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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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developing overnight, a late night head-on crash on highway 4. several children needed a water rescue while the adults they were riding with died. a live report next on what led to this devastating accident. a risk for people after a sinkhole gives way and gas line ruptures. presidential candidates pushing to keep their campaigns afloat as hundreds of delegates up for grabs this tuesday. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, thank you for joining us at 4:30 on this monday. >> on monday. a little early on a monday but we're here and we're happy. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> you know who else is back, meteorologist kari hall.
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>> a very wet weekend across the bay area. >> some spots getting six or seven inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains and now as we take a look out there, we're starting to dry out and temperatures in the low to mid-50s and even upper 50s in san francisco. if you're out early this morning, you'll still notice those puddles and get a chance to dry out this afternoon. we're looking at highs in the mid to low 60s and overall shaping up to be a very nice day. we'll also see more of this through the week and i'll detail that coming up and let's get an update on what is happening in the peninsula now with mike. >> just want to show you how light the volume of traffic is coming into the area and 101 and south 101 at holly, some slowing. we had for about two minutes some slowing and smooth drive for the rest of the bay, although we do have some mud down on 84 over towards the coast and ladder down at highway
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4 on leverage. but a much bigger story in this area, i'll hand it back to you guys. breaking news. two people have died this morning after a head-on crash between two cars near discovery bay. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez following this breaking news stories. we understand there were kids in those cars, kris. >> three young children in that car that had to be rescued from the vehicle after it went into the water following that crash. looking at the video, it is shocking that anyone could have survived this violent head on collision. the children age 2 to 7 years oold all survived. two vehicles involved. both of them red. if you haven't been on highway 4, it is dark at night and only one lane in each direction. according to the chp, the crash happened when one of those two cars involved was driving in the wrong lane when it smashed into the other and forced it it over the embankment and into the water with six people inside,
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including those children. >> all the children are fine, suffered minor injuries. one of the adults was also extricated and appears he suffered minor injuries but two individuals, a male and a female that did not survive the crash. >> again, two people died in the vehicle that ended up in the water and another adult was injured and extricated and the three children were injured and they have minor injuries. the driver of the other car also had to be extricated and was also injured. the crash happened before midnight and shut down the roadway for hours. it is, though, open again this morning. in the newsroom, kris sanchez "today in the bay." >> thank you. new details on a developing situation. earlier this morning crews finally capped a gas line and all this coming after a sinkhole ruptured that line yesterday forcing an emergency. this is going on off center street. that street is expected to be closed until further notice.
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police say the sinkhole formed yesterday afternoon and shortly after a light pole gave way dropping into the hole where pacific gas and electric runs a four-age distribution line. strong after a strong odor began to fill the surround oing area forcing evacuation. >> they just said that we had to evacuati evacuate. they said, no, you've got to go south of here or north. >> pg &e brought teams to work on that repair and still assessing the damage this morning. mike is going to explain how it will back up traffic in the area in a few minutes. breaking news this morning, in kansas more than a dozen people have been injured in an amtrak train derailment. riding southwest as it travels from los angeles to chicago. five cars derailed just after midnight local time about 20 miles west of dodge city. amtrak says none of the injuries life threatening. 128 passengers onboard.
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investigators are looking into what caused that derailment. decision 2016 and if weren't already, it is definitely crunch time for the gop presidential contenders ahead of what will certainly be a make or break tuesday. >> voters in five states including florida and ohio could potentially narrow the republican field to two. donald trump campaigned yesterday in florida he is way ahead in the polls. senator marco rubio needs to win his home state to have any chance of staying in the race. in the meantime, governor john kasich is sitting in his home state of ohio. >> turning the tables on donald trump there. both democratic candidates are railing against donald trump and the violence that happened last friday at this canceled rally in chicago. here's some video of it. bernie sanders calls trump a pathological liar for and hillary clinton said trump is creating the inflammatory mood at these political rallies. we haven't seen something like
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that on the campaign trail in a very long time. >> very aggressive out there. 4:45 right now. let's take a breath. just starting our workweek. >> those res voyeervoirs and a f rain over the last week, week and a half. see this system winding down and some sprinkles as light snow moves over towards the sierra and a mixture of rain and snow farther to the north but, once again, see this wrapping up as we will have a dry day this afternoon. we're looking at highs in the low 60s. up to 62 degrees in san jose and 61 in palo alto and san francisco up to 60 degrees today and low 60s in the north bay, as well as the east bay and tri-valley looking at 62 degrees in livermore. speaking of the tri-valley, anything happening there, mike? >> let's check, kari. over the dublin interchange, that's good news. we have looked a lot of cars. this is surprising to a lot of folks. there's the dublin interchange
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and good flow of traffic as we look at your map. that's good for the green sensors right there. i want to talk about a little farther north and sam talked about the gas stoppage over there and that's a good distance away from highway 24. a 24 hour fitness and shopping center in the area. you might be able to use park street. i'll let you know if i hear of any official closures. holly blocks one lane southbound. there's that slowing. back to you. coming up next, finally coming down. demolition starting on the apartments precariously close cliffside. an l.a. chase and this says a lot that you have to believe. we'll be right back.
