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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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county courthouse with the latest. >> reporter: this is the first time we're hearing directly from the alleged victim. the woman was in tears today as she took to the stand to talk about a night where frankly she remembers very little. this is the man accused of sexual assaulting her, brock turner. he was a 19-year-old stanford fresh when when arrested in january of last year. the former star swimmer is charged with three counts of assaulting a 23-year-old u.c. santa barbara graduate. >> brock, do you have any comment about the charges against you? >> reporter: today turner, surrounded by his family, declined to talk to us outside superior court in palo alto. the alleged victim took the stand this afternoon. she told jurors she drank four shot glasses of whiskey before leaving for a fraternity party on the stanford campus. then she said she drank vodka while at the party. she cried as she said the next thing she remembered was waking up at valley medical center in san jose where a deputy told her she may be a victim of sexual
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assault. a sexual assault response team nurse also testified today that during an exam she found the alleged victim had abrasions on her buttocks and internal abrasions in her private region and had vegetation in her hair. the nurse also testified she examined brock turner. she said he had abrasions and soil on his arms, hand, ankle and back. yesterday a stanford student testified he saw a man on top of a woman who was not moving. he said when the man ran away, he and another student chased him and pinned him down. they say that man was turner. after his arrest, turner with drew from stanford. turner's attorney would not talk to us today on camera. and the young woman was not a stanford student, but she is a bay area native. she grew up here in palo alto and graduated from gung high
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school. feeling no remorse an east bay hit-and-run driver appeared before a judge a short time ago. daniel morris is facing charges after severely injuring a young boy in a car crash. his judge is the his bail for $425,000. earlier this month he was allegedly driving a stolen car when he veered off the road and hit a 6-year-old boy in castro valuely. the boy had to have part of his leg amputated. day three and still no end in sight. bart now has a specialist on the case to investigate why their trains die along a six-mile stretch of track in the east bay. nbc bay area's kim yonenaka, kim does bart know when this issue will be resolve? >> reporter: they don't. they have told us the shuttle buses will be in service through monday. this is the line of the people at the north con krord station waiting to board one of those shuttle buses to take them to
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pittsburg bay point. as you mentioned k bart does have a specialist on this case, and they are diving into their own resources to try to fix those damaged cars as quickly as possible. today while the specialist tries to pinpoint the power surge that's knocking bart trains out of commission, passengers are forced to deal with day three of overcrowded trains, long delays, and shuttle buses. >> i'm thankful we do have these buses to at least get us to a bart station where the bart is running where we can have service. but there's nothing i can do. i mean i could stand here and complain all day. >> reporter: since wednesday 50 bart cars have been damaged by the mysterious power surge along the six-mile stretch between the north concord and pittsburg bay station. replacements parts will take too long to get the cars on the tracks. so bart is taking the parts from other trains to speed up the process. >> we're sacrificing eight train
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cars. it's going to fix about 30 to 40 train cars. because on those cars, only one has blown. >> reporter: that is the part getting damaged by the power surge. there are five on each car. bart's plan is to have them all replaced in a couple of weeks. since it will take some time, one service here is restored riders can expect some of the same problems they are experiencing today. now, when asked if this is the same issue as the one that took place in the transbay tube a couple of weeks ago, bart would only say that it's similar and they won't know if this is all due to their aging system until they can figure out what's wrong. reporting live in concord, kim yonenaka. bart will shut down part of a line in fremont later this month. that shutdown will happen on march 26 and 27 and it will be the first of six weekend shut downs. cruise will repair track between san leandro and may fair
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stations through the month of june. they are smaller than a coffee cup lid and hard to find and the cost of $1,000 a piece. you can find out exactly what those troubling thirsters are on our web site. click on the top story box and it will take you right there at tune into our microclimate forecast right now. another beautiful sunny day over the bay area. but folks, enjoy it while you can. chief meteorologist jeff rainieri here now. and jeff, you're saying we've got rain on the way. >> we do pretty good chance into sunday's forecast you you'll see on the doppler ray darned satellite it is still very dry here in santa rosa, san francisco and san jose. not a drop being reported. and a mild day for us you'll see across the santa clara valley still holding onto 74 in santa theresa, 74 in morgan hill. dropping off in sunnyvale. in terms of the rainfall chance cloud cover increasing on saturday's forecast. rainfall begins to push down into marin, napa and sonoma counties by 10:00 a.m.
