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tv   Today  NBC  March 15, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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is much stiller than yesterday. >> there you go. that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> we'll see you,s, again with a live look with the bay bridge and the sunrise. good morning. make or break. make our break. key contests in five states today, would trump wins in ohio and florida knock most of his rivals out of the race? would a hillary clinton sweep today spell the end for bernie sanders? >> i feel really good out where i am in this campaign. >> our political team weighs in on what could be the most decisive day yet in this race. surprising admission. >> the answer to that question is certainly yes. for the first time the nfl acknowledges a link between football and brain disease. so where does the league go from here and what does it mean for the future of america's most popular sport? weighing in. o.j. simpson house get kate co
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kaelin and ron goldman's family lashing out against the simpson miniseries. >> people are the acting is riveting and i'm thinking these are murders. >> this morning what they say you are not seeing on the show. and rose garden rap, the creator of the broadway smash hall i will ton enlists the help of the president for a free style performance. >> do you think that's going viral? >> and it's going one for the history books today, tuesday, march 15th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today," tuesday morning. election day in many states. can you imagine, free style rapping? seems hard all by itself, and in front of the president. >> hamilton taking over the white house. you said to me and i thought it was an amazing reference that
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this reminded you of 1965 when bob dillon -- >> and you mentioned '80s and inxs ripping off that. a lot of rappers out on that. our top story election day, presidential race, voters in five more states are heading to the polls today. head lined by the winner take all contests in florida and ohio. we will break down what we expect in both races and we'll talk to donald trump live. first peter alexander is in the buckeye state. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the date that so many of these republican candidates have had circled on their calendar for months. so much riding here on what happens in ohio and it's going to go a long way in determining whether this turns out to be a coronation for donald trump or whether we're headed to a contested convention back here in ohio later this summer. >> we're going to have a great day. i think we will have a phenomenal day. >> reporter: donald trump confident and undeterred. >> get him out of here. get him out of here. >> reporter: dismissing
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protesters in tampa with the help of sarah palin. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty punk [ bleep ] little thuggery stuff that's been going on with these, quote/unquote, protesters. >> reporter: the former alaska governor then heading home to be with her husband todd seriously injured in a snow machine accident. for trump's challengers, john kasich and marco rubio, it's d day, win their home states or stay home. >> i win ohio and continue to take this program forward, it is going to send such a positive message to the world. >> it comes down to florida. this state will elect 99 delegates to one person and i want it to be me and i need to you help it to be me. >> reporter: rubio later backtracking insisting he could survive a loss in florida. >> i never said that my campaign is built on the outcome of any specific state. >> reporter: kasich alongside 2012 nominee mitt romney still looking for his first win. hoping his popularity with ohio
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republicans translates into a buckeye state victory. >> why is it still neck and neck with donald trump here? >> i don't think it is neck and neck. i think we are ahead. >> ratchets up his criticism of the toxic environment at trump rallies. >> it's lowering the bar, it's creating a bad image not just for the republican party, it's a bad image for america. >> overnight a north carolina sheriff's office told nbc news it will not file charges against trump after an investigation into whether trump's statements at a rally last week where a protester was sucker punched constituted inciting a riot, but the hits keep coming. the latest from an anti-trump group highlighting the front runner's own words. >> bimbo, dog, fat pig, real quotes from donald trump about women. women, you have to treat them like [ bleep ]. >> still the billionaire's rhetoric is contagious, a trump supporter challenging ted cruz monday night. >> go back to canada. >> thank you, sir. very charming of you. one difference between this and a donald trump rally is i'm not
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asking anyone to punch you in the face. >> reporter: for mainstream republicans the so-called establishment, this really is the last stand in florida and ohio and i was struck by what mitt romney said on the trail with john kasich yesterday. he repeated it speaking to his supporters, he said america is counting on you. matt and savannah. >> thank you. donald trump joins us by phone now. mr. trump, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> remember our dear friend tim russert he used to have a saying about elections he would hold up that dry erase board and it said ohio, ohio, ohio. if you win florida tonight and you win ohio you can be on your with a i to the nomination but you're going up against a sitting governor there, john kasich, he has never lost a statewide election. could he ruin your night? >> well, he's 22 and 0 in terms of losing, he has lost every single state that he has been in and i've in terms of the presidential he's done very, very poorly and i've spent a lot of time in ohio, i was there
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last night in youngstown and i want to tell you he is not such a popular guy. he approved nafta, he's now trying to approve tpp which is a total disaster, nafta destroyed ohio, took the businesses out of ohio and he voted for it. you look at what he has done, he is in favor of common core, he just now has come out in favor of amnesty and open borders. i think the man is just not very popular. i really don't. i mean, look, he has not won one race in terms of presidential. i guess he's 0 for 22 and, matt, i really don't see it happening. i've been with the people of ohio, they hate the fact that their coal industry and steel industry is gone and i think we're going to do very well in ohio. >> mr. trump, if you are able to win in ohio, win in florida, have a big night tonight and it looks like you are on track to get those 1,237 delegates, do you expect republican leaders, the republican party, to then fall in line behind you as the presumptive nominee? >> i do.
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i mean, they're already callg. i have the biggest people in the party, if there is such a thing, because i'm not sure exactly when they use the word establishment what it means, mitt romney ran, by the way, the worst race perhaps in the history of presidential politics. >> who is calling? >> he is out complaining. he is out now campaigning for kasich and i think people are extremely, you know -- i think people are not digging momly too much. that's for sure. they're going to send him a signal. but the biggest people in the party are calling, they want to sit down, they want to make the -- you know paul ryan as an exam, i have a lot of respect for him, he called last week. a lot of people are calling because they see what's happening. look, savannah, we brought millions of people, millions, it's the biggest story in politics worldwide, we brought millions of people in and they're voting in the primaries. we're up 70%. the democrats are down 35%. there's no enthusiasm for hillary, especially. there's just no enthusiasm. >> let me jump in here. >> we brought millions of people and those people are going to
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give us a tremendous victory in november. >> let me ask you to comment, mr. trump, about this new ad that's running in many states, it's from a pac called our principles and it's an anti-trump pac and basically it takes real women and they repeat some of the things you have said about women over the course of the last several months or year or so. it's very difficult to watch. would you like to take back any of these comments you've made? >> let me just say about that, that was an ad put up by mitt romn romney's people. >> it's an anti-trump pac, no question. >> no. no. let me just tell you. every single poll of every single state that i've won of which i've won, you know, a vast majority, but every single poll coming out, the exit polls, i lead with women, i lead with the military, i lead with the vets, i lead with virtually every -- >> but to matt's question would you take back any of these quotes, any of these things that
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you've said that you think in the light of day maybe that wasn't the greatest thing to say? >> obviously i have not seen the ad so i would have to see it. i've heard about the ad but i have not seen the ad. >> all right. donald trump, obviously a huge day for us and the other candidates on both sides of the spectrum. we thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you very much. let's turn to chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." he is here with a look at what's at stake. let's do the republicans first. we've seen where the delegates stand right now. lay it out for us tonight, the various scenarios. >> here is the most likely scenario, if you -- basically this is the if the polls are right. so trump would win three of the five, florida, illinois and north carolina, cruz with a missouri win, kasich with ohio and marco rubio -- this is where we could stand, where trump has a lead in the delegates, but can't get to 1,237 because under this scenario what happens is -- i'm going to go through it -- you assume he wins 50% of the delegates for the remaining
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states he comes up at best if he loses ohio about 50 short. and so that's why ohio is so important. he gets ohio, they can't stop him, but if he loses just one of them then i think that they stop him. just being 50 short i think is a problem right now for him. >> if john kasich wins his home state of ohio does it propel him or does it just allow him to hang around? >> i think it could propel him, next week you have utah and arizona. a kasich win in ohio, kasich could win a utah. it's all about puncturing the balloon of trump. i feel like we're here every tuesday morning and say trump could lose this, it's like lucy and the football for the anti-trump forces they go this is the night they're going to get him. football gets yanked away trump wins four of five or something like that and they can't stop him. >> we're going to ask you about your take on the democrats in just a second but first kristen welker is in miami to set the stage there. >> reporter: this could be a
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turning point in the democratic race. secretary clinton feeling very confident here in delegate rich florida and also in north carolina. senator sanders likes his chances in missouri and also in secretary clinton's home state of illinois. but ohio could be the state to watch. polls show clinton with a comfortable lead there, but both campaigns think it's actually much closer, particularly after sanders' surprise win in am i we showed his message only trade and the economy is resonating with voters in the midwest. to counter that clinton has been touting her plans to bolster the manufacturing sector, the two have been taking jabs at each other, but at a pair of msnbc town halls last night both saved their sharpest jabs for the gop front runner, donald trump. >> he's been building this incitement, he has been, you know, leading crowds in jeerg protesters, he has been talking about punching people in the face, he's been encouraging the man handling of both, you know,
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people who are attending as well as journalists. >> this guy has insulted mexicans, muslims, women. he has insulted veterans. john mccain, a war hero. the american people are not >> reporter: and this morning we're getting a new snapshot at the race according to our latest nbc news survey monkey poll clinton tops sanders among all democrats nationally 54 to 41%, that's a 13-point lead down slightly from the 17 opinion hoint lead she had the last time the poll was conducted. if clinton has a strong night that could all about you put this race out of reach but if sanders has a strong night that could add to his momentum. >> thank you. that sets the stable for chuck todd there. some suspense tonight on the the democratic side. sanders is competitive in a few of these states. >> take away the super delegates and you are down to a 200 delegate lead here but in these states tonight, i will tell you this, look, we assume that she
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is going to win these two states and she could win them by enough or she could lose the she midwestern states here to sanders and still win the night on delegates but that's what i'm watching tonight, ohio and illinois. the illinois stuff, there is a subplot here, mayor of chicago rahm emanuel so unpopular sanders has been attacking him, she could lose chicago tonight and could end up losing illinois, missouri looks more like oklahoma which is a state he won. this is the pivotal one in ohio. if he wins three of five there's that sense of, wow, look at this, this is after michigan, he's winning big states, even if he loses the night on delegates the next seven contests bernie sanders could win all seven and the momentum could get actually really serious and she could be in trouble. >> where would be her best chance to gain momentum back or get back on track? >> it's going to take a month. you have to wait until april until pennsylvania, new york, connecticut, maryland. it could be a while because arizona and utah which are next week, two states she could lose them both as well.
