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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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shut off gas. i'm damian truijillo. the late economisting up. plus, up in flames, again. firefighters looking for clues after this building catches fire for the second time in just over a year. and a live look at the bay bridge on this monday morning. we're in for a warm up after a wet and wild weekend. your full forecast right now on today in the bay." that bay bridge shimmering and certainly not as slick. good morning on this monday. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> not as slick as this weekend. b kari has a look at your forecast. >> leftover puddles on the roadway as you drive to work or school and make sure you wear a warm jacket. the temperature at 46 degrees and mid-50salcy where and looking at highs today in the low 60s and this afternoon with mostliy skies. getting a chance to dry out after such a soggy weekend.
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i'll be talking more about that and some temperatures in the 70s. that's coming up. let's see what's happening on the roadways, especially in the tri-valley now with mike. >> i have what we call disco. the flashing lights over here in the dublin area. this is westbound 580. there is the express lane. you see the folks getting by. not so bad right here. we have one, two, three, four vehicles and three other chp officers there. they're on the scene. quite a distraction over on the right shoulder. look at the map and we'll show you the slow down as it occurs heading over towards the dublin interchange. there's the backup. there may be another crash in the backup and i'm tracking that. meanwhile, the rest oof the tri-y and the rest of the bay looks pretty standard as far as what you would expect. bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on and this closure over here this short section that ware talking about following that sinkhole. at 6:01. we have an update to breaking news this morning. two are dead and three others hurt including three children after a head-on crash not far from discovery bay. >> kris sanchez in our newsroom.
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kris, we know there was a rescue involved and one of the vehicles with kids inside plunge under to a nearby river. >> right, the stockton folks out there had their technical rescrews, but before they could pull the children from the water a good samaritan rescued them. they were in an suv that went the road over an embankment and into the water nearby and that is because of a violent crash. take a look at the video. looking video is shocking that anyone could have survived this crash. there is a red pickup truck with a tan camper shell and the red suv that the children were in. the children all survived, as did one of the adults that they were with but sadly two of the people in the suv with the children did not. if you haven't been on highway 4 in the san joaquin area, i have to tell you, it is very dark at night. only has one lane in each direction and we understand it was raining at the time. chp says that the crash happened when one of the drivers was headed in the wrong direction and smashed into the other
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vehicle head on. >> all the children are fine. suffered minor injuries. one of the adults was also extricated and appears he suffered minor injuries, but there were two individuals, a male and a female that didn't survive the crash. >> we don't know what the relation is between the children and that man and the woman who died, nor with the man who was rescued with them. the driver of the red pickup truck was extricated and transported to the trauma center at san joaquin general hospital. the crash happened before midnight and shut down the roadway for hours and the roadway is, once again, open this morning. again, we don't know if rain was a factor, we know it was raining at the time of the accident, be careful out there. in the newsroom, chris chez, "today in the bay." more breaking news this morning this time in kansas where an amtrak train jumped its tracks sending 29 people to the hospital. amtrak southwest chief train was traveling from los angeles to chicago when five cars derailed. happened about 20 miles west of dodge city.
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we're told 128 passengers and 14 crew members were onboard. now, officials say none of the injuries are life threatening. investigators are looking into what caused that dement. back at home now and a developing story out of the east bay where 2,500 customers are without gas this morning this after a sinkhole opened up and a light pole opened up into that. it happened right next to morago road. if you know the area, one way for people to get from one side of town to the other by st. mary's. >> damian trujillo is live in that area and no danger to people living there and crews also had to shut off gas to people that live around that area. cold start to their day. >> yeah. that's absolutely correct. just for your information, maraga road still open at this point. relief for some people. make the needed repairs to that
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tribution line. that is a new development here that we are looking at this morning. but the problem is far from over for the locals here in the town of moraga. crews spent the night trying to solve the problem, but it appears to be easier said than done. a huge sinkhole opened up here yesterday. this is on center street at ream boulevard. the area, again, a major artery for those dries y trying to get in moraga. we are told this is a section and will be closed for the foreseeable future. this intersection here. yesterday the sinkhole ruptured a four-inch gas distribution line and that is what forced the evacuation of a shopping center and several rest. pg&e has all hands on deck trying to restore gas to customers this morning. >> we're going to a to be bringn about 100 of our gas service representatives.
