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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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alert. right now heavy rain pummeling the north bay. live look at the golden gate bridge as another round of storms making its way through. the good morning and thank you so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. so much for easing into the weekend. a team scattered throughout the bay area as this wave of wet weather hits and let's start with meteorologist rob mayeda with a timeline of the latest storm. >> a significant change on where the focus of the heavier rain will be. you see it right there west of san francisco and around the peninsula. that's moderate to heavy rain for a change. it's going to aim in on the central and south bay during the morning commute. expect to see the rain and wind increasing through 7:00 a.m. and changing over to scattered showers by noon and isolated thunderstorms could be in play by mid-afternoon with the heating of the day and the cool air aloft moving through. a mess for the morning commute and probably into the evening commute, as well. >> we're looking right now to the evening commute and the high rise likely to get caught with
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some of the gusty winds that rob is talking about. eastbound off of that high rise and also looking for any slowing. i haven't seen anything live on our cameras but somewhere between the foster city camera and an incident going on eastbound across the bridge. you see a little slowing up that span and our live camera did not show any problems there. watching the rain to come in off the coast. so far light, easy drive. back to you. steph chuang live in the middle of the storm and looks like you're fairly drive for the time being, stephanie. one place where flood concerns are elevated, stephanie. >> yeah, fairly dry, sam. although the rain just started coming down a couple minutes ago. we're in penn grove north of petaluma. so, no real rain yet we're told by rob it is really going to hit more mid morning. this is one of the water ways getting attention with flash flood warnings and pretty tame right now as you can see. this does flow into the petaluma river. it runs, though, across parts of
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101 and stony point road. the people who live along that area are continuing to monitor the creek's levels because the creek runs next to their houses. firefighters have also been keeping a close eye since yesterday morning. they say the saturated grounds hit by multiple storms can only take so much and that's why they're checking the real-time radar to stay ahead of any flooding. >> we can absorb little bits of rain when the rivers are really high and the system will handle that. but if our systems are full and we have another rain event coming, then we're going to have problems. >> and business owners have been preparing with the usual measures. many of those people remember when the creek flooded downtown in 2005. that caused about $30 million in damages to not just businesses but homes, as well. the flood stage there for the creek is 11.5 feet. yesterday it peaked at about just over five feet. right now we checked, it's just
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around four feet. so, the concern though is that a lot of rain, a lot of waters could overwhelm and change the levels very quickly. we have a flash flood watch in effect for the north bay. that runs through the weekend. live here in penbrooke. stephanie chuang. triggering school closures in the far north bay. monte rio union school and guerneville school and harmony elementary and salmon creek charter school, as well. as another round of storms hits the bay area, union pacific crews taking extra precautions after an h train derailed four days ago. >> kris sanchez live in fremont with how they're trying to keep passengers safe amid all of this wet weather. >> well, good morning to you. union pacific inspectors say they will be out on the tracks any time that there is flash flooding that is possible for the area and that certainly is the case for later today. you've seen the radar with your own eyes.
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inspectors were out last night looking along the track for debris and rising water, particularly in the niles canyon area where the ace train derailed four days ago. those close inspections do take some time. trips from san jose to stockton were delayed about a half hour last night. the service this morning is westbound, so they are headed in our direction from stockton. we talk with a passenger about having to wait and considering he was on that train that derailed on monday night said he didn't mind. >> you know, i really appreciate them doing that. i would rather be late than be dead. >> well, the cause of monday's derailment was determined to be a mudslide. i just talked with rob mayeda who said the rains will be heavy in the fremont area and along the track leading into stockton and they could pace trains throughout the afternoon and certainly into this morning. the rain is going countercommute.
