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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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within feet of the blast. close enough that he got burned by the heat coming out of the blast. it actually burned his skin. >> wells did undergo surgery for shrapnel wounds to his legs and was treated to burns to his hands, face and head. now, within hours of those bombings, isis did claim responsibility, calling the explosions suicide attacks and, in fact, here's a photo of the three alleged bombers. investigators believe at least one of those attacker, the one in white, is still alive and on the run. during a manhunt, authorities found what they're now calling a bomb making factory inside a home in brussels complete with unexploded devices filled with nails and, most chilling, an isis flag. these attacks may be on the other side of the world but they're impacts people all across the bay area. we start with michelle roberts in san francisco whether a vigil is set to begin short. michelle. >> reporter: peggy, there will be a moment of silence here on
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the plaza starting at 7:30. i'm told there will be large pieces of paper where people can draw out the silhouette of the victims that died, a powerful tribute. organizers say this event is also about standing up strong in the face of terrorism. >> anxiety is the first one, then relief. >> reporter: harold said he got a call from his little sister lynn early this morning. she's a red cross emergency responder stationed in brussels and was one of the first crews to arrive at the airport following the attacks. >> she felt angry, she felt helpless, she felt scared. she felt angry that she was scared. >> reporter: harold grew up in a small town 30 miles away from brussels. he says after the recent terrorist attack in paris, his family has feared the worst. >> you realize the extent and the gravity and the horror and the lack of humanity. >> reporter: across town natalie with the belgium consulate has
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called on thousands to rally together. >> stand in solidarity, show support, show love. i think that's very important, and also not to be scared. >> reporter: in the face of heartbreak and tragedy, harold says he'll find strength in his two kids who are looking forward to a trip to belgium to see their aunt lynn. >> you hug them very, very. >> reporter: there are black and yellow flags here in the plaza to honor the belgian community. i'm told that city hall will be lit up in the colors of the belgian flag when the sun goes down. that moment of silence will be at 7:30 tonight. reporting live in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. let's take a look at the growing memorial tonight in brussels. tributes to the victims are popping up all over the globe. the eiffel tower in paris is lit up now with the colors of the belgian flag.
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similar attacks happened in paris in november are still on the minds of many. the white house is also paying tribute tonight to the victims. the american flag out front is at half staff to recognize the lives lost. as you can imagine, airports across the u.s. are beefing up security in the wake of those attacks in belgium. here in the bay area police are stepping their own patrols up as well. there are concerns at airports and train stations here, but homeland security is stressing that there are no known threats against the united states tonight. we continue our team coverage with elyce kirchner at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station. and vigilance is certainly the word of the day. >> reporter: absolutely. we want to stress that transit officials say there are no credible threats tonight but out of an abundance of caution, security measures throughout the bay area have been stepped up. public transportation from b.a.r.t. and muni is critical here. >> it's a tremendous mover of
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the economy in the bay area. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people depend on it daily. >> who knows if it's going to happen here or not? >> reporter: that's why even with no credible threat in wake of the bombings in brussels, b.a.r.t. officials say its agency has stepped up security measures with extra police officers on hand at self-of their stations wee don't discuss the specifics of how many people are out there and where they are, but safe to say that we have stepped up our efforts. >> reporter: muni did the same, telling us by e-mail that they're working with sfpd to increase police patrols throughout the system. transit fare inspectors and security personnel will also be on patrol throughout the city to ensure that our riders and employees are as safe as possible. >> because it's right in your face now. it's not just on tv. it's here. that makes it even more scary. it's closer to home. >> reporter: on amtrak, more of the same. asking passengers to stay alert. >> it could happen anywhere.