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those are the folks working going door-to-door to turn the service back on. you will see those servicemen and the blue trucks out. we are going to do everything we can restore service safely and as quickly as possible. and we'll be working through the night and the day. >> and, again, the shelter in place has been lifted here in moraga but plan ahead if you're headed to st. mary's college and may take you some time to get through some of the alternate routes here. but those pg&e crews have to go individually from home to home to turn your gas back on. so, somebody, obviously, has to be home for that to happen. pg&e ask that you ask for that i.d. of that person. that's the latest, i'm damian trujillo. new this morning a fire rips through an abandoned apartment building in front. here's cell phone video of the blaze. we say abandoned because that same building was badly damaged
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in a fire last year. you probably it. it's the building at mission and 22nd street in the mission district. that fire, this time around, started about 11:00 last night. neighboring buildings were evacuated, but firefighters were able to contain the flames and keep them from spreading. no one wassing inside that building as we mentioned, but the building has been since this fire in january of 2015. that one was caused by faulty electrical wiring. no word on what caused last night's fire. it is 6:07. happening today, the san jose state students convicted of forcing a bike lock around an african-american students' neck are expected to be sentenced to. prosecutors are asking for all three students to be sentenced to 1 o20 days in jail, plus community service . the students were convicted of battery, but not of a hate crime. the victim says his harassment began in august of 2013 in an on-campus suite he share would the defendant.
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that's a nasty water main break that could cause some delays for those getting to dublin elementary school this morning. look at this video shot yesterday afternoon. it has since been fixed but yesterday that break damaged the road and still some repair work that has to be done. some homes in the area have no water right now. dublin police will be at the school this morning to help with dropoffs and with traffic. meantime, flooding forcing close to 200 people to be evacuated yesterday from a south bay camp ground. the 1,000 trail camp ground is closed after relentless rain forced a nearby creek to flood. camp hrz taquickly pack up their rvs and trailers to get out in time some evacuated first to a nearby fire station turning init into a temporary makeshift rv lot. late r a nearby church became a shelter. some were surprised at how
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quickly the flood waters rose. >> they keep, you know, smiling. but i don't feel safe. >> part of the reason for the flooding, the reservoir directly above the creek is now completely full. water is cascading down the reservoir spillway. >> so much water out there this weekend. it was really coming down. let's take a live look outside right now on this monday morning. beautiful golden gate bridge all washed clean. just a few sprinkles outs there right now, but some major changes are on the way. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall and we'll see quite a difference by the end of the week. >> absolutely. we go from a very wet weekend to and warming temperatures as we go through the week. now, we're seeing the last little bit of some light rain moving through now. as we track some sprinkles moving across parts of the peninsula and the east bay. that will keep those roads wet as you head out this morning. but we'll dry out later today and we're looking at highs today reaching into the upper 50s to lower 60s. 62 degrees today in napa and we'll also see 62 today in
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antioch and livermore. and then we'll be going into the upper 70s this week. i'll detail that coming up in less than ten minutes and let's get an update on that crash in dublin from mike. >> that's right, kari. moved the camera back facing the back up and that's elcharo in the distance and then the crash just behind me over on the scene and two vehicles and four chp cruisers and one of each left the area and they're just doing paperwork and that's a distraction and causing this heavy slowing as you travel westbound through the area. you do see a few more folks using that this morning. as we look at your map, the same thing we just described right here with the slowing and smoother drive once the express lane starts. but, again, a little slower than we've seen for the last couple weeks and the build for 680 which will be there for pleasanton. and the approach towards the bay bridge and toll plaza has the metering lights on there. and there is the closure that damian is talking about. you can take that down towards the st. mary's area, as well.