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the trains are coming this direction and going that direction. still, if there is a possibility of flooding, inspectors will be out on the rails. >> kris, thanks so much. as you track severe weather, as simple as downloading nbc bay area app. you can also follow us on facebook and twitter. 5:05 right now. authorities in fremont are examining a bone unearthed at a construction site. workers found a bone on tuesday, maybe a human arm bone near a new apartment complex at fremont boulevard and thornton avenue. at this point the coroner's office is only saying that the bone is from a human being. well a peaceful protest filled san francisco's mission district last night after a verdict that rocked the community. a federal jury cleared four police officers yesterday of using excessive force when they shot and killed alex nieto two years ago. he was gunned down in 2014 and
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officers fired after what they thought he pulled a gun that turned out to be a taser. he was struck 14 times. supporters of the family say despite yesterday's verdict, their fight is far from over. 5:05, happening today, hundreds are expected to attend today's funeral for nancy reagan. first lady michelle obama and former president george w. bush and several dignitaries will be attending. you can watch it live on nancy reagan died on sunday of congestive heart failure. she was 94 years old. casket inches away from her beloved. back to our microclimate weather alert. a little bit of shaking with the bay bridge and a live look at san rafael. another wet morning commute. >> there's more of where that came from. let's turn to meteorologist rob mayeda for timeline of these incoming storms. >> what's a little bit different this morning the heavy rain lining up off shore west of san
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francisco and eventually spilling into the south bay. as we head into the morning commute, the yellow and orange on the radar and heavy rain that will slide on in. on top of that, a wind advisory heig highlighting the central and south bay. widespread rain for the morning transitioning to scattered showers and the increasing potential for some thunderstorms as we move into the afternoon. a cooler day around the bay area. temperatures not near 70 like we saw yesterday in san jose, but upper 50s to low 60s. chance of scattered showers and thundershowers off and on during the day today as we see the rainfall projections adding up, again. notice the north bay between now and through the midpoint of the weekend. another two to three inches of rain. for the weekend ahead, storm number two comes in saturday. storm number three comes in sunday. before things begin to dry out approaching monday of next week. but in the meantime, a very soggy and windy commute with the latest. here's mike. >> we see the wet roadways and
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the water kicking up and the top of your screen, big raindrops coming down and typically we see a mist moving sideways and the drops are coming straight down and that is a factor of the commute. we'll look at your map, not affecting the speeds as far as the bulk of the traffic flow and those individual traffic flows and spinouts reported. the green highlighting on your map and those are your areas slicker with more rain on the road and the bottom of your screen, eastbound 92 and reports of that crash and possibly a second one. although i've seen no slowing and no activity on our cameras there. we see a drier road as far as the road weather index goes and highway 1 reports of a small mudslide right along the coast, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, a crisis in police staffing. the new troubles that are facing the embattled san jose police department. and getting ahead of the next storm. how san francisco city leaders are trying to combat rising sea levels. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit?
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call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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good friday morning to you. heavy rain moving across the peninsula and south of san francisco and intense rain rates on the coast that will make a big impact on your morning commute across the central and south bay over the next hour. we're looking over towards fremont where traffic moves
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well. the roads here are dry, but look at that flag lower left-hand corner. that flag is moving out. the winds are a factor and so are the north bay rains. we're watching the coast, as we well, watch highway 1, guys. peaceful ending to a tense day and a popular san jose neighborhood. >> a man surrendered after a six-hour long standoff with police in willow glen yesterday. a women called police saying her soon to be ex-husband was holding their daughter at gunpoint inside of her home. the girl was released after about two hours, but the man remained barricaded inside of the home. nobody was hurt and that man is now in custody this morning. san jose city leaders are sounding the alarm police staffing reaching crisis level. mandatory overtime to ensure that staffing levels are met. mayor sam licardo joined an angry police chief that the effort to stifle pensions keep
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away officers. >> tired officers can make mistakes. that's a reality. however, we don't have a choice at this point. >> it doesn't appear like there is any real solution in sight. meantime, more trouble this morning in the solar industry. >> a leading solar installer says its growth is slowing but you see solar panels on houses all over the bay area. >> solar companies are having trouble in other states. they have pulled out of states like nevada, not doing business there at all because of changes in state laws. sun run reported profits last night the bay area company said growth would slow this year. the stock is down 40% on the year. it is important, though, to make the distinction when a company says dproeth is slowing. that's different than business is slowing. when growth slows, you're still getting bigger. this year is better than last, but the change is not as significant.
