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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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mplete breakfast nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. terror if belgian. suicide bomber kill traveler as they check in at brussels airport. >> isis claiming response for that chaos and the coordinated explosion that killed commuters at a brussels station nine miles away. >> we must be together, regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the surge of terrorism. >> the shock reaching around the world as authorities find another suicide vest left behind with the question, does it have to happen again? thanks for joining us.
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i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock, in for scott mcgrew. new developments coming in by the minute. two terror attacks in the belgian capital of brussels. the brussels airport site of two explosions where 11 people were killeded you can see folks coming out in a growing memorial, as well as moment, call for solidarity now. the belgian prime minister saying we face a tragic moment we have to become and show sal darety. within last hour the photo of the three suspected terrorists who attacked the brussels airport. federal police in belgium issued a wanted notice for the man on the right. police tweeting do you recognize this man? >> first attack suicide bomb at brussels airport happened around 8:00 in the morning brussels time. least 11 people were killed. you can see chaos unfolding after the explosives went off
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and survivors tried to run for cover. an hour later another bomb blast inside a subway station, 20 people were killed, more than 100 others injured. you can hear a child screaming in the distrans. a journalist on the train describes the explosion as a blast of air and the sound of thudding in the distance before the train stopped and the lights went off. >> in total at least 31 people dead. isis claiming responsibility for the attack and right now all flights to brussels canceled. the airport will remain closed through wednesday. >> we have team coverage on the breaking story. first, nbc bay area's bob redell live in san francisco where there is a visible heightening of security. >> reporter: good morning to you, san francisco police, muni, b.a.r.t. all three agencies asking for the public's help reminding bus and train passengers that if you see
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something suspicious, say something. san francisco police have added extra patrols around muni on the street level, below b.a.r.t. police increased the number of officers at stops throughout the system. agency's deploying specially trained officers with so-called critical asset patrol team. based on conversations we've had with b.a.r.t. passengers the attacks in belgium don't seem to have had impact on the ridership here in the bay area. in other words, commuters haven't been scared away from using b.a.r.t. second thoughts taking public transit? >> absolutely. but i do all the time. i've always thought it's interesting it's never happened even new york city, san francisco or other major metropolitan areas. >> reporter: you still get on b.a.r.t. >> you have to have faith that you'll be fine. >> i don't want to live in fear. got to go to work.
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>> reporter: that thought echoed by congressman eric swallell who spoke to us on the u.s. capitol where. he urges people here in the area to not be, quote, paralyzed by fear, go about their regular business and trust the u.s. government is working hard to protect citizens from similar lone wolf isis-inspired attacks. >> i get briefed a number of times a week. i know our law enforcement community, intelligence community up 24 hours a day working twice as hard as those who seek to attack us. we have to be perfect and they only have to carry out a single attack to bring loss of life and that's the challenge we're up against. but i do feel good. >> how hard we're working to try and stop this. >> reporter: we asked but the
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congressman has not heard of specific threats aimed at u.s. however due to be briefed by the intelligence community after. he did say generally speaking intelligence he's seen indicates isis is determined to attack the united states. live here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> president obama says u.s. will do, quote, whatever is necessary to bring belgium attackers from justice. speaking from cuba, he talked about standing in solidarity with victims. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite we must be together regard office nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. we can and we will defeat those who threat. the safety and security of people around the world. >> coming up, a live report from
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the island nation as the president continues his historic trip. following those attacks, airports around the world right now tightening procedures. but we're not seeing delays at bay area airports. >> nbc bay area's stephanie chuang live at stchfo. you talked to people returning home from europe. we're seeing pictures of the heightened security including canine. >> that's right. we just saw a homeland security canine unit walk past us in terminal one and that's the second unit we've seen in the terminal by delta. there was one earlier with sfpd. there are measures you are seeing visible around here. increased officers around here. a comforting site for travelers here. for those who live closer to the carnage, the real action transcends temporary security measures. on their way back home to germany, expecting alerts all
