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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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administrators have been behind closed doors to come up with a plan to not only deal with this case but the other sexual ha harassment cases. >> reporter: this is a major problem that needs to be addressed after a six-month investigation into allegations of sexual harassmenharassment, was fired today. we are told the incident occurred last summer and the accuser is not affiliated with the school. it's not what the head coach of the cal men's basketball team says he wants to focus on right now. >> it's a tough loss but again, we keep pushing. >> reporter: instead of system br celebrating the highest ncaa ranking he's asking questions about the firing of the assistant coach for violating the university's sexual harassment policy. are you disappoint snd. >> i'm always disappointed because again, i'm the captain of the ship and i have to make sure everything flows right,
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goes right. >> reporter: few details surfaced and he could not be reached for comment but was active on social media saying my time to exonerate myself after a fruitless claim by a reporter will come and we found photos of him socializing off the court with players and students. >> so it definitely seems like it fits into a larger pattern. >> reporter: students say the swift firing of the assistant coach stands in contrast to other recent incidents including complaints the former law school dean made sexual advance thes toward a former administrator but allowed to keep his job. he has since resigned. >> for the dean they did take a long time. >> reporter: last year administrators did not fire the man that sexually harassed students for years. he was finally forced out by colleagues. >> individuals are upset and angry over this and we get it and know we have to do better, so there is a serious committed effort to doing just that.
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>> reporter: part of that effort was holding closed-door meetings yesterday and today to discuss possible changes and how they deal with allegations of sexual harassment made by students against faculty members. details on the policy changes have yet to be released. reporting live from berkeley tonight, i'm elyce kirchner. >> we talked to students about whether the sexual harassment allegations are tainting the excitement surrounded the team's first trip to the ncaa tournament in three years. 25 hours and counting, that's how long people have been without gas. here is why. a storm related sink hole that led to a ruptured gas line. pg and e is scrambling to make the fix. nbc jodi hernandez is there this evening and they were supposed to go door to door this evening. what is happening now? >> reporter: raj, they hoped to start the process at 4:30 that didn't happen.
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there were delays but i've been told that crews have just been given the green light to start. now, this is the heart of the problem where that giant sinkhole formed yesterday afternoon and what will likely take days to fix the street, gas should be back on within hours. this is what hundreds of residents have been dealing with for the past 24 hours. gas stove tops aren't working, heaters can't be turned on and there is no hot water for dishes or showers. >> run in and run out. [ laughter ] 30-second shower. >> reporter: after a week of stormy weather, a portion of this intersection gave way yesterday sending a streetlight pole right on to a gas line. >> the gas distribution line in that area was broke and then as a result of that, of usually, we had 2500 customers that saw gas service interrupted. >> reporter: pg and e brought in an army of workers to get the gas restored and went house to
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house to turn gas lines off so they can perch the line before going back to each home to turn it back on. >> the hope would be the majority of the customers are restored at some point tonight. it depends how long it takes to get to the point where we can start. >> reporter: tonight crews are starting the relighting process getting powered back on can't come soon enough for people who have been without since yesterday. >> i don't like it. accidents happen. so what are you going to do? >> reporter: again, the relighting process has begun. i'm told that crews are going to take this neighborhood by neighborhood. they say they can finish 500 houses an hour, if you do the math they should be finished by 11:00 tonight, but homeowners need to be home for the relighting to be done because crews need to check all the appliances and make sure it is safe. folks aren't home, they will find is this orange flier on their door. pg and e says they can call in
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the morning to make an appointment if they don't get turned on tonight. they can get turned back on tomorrow. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> should be an active night where you are, thank you. next door in orinda an oak tree fell in someone's driveway just missing it, actually, according to the video. pg and e crews removed the tree from the power line. more damage across the bay area along the peninsula. this say bird's eye view of the babies r us. a large part of the roof you can see collapsed. the store is closed today. the partial collapse happened yesterday afternoon. the store was open at the time and there were customers inside but luckily, no one was hurt. investigators are trying to find the cause of this collapse but obviously, the rain may have had something to do with it. it is a strange look outside. look at that. the sun is still out at the this hour because of daylight savings
