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tv   Today  NBC  March 11, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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hour. >> in the meantime, we mentioned the wind kicking up, too join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. no matter what happens, it is the weekend right now. >> change your clocks on sunday. good morning. playing nice. good morning. playing nice. >> i cannot believe how civil it has been out here. >> the republican presidential hopefuls abandon nasty insults and stick to the issues at last night's debate. while donald trump addrees accusations of growing violence at his campaign events. is he doing enough to discourage it. states of emergency. the death toll grows from historic flooding. rain measured in feet. rivers swelling to all-time highs. no relief in sight.
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final farewell. nancy reagan's funeral being held in california today being remembered by family and friends from washington to hollywood as she is laid to rest next to her beloved husband. star studded affair at the white house honoring the canadian prime minister. malia and sasha make their state dinner debut. today friday, march 11, 2016. from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a friday morning. along with tamron hall filling in while savannah guthrie is off. you like basketball? >> love it. i love the plaza crowd. >> this is a great time of year here. got the tournament in brooklyn and big east tournament at
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madison square garden. they came to play. we will get outside there later in the show. let's start this friday morning with the presidential race and the surprising display of civility at the final debate before nextu tuesday's high stakes primary. it was a striking turn around. we have complete coverage including controversy for donald trump. let's start with peter alexander. >> reporter: good morning to you. this may have been the last opportunity for john kasich and marco rubio. no more mudslinging. just within the last hour donald trump picked up another new endorsement trying to cast himself as the candidate best positioned to unite and grow the republican party. >> i just want to introduce dr. ben carson. >> this morning another former presidential candidate has joined team trump. >> donald trump talks a lot
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about making america great. he means it. >> trump looking to shore up republican support. >> so far i cannot believe how civil it has been up here. >> reporter: instead of insults a substantive battle over immigration, trade and foreign policy following controversial comments that islam hates the west. donald tmp refused to back down. >> i mean a lot of them. >> i like the solve problems. we have a serious, serious problem. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm interested in being correct. we are going to have to work together with muslims who are not radical. >> inanswer is not simply to yell china bad, muslims bad. you have to understand the nature of the threats we are facing. >> trump at times striking a
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conciliatory tone dismissing the likelihood of a contested convention. >> i think i will have the delegates. >> writing off marco rubio and john kasich's chances. >> two of us that can and two cannot. >> you have to earn the delegates in order to be picked. let's not get ahead of ourselves. >> reporter: try telling that to trump. >> i beat hillary in many polls. each week i get better and better. i haven't started on her yet. >> but that is not really true. clinton has beaten trump head to head in all but three of 20 polls. cruz squeezing in a shot. >> what an incredible nation we have that the son of a bartender and son of a dish washer and a successful businessman can stand on this stage. >> donald trump indicated he believes there have been enough debates. this may have been the last time
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we see all republican candidates sharing the stage. >> thank you. >> another issue brought up at the debate the violence we have seen at donald trump's recent campaign events including this in north carolina where a man sucker punched a protester. ja hallie jackson has that part of the story. >> donald trump is on defense about accusations his campaign manager roughed up a reporter. overnight trump standing by his top aid with concerns growing about the tone of his campaign events. >> it's this shot caught on camera that has donald trump facing new fire. you can see the supporter sucker punching a protester telling inside edition -- >> the next time we see him we might have to kill him. >> mcgraw later arrested for assault. the protester.
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>> as soon as i turned he hit me in the eye. >> reporter: trump addressed the issue head on in last night's debate. >> i do not condone that at all. >> trump's campaign telling nbc news we are not involved in the incident and that it takes significant measures to ensure the safety of all attendees. trump himself sometimes seems to fan the flames. >> you know what they used to do to guys like that? they would be carried out on a stretcher, folks. like to punch him in the face. >> we have some protesters who are bad dudes. they have done bad things. they are swinging. they are really dangerous. >> and now new questions about what happened between a reporter for conservative website and trump's campaign manager accused of grabbing the arm of michelle fields during a media scrump. politico releasing audio
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apparently witnessed by washington post reporter. >> fields tweeting a picture of her bruises telling abc news -- >> it has been really hurtful because no one wants to be touched and violated like that. >> trump himself standing behind his campaign manager. >> i have secret service agents all over. nobody saw it happen. nobody complained. i know this guy. >> reporter: and questioning the reporter's account. >> i wasn't involved in it but secret service said nothing happened. everybody said nothing happened. perhaps she made the story up. i think that is what happened. >> reporter: and new this morning trump's campaign manager is accusing fields of making it all up in a tweet calling her delusional and claiming he never touched her and never even met her. >> thank you.
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chuck todd is moderator of meet the press in ohio ahead of next tuesday's critical contest. talk about this altercation but last night's debate, a week or so ago a republican debate looked like wrestlemania. last night it looked more like woodstock. what happened and who benefitted most from the civil tone in. >> what happened was if you looked at our polling in that week marco rubio's personal ratings took a nose dive. ted cruz saw his ratings go down. donald trump got hurt by this. individually the only guy that benefitted would be john kasich. i understood why marco rubio laid off, why ted cruz laid off. this worked for kasich. i have to say i was stunned because donald trump is four days away from putting this race away and to see cruz and rubio take a pass.
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it has been working for kasich. the other two i understand they didn't want to go in the gutter they may have overcorrected here. >> rubio, they say this is his last stand before florida's primary. did he do anything in your opinion that would help turn hissehis fortunes around? >> reporter: i question whether any debates have impact on trump. i think marco rubio did fine. it was whether did anything happen with trump where he would start to come down? that is what rubio has to do. he has ground to make up. he has to bring trump down and that is what i didn't see last night. i didn't see anything that trump did that made him come back. >> this issue of violence at some of trump's rallies, the protester being punched, alleged altercation between trump's campaign manager and this reporter, did trump say what he
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had to say when asked about it? isn't the only answer i will not tolerate any violence at my events? >> it's not only that is the only answer. he needs to take it to another level. remember what john mccain did where the mccain palin rallies were exciting, rowdy and a little over the line and on edge. mccain stepped up and sort of calmed it down. the candidate himself, donald trump at these events needs to not talk about punching people in the face. it is on him to calm things down. he is not responsible for how people act b.
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it helped mccain. >> good luck. have a good weekend sflmpt kw thank you, sir. to the relentless rain that soaked parts of the south causing deaths and leading to widespread evacuations. janet shamlian is in louisiana again. >> reporter: this is what it looks like in louisiana this morning. still standing water in the roads here. there is a long recovery still to go. they have three days of rain here. record rainfall. life threatening conditions from memphis to mississippi. for residents it is likely to be days before they are allowed back to see how much damage has been done.
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>> probably longer than two weeks. >> some who decided to ride it out now admit they put themselves in serious danger. >> this is the work of the national guard doing wellness checks in the flooded out neighborhoods to make sure people who decided to stay are safe. each time a truck rolled through stranded residents ride out. >> wait a little bit longer. >> you can drive for miles in boesher city and it all looks like this. >> devastating. are. >> tens of millions. >> and then the possessions for which there is no price tag. >> it is my grand father's bible. it means a lot to the family. >> reporter: in some areas the
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water is starting to recede and that will give families a chance to go back in like you saw the woman find the bible. back to you. what can those folks expect today? >> looks like we could end up with another 10 to 12 inches of rain but more close to new orleans. we are expecting this to effect areas of eastern louisiana. there are several rivers at major flood stage, the sabine river is at 53 feet of water. we are breaking records as far as river levels. so we have flood watches and flash flood warnings in effect in red where we are seeing significant flooding. with additional rainfall and for the time it takes the water to stream into the rivers you will see delayed flooding even when
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the rain stops. the rain will start to push east. we get a bit of the break. on saturday more rain streaming in from the gulf of mexico. torrential rains for long periods of time. down pours could exacerbate the flooding. rainfall rates of one to two inches per hour. the bulls eye will be new orleans along the coast of alabama and mississippi where we could end up with 10 to 12 inches of rain. and on to former first lady nancy reagan. she will be laid to rest in california today. among the invited dignitaries who attend at least one relative of every u.s. president since john f. kennedy. natalie is at the reagan presidential library in simi valley. >> reporter: the service has been planned for years by nancy reagan herself.
