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tv   Today  NBC  March 24, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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the tri-valley. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> a live shot from san francisco and little bit of fog in the air there. good morning. good morning. breaking overnight, new raids in brussels as the manhunt for suspects intensifies, so far no arrests as we learn just how close police came to capturing two of the bombers before the attack. out of bounds? donald trump escalates his feud with ted cruz overnight retweeting an insult directed at cruz's wife. the senator responds to the heated rivalry reaching a new low. whiteout, a powerful spring blizzard roaring into the midwest this morning after burying parts of the colorado, highs closed, drivers stranded, denver's airport shut down for the first time in a decade.
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and two to tango. president obama roped into argentina's most famous dance at a state dinner and the reviews from his partner are in. today is thursday, march 24th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today," it's thursday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. i have willie in as matt travels back from brussels and that's where we begin this morning. there are new raids tied to the terror attacks there and we have new information on the suspects who were involved. let's go with what we know right now. police say three of the attackers can be seen in the photo right there pushing carts carrying bombs they say that were disguised as suitcases as they walked through the brussels airport check in hall. >> this mean is najim laachraoui originally wanted in connection
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with last year's paris attacks, he is believed to be an a come police of salah abdeslam. authorities say lash raury had a hand until the paris attacks in paris. >> a desperate manhunt is under way. police believed he a band sond a suitcase and fled. >> and the man in the middle is khalid el bakraoui. h -- ieb home el bakraoui. his younger broke khalid. police say both brothers now dead helped facilitate the first attacks. >> a lot to get to this morning. we have complete coverage of the investigation and the impact here in the u.s. let's start with bill neely, he is in brussels for us. bill, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. savannah, from a street that is
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normally filled with traffic today filled with people adding to a carpet of flowers that's building just ahead of me for the dead. there is a desperate search by police here this morning for the terror cell behind these bombings, but one man who police believe was connected to that cell indeed may have organized it, appeared in could rt this morning. it's not just a manhunt, it's a race against time. police searching for suspects fear the terror cell who struck once here could strike again. this raid gave them boxes of evidence but not the men they want. this is one, an airport bomber there still struggling to identify. these are new pictures of the carnage he and the two others caused. 61 of the injured are still in intensive care, over 100 more still in the hospital including a dozen americans, several more americans are still unaccounted for.
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the one man apparently unaware of the bombings had a court hearing this morning amid massive security. salah abdeslam arrested last week faces extradition to france for the paris bombings. he won't fight t his daughter says he hasn't been told about the brussels attacks. deep underground at the site of the deadliest bombing at the metro station the search continues. they are looking for any tiny clue here, a battery, a detonator, any fragment of the bomb that might lead them to who made it. people here are desperate to feel safe. the troops guarding their morning commute say many are not enough. tourists, too, feel under threat here. >> i came from jerusalem to experience a few days of peace. i hope this -- all this madness stops. >> reporter: and soon. >> very soon. >> reporter: three days of
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mourning continue here but amid the remembrance there is defiance, too. >> all i can do is show them i'm not afraid? you are you are not afraid? >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: defiance and patriotism. >> you're wearing belgian colors. >> everybody needs to wear it now. >> reporter: many of the dead have not been identified. the first to be named is a peruvian on her way to new york with her four-year-old twin daughters. they survived by running across the airport departure hall to play with their father. the nation is praying not just for the victims but for the success of their own battle against the bombers still on the run. now, the police know that two of those backers were the bakraoui brothers and both are dead, but there's real confusion about all the others. who they were, where they came from and who is helping them. this is a police operation that is struggling and this is a
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population that's deeply worried. matt, savannah. >> bill neely, thank you so much. this is the third terror attack in europe in a little more than a year that involved brothers. >> as we say ibrahim el bakraoui blew hem sifl up at the airport, khalid detonated his bomb at the subway station. last november the paris bombings involved and slams. >> brothers has terrorists have hit close to home in the u.s. we remember the tsarnaev brothers who carried out the boston marathon bombings. in some cases like the tsarnaevs one brother is thought to have radicalized the younger sibling but oftentimes they share the same ideology. we're also learning more about the victims, several including americans some still missing more than 48 hours later. erika hill is in brussels with that part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the state department confirms
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about a dozen americans were injured in tuesday's attack but as you mentioned many still remain unaccounted for. the state department telling us even some u.s. government employees and family members are unaccounted for. this morning their loved ones are holding out hope for the best and doing their best not to fear the worst. just an hour before the first blast emily eisenman had spoken to her belgian boyfriend, he was headed to the airport to visit her in georgia. >> bart told me that he would get in touch with me every step of the way. his last words on the phone call was that i love you. >> no one has heard from him since. surrounded by family emily has this plea. >> i have hope that bart, you are coming home. and i love you so much and we all love you and you are okay. >> reporter: also still
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unaccounted, siblings sascha and alexander pinczowski who live in new york, they were on the phone with a relative when the airport bomb went off. and kentucky couple justin and stephanie shults who had just waved good buy to her mother at security. stephanie's friends holding out hope. >> stephanie is such an intelligent and positive and supportive person. she would just want everyone to keep positive thoughts. >> reporter: among the injured at hospital three american mormon missionaries including richard norby who remains in a coma and mason wells who had second-degree burns, his parents flying out wednesday night to be by his side. and sebastien bellin, a pro basketball player who played college ball in the states, he suffered deep shrapnel cuts to his leg and hip, his family owned learned his fate after seeing this photo taken moments after the airport explosion. his father in california finally reaching him at the hospital.
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>> he said that you wouldn't believe what i saw around me. so i'm a lucky one. >> reporter: and that photo of sebastian that we mentioned i actually spoke with a woman who took it yesterday, she said she had no idea who he was at the time, she just felt she needed to document what was happening in the terminal after the blast, but she is hoping, savannah and willie, to one day connect with him. >> those american families clinging to hope. thank you very much. these attacks have become a new focal point in the presidential race. this morning republican hopeful senator ted cruz is doubling down on a controversial proposal while his twitter war of words with donald trump escalates. peter alexander has the latest from the campaign trail. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a majority of republican voters name terrorism as their top concern but how to address it remains the top issue. president obama is joining the growing chorus condemning ted cruz's proposal to patrol muslim neighborhoods here and overnight an ugly round in that ugly back
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and forth between the top two republican candidates over their wives. ted cruz standing firm. >> increase law enforcement, increase military effort and increase police presence. >> reporter: still the backlash is growing after his controversial call for surveillance of muslim neighborhoods in the u.s. >> it's wrong. it's counterproductive, it's dangerous. >> reporter: president obama fresh off a trip to cuba slamming cruz's strategy. >> i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance, which by the way the father of senator cruz escaped for america. >> reporter: cruz quickly firing back. >> we have seen president obama's weakness and appeasement give rise to radical islamic terrorism, isis. >> reporter: both cruz and clinton knocking trump for suggesting the u.s. pull back from nato, america's strategic alliance with europe for 70 years.
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>> there is a technical term for that is correct it's called nuts. >> reporter: clinton warning that would give rough is that unchecked power. meanwhile, a spat over spouses. >> there are a lot of things that donald trump and his campaign say that have no basis in reality. >> reporter: heidi cruz dismissing trump after he wrongly blamed her husband for this stop trump ad from an outside group but trump insisting cruz is behind the ad is threatening to spill the beans about his rival's wife. >> he's better off sticking with me because heidi is way out of his league. >> reporter: and accusing cruz of lifting lines from a fictional president michael douglas. >> you better stick with me. >> reporter: still trump and cruz are not letting up. trump retweeting the picture with the tweet the images are worth a thousand words. overnight ted cruz shot back tweeting donald real men don't attack women.