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a crash south at robin williams tunnel has cleared from the roadway. spinout just south of that tunnel and smoother drive and it has cleared over the last couple minutes and the rest of the bay looks good as far as the speed sensors go and slight build westbound and that commute is getting started. back to you. >> thanks, mike. chaos on the streets of southern california as the suspect nabs a police cruiser leading officer os on an hours long chase and there was a dramatic ending. we'll show it to you next. a developing story: ==sam/==
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and taliationy turkey. right now a developing story and retaliation by turkey. turkey's air force hit kurdish rebel targets in iraq earlier today just hours after a car bomb killed 37 people in the turkish capital. a senior government official says that authorities believe the suicide attack was carried out by two bombers. a man and a woman and was the work of kurdish militant. this marks just the latest in the series of deadly attacks on the turkish people over the last few months. it is 6:14 right now. parts of four states are still under flood warnings after record breaking storms have killed six people and damaged thousands of homes. some of the worst damage is in the gulf coast states of mississippi and louisiana. between the two states, the storms have nowed at least 5,000 homes. and some cities like hattiesburg, mississippi, are now concerns of flood waters might turn into a toxic mix. >> if you can look at all the trash and all that is floating
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through the house, the houses. there is gasoline, there's all kind of different toxins and that's flowed through these people's houses. >> president obama signed a disaster declaration. happening today, the rest of the walls are finally coming down. crews are expected to tearing down an apartment complex teetering on the edge of a crumbling cliff. >> one we have been following for years now. bob, this work has been delayed several times because of the wet weather we have been getting and some delays from the owner himself. >> because of our property dispute between the property owner and the city, laura and sam. you'll recall that 320 what remains of it was evacuated back in 2010 and the demolition finally started this weekend. of course, to keep this 20-unit apartment complex from tumbling into the pacific ocean. that demolition began on saturday and 75% of the complex has been moved and held off to a
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landfill. the work could be done by this wednesday, possibly today. going to depend on the weather. now, as i mentioned, the city declared its 20-unit apartment complex unsafe and forced its residents to move back out in 2010 because the ocean eroded so much of the cliff that it was standing on. parts of the complex were teetering on the edge. this structure was supposed to come down a long time ago and didn't because of a dispute with the property owner. >> the reason why the city is taking part in this and it's a private property. so, this really should being to the owner to be taking care of this. but he's not. he this building has been red tagged since 2010 and he had an opportunity to shore up the cliff like his neighbors have done or to demolish the building. he's done neither. so, the city started taking actions last summer to hold him accountable. >> the city of pacifica will recoup the demolition cost from
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the owner. the complex next door was torn down last month. both pots of land will remain vacerant and the city hopes to find a way to better stabilize the cliff to protect this road we're standing on and the ut utilities that run underneath. reporting live here in pacifica bob redell, "today in the bay." >> let's check weather and traffic together. you know, a lot of people starting their workweek and time change. we mentioned that. >> going to beer for a lot of folks driving to the office. >> but drier for us today, too. >> we'll get some sunshine finally in the bay area and we're frin a beautiful week after such a soggy weekend. but some beneficial rain and we really did need it. in some spots getting closer to seven inches of rain. now as you head out, some puddles on the road and we still have clouds overhead and a couple of sprinkles, too. temperatures now in the mid-50s and 54 in concord, oakland, san francisco. the seven-day forecast will come
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up and we'll see how we dry out as we go through the week. now we're seeing leftover rain moving off to the east. we still see some light sprinkles on the radar this morning parts of the east bay, as well as the peninsula and approaching the south bay. as this moves in, it will keep the roads wet and you'll probably turn on the windshield wipers and then it will be done. as we go through today, we'll start out with clouds in san jose. temperatures going from the mid-50s into the upper 50s and this will be your lunchtime temperature as you take it outside, it will be 59 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds today and high temperatures reaching the low 60s. if you're planning to head to the beach today, as we get a break from the rain, we will still have a high surf advisory in effect until 5:00 this. waves will be anywhere from 14 to 18 feet and also some strong rip currents. so, keep that in mind. want to keep an eye on oeveryone around you and especially those west-facing beaches will have the highest amount of swells today. and it's all because of this.
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we've had the jet stream lined up right over the bay area and that is the flow of the upper level winds that keep the weather active and the storm systems moving through. the jet stream will lift to the north and high pressure will move in and that will cause us to get some sinking air and clear skies and warming temperatures, as well. we are in for some warming temperatures through the rest of the week. now, as we go into the today, we're in low 60s for all of the bay area and then we'll have upper 60s tomorrow and then look at how our temperatures warm up as we go through the week in the south bay. up to 77 degrees thursday. we'll definitely feel like springtime outside and after all of that rain and we get sunshine and warmth, expect a lot of grass to grow and the trees blooming and a lot of pollen, too. we'll have highs in the mid-70s in the east bay on thursday. and then as we head into the weekend, that will be our next chance rain looks light and not until sunday at this point. let's get an update on that crash now from mike.