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>> reporter: and you hear this line a lot, but it certainly rings true right now. if you see something, say something. and coming up at 6:00, we hear from a counterterrorism expert who tells us why public transit is such a desirable target for terrorists. reporting live from walnut creek tonight, i'm elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. from trains to airports, airports in the u.s. also on heightened alert after seeing this video. this is from moments after those two blasts went off at the airport ther in brussels showing a chaotic scene as people ran. in response, police at los angeles international are making themselves much more visible today. and at jfk in new york, attack dogs and officers in full body armor are on patrol along with national guardsmen. mark matthews spent his day at sfo. what are you seeing there at least on the outside? >> reporter: well, we're not seeing anything that i think passengers would notice in terms of stepped-up security. we've seen a few police
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officers, but we haven't got any direct flights to brussels, so there's been no cancellations and no delays really to speak of. although among the passengers, yes, the impact of brussels is being felt. he heard about the attack. he and his wife were at the theater. >> i think that europe has to be strong and make it tougher and tougher on those peoples. >> reporter: airport police leading dogs told us they were just making routine rounds. other officers said, yes, they're trying to be more visible here in the wake of the brussels bombing. this man and woman just got off a plane from paris and worry that the attacks will ramp up fear in europe and the u.s. >> the security has got to get stronger. >> yeah. more fear of foreigners. >> reporter: new yorker lanny cohen is keeping his eyes open but also being practical. >> we can succumb to it or be as
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prudent as we possibly can be and just try to avoid situations that are more potentially at risk. >> reporter: the only person we met who had not heard what had happened was stephanie lameir. she lives in a port city of belgium. >> i'm so sad. >> reporter: she walked away apologizing for her english and visibly upset over what had happened. so yes, the impact of brussels is being felt here in the airport, maybe not as you'd expect, but certainly there if you ask. reporting from the international terminal in san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump also weighing in on the attacks but with two very different takes on the violence. clinton says quop raying with allies and taking more military action is the best way to battle isis and beat the terrorists. trump says he would use waterboarding and other
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enhancement interrogation techniques calling torture an effective means of gathering intelligence. >> you have to get the information from these people. and we have to be smart and we have to be tough. and we can't be soft and weak. >> i think the way to do that is to deprive them of territory in syria and iraq to stop the flow of foreign fighters, arms, weapons and to take them on on the internet, which they use in a quite sophisticated way. >> clinton's campaign also announced that she'd be speaking at stanford university tomorrow about counterterrorism. this is during her visit to the bay area that will start tomorrow morning. after wards, she'll be attending two fund-raisers. >> bay based companies are offering help wherever they can. airbnb offered a disaster response to people living in belgium. they're asking people to list their homes for free to anybody who needs help. they're using the # host in brussels to let people know that
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have space available. and facebook set up a safety check. it lets users near the attack site mark themselves as being safe. they're offering free calls and techs to belgium that include veriz verizon, sprint and at&t, all of which are participating. "nightly news" expands to an hour. then coming up at 6:30, some say technology has become a terrorist's best friend. we put that claim to the test. police say a serial bank robber hitting east bay banks. coming up the similarities that investigators have seen in each of the cases. three east bay bridges are being called structurally deficient. we'll tell you which ones and what it all means coming up. i'm robert handa live in pacifica. coming up, a legal showdown the looming between residents of an apartment complex on an eroding cliff and the city that wants to keep them out. good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri.
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dangerous waves at the coast. 10 to 13 feet.
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bridg a gettg natnalatteion . f= a few of the bay area's busiest bridges are getting national attention but for all the wrong reasons. the builders association has
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released a list of what it's calling the most structurally deficient bridges in america and three of the top 25 are in the east bay. nbc bay area's pete suratos is live at the 680 bridge over monument boulevard. this one, pete, it made the list. >> reporter: you know the group that put together this report wouldn't go as far as saying that these bridges are undrivable, but they do believe that repairs should be done sooner rather than later. the 680 bridge over monument road has its challenges. >> it's a whole bunch of up and down, up and down. >> reporter: a new report by the american road and builders association won't make drivers feel any better. it claims this bridge is structurally deficient, or in laymen's terms, in need of repair. for a full disclosure, the washington, d.c.-based firm that put together this report lob es on behalf of construction and design firms for more funding to build more infrastructure around the county. the report is based off of data
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from the federal highway transportation. >> usually it's the superstructure which is the part above the bridge, the deck, which is where cars are traveling across, or the sub instruction which is the part underneath and holding up the bridge. >> reporter: also on this list is the 880 bridge over whipple road. according to the report, the deck portion of both bridges have been classified as being in poor condition. caltrans says drivers shouldn't worry. in a statement to nbc bay area regarding this report, they said, all of california's bridges that are open to traffic are safe. and that structurally deficient doesn't mean that a bridge is unsafe. in california, 95% of those bridges considered to be structurally deficient could just have minor cracks or aging paint. now, caltrans says routine inspections have begun on the 680 bridge and the structure is safe. they went on to add that safety is their number one priority. pete suratos, nbc bay area news.