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we're tracking how much rainfall we'll pick up from this. fans you missed our drought update yesterday there's been a major change. i'll have another look at that in about ten minutes. >> look forward to that, jeff, thanks a lot. our nbc bay area app is perfect way to track the rain this weekend. click on weather under the menu. there you can find our live doppler radar. our app is free for iphones and android devices. a deadly nearly 12-hour standoff in contra costa county. sheriffs in byron shot and killed a man suspected of molesting his foster daughter. deputies say the suspect barricaded himself in his home last night. they spent hours negotiating with him but set off chemical gas in the home to get him to surrender. instead the man jumped out of a window holding a handgun. >> he raised the firearm up in the direction of our deputy sheriffs. and the deputies in fear of their life fired and ultimately struck the subject. >> that man died there.
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five family members in the home when the standoff began all managed to escape safely. harassed aboard a bus. san mateo police want your help to find a man accused of groping a teenage girl. take a look at the suspect aboard the sam transbus. from tuesday. police say he stepped aboard the cross on south b street and sat next to a 17-year-old girl. the girl said he put his arm around her then tried to reach under her shirt despite being told repeatedly to stop. just into our news room, a close call at l.a.x. involving a drone. an lufthansa airliner nearly crashed into the drone as it prepared to land. the plane was about 5,000 feet altitude when the drone passed above it by about 200 feet. that is close. the plane did land safely. the faa is now investigating. new at 6:00. they are watching you anytime
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you walk through a big airport around the country including the three in the bay area your being watched. they're agents with the t sa specially trained to detect a person who may be up to no good. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us live with that story from san jose mineta. damian. >> reporter: jessica, they're called behavior detection officers. they're either wearing plain clothes or they're wearing their bright blue unifollows of the t sa agents. but they are here, they are watching you, and they might even approach you. >> hello. >> hi. >> have your i.d. and boarding pass ready? >> reporter: he works the security line at mineta san jose international. looking like a normal tsa agent. but this agent, who we've been asked nod knot to identify for security reasons, is what the tsa calls a behavior detection officer. >> they're basically looking for
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behaviors of passengers or people who are seeking to deceive, who don't want it get caught, who have a fear of being caught. >> good morning, sir. how's your day going? >> reporter: also for security reasons we weren't allowed to record the actual questions the agents use when they talk to someone who fits the profile. but we were allowed to talk to this agent if we didn't show his face. >> being a walmart greeter there's other things you have to be. you have to keep an eye on the area. >> reporter: behavior detection officers go through federal law enforcement training in georgia to work on this specialized unit. the team was developed after 9/11. and although they haven't spotted a potential terrorist, agents nation-wide have detected kidnappers and drug runners. on this day they did briefly question several people at sjc. >> you were just questioned by a b behavioral detection officer. >> he was very nice. >> just asking where i'm traveling, things ahead, that might help him figure out if i'm
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here i guess for the reason it seems. >> reporter: tsa says the agents are not profiling. >> it's actually the antidote to profiling. it doesn't really target any individual person. it targets behaviors. >> reporter: behavior that might trigger security concerns in the nation's airports. now, if you're already nervous about flying or if you just happen to sweat profusely naturally, tsa says you have nothing to worry about. that's just one of the boxes of the many they have to check before they send you to a secondary inspection. live at mineta san jose international, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. do you recognize the man in this photo? the search for a serial bank robber widens. and reaction tonight from the head of x-box after an industry party here in the bay area features dancers in skimpy outfits. some wonder what message this sends to women in the gaming industry. i'm christie smith. that story coming up. and good evening.