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>> kari, looking to the peninsula. southbound 101 at the top of the screen with a crash. i couldn't see the crash itself, but saw the northbound side slowing and looks like it is just cleared. look at the map at the same area and lasting long enough to show any slowing but we'll still track this. 82 right here. just got word top of oyour screen only southbound 101 out of san mateo and redwood city and el camino real is closed. crash there. police activity, still activity on that southbound side. the rest of the intersection, including hillsdale boulevard is still open. we're tracking that story on city streets. san jose and silicon valley moves very well here, as well. no major slowing and move your maps over here. we have a typical build towards the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge with the metering lights on. starting to clear up now and get an update on that crash with our live camera and west 580 as you are heading over towards hacienda and three vehicles on the shoulder and chp vehicles.
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i'm sorae one chp vehicle and a flat bed tow truck. that is about it. back to you. >> drive safely through there. a dramatic and dangerous chase through the streets of l.a. the reason officers were after one of own patrol cars. plus -- >> not my fault donald trump says about the violence surrounding some of his events. what to expect before mega tuesday. and the mega team, tracie, the golden state warriors are the pacific division champs. a live look right now. a little droplet or two on the camera lens there. this means that the reigning champs have won back-to-back division titles for the first time since the mid-'70s. welcome the new england pelcomes as their winning streak is on the line. we're back in two minutes. check out this high spm/vodrama.
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new this morning, some dramatic video out of los angeles. check out this high-speed chase of a police cruiser stolen by the suspect. police say that a suspect took that cruiser and then took officer os on a chase through l.a. county for almost two hours. as you can see, it did not end well. this started last night about o10:00 and it concluded with the cruiser finally being cornered. and the suspect who still refused to stop and was shot and killed. now, it's not clear how the suspect stole the police cruiser. the car had a full tank of gas and also had weapons inside.
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politics now. and decision 2016. today is the final day on the campaign trail before five critical primaries tomorrow. "today in the bay" tracie potts keeping close tabs on the race for the white house. >> five states vote tomorrow with hundreds of delegates at stake on both sides. florida and ohio, the biggest prizes, winner take all. donald trump's leading florida by double digits. >> i think we're going to do great in florida. >> reporter: after a weekend of violent protests, bernie sanders denied he is sending them. >> daonald trump is a pathological liar. >> he has lit the fire and then he throws his hands up and claims that he shouldn't be held responsibility and he should be held responsible. >> reporter: foreign leaders are asking her taendorse trump. she also has a big lead in florida but marco rk rubio neede sunshine state. slamming strump as he continues
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his bus tour today. in ohio -- >> i believe we're rising. >> reporter: john kasich is now leading in his home state. ted cruz is claiming a tie in north carolina, despite the polls. >> it is going to depend on turnout who shows up and votes on tuesday. >> reporter: in florida, nearly 2 million people have already voted. and back to ohio, mitt romney is going to be on the campaign trail today. he has said he would help any candidate except donald trump. he would help all the candidates exceptled trump. >> kasich, by the way, is now leading trump in the polls in ohio, tracie. >> right. >> he is, by about six points. this is a reverse of what we saw last week. so, it seems that he may be gaining as we get closer to that ohio primary that he has declared over and over that he will win. but waev we've also seen those polls be wrong. for example, next year in
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michigan. we'll see what happens up there. right now he has a slight edge over donald trump 24 hours before the polls open. >> thank you, tracie, live from washington this morning. an update to breaking news an aptrack train traveling from new york to chicago jumped its tracks. what we know about dozens of passengers rushed to the hospital. a good samaritan rescues three children after a violent head-on crash sends their suv into the water upside down. that story coming up. i'm damian trujillo where ,500 customers remain without gas after a sinkhole. live with the details coming up next.