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that's why tonight she desperately needs to win both ohio and illinois to start putting this race away. >> what i take away from this conversation ohio, ohio, ohio on both sides. chuck, thank you. let's turn to major news out of washington and a first for the nfl, a high ranking league official acknowledging a link between football and a brain disease. willie is here with more on that. >> cte is the degenerative brain disorder linked to head trauma like repeated concussions while the league has settled a class action lawsuit filed too concussions it never acknowledged the link give tifl but that cranked on monday. >> a landmark admission from america's biggest league. for the first time in its history the nfl admitting a link between the brain disorder cte and repeated head trauma football players suffer. the statement came monday in a congressional committee from the nfl's senior vice president for health and safety jeff miller >> mr. miller, do you think there is a link between football and degenerative brain disorders
7:15 am
like cte? >> certainly dr. mckee's research shows a number of retired nfl players are diagnosed with cte so the answer to that question is certainly yes, but there is also a number of questions that come with that. >> that research dating back to a study released last september found cfe in 87 of 91 former pro flares players, the autopsies show former players from two who committed suicide had the disorder. >> i think that the broader point and the one that your question gets so it what that necessarily means and where do we go from here with that information? >> the admission ask a departure from years of league policy. in 2013 the nfl settled a class action lawsuit with former players, paying $765 million. and pledging future research on the subject. but the league did not admit any wrongdoing, nor that football was the cause of the retired players' disorders. in a statement to nbc news overnight the league reiterated
7:16 am
miller's point that a lot more questions need to be answered, adding, we want the facts so we can develop better solutions and that's why we're deeply committed to advancing medical research on head trauma, including cte, who let the science go where the science goes. currently cte can only be diagnosed after death but with many athletes suffering from early dementia and als this is being looked at as a positive sign hoping changes come to the game they love to watch. this is a question a lot of parents have been asking and having do i let my kid play football. now that you have the nfl coming out and talking about that link that becomes an even more difficult question to answer. >> willie, thank you. also this morning a disturbing story we're learning more about this u.s. born isis fighter reportedly detained in northern iraq. richard engel is on that story for us. richard, good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. as far as we can tell this is
7:17 am
the first time ever that an alleged american isis member surrendered on the battlefield. it is quite unclear what will happen to him next. kurdish fighters say this is a video of an isis fighter just after he surrendered to their position in northern iraq. when they asked where he was from, to their surprise he said united states. >> where are you from? >> united states. >> the kurds say they found 26-year-old mohammed jamal kwa sis virginia driver's license on him an uncle confirmed his identity to nbc news and said the family thought the young man was traveling in europe. but there was a different reaction at the family home in alexandria. >> i'm not talking to nobody. leave the area. >> don't touch the camera. >> his father tried to drive reporters away. angrily insisting. >> this is no per wrong information. >> all the information about his son is wrong.
7:18 am
a kurdish news agency reported that he krorsed the turkish border and joined isis. when the kurds asked him where he had been he answered -- >> mosul. >> mosul, an isis strong hold in iraq. the kurdish fighters say he was trying to leave isis when he stumbled into kurdish held territory. a quick, bungled and bizarre desertion. u.s. officials say isis is facing growing pressure to keep its fighters loyal as the group is facing pressure and military attacks from the united states, russia, iran and a whole host of other enemies. back to you. >> thank you very much. let us make a turn now and get a look at the weather. al is off today, dylan is in. hi. >> hi. yeah, we haven't seen as much rain recently in louisiana and texas but the flooding still a major concern. the rivers are still cresting right now. this is some of the worst nonhurricane-related flooding ever seen. homes are under water, entire
7:19 am
towns are under water and even though we are starting to see the skies dry out it's going to take at least another week before these rivers come blo he that flood stage. they are so high above it with record flooding that it is going to be a problem for at least the rest of this week. you can see all these red diamonds that's where we still have major flooding occurring. we're still looking at the pearl river, it's current level 19.73 feet that is more than hurricane isaac produced way back when. that's why we're seeing this as worst than some of the hurricane flooding. in dewiville texas that is above the record flooding stage. we do have the chance with a couple isolated and storms of seeing up to half an inch in louisiana and new orleans. we could see isolated tornadoes but the biggest threat is hail and damaging wind gusts even including chicago, that could cause some delays at the airports later on tonight. that's a look at the weather
7:20 am
across the country your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. this is san francisco, golden gate bridge. all clear skies this morning and beautiful sun rise, but it is chilly. 41 in livermore. 39 in napa and san jose at 45 degrees. we are looking at highs in low to mid 60s.
7:21 am
even upper 60s like the south bay and napa today, up to 68 degrees. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. just ahead, prosecutors move to revoke the bail of the former prep school student convicted in a sex assault case. will he end up behind bars? plus, why the goldman family are slamming the popular "people versus o.j. simpson" mini series. first, this is toad
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mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best. ==anim====topvo=p-g-and-e crews moraga this morning - wher a very good tuesday to you. 7:26. workers still need to restore gas for about 500 homes that lost service when a sinkhole ruptured a gas line sunday. teams have to manually turn on gas lines and pilot lights for customers living in the area surrounding the sinkhole. traffic is still impacted at ring boulevard and center boulevard. town invectors believe a drain collapsed during the height of the storms giving way it a 15-foot sinkhole. it may be another week before crews complete repairs on that sinkhole. cool day, starting with a check of the forecast, kari. >> good morning. mid to upper 40s for most of the bay area but we have 30s and
7:27 am
patchy fog in the north bay. we have sunshine throughout this afternoon and warming up temperatures and to the upper 60s today in the peninsula and south bay. east bay is 63 degrees tri-valley, 67 and san francisco looking at a high of 63 degrees. our temperatures warm as we go through the week. looking like a very nice week on the way. let's see what's happening on the roadways now with mike. >> kari, first tuesday after the time change. bigger commute than we would expect. looking over here toward south 280, crash looks like it is cleared out. we may see that blend in with the morning commute. that's typically a slow spot anyway. moving slow across the san mateo bridge. big traffic flow over the last 20 minutes. and off on the newark side there in fremont and northbound route, pretty typical. look at palo alto, no surprises.
7:28 am
back to you. >> thanks very much. we'll have another update for you in half an hour.
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning, 15th of march, 2016. some drizzle still in the area. not too bad because you can see, we don't have a lot of umbrellas out there. nothing like yesterday, when we had a deluge at exactly the wrong moment. coldplay was taking the stage. >> but chris martin never stopped smiling. amazing. >> toughest band we've ever had here. i will say that. hats off to them. >> absolutely. let's get a check of the headlines. another crucial day in the presidential race. five states voting today. florida and ohio are the big ones. winner take off contests on the republican side. they could be make or break moments for marco rubio and john kasich, as well as the democratic side. the three other states voting,
7:31 am
illinois, missouri and north carolina. three chicago police officers were injured in a shooting overnight. they witnessed an alleged drug deal taking place. when they confronted the suspects, the men opened fire. one of the officers returned fire, killing one of the suspects. the other fled on foot. officials investigating the derailment of an amtrak train in kansas. they're trying to determine if an earlier car crash damaged the track. the train's engineer noticed a bend in the rail before he hit the brakes. at least 32 people were injured when several of the cars derailed. owen labrie, the former prep school student convicted of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old is in the headlines. he violated the terms of his bail and it's wanted revoked. morgan radford is here with the latest. >> good morning, matt. this latest twist in the case came from the a chance encounter, when a reporter who covered his trial stumbled upon labrie on the train.
7:32 am
she struck up a conversation and posted it on the internet. >> guilty or not guilty? >> reporter: new trouble for owen labrie, convicted of sexual assault on a 15-year-old classmate in a trial last year. he's been out on bail while his conviction is being appealed. prosecutors say a series of tweets by a journalist show what they call clear and convincing evidence that labrie violated the conditions of his release eight times. now, they want his bail revoked. >> i was caught off guard at first. >> reporter: the tweets posted by a reporter who covered the trial for "vice." she was shocked to run into him on the subway in boston two weeks ago where they struck up a conversation. >> he'd just come from seeing his girlfriend at harvard university and had taken her out to brunch. >> reporter: labrie had a cur w curfew. he was on the train at 1:30 and
7:33 am
was nervous about the time. the train is shatalled. he has to be home by 5:00 p.m. to make curfew. his accuser's emotional accusati accusation. we're disguising her voice and not showing her face. >> i was violated in so many ways. >> reporter: labrie maintains it was consensual. >> was there any indication whatsoever at that point that the [ bleep ] did not want you to take her pants off? >> no. >> reporter: he was guilty of using a computer to lure her and of misdemeanor sexual assault. labrie has spoken out once since sentenced to a year in jail, telling "newsweek" in december he was glad he rejected the plea deal. i walked out of the courthouse with my chin up, and i'd do it the exact same way. he never got locked up and remains free on bail, pending his appeal.
7:34 am
labrie's lawyers declined to speak on camera but told the local newspaper that zalkind's tweets indicated he was worried about meeting his cower purfew was in compliance. >> he has ten days to answer these allegations in court but a hearing date hasn't been set. he can walk into the court a free man and come out a prisoner. >> dramatic turn. thank you. now to something we touched on earlier. sarah palin's husband hospitalized after a snowmobile accident. she's saying more about his injuries. gadi schwartz is in palmer, alaska, north of anchorage. >> the palin family is rallying around todd palin, still in intensive care after the violent snowmobile accident. all of that after, as he's expected to undergo surgery for a long list of serious injuries. >> reporter: he's among the world's best snowmobilers.
7:35 am
a four-time champion of the iron dog, one of the most grueling snowmobile races on the planet. this morning, palin is in the hospital about 40 miles outside of anchorage, recovering after a bone-breaking crack. overnight, sarah palin updated her husband's condition in intensive care with injuries including multiple broken and fractured rips, broken shoulder blade, clavicle, knee and leg injuries and a collapsed lung. >> when you have an accident that affected so much of your body like this, you have to really be concerned. >> reporter: todd palin's father telling us it happened near a family cabin during a weekend ride. >> my understanding is he hit a stump or something that knocked him out of the kilter. >> reporter: stumping for trump, sarah palin cancelled appearances on the trail to return to alaska, but not before dashing to one last rally. >> my husband is out snow machining. thank you, guys, for your prayers for my husband, who is recovering right now in icu after a wreck on a snow machine. so thank you.