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i'm meteorologist jeff rainieri. check out how green hills are across san bruno mountain right now. we're going to be able to keep these hills green right through the weekend as the storm system approaches. we're tracking how much rainfall we'll get from this system. my full microclimate forecast in about seven minutes. is this anotherroublg
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example of sexm in e gang indust? microsoft is der fire r hiring dancers iski critics are calling it a troubling example of sexism in the gaming industry.
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microsoft under fire tonight for hiring dancers in skimpy school girl outfits to perform at a private party last night in san francisco. nbc bay area's christie smith is there tonight with swift action the company took hours after that party ended. we should justen clear. they didn't do anything illegal. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. but head of x-box did come out and release a statement saying these events represented x-box and microsoft in a way that were clearly not consistent at all with the company's values. but some wonder how it was allowed to occur in the first place. >> it's not necessarily appropriate, especially when you're going to have such a diverse audience of attendees there. >> reporter: erin is an aspiring developer. that's her reaction to video and pictures that have hit social media of entertainers in short skirts and tops at what's described as an intation only party for microsoft's x-box division. game decider farah attended. she said in a statement "i attended the event last night.
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to be completely honest i was shocked to seat girls there. i avoided that part of the venue all night because it made me uncomfortab uncomfortable." phil spencer head of x-box released a stamtd saying "this was in the in line with our values. it won't be tolerated. i know we disappointed many people. i'm personally committed to holding ourselves to high standards. josh samuels moderated a round table at the the game develop ers' conference. he believes there's much more work to be done. >> i'm willing to give companies the benefit of the doubt especially if they immediately disavow and say we did not want that. >> diversity is becoming more of a front burner concern for sure. i think something like having exotic dancers at the microsoft party is a big step backwards for that. >> reporter: that statement went on to say they need to ensure that diversity and inclusion are central to their business model and statement, and that they will do better. reporting live in san francisco,
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christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you very much. one man may be responsible for robbing several bank across the bay area and the central valuely. that's what police are saying tonight after he struck again. this time it was a u.s. bank at the safeway in dublin. it happened tuesday evening about 6:30. he looks very similar to the suspect who robbed a pleasanton wells fargo yesterday, and again very similar to the one who robbed another wells fargo in concord one week ago. if you recognize this man, please call police. a kitchen fire at a san francisco restaurant had firefighters rushing to put it out this morning. according to investigators, the blaze at the clement restaurant at 8th avenue and clement street started around 9:30 when a cook was using oil to get the food ready. the cook suffered a minor injury. firefighters were able to keep that fire contained to just that building. a laser beam pointed at the pilot of a chp helicopter in marin county this week prompted
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the search for the person responsible. that practice of using a laser beam at a helicopter or a plane is against state and federal law, and it can impair a pilot. the chopper was on a routine patrol over tib ron when that happened. police tell us the person who used the laser was identified but not arrested. he was ten years old, and he's got in trouble with his parents. another brazen home invasion has the morgan hill community on alert. it's the third in the past week. today police released photos of the getaway car they believe the suspects used on monday. robbery happened about 9:30 in the morning on rosemary circle. victims say two masked men who claimed to have weapons suddenly entered their home and demanded they open their safe. the men got away with cash and other valuables, nobody hurt. the price of copper just over $2 a pound but copper thieves are costing caltrans millions. freeways that are dark and dangerous are the result when thieves rip off the copper wiring in the road signs. caltrans is spending millions
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not just on rewiring the lights but on so-called theft deterrent measures. the price tag for those improvements in the bay area and sacramento now topping $12 million. a water main break likely caused by old equipment leaves more than two dozen homes without water in berkeley. the public works department says this pipe that broke, 83 years old. it's on grant street just a few blocks north of university avenue. the rupture happened about 11:00 this morning. 28 homes without water while crews were making repairs. road closures were also in the area. diners in sonoma county can get out their bibs and start melting that butter. dungeness grab is good to go. crabs off the sonoma coast have tested safe. officials who say the toxins that made them unsafe have dropped to safe levels. the toxin is associated with an offshore algae bloom. the commercial crab season will open there a week from saturday. >> not just the crab eithers and
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crab love -- eaters and lovers in sonoma county but here as well. >> we have a storm system that's off shore right now. it's trying to produce some showers off the northern coastline. but we don't expect anything here in the bay area for tonight. that storm system is still 1,000 miles away and will eventually get here by sunday. so by all accounts, saturday's forecast will stay dry. you can see the biggest change we'll have throughout the morning will be that increase in cloud cover for the south bay and 49 to start. east bay 48. and right here for the north bay, 47. so let's go ahead and take a look at tomorrow's forecast. not nearly as warm as it has been lately and not nearly as sunny. that's going to put us at 72 in the south bay, trivalley also low 70s. san francisco a much cooler 64. and the north bay at 65. so what i want to do now is go ahead and advance the story into sunday when we do expect that rainfall so you can get a better look at the timing of this. 10:00 a.m., marin, napa, sonoma counties from santa rosa to
