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tv   Today  NBC  March 22, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> also expected to hear from brez president obama in the half hour. right now back to the "today" show coverage of the terror attack. >> the first explosion didn't sound horrible but was followed by a lot of screaming. the second explosion was greeted by dead silence. >> a hunt potentially for suspects under way.
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we're live with complete coverage, tuesday, march 22nd, 2016. good morning, everybody. welcome to this continued special edition of "today." it's 10 a.m. on the east coast, 7 a.m. on the roast and it's 3:00 in the afternoon where we find ourselves covering the town of brussels and everything that has happened there to change everything in that city. >> a lot has tlapd. after 8:00 level time in brussels, these two explosions, that departure terminal filled with people checking in for flights, carrying their baggage. at the kiosks, some say it was close to a starbucks kiosk. some people lining up to get a cup of coffee. it was packed. everything had a suitcase or back pack or a pack and. when you look at these images, you can see just how powerful those blasts were. >> no question about it.
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we have two scenes here. the airport scene up just described and then the subway station. this is the maalbeek train station. >> eyewitnesses who got to the the train station, described images of some passengers covered in white sheets. up get the idea that anyone in the immediate proximity would probably have a very slim chance of surviving. i want to give you some other perspective here. president obama about to deliver a speech in cuba. we do expect of course him to make remarks about the attacks
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in brussels. we'll go live as he gets set to make those remarks. also, we're going to talk to one of the front-runners in the presidential race. both of them actually have very different takes on how these attacks should be handled internationally. >> we're talking to hillary clinton and to donald trump. let's go to nbc's keir simmons. please bring us up to date. >> this was nothing less than an attacks on belgium's capital. two blasts at the airport just before 8:00 a.m. local time. a witness telling us the second blast seemed more powerful than the first. then an hour later an explosion on a metro car new european government buildings. i just want to share with you some of the accounts people have been giving. you can see a terrified passenger fleeing from another
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subway car after the blast has gone off in a car further up that line. people who were there saying it was panic everywhere so there were a lot of people on that metro. meanwhile others who were at the airport describing people crying, shouting. it was a horrible experience one witness said. another said people were running away, lots of people on the ground, a lot of people were injur. you can just see from the pictures the smoke and debris. the french government, his own capital hit in november, declaring this morning that when brussels was attacked today, the whole of europe was hit and vowing a continuous and relentless fight against terrorism. what people are seeing are pictures like these, the smoke pouring from brussels airport and people running for their lives. it is really going to be shaking the psychology of europe.
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this is the latest attacks. we saw the attacks in paris in november and they back on the "charlie hebdo" magazine earlier last year. people will ask now, is there something failing in our intelligence services allowing this to happen again and again? today we are being told there is a continuing hunt for associates of salah abdeslam, who arrested on friday in connection with the friday attacks. officials openly saying they believe that associates of his are on the run, while officials are telling people to stay in l homes, to stay off public transportation, much of which is closed while they continue to try to figure out if there is anybody else connected to whoever did this who is still on the loose. matt and savannah? >> we call our attention to president obama, who is in cuba
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this morning and is expected to delivery marks to the cuban people. this is the big speech day but will make remarks on the terror attacks in brussels. >> what keir was talking about how transportation is shut down, so many people are not citizens of that country. they then had to leave the airport, they have nowhere to go. they can't get around inside brussels. we heard of the #circulating on social media meaning here's a place to come. and now a similar places for them to just take shelter from
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what will be a day of chaos. >> we're joined by phone. what can you tell us? >> we were standing about a block and a half away from the entraps to the maalbeek. witnesses saying they felt the blast being, everything went black and when they looked around they say many, many. injured. just in the last ten minutes or so there was quite a bit of activity by the counterterrorism police. they moved everybody back a couple of blocks or so because of a suspicious vehicle that had been idling on the street for about 45 minutes no, one inside,
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no one claiming that car. it tells us more about how nervous this city is, only a few hours out from these three explosions, one at the and police understandably nervous. we were seeing the effect of that now. we're also hearing reports that the european union building, commission building, will be evacuated this afternoon. we've seen no sign of that yet, no cause was given, but certainly a nervous brussels at this point, guys. >> kelly cobiella on the scene. thank you so much. >> not only are they scenes are
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horrors, but sounds of horrors. we do in the take that lightly. we're getting these images in and sharing them with you. >> investigators are fairly optimistic they can get a good head start on figuring out who was responsible because of things left behind. reports indicate a rifle was left behind, possibly explosive material that was earlier rendered safe. there are reports of a body left there. we have not gotten confirmed information on who the attackers were, though it's obvious there may be some connection with isis, that's what members of congress are saying, this attack has all the hall marks of an isis directed attack.
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in terms of the response from the u.s., americans are in touch with their european counterparts but there have been no formal instructions in the u.s. on what actions to take because there have been no threats of attacks. in response many major cities are on their own, stepping up security at airports, at train station, commuter trains and subway terminals. we seeing this in new york, washington, d.c., chicago, los angeles and boston so far. more deployments, more visibility security, more walking through airports with weapons deployed, many more bomb sniffing dogs, a lot more messages, if you see something, say something. beyond that, at least so far, we
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don't get indications there are going to be changes to train stations here in the u.s. no change on curbside check-in, dropping people off or picking them up. nothing are contemplated in the aftermath of the brussels attack. >> so often when we talk about airport security, what happens about is the moment you present your i.g. to tsa. and yet you made the point that so often when we talk about attacks at airports, those attacks occur prior to that
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security. >> the public areas that are open to everybody, that are not screened and not security, the responsibility for those are the individual operators. the second point is that the government does give recommendations. that's what we've been looking for today. so far none other than when you would expect, passing along what is publicly known about what happened in brussels. >>. >> we're joined again by special agent. at some point security has to begin and end. >> you have this area that's relatively easy to get into but
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get to tsa. it an attractive soft target. imagine if you took that perimeter out and said you're going to screen people before they get in there. now that becomes the target, somebody with a bomb in the trunk. so the real key here is, yes, you have to have good physical security and you have to have that show of force and that presence, but you also have to have the intelligence to dictate those actions to try to stop those things before they get started. i think what we saw in brussels wasn't just a lack of enough police officers, it was a lack of a really good robust intelligence network that didn't identify the cell and their target before the attack happened. >> we confuse the suicide bombings, we confuse that with
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the belts, the vests, that we talk about. does that kind of damage seem consistent with what can happen from those types of devices? >> yes and there are people being treated at hospitals with nails embedded in them. when they learn when they go abroad how to construct these devices with maximum effect. >> the al qaeda we remember 15 years ago that were planning these huge attacks and now where
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they're saying wherever you can do it, do it. >> you don't need a sophisticated attacks like we saw on 9/11. look at san bernardino, for example. there are assault weapons available everywhere. >> and here you have a handful of people able to bring the capital of europe to a standstill. >> the situation is different over there. they have many thousands of young men and women, there's a support network where they can get the weapons and the supposives. the situation is much more dangerous over there. dangerous over there. >> don've finally eh reward miles on your airline credit card. we'll bring you president you j? not quite. obama's remarks live but first this morning on nbc. s nuer of miles. it's time to switch...
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mmmm, yoplait. >> back now at 10:17. the president about to give his speech in cuba. the president was alerted to the situation in brussels early this morning by his team. it is expected that he will simply attach a section or a portion of that speech to this
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subject in just a second. we're about to hear from president obama on this tuesday morning. i believe he's being introduced right now. this speech previously scheduled to take place at the grand theater, but obviously the events in europe have been unfolding very quickly. andrea mitchell has been telling us the president has been kept abreast. let's toss now and listen to what he has to say. . thank you. thank you very much. president castro, the people of cuba, thank you so much for the
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warm welcome that i have see received, that my family have received and my delegation has received. it is an extraordinary honor to be here today. before i begin, please indulge me, i want to comment on the terrorist attacks that has taken place in brussels. the thoughts and the prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite, we must be together regardless of nationality in race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. we can and will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world.
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to the government and the people of cuba, i want to thank you for the kindness you've shown to me, michelle, malia, sasha and my mother-in-law, marion. >> president obama just making some comments before his main speech at the main theater in havana saying that the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium, saying we'll do what is necessary to bring to justice the people who are responsible for these terrorist acts and then saying we can and will defeat those who threaten the safety of people all around the world. andrea mitchell has been
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traveling in cuba with the president. not a lot that the president had to say. actually what you would expect him to say on a morning like this. >> reporter: indeed. the fact that he spoke at all about this is an acknowledgement that he didn't speak quickly enough after the paris attack. he regretted he didn't realize how that would instill fear in the american people. he did speak with the belgian prime minister, charles michel, offer support. he says that the people of the united states and the president stand together with the people of belgium as well as nato and the european pledging full kw cooperation from the united states. the u.s. intelligence and united states will be deeply involved in this investigation and in helping whatever they need, as
7:22 am
they were after paris, also the forensic help of the u.s. and the fbi can be of great assistance to the belgian police as they look through the horror of this attack and try to find whether there are any traces, any trails from the perpetrators from the suicide bomber, from the explosives back to any known terror cells. >> we know that work is already occurring. andrea mitchell, traveling with the president. as we continue our coverage of the attacks in brussels, i want to go to tom costello, who has a special experience in aviation but also in brussels, having close family there. what are you hearing from your
7:23 am
sources? >> my wife and kids are from there and i went to college there. we reported about 45 minutes or so they found an undetonated explosive belt, they believe, that was allegedly belonging to some suicide bomber. the question is did he or she get away? they have now detonated that device. they are looking for whether there might be one or more suspects on the loose, who were directly involved in the attack. 20 believe to have died in that subway station at maalbeek. there's been confusion even within nbc news as we try to get a handle. mollenbeck is the neighborhood where we have seen the isis folks who have that ideology or the strongholding, a neighborhood of brussels.
7:24 am
that is separate from maalbeek, a subway stop right next to the european commission, the european union headquarters. so the explosion appears to have happened on the subway station at maalbeek, not mollenbeck, which is where they believe the individuals came from, that radically inspired neighborhood where a lot of jihadists or people with those sympathies live. injuries. one of the surgeons is reporting the injuries are extreme and severe. especially those at the airport have significant nail injuries, shrapnel injuries.