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your wife is lovely and heidi is the love of my life. somehow this sideshow continues. surely not the conversation most republicans want to be having two days after an awful terror attack. >> peter alexander, thank you. on that note senator lindsey graham joins us now, he is a member of the senate armed services committee, former presidential candidate this year and he just threw his support behind senator cruz. lots to talk about including politics. let's start with these terror attacks in brussels. a lot of people just sit here and they think what can you do? is the jeannie out of the bottle? is there any way to contain this? >> the goal is to destroy isil. president obama has the right goal but the strategy is not going to work. you need a ground component to supplement the air campaign. policing muslim communities, torturing people is not the answer. so we need a ground component. i'd form a regional army of arab nations would be part of that army, go into saer i can't and take back the land that isil honds. >> but even if you did that
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tomorrow you still have a situation in brussels and in other western european capitals and god forbid maybe even here where you have people who are willing and inspired by isis. >> if you did that tomorrow isil over time would become less effective, lose their command and control. there would be no place to go to in syria, they would be seen as losers not winners. it would take a while but if you don't destroy them on the ground this continues. another 9/11 is coming near here, it's being planned as i speak in syria, the only way to interrupt the next attack on our homeland is to go on the ground and hit these guys. >> a lot of people say what happened in brussels and paris could happen in the united states. what do you do about a potential terror cell that's already here? >> you want to have good intelligence, a good relationship with the muslim community. this is a religious war. the worst possible thing for a political leader in the united states to do is say that we're going to ban all muslims,
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basically say that islam is -- we should say we see the difference between radical islam and 99% of the muslim faith and have a better relationship. >> the candidate you're supporting ted cruz said we ought to police muslim communities, enhance surveillance, things like that. what do you say to that? >> if it means we have to have a better policing relationship where we can gather intelligence are from the muslim community that makes sense. if we're going to surveil muslims because they are muslims doesn't make sense. donald trump made the biggest mistake anybody can make on the war on terror, declaring war on faith. you have to get people within the faith to partner with you and there are plenty who reject radical islam we need their help. wins we are on the subject of politics lets me play a mash up of why you are greatest hits. >> my party has gone bat [ bleep ] crazy.
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if you kill ted cruz on the floor of the senate and the trial was in the senate nobody could convict you. >> you have a way with words. >> probably not going to go into comedy. >> you're supporting ted cruz. how did thisthis happen? >> it says a lot about donald trump, doesn't it? donald trump i think would be a disaster for our party, ted cruz is a reliable republican conservative whom i have many differences with. i don't think trump is republican or conservative, i think he would be a disaster at commander in chief. ted and i have more of a world view than mr. trump. i'm supporting ted cruz because i think he would be competitive in the general election, mr. trump would destroy my party because of who he is and the way he behaves. >> you said you would rather lose this presidential election than make donald trump president. if it is hillary and trump you would vote for hillary clinton? >> i'm not going to vote for hillary clinton under any iks circumstances because it would be a continuation of a failed presidency. i think mr. trump is not a
7:16 am
republican conservative, his campaign is based on xenophobia, race baiting, bringing out the worst in us, i think it would destroy my party for generations to come. we can afford to lose an election, we can't afford to lose the heart and soul of who we are. >> before i let you go what do you think about this latest twitter dust up over candidates' wives? >> it's a good year to be single. the bottom line is when you think it can't get worse, guys, knock it off. the world is falling apart. man up, you have great wives and great families. give me a vision, an alternative to winning this far different than barack obama. give me a plan that would lead to the destruction of isil, tell me how we are going to get out of debt, talk about things that people care about and knock this crap off because these are serious times and you are not behaving like you want to be president of the united states, you're behaving like you are on a reality tv show. >> senator graham, thank you so much. another major story this morning, treacherous conditions
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facing millions of commuters a spring blizzard that's already crippled the city of denver roaring into the midwest now. we are in green way wisconsin where the snow is falling this morning. blake, good morning. >> good morning. winter storm warnings are in effect across the upper midwest as this big storm makes its way east. in denver which was hardest hit yesterday hundreds of drivers spent the night in their cars stranded on the highway, the national guard was deployed over night to rescue them with hem vees, all of this as millions more americans face a treacherous commute in morning. a state of emergency dee trade in wisconsin this morning as a powerful spring storm dumps up to a foot of snow, parts of minnesota getting clobbered as the storm that started out west makes its way east. >> i wish i had a snow blower. >> the fast moving storm brought hail to missouri and shut down denver international airport wednesday for the first time in almost a decade. >> everybody is totally stuck here at the moment.
7:18 am
>> near zero visibility creating unsafe conditions for pilots and drivers. crews worked through the night to rescue hundreds of stranded motorists. >> you couldn't see one foot in front of his face. >> but for those who have been missing winter this winter, a chance to make up for lost time. here is green bay, wisconsin, the blizzard warning that was supposed to be until 1:00 p.m. has already been canceled, school, though, that is already been canceled for much of the area and spring break was supposed to start tomorrow for these kids so they're getting a one day head start. we will send things back to you. >> blake mccoy, thanks. now to that dance making headlines around the world. president obama doing the tango reluctantly it seems, the unexpected moment came during a state dinner that was hosted by the president. a professional dancer who had just performed walked over to the commander and chief and extends of invitation to join
7:19 am
her on the dance floor. ♪ >> well, first he did decline, you saw because he said he didn't know the steps but he got into it as you can see both the president and first lady got in on the action and the president's dance partner later told an argentine newspaper he is a very good dancer. let's see if he sticks the landing there. >> that's very appropriate because that's the dance savannah is going to be doing at the reception. >> don't give it away. there it is. >> dillon is in for al this morning. >> good morning. we saw the worst conditions yesterday back through denver where we had blizzard conditions, now that's what we're seeing in green bay as blake mentioned we had that blizzard warning in effect until 1:00 this afternoon local time. we also have heavier pockets of know across northern michigan, more of an icy mix through central new england. we are looking at still the chance of gusts up near 35 to 40 miles per hour. so we are not looking at a whole
7:20 am
lot of additional snow in green bay, but we still have these wintry conditions and the gusty winds will reduce visibility. this area of low pressure will will have to move eastward, some of the stronger storms we could see on the warmer part of this storm down the midwest and south. the your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're in for sunshine today, and temperatures now are cool to start. we're at 50 degrees in san francisco, and 44 degrees in the north bay. highs today into the 70s.
7:21 am
a bit warmer than yesterday, up to 72 in the south bay, east bay 73, and also 73 in the tri-valley. north bay 74 degrees and a pleasant 68 degrees in san francisco. more of this weather into the weekend. and that's your latest forecast. breeding ground for terror. we take you inside the neighborhood where attacks like the one in brussels are being hatched. we will celebrate the great life of our friend, joe garagiola.
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a very good thursday morning to you. a break in the case of the bearded bandit. the man authorities say robbed more than a dozen area banks. police say he's in custody after an alert customer saw him buying raiseors. when please were called, the man took off in a car leading officers through brentwood. officers says he's targeted more than 15 banks in five cities and got away with nearly $30,000. authorities have not yet released his identity. let's check that forecast today. a nice start, a cool one. >> it is cool, but we'll have a warm afternoon, laura, we are
7:27 am
taking a live look at sunol, and temperatures in the tri-valley at 44 degrees. now, as we look at san francisco, it's 40 this -- 50 there, 40 in the north bay, but highs today reaches into the 60s and 70s. this is above average, and we continue on with this weather for the next couple days. let's see what's happening as you head out the door. mike? the south looks great. it slows a bit, and then spreads itself out over the northbound direction toward mountainview. 17 has some debris, but that cleared around the interchange. and the build westbound, of course, across the dumbarton and san mateo bridges. back to you. time to get out of bed and start your day. if not, we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. i hope to see you then.
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♪ 7:30 now. on a thursday morning, march 24th, 2016. it's a special day around here. we are going to throw a big fat "today" wedding. the reception in the famed rainbow room. there is the mother of the bride. we have hoda getting everybody riled up. we will check in with our bride and groom in just a bit. willie, to answer your question, there is an open bar. >> i saw hoda dancing with a drink in her hand at 7:30 in the morning. >> weather tops our head lines. state of emergency declared in wisconsin as a powerful spring blizzard moves into the midwest. the storm buried parts of colorado on wednesday. whiteout conditions leading to
7:31 am
highway closures and a shutdown of the denver airport. the rivalry between donald trump and ted cruz escalated. trump retweeting this photo comparing his wife to the texas senator's. senator cruz responded saying real men don't attack women. the latest feud started with an ad of a melania trump in gq. >> and police in brussels carried out new raids as they search for potential suspects in tuesday's deadly terror attacks. at least one of them seen at the airport with two of the suicide bombers. he's still at large. >> one concern raised why have some neighborhoods in europe become hot beds for terrorists. we have nbc's keir simmons on that part of the story. >> reporter: these terrorist hot beds operate like mafia. isis recruits helping them hide and carry out attacks. we have been to one area close to here where many grew up.