7:36 am
big wreck. >> reporter: trump mentioned todd palin in his speech while sounding off on gun rights and who he thought might have stopped terrorists if they'd been in san bernardino with a gun. >> if todd palin were in the room, frankly, sarah palin, forget about todd, especially now. if somebody were in that room that had a gun of some kind attached to the hip, to the ankle, where bullets could fly in the opposite direction, you wouldn't have had this. she's going to go back to alaska. her husband is a tough cookie. >> reporter: sarah posting a family photo of her husband and dubbing him the toughest guy i know. >> this is not the first time that todd palin has been involved in a serious snowmobile accident. back in 2008, during a race, he was thrown about 70 feet after he hit a barrel at very high speeds. somehow, he was able to get up, get back on the snowmobile, finish the race, coming in at fourth place, all with a broken
7:37 am
arm. >> he is tough. gadi schwartz in alaska, thank you. let's get another check of the weather from dylan in for al. >> we have storms possible through eastern iowa. two rounds. the first is moving through now. you can see a lot of cloud-to-ground lightning. this is going to move through northwestern illinois. a second line of showers and storms will redevelop. those could be severe with isolated tornadoes possible. it's more the hail and the wind threat. watch what happens as this area of low pressure moves to the north. it is going to strengthen and intensify as the lines get closer together. they indicate the stronger, gustier winds picking up. combine that with snow that'll fall in minneapolis late wednesday evening. eventually, the heaviest of the snow moves to the north. duluth, minnesota, 6 to 8 inches. minneapolis won't see a lot of we have a chilly start to the day with sunshine across the bay area. we're still in the upper 30s in
7:38 am
the north bay with patchy fog. and as we go into the afternoon we're looking at more sunshine reaching 57 degrees in the south bay, peninsula bb as well as tri-valley. and san francisco up to 63 degrees with breezy winds and mix of sun and clouds for the north bay up to 66 degrees. we'll be in the 70s for many spots across the bay area for tomorrow afternoon. >> that's your latest forecast. >> i wanted to say sorry for the song playing in your weather cast. >> i liked it. >> i couldn't make it turn off. >> thanks for paying attention to the weather though. >> it was nice, how you didn't give me a dirty look. matt was like -- what are you doing? >> we're working here. >> sorry. coming up next, kato kaelin and ron goldman's family are lashing out. what they say the wildly popular "people versus o.j. simpson m" mini series is missing. "hamilton" and the
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someone's hacked all our technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. year's most talked about series on television. >> fx's k"people versus o.j. simpson" is popular. not sitting well with key players from the actual case. natalie has more on that. >> millions of people have been tuning in every week to watch the star-studded series that
7:44 am
reenacts the trial of the century. ron goldman's family and kato kaelin are lashing out at the production. >> i know what you're going through. >> do you? do you have a son who was murdered? ron is dead! it's like no one even cares. >> people are, oh, the acting is riveting. this is a great plot line. i'm thinking, these are -- murder. it's very confusing to us. >> i got you. >> this is not entertainment. >> reporter: kim goldman, her father fred and kato kaelin, speaking out today on the "steve harvey show" about the "people versus o.j. simpson." >> i want him to pay for what he's done. >> reporter: the series dredging up old pain. >> it rips the band aid back off. poured gallons of salt in it and leave us to be. >> they seem to be on a fishing expedition at my client's expense. >> this is routine. >> reporter: they have concentrated so much on the attorney's side of it.
7:45 am
ron and nicole appeared as dead bodies in the beginning, and that's it. >> reporter: it's been 20 years since the goldmans lost their son and brother ron, and sat through the horrific details of his murder at trial. >> i had a man offer me a high powered rifle. he said it was not traceable. i could take him out. and i said, you're talking to the wrong guy. just walk away. >> reporter: kim reveals her wish to confront o.j. in prison. >> my brother was found with his eyes open, and that's always haunted me. that -- that my brother watched his killer leave him there. i just -- i wanted to be the last face that the killer saw walking out of a room. >> then it was, oh, my god. >> reporter: kato kaelin speaking out about his portrayal of an air head and freeloader. >> i'm not an official person. i just kind of live back here.
7:46 am
>> we need to speak to mr. simpson. >> there is a lot of inaccuracies. i was nicole's friend more than o.j. i became friends with nicole and the kids. it was pure friendship. >> we're going to get him. >> you better. >> reporter: the goldmans hope the show won't be the last word after what really happened behind the scenes. >> there's going to be a whole generation of people who never knew anything about this trial that will see this series and take it as gospel. when, in fact, it won't be. >> we reached out to fx but they declined to comment. see more of the interviews with the goldmans and kato kaelin on today's "steve harvey show." it is a fascinating re-telling of the events. however, it is still a tv series. important to remind people. there are a lot of liberties you can see throughout. >> not a documentary.
7:47 am
>> exactly. >> imagine it's your family they're talking about. >> exactly. >> natalie, thank you very much. coming up, the deal that just made michael jackson's family $750 million richer. and the cast of "hamilton" takes over the white house. leading to one epic rap in the rose garden. rose garden. carson has the story after this. alright, let's do this. rose garden. carson has the story after this. i got minds to twist and values to warp. mr. tyler, your skittles portrait. that is e to the z oh twiddly dee-sgusting! you haven't heard me sing diddly-ding yet. ♪ dream on! higher. ♪ dream on! i think a little higher! ♪ dreammmm onnnnnnnn! ♪ dreammm onnnn! rock the rainbow. taste the rainbow. frustrated with your overactive can't handle the side effects? botox® treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go.
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and honey that was just beginning. this is the all-new 20wow, it's nice.. let's check it out. do any of you have kids? i do yes. this car has a feature built in called teen driver technology, which lets parent's see how their teens are driving. oh, that's smart. it even mutes the radio until the seat belt is fastened. will it keep track of how many boys get it in the car? (laughter) cause that could be useful. this is ahead of what my audi has for sure. wish my beamer had that. i didn't even know that technology existed. i'm not in the market for a car but now i may be. back at 7:50. carson is in the orange room with the rap everybody is
7:51 am
talking about. hey, carson. >> that's right. "hamilton" the musical has taken over broadway, taken over the country. now, it's taken over the white house. on monday, the cast took a trip to d.c. and participated in a q&a with local students and put on a performance in the east room. then the show's creator, lin-manuel miranda took it to the rose garden for a free style rap with the president. take a look. ♪ got the job done ♪ it's so fun ♪ it's the oval office, i can't believe i'm there ♪ ♪ so much more intimidating than times square ♪ ♪ opportunity knocks and i can't stop ♪ ♪ here with the president and my pops ♪ ♪ yo, the mic drops >> how good is that? you think that's going viral? that's going viral. >> president holding up the words as the creator was picking up the words like "opportunity" and working it into the free style. the cast shared their experience
7:52 am
on social media. fun to follow. from the rest stops to posing with the historical figures they'd played. hamilton in the middle. their performance was streamed live on the white house's youtube channel. it was great. the president said we wanted to share this musical with folks who might otherwise not get the experience. and said, we hope the remarkable life of alexander hamilton will show our young people the possibilities within themselves. it was awesome. check out the free style if you haven't already. >> remember the "today" show musical? >> i think i know where this is going. >> gets us back to the white house, i'll do it. ♪ this is today and just like every day ♪ >> my bad. we know how you earn the title ... world's best mom? by starting each day with a perfectly balanced mug of... i've got this. mom! to be on top of your mom game... nailed it! thanks so much. you need a balanced coffee you can drink throughout the day. good girl. mccafé coffees brew a smooth blend.
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7:56 am
wx toss to trfic traffic i'm meteorologist kari hall. sunshine as you wake up and walk out the door. you see the clear skies and some chilly temperatures that go along with it. it's 39 degrees in isn't a rose why and napa. in oakland, 46 degrees. also 46 in san jose. but we're up into the 60s today with all of that sunshine continuing. in gilroy, 66 degrees. also 66 in palo alto. outer sunset, 58 in napa. 64 livermore, up to 62 degrees today. let's get an update from mike. >> with the time change, different folks get sunrise heading down into the sun at university and embarcadaro. a slower start from an earlier crash. slow across the bridge westbound but no big drama. that's your bay bridge approach.
7:57 am
smooth drive. >> thanks, mike. happening now, crews this morning where hundreds of homes still don't have gas service. a sinkhole ruptured a gas line sunday. may be a week before roads reopen. we're there are residents and workers. there is updates on twitter. another pivotal moment for the race for the white house. wins by donald trump in florida and ohio could make his lead unsurmountable. detailed analysis is on our home page in our special decision 2016 section as well. you also got to check out a pretty great video we had. steph curry had a birthday. and like every little girl want to wish their dad a happy birthday. check it out. back in a half an hour. see you then.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, do vaccines expire? the new study suggesting the vaccinations you got as a child could wear off. so do you need to get booster shots as an adult? dr. natalie azar weighs in with the answer. plus, supermarket secrets. ever go to the store with a short list and come home with a cart full of stuff? the savvy ways grocers get you to spend money without even realizing it. and what will they wear? >> winners are -- caitlyn and john! >> congratulations. >> you chose them to get married in our "big fat today wedding." now you'll get to choose when they walk down the aisle today, tuesday, march 15th, 2016. ♪
8:01 am
♪ can't seem to let you go >> the "today" show! ♪ let's get up ♪ let's get on it >> birthday girl! >> our 84-year-old grandma woke up to be here! it's 8:00 on "today." that is an adorable little face. it's tuesday, march 15th. great day out on our plaza. the crowd is wild and loud. spring break rolls on. and it's kind of a rainy one out here. a little drizzly and rainy today. >> we had a couple of really great springlike days, and now we're back into those days where you realize it's not quite spring yet. >> it's still warm, so this is okay. it could be a lot worse. >> did you say something? >> i know. >> by the way, folks at home,
8:02 am
you have some important work to do this week. our couple in the "big fat today wedding" is getting ready. this morning you get to vote for what i think most ladies would say is one of the most important decisions beside who to marry, what to wear. the wedding dress and the tux as we count down to next week's big day. >> they look excited. but first let's get a check of the top stories of the morning. for that we go back into natalie. >> good morning to you guys once again. and voting is under way in a day of presidential primaries that could make or break some campaigns. illinois is one of the states taking part. nbc's halle jackson is on the trail in chicago for us. good morning. >> reporter: hey, natalie, good morning. illinois is one of the states where donald trump is looking for a win, but more importantly, he wants one in ohio. the state where there's the most at stake for both democrats and republicans. today all eyes on the buckeye state. >> i love you, ohio. you can make the difference. >> reporter: where donald trump, for the first time in days, didn't hear a peep from protesters.