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the national highway traffic safety administration says it wants to see more information on thatoogle car crash in mountain view. we have been saying all along this minor fender bender is way more significant than it first appeared. google engineers will also go before congress next week, not to talk about the crash per se, but autonomous cars in general. the news before the bell, landon dowdy joins us. >> good morning to you, stock, as well. stock futures indicating a stronger open. saw the dow and s&p 500 come off their lows to close basically flat after the european central bank announced its decision to cut rates and expand quantitative easing. the dow heading down five points to 16995. the nasdaq down 12 to 4662. scott, back over to you. >> thanks, landon. liquid robotic a cool company we talked about before make sea going robots call wave
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gliders that use the power of the waves to measure the ocean. well, this morning, liquid robotics says its robots have traveled more than a million miles. the equivalent of crossing the pacific 46 times all without using a drop of fuel. you know, guys, we talk about convalley in general and sometimes i forget or we forget that there are companies beyond google and facebook that are doing absolutely amazing things. >> fascinating, right in our backyard. >> most of them are doing it with robots. >> robots are the new thing. when it comes to limiting potential problems from rising sea levels, san francisco trying to think proactively here. city agencies are now developing a rising sea levels action plan. if current estimates hold over the next 85s, sea levels could threaten property and land. that damage could cost the city tens of billions of dollars. san francisco's planning condition will get its first look at the plan during a meeting later today. it is 5:15 right now.
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ski resorts are certainly looking forward to this weekend. the sierra expecting up to two feet of snow. look at what goes along with it, though. some traffic. a winter storm watch for the lake tahoe area for saturday afternoon through monday morning. if you are thinking of going up, be sure to pack your chains and most likely your patience, as well. i know we hate that phrase. >> well, no, but, really, people heading up. will they be able to head back down? >> that's the issue. we're looking at two feet of snow over the next and the math you're going to see is going to be amazing how much snow will come down. as you see right now, bridge breezy but we'll jump right to the sierra forecast because these numbers as we show you in the futurecast haven't seen anything like it. look at kingville 43 inches of snow and about three to four feet of snow could come down and with the wind out there you may find avalanche controls going up and that amount of snow coming
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down benow and sunday, 5:00. that's great news for the sierra snow pack and excellent news for the ski and an issue as we go through the weekend. tough commute around san francisco. wind and rain right now. 50s outside but what is different about the radar this morning, ask you the rain in the north bay, but the heavy rain is really going to focus across the central and south bay as we go through the morning commute this band of heavier showers approaching the coast and as we go trhrough the morning the potential for some thunderstorms moving into the afternoon. a cooler weather system that will bring the chance of those thunderstorms across the bay area today of highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. widespread rain for the first half of the day. scattered showers for the afternoon and a cool finish to today and a cool start as we move into the weekend. we'ring at highs in the 60s with storm, too, for saturday. another storm for sunday as they're lined up here in the pacific. we're beginning to see some changes. stormy conditions through monday and then high pressure builds back in. you see the changes at the
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bottom of the screen at your seven-day forecast. yes, early next week as it gets to tuesday and wednesday that's when the dry weather returns. numbers back in the 60s and 70s and meantime now and between the end of the weekend, a lot of rain coming down and areas that are already very saturated in the north bay which is leading to more problems now, not just for the smaller streams and creeks, but now the larger main stream rivers out towards napa county and sonoma county and the latest on that and our microteam coverage and send it to anthony slaughter who has a look at st. helena who is approaching flood stage. >> we are looking at the napa river and that is the one we want to start off with.graphic notice it is going to be above flood stage. a couple feet above flood and that could mean for some not only bank flooding, but street flooding, as well. in guerneville the russian river is expected to crest tomorrow a
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couple feet above flood stage and about one foot shy of moderate flooding, which would lead to some closures along highway 116. this would happen tomorrow in guerneville the napa river is expected to crest today in st. helena. make sure you're taking precautions as we move through the day with this next batch of heavy rain moving through. let's see how it's moving on the roads right now with mike. >> good. talking about feet of water being a problem and even inches of water is a problem for the drive so far. the north bay getting stoked right now and wind more of a factor with the san mateo bridge and westbound a good volume of traffic, as well. westbound somewhere around this high rise reports of someone having a flat tire and blocking a lane. expect some slowing and let's look at your as you come across from the hayward sign side to the peninsula. still green on the map. wet roadways and the blue over there at half moon bay where rob was talking about the rain coming in off the ocean that is