7:25 am
he and another surgeon reporting -- tom, i just want to jump in because i'm said there were three americans injured, they were described as mormon missionaries. weep just got that information in. you were giving us some information about the injuries and when you're hearing from the hospital there is. >> so there are a number of hospitals immediately around the airport but the trauma center or clearly one of the better hospitals is in fact catholic university in lufen. if you're going red light and siren, i guess it would take about ten minutes to get there. i imagine that's where they may have been taken. we can also tell you veteran firefighters are saying in their 40 years of service they've never seen injuries this horrific. that according to some of the firefighters on the scene. limited train service started up again in the capital region of
7:26 am
brussels but it's going to be a very slow go. >> it's actually surprising they've already started train service back up.i'm . our eakinn a very good tuesday morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia canon. breaking news seems to be tehe terror attacks in belgium and the ripple effect felt here in the bay area. security concerns are higher this morning. steph? >> reporter: they are higher. i spoke with an officer who patrols the airport, and he said there are more officers around the airport to show visibility because of the attacks there in brussels. there are no direct flights to us from brussels, but the ones out of ffo are still on schedule. but anything in and out of brussels, those are all canceled. i also spoke with a manager who said they are, quote, being extra vigilant.
7:27 am
you can feel there is at least some awareness, some heightened concern here from the airport as well as from san francisco police. bart will also have uniformed officers at certain locations. stephanie chung, nbc news. we are seeing some clearing across the bay area after early morning showers that are still leaving those roads wet as you head out. now looking at san francisco, clear blue skies as the sunrises, a beautiful start to the day. we're also tracking a little light rain moving across the pe nins lar -- peninsula but clearing up throughout the day. >> down 98 past, down grand avenue a deadly crash. two lanes block the investigation which continues.
7:28 am
the rest of the city is pretty standard traffic after a crash on palo alto.
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7:30 on the west coast day, that will go down in history in the belgian capital of brussels. is a special edition of "today" as we cover the atlaks. 31 killed in terror attacks. we just learned at least three americans are among them. tom costello, what are you hearing? >> flemish television is
7:31 am
reporting the explosive may have been tatp, which is a common explosive and it may be the same used in the paris attacks. and a building which is connected to the european commission in downtown brussels, that has also been evacuated. can we hold the picture right there if it's possible for a moment? that photograph right to the right of it, if you could hang a right, that would be where the starbucks is be. we just now got a statement from starbucks. starbucks is saying there are reports that the explosion took outside the airport, they can confirm all of the starbucks partners have been accounted for and safe.
7:32 am
that is coming from starbucks that explosion seemed to have gone off right next to the starbucks and amazingly nobody killed in terms of the employees. >> when you say it's a kiosk, is it a self-service -- >> i'm sorry, it's a poor use of the world. it's kind of like a stand. it not like a big starbucks that we would could go. >> tapt is very powerful but created by some very powerful products. >> very powerful, very volatile. can be put together with those hair products where it's distilled down. again, it speaks to a level of training. is it possible could you make
7:33 am
this without any training? maybe. but most cases we've seen people have gone over, learned how to make this and brought it back to use as part of their plot. >> we have been showing you scenes all morning long of the destruction inside the departures terminal at the airport in brussels. we have jeff hoffman, an american working as a consultant for nato in brussels. he was taking his girl friend to catch a flight when these explosions occurred. it's nice to talk to you again. as we look at these images, you describe to us you were kind of between the two explosions. >> that's probably your best approximation. the first one went off i think probably closer to me than the second. i'm sorry, you can hear all the sirens in the background. the first one went off about 30 feet away. the second one was closer to the
7:34 am
starbucks your correspondent was just discussing about 40 feet to the left of me. more towards the glass wall at the front of the airport. >> can you describe the impact, the concussion of those explosions? >> i've admittedly done my share of fireworks in my time, i've never had one go dlofs off cleo me, the shock impact was nothing like i've experienced. naturally you turn and it was nothing like i've ever seen occur. >> smoke and debris, did you see the injured? >> the first explosion went off and my girl friend was directly in front of the counter.
7:35 am
i turned and i realized what was happening. i turned toward her. the second one that occurred, i was already on my way over and getting her to the ground beside the countersor so i didn't see immediate aftermath, and we were trying to get out of the airport because we weren't sure if there was going to be a third. i glanced around the corner and i could see what appeared to be people lying on the ground. you said after the first explosion there were screams and after the second explosion there was dead silence.
7:36 am
what was the time delay between the first and second blast? >> i'm going to guess maybe 10 to 15 seconds. i'm well youaware eyewitnesses never reliable in terms of timing. i would get 10 to 15 seconds. it was quick to the point where you knew what the first one was and when the second one went off, you knew what you were in the middle of. >> i can only imagine what you must have been like with your girl friend and i know you made a friend while you were there and high tailed it out of the airport. what was that like? >> apparently we had been on the train but the first time i saw claude as he was crouched down close to you, i'm going to apologize to her for this later but i kind of threw her on to
7:37 am
the baggage belt to get her behind the counter. we were inside the building for a good minute and a half before we moved out front. with all the security you've seen on the streets, it didn't seem like anyone was around. it felt like the entire airport had emptied out and was completely quiet. so once we kind of determined, okay, maybe it's safe to head towards the doors, we moved toward the doors and that's where we encountered the first casualty that i had seen, an intact individual and blood all over his face. we managed to cross the road and that's when the chaos was beginning. we were directly across from the terminal building for a good 30 to 40 minutes trying to get a sense what was was the safes way to go. >> knowing you're a consultant
7:38 am
for nato, you sound like a guy who pays a lot of attention to world events. you i'm sure have seen reports of attacks and tragedies in other world capitals. had you ever given thought to what you might do in a similar circumstance? >> i think living here you have to. i arrived shortly after the bataclan attack. i think any time that you're here, knowing what you know about this city and the issues that it deals with, i think you have to adopt a mentality of constantly looking around and being aware. it's just common sense to me in a way. i was also u.s. coast guard but i can't say that i learned anything about this from that
7:39 am
experience. but i think in general if you're in europe these days and you watch the news and you're awhich are of what's going on, there's in question you have to watch around. my boss always texts me watch your six, which is keep your eyes out. >> for our west coast viewers i said to you now having lived through this and knowing the situation in brussels and knowing the element that may have been responsible for this or probably was, will you stay? >> you know, i can't answer that question right now. i know when we talked earlier, i certainly had some closer than average calls at almost being in one place at a certain time. there's a part of me that stops and goes, no, no, i will not because this is going to continue to happen in my opinion.
7:40 am
we're going to see more and more of this. yeah, there's the military option of dealing with isis, there's the socio option we which needs to be kicked into action. i have a brother-in-law that survive 9/11. and i'm still of the mindset that says you don't run away that we as a society have to ma plant a flag and a no more. my own private battle i'd say run away feels like defeat. i could use more colorful thoughts on describes my thoughts on isis but i don't want to give them the benefit of driving me out of europe.
7:41 am
>> we really appreciate you taking time to talk to us this morning. your best for your girl friend and all of those who have been through this with you in brussels. >> you're also welcome. take care. >> tom costello, what are you learning? >> flemish television, so far they've been very accurate on their reporting. the airport is in flemish territory, if you will. they are reporting they are actively looking for a suspect who they believe was last seen on some sort of a surveillance photograph or camera wearing a white sweater. there may be other suspect who is obviously perished or died in the attack but one suspect they're actively seeking. and police are repeating the same thing over and over again to the media in belgium and this is please do not report on our
7:42 am
tactics, what we are doing and where we are, we have an active situation under way. so the media in belgium are trying to adhere to that but they do report that one suspect wearing a white sweater is missing. >> all we've seen are videos coming from cell phones and things like that. we have not even begun to scratch the surface of the surveillance footage. we'll see a lot of that coming out over the next couple of days. >> we'll have a lot more coming up, including some political reaction. the front-runners in the presidential rate, donald trump and hillary clinton, they'll join us. first these messages. savings p!
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welcome back to a special edition of "today." >> we just heard from the president as he kicked off his speech in havana, cuba. he said this attack is another reminder that the world must unite to fight terrorism. >> clearly this heightens concerns about security at airports and public transportation. national security is a key issue in the presidential race. a little earlier we talked to both front-runners of both parties, donald trump and hillary clinton. first our conversation with the former secretary of state. we joined now on the phone by democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton, the former secretary of state. connect clinton, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. from your time of secretary of state, you know that area well and you know belgium well.
7:47 am
what was your initial reaction when you heard this news? >> it was just terrible horror, the idea that terrorists are continuing to strike at the heart of europe and now brussels and the number of caof casualti what look to be coordinated, sophisticated attacks. we've got to stand with our allies as they have stood with us on so many occasions and we have to intensify our efforts to find and prevent terrorists from ever doing this again. it's going to be a long challenge because there are a
7:48 am
lot of factors including the easy accessibility. we have to be strong and steady in how we respond. >> we aren't yet aware whether isis is taking responsibility for this or if isis merely inspired this. nonetheless we agree that isis is really at the heart of this. if you were president today, what would we be doing differently to try to get at this root cause in. >> well, savannah, you're right that we're not sure yet but it's also true that we have been confronting the threat of terrorism for quite some time and this is the latest terrible manifestation of it. we got to tighten our security. i talked about our visa system
7:49 am
and our when i was secretary of state, we often had difficulties with our european friends because they were reluctant to impose the kind of strict standards we were looking for. that after paris has changed and we need to do much more to tighten things up. i know our security professionals are looking to do that. but it's unrealistic we would say we we completely shut down our borders, that would shut down commercial. but we have to do a much better job in coordination with the europeans on tracking and following anyone who has any connectivity with terrorism or terrorist activities. >> do you think europe is going
7:50 am
to have to reconsider now that we have see how easily terrorists have moved between france and belgium and other countries? >> you know, matt, i think they already are reconsidering it. the dream of a whole free europe that was at peace is one that should not be walked away from. it was an essential development after the horrors of world war ii. but we do have to be realistic about how people move from place to maplace. it's been my understanding the europeans are looking hard at how to better protect their borders internally. and of course they are coping with this extraordinary wave of syrian refugees and refugees from other parts of the middle east and south asia. they have labored to do that in an appropriate way.