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over the country and intensified security. measures that will last for many months, the way it has been following november paris attacks. >> interesting thing with what happened is we had also alarms going on especially during new year's eve. they had to close the munich railroad station because there were threats over there. >> reporter: for this woman, today's trip with her son is to visit family outside paris where she grew up. she also remembers the scare in november but fear is the last thing she or anyone else can afford to turn to. >> though the news is sad we should keep moving on. >> i don't know what you can do about security. it will always happen sometime because these crazy guys find something. >> reporter: for europeans and european-americans there's more on the line than travel alerts, restrictions and wait times. there's a need to act more deeply. europe's done a terrible job welcoming immigrants and their
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children, something he says has to change before he expects things to get better. >> in germany they tried to integrate them a little bit, working with them, give them perspective in life. but i know in paris and brussels the situation's really bad, really bad, so the politicians have do something now. >> reporter: the call is not just for politicians but all people when it comes to how the world responds after a tragedy. >> i'm arab and i'm muslim and we should not be -- people should not judge us for the way we look. >> reporter: powerful words there. here at sfo, sjc, there are no direct flights thereby are connecting flights and all of those into brussels canceled. dozens for tomorrow. oakland international does not have direct nor connecting flights but all three airports spokesperson telling me that have all stepped up officers' presence at all three locations. live here at sfo, stephanie
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chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. france, meantime, going to forces to bolster safety at its boards are and on public transport. just in paris, 400 additional police officers right now on the streets. french interior minister says the country continued to face an extremely high security threat. brussels and paris only 200 miles apart. and trains to brussels leaving from paris' guard denor were canceled. live look from the eiffel tower. paris is going to light the iconic landmark in the colors of the belgian flag. >> isis is claiming responsibility for the attacks in brussels, the bombing coming after days of the alleged mastermind of the terror paris attacks in november was arrested in brussels. authorities shot and captured salah abdeslam and he's considered the ring leader of the terror attacks in paris in
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which 130 people were killed. his brother blew himself up in a paris cafe in the attacks. wave been covering this breaking story all morning, on air, online. website has the latest to download nbc bay area app. if you want push alerts, we'll se send those to your senator phone. about-face from the fbi. federal agents don't need an toll unlock a terror suspect's iphone what happen it meanses for the legal battle for apple and the fbi. good news for b.a.r.t. riders. the change commuters will notice in the north bay. >> i'm metrologist kari hall. a chance to dry out. you may not have seen the last uslndrop for the day. s.
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still feels better after 10 shaves than a disposable on it's first. mach 3 blades have twice the coatings. for a closer shave with zero redness. get an incredible experience shave after shave after shave. gillette. the best a man can get. airpt whe at lst onsuice back to breaking news out of
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brussels. a picture we haven't shown yet. live look at airport where one suicide bomb went off. the death toll now is at 31 people with more than 100 other people hurt. those attacks happened at brussels airport and eight metro station. u.s. official believes one suitcase bomb was detonated at the brussels airport. the officials said explosives seen in brussels on tuesday appear to be pretty sophisticated. investigators will examine them to see if they bear the same characteristics as those used in paris last year. u.s. intelligence agencies had been on alert for possible attacks since friday's terror arrests in brussels. we'll continue coverage. new details coming in by the second. we'll give you live updates through the newscast. follow us on our social media platform. president obama wrapping up his historic trip to cuba later today, addressing the cuban people during unprecedented,
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live address on state-run television. >> the speech centered on the renewed relationship between the was island nation but starting with condemnation of the terror events in brussels. nbc's jay gray traveling with the president in cuba and joins us with details. this is not how the day was supposed to start there. >> no, absolutely it was not. but the president maintaining a schedule here in cuba. right now, at national ballpark here preparing for a baseball game between the cuban national team and major league tampa bay rays. he is getting constant updates, we are told, on the situation in brussels. >> reporter: the history unfolding in cuba, overshadowed by the horror in brussels. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together, regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge
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of terrorism. >> reporter: president obama began his speech to the cuban people condemning the deadly attacks before turning his attention back to his ground breaking visit. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war and the americas. i have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. >> reporter: the address was broadcast live on state-run television, the president telling the cuban people, there are and will always be clear differences in the nation's governments. >> cuba has a one-party system. the united states is a multiparty democracy ja but stressing the renewed relationship between the two couldn't tremendo country is is more about the people than politics. >> i believe in the cuban people. this is not just a policy of normalizing relations with the cuban government. the united states of america is normalizing relations with the cuban people. >> reporter: cheering loudest called on congress to lift the trade embargo on cube and