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it will include classic hymns, reading from the bible and reflections from some of those closest to her. about 1,000 vip guests will be on hand to lay mrs. reagan to rest. eulogies delivered by former white house chief of staff and tom brokaw, a close friend. her children ron reagan and patti davis. davis opened up about their complicated relationship. >> i have very poignant memories that were loving. i do acknowledge that we had a challenging and sometimes contentious relationship because it would be foolish to not acknowledge that. >> reporter: a close friend of the reagans will read a letter from the president to mrs. reagan. other political figures include former president george w. bush
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and first ladies michelle obama, laura bush. hillary clinton is confirmed to attend but in role as former first lady, not current presidential candidate. every detail of the service planned by nancy reagan herself from the flowers and the music to her final resting place. >> my mother would always say what side am i going to be on? every time. >> and as we have reported president obama will not be here. the first lady representing the white house. while some have criticized the president's decision, it's not that unusual when he was in office president reagan did not attend the funeral of beth truman. there is no official protocol when it comes to first lady's funerals.
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>> lester holt will anchor live coverage of the funeral beginning at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. also this morning new numbers on the zika virus. nearly 200 cases reported in the u.s. all of which are traced to travel abroad. the threat has alarmed health officials who are asking congress to provide nearly $2 billion to fight the virus in latin america and help prevent it from spreading. some of the money would go to puerto rico where the head of cdc fears we could see hundreds of thousands of cases. capitol hill republicans are reluctant to grant the request. now to a big event at the white house. canada's new prime minister honored at the first state dinner for canadian leader in nearly 20 years. it was also the first one to be attended by president obama's daughters. ron allen is at the white house. they were the buzz of social media.
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>> indeed. dreamy is a word often heard to describe a real political rock star. president obama seemed to take notice saying it has been a long time since so many americans have been so excited to see a leader from north of the border. >> reporter: a glamorous evening, president, prime minister and first ladies lighting up the white house. >> to the great alliance between the united states and canada. >> reporter: a 44-year-old premiere with a young canada. a drama teacher and boxer before politics. the family business, his dad one of the nation's most famous leaders also honored in his day at the white house. now mr. obama and canada's obama locked in a political bromance. the hashtag emerging.
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the leaders eye to eye on serious issues like trade and climate change and dubbed the anti-trump inviting americans who say they will flee if trump wins to come to canada. >> lovely all times of the year. >> reporter: this was a night to put politics aside. on the guest list famous canadians, michael j. fox, mike myers celebrating two leaders who seem to see a lot of themselves in each other. >> may the spatial connection between our countries continue to flourish in the years to come and may my gray hair come in at a much slower rate than yours. >> he is a son of former prime minister paid tribute to special guests, sasha and malia. praised their strength and grace
7:20 am
growing up in the constant glare of the public spot light. >> thank you so much. you have three kids. it seems like they were little kids and now they are young women overnight. >> it can happen overa weekend. still dealing with rain down south but it's warm in the northeast. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds. a look at our forecast and microweather climate alert and
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you're back! freeze it from discover. get it at 8:15. we're back with what's trending today. these people, or people today are used to writing online reviews for just about everything. restaurants, hotels, doctors, dog walkers. one man took that idea a little further. that is christian willoughby.
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after getting a room in the uk, he called the staff pleasant. >> nice. >> boasted his room came with a butler. >> oh. >> what was he reviewing? it was a jail cell. willoughby took the photos using an ipad he had with him. he was in custody for a misdemeanor. not sure what it was. all in all, he gave the jail four stars. though he wasn't impressed by the breakfast. >> okay. >> you know who is not impressed? >> i can imagine. >> the authorities. they're treating the post as a seris breech of security. you might not want to give him an ipad in the cell them. >> right. >> apparently, he was allowed to have it in the cell with him, so he took pictures. >> did he talk about the view? >> no room with a view. >> clean lines, modern. ladies, mothers to be traditionally have a baby shower. a growing number of men are apparently getting in on the action. daddy showers. that's what they're -- it's
7:24 am
popular. the trend is now -- i don't know why i said it like that. anyway, enjoyed a spike of popularity. pinterest has ideas for guy showers. it jumped 149% in the last year alo alone. some call it dadchelor parties or dudes in diapers. but they're resonating with men who feel disconnected from their partner's pregnancy. i like the blended showers. the ladies change when the guys come? >> i had a friend that did it for the dad to be and his friends. they had a good time. they had beer and, you know -- >> just a saturday night. >> i was going to say, it's not called a shower. >> no games like we play? >> no games. >> you threw a shower for a young lady who worked here and i delivered a cake and never felt so out of place. i love her but couldn't wait to get out of there. felt like i was intruding. now to the animal incrudtru
7:25 am
interested in a different kind of green on the golf course. check out this fox in ireland. went through a player's bag. apparently he was hard up for cash. he took the wallet. when the guy realizes it, he takes after him. i'm not sure you're supposed to get that close to a fox. >> he's coming back. >> i know. >> they're vicious. do you run after a fox? >> i don't, no. >> nothing with wild before it. >> how did he know to take the wallet? >> maybe somebody trained it. >> new pet. >> you can train a fox, right? >> oh, my turn again. i love the look, like, can you read? a stunning look at the white house state dinner and madonna's emotional confession. dylan has pop start. >> we'll start with michelle obama, stealing the show at the state dinner thursday night. she dazzled in a custom gown by
7:26 am
wu, a canadian designer. it had a floral print, the same prints featured in wu's fall 2016 collection. and ryan reynolds and blake lively. blake a standout and ryan, the perfect arm candy in a burberry tux. good looking couple. >> and smart. next, madonna and what people are calling one of her most bizarre concerts yet. she rode in on a tricycle and dressed as a clown. the show was called "tears of the clown," and mixed music and comedy. madonna discussed mer k eed her battle for her 15-year-old and dedicated a song to him. fans had to wait four hours in the rain before entering the venue. they seemed happy when they left. two of carson's friends from the "the voice."
7:27 am
adam levine and his wife are expecting their first child together. congratulations to them. >> yay. >> then gwen stefani is getting personal and opening up to the "new york times" about her old and new loves. on her divorce from gavin rossdale, she said, if i could, i would tell you everything and you would be in shock. it's a really good, juicy story. but she refused to say more. we don't know what that all is. what about her romance with blake shelton? gwen calls him a co-worker and said, never would i ever have seen this coming. >> i think we're all saying that. but they're happy. >> good for them. >> absolutely. >> that's your pop start. >> dylan, thanks very much. now, your other job. >> oh, yeah. >> switch over information. >> check of the weather. >> we have the weather map switched, too. talking about the west coast storm. a series of storms. you see the lines packed close together. it also means there is a lot of
7:28 am
wind with the rain. san francisco, heavier downpours moving in from the south and it'll continue through most of the day. we have flash flood watches, winter storm watches in the highest elevations. could end up with as much as 2 inches of rain in some of the foothills and the mountains. we could end up with another 2 to 4 feet of snow, especially in the highest elevations. that storm system will continue to move on today. then we'll get a break. another moves in saturday. and another as we . and right now we continue to see a soggy and windy start in the bay area. for the afternoon, a chance of scattered thunder showers. half an inch per hour or more affecting san mateo and the rain finally reaching the midday time. scattered showers and thundershowers. highs again in the upper 50s. wind advisory through 2:00. localized flooding through the weekend.