7:51 am
did but that, too, poses extra burdens on them. this is a time for to us reaffirm our solidarity with our union friends and allies, individually and through nato as they struggle with how to defeat the terrorist threats they face. >> in is a pore could something like this happen here? is this something that people should fear? >> well, savannah, i think we've got to recognize that the threat posed by the modern incarnation of terrorism is one that we have to be vigilant against. and i know that americans have
7:52 am
every reason to be frightened about what they see and what happened to us in san bernardino. and remember the terrorists are trying to undermine the democratic values that are at the root of our way of life. weep cannot let them succeed. we have to intensify to keep americans safe and work with our friend and allies to combat threats. >> that is why perhaps some people say when you great key suspect like the one taken into custody in brussels, maybe should use some enhanced
7:53 am
techniques and then -- is that just simply a logical step af r after. >> matt, i think it is certainly understandable that people would be asking those kind questions. as to waterboarding, our country's most experienced and bravest military leaders will tell you that torture is not effective. it does put our own soldiers and our own civilians at risk, but keefe wee we do have to give law enforcement and intelligent officials all the.
7:54 am
back to the question about the cell phone, i just can't believe that we can't find a reasonable path forward here, trying to help our law enforcement professionals get the information they need, to follow up on attacks, but most importantly to prevent them. and the privacy and safety of people who can lose their lives and be injured in an attack has to be weighed against the privacy and safety of our information. and i just still believe there's got to be a way for our great tech companies and our law enforcement professionals to figure out how to deal with that. it appears from the early reporting on capture of we also
7:55 am
know terrorists are not stupid nech are quickly adapting. and the more they use endescriptiencryption to communicate, the more difficult it's going to be to disrupt them. >> thank you for your time. we're going to be hearing from donald trump, the republican front-runner in a little while. >> tom costello has been monitoring flemish television and flemish television is saying there may be one. >> pi we heard in the boston bombing aftermath as well, they want nothing to be given away.
7:56 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are seeing some breaks in the clouds and some sun coming out this morning after some early morning rain. a live look now at san jose. you can see some fair weather clouds there. and that's what we'll see as we go through the afternoon. the radar still shows a little bit of moisture off to the west of us and on shore. we'll have cool temperatures as you head out the door. it's 39 degrees in santa rosa and 53 degrees in san francisco. highs today will top out in the lower 60s for most spots. upper 50s in the redwoods. lower 60s today in the east bay but warmer over the next few days. it's slow going past the coliseum. this is approaching 98. there is a bart to the local airport. look at your map. it's all the way up to grand avenue starting back at 238. the reason was there was a
7:57 am
deadly crash that happened, declared dead at 5:30 in the morning and the investigation continued. it just cleared up about 7:45. so there is a slower drive. 580 also sees a slower drive but all lanes are clear now for the nimitz and grand avenue. dakota road for the nimitz freeway slowing down at the san mateo bridge. from the airport at 237, that is also slow. we had an earlier crash in palo alto that tied things up for a period of time, but it's starting to recover. the traffic flowing past willow is just fine at the present time. back to you. happening now the deadly terror attacks in belgium are resonating in the bay area. security at the airport are heightening security concerns. we spoke to personnel who say staffing is the same but teams are being extra vigilant. steph is posting updates on our twitter feed right now.
7:58 am
travelers to belgium's flights are canceled today. >> thanks so much for joining us.
7:59 am
8:00 am
morning, everybody. 8:00 on the west coast. it's late afternoon in brussels, belgium. it's a day they will not soon forget. you're seeing these images of terror as two separate attacks unfold. one at the international airport. 8:00 a.m. local time. busy departure terminal. two explosions went off. not long after that at a train station, it appears to be inside a train car. at least 11 people were killed as we understand it at the airport. more than 20 -- excuse me -- 20 killed at the train stations and we may have hundreds of others injured. we're continuing to count the toll, including we're sorry to say, three missionaries from utah who were injured. they're critical but don't have
8:01 am
life threatening injuries. we'll continue to follow that. >> as has happened in other cities around the world in the past, people in brussels are basically in their homes, in their businesses, locked in, probably watchi ining events un on their local television outlets. not being able to travel around the city. we want to get to richard engel, who has what appears to be a potentially major development on the investigation side of this. richard, what do you have? >> well, it seems the investigators are making some progress. one senior u.s. intelligence official told me that belgian federal police are searching a residence in a neighborhood in brussels that they believe was the launching pad for the three suspects believed responsible for today's attacks. a search is underway. they have leads. they're conducting this search, and they believe this residence was something of a staging ground or launch pad. that's one.
8:02 am
u.s. intelligence officials are combing through the chatter that they're finding online, trying to eliminate duplications. eliminate circular reporting. at this stage, u.s. officials are trying to determine if there are other imminent threats connected to today's attacks, or unconnected to today's attacks. they still, at this stage, as they're going through the intelligence, don't know. >> richard engel on the investigation side of this, thank you. let's turn to kelly cobiella. she's made her way to brussels this morning. kelly, good morning. what are you hearing? >> good morning, savannah. as you can see behind me, the street is starting to open up, more traffic on this street where you'll find the entrance to the maelbeek metro station. that is where the explosion happened this morning, at the height of rush hour. normally, at 8:00, 8:30 in the morning, this street would be very busy. people would be on their way to work, taking the same metro they take every day. that's when this explosion
8:03 am
happened this morning. witnesses saying that they heard a noise, everything went black. when they were able to see again, they saw many, many injured. one man who lives very close by and takes this metro every day said he was delayed a little bit. decided to have a little more coffee. when he walked around the corner he heard a loud bang. we saw people coming out, bloodied and others carried out. he said it was hard for him to tell how badly injured they were. we now know that at least 80 people injured in this explosion. 20 people killed here. just to show you the amount of nervousness, the tension in this city at this point, just within the past couple of hours, these streets were all blocked off. our cameras were moved a good block away. police were clearing the area because of reports of a suspicious car.
8:04 am
it turned out to be nothing. it does show you the amount of tension, the amount of nervousness among counterterrorism police and among the general public. this is a report that came from the man who was just on the street and noticed a car idling for 45 minutes. this is going to continue over the next few hours. people are staying in their homes. stores are closed. every once in a while, you hear sirens. everyone is trying to keep up and try to figure out what the latest is. are they safe? is it over? is it ongoing? guys? >> that's why these mornings are so tense. you really don't know what the scope and magnitude yet is of this attack. kelly cobiella, i know you'll stand at your post and keep us posted. thank you very much. let's talk to an eyewitness. thomas rwas riding in the metro in brussels and felt the explosion. how are you doing? >> good afternoon. i'm doing as best as possible. >> describe to me where you were
8:05 am
in proximity to where this explosion took place. >> so i was taking my usual train in the morning to work. i work in union affairs. the european quarter. i was on my way. i arrived in the metro station and there are already a military presence there because of the bombing in the airport an hour earlier. i thought after that, nothing would happen, but i was wrong in this case. i took the metro to go to work. i went to the front of the metro, of the train. as soon as i got to -- as soon as the train started to leave off, i heard a huge explosion. it shook the front of the train a little bit. then the train accelerated and
8:06 am
slowed down. basically, i was 30 seconds to one minute, if i was one minute earlier, i would have been where the bomb took place. it's a bit scary. i'm feeling really bad for those who did take that metro one minute earlier. >> our hearts go out to them. after the explosion, the train stopped and what happened next? were you evacuated? >> i think the train driver actually accelerated a bit, didn't want to get stuck at one of the metro stations. then she stopped. she came out and told us there was an explosion. she told us to stay calm, and that was obviously quite difficult. but she went to the back of the train and stayed there for a while. during that time, there was quite a bit of commotion.
8:07 am
there wasn't -- i'm not going to say it was difficult to breathe, but it was getting in that direction. smoke was coming from the bomb, so that shows how close we were. basically after 20 minutes, we all had to walk down the train and had to walk back to the -- in the lines of the tracks, we walked back to the train station. it was done in a professional manner. i think the driver and the police did really great. it could have been a lot worse. yeah, it was done in a very good way. >> thomas, you said something a few minutes ago that struck me. you said, when you got to the metro, knowing that the explosions had already taken place at the airport, you figured nothing else could happen. let me take you before the airport attacks. as someone who lives in brussels, had you feared something like this? especially given all the coverage of brussels being a hot bed for terrorist activity, especially in the wake of the
8:08 am
paris attacks? >> it's a good question. i have been living here five years now. i have to say, i don't really recognize the descriptions that are made in the press, american press and european press, about brussels being a hot bed for terrorism. it's never been my impression. i lived here for five years and i love it. i wouldn't think of living anywhere else. that being said, i think nowadays in europe, as in america, i think it's probably similar, we're all expecting it to an extent. especially because brussels is an area where there is a political presence. eu is led and run. it's where nato is. it's a prime sort of suspect for any type of terrorist attack. it's expected. but it's also surprising when it happens. i don't recognize at all -- i heard one of your presidential
8:09 am
candidates has been saying, calling it -- brussels isn't a good place to live. but i think brussels is a good place to live. >> thank you very much. let's go to tom costello, who has been following this breaking news as it develops. what do you have? >> i got a couple developments. i would pick up on a comment that your guest had there. nato is headquartered in brussels. i've got to tell you, one of my first reporting assignments was to report on something going on in nato headquarters in brussels. they are very proud in brussels that they are a member of nato. a small member, but a critical member nonetheless. nato headquarters is there. yesterday, we had donald trump suggesting the united states might need to revisit whether we remain in nato.
8:10 am
it's an iin ining jury excused positit -- jux position. we hear the possibility that the explosive that was used here was tatp, a common explosive used by terrorists around the world. that is what vtm, flemish television, is reporting. the officials, the police on the ground believe they're dealing with that here. they continue to look for the suspect. they believe he's wearing a white sweater. there are some police activities which we've been asked not to report on, and the belgian media is ab tstaining from, augussugg there is tactical operations going on that the police want to wait until they're secure. the airport doesn't know when it'll reopen because the extent of damage to the airport is significant. that's an understatement.