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point reyes, moderate rainfall, heavier pockets could extend toward san francisco as well. it pushes to the south but showers toward san jose about 4:30 in the afternoon. overall totals with this anywhere from .10 to maybe .25 inch. that higher potential up throughout the north bay. if you missed our update on the drought yesterday i want to show it to you again. it's pretty remarkable what we've seen happen every single drop of rainfall has counted. exceptional to extreme drought is what we had a lot of in november. watch as i advance this. you're going to see a good section of the bay area switches to abnormally dry. that's one of the lower levels of the drought category. contra costa and alameda counties all made huge headways. we'll talk more about how much rainfall we'll pick up with this storm system in about 20 minutes. instead of making silicon valley head south for comic-con, how about bringing comic-con to the south bay? we go one-on-one with woz as san
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jose kicks off its own convention. they've got their man. new raids in belgium catch the main suspect in the paris terror attacks and the actions may not be over yet. a north carolinaa-- driveshis tn
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sign. the d h plowing through a donald trump sign. a northern california man drives his truck right over a campaign sign. the video's gone viral. it's been viewed over 5 million times. you can watch it on our web site. plus concerns over tuna.
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trending on twitter right now, chicken of the sea is recalling cans of tuna because the fish may have spoiled. more news after the break. people involvein the teoristsele
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now to a developing story in brussels. belgian police arrested five people involved in the terrorist attacks in paris. that's gunfire erupting during a raid. one of the men captured is salah abdeslam, the main suspect. officials say he was wounded in the leg and arrested after four months on the run. unclear whether that man in white is abdeslam or one of the other two suspects. belgian police say they found fingerprints belonging to him after another shootout in brussels yesterday. he and several other attackers targeted cafes, a rock concert and a stadium in paris killing 130 people. safety first. that's a lesson california lawmakers are learning today from the san bernardino terror attacks that killed 14 people in
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december. they held a hearing today that revealed the areas where authorities can still improve. police, fire and medical personnel say standard communications were broadcast live on the internet, creating a potential danger for them. they also said that crews were sent to an active shooting without helmets or safety vests. cracking into the san bernardino shooter's iphone may be tougher for the fbi. the "new york times" report said if the feds win the court battle, apple's engineers say they will quit their jobs. for weeks apple has refused to help, saying that creating a back door would open a can of worms. the company believes the technology could fall into the wrong hand. a judge is expected to make a ruling tuesday. apple is so far declining to comment. many people want to be at the federal hearing in riverside but the judge implemented rules among them you have to have a ticket to get in. you have to show up at 7:00 a.m. tuesday. court officials only hand 36 tickets for purchase. big crowds coming to the bay
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area as san jose hosts its first ever comic-con. i'm scott budman. coming up we've got comic books, movie memorabilia, and a one on one with woz. i'm jodi hernandez in vallejo where high end sunglasses are the items of choice for thieves caught on camera. i'll have details on the shady activity coming up. thieves walk to an easbay
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sunglass store d run outith
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a blatant crime caught on camera. watch. thieves walk into an east bay sunglass store and then run out with thousands of dollars worth of shades. >> those designer shades were stolen right off the shelves. >> employees acted fast, chasing the thieves down. nbc bay area jodi hernandez live in front of the optometry shop. >> reporter: high end shades like this can cost a pretty penny, anywhere from 200 to $500. apparently that's reason enough for thieves to enter a busy store and grab dozens of shades in front of lots of customers. >> she was stressing to me how popular the rayban are. >> reporter: optician angelica sanchez thought think were browsing shoppers before two people grabbed displays of high
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end sunglasses and took off. >> i was thinking i can't believe this is happening. >> they walked in during the day which kind of bothers us a little bit more. picked up two cases and tried to run out. >> reporter: the pair ran off with about $30,000 worth of shades. the optometrist and his staff chased after the thieves, forcing them to drop the displays as they got away. >> by the time he hit his car we are going after him so he dropped the case that he had. >> reporter: similar crimes have taken place across the bay area. a man stole $10,000 worth of shades from a town in october. police say a lack of serial numbers on shades adds a wrinkle to things. >> unlike cell phones or ipads, those things all obviously have serial numbers on them that you can identify should they be -- we're able to recover them. >> reporter: fortunately this time the shades were all recovered. and after posting the surveillance images on social media, police arrested the young man, a 17-year-old earlier this week.