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good monday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. the heavy stuff hit weekend and now leftover sprinkles before a warmup comes our way and kari hall joins us now. good morning. >> such a soggy weekend and now we're seeing that weather system moving out and still some light rain as you head out this morning on those roadways and some leftover puddles from the heavy downpours we had over the weekend. we're looking at highs today into the low 60s with some sunshine and breezy winds. a few clouds and we're looking at some much warmer temperatures as we go through the week. i'll detail that coming up. mike, you have a crash in the south bay now? >> we're looking at northbound 101, kari. we pect the volume of traffic
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to start building now because more cars in the roadway and also a crash just north of this scene and i'll show you the map. the map shows you north 101 just past mckees and just outside of oour camera range. moved out of the roadway now. we may have a better news as the morning commute starts to build i was very concerned about that. over here 87 shows no real surprises and a little slowing there. there's the rest of your bay and you can see a nice pattern developing for monday which you'd expect. the bay bridge metering lights on and we'll take a live look from our dbliublin camera and o two vehicles and another flat bed. there is the third vehicle loaded up and they're clearing that scene and less flashing lights and an easier drive towards the dublin interchange. back to you. an update now to breaking news. two people are dead, several others hurt, including three children morning after a head-on crash not far from discovery bay. >> kris sanchez is in our news
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and that crash led to a rescue as one of the cars with kids inside plunged into a nearby creek. >> that's right. the stockton fire department had their technical rescue crew, but thankfully a good samaritan sprang to action before they got there and did the right thing. looking at the video, though, it is shocking that anybody could have survived this violent head-on crash. both of the vehicles are red. there is the red pickup truck with the camper shell and also the red suc that the children were in. the children all did survive as did one of the adults and sadly two of the people in the suv with the children did not survive. if you are near discovery bay, it is very dark at night and only has one lane of traffic in each direction and it was raining at the time of the crash according to the chp the crash happened when one of the drivers was going in the wrong direction and smashed into the other head on. >> all the children are fine.
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suffered minor injuries. there were two individuals, a male and a female that didn't survive. >> we don't know what the relationship is between the man and the woman and the children and the other man that was rescued along with the kids. the driver of the red pickup truck also had to be extricated and was transported to the trauma center at san joaquin general hospital. this crash did happen before midnight and did shut down the roadway for hours and the road is, once again, open do be careful out there. we don't know if rain was a factor, but we know it was raining at the time the crash. in the newsroom, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." more breaking news this time from kansas where an amtrak train jumped its tracks sending at least 29 people to the hospital. amtrak southwest train was traveling from los angeles to chicago when five cars derailed. all of this happening about 20 miles west of dodge city. we're told 128 passengers and 14
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crew members were onboard of that train. officials say that none of the inies are considered to be life threatening. right now investigators are looking into what caused the derailment. developing right now, close to home, a part of a major east bay intersection is shut down this morning as crews work to fix the sipghole that opened up yesterday. happening on marine boulevard right now to moraga road. if you know that area, only one way for people to get from one side of town to another by st. mary's. >> damian trujillo live from the scene and hot water also in question. thousands of people living in that area still without working gas. >> that's going to happen for the rest of the morning. it appears until crews can come out and turn that gas back on. right now behind me it appears that the pg&e crews have dug a secondary hole to make repairs and that glare you see in the background is a glare from a
6:35 am
welder. i took a welding class in high school and that is the glare of the sparks of a welder and they are making repairs in the distribution line. the sinkhole remains a big concern and that is next to the secondary hole. the sidewalk caved here on center in moraga and that sinkhole ruptured a four inch gas distribution line. crews spent all morning and all night and this morning repairing that line, but forced emergency responders to order a shelter in place and to evacuate several businesses here yesterday. the leak has been capped but the sinkhole remains and that is a huge concern for the locals here. it means it will remain closed for the foreseeable future. crews still need to find out how extensive the damage is and if the sipghole compromised other parts of ream boulevard. it had crews working around the clock and they'll be working all morning and all day. >> bringing in about 100 of oour gas service representatives. those are the folks that are