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time and no rain. skies are clear. something we haven't seen in several days. jeff ranieri continues coverage now and jeff, good rain totals for the past weekend but nice to see the sun out. >> definitely is. you know, a lot of the creeks, rivers and streams definitely were getting close to bank full if they didn't surpass on sunday with rainfall. as you look at the three-day higher elevation totals for the mountains, very impressive. we have lifting, the storm moves in and hits the higher elevation and helps to squeeze out additional moisture. that's why ben lomond and orinda impressive around 3.80 and san francisco over 3 inches, oakland nearly 2.5, just over that and san jose not quite as much with .75. sierra snow, best news for the drought are these numbers. sugar bowl 66 inches. alpine meadow 55. we're tracking what kind of
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impact this and our other storms had on the drought and details on that in about ten minutes. >> see you shortly. landslides are a concern, two homes may be in danger after a weekend landslide. one family actually hired a private soil expert who recommended that family to clear out within the next five days. now city crews have not yet examined these homes. the homeowner there says his neighbors home is in worse condition with floors sloping and dipping p. city crews cleaning up several roads including redwood. the roads are open but as you can see, there is a lot of activity and some blockages. you can track your own micro climate on your own phone. download our nbc bay area app. a family's lives changed forever. details tonight about a deadly head-on crash near discovery bay. three young children survived but the mother and father died when the su vurks they were
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driving hit on overturned into a canal. the crash happened a little before midnight on highway 4. chp says the driver of the pickup truck crossed the median after falling asleep and hit the family's suv. a good samaritan jumped out of their car and saved the lives of the three children in the backseat. the family set up a goo fund me account with help for the funeral services. >> three men accused, all three pleaded not guilty. the correctional deputies charged with the beating death of an inmate appeared in court today. the santa clara county jail guards are accused of killing michael tyree last august. if convicted, they could pace life in prison. the trial date is set to be announced next month. think of it as a garage sale for the city of san francisco. fire high grants to manhole covers but be careful because we may need the equipment when the
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big earthquake hits. nbc michelle roberts is in the city with the fire sale. >> reporter: there are hundreds of fire hydrants but they are about 100 years old. they want to invest in coast effective plans but some say it's not a good idea. these pumps were installed in the basement of the san francisco fire headquarters in 1911. following the deadly earthquake of 1906. >> they can literally pump the water back up to twin peaks. >> reporter: the deputy chief says the purpose known as the auxillary water supply system or awss is to get water to firefighters if the main water lines break. essentially, it's a backup that was built to with stand an earthquake. >> now the concern is okay, how do we protect the whole city? >> reporter: because the system was built in 1911, there are several neighborhoods that aren't covered like richmond,
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sunset. in the '80s the city had plans to install city wide and bought the materials but were never installed. >> putting more pipeline in the ground is expensive. >> reporter: david briggs with the public utility commission says dozens of pipes, won'ts and hydrants are sitting in storage for 30 years. now many of those items are up for auction with the potential to bring in tens of thousands of dollars. >> we can put that money to work for us right now to benefit the city instead of sitting in a yard doing nothing. >> i think it is irresponsible. >> reporter: tom is a retired san francisco fire official. he says unless the high pressure water system is expanded, thousands of homes will be at risk. >> we're going down the rabbit hole here by abandoning the expansion. >> reporter: the city is in the process of implementing costfective backup water sources, but critics claim those won't be enough when the big quake hits.
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reporting in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. i'm marianne favro live where the weekend storm caused mudslides and power outages. i'll have more on that story coming up. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're getting much-needed sunshine moving in from the weather under ground sky camera. i'll have the full forecast and warming temperatures in just a few minutes. plus, san jose state students sentenced, some questioning whether the punishment is harsh enough for their involvement in mistreating a black roommate. convicted battery agait asanjo,
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black room-mate. =vo= instead, theto will be o no jail time for four san jose students convicted of battery against an african american roommate. instead, on probation for two years, pay fines and spend 30 days in weekend work programs. initially the students also faced hate crime charges for putting a bike lock around the roommate's neck and trapping him inside a bathroom. a $5 million civil suit filed for the victim is still spending against the students and san jose state. a high-speed chase end in a crash. officers spotted two men breaking in the cars on harvard road that happened just before 5:00 a.m.