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where we're getting soaked right now. meanwhile, south of there, it was not a mudslide, it was a tree down and that was actually caused by a truck hitting that tree and the rest of your roadways are moving well because it's a friday. lighter volume of traffic. wet roads continue for the east bay, as well. watch those slick, slippery conditions and lower visibility through parts of the north bay. we'll show you san rafael which does look like it's all right and notice the glow for the lights and water on either side where the surface streets are lit up a problem for traction and visibility. we'll track it, guys, back to you. >> we'll count on you. thanks so much. fewer fights and more substance. a break down of last night's gop debate and plus the allegations of violence in the trump campaign. when we're in an nbc microclimate weather alert, we made it easy for you to get the very latest information on your smartphone. click on the bar that says weather alert and that will take you right to what you need to know right when you need to know
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it. i'm scott budman. that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888 -996-tips or oe-mail theunit@nbcbay nbc bay area, we investigate. also happening today. japan remt
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disasters, the happening today. an anniversary across the world. japan remembering one of its worst disaster. the five-year anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami. 18,000 people were killed and
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this was back in 2011. today japan's emperor and empress joined the prime minister to remember the victim at a memorial in tokyo. the dog whisperrer under investigation tonight for possible animal cruelty this from an incident on thiz tv show seizer 911. in a recent episode he used a live pig as part of a training session with a dog that had previously attacked two pigs. the bit the pig's ear. animal control tried to talk to milan but he was out of town. the show's network defends milan saying that clip was taken completely out of context. milan has 24 hours to get in touch with authorities. calm and civil, not adjectives we typically use to describe gop debates but that was the surprise tone of the republican debate last night in florida. >> tracie potts, candidates behaved last night. >> yeah, much more civil on stage. maybe not at some of these
5:25 am
rallies, though. that has become an issue. new reaction from donald trump after the debate last night about als that his campaign manager got some sort of altercation with a reporter. donald trump expecting an endorsement from former rival ben carson. and late last night, defending his campaign manager saying a reporter fabricated claims that he roughed her up, leaving bruises. >> how did it get there? do you know how they got there? not much rough in this debate. >> i can't believe how civil it's been up here. >> they stuck to issues, often three against one with trump alone on social security, cuba, taxing china, banning muslims and a two-state solution for israel. >> he's right about the problems but his solutions don't work. >> reporter: marco rubio desperate to win florida holds a rally. >> i'm not interested in
5:26 am
being -- >> only two of us that have any mathematical path to get. >> reporter: a moment of civility in what continues to be a tense race. watching the democrats, especially bernie sanders busy day for him. he starts out in north carolina, goes to ohio and then illinois and by the way, of course, hillary clinton hoping to clinch ohio to make up for that loss in michigan. >> sanders right now riding a wave of momentum. tracie potts, thank you. the president and mrs. obama hosting a state dinner to welcome the canadian prime minister and his wife. >> the first time in 19 years that a canadian prime minister has made an official state visit to the united states. while both president obama and each also spoke of the long alliance between the two countries. both president obalma and the canadian prime minister said their friends that admire each other's achievements. coming up next, a historoic day in southern california. dozens of people flocking to
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attend former first lady nancy reagan's funeral. how people plan to honor her legacy later today. right now on your microclimate weather alert heavy rain and south of san francisco rates of half inch per hour now crossing the peninsula and the latest on the rain totals and flood watches in the bay area, coming up. and i'm stephanie chuang live north of petaluma where the rain is off, again. but there is still keconcerns o possible flooding and we have all those details when "today in the bay" continues.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. as heavy raicomes down
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sheets iparts othe bay ar.. that alert coming as heavy rain coming down in sheets in parts of the bay area. a live look right now at the golden gate bridge. you can see some of that rain in the lamp lights there. the storm passing through as we speak and there is more wet weather to come. good morning on this friday, thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. as the wave of wet weather hits, first, let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda for the timeline of this latest storm. >> the timeline bringing in heavy rain across the peninsula and south bay and very interesting looking rain rates here. once you get into orange and red, what does that mean? rain coming down more than an inch per hour and that is going to cause roadway flooding there right along highway 84 approaching 101 in redwood city. mike will have the latest on that in just a moment. see this morning some of the heavy rain is targeting the
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central and south bay. flash flood watch through the weekend and wind advisory and gusts up to 45 miles per hour can make things tough around the bay this morning. mike? >> we'll focus on the san mateo bridge at least the look and the high rise is where you typically get caught by those winds and east/west bridges and the golden gate bridge which is getting rain right now and looking pretty smooth drive, but a stall reported as we look at your map. mid-span on the chp report and i don't any slowing but a little bit of the slowing at the toll mrauza and green where it is damp. look over on the coastal side. highway 1 getting hit with a lot of rain and moving over towards 280. scattered reports of small trees down and mudslides. and that's pretty far on the north bay. the main commute routes just watch that through san rafael and fremont shows the flag moving very well. the fremont camera would show you the winds whipping around, guys. send it back tayou. >> thank you, mike.