7:32 am
>> reporter: days after the brussels attacks, officials this morning say islamic state trained at least 400 fighters to target europe according to the the associated press. last week salah abdeslam suspected of involvement in the paris attack was arrested in the brussels neighborhood where he grew up. molenbeek. we know a network were living in suburbs around here. his friend lived a few blocks away. ibrahim el bakraoui and khalid el bakraoui just around the corner. this mother says her son was recruited here. >> six months between kissing you. >> reporter: she told nbc that the recruiter still lives nearby. >> why do you think the police haven't done anything about it? >> they interviewed him but they say there is not enough proof. >> reporter: the brothers had criminal records according to
7:33 am
officials. over the brussels bombers. many isis recruits have criminal back grounds. salah abdeslam is ibrahim's bother. brother. a place where family comes first bound tight by poverty. they say once somebody is recruited to isis it is too late. >> maybe he is a neighbor next door. if it gets to this point, it gets very difficult to say to him, come and sit and we'll grab a coffee and talk. >> people don't like us here do they? there is a lot of animosity? >> you have to understand that six months from now -- all day media comes here. >> reporter: the next generation need help. >> we have a lot of young people
7:34 am
who are afraid not of terror but afraid of their future. >> reporter: they are opening a theater recruiting them for a better future. >> a place of hope. >> a place of hope here in molenbeek. >> we see it again and again isis recruiting people with a criminal background into a kind of gangster jihad. they have a code of loyalty. remember there are people in the community who have phoned the police who do want to see an end to this terrorism. >> keir simmons in brussels. thank you. we have dylan in for al. >> we had severe weather move into the south yesterday. we saw video of hail falling into a pool here. look at that. golf ball-sized hail. looks cool when it splashes in the water but not when it is hitting the roof of your car and causing damage when you have hail that large. we are going to see this area of low pressure and trailing cold
7:35 am
front move eastward. now we are seeing heaviest of rain through central illinois and stretching into eastern arkansas. this extends into the houston area. lots of cloud-to-ground lightning. we could see severe storms later this afternoon. larger hail, damaging wind gusts and lightning. we could see an isolated tornado later this afternoon as the cold front moves eastward we see the storms firing up this afternoon and tonight. that's our best chance of stronger storms. it will fizzle out a bit. we will have scattered showers up and down th we'll continue on with some quiet weather again today, with cool temperatures as you head out the door. it is 48 degrees in the east bay and the peninsula, and 50 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon will be up to 68, very pleasant and highs in the
7:36 am
low 70s inland, up to 73 degrees in the east bay and the tri-valley. the north bay 74 degrees. this weekend also looking very nice, but slightly cooler heading into easter sunday. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you so much. as we mentioned we are hosting a wedding this morning. hoda has been checking in on everything. how is it looking? >> i'm right across the street at the beautiful rainbow room. we are on the 65th floor at rockefeller plaza. i have to tell you something. this room is spectacular. everyone in it is very familiar with one thing so far. what is it called? honeymoon sunset. they are ready for a celebration. this is an incredible stage. on this stage michael jackson performed here.
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frank sinatra, barbara strisand. we are just waiting patiently for the bride and groom to get here so we can get this party started. are we ready, guys? so ready. >> looks like she had a couple of those already. >> there she goes. >> love it. we'll be over in a minute. how can you tell if a woman really likes you on a date? the dress color men should hope the ladies are wearing. >> red. >> we'll see if you are right. a warning if you are thinking about getting rid of your old computer or phone. how anyone can still access your personal information even if you have erased it. first these messages. ♪
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right now 7:42 with ongoing series hacking of america and a question for anyone who has sold or recycled a computer did you erase personal data first? >> turns out moving it to the trash or recycle bin isn't enough. tom costello with a warning. >> in a computer your data is stored either on a memory card or platter. you have two options to physically destroy these or use a software program to wipe them clean. if you don't you could be giving away the keys to your kingdom. what do you keep on your phone
7:43 am
or computer? photos, e-mails, contacts, bank and tax forms. it turns out if you sell or recycle that computer or phone just deleting your data doesn't do it. >> the truth usually is that it is not wiped. >> it's not. >> reporter: the recovery experts had me delete personal photos, mock financial information and passwords. i have two lap tops here, a windows based computer and a mack. i want to get rid of personal information so nobody else can find it. i'm going to do that by deleting information on the windows based computer and on the mack i stored the data on external hard drive. now i'm going to wipe it. we sent it to the lab in minneapolis. kroll bought 100 used pcs and phones online. nearly half still contained personal information even though many previous owners thought they erased it. it is not as simple as hitting
7:44 am
delete. >> it is like when you have a book and take the table of contents out you may not know chapter 7 is but it is there. >> reporter: if someone has basic software he or she can steal your data. >> from the computers you sent us it was easy. very simple. >> reporter: there on the screen, photos, e-mails and financial records. we created this bank statement. it is not real. i thought i deleted it. >> it was there for the taking. we have your bank statement, your bank account numbers, how much money you have. >> reporter: credit card numbers and expiration dates. >> and the pin and security code. yrpt i expect you to recover the data because you are pros. what if i sell to second hand store. >> they can recover the data with free software. >> reporter: my personal data is compromised. >> it absolutely is. >> reporter: what can you do to protect yourself?
7:45 am
one option is to buy software that truly deletes all of your data and provides you with a certificate of proof. the other option is to get physical. as nbc taking a hammer or drill to the memory chips inside your computer. don't go easy. >> data is stored on both sides. you want to make sure you drill all the way through it or crush it all the way. >> reporter: the whole thing must be destroyed. >> yes. >> you may have seen recycling bins for phones, old cell phones give away to people in need. just like you check the pocket before giving away a coat to charity make sure you have deleted everything. more tips on nbc >> sledgehammer. that solution is so low tech. get a hammer. >> table saw. coming up, who is that man?
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we're back. remembering a cherished member of the "today" family. >> joe garagiola started off as a baseball player died on wednesday. he was a man who always knew how to start off the mornings with a smile. >> i brought one of these in as a special -- look at this one. >> i trade for them. >> joe garagiola was known for folksy comedy. joe was born in 1926 in the hill, the same close knit neighborhood as yogi berra who died last year. garagiola won the world series in his rookie year playing for st. louis cardinals. he played eight more seasons before becoming an announcer with his down home sense of
7:51 am
humor. >> i could have beaten them if playing in an airport or telephone booth. >> reporter: garagiola called baseball games for nearly six decades. he spent his mornings here at "today" serving as anchor. >> you have been on the show many, many times. what number press conference is this for you? >> and returning in the '90s. >> i used to sleep until 6:00 in the morning. >> joe earned a special award for his work and hosted several game shows, even filling in on the tonight show for johnny carson. after 57 years he retired in 2013 and a year later was just the third recipient of the buck o'neil award, the lifetime achievement honor for work off the field. he raised grant money for under privileged and a strong advocate against chewing tobacco. rereflected on years of charity
7:52 am
work. >> people say you have a great ministry. i don't have a ministry. god gives us all a job to do and we should recognize that and let's do it. >> athlete, author, anchor, announcer and family man. joe garagiola was 90 years old. >> life well lived. >> getting a lot of messages even from matt lauer. god i'll miss joe garagiola, part of the soul of our show. hall of fame person. hall of fame person. all of our well wishes to joe's e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause)
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7:56 am
good thursday morning. aisle meteorologist kari hall. we have some sunshine but chilly temperatures. a live look now at san francisco. we will be warming up nicely today, but this is where we begin. we're at 50 degrees in concord, oakland and san francisco, how degrees now in napa. a look now at those highs, up to 73 degrees in gilroy, 71 in palo alto, and 68 drools in the financial district. 71 in fairfield and fremont. also in san ramon later today. there's a slowdown in oakland. mike? >> there's no surprises here. until we see the slowing here, let's look at your map. we have slowing for 880, harrison glued to the shoulder, maybe a little more slow ugh north. and past the university, we're recovering from a crash at powell. no surprises there.
7:57 am
slowing in both directions, the san mateo bridge off of 238 and same for the dumbarton bridge. a nice smooth easy flow in the south, from 85 all the way up to mountainview. 85 and 87 show nor traffic flowing, but this is not as bad as we sometimes see on a thursday. bogging down at 280 near 17, into saratoga, which will build through the next half hour. mike, happening now, developments on several fronts. it appears there may actually be two suspects on the loose, and europeans ministers are holding an emergency meeting today. some people say san francisco is overrun by coyotes, today park and rec staffers will try to ease some of those concerns. stef chuang will have an update in the midday news broadcast. we'll have another local
7:58 am
update coming up in half an hour. we'll see you then. sfloo
7:59 am
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♪ it's 8:00 on "today." it's the season to sniffle after a mild winter will allergies be starting extra early. how can you tell if sneezing is from a cold or allergies. can you identify this man? he is retired, he is hilarious and could probably use a shave. it's time to say "i do." >> kaitlin. >> big day is finally here. we'll make history with our big fat today wedding. all happens live today march 24, 2016.