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stephen stock took a look at crumbling bridge last year. you can see what he uncovered by going to his full report is at the top of the page. >> concord police began searching for this man on march 11th. you see those surveillance photos? they captured in pleasanton and rio vista yesterday. they believe he robbed a lafayette bank on his way to rio vista. the man is suspected of robbing at least five banks in three different counties. police say in each case he passes a note to the teller demanding money. investigators say in total he's likely hit more than 15 bank in just the past few months. humiliation, mental anguish and lost wamgs are among claims in a federal lawsuit against the city of vallejo. denise huskins and aaron quinn are filing a suit against the police for calling their kidnap
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a hoax. an intruder that broke into their home. quinn says that he was drugged and terrorized before huskins was kidnapped and held for ransom. police treated quinn as a murder suspect not allowing him to monitor his phone or computer for messages from the kidnappers. matthew muller was then arrested for the crimes and is awaiting trial. tomorrow a city commission will decide on an appeal filed by some of those tenants to remove the yellow tags on their units. tags that keep them from moving back in. nbc bay area's robert handa is at the apartment complex. where does the city stand on this issue? >> reporter: the long-awaited showdown between the tenants and the city won't take place soon, but they struck first today with a new technical evaluation that says the units and the tenants' legal stance are on shaky
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ground. large waves continue to pound the coast in pacifica and the cliff where the apartment stands vacant after being yellow tagged by the city january 25th. tomorrow, the pacifica emergency preparedness and safety commission will consider an appeal by some of the 20 tenants who want the city's decision reversed. 15-year resident gordon king is one. the 74-year-old retired veteran is working with pacifica resource center to find housing and says he spent much of his fixed income on motels and no one will accept his v.a. housing voucher. >> the stress point is amazing. i never thought it was possible, you know, that your life could change in one day, and it really can. >> reporter: but today pacifica officials armed with a new geotechnical report of the cliff said it will fight the appeal. >> this combination of high tides and warm water and high swell has eaten away at the base of the bluff. and once you undermine a very steep cliff, the upper portion
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has no support and it collapses. >> reporter: gordon king doesn't accept the city-funded study. >> the city is the one that put the yellow tag on my door, okay? they're the one that put the yellow tag on my door. >> reporter: if the commission sides with the tenants, the city says it will start a new yellow tag process. if the commission agrees with the city, then officials say that the tenants' only legal recourse would be to sue. live in pacifica, robert handa, nbc bay area news. well, today a board of supervisors in santa cruz county voted to declare a local state of emergency for all that damage done by a recent el nino storm. all the rain has led to flooding and triggered mud slides. estimates of the damage repair will cost the county more than $11 million. that declaration will help the county recoup some of that money. jeff ranieri standing by. one of those days, powder blue skies, beautiful, really nice outside. >> it was spectacular. you can see from the outer
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sunset in san francisco, a lot of blue sky. we've had cumulus clouds throughout the day. otherwise, on the sky camera network we're coming in with a average of 63 in the east bay, san francisco at 56. still rather cool out for today. but as you'll see in the scrolling seven-day forecast, we'll introduce some warmer weather especially by friday and saturday. let's go ahead and take you into the morning forecast as we head throughout wednesday. and what you'll see here is it's going to start off not only clear but cold down to 45 in the south bay, a chilly 42 in the east bay and as low as 40 in the north bay. you need a jacket to start, then with sunny skies in the forecast and a lot of warmer air aloft by the afternoon tomorrow, you won't need a jacket at all. with high pressure building off shore, that will again keep our temperature trend on the up here as we head through thursday, friday and also on saturday's forecast. let's go ahead and get a look at where this area of high pressure