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lets go to "today in the bay" stephanie chuang in the middle of the storm and, stephanie, you're clearly prepared. how are things looking out there? >> prepared as best i can be. things are good in terms as they could be and back off now so it is dry. people are keeping a close eye on water roadways like this. they haven't seen it this full in a while and adding if it rains for about a week, that's with when the problem starts. that's what their experience tell them. people are being ving vigilant across the north bay, meantime. the sandbags are out. many of those people remember when the creek flooded downtown in 2005 causing $30 million in damage to businesses and homes. the flood stage there is 11.5 feet. yesterday the creek peaked at five feet and now four. the large amount rain, those levels can change pretty quickly. >> get out and i get the flood gates across the street and
5:33 am
start putting them up and just go from there. >> back here live, we're at the creek, again, and nearby willowbrook creek are at the top of the list for petaluma firefighters to watch. firefighters have also been keeping a close eye since yesterday morning and that's why they're checking real-time radar to stay ahead of any flooding. by the way, there is a flash flood watch in effect for the north bay and that runs through 6:00 sunday night. of course, rob will have all the details throughout the morning. live here in pengrove, stephanie chuang. >> weather concerns are also triggering school closures today in the far north bay. four schools are closed in sonoma county. monte rio union school and guerneville school and harmony elementary and salmon creek charter school. 5:33 right now. with the rain comes slick conditions, not only on the
5:34 am
roadways but on the track. union pacific crews taking precautions after an ace train derailed four days ago. >> how they're trying to keep passengers safe amid all this wet weather. good morning, kris. >> good morning, laura. good morning, sam. the winds have picked up so far here in fremont, but we're still pretty dry. that is going to change and that is why union pacific inspectors will be out on the railline because they're going to look at the rail lines any time there is a possibility of flash flooding. now, they were out along those lines inspecting the tracks last night, looking for debris and rising water. particularly in niles canyon where that ace train derailed four days ago and the cause was determined to be a mudslide. those close inspections do take some time and trips from san jose to stockton were delayed about a half hour last night. we talked with a passenger who was having to wait and considering she was on the train that derailed monday night, she said she didn't mind.
5:35 am
>> you know, i really appreciate them doing that. i don't care if i'm late. i would rather be late than be dead. >> now for your point reference, this morning's train will be rolling into fremont here from the west. so, rather from the east. so, opposite the storm's path. now ace inspectors say they will go out any time that flash flooding is a possibility. i did talk with rob mayeda earlier and i'm pestering him all morning as well as steph is, i'm sure. rain will be heavy here, finally, in fremont and along the train route. so, be prepared for some pacing this morning. in fremon, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> rob mayeda is a good choice, he has a great temperament. tracking this severe weather is as simple as downloading our free nbc bay area app. just click on the weather tab to find live doppler radar and you can also follow us on facebook
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and twitter. police investigating a deadly shooting in richmond's iron triangle. happened at 6:00 p.m. yesterday between first and second street. the victim has not been identified. police said he was walking when someone shot him. no arrests have been made. today the san leandro man accused of leaving racist graffiti at a school district office will face a judge. the 21-year-old seen here told officers that he voiced support for white supremacy and he knew that graffiti would cause terror. the message was found monday morning on a san lea indro and blurred out the words and the message has since been removed. now that san francisco has passed on $80 million for a new jail, one group begins a new effort to try to grab that cash anyway. supervisors in december said thanks, but no thanks to the state grant that would have helped pay for a new jail facility. the no new sf jail ligz meets
5:37 am
for the first time today with a mission to reenvision the replacement project with a focus on community alternatives. eventually, the group hopes to pitch the state on its plan and use that grant money to cover the cost. san francisco new tuo rules eventually getting signed into law, that includes raising the minimum smoking age from 18 to 1. mayor ed lee will sign that legislation today. the bill was approved earlier in the month and goes into effect in june. meantime, state lawmakers are also following in san francisco's footsteps or maybe the other way around. just yesterday they also approved raising the smoking age up to 21. that bill, the statewide one heads to the governor's desk. governor brown hasn't said, though, whether or not he is going to sign it into law. back to our microclimate weather alert. a live look at jose and the bay bridge this morning. south bay still pretty dry right now and further north the latest system is really packing a punch. >> seeing it punch right along on the peninsula. more where that came from. rob mayeda tracking your
5:38 am
timeline of the incoming storms. >> right there in the golden gate bridge and south down the peninsula and approaching the south bay. 56 degrees currently in san francisco and the radar does show you some rain across the north bay, but the heavier rain at least right now setting up around redwood city. you can see orange and red on the radar as you look at the rainfall rates coming down per hour. more than 1.25. 1.3 per hour. that type of rainfall in a short amount of time will cause roadway flooding along 82 and highway 81 as that rain line continues to progress. notice the rain starting to fill in around san jose and that mois x moisture into the south bay and brings widespread rain for the morning commute. and for the evening commute, looking at a chance of some thunderstorms. widespread wind and rain from about 9:00 a.m. until about noon and then scattered showers and cool temperatures today. you see the numbers there. upper 50s to near 60 for high temperatures. jacket will be just fine today and for the weekend, as well.