6:36 am
going to be working going door-to-door to turn the service back on. so, that you will be seeing those servicemen and the blue trucks out. we are going to do everything we can to restore service safely and as quickly as possible and we'll be working through the night and the day. >> it is a major artery here in this part of the bay area. the good news only this intersection and one block are closed at this hour. crews will be here for quite some time. they have to go to each home individually. that is 2,500 customers to turn the gas back on. some folks will be without hot water for a while. >> thanks so much, damian. that sinkhole isn't the only issue in moraga. two families have voluntarily evacuated their homes because of this landslide. the small slide is on augusta drive and as you can see, it's
6:37 am
already brought down a deck of one of the homes. crews put tarps on the ground below hoping to keep some of that wet weather from the wet, well, the rain really from saturating the soil. an engineer will be brought in to determine what their next steps will be. university of ocalifornia issing how it reviews sexual harassment claims. this in the wake of a scandal involving the law school's dean at cal. choudhry stepped down after his assistant alleged harassment. now, uc president janet pall tono said she's creating a new committee against senior leaders who violate uc sexual harassment policies. also ord oering all senior leaders to under go sexual harassment training. now police are sill sturching for the person behind the wheel of the car. that crash happened saturday evening. police say two men were crossing at the intersection of lebb
6:38 am
lebbenworth when they were struck by the car. one man was killed and one is in the hospital. the driver is still on the loose this morning. we have video from saturday night at a holiday inn express in walnut creek. six hotel guests have reported trouble breathing and their eyes and throats were burning. one went to the hospital. the others streeted right out that hotel. all the victims said they smelled a pepper-like odor in all of the hallways. all were let back in just a few hours later. the weekend weather still having its impact and a neighborhood in danville dealing with muddy water and debris this morning. >> this is nothing. >> he says it's nothing, but take a look at that, the muddy mess flowing into that man's drive and also into his garage. his flower bed now a small river. the problem caused by a nearbiage ditch. >> flowed over the drainage
6:39 am
ditch and came on to the street. >> the city crews did come out to clean up the street and clean out the ditch. neighbors are worried it could happen, again. a massive tree came crashing down on the sonoma coast over the weekend. take a look at this damage. it blocked highway 1 right above jenner at the mouth of the russian river. crews worked for three hours to clear it before they could get that highway open, again. the area one of the hardest hit in the series of storms that the bay area has been experiencing through this past weekend. some flooding of lying areas all up and down the russian river valley. this car got stuck on valley ford road not far from guerneville. you see the owner attempting it there and did get it out and got a tow truck to take it away. probably never try to go through a big puddle like that, one again. >> we saw throughout the area, too. a live look outside this morning. downtown san jose, just a few showers out there right now, but some major changes are on the
6:40 am
way. >> changes for the positive. a little sun on your side, kari. >> yes, we will definitely have sunshine this afternoon. after dealing with some light sprinkles this morning, moving from the peninsula and the east bay now into the south bay. some rain just enough to keep those roads wet as you head out this morning and some puddles are still left on the roadways. now, we're looking at temperatures that will be reaching into the low 60s today. pacific, staying in the upper 50s. also some upper 50s on the embarcadero. else where, some low 60s and our warming trend continues as we go through the week. but a lot more sunshine. so, i'll detail that coming up in about ten minutes. but mike's tracking an issue as you approach the bay bridge. >> yeah, kari. still getting details from chp if they're following anything. i notice things are slowing a bit. as we just saw some flashing lights and may have just cleared. just under the tow oer here and heading towards treasure island. looks like they just cleared heading over towards treasure island. i'll check again with chp to make sure everything is okay and we have a smoother drive across
6:41 am
that bay bridge. backup at the toll plaza, of course, no surprise. san mateo bridge and a slower drive developing on a flat section. again, look, we see one set of lights over on the shoulder and letting us know what might be the issspan. picking up the volume from the east bay to the peninsula and that westbound commute is on. prettical pattern for the rest of the area. that is where damian was reporting that closure. and moraga road itself is open and down towards st. mary's and accessing the college and that route. over here towards the south bay where the northbound route slows a bit. and maybe another round of 880 interchange and bring you an update. video from the crash and i'll give you the latest on that critical intersection and el camino affected by police activity. back to you guys. >> feels so dark outside. coming up next, searching for signs of life. out in space on the red planet.