8:03 am
but his crowd heard plenty about john kasich. >> kasich cannot make america great again. >> reporter: trump upping the attacks as kasich pulls neck and neck with him in ohio. trump wants to win. kasich has to. >> we can't unite america by dividing america. >> reporter: the governor getting backup. though not an endorsement from former nominee mitt romney. >> unlike the other people running, he has a real track record. >> reporter: 367 delegates up for grabs today across five states and a u.s. territory. and the winner takes all in ohio and in florida where marco rubio's making his last stand. new polls show him headed for what could be a campaign-killing loss. though he's looking to pull off an upset. >> we don't just get 99 delegates. we get a surge of momentum that they will not be able to stop. >> reporter: ted cruz focusing on missouri, north carolina, and illinois. >> go back to canada! >> reporter: where he was
8:04 am
interrupted by a pro-dump protester. >> one difference between this and a donald trump rally is i'm not asking anyone to punch you in the face. >> reporter: the republicans duking it out. the democrats, too. >> the turnouts have been extraordinary in this campaign, and i'm proud of it. >> reporter: bernie sanders predicting a win in ohio. the biggest battleground, hoping to cut into hillary clinton's commanding 20-point lead. >> i've gotten far more votes than anybody else running on either side. so i feel really good about where i am in this campaign. >> reporter: both democrats, though, in those msnbc town halls saved their sharpest attacks for donald trump who's this insisting to matt and savannah that he has the support of the gop saying he's getting calls from some of the biggest names in the party, natalie. if he wins both ohio and florida, trump could be unstoppable. >> halle jackson in chicago, thanks. we've got breaking news this morning from berlin. police there say an explosion that damaged a car and killed the driver during this morning's
8:05 am
rush hour was probably caused by a bomb. it happened on a busy street leading into the heart of the german capital. police say the source of the explosion was either inside or on the vehicle. nobody else was injured by the blast. for the first time, a top nfl official has publicly acknowledged a direct link between pro football and a long-term brain disorder. the league's senior vice president for health and safety, jeff miller, appeared monday before a congressional committee investigating concussions in the military, sports and other dangerous pursuits. and he said there is a link between football and degenerative brain disorders like cte. however, in a statement to nbc news overnight, the nfl reiterated miller's caution that more questions need to be answered. well, if clothes make the man, well, just maimagine what they do for a horse. champion jockey a.p. mccoy wanted to make a statement at a horse racing festival that gets under way today in england. so he had this tweed suit custom
8:06 am
made for morse the horse, veteran of the track. it took four weeks of measurements and tailoring to get the fit just right, and boy, is it a perfect fit. the result just smashing. i guess we know how the horse wears the pants and the suit now, too. matt, over to you. >> thank you very much. now an eye-opening new study tied to your health. it suggests that recent outbreaks of things like the mezeles are due in part to vaccines wearing off over time. so is it time for you to get a booster shot? dr. natalie azar is an nbc news medical contributor. good to see you. a lot of kids get these vaccines, but time passes and they do wear off. >> yeah. >> what's the headline here? >> the headline is that in addition to adolescents, there are new recommendations for them to get boosters, but this is a reminder for adults that you might be due for some as well. >> you've just revealed to me it may be time for you to get some booster shots. let's start with pertussis also known as whooping cough. it's preventable. >> it's preventable. i think a newer recommendation
8:07 am
from the cdc in the last couple of years is that every woman who is pregnant should get the tdap, acellular per ttussipertussis. it's only available in combination. these pregnant women should get it in every third trimester. when a baby is born, it harbors the mom's antibodies called passive immunity. infants don't start getting vaccinated for pertussis nil two months. there's a vulnerable period. it takes two weeks for the mom to develop antibodies. that's why it's recommended. >> you mentioned a second ago tetanus shots. i've had several over my lifetime. what's the recommendation? >> the recommendation there is actually pretty simple. it's every ten years for tetanus. and it's given in combination with diphtheria which is also recommended every ten years. >> can you remind me what that is? >> diphtheria is an infection that's caused by a bacterium. it can cause severe disease. it can cause mild disease. it's generally a disease of the upper respiratory tract, sore
8:08 am
throat, that kind of thing, swollen neck. >> let's move on to measles. this is one that a lot of people are letting go. >> yeah. so here's the important number to remember. if you were born before 1957, you were in all likelihood immune because you were exposed and had measles, you have lifelong immunity. the mmr vaccine was first made available in 1971. here's the important thing. if you got one dose, you're probably 93% effective. in 1989, they introduced that second booster for school-age kids. that was before my time. so i only received one vaccine. mighty not be fully immunized, here's you how you can tell. you can get a blood test, but it's probably not that big of a deal if you're unsure to get vaccinated again because the second dose which is a booster will basically confer about 99% immunity. >> it's important to consider the measles vaccine if you're traveling overseas. >> there's a lot of nuance, and i would encourage everybody to go to
8:09 am
there are things to do with your age, profession, little nuances. it's really not a one size fits all. >> good information. thanks very much. appreciate it. coming up, gradual or cold turkey? which is the best way to drop vices, for example, smoking? plus, blockbuster deal. the investment michael jackson made years ago that's landing his family $750 million now. and on "consumer confidential," avoiding the traps that some grocery stores put in place. these are designed to make you spend more money. a lot to get to. but first, these messages.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
we're back at 8:13. time for what's trending today. that is no lie. >> raise your hand if, from time to time, you tell little lies? >> i never do. that was a lie. i do sometimes. >> yes. >> little white lies. >> some are worse than others, right? >> yes. >> a new survey, people are spilling the truth about the lies they tell, ranking them from the worst of the worst to harmless lies. the top three worst of the worst were all related to intimacy. about the number of romantic partners you've had, about love making and birth control. >> okay. >> those are bad lies. >> don't ask, don't tell. >> other lies deemed more harmless. my phone died. let's keep in touch. i'm on my way. there were a lot of white lies that made the list.
8:15 am
they're designed to spare someone's feelings. these are called the good lies. for example, this meal you made is delicious. >> yeah. >> i'm really bad with names. >> yes. >> and your baby is so cute. we all agree we've done that? >> people don't mean it when they say that? >> no, your baby is really cute. >> i'm really bad with names though. >> do you use it sometimes to get out of bad situations? >> we all do. >> by the way, that dress is really pretty. >> it is. >> okay. >> what's your worst white lie? anyone want to fess up? >> this is not new. of course not. >> i'm on my way. really, really close, and still nowhere near. >> my ringer was off. sorry. didn't hear the phone. >> when i downloaded my upgrade software, it dropped a lot of my contacts. >> i like that. moving on. what is the best way to quit smoking? or quit anything. that was the question at the heart of a revealing survey.
8:16 am
included people who quit smoking cold turkey, verses those who weaned themselves off over the course of two weeks. who had the most success? guesses? >> yeah. >> cold turkey. >> go cold turkey. >> 25% more likely to kick the habit. bottom line according to the research, if you're going to do it, rip off the band aid and do it. >> unfortunately, i smoked and it was a combination of both that helped me. 80% of the cigarettes you smoke, if you smoke a pack a day, are frivolo frivolous. you don't need them. i weaned off those and narrowed it down to the four or five i felt i had to have. from there moment, i went cold turkey. that worked for me. >> i'll go with 100% of the cigarettes you smoke, you don't need. >> well, what you think at the time. quitting is the important part. >> if you want to quit anything, quit. >> drinking problems, talked about that. we'll drink one day a week. you know what happens? next thing, it's like, every night this week. >> i know. true. >> we don't have a drinking
8:17 am
problem. >> now the blockbuster music deal that involves michael jackson. gwen stefani makes a return to the "voice." a deal worth $750,000 and involving big names. michael jackson's estate, $750 million price. the deal covers 3 million songs, including works by the beatles, taylor swift and eminem but not from himself. the long awaited sequel. matt, your prayers have been answered. the wheels are in motion for "princess diaries 3." the director confirmed he and anne hathaway are on board. shooting will wait until anne has her baby and returns from maternity. it helped anne become a big
8:18 am
star. let's get to the "voice." battle rounds. each coach had a celebrity mentor. guess who blake shelton picked. gwen stefani. have a look. >> here you are. i knew you were back for season ten. >> thank you for having me back, blake. >> if there is anybody who understands what a battle round is, it's somebody who has been a coach. she knows what it takes to win this thing. >> you did so good with jeffrey austin last year. got him to the finale. will you get some of my people to the finale? >> i would love to help you because i think you need a lot of help, blake. >> what does that mean? >> likes her a lot. i want to spend time with you. >> you can see more on the "voice." ladies and gentlemen, more "voice" on this network tonight. 8:00/7:00 central. >> i was watching. it was good. >> combination of blake shelton and forrest gump.
8:19 am
>> sounds like that. one more item related to the "voice." while the artists are on stage during the blind auditions, we know that you, carson, are backstage with the families. cheering them on during the nail-biting moments. >> i love it. >> the "voice" sent us this clip, showing you, car sson dal in action. >> right there! all right, baby. that's our girl! she made it. come on, blakey. [ cheers and applause ]. >> we got it! high-fives. >> i love those moments. i took that kid home. i'm raising him. adorable. i love it. i get caught up in there. i get wrapped up. families from all over the country come for the tv show. i want to make sure they're well-taken care of and it's fun to be there. i feel silly watching it but yeah -- >> i've take it a thousand
8:20 am
times. you don't get enough air time and credit on that show. i mean that. >> thank you. it's fun. >> carson, thanks. dylan, how about a check of the weather? >> little chilly outside. the warm upis coup is coming. we are looking at perhaps record-braking temperatures in some areas with highs running 20 degrees above average. let's look at some of the highs that are in jeopardy. st. louis, nashville. 2012 was a warm day back then, and we could see a record-breaking 83 in memphis. also in nashville. tupe tupelo, record in the southeast. also record highs. top out in the mid to we're enjoying beautiful weather all across the bay area. a little bit cool to start, but it warms up into the low to mid 60s today. even up to 67 degrees today in san jose. and the mission district 61. some upper 60s for napa and 64
8:21 am
in fremont and san ramon, 64. into the next several days, our highs will be topping out in the upper 70s for most of the bay area. >> that's your latest forecast. savannah? >> dylan, thank you so much. this coming on "consumer confidential," supermarket secrets. wonder why you go to the store with the short list and come home with a mountain of stuff? martin, author of "small data, the tiny clues that uncover huge trends," is here and will help us save money. good to see you. >> likewise. >> these are decisions we make before he even go. right? >> that's true. you have to remember, every second we leave these clues behind us, it's called small data. the first thing is our choice of shopping cart. >> i get the big cart. >> you're wrong. you have to choose the smaller one. this makes you spend, in some cases, up to 40% less.