5:39 am
storm two and storm three arrive adding to those rainfall totals in the north bay which between now and the next four to eight hours could add another two to four inches of rain which means roadway flooding still an issue if into the weekend. mike. >> looking at palo alto. we zoomed in to see any rain on the roadway. rob did show you the radar further north and getting over an inch an hour. that rate will be an issue for the morning commute and quickly turning from green to blue more water on the roadway and then 280 over towards woodside and we're watching 101 get some of that rain over the next few. rob mentioned the alameda in san jose and we got flooding last time just off of 880. track our usual suspects throughout the morning and bay bridge metering lights on and now a few drops on the lens. back to you guys sglp thank you, mike. happening now, saying the final good-bye to former first lady nancy reagan. her funeral will be attended by the current first lady a former president and, of course, other
5:40 am
dignitaries. >> annette is live in simi valley this morning. she is going to be buried, as laura mentioned, right next to her husband at the presidential library. >> that's right. and the actual burial will be taking place in the evening. but in just a couple of hours dignitaries from around the world along with family and celebrity friends will gather here at the reagan presidential library to remember the honor and legacy of the late nancy reagan. over the past two days, 5,000 visitors flocked to the reagan library to pay their final respects to the former first lady. and as guests were being shuttled in and out of the li, the staff here continues to work around the clock, making sure that all of the finishing touches were in place for today's official funeral service. now, crews have set up tents in case it rains. parking spots have already been assigned to the 1,000 plus guests who will be in attendance. among them first lady michelle
5:41 am
obama and mrs. clinton. former president george w. bush and mrs. bush and president obama will not be at the funeral. he will be traveling to texas, where he will be speaking at an engagement scheduled for today. now, library official os did point out that a family member from each presidential family going back to the kennedys will be here at the funeral service, including caroline kennedy, steven ford, linda johnson and trisha nixon cox. coming up in the next hour, we will be talking about all those very personal details that will be seen here at the funeral service at mrs. reagan's request. after all, she was the one who planned all of this out. that is the very latest reporting live from the ronald reagan library in simi valley. we'll send it back to you guys. >> thank you very much. classy until the end. rest in peace. 5:41 right now. coming up, a pesky problem that is costing airlines. how they're trying to get rid of too many bugs slamming into the windshield of the plane.
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>> sounds gross. the already unfriendly fight between the fbi and apple gets a lot unfriendlier. we'll take a look coming up in "business and tech."
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right now hevier rain of san francisco approaching san jose with rain rates per hour exceeding one inch at times likely having a big impact on your peninsula commute around palo alto and into woodside this morning. mike? >> rob, that's looking like big
5:45 am
deal on our maps. north bay getting slammed all morning. southbound as we're picking up the volume of traffic through san rafael. a concern for drivers and local flooding in some of the smaller roadways further north and along that peninsula as rob has been talking about. san mateo getting hammered and watch 280, guys. we're tracking your commute. >> those conditions are changing and we'll hear from rob and mike in five minutes. in the meantime a.r.t. powell street station getting a $7 million makeover. an upgrade computer generated. b.a.r.t. directors approved the plan yesterday. the station's 43 years young and for years crews have been removing asbestos from the ceiling, leaving gaps in it. now it's all going to be smoothed over and new lighting will also be put in. that project starts in june and it will last about a year. turns out, too many bugs you mentioned this are slamming into planes and it's costing airlines big bucks. >> it's interesting, apparently slows the planes down forcing the jets to use more gas. but nasa has a solution, a bug
5:46 am
repellent. patenting substances that act like nonstick cookware. it allows air flow to more smoothly flow over the wings and fuselage improving efficiency. no word on when that bug repellent will be available for the airlines to use. who whaz to climb the ladder taput it on. >> hopefully it doesn't smell like the real bug repellent. the dispute between the fbi and apple has never been friendly, but has gotten a whole lot less friendly. >> accusations at the cupertino company. >> this came in the latest court filing in the san bernardino case. the fbi says apple is refusing to open an iphone used by the shooter syed farook because it wants to protect its company in china. one single iphone. just one. this was not about opening a lot of phones, something repeated in
5:47 am
the legal brief today. take a look in the court statement from the fbi. it says apple desperately wants desperately it repeats itself needs this case to be about not to be about one isolated iphone. but the truth is, we have gotten mixed messages from the justice department and the obama administration about whether this case is really about one iphone or not. other prosecutors like state prosecutors in new york have definitely said, if apple loses, they'll want to use that technology to open lots of oiphones. sam and laura, i know what you want an update on man versus machine. a google computer versus a professional go player. and the computer is up two games to zero. bad news this morning, they haven't played the third game yet. >> we have been waiting. >> i was able to find some video of a machine beating a regular human at a game. do we have that video? can we show it to you now?