8:11 am
you'd now have police and forsentic forsen forse forsensics teams doing analysis. they won't re-open the airport until it's cleared as a crime skaen a scene and, number two, they have significant damage. from my bird's eye view, looking from washington but having spent a lot of time at the airport, i can't imagine it'll open for at least a week. significant damage done to a critical transportation artery for brussels. >> is that the only departure lounge? some of us are familiar with airports that have more than one. that's the only one, i guess? >> that's it. earlier, we had a happen of the brussels airport. there it is right there. if we can take it full, the -- on the bottom right, the rectangle is the terminal. that's it. you arrive in there. you pull up. you see at the bottom, you have like a gray-maroon area. that's the parking structure. you can pull up to the parking structure. you can then walk across the
8:12 am
street and you're in the terminal. there are all the airlines there, lined up. you can go to whichever particular check-in you need. then you go through security and down either the b gates or make your way all the way over to the a gates. that's a very long hike. i've often said, boy, it feels like a mile or two, walking to the a gates. that's one terminal that feeds down to the concourses. by the way, they separate out. intra-european traffic and international traffic down the various concourses. one other note i wanted to pass along, i quickly move through my notes here, and that's the washington, d.c. metro airport authority is reminding all of us -- and it's repeated since 9/11 -- if you see something, say something. various airports around the country are increasing their security stature today. they're ramping up a presence, putting more tactical units out. dog units if you will.
8:13 am
random checks. it almost goes without saying, but maybe you can't say it enough, if you see something suspicious, say something is the word from the washington, d.c. metro airports authority. back to you. >> tom, thank you. let's turn now to nbc news analyst christopher dickey, world news editor for the daily beast. he's in brussels. i'm struck by the fact you were in new york not long ago. we sat in my office and said, often when we speak, it's in the aftermath of a tragic event like this. here we go again. >> i'm afraid so. we also said there was going to be another hit and maybe more than one in europe. in fact, it was just last week i was talking to colleagues at nbc and saying, we have been lucky so far. then this hit today. >> and at least on the part of french president hollande, he looks at this as a continuation, a long attack on europe. if you want to go back to the
8:14 am
january "charlie hebdo" attacks, the november attacks in paris and now here in brussels, it has been a sugstained assault on western europe. >> it's not only a sustained attack on western europe, these are more and more competent terrorists. it's starting to look like g guerilla warfare, which is what the islamic state wants. they used a crude explosive, but it's hard to make that into a bomb that's really effective, that can be stored. now, we seem to have tatp bombs all over the place in europe. that means, among other things, there's probably a bomb maker out there that the police and intelligence services would dearly love to catch. >> i don't know if you were hooked up in time to listen to a conversation we just had with a guy who has lived in brussels for five years. he took some exception to the american news media's
8:15 am
characterization of brussels as being a hot bed of terrorist activity. you've spent so many years in europe. you know it as well as anybody i've ever talked to. what's your characterization of brussels? >> well, i don't think you can vilify all of brussels, but it is true, there are neighborhoods, like parts of molenbeek, not even the whole neighborhood, but parts of molenbeek has young, arab and muslim men in them who are perfect, perfect targets for jihadists who are looking to recruit. like the guy salah abdeslam, who was arrested, he and his brother, who blew himself up, was running a bar. in a critical moment, somebody approached them and recruited them. to that extent, it's definitely true. i just talked to somebody in the u.s. intelligence service who said we ought to call this raqqah belgium. it isn't like that, if you are around the city. you could go around the city. there's no hint of jihad in most
8:16 am
of the city. but there are pockets of it that have become very dangerous and, in fact, the center for this jihadist activity. >> it's become active and operational. i wonder, chris, from your perspective as a watcher of europe, whether there is kind of that soul searching that we're familiar with here in this country after what happened here on 9/11, where you are balancing the competing concerns of wanting to go on with life and not wanting to surrender to fear and, yet, also being fearful, and for good reason. are you seeing europe those iss well? >> it's a huge issue. it's a political issue because there already was rampant islam phobia in this part of the world. now, you have a situation where people who were not inclined to look suspiciously at arab and muslims, now they're terrified. this all fits into a plan laid out more than ten years ago by
8:17 am
an idea log who, in fact, laid it all out. he said, we need to take the war to europe. soft underbelly of the west. we do that, and we will create divisions and dissent and islam phobia and eventually, we'll create a civil war. well, these are, in the views of isis, the first steps on that path. >> christopher dickey in brussels for us this morning. thank you so much. always good to get your perspective. i appreciate it. >> thank you, matt. thanks, savannah. we're back with much more on this breaking news in just a moment. stay with us. i never felt satisfied... matter what the quantity was. afterwards, i felt so upset with myself. to learn more about b.e.d....
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there is a lot at stakey here, you know? we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. knowing you is how edward jones makes sense of investing. we're back with more of our coverage on this morning's deadly attacks at the airport and in the subway system of brussels, belgium. we heard from hillary clinton a short time ago. we also spoke to donald trump, the republican front runner in the presidential race. here's what he had to say. >> you know, often people talk about a president getting that 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. phone call when something tragic has happened, either here at home or around the world. so let's go to the hypothetical
8:20 am
situation. president trump gets that 2:00 a.m. phone call. what would you have done? >> first of all, this is a subject that is very dear and near to my heart. because i've been talking about it certainly much more than anybody else. it's why i'm probably number one in the polls. because of the fact that i say we have to have strong borders. we have to be very vigilant and careful who we allow into our country. i know brussels well, and brussels is a total mess. brussels is a -- and i'm not talking about the attack today, i'm talking about generally speaking -- the city used to be one of the finest, one of the most beautiful and one of the safest cities in the world. now, it's a catastrophic, very dangerous city where the police have little control. >> let me take you back to my question. >> it's too bad. >> what would you have done first as president of the united states if you got this call? >> well, as president, i would do probably what i would have been doing for the period of time that i was president. i'd be very, very tough on the
8:21 am
borders, and i would be not allowing certain people to come into this country without absolute perfect documentation. we're allowing thousands of people already, matt, to come into our country. they don't have proper documentation. we don't know where they're coming from. they happen to be in the migration. they happen to come from perhaps syria, but nobody really knows. they have no idea of telling because they don't have the dock yu -- documentation. >> which people would you exclude? >> i'd exclude the people coming from syria that don't have documentation, coming in from the migration line. interestingly, they have cell phones in many cases, but you say, how did they get the cell phones and where do they get the bills paid? i would certainly exclude those people from coming in. the assimilation has been a disaster. you go to paris and you go to bru brussels and other cities, what's happening now with germany, with merkel's brilliant move to allow over a million people to pour into germany. it's turning out to be
8:22 am
catastrophic. >> let me ask you this, mr. trump, they have in belgium a guy by the name of salah abdeslam in custody now. he's said to be the man who planned the terror attacks of november 13th. he's in custody. what would you say would be appropriate in terms of what they can do to him at this moment, to get any information they can about possible further attacks? >> well, i would say they should be able to do whatever they have to do. they have to get the information. i would say they should be able to do whatever they have to do. >> be specific, if you will. >> the laws are liberal over there, they won't do that. but they should be able to do whatever they have to do to get him to give the information. the very sad thing is, he was being guarded and protected by people that were a few doors away from where he lived. they were protecting him, and they were guarding him. it was lucky they were able to find him. he was planning another attack. they didn't find him because people turned him in. those people were guarding him
8:23 am
and protecting him. that's not supposed to be the way the system works. >> when you say do whatever they have to do, can you be specific? i mean, what do you mean by that? >> well, i'm not looking for breaking news on your show, but frankly, the water boarding, if it was up to me, and if we change td laws or have the laws, water boarding would be fine. if they want to do -- as long as it's with -- because we work within laws. they don't work within laws. they have no laws. we work within laws. the water boarding would be fine. if they could expand the laws, i would do more than water boarding. you have to get the information from these people. we have to be smart, and we have to be tough. we can't be soft and weak, which is what we are right now. when i say we, i'm talking about other countries, also. >> if you talk to experts who do these interrogations, you often find a division. some people think that harsh interrogation technique works and will deliver you the information, and others say it doesn't work. you'll get false information.
8:24 am
are you in the camp that harsh interrogation, let's use the word, torture, works in a case like that? >> yes, i am. i am in that camp. i don't believe the other people. i am in that camp, absolutely. they'll read him his rights. he'll sit there with a good lawyer. the lawyer won't give any -- ten years will go by. by the time it goes by, he won't know anything because the world will have moved on to a worse place. no, i am in the camp where you have to get the information, and you have to get it rapidly. >> let's keep in mind, draw the distinction here, that abdeslam is held by belgian law enforcement, not by intelligence, like here in this country when the cia took suspects to secret places in other parts of the world. >> let the military take it over. they have to get their act together. belgium is not the belgium you and i knew, matt, from 20 years ago, which was one of the most beautiful cities and one of the safest cities in the world.
8:25 am
belgium is a horror show right now. terrible things are happening. people are leaving. people are afraid. this all happened because, frankly, there's no assimilation. they are not assimilating. they're not assimilating in other locations either. >> just a couple of seconds -- >> shthey want sharia law. they don't want laws that we have. they want sharia law. you know, you say to yourself, at what point? how much of this do you take? what we're doing is allowing thousands and thousands of these people into our country. we're going to have nothing but problems, as sure as you're sitting there. >> in the 30 seconds i have left, mr. trump, what would you say to the american people on a morning like this? >> i would say to the american people that we are going to be very strong. we are going to be very vigilant, and we are going to be very tough. we're not going to allow this to happen to our country. if it does happen, we're going to find the people that did it, and they're going to suffer greatly. >> mr. trump, thank you very much for joining us.
8:26 am
>> okay. that was a little earlier this morning. we're back in a moment. first, we're going to allow some are ving rippleffe in t bay ea.. enforcent istaffnorllyoday but . anchotoss trxad-l tosso traic tossraffi ck s jose01/28680 ck traff maps ck oaand80
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traffic ss tonchor anch/cu i'llave ather cal ns upda for u in lf anour.