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the men sped off with police in hot pursuit but those men lost control of their car near the hillsdale mall and slammed into a cement post. the suspects will be okay. police say that get away car they were in was stolen from son ye san jose. >> an officer struck by an suv has died. on saturday officer nathan taylor was directing traffic around a car crash. investigators say the driver of an suv suddenly changed lanes and hit taylor. he died of his injuries late last night. he spent some two years working in san jose. the department will honor him tomorrow during a bell ringing ceremony at the academy of where he graduated. back to weather, we're drying out but many of us recovering from the damage. among the wettest spots, the small town of felton. what's the damage right there behind you? >> reporter: well, the big
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problems were downed trees and also a lot of mudslides, raj. the reservoir is also now full and spilling over, which is one reason why the river you see behind me is moving so swiftly tonight. and the rain also brought a lot of relief. small water falls cascading down the mountains, one of the changes recent storms created in felton along with the picture, problematic navigating from flooding to trees down to mudslide. >> there was a mudslide on the road, the main road and we had to take the upper road, which is very narrow. >> we lad a power outage at the house for the last 48 hours. >> reporter: at the reservoir, water began spilling over yesterday. the reservoir holds 2.8 billion gallons and now that it's full, city leaders say it's likely this summer santa cruz won't be forced to implement stage three water restrictions that would
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have included fines for offenders. in santa clara county, the reservoir spilled over with others. the santa clara valley water district's level is normal for this time of year. and in marin county, the rest v reservoirs are above. conservation should be the new normal. and despite these recent rains, water users in the santa clara valley water district are asked to conserve 30% until the end of june. reporting live in felton, mare an favro. an apartment building is no longer teetering. the site is clear tonight. walls are down and the last of the debris is being hauled away as we speak. the 20-unit building was evacuated and red tagged in 2010
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but legal hurdles delayed. workers could be seen dangling right there off the cliff. the city's next step is a long-term plan in place. >> we've been in talks with the army corps of engineers about the possibility of suring up the cliff edge. our concern after the buildings are down is that the street could be the next at risk asset and of course, that's our asset and we want to protect it. we're actively in talks with the army corps about help. >> later this week. the demolition crew will bring out a large crew to retrieve debris that fell. >> amazing to see that on the cliff side there. two things we're not used to seeing with 6:15, sunlight and sunshine. >> i know. >> jeff ranieri is back with us. how are you? >> good. slow to get my clock adjusted right on sunday. if you were with me, you woke up today like it's monday. there is a bunch of stuff changing. most importantly, we have drier weather coming our way as you'll see on doppler and satellite. nothing in terms of heavy
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rainfall. we need more rain for the drought, we've had so much of the water levels rise in the short term at least it will help them to lower most immediately. our recent rains here from not only the past several weeks but also from the beginning of november to the current has produced significant changes in our drought. here is a look at november the 1st of 2015 and notice most of the bay area in a severe to extreme drought. there are two main changes on this. the first one is up in the ma rain, napa and sonoma improved to a moderate drought and right here across the peninsula from an extreme to a severe drought. so slowly but surely beginning see things gradually change but definitely hoping for more rain fall through april so we'll see how that pans out. tomorrow 46 expected in the south bay and partly cloudy and 42 east bay and north bay at 40. i want computers to be on the alert for isolated patchy fog tomorrow but by the afternoon,
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sunshine and also, well, come po comfortable temperatures. the south bay also expecting upper 60s. we'll talk more about the area of high pressure and how warm it gets throughout the week and that's in about 25 minutes. jeff, see you shortly. racial tension in the race for the white house. how much of a factor is it? political analyst larry joins us next. northern california.