7:29 am
flap mom and pop shops. the big name retailers, out of the question. the price just is what it is. nope. get that out of your minds right now. turns out, there are secret ways to get a deal, even at the big storiey stores. we're going undercover to show you the tricks that'll save you a boat load of cash. >> i like that one. >> reporter: she looks like your everyday shopper. >> can you give me a better deal than that? >> reporter: what the stores don't know, she is a retail expert. today, our secret shopper. armed with hidden cameras and tricks to save you money. >> you're saying there is a way to save big money on big ticket
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items? >> yes. people don't know what to do. >> reporter: first up, lowe's. her first tip, the price match. >> how are you? >> reporter: she's got her eye on the dishwasher. >> i was going to price check them against other retailers. >> we do price check. >> reporter: the salesman goes online and finds another store selling it for $44 less. >> you match for that? >> reporter: sold to our secret shopper. you can even price match yourself. >> we're using a free app that is simple to use. called shop savvy. enter in the product details and it gives you a price comparison list on the same product. >> reporter: we try it out at best buy. inside the store, she checks out this expensive del laptop. she doesn't pay retail. check out her savings app. >> i found it for a better price at walmart. >> reporter: it's $90 cheaper. >> we'll match the price. >> reporter: another steal.
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>> thank you for your help. >> reporter: think that's good? wait until you see the next tip. called the open box. >> i think it's an insignia 55 inch whatever smart tv. >> reporter: an item turned to the store in good condition, maybe missing accessories, like this tv. >> can you throw in a free remote or free stand or additional discount? >> reporter: he checks with his supervisor. good news, they'll do it. knocking off $280. >> thanks so much. >> reporter: but the biggest savings of the day was yet to come. >> where to now? >> next, p.c. richard and son. this tip is bundling. the more you buy, the more you can haggle and save. >> i'm looking for a washer and dryer. >> reporter: she's set on this duo. maybe if she buys a fridge at the same time, there's money to save. >> if i bought all three, do the deal now, you can help me out? >> reporter: they sure can. the manager knocks the price way down by $349. >> i cannot believe how much you
7:32 am
saved today. >> yeah, and it was so easy. people don't realize how simple it is by just asking. don't be afraid. it's your money. >> here is an extra tip from our expert. could be the easiest of all. just be nice. our expert says employees at the stores, they get in moods, too. if you're nice and polite, they'll give a better deal. >> can you share what i just said? >> no. >> you don't have the nerve. you said you can't. why can't you ask for a savings? >> i'm uncomfortable doing it. the price is there. >> you go to the flea markets and they tell you to haggle, i feel like i'm insulting. >> i'll make it easier for you. when you go to the big name retailers, it's not the salesman's money. he gets paid the same whether you get a good deal or not. it's a big company. >> on the spot though. >> they look at me like, no, we're not lowering the price. >> the extra money i save.
7:33 am
>> i think you're right, if you're pleasant, there's wiggle room in there. >> i feel less bad about the big name store than the mom and pop store. >> that's true. >> thank you, jeff. >> get gutsy. coming up, who is it going to be? we'll find out which couple you picked to get married live on "today". first, your local news. good ==cam== limate weather ale... . good morning to you, it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have a microclimate weather alert. looking outside, it's really coming down in the north bay, up in san rafael. more than four inches of rain has fallen in some parts of sonoma county since wednesday. wet conditions impacting drivers in oakland. receiving about an inch of rain from the last storm. parts of the north bay under a
7:34 am
flash flood watch. firefighters are keeping a close eye on water levels in several sonoma county creeks. a lot of homes and businesses in low-lying areas using sandbags in case water crest above flood levels. looking at the doppler radar with rob, it's really coming down. it is right next door to us. green all over there and red and orange. we want to show you the live look out here as well. this is over in foster city where we got hammered with the rain and look at the trees moving around. you can see the oakland camera shaking. we have the weather data here as well. the green shows you where it's wet and blue over in walnut creek and also another wave coming across that peninsula. we showed you san mateo and mountainview coming in off of the east and the coast as well. a live look at dublin where traffic is light. in the east area, up to the sierras, bring the chains. >> it's really coming down. another local update in half an hour.
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we're back at 8:30. friday morning, it's the 11th day of march, 2016. want to see something a little scary?
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>> what? >> look at the big heads over here. did you get a shot of those? >> al, savannah, natalie, here in spirit and in head. >> you don't want to get close to those. not at all. >> get one of those and put it in your home. >> there you go. >> i have one of those. don't they call those fat heads, when you put them on the wall is this. >> yeah. >> i like those. >> you can have the bod dy attached, too. we'll have one of the biggest bands in the world, coldplay, live here on monday morning. >> if you share a photo and a message for the band usinusing #tol using #coldplay today, your tweet may be featured during the conce concert. coming up, naomi watts. the two theaters she has h-- mo she has hitting the theaters and her look at the oscars. >> she's beautiful now. >> and stars standing by, anxiously waiting to see who will be our "today" wedding
7:39 am
couple and tie the knot live on the show. the big reveal is almost here. first, al is off today so dylan has a check of the weather. >> we're trading 70s and 80s in the northeast for 60s. not bad considering it is march. looking for temperatures to be mild up and down the east coast. 70s across the southeast. we are looking for heavy rain to continue. especially through eastern -- the eastern coast of louisiana, through mississippi and alabama. it stretches up into parts of illinois, as well, where we could see isolated thunderstorms. mountain snow in the pacific northwe northwest, two to three feet possible in the sierra. we will see some rain finally move out of most of the gulf coast. it switches over to the southeast with scattered showers and thunderstorms. mild in the northeast. boston, temperatures should be about 56. that is above average for this and right now we have rain across the bay area. gusty winds from the camera
7:40 am
views. right around san francisco towards oakland, that's where some of the heavier rain is right now and it's extending from the south bay and you can see here in the tri-valley, moderate at times. palo alto over towards san jose, rain coming up to the south. as we head into the afternoon, not just rain but scattered showers and thundershowers are possible along with gusty winds through 2:00. wind advisories are up in coastal hilltops. your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. we are wrapping up our series, add an hour, with your productivity at home. >> sounds good, doesn't it? how can you get it all done, juggling the kids, errands and chores and carve out time for yourself? we gave a busy mother a productive makeover with strategies we can all use. ♪ >> my name is sarah, and i am a children's book author. i'm the mother of three children.