8:01 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> spring break from memphis, tennessee. >> good morning, ohio. >> hi grandma and grandpa. >> good morning florida. >> good morning everybody. welcome back to "today." it's a beautiful morning. let's have a wedding. >> the crowd is so excited. >> it's going to be a party. >> i realize having met the
8:02 am
mother of the groom i'm kind of a wedding crasher. as you can see we spruced up our plaza and other parts for our big wedding this morning and we promise we have things up our sleeve that will make it like nothing you have seen. >> before we get the bridal party in position they are checking in. >> i don't see nerves here. >> excited for real. >> this is the bridal party and we are excited. >> every time a shot of you came up people were crying. >> it may be a big festive day but very emotional. >> i feel like we built a relationship with the viewers. >> we are connected. >> you are not nervous.
8:03 am
>> carson, what about the groom? >> i'm great. >> are you ready for this in. >> i am. >> you are a lucky man. >> what is it like to have your friends and family here today? >> amazing. it is going to be a great day. >> can you beat this royal flush? >> yeah. >> king high. >> it's your lucky day. >> back out to you. we are all ready. >> carson fits right in. >> chatted with mother of the groom. she is proud. >> a fun morning. before we get to that let's get a check on this morning's top stories. a massive man hunt underway in belgium as authorities try to track down those responsible for tuesday's deadly terror attacks.
8:04 am
bill neily is there with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. quick update on the casualties. 61 people are still in intensive care. more than 100 others still in the hospital including around a dozen americans. the police hunt for those who injured them and killed 31 others is intensifying. a desperate man hunt for this man captured on airport footage pushing a bomb in a suitcase into the departures hold before he fled the scene. a u.s. official says the man standing to the left is najim laachraoui, the bomb maker who blew himself up in the attack along with ibrahim el bakraoui. nbc news is learning from u.s. intelligence officials the
8:05 am
brussels and paris attacks were linked and according to a senior u.s. counter terrorism official the two el bakraoui brothers participated in both events. in paris they facilitated the attacks providing safe house to terrorists. here in belgium they became the suicide bombers. their co-conspirator in the paris attacks salah abdeslam wasn't told of the attack. he wants to leave for france as quickly as possible. the police are hunting for a number of suspects. there is real confusion about who they are, where they are, where they came from and who might be helping them. the police are struggling in this investigation and people here are pretty worried. >> thank you very much. now to the powerful spring storm that has winter
8:06 am
overstaying its welcome in the midwest and wisconsin. a state of emergency declared. parts of minnesota clobbered overnight. in colorado the blizzard shut down denver international airport for the first time in almost a decade. the storm brought heavy rain and hail to parts of the south. the australian government says analysis of two pieces of airplanes found they are certainly part of mh 370. a south african teenager found one piece. the second piece was discovered by an american lawyer who had been conducting his own search. another possible piece found this week in south africa. the flight attendant accused of trying to smuggle nearly 70
8:07 am
pounds of cocaine through is behind bars. marsha gay reynolds turned herself in on wednesday at jfk airport. investigators say she ran from airport security ditching her gucci high heels after she was selected for a random screening. she faces a federal drug charge and is due in court later today. let's go back. >> thank you so much. spring is here and we all know what that means, allergies. according to a new report based on several factors jackson, mississippi is the most challenging city to live in. no matter where you are the new season can be rough. tell us why this year might be particularly challenging. >> it looks like this year will be the perfect storm, if you will. we had a big el nino season
8:08 am
which means wet weather. that means a lot of roots were primed and as soon as the weather gets warmer they will start to pollinate. we had a very mild winter. temperatures weren't that cold. that can raise carbon dioxide levels which will direct and trigger more pollen. >> do i have a cold or allergies? >> one of the most common symptoms is a stuffy congested nose. the biggest difference is that a cold is caused by a virus. that means you might have systemic symptoms. achiness. a cold is seven to ten days. allergy symptoms are itchy, watery eyes, lethargy will last probably throughout the whole season. >> if you can't shake it it might be allergies. can allergies come on? i never had allergies my whole life. >> the majority of people
8:09 am
develop them when they are younger but age and allergies do not discriminate. you can develop them at any point in your life. one thing is if you have a very dry sunny windy day that is going to dislodge all the pollen. the next panel is something we can see is the pollens that you don't see. you know how cars are sometimes covered with yellow covering. that is from pine. that is not what you are inhaling. it does signal that other trees are starting to bloom. the last one is something called the food allergy. people can have the pollen food syndrome which is that there are proteins in certain foods like nuts and fruit that can cross react with actual pollen. so you may be allergic to hay weed and you eat a piece of fruit and you have tingling and itching in your throat. >> we know the over-the-counter medicines.
8:10 am
>> nasal decongestant not to be used more than a couple of days at a time. the important thing this year is that we are promoting preventive therapy. you can be getting allergy shots earlier. there was approved in 2014 under the tongue tablets to desensitize you to certain pollen. contact your allergist. you can get really effective therapy. >> thank you so much. coming up next, say hello to the 50 shades of gray sport. our big fat "today"
8:11 am
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8:15 am
let's do trending time. >> getting closer to our wedding. what is the most ridiculous argument you have had with a significant other. people confessing their silliest fights. the proper ratio of rice to water. how much yogurt to buy at the grocery store and the wrong lyrics to the sound of music. >> do you have one?
8:16 am
>> i was putting a bottle of water in our christmas tree and she was furious. >> mine was a fiance who ate my ice cream. >> gave up sweets for lent and he has been eating m&ms. i'm like i bought those for easter. >> it's all food for us. >> i just texted christina, back filli filling garbage, take out the garbage and don't put a new liner. >> let's stay on the scene of
8:17 am
romance. how can you tell if a woman really likes you? it may be the color of her dress. the go-to color is red. researchers say that if a woman wears red she likes you because it draws attention faster and makes people think of romance. and when women were meeting someone they found unattractive they did not wear red. >> what if they don't like you? >> they don't show up. >> i don't think i ever wore red on a date. >> think about what color dress you are going to wear. >> absolutely. >> is it strapless? turtle neck -- >> we don't put much thought into any of that. what is clean? what is available? >> closest hanger. now to a stunning new look for a comedy legend and the 50
8:18 am
shades frenzy. >> the late night legend is back ten months after retiring from his show we are used to seeing dave like this. take a look at him now. dave letting loose while on a jog. some say the 68 year old is unrecognizable. on twitter one fan said what has changed about david letterman? he looks happy. madonna a rough couple of weeks criticized by some fans for showing up late to concert appearances. billboard just declared her the top touring solo artist of all time thanks to her most recent tour. over the course of her career concerts have raked in more than $1.3 billion in ticket sales. and finally 50 shades and if you are like willie and read all the
8:19 am
books what do you do with them? a lot of people are donating the books. one book store asking you to stop. that's enough to make a fortress in their store. one worker saying it has become a retirement home for the books. we appreciate the donations but we prefer vinyl albums from the '60s and '70s. no one wants the evidence. >> salvation army. called a shame donation. thank you. let's get to weather. >> we are going to see a chance of some showers up and down the east coast. it comes with warmer weather. we are looking at a nice warmup to take hold of the east coast. yesterday was the 70s. today is the 70s. you go into philadelphia and washington, d.c. look at the difference. boston only going to hit 42. then farther north maine 29
8:20 am
degrees. big difference up and down the east coast. we are looking at a chance of fire danger weather because of low humidity and the we are feeling some cool temperatures this morning as you head out the door. we have sunshine and it's only 48 degrees in the peninsula and the south bay. as we head into this afternoon, be expect a high of 68 degrees in san francisco, 73 degrees in the east bay and tri-valley. north bay 74 degrees, more beautiful weather this weekend, more sunshine and then turning a little bit cooler as we go into the start of next week so enjoy this nice, warm weather while it lasts. we have a wedding coming up. we are counting down the minister until our wedding. >> 14 years ago a movie about a rowdy greek family stole our
8:21 am
hearts and became the top grossing romantic comedy. now we are back for the sequel. >> we are talking about the sequel to my big fat greek wedding. this one was written by nia we got a sat down to sit down with she and her family. so what do you do when you hang out with a bunch of greeks? you eat and drink. >> reporter: crazy grandparents. meddling parents and a gaggle of cousins who never go away. you don't have to be greek to relate to that family drama. i catch up with the cast for a big fat greek meal at rockefeller plaza's restaurant.