5:48 am
here we go. here we go. you'll see this machine. watch this, it's incredible. regular humans are like, i have no idea what's even happening here. we'll continue to watch this machine and the in south korea, as well. and update you on that. >> that one. we were looking at tickets yesterday. we are trying to get a group together. >> he is a robot, right? is there human blood flowing there? >> he has a computer panel in his back. time to move on. if your co-worker seems more punchy come monday, a very good explanation for that. don't forget daylight savings time starts on sunday. that means that at 2:00 a.m., yeah, we lose an hour of sleep. who isn't happy about that. we'll spring one hour ahead and also means one less hour of sleep for a lot of us. we need a spike in grumpiness. although this crew is very, very rarely grumpy. laura is never grump, mike, i don't know about you. >> i don't think i've ever seen
5:49 am
you grumpy. >> because you've never come my house. >> monday morning we will see. >> groceries, make dinner. >> okay, well, it is friday. something to be happy about. but, boy, the morning commute could be a rough one for people making them grumpy. a lot of rain, which is good thing. >> our slowing times on the travel as you can see around the bay area this san francisco and the rain rates per hour that is the real story this morning. rain that is musk fairly quickly but falling at a rate where you're seeing instant ponding on the roads. here from san francisco and heavier showers moving into the north bay san rafael and approaching vallejo here over the next half hour or so and heading out to point richmond and san pablo and to the south, this is where we're seeing heavier showers around san mateo. these showers heading over towards the east bay and fremont will see that line head into the east bay and notice this finally now the south bay santa cruz mountains seeing a lot of rain
5:50 am
coming down for this morning and widespread rain to start. transitioning to scattered showers and as cool air starts to rotate in, a chance of thunderstorms. the main event, widespread rain for the morning and for the afternoon, scattered showers and a chance of an isolated thundershower and even the evening commute dodging downpours at times. no more tropical air and replaced by cooler, polar air as we say sweeping in from the gulf of alarvega. chance of some thunder at times today and we've got more rain for you as we head into the weekend and for the sierra today, not a lot of snow today. as this colder air arrives this weekend, looking at three to four feet in the high country while the bay area sees showers for saturday and then heavier rain due in on sunday as we continue to watch these systems march on through. we continue to see them stacking up there in the pacific, but there's some signs we may see some changes. see it there at the seven-day foraecast at the bottom of your
5:51 am
screen. middle part of the week we see the rain come back in and drier as we head towards the beginning of next week and between now and the end of the weekend, those rain rates really ramping up, once again. rain totals in the north bay getting up to about two to three inches at times. as we get into sunday morning. look at those areas in red. that kind of rain on satched ground leading to some problems in napa county along the napa river. >> good morning, rob. we were talking about some of the flood concerns along the napa river. give you an update along with what's happening as we're looking at this napa river in st. helena expected to crest at 17.3 feet. that is about two feet above flood stage and very close to flooding some local streets in that area. along that, we've seen some very heavy rain on the north bay. yesterday it rained all day long and it still raining and more heavy rain expected to move through. sebastopol close to 4 inches and most of the north bay saw
5:52 am
anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 inches of rain and now we're getting new rainfall amounts that show guerneville up to 5 inches. and oakland same deal and even san francisco, bone dry. see rain and maybe an inch or more in the south bay later on this afternoon. moving in right now, mike, how is it looking on those roads? >> just moved the camera and over here foster city, you see the sign pointing over towards the bridge. hayward side and want to get zoomed in and we're having trouble. i think the rain and the wind is actually taking that camera out from time to time. over here in that area, we see the wet roadways and anthony telling us san mateo and over an inch of water in a very short period of time. el camino and highway 92 and the commute will start to build. friday lighter flow right now and the green speed indicators all over the bay and the blue that continues to move over the peninsula more ponding and puddling at rates like anthony and rob were talking about.