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8:30 am
the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium. we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible, and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together. regardless of nationality or race or faith, in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. we can and we will get those who threaten the security of people all around the world. >> those were the words of president obama this morning. he said those things while he
8:31 am
was addressing the terror attacks in brussels, belgium, at the time of his speech in havana, cuba, to an audience that included cuban president raul castro. >> this is a chip that otherwise would have been making the headlines because of the historic nature of it. yet, it's been overshadowed by these terrible attacks in brussels, belgium. earlier this morning, counterterrorist source told nbc news officials believed isis was behind the attacks. moments ago, the terror group, through a surrogate, appeared to claim responsibility. let's begin this half hour with nbc's pete williams who has been reporting for us all morning. good morning and bring us up to date with what you know. >> american officials that i've been talking to cannot confirm whether this was isis or not because they don't know, and that i have n they've not been told by counterparts in europe or american investigators, who was responsible for this. the suspicious is certainly high that it's isis inspired, both because of the timing, right after the arrest of the isis-inspired mastermind behind
8:32 am
the paris attacks or one of the key facilitators there, and also because of the hallmarks of the attack. that's certainly the operating assumption. there have been no threats against facilities in the u.s. so the response here has been relatively muted. there's much more visible security at key transportation points in the u.s., at american airports, subway stations, big train stations. in terms of operations of the airports or a change, a fundamental change in the security at and around airports, train stations, subway stations, we haven't seen that. but if you're traveling today by rail or by air in the u.s. and you're going through big cities, you're certainly going to see more officers that are armed. more people with bomb-sniffing dogs. you're going to see security at bridges, tunnels, big cities especially around new york. air patrols, that kind of response. it seems to be so far what the response in the united states has been.
8:33 am
they emphasize there is no intelligence, no reason to think that attacks like the ones in brussels are planned against facilities here in the u.s. always a concern, but no specific information about it. savannah and matt? >> pete williams, thank you, in our washington newsroom. earlier this morning we spoke with ryan heath, "politico's" senior eu correspondent who joined us by skype. put into perspective what you're seeing and hearing, and i would like to ask you also about the level of fear that the people of belgium have been living in over these past several months. >> to be honest, it's quite chaotic. i've been unable to get back to our offices. 150 yards from that maelbeek metro station that was bombed. i'm back at my home, which is itself 300 yards from the molenbeek district. it has been chaotic. you hear sirens in the background the whole time. people have been given contradictory instructions.
8:34 am
for the first half hour, hour, it wasn't clear how severe all of the activities were. some people are still locked up in bank branchs near the european union headquarters. others are told they must go to work or they'll be fired. there's a lot of confusion out there. of course, you have the scenes in the airport where most people were evacuated. some were stuck at their gate. others like the delta passengers have been sitting on the plane until the last few minutes. it's been flying in all different directions. i think after four months of gravitating between the full terror lockdown in november and wondering when on earth the authorities were going to catch salah abdeslam and his accomplices, it's really been a difficult time for people here in brussels. where they have started to lose some of their trust in how authorities are handling the situation and they're forced to rely on their gut instinct. that's never the position you want to be in when the threats are out there. >> based on events of the past several months, even the past several years, there are not a
8:35 am
lot of people there who would be surprised by something like this brewing in their town, but it doesn't lessen the shock of it actually happening? >> exactly. there's a kind of resignation, a weariness about the town. it doesn't themselves in their homes but they know the process isn't done and over with. they know more than 90 people have become radicalized in syria and come back to belgium. even if you catch the people behind the paris surely others operating. we were warned by the interior minister, watching abdeslam doesn't mean the other terror cells were shut down. unfortunately, it's come true this morning. >> interesting perspective. "politico's" chief eu correspondent, ryan, thank you so much. we've got more people to talk to right now. let's go to tom costello.
8:36 am
of course, tom deals so much with what happens at airports in this country, but also has an interesting personal perspective on what's happened in brussels because of family ties to that area. tom? >> yeah, this one hits close to home. given the fact that my wife and kids are belgian. i'll give an update where belgium stands. terror threat level at four, the maximum you'd expect. the school locked down in brussels and the surrounding areas has been lifted. if you've been to brussels, you know it is a linguistically divided city. you have the flemish portion of the city, and you have the french portion of brussels. often, they're in conflict, and there's constant political finding. there's also a unified belgian regional capital government. so those schools are divided linguistically, and they have been on lockdown much of the day. the lockdown has been lifted. some rail service is now -- has been restarted on a limited
8:37 am
basis. some metro lines have been restarted on a limited basis, as well. however, that does not mean that things are back to normal. because you still have, for example, the nearby nuclear power plant, they have evacuated all non-essential personnel. same thing at the european commission, which is right there where that particular metro stop was bombed. and that one, that particular area, is under an incredible police presence, if you will. nato headquarters, i should have said this earlier in the day, and didn't strike me, nato headquarters is literally right down the street from the airport. i mean, it's probably maybe a two mile drive out of the airport. nato headquarters. for the entire nato membership, all of the countries that participate in nato have headquarters right there in brussels. and the last point i would give you is where we stand on the airport. 11 people thought to have died at the airport. 20 at the subway. but in the airport itself, we have now learned that there was
8:38 am
this unexploded explosive belt, which the authorities took and detonated, we were told, according to flemish tv. flemish tv also reporting they believe the explosive used in this was a common explosive used by terror suspects around the world, tatp. that is what they're going on as they now look for one, they believe one suspect, last seen in the airport but they believe he may have left the airport wearing a white shift rt, sweat or overcoat of some sort. >> perhaps we'll see a surveillance image of that if that reporting is construct. i'm struck to hear him reel off the government agencies. thinking of paris, striking the heart of europe, the cafes and the theaters and way of life. i mean, this is the head of europe. this is the seat of government. >> helps that tom spent a lot of time there. we began this half hour with some of president obama's comments from cuba on these attacks in brussels. andrea mitchell joins us now.
8:39 am
she's been traveling with the president in cuba. andrea, good morning again. >> good morning again. just -- i'm struck by tom's impressions because of his familiarity with brussels. my take is so different because i go there for nato meetings and go there with secretaries of state. nato is a mutual defense organization. so when you go on the -- to the nato campus, you are going to military security. what president obama and secretary kerry promised to the belgian officials today, the president's call to the prime minister, is all the support of nato as well as american intelligence. nato hasn't been engaged in this. if nato does become involved, that would be a big assist to the belgian security apparatus. we know the state department has been dealing with the church
8:40 am
because three american missionaries were critically injured but not life-threatening. those were the three americans that we know were involved. all of this is happening while the president is going to be heading to a baseball stadium here in cuba. we are told that that schedule hasn't changed. they've loaded the press bus, and the press core is heading to this unprecedented baseball game attended by raul castro and president obama. the president did open his speech to the cuban people by saying, you know, that -- he was going to stand in solidarity and we will not stand down. we will defend the world. we will be defiant against terrorism. he's made those brief remarks and then went on with his previously planned speech about what cuba needs to do to join the community of nations and improve their relationship with the u.s. >> when did the plans call for the president to get back to washington?
8:41 am
>> he's not coming back to washington. according to the current plan, he is leaving in a couple of hours, this afternoon, for argentina argentina, for a two-day visit there. right now, not planning to come back to washington. this is not a national security crisis he couldn't handle from the road. that can change at any moment. farce as far as we know, he's planning to continue his travel schedule and will be heading to argentina later today. >> andrea mitchell traveling with the president in havana for us. thank you, as always. we're back in a moment. this is toad on"today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
it is now 11:43 here on the east coast. 8:43 out west. as we continue to cover this morning's tragic suicide attacks in belgium. at this moment, we can tell you at least 31 people have been
8:44 am
killed. more than 200 others have been injured. we do know that three americans are among the wounded. >> let's go back to nbc news analyst christopher dickey, also the world news editor for "the daily beast." you're there in brussels and i know you spent a great deal of time there. what's the sense on the street now? how are people responding to what's unfolding these last hours? >> it's very somber. i think there's a lot of confusion in the city because a lot of traffic has been rerouted. you have central parts of the city that are cordoned off now. i think there was a lot of worry earlier today that there would be yet another attack. the problem one of the sinister parts of a plot like this is you just don't know when it's over. you can't be sure. for instance, in paris, we know that the people who carried out the horrible attacks on november 13th were looking out -- looking to carry out yet another horrible attack, two or three days later. fortunately, they were stopped. all of that, i think, makes for
8:45 am
a pretty grim mood in the city. >> christopher, you hear a couple schools of thought these days. especially when you talk about what's going on in brussels. some people say the intelligence agencies there are not up to snuff. that they are not doing enough to root out some of the people who are then exporting terrorism to other parts of europe. then you hear others say, well, the problem they have to deal with is far greater than, for example, what intelligence agencies in this country have to deal with. in large part, that's due to the number of people, the sheer number of sheepeople, yueuropeao traveled to iraq and syria and come back to europe to spread violence. what's your take on this? >> well, matt, i'd say both things are true. clearly, the extent of the problem here in europe is very, very extensive because there is a very large population of
8:46 am
muslim and arab people, and also turks, who have a lot of young men in their ranks who are very disaffected and unemployed and easy targets for the recruiters who come and preach jihad and say, you're just a bum right now. we're going to turn you into a hero, fighting for god. there are going to a handful of people that will listen to that. we don't need to talk about thousands and thousands of terrorists to carry out something like this. we only need to see them recruit a few hundred. that, they've been able to do here. >> chris, what about the response? i remember after the paris attacks, the french president hollande was vocal about a military response, deeper involvement in syria and fighting isis in syria and iraq. what do you think might be the fall out here? >> well, i think there is going to be a push for even more action against isis in iraq and in syria. and the net result of that is going to be to heighten the pressure on isis to carry out
8:47 am
attacks in europe and in the united states. so i think we're in for a difficult time ahead. we can be winning the war on the ground in syria and iraq and, to some extent we are, and we can be losing it by suffering terrible terrorist attacks in europe and in the united states. >> chris, last time we talked to you, and we spoke about the extraordinary changes taking place in europe, the face of europe changing, how does an attack like this impact those changes or accelerate those changes? >> well, it certainly is going to make it more and more difficult for muslims and arabs to integrate into european society. the level of suspicion is high, and it translates to politics. the things we see in the g netherlands, in france, or the fascist parties in greece.