8:22 am
how many bottles were consumed during the taping of this special event? >> only 11 a day. >> give me a greek phrase. it means i want to eat now. so if you go into a restaurant and they say we are closed. >> reporter: my big fat greek wedding 2 picks up roughly ten years later as she juggles marriage, rebelling teenager and those nutty parents. the women here -- what was it like being on set with these ladies? >> pure hell. >> you just smile and nod. >> everybody was just all fun and games. didn't feel like work.
8:23 am
>> let's go back to chemistry. >> magical together. >> one, two pull. >> smart, his terically funny and sharp. >> look how gorgeous she still looks. i can say that because getting up there. >> it's a family affair. she based the characters on her relatives. her husband has a role and her parents have cameos. >> your family saw the first one and now are they saying like what have you done? is that how you see us? >> not one bit. they are hams. my whole family is funny. i don't know why i'm the only
8:24 am
one who makes a living at it. they are saying here is another idea. >> you have a real familial feeling. >> we never shut up. >> give me a song you would sing. >> do you remember it? listen to this. >> i'm connected. i almost pulled a tullea. ♪ >> it may just be uzo talking. it is hard to see where the cast ends and family begins. >> i got to tell you, this is such a fun film. i think we should celebrate by doing one more. >> the movie opens tomorrow but
8:25 am
as you know we have our own big fat today wedding to enjoy. what do we say on three? . >> we have andy grammar. >> we are doing something i don't think the show has done before. never like this. she is going from robe to reception in like four minutes live. >> i'm getting nervous. >> thank you very much. we will get to those i dos. we have the party, the reception and some surprises for you straight ahead. first, it is thursday morning. local news and weather.
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a break in the case of the bearded bandit. a man authorities say robbed more than a dozen bay area banks. this morning police say he's in custody after an alert shopper recognized him buying razors to shave his beard. it all went down yesterday at a cv is in brentwood. when police were called the man took off and led officers on a chase through brentwood. officers caught up to him and investigators say he's targeted more than 15 banks in 5 cities and gotten away with nearly $30 thoushgsz. authorities have not released his identity. let's check the morning commute with mike. how's it rolling? >> no incidents reported on the span and things have cleared up over last couple of minutes. meanwhile, the map shows you no
8:27 am
appreciable difference for the east shore freeway 880 is slow heading northbound through the area. not so bad across the san mateo bridge and smooth tore the south bay. 101 continues a slower drive toward the airport and 237 slows in the westbound direction. these are traditional patterns. top of your screen, 101 to palo alto shows slowing. then uf get to university and the shift, things are looking standard. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a thursday morning. we are gearing up for an epic television event. our big fat today wedding. you can feel the energy on the plaza. >> we have a big crowd on the plaza and a big group of family and friends upstairs in the rainbow room. we are throwing a big party up there. >> let's get the wedding
8:31 am
forecast. >> it's chilly this morning. i'm sure the guys like it because you get stuffy in the suit. we will see it warm up later today. showers up and down the east coast. it comes with temperatures in the lower 70s. middle of the country temperatures in the 40s and 50s. saturday we will see mainly dry country. we have a couple of spotty showers through wisconsin. temperatures up and down the east coast 60s and 70s. south in the 70s and 80s. sunday we see we begin the day with clear skies and cool temperatures again this morning. taking a live look now from mt. hamilton, we will continue on with this weather throughout the day and our temperatures are now in the upper 40s to lower 50s and will continue to warm through the day eventually making it into the upper 60s to lower 70s, above average especially in san jose, 72, 71
8:32 am
in palo alto and the castro at 74 degrees. 74 in santa rosa as well as brentwood and 72 today in pleasanton. you can always find "today" on our sirius xm channel. before our bride and groom walk down the aisle let's look at kaitlin and john's exciting journey. >> in honor of the release of my big fat greek wedding 2 -- >> the wedding is on. >> we decided to throw a wedding of our own, a big fat today wedding. every last detail was planned by you, our viewers. >> which couple wants to get married on the plaza? >> from picking one lucky couple to tie the knot. >> and the winners are kaitlin and john. >> to choosing romantic details
8:33 am
so the bride and groom didn't have to. >> to have america plan it and show up is a dream. >> we asked you to cast your votes and you answered the call with help from actress nia vardallos. >> none of them are as big as the dress i wore in my big fat greek wedding. >> for her a sophisticated wedding gown embellished with gem stones. on him a navy slim cut tuxedo. for the bridal party a grecian style gown. >> i love that idea. >> we have a winner. >> and the wedding day hair a soft modern up do for an elegant and timeless look. >> we have to pick the flowers. >> a romantic white and blush bouquet. >> the smell, the shape, the beauty, the color. it is so soft and elegant.
8:34 am
>> and opposites attract with these his and her rings. rose cut diamonds paired with a black band. >> america is so over matchy matchy. >> want a ring that represents their personality. we rolled out the welcome sign adding a personalized touch to the day. for the cake it was love at first bite. >> this one is chocolate. >> a creation featuring a breath taking cherry blossom design. the honeymoon sunset, a sweet and bubbling signature cocktail. >> as we deliver a toast. >> as a thank you to family and friends customized party favors. >> you like these? >> i do. they are beautiful. >> it's three cheers for the soon to be newly weds john and kaitlin as our big fat
8:35 am
celebration kicks off and their happily ever after begins. >> here we go. good luck, kaitlin. >> how are you feeling? >> we are going to do something we have never done before. are you ready? let's go. ♪ ♪ i've been waiting for this moment all my life ♪ ♪ all my dreams are coming true ♪ ♪ i've been waiting for this
8:36 am
moment ♪ ♪ it's good to be alive right about now ♪ ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i think i finally found my l hallelujah ♪ ♪ i've been waiting for this moment ♪ ♪ it's good to be alive right
8:37 am
about now ♪ ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ ♪ ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ ♪ >> you guys ready? >> we are gathered here for the wedding of john west and kaitlin roseman. will you take this woman to be your wedded wife? will you live with her in the state of true matrimony? >> i do. >> will you take this man to be your wedded husband? will you live with him in a
8:38 am
state of true matrimony? >> i do. >> do we have the rings? beautiful. here we go. john, repeat after me. with this ring i thee wed. let it be a symbol of our love. >> kaitlin, will you repeat after me? >> with this ring i thee wed. that it ever be to us a symbol of our love. >> john and kaitlin in the union of matrimony and pledged their faith to each other in the presence of all of these
8:39 am
witnesses. and by the power vested in me i pronounce you husband and wife. you may kiss the bride. [ cheers and applause ] >> good to be alive right about now ♪ >> we are back and the party is just getting started. they are married. now time to celebrate. we are back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. (scal): good day, m'lady!
8:40 am
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8:41 am
♪ welcome back to our big fat today wedding. we are waiting patiently in the famous rainbow room. the bride, the groom and the whole wedding party is making
8:42 am
its way up the 65 floors to get here. they are slowly making their way up to come here because look who is waiting. are we ready for them to get here? i mean, by the way, can i say watching it from up here with the entire family was epic. watching that wedding happen from robe to reception in three minutes and 30 seconds was crazy. i think somebody might be coming. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪
8:43 am
♪ ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ ♪ ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> describe what it felt like in three minutes and 30 seconds going from not married. >> it's incredible. it's nuts. i can't believe it. >> this was the first time in my dress and my shoes. i'm so glad it went as successfully as it did. >> we were on the elevator with
8:44 am
the bridal party. come on in everybody. >> cloud nine floated up to the rainbow room. >> how do you guys feel? >> so excited. >> you are married. >> here we go. [ cheers and applause ] >> we all have a secret. >> you start. >> you guys want to know where you are going on your honeymoon? >> here we go. >> carson over here. you are going to greece.
