene of what appears to be a hostage situation in the willow glen neighborhood. this is happening near the intersection of ellen and pine. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll continue to update you on this breaking story throughout the newscast. you can track on our digital platforms as well. but again, we'll have something. we do actually have somebody on the phone, a witness to this. it is chris young. chris, can you hear me okay? >> i can, scott. >> tell me what's going on there? >> right now i'm one block over to the west of jonathan avenue where it's actually occurring. it's between byerly and fine. s.w.a.t. members of trying to gain access to the backyard. it appears they have some type
11:43 am
of ram trying to get through the back fence into the backyard of the home on jonathan avenue. >> any idea, chris, what lives there, if they may be home at the time right now or with children? >> i don't know, vicky. earlier i walked the dog by the house and it was quiet. neighbors say they believe it's a custody battle. i guess one of the parents showed up earlier today and there was an arguments. again, that's hearsay but that's all i've heard. >> we're seeing from the pictures that the s.w.a.t. team is on the scene. what are you seeing in terms of how many law enforcement officers are there? >> there's got to be a dozen cars. i'm standing next to a canine car and two s.w.a.t. officers with one of the battering rams and entrance tools exactly behind the house one block to the west. >> chris, stay safe, we'll let you go. chris is himself a journalist, as you can probably tell. we will obviously continue to monitor this and, chris, if you do see anything happen, be sure
11:44 am
to tell us. but again, we do have a crew on the way. a helicopter as well. let's turn our attention now to rob mayeda who's been following the other big story of the day, the storms headed our way. >> right now we're watching conditions in the south bay that are mild and dry. 65 degrees, pretty fascinating storm that we have because the line between the rain and some heavy rain at that versus virtually nothing is pretty extreme around the bay area. 65, no rain in san jose. dublin relatively dry, a few sprinkles. 63 degrees. as you head over to san francisco, different commute entirely there. golden gate bridge you have some moderate rain that will take you into healdsburg where you saw more than 2 inches of rain has come down since just this morning around healdsburg, over towards guerneville going above 2 inches of rain. they average from 1.25 to 2 inches of rain. san francisco not that far away. less than a quarter inch of rain. you can see what has happened here. we've had the rain stall out
11:45 am
over the same spot dropping 1 to 2 inches of rain. while it hasn't moved much, just the outer fringe touching san francisco and oakland. that's why we're starting to see some rain showing up in the rain gauges. later on the rain that's in the north bay is going to try to make a move a little further to the south, we think around the central bay as we head towards the evening commute. you can see how san jose not seeing much but as we head toward 5:00, 6:00 tonight we'll begin to see some scattered showers into the south bay. watch what the rain band does here, lift back into the north bay keeping the rain pretty much ongoing into tomorrow morning. so high temperatures today around the south bay mid to upper 60s. not much in the way of rain but the rain odds increase. in the north because temperatures close to 60 in santa rosa, mid-60s in the tri-valley. now, the bigger punch of the first two systems comes in tomorrow morning. watch how the rain fills back in across the north bay and swings around the rest of the bay area around 8:00 to 9:00 tomorrow morning. rain changing to scattered
11:46 am
showers as we head towards the afternoon. these smaller cellular clouds and showers may indicate the cooler air aloft. some thundershowers could be in the mix tomorrow as things calm down heading into saturday but here comes round three for sunday. so it's a 1, 2, 3 punch for the bay area as we see wind and rain at times but the north bay getting the brunt of it. we're looking at 2 to tchs 5 inches of rain around ukiah. coastal hills could get as much as 6 inches of rain but those totals do drop off around the south bay. santa cruz mountains will see pretty heavy rains, just not today. flood stage could be reached in the russian river around guerneville. could go 2 feet above flood stage. we'll also watch the napa river going briefly above flood stage, about a quarter foot at that. that too will happen friday night. bay area wide we'll see the flash flood watches in effect through sunday evening as a stormy pattern continues. it looks like we'll catch a
11:47 am
little bit of a break once we pass monday. high pressure building in tuesday through friday of next week so that drying trend could have good timing after several days of rain setting up. as you can see here, the flash flood watch dealing with these three storms coming up the next three days, it's active all the way through 6:00 sunday evening. notice not just for the north bay but as the runoff increases across the peninsula hills and east bay hills, smaller creeks and streams, the central bay and parts of the south bay will begin to react to those heavier rains as we go through the weekend. something we'll be watching closely. back to you. we'll be back in just a minute as we continue to monitor this breaking news in willow glen in san jose. it's a hostage situation unfolding. >> stay with us. san jose police are at thsceof h
11:48 am
11:49 am
we continue to follow breaking news in san jose. san jose police on the scene of what appears to be a hostage situation in a willow glen neighborhood. >> that's all happening right now at the intersection of jonathan and pine.
