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tv   Today  NBC  March 25, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we like green. that is what is happening "today in the bay." and back in 30 minutes with more live local news. good morning. breaking news. nbc news has just learned u.s. forces or u.s. forces have killed the second in command of isis during a daring raid in syria. we're there live with the latest. new raids, new arrests a major operation happening in brussels right now. at least seven suspects in custody. u.s. officials confirming two american residents, siblings living in new york, were killed in the attacks. as another american injured in the bombings speaks out for the first time. we'll talk to him. wife war, an angry and emotional ted cruz lashes out at donald trump. >> donald, you are a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> trump saying cruz started it, will their childish feud turn
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voters away. and comic genius, garry shandling is being remembered as a pioneer whose dry wit and unique style left a mark on television. today friday, march 25th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today." it's 7:00 on the west coast on a friday. we've got a lot of breaking news to get to this morning. tied to the brussels massacre and the war against isis. >> a lot of developments. take this live look at brussels, this is where it's being described as a major anti-terror operation that's under way. we will have the very latest from that scene in just a moment. f. irs that breaking news. isis's second in command killed by u.s. forces in syria. nbc's rich around engel broke
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this story, he is with us live. richard, good morning, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. this has been described as a very significant blow to isis hitting the group right in its center of command. the number two leader in isis has been killed, he was killed yesterday morning in a u.s. special operations forces raid in syria. his name, haji imam, that's what he is most known by. he was until yesterday morning the operational commander of isis, the one who was responsible with managing the day-to-day activities of the group. managing the affiliates both in iraq and syria and libya. the overall leader of isis abu bakr al baghdadi is something of a fugitive right now, very little communications come from him so haji imam was the main link to baghdadi. i've been told the operation to kill him unfolded like this, in
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the daylight hours early morning yesterday in syria american special operations forces landed in helicopters, they were lying in wait, then haji imam was driving by in a car, the american special operations forces stopped him, there was an attempt to capture him alive, the situation escalated, however, he and three other presumably isis members were killed in that vehicle. if he had been captured alive it would have been an enormous intelligence coupes perhaps leading to information directly to baghdadi himself, but the fact that he was killed, such an important figure, is a significant blow to isis and of course it comes at the time -- right at the time as people here in brussels are still mourning. >> richard engel, this is a very big deal. breaking news broken by richard. thank you very much. the other big news at this hour a major new raid unfolding in brussels and yes it is tied
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to tuesday's deadly terror attacks. it comes a day after a i think spr of raids that led to the arrest of at least seven suspects. let's go to nbc's keir simmons for more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as we speak that major operation is under way, belgian military are there, belgian police, bomb disposal units. there are reports from witnesses that they have heard at least one explosion, secretary kerry arriving in this city just as that is happening, arriving as it was confirmed two americans were killed in that attack on tuesday and to a country consumed with a man find to find the suspects in connection with the attacks. overnight new raids in a brussels suburb, six arrested and this morning news a seventh person has been apprehended in belgium. no answer this morning at a building neighbors say was searched by investigators. >> do you know any of the people who were arrested last night? >> i saw some -- some woman and
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a man, but i cannot -- who is -- >> couldn't recognize them? >> no. >> reporter: and new video from inside an apartment where it's believed tuesday's airport bombs were built, discarded tools, footprints in the bathroom, a smashed ipad. while in a separate apartment a year ago police seized a laptop owned by paris suicide bombing abdelhamid abaaoud. the secretary of state arriving in brussels to offer condolences. >> for the people of belgium and all of the families, all those individuals who have suffered inconceivable loss in the last few days. >> reporter: reports that the brussels suicide bombers had secretly filmed a top scientist from a facility producing radioactive isotopes. while brussels bomber najim laachraoui's brother whose identity must be concealed told the news conference he was a
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nice boy, a graduate, he says police searched their house after the paris attack, but nothing more. belgium's interior minister admitting they missed key leads, tracking down every suspect a relentless challenge european officials say. >> this is the most serious threat we face for a decade. 5,000 european nationals we think have been ral collidesed by isis. >> reporter: french police say another plan at an advanced stage has been foiled. with all this happening this country is struggling to get themselves back together. they had hoped to get the airport open days after the attack, they now say it will reopen march 27th, that's sunday, savannah. >> keir simmons, thank you. as we mentioned we now know that two siblings living in new york were among those killed in the attacks. today's erika hill has the story of the victims. erika, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. one family's worst fears
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realized this morning in brussels when they learned that their children alexander and sascha pinczowski had been among those in the attack. they were on the phone with a relative when blasts rocked through the terminal. the family released a statement a short time ago saying they are, quote, grateful to have closure on at tragic situation and are thankful to the loving support, thoughts and prayers from all. sascha a graduate of marymount college spoke five lang wajd, had interned at unicef. a dozen americans were injured in the attacks here on tuesday, at least two remain unaccounted for this morning. now, as of late thursday there were four unidentified people being treated at a hospital, those people in a coma, the government has finally started to share a list of names of those being treated at hospitals with families, that list was shared with the pinczowski's late thursday and that is when they first you knew that alex and sascha were not among the injured.