8:45 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> unforgettable experience, snorkeling, wine tasting, cooking classes and more and soak up the sun at the private pool. enjoy all of this. thanks to luxury resorts. >> a big opa! >> opa! >> congratulations. the party is just beginning. plenty more ahead including first dance, cutting of the cake and many more surprises.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are back. >> the reception for kaitlin and
8:48 am
john. what better way to celebrate your wedding than to be serenaded by andy grammar. >> the first dance. take it away, sir. ♪ ♪ little boys and little girls ♪ there comes a time in life ♪ when you finally choose ♪ i choose you ♪ ♪ i choose you
8:49 am
♪ i choose you ♪ i choose you to be by my side ♪ ♪ i choose you to hold me at night ♪ ♪ it's the biggest decision i'm about to get right ♪ ♪ i choose you ♪ i choose you ♪ everybody has one, a choice they get to make ♪ ♪ ♪ and then we all pick the branches that then become the roots ♪ ♪ i choose you ♪ i choose you to be by my side ♪ ♪ i choose you to hold me at
8:50 am
night ♪ ♪ biggest decision i'm about to get right ♪ ♪ i choose you ♪ i choose you ♪ i was worried i would not know what to do if i was in these shoes ♪ ♪ ♪ i choose you ♪ ♪ i choose you ♪ i choose you to be by my side ♪
8:51 am
♪ i choose you to hold me at night ♪ ♪ it's the biggest decision i'm about to get right ♪ ♪ i choose you ♪ i choose you ♪ i choose you ♪ i choose you [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. congratulations to our bride and groom. the celebration is just getting started. we are back with more including cake cutting. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
welcome back to the rainbow room we will show you again. we just made a little wedding history. kaitlin and john married on the move. >> so much fun this morning and now we are in the middle of our reception. we have our bride and groom right here. reliving the beautiful moment that we just saw. we are about to dive into this gorgeous cake. keeping with tradition we will keep the top tier intact. take it away with the cutting of the cake. >> here we go. >> what kind is it? >> it's a chocolate one.
8:54 am
>> all right. >> are you believers in the tradition where you -- >> a plate would be good. >> there we go. >> let's get a piece. do you like that tradition where the bride and groom feed each other? >> sure. >> okay. >> all right. [ applause ] >> we have andy grammar here. >> so good to be here. you guys are so sweet. this is really fun to be a part
8:55 am
of. >> i think it comes down to these two. they are so awesome. a lot happening but at the core is two really sweet people. >> how did you pick the first song? >> that i wrote while i was getting married. i thought it was sweet. >> we are so glad you did it. your album killing it right now. we are loving what you are doing. >> thank you for having me. >> party is really just getting started. you guys are going to greece. are you excited? you will have a great time. get some dancing. should we do a toast? >> we don't have glasses but we raise them to you. we wish you all the best in your future and hope you'll come back and visit us on your anniversary every year. >> i like it. congratulations. we will keep partying. we have plenty of extras at
8:56 am if you want more marital bliss remember there is my big fat greek wedding two tomorrow. we have to thank the cast of the movie. thank you so much. congratulati congratulations. >> thank you. >> we are back after your local news. good thursday morning at 8:56. i'm sam brock. a special dedication ceremony taking place later today for san jose police officer michael johnson. johnson died in the line of duty one year ago today when he was shot and killed while responding to a call involving a suicidal man. johnson served 14 years on the force. in about an hour, the city will officially dedicate a stretch of highway in his honor. that stretch runs between highway 85 and interstate 280.
8:57 am
it will now be known as the san jose police officer michael johnson memorial highway. today's dedication event takes place in san jose. happening right now, bob redell is attending the service, also talking to family members about today's special honor. bob will have a live report for us on the midday newscast. he's also posting updates and images in our twitter feed. trending right now on our website, talk about a hot ticket. hope you moved fast if you were planning to go to burning man this year. while the event stretches days, tickets sold out in just moments. look for that story in the california news section on our home page. when in argentina, president obama sporting moves on the dance floor when he takes to the tango. that is going viral. you can find the link on our home page. see you in 30 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning tamron sits down with hulk hogan. we are throwing a big fat today reception for our wedding couple with a live performance from andy grammar. and david arquette joins us. >> from nbc news this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. >> welcome to "today" on this thursday wedding morning. >> willie is at the rainbow room
9:01 am
celebrating. >> he is at the reception. he is there and my morning jam let's get the party going. good to be alive. listen, we just witnessed was tv history. >> it was. >> incredible. andy grammar is brilliant. the bride, the groom. >> the fact that she is still in a robe and managed to get into her dress and now they are happily married. >> that was the fast version of it. >> the walk through the "today" show plaza. family members coming in. there is the groom which was incredible. they walk. normally there is traffic. >> kept sneakers on. >> brilliant. >> joey officiating the wedding.
9:02 am
that was the perfect kiss. >> that was a wonderful dip. >> cheering and crying at the same time. >> it was like a nervous energy watching it. then when it went exactly according to plan. now we have mr. and mrs. kaitlin and john west. they are in the middle of their reception. it gets dark up there. >> and when you have andy grammar singing willie is fortunate enough to be up there. they just cut it live on air. chocolate cake and they kept the cake topper for the bride and groom which is a tradition. >> we were just listening to you say mr. and mrs. john west. how does it feel? >> such a cool transition. >> you were just watching you walking across the street coming
9:03 am
upstairs. what was it like in real time? >> it was amazing. it was the first time we have done it. i'm grateful it went so well. it was just fun. it is fun to have a parade behind you. >> it is fun to have a parade behind you. >> we are sending you guys to greece. how does that sound? >> at home that is one of the things we feel like we have date night every night. this is like perfect. >> we have identified the party table in the room. it's right there. [ cheers and applause ] >> are those your folks? >> those are my sorority. >> were you nervous this morning? >> a little. >> i try to keep it in but i was
9:04 am
a little nervous. it was so much fun. the whole thing was entertaining. i got to marry my best friend. >> we have a lot more to go. we will throw bouquet and party more. it is time to throw down. you guys ready? we will let you go and have some fun. we will be back in a few minutes. >> congratulations. >> even though that happened in three minutes i had a long hour and 20 minute mass and it goes by in three minutes. that moment goes fast no matter how long or short it is. it is such a quick moment and then you look back. >> that is why you need a great photographer or the great crew at the "today" show. you got married three years ago? >> about three years ago. two weeks after i started here. i didn't know i was starting here. it was back up in boston and now it is a long distance wedding
9:05 am
going back and forth. not long distance but going back and forth. >> did your husband cry at the wedding? >> of course, he cried. my dad cried. every man at that wedding was crying. >> the daily mail has this article that says and i don't agree with this, no woman can find a man who cries attractive. i couldn't disagree with that more. a columnist said no woman finds a man who cries attractive. she writes today's generation of men cry too easily and it is not sexy and it is a sign of being weak. she says her generation was brought up to never see men cry. and then a study, modern men are three times more likely to cry they say in public than their father. the average man cried in front of other people 14 times in his adult life. 40% of men admit to crying in public within the past 12
9:06 am
months. i have no problem with a guy who cries. i don't want you to like ugly cry. >> my dad rides a harley, a mechanic, as manly as you can get. i have always seen him tear up or cry. that is when i melted. that is when my heart would just break when i see my dad cry. i don't this can there is anything wrong with that. >> my dad was in the military for 30 years. a master sergeant. i never had a woman cook for me until college. my dad cooked all meals. my dad would bring fresh lunch. my dad would drive my brother's lunch to his campus. i don't mind a guy who cries. i need to see that you have a range of emotion. >> i do want cake. i hope willie is bringing cake.
9:07 am
we have donuts in the meantime. we have slurpy donuts. and you're crying. >> as we walk our way over here. >> can i have one? >> you know the 7/11 slurpy. we have it infused into a donut. >> it makes it amazing. >> 711 has slurpy cups. >> we have snow moving into northern wisconsin and northern michigan. that is going to fizzle out -- this is really cherry. this will fizzle out and then we watch some of these rain showers. we could see stronger storms today in the we have nothing but sunshine in the bay area and some chilly temperatures as you head out the door.
9:08 am
it is 51 degrees in the north bay. it is starting to warm up. we will continue to see that warm-up continuing as we go through the day. up to 71 degrees in the peninsula. 73 degrees in the east bay. san francisco, 68 degrees. we are above average. we will see that weather for the weekend with more sunshine, but then it turns cooler after sunday. >> and that is your latest forecast. >> cheers to the couple. >> coming up yesterday i got a chance to sit down with hulk hogan. my interview fresh off his $140 million interview in sex tape lawsuit against gawker. i think we had a discussio ♪ for naturally beautiful hair, discover the wholesome goodness of new whole blends shampoos and conditioners by garnier. the sweetness of honey and royal jelly... the freshness of coconut water and vanilla milk. we blend only our best into new whole blends. paraben-free haircare.