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listening intently challenging the cuban government to deal with alleged human rights violations. >> i believe every person should be equal under the law. every child deserves the dignity that comes with education and health care and food on the table. >> reporter: the president's message clear and direct, it's time for change in cuba but change that must begin with the cuban people. >> reporter: before moving to the ballpark today, and after the public speech, he had a private moment today, a meeting with dissidents to hear complaints about the cuban government, as well as their concerns about his visit and how that may validate the government here. live in havana, jay gray. >> thank you for that report. a change of plans putting thorny debate on hold. the fbi's asked to postpone the hearing in its case against apple. agents believe they may have found a way to unlock the iphone without apple's help from an unnamed outside source. federal prosecutors asked the
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judge to vacate today's hearing, hours after ceo tim cook addressed the case during the apple event. one digital evidence expert says the fbi should think twice before working with outside parties to hack iphones and give them access to sensitive data. >> unless it's someone that's an employee of theirs already they could be running a big risk. >> the fbi will now run that test from the outside party to see if it works. apple is among the many arguing the case still needs to be resolved so a precedent can be set. the judge is asking for an update by april 5th. we mentioned that apple event before the latest developments with fbi, apple made product developments. releasing a smaller version of the iphone and ipad pro and $50 price cut on the apple watch. it will start at $299. b.a.r.t. is back on track but on a limited basis. b.a.r.t. restoring partial
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service between two east bay stations after a week of delays. yesterday was the first time in days that the train were able to run between north concord and pittsburg bay point station. the decision came after a test train made successful though slow-running trips. the officials say it can safely run one train 15 minutes during the morning commutes. it is a cliff side battle in pacifica. the tent ants are refusing to let the city and mother nature take their home. today city leaders are expected to uphold the mandatory evacuation order for them. the city releasing an independent soil analysis to back up the position the area is unsafe. it was declared uninhabitable in january because the cliff side is crumbling tenants are appealing the evacuation order and a special committee will
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vote on that issue tomorrow. recent storms have taken their toll in pacifica and we're not done with latest storm system. >> it was loud and i fired up the app and saw why. >> still tracking moisture moving through and it's cold as well. cooler than average temperatures as you head out now. a live look at sunol. you see clouds dotting the sky and also in the south bay, mt. hamilton clouds hooving overhead. you may need sunglasses. sun is peeking through. looking at storm system that continues to wind down but producing rain to the north of us. i think this may hold together long enough to bring showers are to the north bay but the rest of the bay area will most likely stay dry. looking at microclimates now, 59 degrees in san francisco. 56 degrees in the east bay. and the south bay now 57 degrees. drop in on the south bay to get
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a closer look there. we have mostly 57 degrees in santa teresa, morgan hill is at 55. now in san martin it's 57. taking it hour by hour, we will have temperatures that are cool throughout the rest of the day. clouds mixing in through 2:00 and sunshine breaking out later on this afternoon. overall a nice day into the evening with mostly clear skies and temperatures in the lower 50s. a look at all microclimates. it will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s today. san jose reaching 63. palo alto 62. mission district looking at 60 and also low 60s for the north bay and napa, 62. antioch 65. livermore, may get only to 59 degrees. models still show a chance of showers moving through the north bay as well as east bay hills. so you want to keep that umbrella close by in case. time line even into 4rk, 5:00,
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we may have raindrops falling. we will see that starting to taper off as we go into tonight. but it does stay breezy. winds rushing in from the north up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. so still kicking up some of those gusty winds and also waves for the coastal waters. this high surf advisory continues until 9:00. waves may top 20 feet today and still strong rip currents. and then into the next three days we'll have temperatures warming up. we'll be in the upper 60s for the middle of the week. mostly sunny skies. today looking at lower 60s. may hid 70 degrees in the north bay. and then this weekend we will have some beautiful weather as we continue to see this dry trend continuing and to friday, 77 degrees in the south bay. and lower 70s by the end of the weekend, even mid-60s for san francisco. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up later. >> thank you very much. we continue to follow breaking
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news out of belgium. dual attacks targeted travelers are at brussels airport and metro. how belgium's neighbor france is responding. plus berkeley goes an extra mile to warn people about cell phones. the new notice if buying a new smartphone. but first, happening right now, a plan to auction san francisco. fire hydrant equipment on hold. critics say selling spare parts could put the city at risk when an earthquake strikes. colin kaepernick's future with the 49ers. the new head coach chip kelly will have the power to keep kaepernick or trigger his trade. back with more news after this. back tbelgi.