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police say they left holesnthe a
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happening now, more than 200 teens busted for trashing a home. they left holes in the wall and damaged inside and outside the house. we're tweeting about that tonight. the man accused of shooting to death six people says uber's app was controlling him. we updated that story on the home page. we're back with more news in just a moment. trouble at donald trump rly - ay
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decision 2016. more trouble at a donald trump rally. security guards in tampa, florida drag a protester away after the protester rushed the stage. he made it to the metal barrier where trump was sitting before. it happened outside of camera range but security did swoop in and take the man away. trump then went to the stage and shook his head and said do we prosecute somebody like that? the campaign events featured violent clashes in the last few
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weeks. among the latest trump controver controversy, another primary. five states holding primaries and immigration again will be a hot issue. larry is with us. immigration or race here? difference in dynamics or what's the real story? >> you know, whatever we're discussing mexicans or muslims coming into america or asian countries taking our jobs, these top piics are less about immigration, more about race and it appears, really, that race is a good deal to do, has a good deal to do with the way americans vote in presidential elections. look, in 2012, fnon-hispanic whites choose mitt romney 59% to 39%. in the same election, 96% of african americans, 73% of asian americans and 71% of latinos voted for barack obama. almost half, in fact, almost half of obama's voters were
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non-white. >> this year this time around there is no black candidate. how does that factor into this presidential race? >> you know, to a great degree, the division over race seems to remain today. making it difficult for a president to choose which course is satisfactory regardless of political party, americans believe race relations are worse today than they were a year ago and the concern exists with both whites, 60% having that concern and the minorities, 58% having that concern according to a recent study. >> interesting results, such a big issue around here we're so diverse. why is this happening and why is this a public perception? >> oh, gosh, there is no easy answer here, raj. the parties and their candidates come with minority concerns from very different points of view. for the republican candidates, they stress missed opportunities. they argue that unless illegal
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immigration is stopped and couple that with better educations, then you may be able to provide more opportunities for himinorities. they must be provided by the private sector. you go to the other side. the democratic candidates contend poor relations and largely based on discrimination are, i should say, which stops really, keeps them from obtaining good education and climbing up that economic ladder. that's why they say government programs must fight discrimination. for many of these folks, many of these groups say illegal immigration, it's a smoke screen but one fact remains and it's this, with the philosophy so far apart, it seems that the 2016 presidential election may settle some issues but not about to settle this one. >> yeah, race relations a hot button issue. thank you, larry. a big boost to the future of
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the medicinal marijuana. why patients and investors are excited, but some local doctors might kill the buzz. and it's one of the most popular sightseeing spots in san francisco and why it might be harder to get to. we'll have the story coming up. we're following a breakingewsjua
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stabbingwe've just learned momea we're following breaking news unfolding where police are investigating a stabbing. we learned moments ago the
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victim is in critical condition. you're looking at a live cruise surrounded the area yards from a church. blocks from 280 and 87. 911 calls came in before 5:00 this evening. we have crews on the scene gathering information. we'll bring you updates and what led to the stabbing as soon as details come into the newsroom. headlines with a spectacular view, a hot spot for tourests and locals. >> plans to shut down the east side road way to cars and buses. mark is on top of twin peaks talking to cyclists saying the plan will make things worse. >> reporter: there is definitely split opinions. the road around twin peaks does a figure eight. this faces the spectacular view. the plan is to shut this part, the east side down to all cars
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and buses leaving only for pedestrians and bicyclists. the idea is closing this east side road will make it safer. the east side has the great city view and bikes and pedestrians will have it all to them shelves. >> kind of dangerous. yeah, i doesn't know, i think it's a good idea. >> reporter: bike rider jeff says it's only going to make his ride worse. >> because all the working all around the figure eight will disappear and there is very limited parking up here. >> reporter: he is worried huge traffic jams will result from too many cars and not enough parking. >> sometimes there will be 100 cars parked around the figure eight. >> reporter: the city maintains it will keep cars and pedestrians from having to share the same road. this plan will provide people with bikes a dedicated place to ride and have a separate lane for people driving on the figure eight. >> reporter: a spokesman stresses this is a pilot project, a temporary program to
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see how things work. the timing of the project comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed against the city over the death of a woman struck and killed by a drunk driver. the attorney representing the woman's family says safety measures could have been put in place years ago but the position was there was nothing about this road that needed fixing. >> they maintain throughout the entire lawsuit that there was nothing wrong with the road way and this was despite 30 years of knowing they needed to make changes. >> reporter: the case was settled late last year. the board approving the amount, $350,000. just earlier this year and now these improvements are going into place but the attorney's office says there is no correlation. they did not hold up in safety improvements because of the lawsuit they say if they did that sort of thing, no safety improvements would be put into place. reporting from twin peaks, mark