8:48 am
i think it all translates into a situation of more and more of a cultural divide. harder to integrate people. that, of course, will be used for more recruiting by the jihadists. >> christopher dickey, thank you very much. we will be talking a lot in the coming days. we appreciate it. >> thank you, matt. today's attacks have law enforcement agencies across the country increasing security. we've got nbc news analyst clint vansant with us now. before we talk about what's happening here, let's talk about what might be happening in the rail station and the airport over in brussels. what are they gathering? how do they use what they're finding? how do they start the investigation? >> there's a number of things they can find. we'd like to know the explosive. pete williams and others talked about what the compound might be. there is a strong probability in
8:49 am
most cases, that explosive has its own individual signature, based upon how it's been put together. does that match what was found in paris, to then tie those two groups together? they'll be looking at any other forensic evidence they can find. matt, if there was one or more suicide bombers, of course, we have to find out who that is. they're going to have to be in this pain staking search amongst the dead and wounded. they're also looking for anything that could help identify not only the device itself but the person who carried it. that just may be fingerprints. it may be traces of dna that they have some record for, that they could link back to a potential terror suspect and try to identify who is responsible for this. then, of course, we have the standby for law enforcement, cameras. they'll be looking at security cameras, trying to identify who has come and gone.
8:50 am
they may well have the actual incident of the bombs going off, the person who set the bomb or the vest off. they may have that on film right now. what law enforcement does many times if they have pictures of suspects, they may first try to find the suspects themselves. then seek the media and the public's help if they can't find them right away. >> clint, i can't help but think that there is a holding cell somewhere in that area with salah abdeslam, who was just picked up four days ago by authorities. suspect in the paris attacks, thought to be a fixer or someone who did logistics for the paris attacks. you've got to believe the inver ga -- interrogators have gone back to him. perhaps the photos, if authorities have it, maybe they're showing it to him. i know your background is in talking to suspect, hostage negotiations. what do you think the approach is? >> well, they will. they'll strongly btr approach this individual and develop information.
8:51 am
one of the questions today, savannah, is why today? why did this attack take place today? we know this individual was arrested four days ago. did the attacks take place because his terror cell members were angry, and they did this in retaliation, or were the cell members afraid he might talk and reveal who they were, so they did kind of a hurry up drill and put this plan in place before he could reveal who they were and where they might be hiding? that's one of the many things law enforcement is trying to identify now. >> it struck me, clint, a second ago when you were talking about the work at hand for investigators at the airport and the train station. when i think of the airport, that is on your hands and knees kind of work. that is magnifying glass and tweezers kind of work. that place will remain a crime scene for an awfully long time, before they can even think about getting it up and running again as an airport.
8:52 am
>> it'll be days before the law enforcement forensic team is willing to turn that crime scene back over. not only are they trying to identify the remains of terrorists, but you may have other victims who were close by. there could be a ton of forensic evidence. matt, as you said, it is a gruesome thought, that these men and women are on their hands and knees in the middle of all this carnage, trying to identify some lead that will take them to these -- this terrorist cell perhaps, before it strikes again. >> clint, thank you so much. >> critical hours. we want to go back to pete williams. pete has been working the phones, as well. good morning. what else do you have? >> savannah, the response we've seen in the u.s. is based on nothing of intelligence value. nothing of an intelligence nature. it's all based on what american officials are -- local
8:53 am
governments are being told by the federal government on what is publicly known about the attacks. information from news media reports, from government officials in belgium and also from social media. as a response, you've seen the response vary by what the capabilities of local governments are and what they think they need to do. the most robust response has been in new york. it's at the airports, it's at the subways, on the trains. simply going to be a much more visible presence. that is always the case when there is any kind of a terror attack anywhere in the world. new york city officials always believe they're potentially in the cross hairs and they always do the most. people will see more security at airports in the u.s. people with weapons, officers deploying bomb-sniffing dogs. security lines may move slower today. you'll also see it at airports -- or at train stations and subway stations around the country. we've seen it today here in washington.
8:54 am
in chicago, in l.a., in miami. amtrak says it has robust security deployed on its trains. in terms of forensics, specifics or names about the attack, american officials have not been given that level of detail about the attacks. that's understandable. the european authorities are right in the middle of this, and they have their hands full trying to pursue the leads they have. frankly, at this point, american help is not what they need, although they may be talking to american intelligence officials to exploit electronic communications. that's something i'm sure they've been doing the last several days. there are no plans, we're told at this point, by the department of homeland security, to impose or recommend any changes in security here in the u.s. for the simple reason that there is no intelligence indicating threats to the u.s. there's always a concern about copycat attacks. that happens any time and anywhere there is a terror attack throughout the entire world. at this point, we don't expect
8:55 am
to see a very substantial change here in the u.s. >> one of the reasons for that also, pete, as you said earlier, i can't remember how long ago it was, but this was a perimeter avoiding attack. that the perimeter for security at most airports is the most that you turn over your id and you get to the tsa checkpoint. >> right. >> then go through the screening. this intentionally happened prior to any of that screening. where passengers just mill about before they've been checked at all. >> of course, the airport attack gets the most attention and it's the one we're seeing the most pictures of. let's not forget the attack on the subway train, too. this brings up a constant problem throughout the world. really in the last several decades. if you look back at the history of terror attacks, there are many more victims on trains and subways than on airplane attacks. they are much more often attacked and much more vulnerable. here in the u.s., something like nine times as much money is spent on airport security as it
8:56 am
is on rails and subways. of those systems, they simply carry so many more people. hundreds of times more passengers move through big city train stations and subway stations than move through the airports in those cities at any given time. >> right. >> so it's always a challenge, matt. >> pete, thank you very much for your perspective. as we approach the top of the hour, we're going to pause ==topvo=the teor atcks ibelgi c. airpor bothn the-s aneurope -av wake ofhe brsels tacksbarton th says righnow -theres no ediblte.
8:57 am
happeni now ==ha==we'reollowg t bartolicebout attodas heitenede lookor hiupdat - al inour ittero our mepag s athe toof "u-snd wod" seion. inur anchori'll he ather cal ns upda
8:58 am
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welcome to "today" on this tuesday, march 22, 2016. so of the images coming in today. i'm tamron hall. we have our guest host with us zachary levi. it's a somber day as we watched these images, the video of people screaming in the background as the deadly terror attacks that took place this morning in brussels, belgium become so real as we hear from the survivors, those people who were inside the airport, one of
9:01 am
the locations of the attack. now at least 31 people dead. 11 of those in the airport, 20 on a metro system, isis has claimed responsibility for the what appear to be coordinated attacks, over 200 people wounded. we know including three american missionaries who were at the airport. two explosions at the airport before 8:00 a.m. local time, 3:00 a.m. eastern time. one explosion, the subway about an hour after the airport explosions. belgian's prime minister said no information whether attacks are related to the arrest of salah abdeslam, he was one of the suspects in the paris attack. notably he is the person who was said to have abandoned his suicide vest and he was the focus of the manhunt. they called him the most wanted man in europe. he was arrested friday and charged with terrorist murder for those attacks in paris that
9:02 am
cost 130 innocent people their lives in november 2015. already we heard from president obama who is in cuba on a trip there, diplomatic trip there. he spoke about the attacks this morning before addressing the people of cuba. here is what mr. obama had to say. >> the thoughts and the prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible, and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite, we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith, in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around
9:03 am
the world. >> we've been here this morning watching this, and thinking how you could start your day in one way, we invited zachary to come on to be our co-host. you start your day with a simple plan and one case, one of the witnesses, jeff, his plan was to go with his girlfriend and another friend to the airport, they were in the check-in area just before 8:00 a.m. here is what jeff told our matt lauer happened next. >> it was very interesting morning to say the least. i'm doing okay right now. people with me actually i have my girlfriend here as well as an american from ohio, we brought back here since i'm assuming hotels will be pretty much jammed up. i think we're doing okay. i don't think it's completely hit because the three of us were essentially next to the explosion. >> were you inside the terminal, jeff, or were you -- check-in area? >> no, actually, my girlfriend was flying back, she was booked
9:04 am
on the 940 american airlines departure to philadelphia. we were checking in rghly about 7:40, and was waiting outside the check-in line. they wouldn't let me come and go and help her with the bags. she was at the counter, probably on 7:40 in the morning. the first explosion occurred to the right of me. to where delta airlines had their check-in was my guess. from what i saw. so the first explosion hit and i felt the shockwave hit me, and basically you kind of turn, and a lot of debris just comes flying at you. i turned to her and the entire check-in queue as well as everyone behind kind of frozen in place and looking around. and at that point i started to move toward her. that's when the second one went off which was a little further away. over toward actually a starbucks in the main terminal before
9:05 am
security, and i believe it was essentially next to the starbucks. it was that point you had no doubts whatsoever what was going on, and everyone kind of hit the floor and -- was kind of shocking to me was the fact that the air inside the terminal was immediately full of smoke and debris and dust and everything else. the first explosion was followed, this is going to sound horrible but followed by screaming. the second was greeted with dead silence. and you know, i've been here for a bit of time, and you have taken notice since the attack, since paris, since the lockdown we had, the second week of november, you see soldiers and especially at the airport. i guess what shocked me at first was no one was -- no one appeared to be standing, no one was around. when i glanced over to where the second explosion had occurred, given the fact that the ceiling was mangled inside the terminal, and next starbucks there is what i, if i remember correctly, it's
9:06 am
a brussels airlines customer service desk. that appeared to be completely demolished. so once i was outside of the airport i didn't see damage. it was all inside the terminal building. >> did you see, jeff, some of the casualties? i mean, making your way -- >> yes. >> of that build, what did you see? >> there, when i glanced over and i grabbed sherine and we started to move toward the front entrance, i remember a soldier came running by with his weapon, and looked down at the floor and there was a blood trail leading out. when i had glanced over and kind of hustled her past, i view what had i saw was a large number of casualties on the ground. and again, 30, 40 feet away, it certainly did not look like we were going to be looking for survivors. >> now nbc news has confirmed with federal police in brussels that three men in the photo we're showing you now are
9:07 am
considered suspects in this morning's airport bombing, their status is unknown at this point. already the candidates for president have come on and talked about at least what they feel should happen next. republican front-runner donald trump spoke with matt by phone. matt asked if he were president now and got a 2:00 a.m. phone call about a terror attack what would he have done? >> as president i would do probably what i would have been doing for the period of time that i was president. i'd be very, very tough on the borders and i would be not allowing certain people to come into this country that absolute perfect document, we're allowing thousands of people, already, to come into our country. we don't know where they are coming from. they happen to be in the migration, they come from perhaps syria but nobody really knows. >> and donald trump also said
9:08 am
authorities should do whatever they have to to interrogate terror suspects including waterboarding which he said would be fine. hillary clinton also spoke with matt and savannah. here's what the former secretary of state and of course the democratic front-runner had to say. >> need to do much more to tighten things up. and i know our security professionals are working to do that. but it's unrealistic to say we're going to completely shut down our borders to everyone. you know, that would stop commerce, for example, and that's not in anybody's interest but we have to do a much better job in coordination with the europeans on tracking and following anyone who has any connection with terrorist activity or terrorism. you know, our country's most experienced and bravest military leaders will tell you that torture is not effective. it does put our own soldiers and
9:09 am
increasingly our own civilians at risk. but we do have to give law enforcement and intelligence professionals all the tools they need to do the job to keep america safe, and they don't need to resort to torture. >> also one other thing facebook has implemented this safety check feature on its page, this is something that we saw after the paris attacks, you are able to activate and tell your friends that you're okay, and even your friends can update your status if they know. it's another tool from social media because of the situation like this, you can imagine the fear and chaos of finding out your loved one's status. >> they are asking people to not be using their cell phones, correct. qui is very smart and needed and at least if you have something like facebook check-in you can tell everybody you're okay. >> one line. i'm safe. i'm okay. >> yeah.