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fren offials a condning the uss >> breaking news following what's happening in belgium. french officials condemning the attacks today in the strongest possible terms. president fran what hollande says terrorist struck brussels but europe was targeted and all of the world that's concerned. it believed a terror cell in belgium coordinated the paris terror attack. we'll continue to cover the breaking story. new details coming in by the minute. we'll provide you with live updates throughout our us in cast. download our nbc bay area app.
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here in the bay area, accidents on highway 17 have reached a ten-year high. chp says, quote, self-righteous speeders are to blame and things could get worse. 95 reported accidents in january alone which is three times higher than the same time last year. drivers we spoke with say people are just getting too comfortable going too fast down the curvy highway. >> i noticed more people speeding, a lot more impatient, especially in the mornings. a lot more motorcyclists. >> it's like a spectrum of small fender benders to cars flipped over, almost falling off the cliff. >> people rear ending each other, hitting the wall, if you look at the wall, they're scarred up all over the darn place. i don't know, making it wider might help. >> there are 60,000 vehicles that use highway 17 every day which is 6,000 more than just two years ago. chp says they don't have the man
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power to patrol all of the roadways and tow trucks that clear all of the accidents are being scaled back because of a drop in the gas tax. buying a cell phone in berkeley now comes with a warning. yesterday, berkly became the first city in the country to require retail to warn customers about radio frequency exposure than law takes effect following a legal battle. customers will receive flyers posted or handed out that say if you carry your phone in pants or shirt pocket you may exceed federal radiation guidelines. berkeley city council members first signed off on that idea last year. >> the people that are selling you products are not selling them for your own good. they're selling them for profit. and they pay very fast and loose with regulation. >> the cell phone industry is still in the process of fighting berkeley's ordinance. the trade industry group issuing the statement, quote, the
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overwhelming scientific evidence refutes berkeley's ill-informed and misleading mandatory warnings about cell phones, according to the fcc and other experts. next, we continue to follow breaking news out of brussels. three terror suspects spotted on surveillance cameras and videos. we'll show you those coming up again. another tuesday, another day for the polls. the reason arizona could make or break one specific candidate's run for the white house. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at we continue coverage of the breaking news in europe. europe now on high alert following the deadly explosion that rocked the belgium capital brussels today. >> at least 31 350e78 ki 1 peopd more than 100 injured. federal police issued a want the notice in the suspect. you see him in the picture. they say the suspect was seen at airport before the bombing.