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we are rg learning more about some of these identities, 31 people confirmed dead but there will likely be more details coming in the next few days. a little earlier this morning we talked to mason wells, one of three mormon missionaries injured in the attack at the airport in brussels. i asked him if he remembered where he was standing exactly and if he was injured by the first or second explosion. >> i was actually very conscious, i was conscious for, you know, the whole four hours following the bombs and even when they went off. my burn injuries and injury to my foot i know came from the first blast. i actually saw fire in front of my face and on the ground around me and i know that the burns came from that. my body was kind of lifted off the ground during the first blast, it was very loud, and i started running towards the exit, a lot of people started running towards the exit. i had taken a couple steps,
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three seconds later the second blast went off, it went off to my right and i could feel the blast but i don't think -- i don't believe i was hit with anything from the second blast i could just feel the -- kind of the impact wave. >> i spoke to mason's dad he told me that his son remained calm and even had a sense of humor throughout the entire ordeal. >> a long road ahead for him and so many others. take a turn now to the race for president and this ongoing war of words over wives between donald trump and ted cruz. the texas senator is blasting his rival his critics are slamming both candidates for what they see as a sophomoric feud. >> good morning. things have changed in just a few months. then ted cruz gushed on twitter that donald trump was terrific. now he is fiercely defending his wife and blasting his rival as a quote, loud new york bully. cruz is angry as we've seen him teeing off. >> let me introduce my husband, ted cruz.
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>> candidate cruz embracing his top surrogate. >> i have to say isn't heidi going to make an amazing first lady. >> ted cruz touting his wife hours after hitting his limit. >> donald, you are a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> the senator and billionaire all in on a week long war over wives. >> donald doesn't like strong women. strong women scare dawned. real men don't try to bully women. >> reporter: the feud rei go nate nighted by a retweet. trump sharing this photo of heidi cruz next to melania trump. >> i'm not looking forward to telling the girls why donald trump is launching insults and attacks at their mommy. >> reporter: trump defiant, arguing cruz started the fight. this photo put out by a stop trump super pac. he knew the pac was hunt tg out there. lying ted. fighting not only for delegates
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but oxygen in this race cruz isn't letting up, campaigning arm in arm with his wife. trump's campaign manager dismissing the dispute as cruz's effort to gain attention and try to stay relevant in a race they have lost. are exam lease fair game? chelsea clinton is weighing in. >> i think that the level of vitriol goes beyond anything that we certainly have seen in contemporary times. >> reporter: trump mocking cruz's recent endorsements. >> ted cruz is just like any other politician, he says whatever he needs to say to get elected. ted cruz is not my favorite by any means. >> reporter: the kicker, with friends like these who needs enemies, that just as trump's latest side walk was offering his own hollow praise. >> we have to work with what we have not necessarily with what we ideally would want. >> reporter: trump's critics have been vocal about all the insults. nebraska republican senator ben sasse saying trump doesn't have the guts to say it to cruz's face as sass put it everyone with a sister or wife or
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daughter or mom should reconsider supporting in his words this tiny little man. matt and savannah. >> let's talk about the race itself, the race for delegates. there's obviously a chance that donald trump could get to that magic number he needs before the convention, but if he doesn't and we go to this contested convention it gets very complicated. i know you have reporting this morning that donald trump and his staff are already thinking about that eventuality. >> that's exactly right. nbc news has learned that trump is quietly putting together a team of veteran political operatives to try to manage the potential for a contested convention, it's actually being led by ben carson's former campaign manager, it's a two-phase strategy we're told, the first focus in those crucial 40 days before the end of the primary season, that's june in california and the convention they're working to get signed public commitments from what are called unbound delegates, those are the folks who either backed marco rubio or ben carson or they come from states where they
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are essentially free to support whoever they want right from the start. that could help trump secure that magic number of delegates needed before they get to the convention. second donald the dealmaker is looking to make deals, he's focusing on getting delegates to stick with him as a seener i don't operative told me colleagues katie tour and ari melber it's from offering to do a fundraiser or anything else any delegate may want. trump is working on his insurance policy to make sure that he locks up the nomination this summer in cleveland. matt and savannah, back to you. >> peter, thank you. it's so fascinatinger to think what that might look like, a once in a generation contested convention, if donald trump's folks are looking at it. >> he may need a deal to secure that nomination. this morning tributes are pouring in for the legendary comedian garry shandling, the 66-year-old died suddenly of an apparent heart attack. this morning he is being remembered as an influential