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matthews, nbc bay area news. building new fire for the second time in 14 months flames ripped through a complex. last night's fire broke out at 11:00. you're looking at it there. firefighters arrived to find that, flames shooting out of the roof. authorities belief squatters may have sparked the fire. the complex was condemned in january of last year. during that fire, one person died and six others were injured. investigators at that point determined that faulty electrical wire was to blame for the original fire. some new clues from a bank robbery at the wells fargo on clayton and thornwood last friday before that bank was closing. this is the man detectives are looking for. pretty clear shot of him there. officers say he may be linked to a dark-colored ford mustang but wouldn't say how. a potential breakthrough for medical marijuana tonight and has the interest from both the
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local pot community and from wall street but is the excitement warranted? it is big business and scott budman is live with wall street and medical marijuana together is an interesting combo. >> reporter: get used to it. the successful test of the drug has the hopes of both patients and investors soaring tonight but some local doctors say we may be getting our hopes too high. stocks soared and bay area medicinal marijuana dispensaries buzzed after a drug company called gw pharmaceuticals used a marijuana-based drug to reduce seizures in children. >> i wouldn't say cured. i don't want to use that word but basically effects have gone from hundreds of seizures to maybe a couple a week and able to basically live a normal life where before the drugs and disease were debilitating. >> reporter: shares of stock in
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gwpharma doubled and jumped 150%. but some bay area doctors say that's too fast. >> it is totally too early to put cure in that sentence. >> reporter: that more work is needed before drugs like this one can get fda approval. >> i think what we could say is that perhaps there are compounds in marijuana which could control and i emphasize control the seizures in these conditions, but it certainly will not change the basis of what these seizures are from. >> reporter: sparking a debate about medical marijuana and where it goes from here. it does not have it yet but should the drug in that study some day get fda approval, it would be the first time a prescription drug was extracted from marijuana. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you, scott. all right. red ablonely is considered a seafood delicacy but white is a different story. >> white ablonely is federally endangered with a few thousand left in the ocean. we go to a local laboratory where the population is getting a boost. >> reporter: in the world of science, the idea of making babies isn't exactly romantic. >> we are making ablonely babies. >> reporter: and at the laboratory. >> ready to go. >> reporter: the process includes a lot of standing around and a lot of watching. >> we're inducing. >> reporter: the subjects at the center of the attention critically endangered white ablonely. there are about 5,000 left in the ocean meanly in southern california. so researchers here are now taking matters into their own hands. >> we're breeding it in
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captivity to make more to put out in the wild. >> reporter: in a special one-day event, the lab scientists collected all their white abalone. >> they send their eggs and sperm into the water and they find each other in the water. >> reporter: there this is where the scene gets unromantic. >> we put them in buckets with special chemicals that makes them think other animals are spawning. >> reporter: the chemicals set the mood. the males sperm and females release eggs. >> we get excited every time animals spawn. >> reporter: even in a sterile scientific setting, each release of abalone egg queues the cheering section. >> we want to of tim mince fertilization. >> reporter: millions of offspring of which a few thousand may survive. >> we have more white abalone in
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our lab than exists in the wild. >> reporter: but the scientists plan to return them to the ocean and let nature take its course. >> we think if we put enough out there, that will have some access. >> reporter: in the meantime, the romance is left to a team of scientists. >> at the end of the day. >> reporter: joe rosato junior, nbc bay area news. >> i know the best people and i'm totally self-funding my campaign. >> it's a claim we've heard repeatedly from donald trump. tonight we reality check whether a mystery donor could pay back his campaign loan. also, a bart train car probably like you've never seen it before. all the way in new york. we'll explain why. =jess/ots= it'funny think of it's funny to think of "a trnri
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doing right now. =vo= "train car number 3001" hajustla it's not every day you see a train riding on a truck but that's what a bart car is do r. 3001 left a factory and headed for california the first stop will be bart's testing facility. it's calling it the fleet of the feature and if the testing goes well and no major reengineering is needed the new cars will be on the track for christmas and another 50 cars will arrive next year. do you live in the happiest city in the united states? some are right here in the bay area. take a look. this list comes from the annual well-being index from thousands of interviews with residents taking the number six spot. the neighbors to the south of us in santa cruz and watsonville at number 15, you can see san jose, sunnyvale and santa clara and san francisco, oakland and hayward. number one just in case you were asking, the happiest city in
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america, naples and marco island in florida. >> jeff and i have both been to marco island. seems to be over rated. i think pleasanton is nice. >> you both are smiling you've been there. >> hard to compete with california. >> marco island. >> i know. a lot of better places in florida if you do that. let's go ahead and get a live look outside and you can see the weather under ground camera showing green hills in oakland and currently 59. much-needed drying and not only there but also up across the sierra. look at the view in north star. all that fresh snow. we're talking more about the drying trend coming our way and when we could get more rain fall. >> i'm sam brock. does donald trump have mystery donors? we've heard reports he is loaning money to the campaign so how would the multi billionaire get made whole? reality check is coming up next. funded?