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the new mission launched just hours ago to get a closer look at mars. that's right. the time change over the weekend and 6:42 right now. the markets have pin open for 12 minutes. down, not a huge percentage. weal keep tabs this morning and be back with a lot more news. new this morning:
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== at 6:44. new this morning. a fire rips through an abandoned apartment building in san francisco. this is the same building that was badly damaged in a fire last year. the building is at mission and 22nd streets in the mission district. it started about 11:00 last night. neighboring billibuildings were evacuated but firefighters were
6:45 am
able to keep it. that fire was caused by faulty electrical wiring. no word on what caused last night's fire. 6:45 right now. possibly turning water emergency into and barbara boxer about to introduce a new bill to give responders to respond quickly to lead contamination in drinking water. where high lead levels have sickened children across that city. lead contamination among the disasters that a president can declare that would allow for a rapid response from fema. boxer is already co-authoring a separate bill that includes tens of millions of dollars in loans to repair the pipes and infrastructure. new this morning, looking for life on mars. >> a mission to the red planet blasted off from kazakhstan. sending the unmanned probe aboard a russian rocket. it's expected to reach mars in
6:46 am
october. the probe will analyze gases in had red planet's atmosphere. the space agency says traces of metha methane previously discovered on mars biological activity. so, someone could be out there. >> maybe. well, someone certainly is out in the sierra. happening now the storm that brought heavy rain here all weekend bring plenty of snow to the sierra. so much snow that an avalanche warning is in effect for some areas. >> brian hickey is live from donner summit. dusting away some of that snow right now off of interstate 80. how is it looking right now? what can you see? >> are you cold? look at the way you're standing. >> what you see is mostly blowing snow up here. 30 mile an hour gusts up here on donner summit. you can see we're at the rest area on westbound interstate 80 right at donner summit. a car back here almost buried in the snow. the entryway to the bathroom here at the rest area is completely drifted in with snow. so, caltrans has a lot of
6:47 am
digging before they get this rest area reopened. sugar bowl ski resort last night wassing 498 inches of snow this season i'm sure they got two inches last night. that brings the seasonal over 500 inches here at donner summit. that's 42 feet of snow that has fallen this year. what is actually on the ground after consolidation and rain and some melt is actually about 15 feet of snow on the ground at the summit of the ski resorts here at donner summit. a lot of snow up here. caltrans lifted the chains this morning. that's where that rain turned to snow, but that has all since tapered off. the snow you see being blown around me is picking up from the wind. a lot of snow and still blustery conditions up here and as you pointed out, avalanche conditions very, very dangerous right now because of this wind causing wind loading on the leeward side of the mountains. that's piling up the snow on top
6:48 am
of an already weak layer we could see mini avalanches off the side of the freeway. triggered little slides on the side of the embankment. very unstable condition in the back country. use extreme caution if you're venturing out that way. send it back to you guys. >> no kidding. a cold sight out there. a lot of people like to take snowmobiles off. you have to be careful when you're going off track there. >> we will get you a neck warmer next time, buddy. >> he gets tago skiing later today. he's doing okay. >> did he have how did he get up there? >> so many people from the bay area full off on that, but usually a cheer road. >> it looks different. >> hard to believe we've gone from that, from that to 70s later this week. >> yes. i'm guessing some more melting for the week, as well. we're going to have a chance to dry out after such a wet weekend
6:49 am
in the mountains we had close to seven inches of rain in santa cruz. or in the santa cruz mountains and now as we take a live look as the sun gets ready to rise, we have some breaks in those clouds. and wae will have ai drying tred over the next couple of days. the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. come on over and check that out. now looking at some of those showers that are still lingering in parts of the bay area. now, these are just some light showers are just enough to have you turning on the windshield wipers. and it's moving across parts of the east bay and into the south bay right now. as we take it hour-by-hour in oakland today. we start out with some clouds 8:00, 9:00 this morning and then the sun starts to peek out with 50s and 60s. if you're heading to the coast today, keep in mind high surfvisory and waves up to 18 feet and strong rip currents.
6:50 am
we had these conditions because of the jet stream lined up right over the bay area the flow of the upper level winds that keep the storm systems rolling on through. but the jet stream will be lifting to the north as we go through the week and allowing for some high pressure to move in. that high pressure will give us some sunshine and some warming temperatures. and it will keep us dry over the next several days. so, today we're in the low 60s. tomorrow up to 68 degrees in the south bay and then up to 77 degrees on thursday. it will definitely feel like springtime. we'll be in the mid-70s in the peninsula by the end of the week. and in san francisco some 70s there. upper 70s for the north bay and we'll also have mid-70s for the east bay and the tri-valley. as we go into the weekend, we will have our next chance of rain. that won't be until sunday and at this point it doesn't look heavy and our temperatures will be coming down from the 70s to the 60s. still above average temperatures after a cool weekend we warm it and will bring it back down in time for the weekend.