11:31 am
nbc's mark barger has the latest. >> reporter: brussels went into lockdown this morning after a series of explosions rocked the city's airport and subway in what appeared to be coordinated attack. >> when we felt a small blast of air and we heard some thudding in the distance, the metro immediately stopped, the lights turned off, engine turned off and a message came over the intercom saying there had been a disturbance on the line. >> reporter: officials raised terror threat level, shut down public transport in the belgian capital and advised people to stay indoors. one of the two explosions at airport was likely caused by a suicide bomber and all three blasts were an act of terrorism. the prime minister called it a dark moment for the country and world leaders pledged solidarity with belgium, including president obama on a historic trip to cuba. >> we will do whatever is
11:32 am
necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those responsible. >> reporter: attacks followed a flurry of counterterrorism activity in friday. europe captured the most wanted man, salah abdeslam in connection with the paris terror attacks that killed 130. the terror group isis is claiming responsibility for the explosion. mark barger, nbc news. a security source told nbc news one of the airport explosions happened near the check-in desk used by international carriers including american airlines. united had two arrivals at beautiful this morning, flight 950 from d.c. which arrived, and customers deplaned normally. flight 999 from newark lib did was rerouted to a remote location. united airlines released this statement, quote the safety of our customers and crew remains our top priority and all of our employees are safe and accounted for at this time. all remaining flights to and
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from brussels international have been suspensed. european union flags at half-staff at eu headquarters in brussels today. security services on high alert. we've been covering this breaking story all morning long. our website has the latest. or download our nbc bay area app and get push alerts to your smartphone. another delay that could -- another twist that could delay the start of the trial for the man accused of murdering morgan hill teenager lamar. the lawyers will get a chance to look at critical dna information. when the crime lab ran the dna found on the teenager's pants found back then through the state database they got back 12 profiles but investigators only went after garcia tar rez. >> 11 other individuals excluded by the district attorney,
11:34 am
defense wants to find out why did you ex-cloud th clou-clou e they. the defense could suggest they want to talk to the people. >> this is not the dna of sierra lamar. the 1 dna samples are those in the database already. information will push back the start of the capital murder trial which was scheduled for next month. sierra lamar disappeared four years ago on her way to high school. her body was never found. former san jose chp officer killed in the line of duty will be remembered today. hundreds are expected to attend the memorial of nathan taylor. the service held in roseville east of sacramento. taylor died monday after hit by an suv while directing traffic in the snow along i-80. he was the father of three kids and only 35 years old. happening today a south bay
11:35 am
high school track coach accused of having sex with two students, just 17 and 14, is scheduled to appear in court. 21-year-old garcia was a volunteer track coach at mt. pleasant high school. police arrested him last week. investigators say he had inappropriate relationships with two gir whose attend the school. again they are 14 and 17. garcia is expected to enter a plea today at 1:30. decision 2016, three states voting today. the the western trifecta of idaho, utah, arizona. democrats are focused on the next contest, washington state saturday. tracie potts is in the nation's capital with a look ahead. >> reporter: today's contests, idaho for the democrats, and arizona and utah for both parties. arizona's the big prize, winner take all. bernie sanders rallied there last night. >> i think we have a narrow road
11:36 am
but road to victory. >> reporter: donald trump is leading arizonas are and trying to bring the party together of the but trump's back and forth positions on israel are drawing criticism from both sides. >> we need steady hands, no the a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything's negotiable. >> i would love to be neutral if possible. it's probably not possible because there's so much hatred. nobody any more pro-israel than i am. >> he can say so many positions from one end to the other. >> why are we living in a dream world until they recognize israel's right to exist? how could you have a two-state solution. >> reporter: foreign policy dominating. for arizona they have the most delegates to award but only winner take all if the candidate
11:37 am
reaches 50%. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> thank you. if you have avoided it this season, the flu popping up in new areas around the country and could continue over the next month or two. flu season typically peaks february or even early march but still spreading in parts of the u.s. experts expect it to peak in march but could linger throughout april. this year's vaccine is a good match for the current flu viruses. 59% effective. still time to get vaccinated and advise anyone over 6 months to do so. tesla will start taking reservations for its new model 3 and all you need is a thousand bucks. sam, lend me the 1,000 bucks. >> reservations begin march 31 8:30 pacific time. for drivers who visit the store will be able to get in line
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ahead of those who place an order later that night. the most basic version is expected to start at right around $35,000. still steep but not as steep as the other teslas. >> you could rent a luxury sports car for less than $1,000 for a few days. >> i see. if you need a car. google is hiring good drivers for its self-driving car. drivers won't be doing much good driving at all. >> called vehicle operators. the driver willing expected to sit behind the wheel, be on the road for eight hours a day five days a week. the stills required, ability to keep a secret about google's plans for self-driving cars. unfortunately you won't get the perks google offers employees because the driver positions are just temporary. >> got to be able to keep a secret. a fight over a southern california girl.