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9:11 am
what? you didn't even move your hands! another game! i've got a table ready at 6:00 o'clock. alexa, how's the traffic? female voice: the fastest route is 45 minutes to downtown. jason, get in the sidecar. (engine rumbling) after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. hulk hogan has been most popular wrestler of the '80s. millions tuned in to see him compete. the international superstar was recently seen by millions in a different light after a sex tape that he claims was secretly recorded was shared by gawker. the video depicted him having
9:12 am
sex with his best friend's wife. he filed a lawsuit against gawker which claimed the publishing of the video is protected by the first amendment because it is relate today a matter of public concern. a jury awarded him $140 million in damages. i had a chance to sit down with him yesterday. here is what he had to say. >> obviously, terry, people saw the number $140 million. that became the big headline. do you believe your battle with gawker has gotten lost behind the talk of how much money the jury decided to award you? >> i don't think so. i think the public feels the same way i did. so i think that makes a huge statement, is that a big enough number? maybe not but it should be a deterrent for anybody else who ever tries to do anything like
9:13 am
this not to do it. you will be held accountable. >> what was it about your message or what your attorneys said that you believe really sealed the deal for you? >> the jury agreed with me that privacy is something that we all deserve and it's something that is protected by the first amendment. this case was never about that. it was about privacy rights. >> you say part of what was so complicated is that men, women, children saw you as this great guy. you're hulk hogan and you found yourself facing some of your fans who said i wento google you and the first thing that popped up was sex tape. how did that affect your daily life and your interaction with your fans? >> made me cower. i'm not that standing tall the way i felt before. it is like this crazy dark cloud. and the fact that gawker makes
9:14 am
this statement that our stories will stand the test of time. mission accomplished. i will be naked forever on the internet. when i realize children want to see hulk hogan videos and parents say you should see him hulk hogan was greatest. right away the way google works and i'm not very familiar with how the internet works it pops up hulk hogan sex tape. every time i met somebody or see somebody when i'm walking in here and shake their hand i have this crazy thought that what do they think of me? what does the father think of me? do they think a million times less than before? it is something that never goes away. >> can you talk about the relationship or lack thereof with bubba now? >> we are not friends. we don't talk. he never was my friend.
9:15 am
it's hard to explain. he was there when my mom died. the day my dad took his last breath. i had one hand and bubba had his other hand and it is like that is something. my dad went -- and it was over and bubba was there with me it was really hard to handle the fact that he did this to me. i don't know how to say it. >> do you blame bubba as much as you blame gawker? >> no. i blame myself. i blame myself because you're at an all-time low. you have nobody. and my gut was telling me something is wrong. my gut telling me something is
9:16 am
wrong. i made the worst decision of my life. i blame myself. >> gawker said you initially filed a claim to prevent the publication of racist language from you in another tape. the wwe severed ties, as well. what can you tell me about the use of the n word in one of those tapes? >> the use of the n word goes along with that day when i bottomed out. people who know me know i'm not a racist. some of my best friends are african-american. i go to a predominantly black church. the people that know me know i'm not a racist. the wwe fans know i'm not a racist. it is just a horrible mistake, should not have been used ever. i should have never used it in the privacy of my friend's home. for that i will be eternally
9:17 am
sorry. >> which is more difficult for you to have your fans see and hear? the intimate relationship you had with someone or to hear you use that kind of language? >> i think they are both appalling. they are both situations that i never dreamed would be part of my life. but i don't know how to explain to anybody. it was one of those moments that i didn't know i said that. i didn't know that was out there. and for me when the rumors started -- first i had never seen any of the tapes. look at one for a minute and identify that is me and i turn my head. >> why? >> i do not want to watch it. it is the most embarrassing moment of my life. even when there are rumors out there, the racial slurs that were on the tape, when we didn't know they were on there, i told my attorneys i don't care about
9:18 am
that. that is not who i am. i want to make sure this never happens to anyone again. >> you are in control of what you do next as far as your name, your reputation and maybe winning back fans who are concerned about what they learn. how do you do that? how do you turn this into the happy ending that i'm sure you prayed for? >> well, underneath all of this emotion i haven't slept for about a month, i feel very victorious. i feel that all those people that know me, all the wwe fans, everybody, personal friends, just everybody that knows me knows who i am. for those who don't i'm going to fight to win them back one day at a time. and there is nothing else i can do except be honest. >> gawker and founder strongly challenge the verdict and say they will appeal.
9:19 am
denton says key evidence and the most important witness were both improperly withheld from the jury. gawker says the jury deserved to know that a key witness told the fbi that hogan knew he was making a sex tape and that hogan had sent text messages that undermine his case and they say ♪ when i grow up, i want to be a teacher, a scientist, or maybe a dancer. ♪ but learning is hard when you're hungry. that's why for years kellogg's has helped provide millions of breakfasts to kids who start school without it. and with your help, we can all grow into our dreams. ♪ the perfect brow new brow drama pomade crayon from maybelline new york. our 1st creamy, pigmented wax crayon sculpts and tames as it colors,
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9:23 am
>> the movie is out tomorrow. you want to help kaitlin out a little bit. >> we will do the bouquet toss. i will toss my corsage as practice. >> that got rejected. >> one, two, three. >> i think i have to go over. >> that's the way we do it. >> are you ready? >> i can tell they are taking it more seriously now. this is the real one. want to help me count down? three, two, one. >> got some height on it.
9:24 am
>> went up in the chandelier. >> oh, no. >> good thing we have insurance in the rainbow room. >> let's do one more. >> can we do that again? >> we can do it again. >> a little less height on it. >> here you go. you're going to count it down. three, two, one. >> she got it again. >> justice is served. she got it both times. it means it was meant for her. kaitlin thank you so much. >> nia, congratulations on the film. we will be back here with another performance of andy grammar in a few minutes. coming up next david arquette.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
new garnier whole blends. wholesome loving care blended for naturally beautiful hair. find your blend. 9:26. i'm sam brock. a break in the case of the bearded bandit. a man authorities say robbed more than a dozen bay area banks. this morning, police say that he is in custody after an alert shopper recognized him buying razors to shave his beard. that sighting happened yesterday at a cvs in brentwood. when police were called the man took off in a car and led officers on a chase through brentwood. officers eventually caught up to him and arrested him. investigators say he targeted more than 15 banks in five different cities and got away with almost $30,000. authorities have not yet released his actual identity. happening today, a special dedication ceremony takes place for san jose police officer michael johnson. he died in the line of duty one
9:27 am
year ago today when he was shot and killed while responding to a call involving a suicidal man. johnson had served 14 years on the san jose police force. in about a half-hour the city will officially dedicate a stretch of highway in his honor. that stretch runs between highway 85 and interstate 280. it will now be known as the san jose police officer michael johnson memorial highway. today's dedication event takes place in san jose and the sun will be shining on that event. a look at weather and traffic after this break.
9:28 am
good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got some sunshine again out there. looking live at san jose. this is what we will see into the afternoon but it is still cool. we have some upper 40s in livermore and 50s elsewhere. san jose now 53 degrees. we're up to 68 degrees in san francisco. 64 degrees in pacifica. and cupertino area, 71 degrees. low 70s for the north bay, oakland 73 degrees, and livermore a high of 70 degrees.
9:29 am
does it still look slow on the bay bridge? >> over the last ten minutes i've seen a good improvement westbound. this looks like a lot of traffic for this time. however a look on the map overall, right around freemont we have a crash that was blocking your slow lane. this cleared and we've seen some good recovery. another crash on east shore freeway around the berkeley curve. recovery for 880 and 580 through oakland. eastbound 580 around castro valley started the slowdown. that does it for us right now. see you again in a half-hour.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, u.s. intelligence officials say deadly attacks in paris and brussels were the work of the same terror cell and believe two el bakraoui brothers. meantime, this morning police have intensified their search for the man dressed in white seen on the airport footage pushing a luggage cart with a bomb in his suitcase. they say he fled the scene and fear he could strike again. owning a home is becoming increasingly difficult for the average american. a new report found home price growth exceeds wage increases in nearly two thirds of the housing
9:31 am
markets. among least affordable cities like san francisco and new york city. prices are far more affordable than during the peak of the housing bubble. a new study suggests those who exercise have the youngest looking brains. researchers asked the 900 participants how often they exercise. later testing memory skills and having them undergo brain mri those who said they took part in moderate to high intensity exercise scored better on the test. researchers say low intensity activities like walking, golf, bowling and yoga don't count and added you can get moving before showing signs of memory loss. everything i do doesn't count on a deadly basis. > asthma and allergy foundation releasing annual report ranking most challenging
9:32 am
cities, jackson, mississippi, memphis, tennessee, louisville, kentucky and mcallen, texas. experts expect this year's allergy season to hit early. we have the forecast. >> i can go in depth into el nino right now. i will spare you. we have a chance of lighter snow showers continuing across the northern rockies. rain by friday up and down the east coast although it will be spotty showers. heaviest chance of rain through central and northern florida. on saturday the weekend is mostly nice besides spotty showers and a little light snow and showers down in florida. temperatures start to warm up in the northeast. sunday t after a cool start this morning, we still have the sunshine and it is warming up temperatures. we will have a very pleasant
9:33 am
afternoon. at lunch time expect the temperature right at about 65 degrees in the east bay and 63 degrees in san francisco with highs today reaching the low 70s in some spots like the north bay, up to 71 degrees and the south bay will be at 69 degrees. tri-valley, also more of the same. we'll have more sunshine this weekend but slightly cooler on sunday. >> david arquette best known for his role as deputy dewey in "scream" and rob gellar in "never been kissed." >> now he stars in a movie "soul". david plays a humanitarian worker who tries to rescue her. take a look. >> there is a school, job
9:34 am
training. i can take you there. we can get you home. we will come back thursday with the police. if they try to hide you make noise so we can hear you. be safe. >> and david is here with us. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> i love starting out with the question of is this true? is it true that you flew 23 hours and went straight to the set to do this film? >> i was finishing a film in detroit. i went right to the set. >> is that proof of how important this project was to you? >> absolutely. amazing director. he called me up and just sort of help get financing for the film and awareness to it. he called me out there. it is such a beautiful film.