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they're still looking for the woman. dr. ogata worries the thefts are part of something much bigger bay area wide. >> i believe there's probably a ring out there so these people are dropping them off to this ring. >> reporter: bayside family shop is taking their shades under lock and key and taking customers by a pointment only. i'm told optometrists across the bay area are also taking precautions. reporting live in vallejo, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. there are now felony charges against a san jose high school track coach who's accused of having sex with two students. enoch garcia is charged with ten counts of sexual acts with a minor. school district leaders tell us the 21-year-old was not a paid coach at mount pleasant high. they say he volunteered for the job. and as a former graduate of the school himself. garcia is accused of having inappropriate relationships with two girls ages 17 and 14. >> as soon as it was reported, we immediately took action.
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immediately notified cps. immediately discontinued his employment. we immediately called sjpd. and it was handled. >> garcia is the second east side junior high school district employee arrested for similar charges in the last two months. richmond police officers chasing a suspicious vehicle found their suspect had crashed into a home this morning. officers searching the deanza neighborhood for a driver that appeared to be casing the area when they approached the car matching the description, the driver inside sped off. they found the car minutes later crashed into a house. police quickly caught and arrested a passenger, but the driver is missing. police discovered stolen property in the car as well that may be linked to a recent home burglary. that property thankfully has been returned to the rightful owner. hillary clinton's fundraiser will no longer be at a silicon valley health technology company. it was supposed to be held monday at fair oaks in palo
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alto. that raised eyebrows. that company is under intense scrutiny after a "wall street journal" investigation. it revealed that its blood testing technology is not as accurate as it had claimed. the fundraiser now moving to a private home. but one of the main hosts is still the founder of faranos, elizabeth holmes. chelsea clinton is scheduled to headline monday's event. comic-con 2016 is officially open. >> that is the woz with the doors open at the san jose convention center, fans rushed into comic-con the first time for the popular show that's taking place in silicon valley. >> whether it's comics or films or discussion or labs, this is all about what can happen, what's possible. so we welcome all of you to explore that in san jose. >> tons of comic book, memorabilia and lineup of speakers including william shatner the real one and the cast of "back to the future". >> that's not him? >> he looked a little plastic
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there. >> he did. a local tech legend is responsible for bringing comic-con to squoun town san jose. >> steve wozniak spoke to our business and tech reporter scott budman. it is sure fun to talk to woz. >> reporter: yeah, it is huge. i'll tell you. jessica, this is just a awesome show. all sorts of people here for the inaugural comic-con in the bay area including darth vader and black widow to my right, all sorts of people here. it is something of a heaven for geeks brought to you by one of history's most famous geeks. >> we know a bad one's going here. >> reporter: they're getting their bad guys in order. vendors from all over the country ready to bring comic-con to silicon valley for the first time. with everything from nostalgic movie cars to waxy famous people. >> oh, my gosh. what that meant to me. oh, you know i get chills inside just seeing what i'm seeing.