8:22 am
we want to stack this one so we feel she achieve this one. >> pick the back ksket. if you go back twice, it's okay? >> exactly. >> the kind of music at the store that's played matters? >> the most important thing is sound. you're spending between 7% and 8% less if you're listening to music. >> and the market plays the music, the slow tempo, because you buy more? >> slower than the heart beat rate. you spend more time. >> listen to electronic dance music in your headset? >> exactly. >> store design is key. how do they set it up, and what should we do to counteract that? >> feel the ripple effect here in this is the new flooring material supermarkets are wearing because it makes your shopping cart vibrate. you look around and wake up from
8:23 am
this slumber state and buy more. be careful. >> okay. also, counterclockwise. should you shop in a different direction? >> most are designed so you go counter clockwise. most of us are right-handed. we grab more and spend around 7% more. >> should you do the opposite? >> it's hard. you're into a pattern. >> they use lighting to make it look good. >> it's fantastic. >> very yellow. >> we now know, this is from one of the manufacturers of bananas. we know today that the warmer the color, the more i spend, the more bananas i'll buy. the greener, the less i'll spend. there is a color coding system, to make sure to always have the right color. of course, it's influenced by the light, as well. >> they do the light not just on the stuff, but between the
8:24 am
aisles, right? >> they do. also, they have something called the shadow line. you see, when you are in a supermarket, there is always a shadow above the products. can't see the products. now they're putting light above it so you can see the entire product and it makes you buy around 5% more. >> another trick. the handwritten sign. that makes me buy more? >> well, it certainly does. not only that, if it says maximum, six cans or whatever per customer, you buy more. we're afraid of losing out on a deal. handwritten signs almost double as efficient as a preprinted sign. it's how we're hard wired. >> a lot of us look at the circulars or get a coupon or something. are those good deals, generally? >> no, they're not. >> are there certain days that are good to buy certain things? >> absolutely. if you want to buy fresh meat, choose monday or tuesday. typically, you get a supply. fish, great for tuesdays. you have to remember, also there
8:25 am
are different trends. the first and second week are appealing because that's where people get the coupons, the food stamps. the supermarkets are designed around giving the great offers in the beginning of the month. >> we have to get to the last thing. i come to the stuff and i'm like, i want to put it back. now the grocery stores are getting better at not allowing you to do that. >> they designed the aisles so narrow, you can't off load anything. it's embarrassing to off load it. people are forced to buy more. >> martin, eye-opening. >> i'm sorry about all this. >> i'm overspending. by the way, tomorrow we'll look at gym memberships. what you need to know before signing the contract. thank you. matt, to you. look, three generations of stars. shirley mclain, nia and ==anim==
8:26 am
==topvo== p-g-and-cws will be ck in a very good morning to you. it's 8:26. workers still need to restore gas for 500 homes. the lost service when a sinkhole rupturehead a gas line sunday. teams had to manually turn on gas lines and pilot lights for customers living in the area. traffic impacted at ring boulevard and center road. moroccan road is open it may be another week before crews complete repairs. let's check the morning commute. >> we're having problems getting out of san francisco heading to the east bay. that's counter commute for the bulk of the traffic. slows to san francisco and jams to the sky way all the way to treasure island.
8:27 am
as far as i understand we have one lane blocked. anything on the span causes quite a problem over on the oakland sign coming westbound. a lot clearer, that's unexpected slow out of san francisco. point park way, 101 looks like the crash is on the shoulder. crash off of 238. extra distraction and northbound 101 throughout the south bay. life the northbound routes show speeds around the 40, 30 miles per hour. at least they're moving back to you. thanks so much. i'll have another local news update in half an hour. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
8:28 am
client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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8:30 am
we're back now, 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 15th day of march, 2016. you know who that is? one of the stars of the "divergent" movie series. the new movie is opening now. he plays caleb, a guy who the fans did not like in the second installment. we'll find out what's up for him. >> we'll get to the bottom of that. the huge squeals that let out, i thought it was for you and carson. but anyway. we've got shirley maclaine here. she's going to talk about the life-changing experience she had on the set of her latest movie. >> she's probably one of my top guests of all time, by the way. i love shirley. speaking of stars, another big one tomorrow. we're going to be joined by
8:31 am
jennifer garner. >> fantastic. also, we have our wedding couple. now they need clothes for the big day. we're going to give you a few choices. and guess what, guys. you get to make the pick for them. all beautiful choices. also coming up, a no-brainer dinner you can turn to in desperate times, and it stars one of our faves, steak. it's been a while. >> since we had steak. how about a check of the weather? >> yes, we are going to see improve conditions in the northeast. still a little bit unsettled especially up across new england today where we do have some clouds and some scattered showers. also want to point out a risk of stronger storms especially back through iowa and the chicago area today, too. then we see this storm system trying to spread to the east tomorrow. and as it does so, it's going to intensify and bring some heavier pockets of snow, actually, through northeastern minnesota. a couple of scattered showers interior northeast and also watching isolated storms down in louisiana where the floodi inin continues. we've got members of the naval academy here, and i know there's a big dance coming up.
8:32 am
what's your name, sir? >> caleb. >> okay. and what do you want to ask on live tv? >> well, since we're speaking about weather, it would really warm my heart if you, danielle holt, of duke university, would go with me. >> you just melted my heart. you've got to let me know what she says. >> oh, yeah, i definitely will. thank you. >> thank you so much. that's a look at we have some sunshine and chilly temperatures as we get the day started. it's 46 degrees now in the east bay and south bay. high temperatures reaching into the low to mid 60s. even upper 60s for the south bay peninsula as well as the tri valley today. stays sunny today and over the next several days. the weather stays nice and quiet. our temperatures will be warming up tomorrow. we're expecting 70s across the bay area.
8:33 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. matt? dylan, thank you very much. we are joined now by an oscar winner, shirley maclaine. she's out with a new book about her experience, shooting a recent movie and what she learned in the process. it's called "above the line: my wild oats adventure." good morning. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> it's been a while. how have you been? >> i've been very good. >> yeah? >> learning to live with growing older. very interesting experience. >> you look great, though, by the way. can i just say that? >> oh, thank you. no stuff done. >> no? >> i think i lost ten pounds on that movie. >> did you? this experience was -- first of all, most of the time an actor and actress comes here, they come to promote the movie. this movie's not out yet. it hasn't been released. but the experience of shooting it was so interesting to you and consequential, you wrote a book about it. why? >> okay. we were doing the movie really for nothing. you know how independent filmmaking is now. >> right. >> it's a real exercise in how
8:34 am
you react to materialism. we deferred our salaries. we got paid something and then deferred the rest. >> mm-hmm. >> so that the bond company would give us an okay to begin. and then it all started happening, these experiences. >> your agent didn't want you to do the movie. >> nobody did. >> it was shot on location in the canary islands. what did you know about the canary islands before you got there? >> i didn't know anything. but as i was on iberia airlines going to do this movie, i knew we had no budget for, the only flight that flies to the lost continent of atlantis. i thought that's right up my alley. >> i've known you for a long time. so let me just bring people up to date here. you are someone who truly believes you have lived past lives. >> oh, no question. >> one of those past lives -- >> probably many in atlantis. >> -- in atlantis. so when you got off the plane, did it feel like going to any
8:35 am
airport, or did something strike you? >> struck me later. but let me just say, matt, you know, when you get older, the short-term memory has its problems. i've got an incredible long-term memory. now it's going not only to my childhood this time around, it's going to other lifetimes a long time ago. >> help me understand because i've never actually asked you this. when you start to have these feelings or these thoughts connecting with a past life, are they subtle moments, or do they hit you like a brick? >> good question. with me, it's subtle. it's kind of emotional picture facts. you know you felt this somewhere else. by the way, i've had past life experiences in damn near every country i've been to. you know i'm a traveler, love to travel. knew streets in india, knew temples in russia. i can't even think of all the places. that's why i travel. i was so interested in understanding who i am, what i
8:36 am
come from. it's very important to me to know that i have been other cultures. >> so there you are in the canary islands shooting this movie. each day you didn't know if the movie could continue shooting the next day because the finances were so tough. what did you learn and remember or feel about your past life in atlantis while you were there? >> well, lots of things started happening, not just to me but to the other cast members. we'd be holding a glass, and it would break. we had trouble adjusting to the time change. i went on a little trek on one of the mountains there, turned around, and there was this huge human about over 8 feet tall, golden, looking at me. i'm looking at him, and i'm thinking, this is what hit me, i'm looking at another sense of time. he is confused about where he
8:37 am
is, and i don't know what he is. i'm not confused about where i am, but i know he came from another time. that happened to me. >> when you connect with a past life, shirley, is it comforting, or can it be upsetting? >> if it's a past life for which you are trying to balance your karma today, then it can be very -- i mean, if you killed somebody in a past life and you feel real guilty about loving them now, you know. >> has that ever happened? >> yeah. all that stuff has happened to me. >> our key of the interview. that's a whole other interview. before i let you go, you're a news junkie. >> yes. >> you love keeping in touch with what's going on. >> don't ask me about him. >> i won't. i was going to ask you about the election. but the last thing i want to say is you don't like being called iconic or a legend. and yet everyone refers to you that way. >> well, it's because i've lived a long time. i've done a lot of stuff. i've been recognized in a lot of ways. but i'm just basic -- well, i might not be like everybody
8:38 am
else, but i'm -- i'm just happy being myself, frankly, don't want a lot of thrifrills and be and whistles, love to be alone, like to sit with my dogs as a regular person, eat when i want to, stuff everybody kind of really wants in their life, and those are my same ambitions. >> at the risk of upsetting you as we end this interview, you are legendary, and you are iconic and one of my favorite people to talk to. >> thanks, matt. >> what a pleasure to see you, as always. and she's going to be back a little later with kathie lee and hoda. and again, the book is called "above the line." up next, what will they wear? your chance to pick the dress, the tux and all kinds of other stuff for our wedding couple. but first, this is "today" on nbc. and other stuff for our wedding couple. this is "today" on
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
wedding dresses. from barely-there dresses to a resurgence in sleeves for a more modest approach. >> five years ago we would have been talking about trends and they would have been strapless, strapless and more strapless. in 2016, you have every option in the world. >> reporter: the top trend, floral appliques for a beautiful, flowing look. little white dresses are big. blush is perfect for pictures. detachable skirts are a hit. so are plunging necklines in the front, back or both. it's all about finding a dress that reflects you. >> i've been in the business for 40 years, and i am confident that the viewers will find the right dress for you. >> let's not forget the lucky guy. black tuxes still rule, but with a modern twist. adding a bright pocket square, some statement socks. also colors are starting to trend as are suits in a variety
8:42 am
of shades. grooms adding their own touches to this once-in-a-lifetime experience. variety of shades. all right. i think we are ready to shop in our makeshift wedding salon. guess who's they're? nia vardalos. so excited. also abby larson and of course the couple of the hour, the bride and groom to be, caitlyn and john. you guys ready? picking the wedding dress is a big deal. >> it really is because that's going to be the photo album that you bore people with for the rest of your life. >> yes, exactly. we have our wedding pictures. we wanted to show them real quick. whatever. it's actually my anniversary. happy anniversary, honey. >> happy anniversary. >> do you still love your dress? >> i do. i wore my mother's dress. there it is right there. look at my husband mugging. >> and then there's ian miller. and there's your movie husband right there. okay. let us go through, we have three options, right, abby? >> we do. >> the first one we're calling
8:43 am
timeless beauty with a twist. come on out. >> this couple is so beautiful. . >> wow. >> our b so our bride is wearing a beholden gown. if you don't know, it's anthropo anthropologie's bridal collection. it's ethereal and lightweight, almost a little bit flirty. don't you guys agree? it's also a popular trend. we've got these 3-d flowers that almost seem like they're dancing right off that fabric. then you've got a gorgeous plunging v-front and illusion neckli neckline. so gorgeous. >> what do you think, nia? >> anthropologie is so great because you can get doorknobs at the same time. >> our groom is wearing a joseph abboud for men's wearhouse. this is a classic black tuxedo. who doesn't love it? it's elegant and never going out of style. the key with a tailor if you're going to go with a tux, you want
8:44 am
to tailor it impeccably. that's really what makes it feel special. >> we're calling this an elegant affair. let's have jessica and scott come on out. come on out. >> i have to tell you, this is so >> this is so sophisticated and wearing a pronovias gown. mermaid silhouette. we're loving the back v. so hot on runways now. embellished sleeves give it sparkle but not too much. >> is that a navy tux? >> you watched the oscars, right? >> nia goes to the oscars. >> i don't get invited, just go. >> navy was the hot color for men's ware. this is a slim fitting suit, flattering. it has detail on the pocket and the pant leg. this is your iconic new york city wedding. >> thank you. the next is what we'd call a