9:10 am
we were saying how we both, all three of us started our day this morning like those people there, and someone's going to get a call today, so far more than 30 that your loved one is no longer with you. >> terrorism, it's doing just exactly that, it's terrorizing and unfortunately we have to in the media we have to cover these stories and get the information out there, spread that news, allow people to understand what's happening in the world. we need to be aware of it. but it is a fine line how much do you cover it and how much do you give time on the air to these terrorists because they are using it against us in many ways. and also, now you know, what is the precedent it's going to set in airports? we already have incredible security, huge queues, just to be able to go in an airport, once upon a time your family could go up to the gate. now you can't do that. now will people be allowed into terminals. >> there is that border. where do you set up that ring
9:11 am
people can go into. it's a sad situation. >> because this happened in the check-in area. this is the safe zone as you pointed out. before your family can say good-bye, that's where you say good-bye, and you go on. now we have done so much to keep you safe to get on the plane, after you do the security check-in. and now they attacked before you coop even get to. >> the metro system where there really isn't much security. a random bag check here and there. i mean, and we are so vulnerable. >> we see this in london, in japan, it's incredibly sad. and as the president said outrageous. it drives a lot of outrage. >> obviously our thougs and prayers are with all of the families as we digest this and all eyes are on belgium. but this is global. as you pointed out, these so called soft targets which the the restaurant in paris, the concert venue, or just the check-in area of the airport.
9:12 am
these are places that we at any point would be and someone watching at home. >> right. >> there's a lot more obviously to cover and we'll bring you the latest developments. dylan is here to update you on the weather. >> yes. we do still have some wintry weather especially through the rockies where we're seeing snow. it's going to spread into the upper midwest especially into wednesday and thursday. in the meantime, today we're looking at temperatures in the 50s and 60s, up and down the west coast where there will be some clouds and showers. and that storm system is going to produce perhaps as much as a foot and a half of snow in parts of central wisconsin. today it's going to meander to the east and as the snow starts to develop on wednesday into thursday we're going to see a line of severe storms possible. down through missouri into arkansas, that will continue to spread east on thursday. we could see larger hail, damaging wind gusts t snow will lift into northern new england. spring isn't over yet. here is a look at our estimated
9:13 am
snowfall amounts through thursday. you see that bright pink where we could see some of our highest amounts near southeast minnesota, also central wisconsin where we could see up to a foot and a half of snow, we're also looking for that to continue through northern good morning. we do have some clearing across the bay area. after some very early morning showers, and mostly sunny skies now, it's still 44 degrees in the north bay, while we do have mid 50s elsewhere, and that clearing will also stay with us after we go through the day, but still a slight chance of a spotty shower into the afternoon. temperatures will be cooler than norm normal. a high of only 60 in san francisco, the east bay today will be up to 61, and 63 today in the south bay. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. zachary, stick around. so gracious to be our buddy today and we appreciate it. >> happy to be here. >> much more after this.
9:14 am
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rad. who better to tell god's story and the legendary morgan freeman. the oscar actress played god in "bruce almighty." >> he traveled the globe with rory mcreary. take a look. >> here we are. >> oh, my goodness. look at this. >> fabulous, huh? >> morgan and lori are here with us. i love your action hat. you look like you're really into going to excavate something.
9:18 am
this is an incredible series, morgan, after a career filled with more things than we can name. >> i won't say we are looking for answers. we are questioning all of these different modes of religion. all of the different styles of stories on creation and afterlife, et cetera, et cetera. just finding out what we found out and how everybody, all in the world, has pretty much the same ideas that we all have a creation story that works for us. and we all have a place to go after we die that works for us. >> what was the impetus for both
9:19 am
of you or either one of you the catalyst to tell these stories? >> i guess receiseven years ago were in istanbul at the church and now it has turned into a museum. we were looking up and there were beautiful frescos on the ceiling. a manger and baby and that looked like the apostles and i looked down and it looked like a cross. the muslim man who was touring with us, i asked if this was a mosque. he said no. he sa he said jesus is part of our story. we started talking about that and if we didn't know that,
9:20 am
perhaps other people don't know that as well. >> what i love about watching this, you are not just telling us the answers to some of the questions. i feel like we're learning it as you are learning it. >> that's the trick. >> and what was your biggest take away when it was all said and done? >> a few take aways. one of the biggest was learning about reincarnation. the hindus believe in reincarnation. i thought, okay, for the believer in reincarnation, that is an end-all in and of itself. then they are not all that happy about the idea. if you have to reincarnate, you have to keep doing it until you get it right. they would like to do it once and be done with it.
9:21 am
they have an out. in the city which is the holy city in india. if you go to the city and die and cremated on the river, you go straight to heaven. >> wow. this is an incredible journey. i can't wait to watch it. morgan and lori, congratulations. the story of god with morgan freeman, premieres april 3rd on national geographic. still ahead "batman versus superman." you know something about that, too, morgan. we will talk to one real cheese people, don't eat pasteurized processed cheese food. it's only required to contain 51% real cheese. with sargento 100% real natural cheese slices, a patty melt becomes more than just patty. ham unites with its better half. and a club sandwich becomes part of a club you definitely want to be in.
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
that smoothes, boosts radiance and protects. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter from garnier skinactive. we ctinueo folw good morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. we continue to follow breaking news. terror attacks in brussels have tightened procedures here at home and slowed some travelers. for starters, it's impacting international travelers flying to brussels today from sfo. no local airports directly connect to brussels, but both in the u.s. and europe flights have been canceled. norm after staffs at the airport, but teams are extra vigilant. we spoke to one international traveler, who is keeping a brave face despite the horrific attacks. >> i don't know what you can do about security. it will always happen sometimes, because the crazy guys always
9:27 am
find something. b.a.r.t., on the other hand is beefing up security presence on trains today. the homeland security department says right now there's no credible terror threat in the united states. in other news, the latest rain is providing another boost to the sierra snow pack levels. caltrans had to bring out heavier tools to clear interstate 80 today, including the only snow-clear machine with front and back plows. water content levels are now eight times as high as last year at this time. good news for our drought. we still have a bit of rain left in the system. kari will have a look at your weather right after this. after we expos security guards committing crimes in that of protecting teens, a peninsula city promised big changes. >> reporter: how are you ensuring they're on the job. >> we go undercover, and you won't believe what one security guard was doing. >> these are our tax dollars.
9:28 am
there's better ways to use our money to pay some guys to sit in a car and do that. seriously. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have clouds in spots and sunshine all across the bay area spiking through those clouds. a live look at sunol. a beautiful picture there. now 54 degrees at oakland, 55 at san francisco, 46 at napa. our temperatures today will be cooler than average, and a slight chance of a spotty shower
9:29 am
today, mainly over the hills. as we go go this afternoon. how is it looking in traffic, mike? >> kari, still the same two trouble spots, different reasons, but same area. this is 880. look how jammed it is from hyde street into downtown. just north of downtown, and 5 is looking a bit better, but there's a crash at keller going on there. >> still a tough drive in the south bay. a live look shows you how slow things are around 680. mike, thank you very much. we continue to follow the latest developments from europe. we'll see you with another report in just 30 minutes.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. major cities on high alert after deadly attacks in belgium overnight. two explosions rocked the brussels airport while another shook a metro station near the european union. both attacks kills at least 31 and injuring more than 200, at the height of the morning rush bringing the city to a standstill. among the seriously injured three mormon missionaries from utah, belgium raised its terror alert to the highest level as officials search. isis claimed responsibility for the bombings which come four days after the arrest of the prime surviving suspect in last november's paris attacks. belgium's prime minister says there is no information linking today's attack to that arrest.