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>> reporter: and we spoke with the man who brought comic-con here, steve wozniak, who says shows like this fire up the imagination of techies no matter where they're from. >> think about the imaginary world that comics have to portray, and imaginary worlds that would give us ideas where could we take the world that isn't there today. that's what developing products is all about. >> reporter: it's also about big business. giving comic and movie fans what they want. >> i'll from montana. >> oh, really? >> so i hope it's good for a couple of montanaens. >> reporter: as for the guy in the apple watch, after comic-con, what does woz expect next from the company he cofounded? >> i hope that something we don't even think of right now would come out of apple. whoa, you know, it's that whole mentality. the product has to be so good that whoa, you're taken over with emotion the minute you see it. >> reporter: i'll tell you, most of these shows i'm kind of in the tall category.
6:36 pm
but today i'm going to give it up to the big guy here, darth vader. this is the kind of thing you're going to see here at comic-con. by the way, comic-con runs all weekend here. san jose convention center. tickets online. we are posting the entire woz interview if you want to check it out. it is linked on my twitter feed. >> okay. >> we are live in san jose, me and darth. headed back to you. >> watch your back. watch your back. >> darth vader speaks. >> again this is our nbc bay area app. we've posted some of those bonus videos, scott's one-on-one interview with woz on click on the top story box on our web page and you can find it there. now, take a look at this. does it look like there's anything controversial in this picture? why mark zuckerberg is getting flak from this facebook post from china.
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and justin bieber end taters us in san jose. an embarrassi miste for u-csant
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in maryld,igh schooseniors an embarrassing mistake for u.c. santa cruz. approximately 4,000 high school seniors in maryland, virginia and washington got e-mails informing them they have been admitted to the school. what's so many barembarrassing never applied. the letters were accidentally sent to students that were prospects. he calls the error an embarrassing lapse in protocol. dancing on stage with the biebs. a group of bay area kids got the chance of a lifetime. there they are, dancing right alongside the pop star during his show last night in san jose at the s.a.p. center.
6:40 pm
the kids are from chapkas dance city and they won a contest organized by bieber's choreographer. six dancers chosen to perform with justin bieber. they say the experience was just amazing. >> yeah, it was crazy. when i walked on stage, i felt just energy just a wave of energy towards me. i saw all the people and i'm like, okay, gaby, let's do this. let's rock it on stage. and i was just excited. and i just fell exhilarated. >> they were all great. the dancers were chosen out of thousands of applicants. many of them say they want to be professional dancers one day, and want to continue doing backup for the biebs. >> who shot that video? >> man. >> i don't know. >> close. trending right now from china, a photo of mark zuckerberg. you look at it and you say interesting. he's jogging through the streets of beijing right through their notorious smog. facebook ceo is there for an economic forum. the image prompted concern from some people since an air quality alert was in effect and they're
6:41 pm
worried about him. others wondered how zuckerberg managed to even post this image since china continues ban facebook. a position zuckerberg is obviously persistently trying to reverse. marilyn monroe may have sang about diamonds being a girl's best friend but it's the late child star and bay area resident shirley temple who apparently really had the goods. pint-sized singer of the good ship lollipop was the owner of a rare 9 carat blue diamond. sotheby's will auction it off next month. the auction house says temple's father bought it in 1940 for over $7,000. bidding will start at $25 million! >> wow. >> he chose the blue color because the 12-year-old, shirley, was starring in the movie "the bluebird." the film ended up being her first flop. >> and yet, the family will do well. >> very much so. >> beautiful. >> jeff rainieri here now. and wonderful week. >> yes. >> but it's kind of wrapping up. >> i know. it will be crashing down. everything is looking at this bliss of all the sunny and warm
6:42 pm
weather. you can see the changes right here on san francisco with the cloud cover increasing. we're talking about those weekend changes. cooler temperatures, the cloud cover, and when the rain arrives. that's in a couple of minutes. and it's no secret sky high rents on the peninsula are driving people out. but there's a new plan at stanford to help students and maybe some others, too. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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they say denny's 7-pepper sbut how crazy could it be... denny's new crazy spicy skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner. sky-high priceon the pensula sky-high priceon the pensula to build. ordeaders loing j the median rental income. >> sky high prices on the peninsula have stanford leaders looking to build. the university wants to add thousands more beds on campus. it could have a ripple effect across the peninsula. more housing, cheaper rents for students and nonstudents alike. >> for some stanford students, it can take months to find a place on campus. >> it took me almost one year. >> reporter: to this ph.d student had no choice but to
6:45 pm
move from his off campus studio after his landlord raised the rent $400 a month. >> people definitely are taking advantage. >> the grad students say even rents on campus eat up about 70% of their monthly income. some students would like to zbloouf i don't get very far in the search process. immediately apparent the prices are even higher than on campus. >> reporter: >> stanford is responding, applying to build four on campus housing complexes about enough to house half the grad students currently living off campus. moving them on campus could impact other renters. real estate consultant dale war ford says rental prices could relax for a year or two. >> that could be a house or apartment but the median rent is $5600 a month over the last 30 days. >> only if the school finishes the units all at once. >> if the housing opens up 20 units a month for example there may be no impact.