6:51 am
let's get an update on a crash now from mike. >> this is on city streets. look at this video just into our newsroom a few minutes ago. an investigation that was on. it had closed el camino real and look at that vehicle over there wedged between two pillars there. this is right in front of the hillsdale mall and that is what had that stretch of el camino closed. still closed but northbound is open and there's the video. let me show you on the maps what we're talking about. this is after police investigation has wrapped up for portions of it. hillsdale boulevard has reopened to and from 101. el camino real and highway 82. the southbound side heading down to the mall, still closed. on the mall side. hopefully reopen after they do close that. on the other side of the mall, keep you clear all of all this activity and distraction and justal a little build. freeways moving well through the south bay despite a couple
6:52 am
crashes. one approaching oakland road and another by the airport. the one by the airport a distraction. fresher crash and may still be activity off to the shoulder. we're watching for that and let you know if lanes are blocked. as we move the map up, seeing a smoother flow of traffic and nice build of 24 just off of the walnut creek interchange. there's the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on. behind me the tri-valley with no real surprises and a better read for the speed sensors and our live camera shows us the continuing saga. now just one car left after four got into a crash there. this one no lights are on and no tow trucks. just watch it, folks, don't get over to that shoulder as you're approaching the dublin interchange. back to you. coming up next, demolition day. the work happening this morning to bring down what is left of the pacifica apartment building tumbling on a teetering cliff. to save the lives of three children trapped in a car that plunged into a creek. i'm damian trujillo where a
6:53 am
sinkhole ruptures a gas distribution line. the latest coming up. happening right now skies are clearing in many parts of the bay area and rain left reservoirs full or close to it. in california, all is not equal. southern california is not getting quite the same punch from this year's el nino. in sports. the warriors trying to extend their home winning streak, but the ws can thank lebron james for their latest milestone. a division title 40 years in the making.
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6:56 am
and welcome back. one final day of the day's top stories before we send you off to "today" show in just a few minutes. >> chrkris sanchez with breakin news that we have been following since 4:30 this morning. saved three children from their suv that landed upside down in the water near discovery bay. the children were in a red suv when it crashed head on with the driver of a red pickup truck. now one of those drivers was headed in the wrong direction on that two-lane highway. >> all the children are fine. suffered minor injuries. one of the adlts was extricated and appears he suffered minor
6:57 am
injuries but two individuals. a male and a female that did not survive. >> we don't know what the relation is between the children and the adults in the suv. the driver of the red pickup truck was extricated and is now in the april. in the newsroom, kris sanchez "today in the bay." i'm damian trujllo where crews capped a gas leak but 2,500 customers are without gas. it's easier said than done. a hung sinkhole opened up here yesterday on center street. we're told this section of the street will be closed for the foreseeable future. yesterday the sinkhole ruptured a four inch gas distribution line and that is what forced the evacuation of a shopping center and several rest. pg&e has all hands on deck trying to restore gas to customers this morning. the shelter in place has been lifted here in moraga but 2,3500 customers remain without gas.
6:58 am
pg&e trying to fix the problem. i'm bob redell live in pacifica. you can see the apartment complex that used to be behind me coming down to prevent it from tumbling into the pacific ocean. demolition began on saturday. the workers were taremove about three quarters of the 20-unit apartment complex and take it to the landfill. the work should be done mid-week and possibly today. depends on the weather. the city declared this apartment complex unsafe and forced its residents to move out back in 2010 because the ocean eroded so much of the cliff it was standing on. it was so severe parts of the complex was teetering on the edge. the structure was supposed to come down a long time ago but didn't because of a dispute with the property owner that wouldn't pay for the demolition. the apartment complex next door was torn down last month. thisser the city hopes to find a way to better stabilize the cliff to protect the utilities
6:59 am
to make sure this doesn't fall in, as well. reporting live in pacifica, bob redell. >> that was ocean front property. >> yeah. at least it's not dumped on the beach, like he said. used to seeing sunrises by this time of the day. still just barely getting light out. >> spring forward for you. yes, we'll have a little bit more daylight as we kngo into t evening. temperatures in the mid-50s as you head out and heading into the 60s this afternoon. all of that rain we're pretty much done and just a few leftover sprinkles this morning. >> we get to dry out and notice some lights on the bay bridge. >> check two cameras. first the bay bridge camera and some flashing lights it looks like over on the right side. a stall on the span there. that slows folks around the bend towards treasure island and look towards the san ma trmateo brid. and san jose area and we're just seeing it slowing from pier 680 all the way towards the airport and highway 8.
7:00 am
>> the sun will arrive. >> sunrise slow down, folks. sam and i are back at 11:00. good morning. breaking overnight. an amtrak train with 140 people onboard goes off the tracks in kansas. >> set a ladder up. we'll start evacuating some of these people out the top. >> two dozen rushed to the hot. investigators looking into what caused the late night crash. chaos on the campaign trail. a weekend of violent clashes between donald trump's supporters and protesters. who's to blame? trump says not him. but his political opponents say otherwise. >> encouraging violence and chaos to get votes. >> how will this impact rr


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