7:41 am
when it comes to productivity, i almost feel like laughing. my life feels like i am in a hole, and everything is constantly just falling in. i am just grabbing these things and trying to claw my way out. >> what i want to teach sarah is out how to regain control over her life. >> reporter: in his book "four seconds," peter reveals the secrets to maximizing productivity. >> there's this sense that people have, that if i work harder, if i was more efficient, i could get everything done that i need to get done. that's simply not true. hi, i'm peter. >> reporter: he's about to give this mom's hectic routine a makeover. >> i want to learn how to do it in a way where i am not stressed out, where i'm not constantly in crisis mode. >> reporter: to start, peter says, write down every task you do at home. >> car pool. i spend a lot of time grocery
7:42 am
shopping. >> reporter: his first tip to better productproductivity, out pile, choose five tasks that bring you joy and make them a priority every day. >> start being intentional about what it is we really want to get done that'll add value to our lives. >> reporter: for sarah, that's more time writing, connecting with family and friends, taking self-time to exercise and doing fewer chores. how do those things still get done? >> can i pass it off to someone else? i feel like i'm not being a good mother because these are things i'm supposed to be able to do. >> reporter: tip number two, peter says, let go of the guilt and delegate. sarah could gain an hour every day if her kids did their own laundry and school lunches. >> i'm good with it. >> it's good that it makes it easier for her, so we have more time to do other stuff. >> makes me happy. it was unexpected, but i am really proud. >> reporter: even with extra
7:43 am
time, sarah often gets sidetracked by things like facebook. that's why tip number three is critical. treat your home tasks like work. put everything on a calendar, down to the minute. >> schedule e-mail checks, schedule pickups, schedule reading time, if you have it. that's how you know you're going to end up doing it. >> reporter: the final tip, know when and when not to multitask. our expert says multitasking only saves time when it brings people together in a common goal. sarah can combine tasks by exercising with friends and cooking with her kids. giving her more time to cuddle with her husband and recharge for the next day. >> thank you so much for coming in and helping me be more productive and more time with my family and for work and the things that i love. >> it's been a great series. >> i'm inspired. i am. >> do you make lists at home if. >> lists, never-ending lists.
7:44 am
i've never seen an empty hamper, ever. it keeps coming. >> you have three kids. >> and a husband. >> it's a lot. i make lists and check them twice. i do try -- and sheinelle and i were talking about it -- i try to declutter as much as possible. i look at the medicine cabinet, and i had so many cold medicines that were expired. you have to declutter and it helps. >> for more tips to get organized, check our website, something else we love. the busy naomi watts. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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7:47 am
take a look. >> i was forced out of my faction. i gave up my life, my child, everything. >> i understand your anger, evelyn. i do. but the way forward -- >> the way forward has already begun. i know i said i'd be alone, but i'm not candor, and i'm ngoing o lie and fight if i have to. >> good to see you. >> hi. >> we were just about going into that clip, you made this -- what was that? >> that is an exercise, a vocal exercise i use to relax my mouth. >> share it with the viewers, will you? >> okay. just that. >> i thought maybe i had inspired that. how are you? >> very well. >> last time we were together, weren't we on a rooftop here? >> that's right. >> you were doing "king kong." >> that's right. it would have been very cold, i think. >> exactly. welcome back to the studio. you're really busy right now. do you plan periods like this, or is it purely a coincidence,
7:48 am
when you have two movies coming out at the same time? >> it's a coincidence. i think they change release dates often. i certainly didn't expect this to happen. >> do you like it like this? then you can take a break? >> yeah. you can just do it all in one go. here we are, and we can talk about two things at once. >> let's talk about "allegiant." we weren't sure in "insurgent" if evelyn was naughty or nice. >> right. >> she does terrible things in this movie. how do you feel about her now? >> i always knew that she was going to head in that direction. i personally always thought it would be fun to play a villain-type character. certainly as you get older, there are great ones out there that have inspired me over time. i thought, that would be fun to do. >> it's a big effects movie. do you like that? >> yeah, yeah. it makes things a little challenging. not too much effects.
7:49 am
great sets. there's one moment at the end of the film where we're looking out at the city and what's taking place, and we were actually looking at nothing. you do tend to get the giggles sometimes. but, yes, it's definitely -- the end result is fantastic. >> in a movie like this, there is a lot of story boarding. in the other project you're in, demolition, i understand the director took a different approach. it was organic. >> yeah. no lights. no makeup, which is not easy for a woman of my age. >> oh, please. >> no, i mean, there's something very freeing about it because you just take away all vanity and let yourself be, you know -- give yourself over. >> you play a single mom in that movie? >> single mom, yeah. not doing the best job of mothering at that point. she has a wakeup call and changes throughout the course of time. >> as i said, you're very busy. also someone who likes
7:50 am
instagram, don't you? >> i'm finding my way with it, yeah. >> you know what i loved? you pick a picture on instagram recently, and it was of your two kids. they were reading "harry potter." >> with their cousin, yeah. >> i love to see kids reading. i do. it doesn't happen enough. >> i know. there's a lot of screen time these days, and they get addicted too easily. books are very important. >> i think j.k. rowling is responsible for inspiring a lot of kids to read and she should get credit for that. >> absolutely. >> last but not least, we teased this a little bit and everybody wanted to know about your beautiful look at the oscars. in fact, it was picked out, that dress, by -- >> liam shriver. >> your husband picked it out? >> yes. i had two dresses. one was an elegant, black dress. tried both on just before. he went, that's the one. >> well, he has good taste. obviously, he has good taste. but he has good taste in
7:51 am
clothing, as well. always nice to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> come back soon. do it one more time. there you go. done. >> "allegiant" march 18th. april 8th for "demolition." up next, things your body is trying to tell you about your health. first, this is "today" on nbc.
7:52 am
7:53 am
we are back at 8:45. we all have a few bumps and lumps on our bodies. sometimes, those imperfections are actually subtle signs that something might be wrong. nbc news/medical distributor dr. natalie azar is here with five things your body may be trying to tell you. >> good to see you. >> we take for granted sometimes the little things that go on. >> yeah. >> we should listen. >> yup. the first one we'll talk about, the first two diseases or conditions have to do with the
7:54 am
eye. >> okay. start here. >> let's say you're looking at somebody or your own eyes and they seem to be protruding. both of them. you see more of the white of the eye. seems like it's coming out of the orbit. could be a condition called hyperthyroidism. it's your metabolic center of the body. one thing, if it's just one side, get checked out immediately. if it's both sides, you'll see your doctor. another thing about the thyroid and the eyes has to do with the eyebrows. in hypothyroidism, your hair can be coarse, dry and brittle. the eyebrows toward the outside of the eye, you start to thin and lose that. that was one of my medical board questions in 1999. a picture of somebody. >> interesting. next up, the tongue. >> the tongue. just like areas of the body like the skin and the nails, the tongue can also be a little clue to some medical problem. the normal tongue is a pink color. has little bumps on it. if the tongue suddenly becomes
7:55 am
ve very pale looking, it could be a sign of anemia. also, a smooth tongue could be a sign of iron deficiency, as well as folic acid and b12 deficiency. the b12, it can be shiny and beefy red. it's a very, very classic physical exam finding for b12 deficiency. >> the first category, if it's off color, we're used to being told that. but the shine is interesting. >> contour, all matters. >> next up, the neck. >> this is interesting. this focuses on the back of the neck. if you start to see a discoloration, meaning more pigmepi pigment and a dark texture, that's a condition. >> would you notice it easily? >> it's easy to detect. it's a very, very well-known physical exam finding. can be seen in people with obesity, but also in type 2 diabetes. i want to point out, other
7:56 am
endocrine problems like thyroid and adrenal gland problems can give rise to this, but also underlying malignancy. always have it evaluated by a health care professional. >> i ran track my whole life. my knewnknew knees, when you wo hear the popping and creeking. >> we'll talk about that next time, but this is yellow bumps. the yellow bumps that can be seen on the surfaces of the elbows, the tendons, and the knees. they can be over a lot of joints. they can represent lipids and seen in people with high cholesterol, as well as other conditions like pancreatitis. your cholesterol may be too high. >> is it easy to spot? you're using to hearing creeks and sounds. >> these are on the surface of the skin. they can sometimes be 3 inches