9:35 am
it's based on a book. it's this incredible story of this young girl's journey. the mission is to provide education because they have learned that if you educate a child up to 16 it drops off 80% of the chances of them being trafficked. that is the real mission of this film. if anyone goes they can find out the partners involved and get involved. it is something that really needs awareness and we need to start putting in. it is a terrible tragedy that is happening. 5 million people are trafficked into sex or labor trafficking. right now it is $150 billion industry which is just like unbelievable. so there is stuff we can do and we partnered with all of these incredible organizations. so if they do go to that website
9:36 am >> you are trying to raise awareness. >> it is wonderfully told. it's a heartbreaking subject matter but the actors are so cute and some it is their first time acting and they are really wonderful. >> you talk about your range. the other movie getting a lot of buzz at least once a day i think i quote pee wee herman. you're working on the film. there is no basement in the alamo. i am in texas. what is it like working in this film and the anticipation of it? >> i have known pee wee since buffy the vampire slayer. he taught me so much about film making and art. >> can you do the pee wee dance? >> i need some shoes. i love him. he called me up to be the dee
9:37 am
jay. >> you don't say no to that. >> absolutely not. >> we love having you on. thank you and congratulations on the powerful film "sold" it hits theaters april 1. it is a call to action film. it is more than just viewing. it is a challenge to all of us. up next sipging to a new tune. playing hank williams. i saw the light. we will talk to him about that and other rumor this is a vanilla bean. i see vanilla specks. a little crushed vanilla bean. twenty hundred vanilla specks. breyers has fresh cream, sugar and milk. breyers natural vanilla. milk and fresh cream... and only sustainably farmed vanilla. here's my ice cream dance. ever spin on your head? yeah... once. breyers. the good vanilla. we're proud to announce that our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones.
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9:41 am
hey, it's dinner. a lot happens on your wooden surfaces. luckily, no one cleans and kills germs better than clorox disinfecting wipes. it would be less than possible to category him as any type of actor. we will talk to him in a moment. first take a look at some of his recent roles. >> i bring you a gift. >> he is the trained actor who jumps from action block busters to historical dramas while making a name for himself as a captivating middle man. he is best known as the villain
9:42 am
loki in the avaengeers and the thor films. he also played a kind hearted soldier in "war horse" a literary luminary. who are you? >> reporter: and a penniless aristocrat. in his latest film "i saw the light" he is singing a different tune playing country music legend hang williams. ♪ the fat dog's moving in >> good morning. >> so nice to have you here. i love hank williams. and i love how you played hank williams. >> thank you. >> was it tough? was it challenging trying to capture the ora of such a legend? >> i was born in london in 1981.
9:43 am
hank williams was born in alabama in 1923. and there's a gap in our common experience. that is really the fascinating aspect of acting for me is trying to bridge that gap and trying to find the common ground, in a way. and i'm an actor and i take huge pleasure in the connection with an audience. he was a performer, as well. it is a film about performance and the contradiction. he had such joy and such generosity of spirit. as a star he loved the audience and they loved him. he was also quite troubled. i had never sang like this in my life before. >> obviously hank's life complexity is why he was so brilliant. if you are not a singer what do
9:44 am
you do? >> what i did was i had to take myself out of my comfort zone. i went to nashville. >> capital of country music. >> and i lived with a musician. he has been making music for 40 years and has won countless grammys and written albums. and he was very close to hank. he saw hank play at the age of 2. he remembered it. he is a real keeper of the flame. i moved into his house. i don't know why anyone would let me do that. we sang and played every day. he was my teacher in the ways of the blues. >> he coached you to brilliance. you brought us gifts, as well. i saw the light, the official hat. >> we are going to a wedding so
9:45 am
this will be perfect. you were brilliant in the film. >> i saw the light is in select theaters tomorrow and opens nationwide april 1. the wedding song is about to get kicked up a notch with andy grammar. atand that in a new house,tee a fyou probably don't sharece, the same tastes as the previous owner. ♪ [ dolphin chatters ] so when you need a little house painting or a complete remodel, we'll help you get the job done right, guaranteed. get started today at angie's list, because your home is where our heart is. the perfect brow new brow drama pomade crayon from maybelline new york. our 1st creamy, pigmented wax crayon sculpts and tames as it colors, in one easy swipe. maybelline's new brow drama pomade make it happen
9:46 am
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the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. ♪ savin' you five hundred ♪ i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah. that's a hit! all: yeah! we are back in the rainbow room with kaitlin and john. keeping this party going all morning long. here they are now performing andy's hit song "honey i'm good" off his album "magazines are novels." dance floor is yours. ♪ i can have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ i have somebody at home ♪ it's been a long night here and a long night there ♪ ♪ and these long, long legs
9:50 am
nearly everywhere ♪ ♪ you look good, i will not lie ♪ ♪ but if you ask where i'm staying tonight i got to be like you got me all wrong baby ♪ ♪ my baby already got all of my love ♪ ♪ i can have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ if i stay i might not leave alone ♪ ♪ i can have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ to another i would stay true ♪ ♪ better men than me have failed drinking from that unholy grail ♪ ♪ i got her and she got me
9:51 am
♪ i got to be like no baby you got me all wrong baby my baby's already got all of my love ♪ ♪ honey i'm good ♪ i got somebody at home and if i stay i might not leave alone ♪ ♪ to another i would stay true ♪ ♪ i'm sure you can make somebody's night ♪ ♪
9:52 am
♪ honey i'm good i can have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ i got somebody at home but if i stay i might not leave alone ♪ ♪ i can have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ to another i would stay true ♪ i can have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ if i leave i might not leave alone ♪ ♪ i can have another but i probably should not ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oh
9:53 am
♪ i will stay true [ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause ] check out the album. we are back in a moment with much more from this wedding.
9:54 am
why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
9:55 am
thank you so much for letting us share this special day with you. you having a good time so far? >> there is another hour of the show. >> best family ever. [ cheers and applause ] >> more after your local news
9:56 am
after another cool start we'll have a beautiful afternoon. in fact, this. afternoon will be a little bit warmer than yesterday. all that sunshine will bring your highs up to 71 degrees in the peninsula. the south bay, 72 degrees. 68 degrees in san francisco.
9:57 am
the north bay, we're looking at 74. overall, a very pleasant day with some light winds. as we head into the next few days we will still see some more weather like this. with a few changes early next week. let's see what's happening on the roads. we've had a few changes on san mateo bridge westbound 92 bogged down for the last five minutes we've seen recovery. but 20 minutes before that were slow. the map shows a slower drive developing over from the hayward side. also a crash 880 south of 238. that's new. the rest of the bay moves well. crash 92 at 35, clears at san mateo. lawrence expressway there is a late fender-bender. that's about the only drama for san jose. happening now -- developments on several fronts in the aftermath of the brussels attack. it appears there may be two suspects on the loose. european union ministers today holding a special emergency meeting prompted by those attacks. we have links at the top of some say san francisco's overrun by coyotes in state park
9:58 am
and rec staffers will try and address those concerns. our reporters will have a live newscast. look for updates on our twitter feed as well.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. . . this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's thirsty thursday. also known as i hoda day. >> oh, yes. >> who is that singing? >> beyonce, baby. "love on top." never dawned on me until kath kept saying repeat it. >> love is in the air today. we are in the process of throwing a big fat "today" wedding with the release of "my big fat greek wedding 2" and we thought it would be fun to throw our own wedding today in one of the most beautiful spots in new


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