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dramatic vid out of l-acheck ou of a police cruiser. new today at 4:40. a pretty dramatic video out of los angeles. check out this high-speed chase of a police cruiser. a suspect stole that cruiser and took officers on a chase through l.a. county for nearly two hours. started about 10:00 last night. here's how it ended. the cruiser was cornered and the suspect that still refused to shot was actually shot and killed. not clear how that suspect stole the police cruiser in the first place. the car, though, had a full tank of gas and also had weapons inside. >> pretty tragic. new developments out of turkey after a car bomb killed at least 37 people over the weekend. this is just the latest in a series of deadly attacks. >> in fact, laura, turkish
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officials described this as a massive car bomb right in the center of the city at its transportation hub. these bombing attacks are becoming more and more frequent. there has been three in the city within just six months. so far no one has claimed responsibility for those attacks. back here at home a neighborhood in danville dealing with muddy water and debris this morning. >> this is nothing. >> well, take a look. doing some scraping anyway. the muddy mess flowing into this man's driveway and his garage. his flower bed now a small river. nearby drainage ditch and unclog that ditch. but neighbors are worried that same scene could easily play out, again. it is 4:41 right now. happening today, the demolition of that red tag pacifica apartment building is expected to wrap up today. crews have been taken down the 20-unit building for more than a week now. more than 75% of that building
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was gutted over the weekend despite all the rain. the building was vacant after it was red tagged after the cliff it is sitting on just started crumbling away. bob redell will join us with a live report coming up at 5:00 a.m. we'll be right back in just a minute.
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we're all sitting next to eachth ur, together, again. >> this team is back together after a really wet weather.
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>> spots in the santa cruz mountains and north bay up to seven inches of rain over the weekend. it was a lot in a reservoirs are really starting to fill up out there. now we're heading back into a dry period. start off this morning with a few left over sprinkles and we are starting out the workweek with cool temperatures this morning and a few clouds overhead. the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. come on oover and take a look. you can plan out the workweek and now as you head out, temperatures in the mid-50s and most of the bay area, we still have upper 40s for the north bay and we're seeing that rain tapering off as we start to see that moisture cutting off, as well. as we take it hour by hour in palo alto. mid-50s right at about 8:00 this morning and still some clouds overhead and 56 degrees and 11:00, 57 degrees and then into the low 60s today. pretty much long sleeves weather especially when you consider it
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will be breezy and winds coming in onshore and more northerly. winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour at times and higher than gusts at 20 miles per hour. we had such an affect pattern. we are still churning up those waves out there. so, a high surf advisory in effect. waves today anywhere from 14 to 18 feet. we'll also have some strong rip currents and large shore breaks. be aware of that, not only today but into this afternoon and into the evening, as well. now, over the weekend, we have the jet stream lined up right over the bay area and it was causing that weekend rain train. and we will start to see this jet stream lifting to the north. we'll have some high pressure moving in and that will allow for a drying trend and some warmer temperatures heading over the next several days. so, we'll be in the 70s before you know it. this weekend we'll have another slight chance of rain, but that doesn't come back into the forecast until sunday. until them temperatures low 60s
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and upper 70s and on saturday a high of 71 degrees. let's check in now with mike and see what's happening on the roadways. >> good morning, kari. looking to the peninsula southbound 101. i missed one of the details in the report. that changed the whole focus. one lane open, not one lane closed and that's southbound right there at holly and san carlos. no major injuries reported but major damage to a car and a lot of debris. we don't know when they're going to reopen and it's slowing and early in the commute and get through that without much delay. remember the warriors play tonight, so, post-work traffic, guys. >> warriors on the nba side of things. a lot of people are talk about the ncaa tournament this week, too. >> that's right. >> a lot of hours spent watching basketball and one of the least productive weeks for employers all year. that's because some folks might be filling out those brackets. ourselves included. >> that's bright. sometimes people do. sometimes.
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all right. for that and little bit of more news before the bell, let's turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters this morn. >> did you talk to me? i was filling out my bracket. good morning to you both. happy monday. wall street will extend weekly to five. the markets boosted by higher oil prices this morning and the fed is in focus with a two-day meeting that starts tomorrow. the fed is not expected to raise interest rates but could hit when it is coming. on friday the dow jumped 218 points and the nasdaq rising 86 to 8748. meanwhile, jury selection begins in the second trial involving a car accident allegedly caused by faulty gm ignition switches. it led to the recall of 2.6 million vehicles in 2014 and linked to nearly 400 serious injuries and deaths. the first trial ended aprptly in january and the plaintiff
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misleading testimony and gm has paid $2 billion in settlements and still faces hundreds of lawsuits. you may be among millions of people who are distracted by college hoops this week. workers preoccupied with filling out brackets and watching games will cost employers nearly $4 billion in lost probuckativity. >> i want to take some time on this. landon's tarheels are one of the favorites to win the tournament, if i'm not mistaken, landon. who are you picking? >> the tarheels. >> oh, gosh, i have no idea. >> actually, very, very talented team. i'm a duke fan from time to time, but we're rooting for the tarheels this year, as well. >> oh, sam. >> landon, thank you. it is a sign of the times. a very popular acronym seem tazbe delaying some online financial transactions because of links to terrorism.