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or it jt a smokecree? =jess/2shot= in tonight's realitche, nbc bay area's sam brock is donald trump really
6:45 pm
self-funded or is it a smoke screen? >> sam brock digs through federal rules and regulations to find out who could end up reimbursing trump? >> i know the best people. i'm totally self-funding my campaign. >> reporter: it's a personal point of pride. >> i'm the only one to self-funding my campaign. >> and part of the pitch to voters. >> i'm not taking money from wall street. i'm not taking money from anybody. >> reporter: donald trump keeps rolling out the same claim, a claim that hbo comedian john oliver vetted on his show last week tonight. >> implication he is personally spent 20 to $25 million is a bit of a stretch because what he's actually done is loaned his own campaign $17.5 million. >> reporter: oliver kick started a conversation that we'll now pick up because the question remains, how would trump get that money back? >> if you click on candidate loans, you can see the list of the specific loans. >> reporter: map light co-founder daniel newman
6:46 pm
highlights the 17.5 million in trump loans listed clear as day on the fec website. he says trump has the right to recoup those loans from any number of sources but the sources could remain mysterious for months. >> the public deserves to know who is funding candidates to make informed judgment who to support based on that information. this is a big problem for the public because we are in the dark about who is ultimately going to be paying back mr. trump's loan. >> reporter: but we can narrow down the options after we look into federal election law and there are a lot of numbers so bear with us. political parties can donate $10,000 directly to a candidate during an election cycle. and after the election, fec law puts the clamps down limiting candidates to just $250,000 for loan relief. add it up and the republican party cannot directly bailout donald trump. >> iowa, we love you.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: you know what? regular donors probably won't bail them out, either. according to open secrets, a map light paranet. total contributions from anyone not named donald trump to the donald trump campaign are a modest $7.5 million. among the real estate mogul breaks mold and backs up the red donate button on his website with actual fundraising events, it seems farfetched the dow narcotics could cover all his debt. >> i feel a little foolish. people are offering me millions and millions of dollars. >> reporter: and super pacs and so-called social welfare groups can't give millions directly to donald trump. that's against federal law. they can only spend on his behalf. leaving the donald's options limited. the bottom line is that donald trump is kind of how do we say this? telling the truth. it would be really hard for him to get his money back. there could be an emergency
6:48 pm
option, something called a coordinated party enpen da tour. could that money go to trump? possibly. but the rnc has not returned three of our requests for comment, so that part remains a mystery. for reality check, i'm sam brock, back to you. >> thanks. as the front runner gets a lot of scrutiny. >> back to sdwrjeff ranieri, ra and snow. >> so much great news. we had a flooding concern with us but now we're spreading into some drier weather so that will be good news to allow creeks, rivers and streams going down. we had from .75 in san jose. so a banner weekend in terms of getting us some fall. also this year in case you missed the update, from 1 to 3 feet just this weakened alone. currently outside the sky camera network. it is lighter with the time change. 59 in the south bay, east bay at 57 and we're able to see some of the views that are so fantastic
6:49 pm
looking longer. check out the green hills here from the san bruno mountain looking towards san francisco. this is what we want to see with the drought in place. again, a lot of the hills looking more beautiful. through tomorrow morning, i have a warning for you computers, watch out for fog in the north bay, san francisco and the east bay. a patchy dense fog with the recent rainfall. we definitely could see that happen. down as low as 42 in the east bay and south bay at 46 degrees. in terms of our most recent rainfall, it has been phenomenal in terms of what we've been able to pick up compared to the lack of rainfall in february. santa rosa, 4.98 inches. the average for march is that. we have had 8.30 inches, also oakland you're average is 3.08. we picked up 3.86. this puts our march average at 125% of average in oakland. san jose 152. fantastic news and hopefully we'll continue to pick up
6:50 pm