7:57 am
but be in clusters or little individual lesions. fleshy or red, but typically yellow bumps. literally fat pockets. >> we're out of time but feet. heart failure. >> swelling of the ankles and feet should be evaluates. heart failure is definitely one cause. if you're short of breath, especially at night, lying on pillows. >> don't assume it's because you've been on your feet. great advice. find more on okay, your votes have been tallied. the results are in. up next, we reveal the lucky couple getting live here on the "today" show. which couple will it be? the answer. first, this is "today" on nbc.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:51. all week, we've asked for your help to pick our lucky couple from our big fat today wedding. we've gotten to know our lovebirds and hoda has crashed their dates which was weird. >> very weird. sorry. >> the altar has room for one bride and one groom. >> we are going to reveal the winners in a moment. first, our finalists one more time, everybody. we have kaitlyn and john from chicago. megan and john from l.a. lara and david from new york city. hi, kids! >> you all nervous? everybody excited? >> yeah. >> you have a huge family,
8:00 am
right? >> yeah. >> little bit like "my big fat greek wedding." >> yeah. >> how have the relatives responded to you being on the show? >> everyone is excited. texting and everybody is supportive. >> megan, which is your birthday month. what is the actual date? >> 29th. >> you're saving money for your wedding but you've also been enjoying yourselves here in the city, right? >> yeah. >> tell us about that. >> honestly, considering we couldn't -- originally we weren't going to spend any money because we were going to save, this has been an awesome exploration of the city. >> it's like a countdown for my birthday. >> all about you. >> yes, every day. >> in november, it's his month. this is mine month. >> lara and david, i love what you told our producers. the wedding process inspired you guys to write your love stories. tell me how that came about. >> well, when we applied, to be part of the contest, we were asked to write down our love
8:01 am
story, how we met. it was amazing to do that. it's not something you do every day. he wrote down what he loves about me, and i just cheered up reading about it. >> it was cool to reflect on all the events that led to this point for us. it was like, wow, we've had such a great time with each other. we just look forward to living the rest of our lives, having more great moments. >> sometimes you write things down and it takes on a new meaning. >> makes us feel more ready to be married. >> we can't have everybody up there. >> so sad. >> at the altar. it's time to figure out who our viewers chose as the "today" wedding couple. ready? >> yeah. >> yes. >> the answer is in this box. one couple was leading as of last night but we'll see what happened with results. see if they held up. >> i'll take the cover off. >> i'll dig down. you ready? >> yeah. >> hold on. ready. look at the ring. so exciting. the winners are -- kaitlyn and
8:02 am
john. >> congratulations. >> congratulations, crazy kids. here's your ring. >> thank you. >> so cute. >> oh, my gosh. >> how do you feel? >> it's a dream come true. the ultimate fair lfairy tale. >> a lot of stuff will happen. all the viewers will help choose your dress, the bridesmaids, the whole thing. don't feel bad. we have something for you guys, too. because you guys are great people and we want to help you out, we wanted to give a prize. this came from macy's. make sure you have everything you need for your wedding, too. here is a -- over there -- $2,000 gift card toward macy's wedding and your gift registry. >> wow. >> you guys will get 2k toward your wedding. congratulations to you guys, too. >> oh, boy. >> thank you so much. it's been a pleasure getting to know you. you're wonderful. >> i love all your love stories. thanks again, so much. >> thank you. >> ready, america, to choose everything about the wedding?
8:03 am
>> oh, yeah. >> it's going to happen. >> congratulations. for more on the winning couple, they'll be streaming live on facebook in a bit. and all next week, you can vote on everything from their rings to the wedding dress leading up to the big event, which happens here on march 24th. >> it'll be fun. thanks, everybody. >> you have your wedding singer. darius rucker. ♪ i only want to be with you >> yeah, that's a wedding. >> darius is our co-host and the wedding singer. i'm trying to recruit. congratulations. he'll be the co-host in his anchor man seat. >> we're getting slimed. >> tan tafantastic. >> back after your local news and weather. i'm ... ==cama live looat downtown s joe . good morning. it's 8:56 on your friday morning. a live look right now at
8:04 am
downtown san jose where rain has been falling for most of the morning. wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. wind advisory in effect for the south bay. here's a live look at san rafael. you can see the camera is shaking there as well. the latest round of rain rolling into the north bay. 4 inches of rain have fallen in some parts of sonoma county since wednesday. parts of the north bay are under a flash flood watch as firefighters are keeping a very close eye on water levels along several napa and sonoma county waterways. homes and businesses in low-lying areas are using sandbags in case waters crest above flood levels into happening right now, steph truong is live and posting updates on our twitter feed. and following a tough night for trains, go to kris' update on our facebook page.
8:05 am
you can also sign up for weather and traffic alerts. we'll see you with another live update in half an hour.
8:06 am
8:07 am
this morning on "today's take," we're rocking with darius rucker as the homegrown honey is our co-host. it's not a party until someone gets slimed. plus, the secret to making the most mouth watering fried chicken you'll ever eat. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer:"today's take" wit roker, natalie morales, willie
8:08 am
geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. look at that huge crowd out on the "today" show plaza on this friday morning, march 11th, 2016. good morning to you on the plaza, at home, in the car, wherever you are. i'm tamron hall and dylan. we have our special co-host with us, grammy-winning musician darius rucker. and you picked this song. >> "brick house." when i was a kid, it was our get up and get moving song. >> you woke up in the morning for school? >> absolutely. >> fired up. >> picturing a 9-year-old darius jamming. >> i was kicking it, you know. back then, the dancing was easier. it was the rock. >> no nae nae. >> easier then. >> we have our own pick. might know this artist.
8:09 am
♪ i only want to be with you >> i know that guy. >> do you like hearing yourself sing? i hate listening to myself, but i only talk. but you have an amazing voice. >> at the beginning when we first got on the radio, i'd turn it every time. now, i'm turning it up. >> absolutely. >> first time you heard yourself on the radio, do you remember? >> yeah. we were driving around in dean's blue station wagon. it came on the radio. "hold my hand" came on the radio, and we were like, wow, we're on the radio. we didn't want to hear ourselves. true story. >> amazing. true story about you, as well, because we've been in the commercial break before the show, playing this get to know darius game. you wanted to be a broadcast journalist, which is why you're in your full tom brokaw -- >> absolutely. i went to school for it. i went to south carolina as a journalism major. >> how did that work out for you? kidding. >> i'm here. >> boom! >> worked out great.
8:10 am
>> i'm excited about it. >> when you picked this out this morning, because matt lauer passed darius and said, i didn't know it was you because we thought you'd be in your rock star swagger clothes. >> yeah. >> you came anchorman on us. >> my wife picked this out before i left the house. >> very good. she did a great job. >> i was like, i have to wear a suit. i'm hosting the "today" show. >> are you nervous? >> very but i'll have fun. >> no way. you can't be nervous, really? >> absolutely. >> we won't harm. >> okay. >> then you go back to your comfort zone later tonight. you're performing at the houston romeo. >> i'll catch a plane ride and go to houston for the romeo. >> when you said today owrodeo, houston, this is the biggest deal in town. >> i try to explain to people. a bad night at the rodeo is 50,000 people. >> no pressure. we'll warm you up. >> we'll have a lot of fun,
8:11 am
absolutely. >> your kids, we were asking if they're in the area. they have to be in school. >> beautiful family. >> i live for those four people. they make me get up every morning and smile. i love them. >> i said you have two young women in your home, and we showed the picture of sasha and malia obama. they went from little tots to grown women. what's going on there? anybody dating in the house? >> my oldest is dating. i'm glad they had their mom. i mean, she's awesome. i don't have to worry about my girls because she handles all that. >> just in case -- >> just in case, i will hurt you. >> as a dad, you have to say that. >> i will hurt you, yeah. >> is it hard, i know you're kicking off the tour in june. is it hard to leave your family? do they ever travel with you? >> in the summer, my son is with me every minute. >> that's great. >> it's tough. it's the hardest thing about my job, having to leave my family. it's a pretty good job, so they understand. >> i know they're proud of you.