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it is affecting only venmo an app that lets people receive money and puts it on hold until venmo reviews it. it is known as an acronym for i don't even know but shorthand for the organization linked to islamic terrorism. german wings crash is raising questions about confidentiality rules for pilots. two weeks before lubitz flew his plane into the french alps doctors diagnosed him with psychosis. the parent of one passenger who died said the report does nothing to explain how a suicidal pilot was allowed to fly. >> almost everybody completely
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unsatisfied with the answers that were given. >> french investigators also say on the day of the crash, he was on antidepressants and sleeping pills. the final report recommends requiring doctors to speak out when a pilot's mental health threatens public safety. new this morning, a fire rips through an abandoned apartment building in san francisco, the same building that was badly damaged in a fire last year. that building is at mission and 22nd streets in the mission district. the fire starting about 11:00 last night and neighboring buildings were evacuated but firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading. no one was living inside of that building. as we mentioned, the same building was empty and has been empty since this fire last january. a raging fire. caused by faulty electrical wiring. no word on what caused last night's fire. happening today, the san jose state students convicted of forcing a bike lock around an
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african-american student's neck are expected to be sentenced today. prosecutors are asking for all three students to be sentenced to 120 days in jail, plus community service at an organization serving african-american community. the students were convicted of battery, but not of hate crimes. the victim says his harassment in august of 2013 in an on-campus suite he share would the defendant. 4:52 on a monday morning. the wearriors well on their way to another nba title. the steps they took that puts them on top of the league. a busy intersection shut down this morning after a sinkhole opened yesterday. a damaged gas line is impacting nearby homes and businesses. our damian trujillo is at the scene following repairs. a big late night fire in san francisco mission district
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damaged the same building where a fire occurred months ago. we'll be back in two minutes.
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kari/wxcenter ck golden gate bridge 70s by thursday. the mid-70s for the peninsula on and towards the middle of othe week we'll see those temperatures continuing to rise from the 60s today to the 70s in the north bay tomorrow and the rest of the bay area will see
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mid up toer 70s by thursday. i'll be talking more about that coming up. let's get an update on the golden gate bridge now from hike. >> droplets on a lens. means water still on the roadways and slick conditions around the bay. be careful, folks. we'll look at your map and right up here in marin county flooding reported and no details and sounds like that lot is open off of 101. south 1 01 at cesar chavez and still only have one lane open at holly street because of the earlier crash. again, trying to clear some debris from the roadway and the rest of the bay moves well. back to you. >> thanks a lot. the warriors keep piling up the records and the accolades and the team just clinched the pacific title division and now they have the t-shirts to prove it. and so do the fans. >> 25 games left in the season. this is the warriors win saturday night against the phoenix suns. the reigning champs have won for the first time since the
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mid-70s. check out the t-shirts. golden. tweeting out this photo earlier today and they are saying they are now on sale through the team's official store. time to gear up. national pi day. >> pi day. or private investigation. the first three digits of pi are 3.14 and a bunch of other numbers. >> to celebrate the irrational number san francisco zoo is giving students a free pass. a valid i.d. card and to go along with the pi theme they'll give away pie-like streets, the real kind of pie to chimpanzees, monkeys, kangaroos. >> i'm impressed they can digest that, we'll take some pies, too. coming up next a sinkhole leads to a chain reaction of trouble in the east bay. we are live as crews clean up the mess that could impact your morning commute. plus, a building teetering on the edge of a cliff is finally coming down.
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bob redell is there as crews get ready for the final demolition.
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good morning. three children survive a horrific head-on crash because of the quick actions of a good samaritan. that story coming up. i'm damian trujillo where a sinkhole forces 25 customers to go without gas this morning. that means a lot of cold showers. the latest from the scene is coming up next.
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and after days of nonstop rain, demolition continues on this apartment complex teetering on the edge of a cliff in pacifica. the progress being made before it is too late. "today in the bay" starts now. and a very good monday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a healthy dose of rain over the weekend and good morning, kari. >> good morning. we are starting oout with some drier conditions. a chance to dry out after such a soggy weekend. but those roads are still wet as you head out this morning. now, temperatures in the upper 40s, even to mid-50s for most of the bay area and into this afternoon we're looking at highs around 62 degrees in the north bay. 60 in san francisco and some 6 o0s today. some 70s for the middle of the week. i'll detail that coming up. let's get an update on what is happening at the bay bridge now with mike. >> kari, the bay bridge toll plaza has a few folks waiting to pay the cash. show you the


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