6:46 pm
>> stanford says the completion date is summer of 2019. students say it couldn't come soon enough. >> stanford has to do something for on campus housing or they'll end up like having trouble getting ph.d students. >> there's still a lot of questions about what the new units would do for traffic in the area. the university will present the findings to the county for approval this coming monday. the welcome rains of march brought a very unwelcome visitor. all that wet weather settling in the start of tick season. ticks are always present outdoors. they really gross out jeff rainieri but they're most active during the wet months. the critters climb to the tips of vegetation and wait for a passing animal or person to brush up against them. they can carry a variety of diseases including lime disease. most are harmless. experts suggest wearing long pants and light colors, also staying on hiking trails to avoid picking up one of these highly unwelcome guests. >> when you do go out on a hike you got to check your kids when they come back and make sure they don't have ticks attached
6:47 pm
to them. let's turn over to jeff to talk about impending rain. >> coming our way by sunday. terry you heard that obviously to the story, right? not a fan of the ticks. let's go ahead and get a look outside the sky camera network right now. you can see we have cloud cover increasing throughout the south bay and 66, for the peninsula 64. we've seen the fog throughout the day off and on at the immediate coastline. you can see from our weather underground daily city camera it's pretty thick right now. cloud cover starting to move in. that's the sign of changes coming our way. a much colder 54. two days ago at this time we had 70s in san francisco. beginning to feel that chill. for the north bay 63 degrees. as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast. the biggest change will be the cloud cover staying put here throughout the bay area. we'll start with 49 in the south bay. east bay 48 with a partly sunny sky. and we're starting with that increased cloud cover for san francisco and also the north bay. let's give you a look at what's going to happen on saturday. we have the lowered visibility here for marin, napa, sonoma counties, also up against the
6:48 pm
immediate coastline. then as we continue into sunday, that's going to be when rainfall returns. marin, napa, sonoma counties at 10:00 in the morning. maybe a few spotty showers down toward san francisco. storm will push to the south. it's going to lose some of its energy. but we still think it will hold onto here to at least some scattered showers in the south bay by 4:30 in the afternoon. that's the first system. the second one after this arrives on monday doesn't look strong but a reinforcing shot of some scattered rainfall for the bay area. what i want to show you next is the expected rainfall totals. breaking apart with sunday's storm first then we'll go into monday. you can see for sunday i mentioned this earlier. i'd like to see this obviously a lot higher. we're only looking at about .05 inch rain from marin to san jose. santa rosa on sunday .12 inch. we may see closer to .10 inch in napa. as we add in monday's expected rainfall total we should be good for about .25 inch in san jose, possibly closer to just over .5 inch in santa rosa for that
6:49 pm
second storm system as well. so some decent rain chances coming our way at least sunday and monday. as we take a look at that microclimate forecast for saturday, you can see the cooler numbers all around put san francisco at 63 in the financial district, 62 in the marina. for the peninsula 60 pacific cave. palo alto 71. we'll hold onto low 70s in the south bay. this will be beautiful weather on saturday's forecast. but the cloudiest location no doubt on saturday is going to be up in wine country. if you're headed there probably won't need the sunglasses. 69 expected in napa, santa rosa 67, mill valley 65. we'll see a mix of upper 60s and low 70s for the trivalley. how does the rainfall outlook show us what's going to be coming our way? you can see scattered rain chance sunday and also tuesday. as that storm saystem rolls in sierra snow monday and tuesday. we're looking 5 to about 8 inches monday and tuesday for sierra snow.