8:12 am
we're happy to have you with us. we'll have fun with you today. >> we'll have a good time. absolutely. >> this popped up, i should read it. it says here, darius has a tattoo. >> yes. >> kate wants us to discuss it, one of the producers. kate, want to come over? you don't have to talk, just show your face. i don't feel that i should have to read what you put in the prompter. she's in the witness protection. you read it, darius, about yourself. >> i have a miami dolphin emblem tattoo, yes. >> so classy when you say it that way. >> the mason-dixon line. i had one on my arm, thought it was a peace sign. my wife goes, darius, that's not the peace sign, that's the mercedes-benz sign. so i have the mercedes-benz sign
8:13 am
on my arm. >> do you get paid for it? >> no. >> you're not going to change it. >> no, there it is. >> we'll have more to learn about darius. meanwhile, this is interesting. >> we talked about this earlier today. you have a crazy man room, i hear, with multiple tvs. would you, if there was a device that streamed movies the day they came out in the movie theater, the device costs $150. then you pay $50 to rent the movie for 48 hours. it's brand-new in theaters that day. would you do it? >> i would do it for some movies. >> right. >> some movies, you know. but like "the hobbit" and stuff -- >> you need the movie theater experience. >> yeah. >> i would have been glad to buy "spotlight." >> it's intimate and you need to pay attention. >> my tv is 150 inches.
8:14 am
>> we'll rent movies and come watch it at your place. >> 150 inches, that's a theater? >> it is. it's awesome. >> it is. are you territorial about your man room? >> not at all. anybody can come in. my kids are always in there doing something. it's a place to hang out. >> road trip. >> only room i got in the house. >> the only room? do you get decent closet space with your wife? >> yes, i do. i don't need it though. i'm not a real clothes guy. >> just this suit? >> two suits and a tux. it's all i have. >> we were also talking earlier about age. you look as young as you did the first time we saw you. >> oh, thank you. >> in the band. >> thank you. >> whether or not we're embracing our -- i'm 45. you are -- >> i will be 50 in may. >> dylan is still in her 20s. give her life advice here. >> thank you. >> jennifer aniston is in her 40s, 47 now, and took a stunning photoshoot for "bazaar"
8:15 am
magazine. she said, i feel better in my 40s. not only do you feel better in your body physically, but you're mentally better because say in your 20s, you didn't know [ bleep ]. she said in her 30s, she was trying to figure it out. when you hit 40, you're like, okay, i got this. i'm not sure i have it at 45, but i do feel like, i feel better and feel like i look better. mentally, physically, in my 40s. >> the confidence is higher. >> in my 20s and 30s, working out was the last -- >> drinking out. >> exactly. being in hoodie and the blowfish, you know. i feel like i'm getting it better now. >> i had someone recently tell me that i should stop saying my age. you're in television. as a woman, you should stop saying your age. that it's a detriment.
8:16 am
this was actually somebody i kind of respect, a tv person. i'm like, have you googled? tamron hall's age. tamron hall's dating. sadly, those are the list of things that come up. i was like, i'm not going to -- i'm cool with us, yeah. >> i think that's it, if you're cool wit, yh it, you can say it. i have a friend in new york who turned 50 and she's like, if you tell anybody, i'll kill you. she didn't want to party or anything. but if you're cool with it, it's great. >> people sometimes talk about age-appropriate dress for women. i've had people occasionally tweet in or say, it's not an -- one lady once tweeted me and i deleted her, but she said, dress your age. you have a dress on like my granddaughter. i was like, what does that mean? it's about how you feel. that's why i love the jennifer aniston thing. it's about how you feel. and jamming at the rodeos. >> i'm in my 30s and figuring it out. it's like a giant fishbowl in front of me and i don't pull anything out of it.
8:17 am
celebrity fishbowl. we have some questions. >> music for it. >> questions from the audience, the fans. >> first one, angie on twitter asks, any chance hoodie and the blowfish will make music again? >> absolutely. we may every year in south carolina. charity shows that are important to us. we'll do another tour again sometime. probably not next year, but sometime. >> the charities, keeping it close to home. >> always. >> again. >> most embarrassing concert moment. this is great. we were playing in san antonio and killing it. i'm rocking in front of the stage. everybody is great. i'm killing it. walking back saying good-bye, and i didn't know the monitor was behind me. i just go, i tumble over, break my guitar, fall and, you know, all i can do is get up and go -- that's definitely the most
8:18 am
embarrassing. >> what did the audience do? >> people just laughed. >> before viral video? >> way before. >> so it's not online? >> probably before the internet. >> one more, come on, come on. >> twitter asks, are there more collaborations coming up we should know about? i'm in the middle of making my new record now. there are a couple things i'm thinking about doing with friends of mine in nashville. it'll be great. adele, if you're not busy, give me a call. i'll do whatever you want to do. >> can you imagine that? country remix. >> i'm being told one more. we're shortening the weather. >> who needs weather? >> what would you bring with you if you were stranded on an island? i would bring my wife with me. >> oh, so sweet. >> you are the sweetest. >> absolutely. >> you should give a love class. >> definitely not do that. >> darius's love class coming soon to "today's take." we're going to check the weather because we have more fun planned
8:19 am
for us. >> make it quick because we want to get back to darius. let's talk about the rain down south. this is going to be a concern through the day today. we will see a bit of a break into tonight and it pushes farther to the east. we're still looking at scattered thunderstorms that will really only make the flooding worse. all of the red diamonds there, that's where we have rivers in major flooding stage. they're above the banks, and it will continue to be a problem, even after the rain stops because all of the water goes back to the rivers. we have flood warnings in effect in red here. also flash flood watches still in effect. rain will continue to stream in. again, it'll start to move to the east. as we go to tonight. scattered thunderstorms could lead to heavier pockets of rain, risk for flooding around the bay area. some heavier showers approaching the coastline across the coast through it the vsanta cruz
8:20 am
mountains. tri-valley towards san francisco, too, you're seeing moderate rain approaching the golden gate. throughout the afternoon more thunderstorms are possible in time for the evening commute. more rain expected for the weekend. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you so much. up next, she has an oscar, a tony, emmy, and now she's made it to the white house. the newest star to join "house of cards," ellen burstyn, a hey sweetie, it's time.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> what is it like to get the call for a show that's as popular as "house of cards"? >> i had to idea it was as popular as it is. only since this season opened last week have i been getting reactions like i've never gotten for anything i've done in my career. i can't walk any dog without people stopping me about the show. immediately, i got e-mails from oregon, atlanta, new york, of course, california. it just -- it's a hugely popular show. the people, they must have stayed up all night, watching the whole season in one night. >> have you watched it? >> i watched it from start to finish. there's already so much buzz about the emmys for you. must be rewarding to step in and people already going, your character is so great.