11:39 am
we'll show you the reason she's being taken from her foster family. the white house trying to stop the drought. the actions that the federal government is now looking at taking. still spotty showers possible today but we're getting clearing now. we'll take a look at forecast and what's happening in the ive=ra later. backow toelgiu wherterr atta ind
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back nowo belum.whers an plosi now, back to belgium where an explosive device has been found, not at the airport or at the train station where the explosions happened this in morning, but authorities say another exusive device found in a home in brussels. authorities say that device contained nails. investigators found chemical products there and anislamic ste flag. planning to tackle the terrorism threat with all necessary means. the heads of state and government of the 28-nation union said that in a statement the latest attack strengthens their resolve to defend european values. the statement did not elaborate on possible measures in europe to the response to the attacks. we'll continue to follow the story online. get new details as they come in
11:43 am
by the second. we'll give you updates throughout the day. 6-year-old girl headed from southern california to utah, she's at center of an adoption controversy. >> ending days of protest and a push to keep her in southern california. nbc's gordon tokamatsu shows us why. >> reporter: supporters gathered. the man with the beard carrying lexy, able 6, to a waiting car. she seemed to glance around confused and then social workers stepped in. and the door on their foster relationship closed. >> we love you! >> reporter: four years ago page taken lexi in under the program and wanted to adopt her. under the indian child welfare act passed in the 1970s she's sent to utah where she'll live with extended rel lives. her lineage is 1.5% choctaw.
11:44 am
>> i'm scared. >> reporter: moments later a devastated page spoke with reporters say the county told him he may have contact with her in the future. >> they also said they're protecting lexi. i think they're proven they have liars. >> you don't think you'll see her again. >> i'll see her again. >> reporter: but not through the county and did not elaborate. dcfs director issued a comment, saying he can't comment about the case but i want to assure the public the department will act in the best interest of the children we serve. often there are no easy solutions but when a court makes an order we must follow it. for page who said lexi's well-being is better served here with he and his family it's a claim he cannot accept. >> it doesn't make sense. >> that was gordon tokamatsu
11:45 am
reporting. representing the bay area on national stage. it's all part of an event to tackle our historic drought. leaders from the east bay regional park district will share how they're planning to save 250 million gallons of water over the next five years. some of the changes include replacing standard grass with drought tolerant grass and making irrigation systems more efficient. >> well, let's talk to meteorologist kari hall. we did get rain in that gauge this morning. >> we did get some rain. they also got extra snow in the sierra. a look now at north star, temperature, 32. skiers out there, reporting central sierra, tahoe 13 to 16 inches over the past couple of days. fresh powder on the ground. here at home, mt. diablo, the sun coming through fair weather clouds and chance spotty sprinkles. stilling tracking showers to the
11:46 am
north of us. the system continues to spin moisture across the region as it continues to move to the east. and into the rest of the day, we'll see temperatures slowly rising from here. it's 53 degrees in the north bay. san francisco 59 degrees. and the south bay at 57 degrees. as we get a closer look at the north bay, napa, 57, 59 degrees in santa rosa. petaluma at 56. it's cool out there. it's cooler than where we should be this time of year. looking at san jose, low 60s this afternoon, normal high is about 67. we will not get there today. and clouds mixing in later as our temperatures continue to drop into the 50s. looking at highs 63 degrees in san jose. 59 degrees in redwood city. embarcadero today up to 60. also upper 50s and low 60s antioch, up to 65 degrees. we will continue to warm up over the next couple of days but we'll have that chance of rain
11:47 am
especially in the east bay hills later on today. here's a time line. 3:00 this afternoon, and the models are picking up on that moisture streaming through. the north bay into parts of the east bay. if you're in those areas you want to make sure keep the umbrella handy in case. also breezy and feeling cooler with those winds rushing in from the north and northwest up to 25 to 30 miles an hour. and then winds calm down tonight and into the day tomorrow. we still have this high surf advisory that continues until 9:00 this evening. waves up to 20 feet. be mindful of that heading to the beach today. water temperatures right at 57 degrees. into the next three days, looking at a nice warm-up by the middle to end of the week. we'll be in the 70s in some spots. san francisco does stay in the 60s. up to 67 degrees thursday. 62 degrees today in the north bay. but up to 72 degrees on thursday. and even this weekend looking nice and warm with more of that
11:48 am