5:53 am
a big issue for our drive. we don't have a big drive right now. the bay bridge toll plaza has the metering lights on and slowing through the north bay and our sensors are moving well. show you the live shot and we'll just with this shot with the water on the lens and the toll plaza filled in. watch the slick conditions because the off ramps off of freeway speeds and ease off of the brakes, guys. back to you. 5: 53 right now. all the rain is prompting san francisco leaders to open pop-up homeless shelters through monday. the city agency is working to provide the homeless more beds. pop-up shelters will open at five locations. that's in addition to shelters that are already open until the end of the winter season. we're going to, of course, stay on top of this storm throughout the morning, both on air and online. a good way to stay up to date on your weather is happening in your neighborhood all you have to do is download our free nbc bay area app.
5:54 am
coming up next, holding the powerful accountable. the contractor cleaning up radiation at hunter's point won't talk, but a former worker is breaking his silence claiming there's a cover up. and happening now, the leading edge of this next rain storm already drenching parts of the north bay. that is where our steph chuang is live this morning keeping an eye on water levels. steph is also posting updates on our twitter feed. in just a few minutes we'll be posting our morning alerts. sign up for alerts on our nbc bay area app. some pretty amazing video o of
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
southern california - ashundreds video out of southern california. look at those flames. hundreds of firefighters battling a massive warehouse fire. this blaze broke out last night at the 70,000 square foot commercial building and part of that building collapsed and amazingly no one was injured. the cause of that investigation is still under investigation. japan remembers one of its worst disasters. today is the five-year anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami. 18,000 people were killed and the earthquake and tsunami led to the meltdown of the nuclear reactor. today's japan's emperor and empress join the prime minister to remember the victims at a memorial in tokyo. now to an investigative unit
5:58 am
exclusive, former workers at hunter's point in san francisco raising questions about the safety of othe radiation cleanup. >> it is a former radiation control technician who says he can't be trusted. vicky nguyen joins us with the latest revelation. >> anthony smith worked on and off at hunter's point as a radiation control technician. he says at first he was proud of the work, but that all changed in 2009. he sclams tetra tech did not properly test soil samples for radiation. says he winced supervisors altering computer data to pass off radio active dirt as clean. smith says he was also ordered to get rid of hundreds of samples from areas that may have been contaminated. he claimed his supervisors him to submit samples that had already been cleaned. we first exposed concerns of radiation at hunter's point two years ago. tetra tech has been awarded in cleanup contracts and so far the
5:59 am
company has ignored our requests to explain what is going on. see our full report and a slide show of the area that smith says he thinks needs to be retested for radiation and all online right now at and just click on the investigation's tab. >> good if you have a tip, give us a call or send us an e-mail. a man known for his work with animals is under investigation for animal cruelty. from an incident on his tv show. in a recent episode, he used a live pig as part of a training session with a dog that had previously attacked two pigs. animal control tried to talk to him last night but he was out of town. the show's network defends milan saying the clip was taken out of context. he has 24 hours now to get in touch with authorities. and right now it's a microclimate alert that starts our weather cover oage here. approaching 6:00 we are tracking
6:00 am
heavy rain and gusty wind arriving just in time for the morning commute. the latest on our flood totals and watches coming up. it's raining here in the north bay. i'm stephanie chuang north of petaluma where there are also flash flood warnings in effect. all the details coming up for you. i'm kris sanchez in fremont where there could be delays on the ace train rail line. we'll show you why. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> and a good morning. usually we are feeling it on a friday. today we are feeling wet on a friday. i'm sam brock. >> if you're not now, you will be. strong winds hitting much of the bay area right now. take a live look at our satellite radar this friday morning. a lot of green. >> deep yellows and oranges, too. our "today in the bay" is here to help you get out the door this morning and let's get to rob mayeda who has


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