8:25 am
>> buzz about emmys already? >> yes, there is. they're already talking about emmys. i mean -- >> that's good. i only have two. >> then the oscar and the tony. >> what about a grammy? we have a grammy winner here. what about a grammy? >> i need a grammy. >> i'll produce whatever you want. we can make it happen. >> let's talk. >> you deserve a grammy. yes, ma'am. >> i was nominated for one once. >> you were? >> a spoken word, yeah. i haven't won so -- >> you have your partner right now. >> good. >> you were telling us, and darius pointed it out, the cult-like love for this show. it's revolutionized how we've become addicted. does it compare to anything you've ever done? >> no. i did do "downton abbey" one season. >> show number two. >> show two for darius. >> i did it once for the season. mostly, i don't watch a lot of
8:26 am
television because i have to watch so many shows for voting. but i did watch a few of these shows and liked it very much. but i had no idea it was what it is to people. which is astonishing. >> you've six decades. >> wow. >> are you loving every second or does it get old? >> i have a script that i love, and i want to act in it and direct. it's a new challenge i'm looking forward to. in the process of raising money, which is the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. >> that'll be one more thing to check off your impressive list. ellen, thank you for being here. "house of cards" season four is streaming now on netflix. up next, karaoke showdown with darius and a few lucky ♪ ♪
8:27 am
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8:30 am
>> yes. >> the song you're singing is "only wanna be with you." ♪ nothing i can do, only wanna be with you ♪ ♪ sometimes i wonder >> did he go to a different song? ♪ when i go out with your friends ♪ >> i'll give you that. >> oh, my gosh. >> meanwhile, your backup did nothing. >> who is the character in this family? >> i don't know. >> darius gives it to you. next up, sam and becca from alabama and tennessee. your song is "hold my hand." ♪ take you to the place where you can be anything you want to be ♪ ♪ hold my hand >> i'll give you that. beat boxing.
8:31 am
that's right. i'll give her that one. >> best karaoke. >> come on up now. >> last but not least, stephanie and laci from virginia. >> you'll be singing "wagon wheel." ♪ rock me mama like a wagon wheel ♪ ♪ rock me mama any way you feel ♪ ♪ hey, momma rock me. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> everyone is a winner? >> everyone. >> come on in! >> you get a signed darius rucker cd. you get to take it home with you. >> i thought we'd have a little music. that's tough. >> that means you have to come back. >> i'll be back. >> regular series, we'll have more fun with darius coming up. someone here will be slimed. >> i have a feeling you're bailing out. bailing out. >> local earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice.
8:32 am
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so i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated... so i get a better clean. voted 2016 product of the year. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. ==cam== a li look at dotown san good morning. 9:26 on your friday. our microclimate weather alert. live look right now downtown san jose where rain has been falling for most of the morning. it is not just rain but wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. a wind advisory remains in effect for the south bay. also a live look right now at the s-curve in san rafael. rain still coming down rather hard.
8:34 am
more than four inches of rain so far have fallen in some parts of sonoma county just since wednesday. parts of the north bay are under a flash flood watch. firefighters keeping a close eye on water levels on several napa and sonoma county waterways. homes, businesses and low-lying areas are using sandbags in case waters crest above flood levels. the wet, windy weather is also causing issues for travelers at sfo. some flights are experiencing major delays. we know of at least 18 flights that have been canceled so far today. police in san francisco tell us a deadly hit and run right outside of the broadway tunnel in san francisco's chinatown. this happened at about 6:00 this morning at powell and broadway. we still don't know the identity of the victim and we are waiting to hear from police about the type of car that was involved. right now we are right in the thick of a storm system. we'll have a look at your traffic and weather right after this break.
8:35 am
rain has finally made its way to the south bay.
8:36 am
redwood city over to freemont seeing heavier rain. this cell of san francisco tracking off to the north and northeast impacting richmond around 9:55 this morning. this is the area of low pressure offshore that will sweep in as we head toward the evening. a chance of thunderstorms will be on the increase as we head toward the evening commute. things are shaping up over here. freemont where the flag is whipping around, that's the reason for some of the wind advisories for the south bay. a smoother drive, roads not so wet here but the san jose camera has sloppily conditions. this is north 101. the entire bay, the commute not so much of a factor. 880 and 101 through san jose are the worst. the blue is what we're concerned with, rain-soaked roadways, puddling, ponding. watch on and off-ramps because they could be a factor. in north where we've had rain continuing since yesterday, a lot of water there, guys.
8:37 am
>> > taking a look at headlines time to check your freezers. some of the most popular names in frozen foods are involved in a massive recall recalling pizzas saying they could contain glass fragments. nestle believes the glass came from spinach. a complete list of box codes can be found on
8:38 am
a new study suggests almost any kind of aerobic physical activity can improve your brain volume and reduce risk of alzheimer's by 50%. researchers at ucla medical center studied a group of nearly 900 elderly patients for 30 years. they found those who engaged in physical activities from gardening and dancing to riding an exercise bicycle at the gym experienced a growth in brain volume. a child may have a lower chance of becoming obese if they get a baby brother or sister before they reach preschool. a study found kids who don't have younger siblings are three times more likely to become obese by the first grade. the study's author suggests it could be that having a sibling means more active play time or it is possible that parents change the way they feed their first child. much of the nation will spring forward this weekend. don't forget to turn the clocks
8:39 am
ahead one hour saturday night before you go to bed which means we are going to lose an hour of sleep before work on monday so make sure to get up early and enjoy the weather. the weather is so fantastic. this is not the time to lose an hour. of all weekends to lose an hour. the weather across the country will be nice this weekend. we have a little bit of rain still affecting areas of the gulf coast although not as intense as it has been. up and down the east coast sunny in 60s and 70s. maintaining 70s in northern plains. out in the pacific northwest looking at heavy rain and smounten snow. two to three feet of snow possible. slight risk of we are finally seeing the rain in san jose. 52 degrees, windy conditions around the area. in the next hour or so we expect
8:40 am
the river at st. helena to crest. more rain coming down in the meantime, periods of showers around san francisco, wrapping up around and area of low pressure offshore that will bring the increasing chance of thunderstorms around for the afternoon into the evening commute. >> if your plans include watching the kids choice awards we thought we should get slimed. >> so we pulled two lucky plans from the plaza. . they will toss balloons the attempt is to catch the balloons in the helmet. i am a moderator because i have
8:41 am
a show on msnbc after this. i have a legit show after this so i'm the moderator. are you ready? >> 30 seconds. come on. >> you ready? three, two, one, go. >> come on! come on! come on, ladies. step it up, ladies. >> i don't see dylan's face. dominated. i'm so nervous over here. >> you did a great job. come on in here.
8:42 am
because you took one for the team everybody is a winner. bring out the gift baskets furnished by our friends at nickelodeon. the kids choice awards saturday night. how does it feel being slimed? >> that was fun. >> you go hug dylan. >> there is one not slimed. >> here we go. come on. where are you? >> you do it. >> yus a little on the back. up next before and after you won't believe. one lucky mom gets a style makeover. eat deals for reals!
8:43 am
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8:47 am
rich, creamy... ...and delicious nothing else tastes like philadelphia®. >> announcer: soundtrack of style is sponsored by jcpenney. get your penny's worth at jcpenney. >> where is dylan? she's supposed to be in the segment with me. the winner of the soundtrack of style. we brought mindy away for a makeover. mindy was taken shopping. dylan is getting cleaned up from the slime. >> this was from new kids on the block in 1990, the outfit that caught our attention. mindy loves going to contests, and so does her daughter, reagan. i sent them shopping for their
8:48 am
next bigot i outing. >> reporter: i'm at jcpenney in new york city and about to meet up with mindy and her daughter reagan. i can't wait to meet them. i see you guys. very nice to meet you. mindy, nice to meet you guys. >> you, too. >> reporter: i have a feeling we can upgrade your concert style. what do you think about that, reagan? >> good. >> mom? >> sounds good to me. >> let's get shopping. i think concerts, leather jackets. >> i love that. >> one of my favorite women in music, beyonce, loves a jump suit. mindy, do you love a jump suit? >> i would try it. i've never tried one before. >> the key to any successful makeover is incorporating an element of your style you wear day to day. if it's too far from who you are, you'll never wear it. i was thinking this concert tee? >> i like it a lot. >> feel more like you?