8:45 am
show stopper. >> yeah, we like sexy and i'll tell you why in a moment. this gorgeous dress is a lace bodice in a blush tone. it's popular with style me pretty brides right now. we have this full body tool skirt. the very best part about the dress is the skirt detached. >> oh, wow. didn't show. >> hello. >> mini dress. >> nia didn't know where we were going with that. >> i've seen this. you show up at the bridal party and dance in the little thing. >> our groom has vera wang from men's warehouse. >> is this the first time you've seen the dresses and tuxes? >> yeah. >> i would ask your opinion but actually, it's up to the viewers to decide. >> yeah. >> don't want to tip the scales. >> the wedding is march 24th. let's run through the choices
8:46 am
again. the timeless beholden gown and the black tux. the elegant gown and navy tux. if you want fun, we have the detached gown paired with the gray tux. voters, it's now up to you. make your selection. you have until 5:00 eastern time today. >> see anything you liked? >> i did. >> john? >> i feel i shouldn't have been seeing that. >> very true. i feel like none are as big as the dress i wore in "my big fat greek wedding." i'm disappointed but go with what you want. >> "my big fat greek wedding 2" hits theaters the day after your wedding, march 25th. >> thank you. one of the hottest actors in hollywood is here next, ansel elgort. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
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test. test. test. e "divergent" series, his character caleb doesn't have a lot of fans. in the third installment called "allegiant," one moment gives him a change of heart. take a look. >> i'm sorry. beatrice, please! >> deal with this one. you think i'm asking permission? >> no, please. four! >> ansel elgort, good morning. good to have you back. >> thank you. >> belated happy birthday. it was your birthday yesterday. how did you celebrate? >> i was at the premiere yesterday. >> good way to celebrate a birthday. >> i got eight tickets. i said, listen, guys, i'm in new york and it's my birthday. i need more tickets. i ended up getting 22 tickets out of them. it was good. >> you had your own premiere. >> it was like my own birthday
8:50 am
party. theo and shailene started a big happy birthday song for me. it was a surprise before the movie started. >> good for you. >> it was fun. they brought in an opera singer who started singer. ♪ happy birthday >> don't stop. go ahead. ♪ to you >> you had a good voice. we'll talk about that later. everybody hated caleb. the fans of this movie are vocal. >> yeah. >> they hated him after the second installment. is this moment that we just saw going to make them think differently about you -- or him? >> not that moment. caleb does redeem himself. especially young people, everyone makes mistakes and i think he starts to regret them. especially since the only thing he has left is his family. beatrice is his only living family member left. in this movie, he really wants to make it up to her and make it up to everybody. he does. everyone last night was saying, it's nice you were finally a nice guy in this. you saved the day. it was really nice. >> it's nice to have a positive
8:51 am
feedback for a while. >> oh, you're a great guy but i hate your character. >> in the movie, you guys climb the wall that closes in the ruined city of chicago. >> yeah. >> everybody makes it up the wall. i see lots of good stunt work there. your character struggles. the weird part about that is you're a rock climber. >> yeah. >> why didn't you say to the director, this doesn't work, i can do this? >> it's acting. you have to be in character. can't break character just ba because i like to rock climb in real life. >> you'll shoot the fourth installment later this year, right? >> yes. >> i know it's been great to you. but are you looking forward to putting the series in the rear-view mirror? >> of course. this has been really fun, and what i will miss a lot is the cast members and everyone who i was able to work with. it's really fun to create that relationship. for example, last night at the premiere, we're all there and so friendly. we're all friends. it's something we've built over time. but i'm working on a lot of great projects now.
8:52 am
i just finished "billionaire boys club." i'm working in atlanta right now. i have to fly back tonight to shoot "baby driver." i'm a get away driver with jamie foxx and kevin spacey and jon hamm. >> good to see you and happen by birthday again. >> thank you. >> "allegiant" opens on friday. steak recipe is coming up. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
we're back at 8:54. time for our no-brainer week on today food. why did they pick me for this? get you out of the kitchen in a hurry. we have the host of "simply laura," which just launched its second season. good to see you. >> good to see you. good morning. >> we're making something everyone loves, steak, and you have a delicious butter to go with it. >> no-brainer recipes, i feel like, is the theme of "simply laura." everything i make is simple and eas easy. herb butter is fabulous. add instant flavor from steaks to poultry to fish, you name it. >> this is a simple list. >> you need steak, of course. a good rib eye. 1 inch ribeye will win me over
8:55 am
every time. i have butter softened to room temperature. if you would, take the four and drop them? >> our tasters are downstairs. >> if you would, add a little lemon zest. it adds such lovely brightness to the butter. then once you kind of give it a nice -- >> enough? >> perfect. small pinch of salt. pepper. then if you would -- >> yes. >> -- you want to mix that. you don't have to use these herbs. if you want, you can do chili or cilantro. put it on plastic wrap. >> we have a few seconds left. how are you getting that on to that? >> you'll see. you roll that, pop it in the fridge so it gets nice and hard. then you'll want to salt the steak liberally.
8:56 am
chopped rose mamary. pepper, as well. add this to a hot cast iron skillet. >> guys, how is it tasting? >> really good. great flavor. >> let it cook for four minutes on each side. you get it out, let it rest, which is really important. then you go ahead and slice it. green beans and toss it with butter. >> the butter works with the beans, as i'm ... ==nats==trt: 3 sonds =contvo= a wild chase through the st a good to see morning at 8:56 i'm sam brock. it was a wild chase through the east bay that ended with officers using a stun gun on a suspect. the chp says this all started when officers tried to pull over the suspect just before 9:00 last night on i 80. the driver took off, leading officers through oakland at one point topping 100 miles per
8:57 am
hour. it ended a half hour later on interstate 880 next to the colosseum where officers tased and detaineded the unidentified suspect. he's facing felony charges including evasion and resisting arrest. we have new information about this story on our facebook page. you can also view more video of the chase and the arrest. a north bay road now closed it will be for weeks for mud slides. it happened on mount tam. you can find that on our twitterfeed. free style rap taking center stage at the white house. the man behind broadway's hottest ticket giving a rose garden performance. the video is going viral. see you in 30 minutes. co
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
&÷ this morning on "today's take," music superstar seal is here, as gets ready to share his passion on live tv. the jane is here and ready for her return to broadway. things going to get wild when we host animal house coming up now. news this is today's take. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" it's a tues morning, march 15, 2016. a big crowd out on the plaza. we love that. i'm willie along natalieh and
9:01 am
dylan. >> little mir an dra lambert and carrie underwood. they have been playing this song over and over. it's stuck in my head. >> we don't often go country. i love that. >> bringing the country. >> good combination. >> it's a cool song. >> awesome. let's talk this nfl story this morning. it's a big nfl story. it's parents offor kids thinking about football or have kids that play football. for the first time now the nfl has ack linkdged a between repeated head trauma from football and bte. jeff miller was answeri g questions yesterday during a round table discussion in washington about concussions. it was convened by the u.s. house of representatives committee. here is what mr. miller had to say. >> do you think there is a
9:02 am
link between football and degenera disorders like cte? >> showsrtainly, the research that a number of retired nfl players were diagnosed with cte. the answer to that is yes. but there's a number of questions that come with that. i think the broader point and the one that your question gets to is what that necessarily means and where do we go from here with that information. >> that's significant, because the nfl has never explicitly made that connection. they settled a lawsuit but never said there was a link. a study released last september found cte in 87 of 91 former players. it showed former football greats had cte. the league put out a statement to u nbc saying there are more questions that need to be answer. but adding, we want the facts so we can develop better solutions. that's why we're deeply committed to advancinged me kald research on head trauma, including cte to let the science go where thegoes.nce this is something that can be
9:03 am
diagnosed after death. you have to get into th brain. >> autopsy the brain. >> you had a physician yesterday at the hearing who said our next step what we have do is be able to scan to see it before it gets to the p it causes some ne to feel like they have to take their life. >> i feel like we're just starting to learn, because we are just getting the first cases and the first diagnoses of cte. i think this will certainly have a road.nowball affect down te i think for parents it does force you to ask that question if you have a child interested in football, which we have been asking all along since we have been following the story. what would you do? it's a hard thing as a parent. i think you want to -- your kids to play a game they love. >> footb ll is so ingrained in our lives. kids have players they look up to. they want to play when they get a chance to play. as parent, what do you do? >> i struggle with it. i played football my entire life from old enough was to play through high school. i played football every fall and summ camps and
9:04 am
was knocking heads and doing everything else. i took so many great things away from that. i had a great high school coach. some of my best friends in the world. we became buddies, i learned about be ng on a team and unselfish and all those things you learn from sports. >> dad, i want to play -- >> sheer my copout answer. kids in new york city don't ply football because there's nowhere to play. i don't have to worry about it. there's no -- >> that's not fair. you have to answer the question. >> i mean, i don't know. i think the answer is no. i think there are enough other sports at this point that i think i can get him interested in. i do think that third grade, fourth grade level, i'm not a doctor so don't take my word on this, but the impacts are not such that -- they're basically falling into each other. >> their brains are developing. they're like king hits that. but i do think though that, you know, we beginningjust to learn. the research is still not there. we don't know the true
9:05 am
consequences. it really makes you have to ask those questions. both my soccer.y soccer they have a lot of concussions as well. a lot of teams now, even high school -- football and soccer, they are proposing changes where there's no tackle during training. then maybe just during games. same thing with soccer. less heading of the ball in my kids' leagues. those are important things that i think sports coaches and all that, they are looking at it. >> the league now is going to have to grapple with what this means. >> absolutely. we love our favorite video -- one of my favorite of the week so far -- every time there's a "hamilton" video out there, come on, it goes viral. the cast, they were at the white house yesterday performing in front of a group of high school kids. they said it was part of a workshop for kids who don't norm lly get a chance to see broadway. the performance -- here they are
9:06 am
performing before the high schoolers. what everybody is talking about today was when the creator and star of "hamilton" did a freestyle rap in the rose garden. he asked the president to hold up the cards with random words like obamacare. you have to freestyle. >> that he had before. seen >> take a look what happens. ♪ ♪ thr words i'mome going to say some freestyling that you never heard ♪ ♪ constitution, i'm freestyling you know this, obamacare okay i'm looking up because it was hopeless ♪ ♪ the federalist papers hamilton wrotgreater.her 51 and and sunny and bo and oh, my god ♪ ♪ nasa i want to see if we can get over to mars and wrap for bars and leave a carbon footprint and lower my
9:07 am
emission ♪ ♪ immigrants we get the e i'm not done it's the oval office ♪ ♪ i can't believe i'm there so much more int thanting the secret square ♪ ♪ opportunity knocks i can't stop i'm here with the president and yo the mike drops ♪ >> how good is that? >> so good. that's a drop moment. >> the president said, think that will go viral? and has. i love the marine band -- we didn't show the top. the president says give him a beat. >> you think of the variety from obamacar nasa to sonny and bo. >> how d that in front of the president? he didn't skip a beat. >> there's a clip on youtube of him on fallon doing it. it's a talent about ten people
9:08 am
in the word have. >> could you do it. >> no. >> it's a gift from another galaxy. i can't do that. are you nice to waiters when you go - >> no. horrible. i berate minute they walk over. >> i dem nd more water right away. >> you are the waiter id -- figured you were nice. my m an has issue sometimes with waiters. that's another story. sorry mom. now i will tell the story -- there was one time -- mom, i'm sorry. i brought this up several times. the waitress asked, would you like more coffee? she's li i want more dish water? no. i was like, mom. i guess the water tasted like dish water. tft b it was bad. she learned a lot from that. if she goes to france, she might have to more for the cup of coffee. apparently rude customers end up paying for more coffee. there's a sign outside of this french coffee shop, coffee
9:09 am
costs one euro 50. a coffee please costs one euro three. a hello, a coffee please is one euro. some have paid seven euro for being that rude. >> it's on a sign. you know. why would you be rude? wouldn't you want to save? >> maybe some people don't read the signs. some people are rude. >> just be nice. >> a coffee, please. >> if you need incentive to be nice to be -- there's a deeper problem there. than the price of the cup of coffee. >> what else we got? >> we will help you through this. what else you got? the wild, wild animal kingdom. two amazing things we want to show you. first, have you seen this incredible photo? i think this takes whale watching to a new level. they're on the kayak when look what comes up right beneath them, a whale. this is off the waters of south africa there.