11:50 am
according to neighbors, this may be stemming from a child custody battle. chris young joined us earlier. he is back live on the phone. chris, what's happening now. >> well, i just overheard a conversation between two of the s.w.a.t. officers and they have confirmed that there is a man with a gun in the house midblock between byerly and pine avenue. right now it's just a wait and see operation for the s.w.a.t. members. >> chris, you say that they have confirmed there is a man with a gun? is there anyone else in the house with him, a child or adult? do we know anymore? >> they would not confirm whether there was anyone else in the house but they did say it was a situation with a man with a gun in the house midblock on jonathan avenue between byerly and pine avenue. >> we don't know if it's a hostage situation or standoff situation at this point. what are neighbors being advised to do? >> no one is allowed down jonathan avenue. they're being advised to lock their doors and stay inside their homes until the situation is over. >> chris young is on the scene
11:51 am
for us there. we have a crew on the way as well as well as a helicopter. we'll continue to update you both here and online because we are sending breaking news alerts on our app as well. changing topics now, a mess of junk and debris that is not getting cleaned up and neighbors in a san francisco community say trash in front of a home is not only a eyesore, it's a health hazard. >> chuck coppola has more. >> reporter: these situations get extended in san francisco because city departments have to pay out of their own budgets for the city attorney to prosecute them. neighbors in glen park have complained for years about the tangle of plants, pots and cardboard boxes at this house on juice avenue. it also has a growing stockpile of lumber in the backyard that has neighbors worried. >> the amount of wood and other debris that is especially in the backyard, i worry about what happens if one night something sparks. >> reporter: neighbors say the yard attracts rodents. >> we have three children.
11:52 am
we would like to not have to live this way. >> reporter: after climbing over boards with nails, we found the owner in his backyard. he told us the lumber is for a retaining wall he hopes to build and privacy. >> i did it to create a screen. >> reporter: it's more than a screen or barricade. it's a war between neighbors. >> this was a living plant and they killed it. i leave it here. >> reporter: so you're leaving these here as a protest. >> somewhat. >> reporter: do you like this home the way it is today? >> i don't like it at all. >> reporter: what would you like it to be? what do you wish it could become. >> not a desert like this because you see come over to cut on this side just to make me jump out of my skin. >> reporter: city health and building inspectors come and go, but so far no action. >> when, you know, an inspection is about to come out, he'll clear, you know, kind of make a pathway, you know, to the door. maybe do a little pathway in the back, but then, you know, once
11:53 am
that's over and the inspectors go, oh, well, at least you have a pathway. >> even if the city attorney sees and is well aware of an extremely dangerous code violation, if they do not request the city attorney to file suit, the city attorney simply can't do it. >> really nice modern homes. as we continue to cheer the rain, people in louisiana are begging for it to stop. much of the northern part of the state is flooded already and the second round of heavy rain is just arriving. more than 5,000 families are said to be under a mandatory evacuation order because the by y -- bayou is approaching the top of a levee. water has reached the rooftops of some of the homes there. >> everything you see is gone. i've got a brand new roof on a house that's absolutely worthless. so me and my three kids lost everything today. >> severe weather is blamed for three deaths in the past few days. >> we'll be riot back with an
11:54 am
update on our breaks news out of willow glen. many people clean their dentures
11:55 am
with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
11:56 am
we're following breaking news in san jose. san jose police are now at the scene of a hostage situation in the willow glen neighborhood. this is unfolding near the intersection of jonathan and pine. >> now, hammer elementary and garza are in shelter in place. school police recommended to school administrators to activate a shelter in place. san jose police did not
11:57 am
necessarily ask them to. as a precaution. children are not in danger. if you have children at this elementary school stay away, but the kids will be fine. this apparently might stem from a child custody battle happening inside one of the homes here in willow glen. we'll continue to watch this and monitor this. rob, you're watching the weather. >> yeah, the rain in the north bay, 1 to 2 inches around guerneville, getting some reports that a road is having some flooding due to the rain but it doesn't appear at all in the south bay. we've got mild temperatures this afternoon, mid to upper 60s. most of the rain hung up north of the peninsula today but flash flood watches in effect now through sunday, 6:00, as we track three storms really aiming especially in the north bay. you can see complete coverage of the north bay counties under that flood watch. >> stay with us online as well as at we'll update all the news and weather right there.
11:58 am
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