6:50 pm
looking ahead towards april, only average chances of rainfall expected for the month of april. just five weeks left of el nino. so we'll see down the road what we can get out of that five weeks. >> jeff, thanks a lot. well, no longer labelled up and comer. he's now the guy everyone will be gunning for in rio. we're going to introduce you to the world's top-ranked fencer next. and off the courthe bears losto
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
a disappointing end to cal's basketball season both on and off the court. today the bears lost to hawaii in the first round of the ncaa tournament today. cal is favored in the game but two of its best players were
6:53 pm
sidelineded because of injury. the same time a sexual harassment scandal continues to swirl around the team. assistant coach yan huffnagel fired monday after admitting to propositioning a reporter for sex. now questions about whether the head coach knew about the allegations. the 2016 olympic games in rio. while most of the fencing qualifying has yet to occur there are some athletes whose flights have already been booked. >> one of them was the youngest member of team usa in london four years ago and as nbc bay area's colin resch explains he has some unfinished business. >> reporter: it's a blink and you'll miss it location half a mile from the pacific ocean. the mosealis fencing center. it's where world number one foil fencer alex mosealis trains for rio. >> if i was able to bring back one or even two gold from the olympics back to my city, that
6:54 pm
would be amazing feeling. >> reporter: mosealis is putting his heart and soul into making that happen. he postponed his senior year at stanford for one reason only, to win gold this summer. in 2012, he placed 13th as a 18-year-old with unlimited potential. now at 21 he is the star on the best fencing team the united states has ever produced. alex's father would know. greg mosealis is a three-time olympian himself and the coach for team usa. >> we are sort of in the golden age. i'm very proud of my students number one in the world, number three in the world. in some waist most feared team out there. but we still have to prove it. >> reporter: as a team, men's foil placed fourth in london but a lot has changed since then. now as the top ranked team in the world with the top ranked player -- >> we've proven we can fence with the best of them. i think going into rio people are afraid of us, too. as far as the individual goes, i
6:55 pm
wouldn't want anything less than gold. that's always been the dream ever since i was a kid. so that's the one medal i want. >> any given day anything can happen. but if all goes well, he can definitely make it happen. >> reporter: in san francisco, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> of course we'll be headed to the olympics in rio. opening ceremonies august 5th. >> you'll be there. >> i know. so excited. we're just minutes away from the first pitch of tonight's giants spring training game. >> you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. joining us with a preview is crook and kuin from scottsdale. >> a lot of excitement for giants baseball tonight. part of the reason i'm duane kuiper and mike krukow. a couple of things going on. we get to see matt cain make a start tonight. >> the long-awaited debut of matt cain. it has been sort of pushed back because of a number of small problems, main one being a
6:56 pm
ruptured cyst in his arm. they're looking to get a couple of innings out of him. he's an excited as i think i've seen him pitch in a long time. we'll be watching that. also interesting is that tonight's lineup is pretty much what you're going to see opening day. denard span will be playing center field for the second time this spring. so pay attention to all those good things. a lot's happening in scottsdale. >> a game that doesn't count still a lot of interesting things gng on here. all right. back to you. >> all right. here are some changes in our air because of giants game to watch caught on camera or grimm turn to comcast channel 186. "dateline" airs right here on nbc bay area immediately following the game. >> of course then you can see us after the game as well. we'll all be back here tonight. >> for sure. >> including jeff. >> no problem. >> especially the rain this weekend. thanks for watching nbc bay area at 6:00. see you tonight at 11:00. >> we'll see you after the game.
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