9:31 am
former toronto mayor rob ford died after battling a rare form of cancer. he became notorious for his public struggles with substance abuse and outspoken manner, admitted to spoking crack in office, blaming the behavior on years of alcohol abuse. he was diagnosed with a soft tissue cancer. he did win back his city council seat. rob ford was 46 years old. and as president obama wraps up his trip carnival cruise line gets approval to run cultural exchange trips to the island, the first time in more than 50 year as cruise ship can travel from the u.s. to cuba. carnival's 704 passenger ship will meev miami on sundays visiting havana, and santiago,
9:32 am
chile. we'll learn spanish and get on the cruise. at least eight hours involved in cultural experience. prices start at $1800 per day. and mars joins a small group of u.s. food companies adding labels to products that contain gmo's, mars which makes m & m says the move is in response to the deadline of a vermont law which requires such disclosures, the food makers say it would be too complicated and expensive to create separate distribution networks for one state. the law in vermont goes into effect july 1. let's get a check of the forecast. dylan is standing by. i give you the space. >> thank you. i'll take over the screen now. and we are looking at decent weather up and down the east coast. windy through the middle of the country where we're looking at red flag warnings if fire develops it could spread quickly. we have this area of low pressure through the rockies bringing lighter snow now but as this moves eastward, we're going to see a transition into a
9:33 am
bigger storm system, especially for the upper midwest, parts of wisconsin could end 1 a foot and a half of snow. we'll keep an eye out for we have some sunshine across the bay area, also a mix of clouds, but overall a cool day especially to start. we're in the mid 50s, but there's still patchy fog in the north bay, and it's 44 degrees. highs today up to 62 there, while we have 60 in san francisco, a chance to dry out, but still a slight chance we may have a spotty shower, especially over the hilltops and the valley. we should keep this mostly dry pattern, heading into the 70s over the next several days. forecast. >> thank you, dylan. >> diane lane has been a big star for three decades. her sultry turn as a mother and
9:34 am
wife in "affair." and then "under the tuscan sun." now as the mother in "batman versus superman." take a look. >> be their angel. be anything they need you to be. or be none of it. you don't owe this world a thing. you never did. >> welcome diane lane to the show. diane lane. the lovely and talented. >> applause of the day. >> very nice. >> it's lovely to be here. >> nice to have you here. how do you take on this action adventure genre? do you love it? >> i'm blown away. it's nice to be invited back and repriced as martha kent as the ultimate mother in a way. honestly, to be the mother of superman is quite the task, i imagine.
9:35 am
honestly, kevin costner and i would laugh crying to create memories of what it is like trying to get through the terrible twos. >> there are spoiler alerts. we cannot give anything away. how difficult can it be to tread through social media and people coming up to you on the streets wanting a taste and you know you can't tell us anything. >> i think of it as preserving a surprise. if i'm having a beautiful meal prepared for me and i'm willing to enjoy, i don't want my chocolate ice cream in my salad. i want my dessert at the end. i want my salad on the side. start with the appetizers. >> it is creating that experience. >> i'm stealing that metaphor. that sci-fi genre as a proclaimed nerd and somebody who throws events at comic-con.
9:36 am
i know how much fan boys and girls dive into this. >> so do the actors. the cast we have is so incredible. i just want to show up to work with them. i haven't even gotten to meet jeremy irons yet. >> how great was he? >> he is great as alfred. >> you were fantastic in the fi film. >> thank you. i think ben is an amazing batman. i get to work with him again. his first day as batman in regalia was in a scene with me. >> memories. >> it is great. he was great. >> is that something that you feel an extra bit of pressure because you know so many people are banking so much of their childhood on that? >> my childhood, too. i grew up with wonder woman and batman and superman. she's amazing. she was so sweet and kind and excited. she is shooting her own independent wonder woman film now. that is all tied in with the
9:37 am
justice league. i can't imagine what's coming in terms of villains that we will see. >> i love it. >> don't say anything. lots of easter eggs in this movie. >> i love this. >> so many easter eggs in the film. >> i saw the movie a second time. >> we have to ask you about something on the internet because everything you read on the internet is true. >> god, i hope not. >> for any of us. did you injure your neck kissing in the movie "unfaithful?" >> that is true, but -- >> do tell. >> the thing about that story is when i have told it, i don't get much sympathy. when you are kissing olivie martinez. >> he must have been all-in. >> have you ever -- >> very invested in the scene.
9:38 am
you heard it right here, folks. >> zach -- >> i'm a very invested actor. i'm very invested. i invest even if it means inj e injuring my nexck. if you have to put the gusto in there. >> you have had several takes as well. every time. i only have ten on my dial. >> i need a cup of water to cool off from that. diane lane, thank you. "batman versus superman" opens this friday. up next, when zach is not cohosting his favorite morning show, he is on broadway. we will ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey...
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9:43 am
the reviews are tremendous. we have ice cream here with our cohost of "she loves me" the broadway show. >> what role does ice cream have in the show? >> maybe the most famous song from the show. other than the title song "she loves me." right after she sings the most famous song from the show. "vanilla ice cream." >> did i hear angel singing? >> oh, just me. >> am i not supposed to say those things? >> i agreed. >> will watch you. >> you have a whole relationship throughout the play. clearly you hate each other. >> it's horrible. >> get that away from me. >> me and my horrible thumb. thank god we get along very
9:44 am
well. as does our whole cast. such a lovely group from day one. everybody jumped in and locked in. i think a lot of that is a testament to the show itself. there's so much heart and spirit in the show. you feel that. i think the audience walks away. >> i'm sorry. i'm listening to myself. what were you saying? >> okay. >> let's talk about the reviews. >> no, don't talk about the reviews. >> some of the best reviews -- >> does it make it that much more fun to perform? >> i think it is dangerous to review them. you go out and say oh, i'm terrible. if i get a great review, how do i get that to be great? it makes you self conscious. >> as an insecure actor.
9:45 am
as an artist, you put yourself out there and somebody can say the nicest thing about you. you are looking between the lines. >> what do you mean? tell me more. life has a funny way of bringing reality back. >> we didn't have that segment. >> get out of my face. here's a thumb for you. >> and on instagram or twitter you said you have this opening and you got stuck in a garage? >> we opened on broadway in my dream role to amazing reviews. the next day i locked myself in the garbage room in my building. i was putting it away. >> i didn't know it locked. >> now i know. >> i'm very smart. just not about doors. >> let me put my garbage away. the next thing. >> did you have your cell phone on you? >> no.
9:46 am
>> who takes the trash out with my cell phone? somebody in my building let me out. >> laura, i love you and thank you. we have to wrap this up. "she loves me" is on broadway at studio 54. next, festive easter entertaining right after this. pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days.
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9:49 am
light & fit feel free to enjoy. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with nutella. spread the happy! it's madness in here in a good way. we are five days away from easter. that means you need to hop to it
9:50 am
if you haven't started planning for the occasion. >> here are creative ideas with lifestyle director taren morgan from "woman's day" magazine. >> i'm glad you put the ice cream down to shake her hand. >> it is all about candy and sweets this time of year. >> i like to start with the center piece. it sets the scene for the celebration. what is better than fresh flowers. we have the garden center piece. we have the tray from container store for $7.99. it is filled with wheat grass. the secret is using the water bricks. you can order them online at amazon. it let's you arrange them and keep them hydrated. >> is this all edible? can i cut this wheat grass? all right. >> you have the colored candy. >> another way to revive your
9:51 am
table is the bunny napkin ring. we made this from felt and paper towel tube. we cut a section and wrapped with felt and attached the ears. we put a pipe cleaner in between to bend it and give it personality. it is not easter in my house without a chocolate bunny. these are from williams sonoma. >> that's mine. >> it says zac. >> i love the decals you have on the eggs. >> this is one of my favorite egg decorating techniques. it is a product by graphics. it is called rub-on transfer film. it let's you put any image you want on top of an egg. you can either print from the printer or kids can draw on with marker. you use the adhesive film that is included. you cut it out and attach to the
9:52 am
front of the egg. >> those are hard core eggs. >> i love it. the kids are busy here at the kids' table. >> we are in the kids world. we have sydney and jackson here. they are playing with easter egg place mats. this is about brightness and kor offensive li color. we start this with plastic spoons. we glue these on and add a pom-pom. there is styrofoam in the bottom to keep it up straight. you have the pretty table runner. >> you will work on that? >> yeah. arts and crafts is my point. >> you can reuse it. >> the baskets on the chairs. >> you need something to get through easter dinner. these are eggs from card stock. we cut a piece in the shape of
9:53 am
an egg and washi tape and the kids will be entertained. >> we have to miss the paper carr carrots. i love that. what is happening here? you are adorable. >> pin the tail on the easter bunny. miley will give us a turn. we walk back and give her a spin around. >> we don't want to put pressure on her to put it on air. >> she's done it! >> we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
zachary, how does it feel hanging with the is storis star? >> i feel this is my second home. >> we love having you. >> we have a lot
9:56 am
good tuesday morning. aisle meteorologist kari hall. we do still have some clouds left in the north bay. as the fog lifts, we do have some clouds in the north bay, but clearing as we look at the south bay. temperatures are still on the cool side, as you head out the door. we're at 56 degrees in oakland, and san jose at 55 degrees.
9:57 am
looking at all the microclimates, we'll be in the upper 50s to lower 60s with a mix of sun and clouds, and still a slight chance of a spot shower. how is it looking in the south bay, mike? >> a bit damp on the pavement. but we can't see the pavement, because the traffic is jammed up. look at your map. it's jammed for 101 through this section recovering from the earlier crash. it's been about a half hour, good improvement there. also palo alto slowing on either side. oakland recovers, with you a crash in san leandro has tied things up, but we should have good improvement off the castro valley y. the metering lights are still on. . terror attacks in belgium are resonating in the bay area. bob redell is talking with b.a.r.t. police, about heightened security. here's a live report at 11:00. also look for his updates in our twitter feed. as for travels out of sfo, no
9:58 am
direct flights go to brussels, but nos connector flights from elsewhere are canceled. our stef chuang is talking to travelers who are keeping plans despied these events. she's posting updates on our twitter feet along with a link to flight cancellations on facebook.
9:59 am
10:00 am
"today" with hoda kotb and kathie lee gifford. >> we have ryan scott, one of our favorite chefs. we're going to figure that out. >> and we're going to talk about your trip to israel. obviously, one of the most spiritual places on earth. i cannot wait to see this. at a time we could all use a little more faith with what's going on in brussels, belgium. >> a lot of people who


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