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will do for some of our interior val es. we'll reach our maximum thursday and friday with these low 70s, and then by saturday we'll see a little dip, then by sunday we're back down to 65 degrees. that's a sign of cooler weather next week and maybe the possibility of showers by next monday. as we get a look at the micro climate forecast for tomorrow, you can see it will be beautiful in the south bay. some of the warmest temperatures here. this will put morgan hill at 71 degrees, back to san jose, 69 for the coastline. palo alto 67 and in san francisco sunshine from the financial district right back towards the marina with low 60s. for the north bay, east bay and for the tri-valley, we do have 70s here as well right throughout santa rosa, 70 degrees specifically there, mill valley 65. east bay comes in at 67. sunshine right throughout walnut creek back into alamo and danville with temperatures in
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the upper 60s. for the tri-valley, the warmest spot looks to be pleasanton with 70 and you can see livermore will be slightly cooler. in terms of our rain outlook, we'll stay dry with high pressure off shore not only for wednesday but right through saturday's forecast. but by next monday we'll see another system approach and bring us cooler and breezier weather and maybe the chance. it does not look like a big storm. the colder and windier conditions will be the big headline from this. average chances of rainfall with just five weeks left of el nino. beautiful weather the next few days and maybe a little wet weather next week. sounds wonderful. thanks so much, jeff. we're continuing to follow developing situations in brussels. new video surfacing of raids going on right now. what it could reveal from the terrorist plot. cal making a change following a sexual harassment schedule against one of its deans. sedan.the eapesversi
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back now to today's deadly terror attack in brussels. right now the search is under way in belgium for a bombmaker who authorities believe survived those blasts. >> here's new video of the police raids happening across brussels right now. investigators believe they've uncovered a bombmaking factory complete with chemicals, nails, and a isis flag. you can see the two men in front in black. the one on the right in the white coat managed to escape. now, also the bombs at the airport and subway station went off during the morning rush hour. so it was very busy. the death toll right now standing at 34. about 200 people are hurt. the world is showing its support for belgium. right now the tallest building
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in the u.s., one world trade center is lit up in the colors of the belgian flag. other structures are doing the same. back here a south bay high school track coach accused of having sex with two students appeared in court today. he was a volunteer track coach at mt. pleasant high school. police arrested him last week. he had inappropriate relationships with two girls who attend the schools who are 14 and 17. trying to move beyond a sexual harassment schedule. today uc berkeley named an interim dean. the university said that she's taught a range of courses including family and criminal law. she takes over for sujit ch ourks dry who redesigned after a student accused him of sexual
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harassment. the assistant is suing choudri and the school. a few good hackers. we'll tell you how and why up next. hour-ng edion onightnews. ==an==
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tonight at 6:30, after a
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special hour-long edition of "nightly news," what started with our investigation ends up going all the way to the white house. california's on the innovators shared their techniques to end the drought. wanted, hackers who can take down uber. the san francisco ride sharing company today announced a 5s th this$,000 reward to someone who can take down their home page or expose riders e-mail addresses. offering 10 grand to those who can run malicious accounts. the goal is to find flaws in the system before hackers do. >> that's a good idea. how are we doing tonight weather wise? >> clear outside for most of the bay area. we keep those sunny skies to start. 45 in the south bay. east bay a chilly 42 rand close to the 30s in the north bay. we'll have sunny skies return for tomorrow. 70 in the south bay. still cool in san francisco for wednesday's forecast. but we'll see things warm up by
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friday and saturday with low 70s pretty much across the board. >> nice. t meanme --ememb you cann breaking news tonight. terror in brussels, a horrific sea of carnage as bombs explode through the airport, in the subway at rush hour. dozens killed, hundreds sured including americas. jails in the bombs and the bodies of the victims. two americans who were at the airport still missing. and the suspected bomber caught on camera, wheeling bags. right now a massive manhunt for a suspect who may have escaped. urgent raids yielding more shocking discoveries. tonight a chilling moment-by-moment account as an american who witnessed it all speaks to nbc news. and as isis says it was behind the attack. authorities step up security in cities and airports here at home. the world tonight standing in solidarity with


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