8:49 am
>> yes. >> i think we saved the best for last. no peeking. see you later. >> now that we have the perfect look, it's time to do your makeup. nothing is hotter than a smoky eye and a nude lip. i brought in david. >> hello. >> he's incredible. you're in very good hands. ♪ i think you are more than ready for a concert. >> i'm ready. i'm ready for a concert. >> let's go. >> she's ready. reagan, who is so cute, is with us now. we're going to bring out mindy in a second. >> should we bring her out? >> yes. >> ready to see her? >> yes. >> come on out! >> look at mom. >> oh, my gosh. >> how gorgeous does she look? >> you look so good. >> i think so. think she's ready for a concert? >> yeah. >> come on over. she looks absolutely beautiful. you know what's interesting, is
8:50 am
if you look at the original new kids photo, she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. we gave her a look that was easy to do. she's comfortable in jeans and a tee. we upgraded it for now, for 2016. >> i'll go fan girl on you. these jeans are amazing on you. >> thank you. >> the shoes are great. i love the style of the jacket. >> yes. >> feels modern and white jackets, to me, make everything pop. the entire head to toe look is all from jcpenney. >> do you feel hot because you look hot? >> i do. >> you can easily transform it for different occasions. we'll do a long tassel necklace. every woman needs a clutch. >> good concert clutch because you don't lose it. >> can't forget about reagan. >> maybe a little crossbody bag for five seconds of summer when you're going? >> yeah. >> adorable. >> i love it. >> you're going to be able to go to a special concert, of course.
8:51 am
we'll answer your fashion questions on"today's take." we have special things planned for you monday. we'll have a good time. you look great, reagan. you have good dance moves? >> yeah, i do. >> this kid. all right. >> adorable. >> while reagan schools us on how to dance, it is fried chicken friday. darius is in the kitchen. he does it all. now, he's in the kitchen. don't miss it
8:52 am
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8:55 am
>> announcer: today's food is brought to you by magnum ice cream bars. double dip for double ice cream pleasure. this week on today's food, our chefs have been choosing their favorite meals to make. >> today, we'll make a southern favorite. fried chicken. >> this is going to the chair meal. >> chef and owner of tiger mama in boston. i love boston. i loved fried chicken. let's get to it. >> a few secrets in here that not everybody knows about. this is good chicken, take the tie off kind of cooking. >> absolutely. >> we'll start with ingredients.
8:56 am
cornflakes, chicken bouillon, pickle juice. >> i was wondering about that. >> neon green. this is buttermilk with spices. pickle brine in there. hot sauce, tabasco. >> all of it? >> absolutely. we mix that up a little bit. our chicken is in the fridge. >> how long do you leave it in there? >> overnight. s let it sit. we have cyan, smoked paprika, onion and garlic powder. >> a little? >> you have to get it in there and season it up. >> sorry. >> no problem. the other secret, chicken bouillon adds a little umami, adds the flavor in there. grab the chicken in the flour. you don't need all the bowls. it's done over time. don't be afraid of the dishes. put it in a brown bag and shake it up. this chicken was taken out of
8:57 am
the flour. put this in the refrigerator overnight and leave it alone. >> this is a two-day process. >> if you want. you could do it for an hour. no problem. >> okay. >> take that out of the refrigerator. put it back into the brine. the buller milk brine. reserve the brine. >> the same from yesterday? >> exactly. this is the same flour, just sifted. save it all. >> you refrigerate all this? >> absolutely. it's been touched by chickchick. add the cornflakes in here. >> all right. >> cornflakes add crunch, texture, we love that. get in there. >> little sweetness but not too much because you don't want the chicken to burn. >> let it sit again or good to go? >> you want peanut oil, adds more flavor. have it sizzling right away. >> should be a little hot. >> little hotter, for sure. but don't want it too hot. 325, 350. one of the biggest mistakes is people are like, let's get it cooking and crank up the heat.
8:58 am
you burn the chicken. >> how do you know when it's done? >> when your beer is empty. >> what rate are we drinking the beer in boston? >> true. >> bad rap, probably deserved. >> 165 on the inside is how you know it's done. if you don't have a thermometer, take it out, put it here. if it feels warm all the way through, you're pretty much done. >> okay. >> it's delicious. i've been silent long enough. it's ridiculously good. >> silence is the mark of a good deal. >> look at these biscuits. what is your secret? >> size, obviously. >> great thing. >> it is a good biscuit. we serve them with honey butter, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. >> why aren't you guys eating? >> i know. >> dig? >> thank you. >> we don't care about the -- >> the salad is just there. >> darius said, thanks for the
8:59 am
salad but i'm here for the chicken. >> oh, my goodness. >> that is amazing. thank you so much for being here. little kick, too. the recipe is at before we go, we want to give a shoutout to our today food club member standout. holly from massachusetts, who made these buffalo chicken meatballs which look delicious. we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:00 am
9:01 am
darius didn't know the dinner was his compensation for hanging out with us. >> i'm excited about it. >> you've been tremendous. outstanding. >> shoutout to the golf course. i was supposed to play but this came up. thank you, guys. >> fantastic in here. you'll love weekend "today" this weekend. we have the story of an incredible man. he went from football to corporate job to a very unexpected career choice. i'll tell you, morris robinson is an opera singer.
9:02 am
we'll talk about how he went from the field to the stage. i like it because he didn't start until he was 30. that's important. >> it is. never too late. >> you have a passion. you can use it. >> darius rucker, major points there. >> i was nervous about it. ♪ i only wanna be with you that and i want to eat. these biscuits are bigger than my face. >> will you come back? >> whenever you ask, i'll be back. this was awesome. >> it was fun. >> love it. >> thank you, guys. >> we'll bring you more chicken next time. don't miss hoda and andy grammar. we don't have chicken for andy, but we have hugs. we love you. >> biscuit. anything? >> it's so good. >> chicken. >> hoda. thank you, guys. you're awesome. we love you. have a great weekend. more of your local news and weather after this. hoda and andy!
9:03 am
9:04 am
right now we're seeing a lot of rain and wind across the bay area. temperatures in the 50s outside right now, heaviest rain south of san jose, down into morgan hill with showers continuing out toward the tri-valley and more rain around san francisco and offshore. pretty impressive system. you see the area of low pressure physically spinning offshore as that moves inland later on this afternoon. cool air aloft can also trigger some hail and thunderstorms at times into the evening commute with more rain possible as we move into the weekend. we'll go to the live shot. we might end with the maps if we need to. san jose we look at a spinout over here. at least a fender-bender on the side of the road. slick roads are the concern, not the volume of traffic. live look at freemont. the flag shows you the wind that's a factor as well. the last source, oakland with the camera shaking a bit, the wind is kicking up and the wet
9:05 am
roads are a concern. right now we are keeping a close eye on water levels in the north bay. big concerns about flooding. residents and businesses are using sandbags. kris sanchez says a.c.e. trains are running ontime. mudslides led to concerns last night. stay current with all the weather conditions on our nbc bay area app. sign up for traffic and weather alerts as well. another local news update in a half-hour.
9:06 am
9:07 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is try day friday, march 11th, 2016. you know he ththis song. it is friday. good to be alive right now. do you know who this man is?
9:08 am
i want him to be up on the screen the whole show. andy grammer is here. he's co-hosting while kathie lee is off. >> good to be alive. how are you? >> look at you. >> this is new for me. >> you're co-hosting a television pr


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