9:10 am
>> didn't tip them? >> didn't tip them. let them settle back into place. the amazing thing is the guy who took the picture. the photo of a lifetime right there. check out these adorable animal photos. these are from sidney, australia. how cute are these? i'm told there are two dogs in there. behind the ducklings, there are two dogs. if you want to know, i learned this today, there's a small pancake and patty cakes the other dog. it's wha in the makes yard along with ducklings named penguin and pop and j. on top of their heads and all. >> what have we gone to? from "hamilton" gateness
9:11 am
greatness to patty cakes. >> do you have more stories about your mother? i wish i could take it. >> does she watch every morning? she does. >> you say things on live tv. >> i felt like i couldn't deprive people of that story. >> even if it meant throwing your mom under the bess. take a look at the weather. . good morning, i'm kari hall. we have some sunshine. it's cool to start, but our temperatures are slowly warming. we're now in the low 50s, heading up to 63 in san francisco in the east bay. in the tri-valley peninsula and south bay, 67 and 66 in the north bay. we'll have a light wing throughout the afternoon. over the next several days,
9:12 am
we'll have temperatures reaching into the 70s, so this warming trend continues along with this dry weather through the dry weather through the workweek. >> and t at's your latest forecast. coming up next, one of our favorite humans. >> you have a thing for her. >> she w tell us about "unbreakable" and her big return to broadway next. kimmy schmidt" and kimmy her return to broadway next. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet?
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9:16 am
the truth is, we love her. our good friend, jane krakowski. let's make it official. you're one of us, right? >> i would be delighted and honored. >> the tony award winner is making her return to the great white way after 13 years. >> she played the perfume shop clerk looking for love in the wrong places. good morning. >> you have to look here, and you'll find all the love you could ever need. >> yes. >> it is a love fest. >> you two have never been here together. >> no. >> when natalie is off is when you're here, right? >> yes, this is a delight. pleasure to meet you. >> thanks for the hug. oh, okay. >> would you like to do that, too, willie? >> not here. >> i feel i need to move seats so you two can sit together. there is a thing. >> purely platonic. is it true it's been 13 years since you were on broadway? >> it has been that long. when i took the job, i was not aware of that.
9:17 am
every interview or article i've done, it's reminded me. it's painful to think it's been that long because i love it so much. it's been a joy to be back. i've come to learn it's a little like childbirth. you forget how hard it is, but you remember all the joy and the great fun that comes out of it. >> right. >> when it's over. it's been -- it's a delightful show. we're having such a good time. the cast is so much fun, and people are responding to it. we're having a good time. we open this thursday. officially. we're in previews now. yeah, some good fun. >> the theater in studio 54. how wild is that? >> it's a beautiful theater. i think it was a vaudville house before it was the infamous disco. it's an intimate theater, really beautiful.
9:18 am
i've turned my dressing room into an ode to studio 54. we have one of the original mirror balls the crew found and hung it in our stairwell. >> behave the way that eliza does in studio 54? >> just in between shows. >> i don't want to drop a spoiler, but i hear you actually do a full on split in the middle of the show. true? >> that rumor is true. >> how do you -- oh! you get dragged. >> that hurts to watch. >> she's very much in love with that man. it's my final surrender, is how i pictured it. >> are there splinters on the back of your legs? >> i will say, we did create all of that with the brilliant choreographer. rehearsal hall, where everything was smooth and easy, we're like, is this going to be possible on
9:19 am
the stage? >> you do this eight times a week? my jaw is dropping. >> i will not be able to walk after the show is over. it's worth it. it's worth it. it's for the craft. >> it's all for the applause. we're going to play celebrity fishbowl with you in a second. kimmy schmidt is coming out for a second season, right? >> the new trailer came out for season two. i'm so excited for everybody to see it. i know ellie was here recently, and we feel it's better than season one. >> one was amazing. >> everybody loves it. >> can't wait. >> we can't get enough of you or ellie. she loves me. currently in previews and opens this thursday. jane will do a facebook chat with us right now. and playing celebrity fishbowl is coming up after this. real cheese people, three generations spanning over 60 years. they don't believe in artificial this or superficial that.
9:20 am
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9:24 am
watch it, sleep a few hours and turn on the "today" show. >> good answer. >> what's your favorite auburn tv show or album you've ever made? oh, album, tv show or movie you've made. cathy from ohio. >> favorite tv show. oh, my gosh. it's hard to say. always the one i'm currently working on because it means i'm employed. >> nicely done. >> what is the last song played on your ipod? >> all for me? >> katie from bismarck, by the way. >> i'm ruining my -- or not ruining but playing it so much, it's being worn out, adele. can that happen? >> no. >> do you sing, too? when "hello" is on, you're like, hello! >> do you know this woman? she sings big.
9:25 am
>> go see "she loves me" opening on thursday. good to see you. before it was honey in these honey nut cheerios, it was honey being collected. and honey getting made. and honey that was just beginning. i'm lika small boxer. ring. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness!
9:26 am
alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. ==anim good morning. 9:26 on your tuesday. pg & e crews back in mo raga, where crews need to restore gas for about 500 customers that lost service on sunday. teams had to mannelly turn on the gas lines and pilot lights for customers living in the area surrounding the sinkhole. traffic is still impacted at marine boulevard and center road, but busy moraga road is now open. inspectors believe a pipe collapsed giving warp from the sinkhole. a wild and long chase through the east bay ends with
9:27 am
officers using a stun gun on a suspect. the chp says this all started when officers tried to put over a suspect just before 9:00 last night on i-80. the drive took over going over 100 miles an hour. it ended about a half hour later near the coliseum where officers tased and detains the suspect. he faces felony charges including evading and resisting arrest. if you're feeling frosty this morning, fear not, temperatures are on the rise. we'll have a check of your weather and traffic after this. weather toss to traffic
9:28 am
good morning firmed are. we have bright blue clear skies, and a nice way to start out the day. we're still in the low 50s, and we have some 40s elsewhere. looking at highs today topping out in the low to mid 60s just a touch warmer than yesterday. that sunshine continues through the week.
9:29 am
let's see what's happening on the road with mike. >> still northbound 101 coming basically from just north of the airport 380 all the way into francis. that was because of the disabled vehicle and cones causing a couple lanes blocked in the eastbound direction. that has cleared and we have recovered, but still very slow. recovery and better flow across the sam mateo and dumbarton. the peninsula not so bad right now. back to you. that will do it for us right now. we'll see you again in half an hour with more updates. &÷
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. primary voting in five states today could make or break some presidential campaigns. republican front runner donald trump sounded confident in tampa on monday. florida senator marco rubio needs to win in his home state today to keep his hopes alive. likewise for ohio governor john kasich and his buckeye state. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has a chance to put the race away. bernie sanders could prevent that with big wins in illinois and ohio. an eye-opening study suggests recent outbreaks of things like the measles are due in part to vaccines wearing off over time. the journal of the american medical association says recent outbreaks of measles and pertussis are due from people
9:31 am
not getting the vaccine or the vaccine fading over time. everyone needs a tetanus and diphtheria booster every ten years. if you were 12 the last time you had a tetanus shot, you are due for one at 22. trying to quit smoking? new research suggests cold turkey is the best way. british study assigne 700 smokers to quit abruptly or gradually cut back for two weeks before quitting. the patients in the cold turkey group were 25% more likely to quit in the short term and still be smoke free six months later. both groups used nicotine replacement therapy. the smithsonian's national museum of natural history reveals a newly discovered dinosaur species on monday. the new species lived 90 million years ago. it was about the size of a horse weighing up to 6000. it's a member of the tyrannosaurus family but not an ancestor of the t-rex according to scientists. fossils were covered in uzbekistan between 1997 and 2006. fascinating.