rainfall into april. let's take you into the timeline of what to expect through tomorrow. cloud cover moving on by but the sunshine building back in and we expect to keep sunshine in the forecast with high pressure offshore all the way through saturday. so for tomorrow, that will set us up with comfortable temperatures, not extremely mild, even though it's getting warmer for san francisco, we'll stay in the low 60s. peninsula, 62 and 65 in palo alto. san jose 66 and cooper tino 68. north bay getting the much-needed drying with napa at 68. and mill valley 65. also, notice that scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen by wednesday and thursday a lot of these 60s that we're seeing now will then jump up into the 70s. so it looks like temperatures again overall this week will be topping out in the low to mid 70s with high pressure offshore. what about the next possibility of rainfall? looks like it will get here by late sunday evening also into next monday, tuesday and
6:51 pm
wednesday. right now looks like some scattered rain chances, nothing in terms of a super strong storm but possibly some more active weather for next week. with high pressure just offshore as we mentioned, the only problem i could find in the forecast is pollen is increasing. although juniper and ash are things to watch. mold coincidentally despite the recent rainfall will be in the low category. watch out if you have allergies. >> pollen and sunshine cool to see, thanks, jeff. the shakeup with the sanford basketball program and your favorite. >> she's so cute that little raleigh curry. >> the birthday message for dad, stay with us. big changes at stanford.johnnya
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well, big changes at stanford. johnny dawkins is out. stanford firing the basketball coach eight years on the job and the bottom line, one appearance in the ncaa tournament and that got him out of town. a possible replacement for johnny, this young man. collins, a warrior's assistant right now but played at stanford along with his twin brother 15 years ago. as we mentioned earlier, a bittersweet day for the cale basketball program. they fired one of the assistant coaches for violating the school's sexual harassment policy but here is the upside. cal is in the ncaa tournament for the first time in three years. a lot of young players, a lot of excitement for this team. round one cal the fourth seed will be playing friday morning against hawaii. so cal hoping to go far in this ncaa tournament. sticking with basketball, one of the bay area's biggest stars says happy birthday to her famous dad today.
6:55 pm
♪ happy birthday dear daddy, happy birthday to you ♪ >> thank you so much. >> yay! >> you recognize those two. little riley curry posted this video of her and her daddy steph curry on social media. probably daddy. steph turned 28 today. hopefully recelebrates by having a great game tonight in a half hour to go but doesn't matter whether he does or not because he got this gift from his adorable little girl. >> happy 28th to steph curry. tonight at 11:00, is your hometown one of them, the most expensive housing markets in north america? no surprise here. two of the top five are here in the bay area. that story coming up on the 11:00 news. finally here at 6:00, they keep on coming, the newest iphone, the iphone 7 will likely be revealed next week but we learned about it through leaks. these images here posted today on a reputable tech news website. looks similar to the iphone 6
6:56 pm
but without the camera lens bump, a designer many were unhappy with. no word on the newest features. the iphone 7 most likely won't hit stores until this fall. okay, how did the t rex become the perfect killing machine? today the smithsonian revealed the species that may help solve that evolution mystery. the dinosaur lived 90 million years ago and about the size of a horse. it's a member of the tyron sorous family. they have more proof the t rex evolved from small carnivores into the massive predators. >> what was the name again? >> one time and i don't think i can do it again. >> jeff and i were clapping on the side here. tyron -- something or other. >> that's what i said. >> bye, bye, see you at 11:00.
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bizarre hollywood mystery. richard simmons resurfaces, denying he's kidnapped and being held hostage. >> now, on "extra." richard simmons missing mistily solved. but is it? not seen in public for two years. the fitness guru speaks out today, shooting down reports he's locked inside his mansion, under control of his housekeeper. >> savannah, it's richard simmons. how are you? >> but why won't he show his face? madonna's total meltdown. swigging vodka, begging for sex onstage. the n


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