sunshine and the warmest temperatures we will see on friday up to 77 degrees in the south bay as well as tri-valley. south bay on saturday up to 75 degrees. a touch cooler on sunday thanks to a stronger ocean breeze. overall looking like a weekend to definitely make some plans to get outside. that's a look at the weather. now back to you. >> thank you very much. next at 11:00, a seventh grader fears for her safety. clothes and culture she says ho=e her a target for bullying. was o manotheruslimstudts --ikkd was //2 ot==likeo manotheruslimd bulli becae of hefaith
11:49 am
11:50 am
like so many other muslim students, nikki said she's been bullied because of her faith. unlike others, the seventh grader is taking a stand. >> she says the breaking point
11:51 am
came when a classmate tugged at her hijab and called her a terrorist. >> i need to do something. >> reporter: nikki hussein doesn't mind going public but rather keep her face private. she wants everyone to know about being bullied because she's muslim and wears a ha jab. >> he asked, are you a terrorist. i told him no. i said terrorism doesn't represent me or my religion but he didn't care. >> reporter: he pulled it to the side and started calling her names. she reported it to the vice principal. >> i can't take it anymore. i'm not going to let him do it again. >> reporter: nikki says this student started bullying her in the third grade. she says the taunting became so unbearable, she stopped wearing her hijab when she was 9. now at 13, she's taking a stand and wants to school administrators to stand with her. >> it makes me feel sad because
11:52 am
like the kid that bullied me think it's a joke. >> reporter: nikki's mother is taking it seriously and angry because she believes her daughter is the victim of a hate crime. and the school didn't bother to inform her right away. nikki feels school administrators can do more. >> i feel like they don't care because they're not doing mostly anything. they just suspended but he's going to come back and do the same thing again. >> reporter: we did reach out to the school district. the spokesperson just found out about the alleged incident and went on to say, the district values our diverse community and we have polys and procedures to address bullying, name-calling, violence, and other init'll rant behaviors. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> we have a look at latest look from brussels after the break. ♪
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terror suspect still wanted, this is the photo of the three suspected terrorists who attacked the brussels airport. federal police in belgium issued a want the notice for the man in the white upon the right-hand side. here's a better look. brussels police tweetin out, do you recognize this man? >> first attack, suicide bomb at brussels airport happened around 8:00 in the morning brussels time. it went off at the checkpoint station before the security checkpoint. no one had been screened at that point. at least 11 people killed at the
11:56 am
airport and video shows chaos unfolding after the explosives went off and survivors ran for cover. an hour later another bomb blast, this time inside a subway station. there, 20 people were killed, and more than 100 others injured. a journalist on that train at the time describes the explosion as a blast of air and then sound of thudding in the distance before the train stopped and lights went dark. >> in total, at least 31 people died. isis claiming responsibility for the attack. right now all flights to brussels have been canceled. the airport is going to remain closed in brussels through wednesday. >> we are going to continue coverage on the breaking story. find details as they come in online, via social media platforms and if you get our app, nbc bay area app, we will send you alerted to your phone. >> it has been a very heavy morning and i guess at least we can lighten things up a bit with the weather forecast and sun. >> we will have sun.
11:57 am
it is a cooler day. as we are now only 60 degrees in the east bay. but looking at all of the sunshine, beautiful shot in the east bay from sunol, see the clouds dotting the sky. we will be in the lower 60s with winds that will continue to pick up throughout the day. winds from. northwest up to 25 to 30 miles an hour. feeling breezy with the sunshine. we still can't rule out a spotty shower throughout the afternoon. especially in the north bay and then into the east bay hills we'll have a chance of quick moving spot showers throughout the afternoon. >> all right. not quite out of the woods yet. thank you. >> as we mentioned, we will continue cov ering the attacks n brussels. a live picture of solidarity as paris lights up the eiffel tower in the colors of the belgium flag that is black, yellow, red. next newscast tonight at 5:00. t ns specl at 30. a thene're bac
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stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> welcome to "access hollywood live" on this tuesday, billy bush and kit hoover. hello, kitty. >> hi. >> here we go again. >> seen the headlines, wake up again to see another terrorist attack. i feel we're just coming off paris, november 13th. >> and we are, just comingff san bernardino, as well, three explosions ripped through the belgian capital of brussels, killing at least 31 people, last time i checked, but that's probably growing. in an airport now, outside of security at the check-in counters, you know. well, people are wondering do we need to do that


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