9:32 am
song lyrics handwritten and signed by david bowie are expected to sell for at least $50,000 when they are auctioned in july, that's double the amount they went for last time they were up for auction. the single sheet of paper holds the words to bowie's 1972 hit "the jean genie" and they were given to the founder of the branch of bowie's fan club. let's get a check of the weather. do a dance. >> little jig here. there we go. >> get on the right side of this. >> there you go. do-cy-do and i'm a little dizzy. we've got a chance of stronger storms through eastern iowa, into northern illinois including chicago. we could see isolated tornadoes but it is the threat of damaging wind gusts and larger hail. we have this cold front moving eastward but it's really not going to cool things down all this much. we're looking at 60s and 70s through the midwest and the plains as we go into tomorrow. winds pick up through chicago. could see gusts near 40 miles per hour. also looking at snow. across northeastern minnesota,
9:33 am
we could see 6 to 12 inches of snow. through the south where the flooding is a major issue, we could see isolated storms that could produce pockets of heavier rain that can lead to flooding. that's a look at the weather good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. clear blue skies and sunshine today. this is the kind of weather we'll see through the week and kind of a cool start. it's now in the low to mid 50s 'we continue to warm up, we're heading into the upper 70s. the east bay looking at a high of 53 degrees, also 63 in san francisco, the north bay of 66 degrees. overall very pleasant weather and highs in the 70s by and highs in the 70s by tomorrow. >> that's your latest forecast. it's hard to get your kids to sit still for a picture. imagine trying that with wild animals. that's what geographic
9:34 am
magazine's photo did to create the photo art project. his effort to document the world's a mals one photo at time. >> see the results in april's edition of "nation"natiol p ln now. the photo art project was born. gentlemen, good morning. >> great to be here. >> this is for the first time, "national geographic" magazine had ten differeout, vers right? >> from the one story on the photo art. there they are. two lincoln the children's zoo. we brought one of the animals along that's on the cover today. >> w at is the photo ark? >> my 25-year effort to photograph as many species as i can around the world. there's about 12,000 to 13,000 species captive in the world's zoos and aquarium. we're halfway so far. the goal is to get the public to care about the extinction crisis
9:35 am
and care about animals and save them while there is time. >> beautiful animals like the one we have here. tell us about this. this is an african cerval, right? >> from east africa. phenomenal jumper. he can feet 8 to 10 up and catch birds in the air. he's not a year old. if he gets rambunctious, forgive us. >> seems sweet like a house cat but not to be confused. >> we have great zookeep rs at the who have been working with him. >> i've been watching him bounce around. i can only imagine what it's liktnir g nn room with him overnight. >> wow. >> let's see, look at the next animal. >> the armadillo. already a star on the cover. >> rolled up in a ball right now. >> i i could that if every chance i could get. >> the a tual animal that's on the cover of geograph gapc of top covers. >> alry a star. >>
9:36 am
see if he comes out. >> are we making him nervous? >> he's a little shy. >> when he comes out, he's all over the place. >> come here. >> i have a hermit crab like that. >> he might come out if we give him a moment. >> those look delicious. >> high protein, active. he's an armadillo from brazil. fasc creature. three his hinges on back, hence three banded. >> not a coconut. >> you could be confused roadside. >> right. >> are we concerned about extinction with armadillos? >> no. they're fai animalstable to their habitats. the cats, we're worried about, a lot of birds and animals like that. and amphibians. >> animals in africa and asia are at risk because there are so many peo consume the habitat. that's what the photo ark is about. to get people
9:37 am
to realize that there ar do ings we all can to save species. >> now one i'm more scared of. a big lizard here. >> skittles. with a name like skittles, you know. black and white columbian lizard. >> p down there. >> will he eat -- >> he might. >> try it. >> breakfast. >> are those claws sharp? >> they can be very, very sharp. he's got great jaws for crushing. >> won't jump or something, right? >> no. >> giving you the eye, dylan. >> looking at me now. not thrilled. >> he's cold. enjoying the heat of the set. you're warming his cold body up. >> how safe is this species? >> fairly well-balanced in the wild. we have to worry about pet trade and plundering in the wild. >> some species are down to nothing, and that's what the photo ark is designed to do. tell people their story. all the stories. this animal, the northern white rhino, down to
9:38 am
three individuals now. >> still poached, right? or they until protected. >> few are left. the other rhinos are at risk. the more we know, the more we can do. >> this is the one i'm concerned about. the tarantula. >> freaking out. >> the tarantula, there are misconceptions. a lot of people fear them, thinking they can throw poisonous darts. >> they can throw their hairs. they have irritating hairs. they're irritating. get the your mucous membrane. they're not poisonous with their bites. >> do they bite? >> no. >> jump? >> not a jumping spider. >> you can be gentle.
9:39 am
>> joel and john, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> fascinating. the photos are incredible. check them out online and also on the stands. thank you very much. coming up next, grammy winning superstar seal. there he goes! the tarantula. seal has seal has i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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9:43 am
memorable songs of the last 25 years, i cluding the 1991 hit "crazy" and number one single "kiss from a rose." he s than 30 million albums. >> now, he's lending his voice to the passions that modern day new orleans, live television broadcast, depicting jesus' final hours. he plays pontius pilot. good morning. >> nice to be here, bright and early. >> t take on different the "passion" that we normally see on tv, especially around easter. what were you thinking about going into it? >> originally, it started in holland 'b goi for about six years. it's an interactive kind of live reenactment of the greatt o r told. everything from the last supper to the, of course, crucifixion. they called me up to play pontius toot, which i'm not sure about. i'll forever be
9:44 am
known as the christ killer after this. but it's an interesting role. it's going to be a lot of fun. again, it's very interactive, and so there will be music, of course, and you know, along with the telling of this incredible story. >> the "passion," great, they want me jesus. no, pontius pilot. you'll take that, too. >> yeah. >> what is it like to do a live tv performance? you perform on stage, are used to this, but this is one oe shows, we've seen "grease live" so successful. "the wiz." you get one shot. what is it like? >> it's a bit like performing, doing a it's the same thing. obviously, on a much larg slest on tv globally. but you know, performance l about the i'm sure there will be a certain element t the day. i'm really looking forward to it, and i'm glad they asked
9:45 am
me. >> and w think we i have your video of you in recording session. >> let's take a look . ♪ >> i love it, one of my favorite songs. how does music tie into this? it's newer songs in this very old story. >> right. well, both adam and mark did such a great job. adam has been the producer. he did an incredible version of this. it was very easy to sing to it. of course, it's a great song. i was very fond of that song, ever since tear s
9:46 am
for fears wrote and released it. from what i've seen so far, it's a natural, organic merging of the two elements. you have the great story and then you have this great music, as well. >> we cannot wait to see it. by the way, this manno nfl bettmost. n >> i don't, actually. >> breaking down the nfc championship game. calling plays. the whole thing. seal, thank you. "the sunday night on fox. great to see you. >> thank you very much. up next, sein eld patrick warburton brings the sein eld patrick warburton brings the laughs back laughs back jay knows how to keep nice shorts, dad...g. they don't make 'em in adult sizes? this is what the pros wear. look at the lines... -uhhh... look at the other line... -mm-mhh.. that's why he starts his day with those two scoops in deliciously heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. by taking steps towards a healthy heart, jay knows he'll be ready for the turns ahead. hey, don't forget to put up your kickstand.
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9:50 am
test. test. test. patrick warburton has more than movie and tv credits to his name. to many, he'll be known as elaine's on again/off again boyfriend on "seinfeld." >> you may recognize the famous voic , the cop from "family guy." >> now, he's playing a dad of two row teenagers who move back home. >> people between the ages of 22 and 31, i've determined, the logical course of action in the economy is to move back in with my parents. and because of the broad number of young people doing this, there's no longer the social sigma attached. >> is she done? i can never tell when she's done. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> love having you here. i mean, from
9:51 am
"seinfeld" to "rules of engagement," back on a sitcom. is it nice to be back? >> it is. i loit. it's a fantastic cast. great, very current premise. it's the life in which i live, you know. i haven't told the network, i thought it was adorable they want wanted t call the show "crowded." it's a crowded life. we have four dogs, i lived with us last year. my father was in hospice at our house last year. a boyfriend and girlfriend live at our house, sort of. >> you don't get a lot of you time, do you? >> i have a barn i converted into my man cave. for my new garage band. i have one at the age of 50. i decided, i want to sing and have a bgarage band? >> what's the name? >> wee a pearl jam cover
9:52 am
band. >> so you 23, ot 15 through four kids, living under your roof. >> yes. >> this is a real situation to you. >> yeah. >> off the show and off your life, is there a top age limit where it's time to get out of the house? do you have a number? do you have a feel? >> 42. >> 42, great news for your kids ñ] watching at home. >> she's 23. >> he's and she's 21. they go to college a stone's throw away from home. we love something them there. always have. we love the house, love the home, we live in the couy h eu room. it's all good. all the animals. we dot just have the four dogs. you had a tarantula on here. my has aon goliath bird-eating tarantula, the size of a dinner plate. it's the largest spider in the world. >> has it ever gotten out of whatever it lives in? >> no. he
9:53 am
good at keeping it in. and he has giant centipedes from africa. >> food or -- >> pets, too. i go, how much do they cost? >> $200 a piece. >> oh, my gosh. >> gain control of your house, patrick. >> i read an interview. it was fascinating. you said you never looked jerry seinfeld in the eye during the show. is that true? >> i try to avoid him, actually. i didn't foot to stick my in my house. i didn't want to go, gosh, so this is great, right? i sort of figured everybody was bothering him. i wanted to hit the marks, get laughs and be invited back. >> sorry. we have to go. "crowded." we'll hear more of the story at some point. march 20t , sunday, 9:30/
9:54 am
look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
9:55 am
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9:56 am
after a cool start to the morning, we're in for sunshine and quickly warming temperatures today. and the tri-valley. in francis looking at a high of 63 degrees, also 63 in the east bay, and the north bay today, up
9:57 am
to 66 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds later on this afternoon,ened our terms will continue to warm as we go through the week, as we keep this dry weather. now an update on what's happening on the roadways from mike. peninsula drivers, darn it, here's why. we're okay from the east bay into san francisco, but look at the map. we have slowing down the eastshore freeway, with a fender bender, but a new crash right around the incline toward the bay bridge and north 101 at the backup just at the bottom of your screen. the rest of the bay looks pretty good as things recover. back to you. mike, happening now, one suspect under arrest after a wild late-night chase that ends with officers use a stun gun. we posted the link to the story, you can see the video on the arrest. a north bay road is now closed. it will be for weeks from mudslides. this is on mt. tam. we have new images of the
9:58 am
closure from marin deputies. and freestyle rap takes center stage at the white house. the man bekind broadway's hottest ticket gives a memorable performance with assistance from the president. we'll see you in one half hour. co
9:59 am
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&÷ >> announcer: "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a from rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. >> hey. >> ides of march. hoda just had a shock, and not this kind. knows what could hap today. >> i had to do it. i was interviewing the cast of "my big fat greek wedding." >> you had to. >> there was too much pressure. >> it would be wrong. >> ides of march are upon us. it's spanky tuesday. we're going to have some fun. >> that song there is "misery" "misery" by gwen by gwen


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