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comedian. carson has more on that. carson. >> -- landscape of television and his big break came right here on nbc. >> we do welcome garry shandling. >> for garry shandling it all started at the tonight show, it was here at nbc johnny carson helped his career take off. >> i went to the laundromat today because they have free clothes at the listened ri mat. >> shandling made his first appearance on "the tonight show" in 1981 and started guest hosing for carson a few years later. >> my friends said you talk about your hair too much can't you talk about current events? i said, sure, how does it look right now? >> shandling did something ground breaking. >> for hose of you in my american kaud yens i will see you in the next scene. >> the actor comedian created the garry shandling show in 1986
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mastering the art of breaking down walls. >> even the theme song was part of the gag. but shandling's real claim to fame came not as a late night talk show host. >> i just did that because the audience loves that stuff. >> but by mocking one. "the larry sanders show" helped put hbo on the map in 1992. >> of course my side kick hank. >> hey now. >> days you a shandling retweeted this picture smieng with cathy griffin but tweeting i hobbled today for the very first time. it was for a very hair split second but it was a who believe i'm sure of it. just in january he appeared in jerry seinfeld in comedians in cars getting coffee ironically remembering robin williams' death. >> you have to die die in your 60s for them to say, boy, he was young. >> overnight tributes from comedians he inspired.
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>> he was obviously hysterically funny pretty much all the time, but i was also extremely sensitive, he was complicated and he had a ton of empathy for other people. >> give up to for garry shandling. he will be missed. >> so many tweets. in our next half hour we will have more from the orange room about garry shandling. >> you were there -- >> that's right, his first appearance on "the tonight show" 1981 some sure fluke coincidence i was in the audience that night sitting right in front of his mom. she let it be no en that she was -- and i watched him perform on the stage and watched her glowing the entire time especially when he got killed over. he absolutely hit a home run that night. >> did you ever tell him over the years. >> i told him i was there sitting next to his mom his first appearance.
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>> dillon it in for al once again. you have a check of the weather. >> we do have some rain up and down the east coast today, it's not going to be all that heavy but we are going to see scattered showers in the northeast and a chance of heavier rain especially northern florida. this is a cold front that's moving eastward. ahead of it it's pretty mild, temperatures close to 70 except across northern new england we have freezing rain advisories through maine and winter storm warnings through northern maine we could end up with 6 inches of snow. as this moves eastward we will see the rain go with it. by this evening we will see most of the rain come to an end. temperatures will still be above average going into the weekend. down through florida, this is the area where we have a marginal risk of stronger storms, we could see large hail, damaging wind gusts and heavy downpours. why he had in southern florida we picked up 5 inches of rain in two hours, we could see something like that again today.
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across the country it will be a fairly light day. cooler back through the great lakes 40s, 60s and 70s down south. watching this next storm system bringing lighter snow through the rockies today, it will transition into a big rain event through the midwest into sunday and that will continue to move eastward and bring some rains to the areas up and down the east coast by monday. west coast things are looking quiet, highs in the 60s in northern california closer to 80 in southern california. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds. good morning.
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i'm meteorologist kari hall. starting out with sunshine and some patches of fog, especially in the north bay. it's in the 40s for most of the bay area, except for the east bay and san francisco. low 50s there and looking at highs up to 68 degrees in san francisco and the north bay one of the warmer spots. 76 degrees with some sunshine and also pleasant in the east bay. 72 degrees there. the peninsula and the south bay low 70s also for the tri-valley. this weekend, get ready for some cooler air on easter sunday. >> good one. thank you very much. just ahead, will donald trump's history of controversy with women end up costing him the election? new poll revealing a big problem facing the republican front runner. and a head-scratching discovery at the grave of william shakespeare. who stole the writer's skull? first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, it's not only rock and roll. what the rolling stones are saying ahead of their first ever concert in cuba tonight. are you sure you returned all the movies you used to rent? this man was arrested for not returning a vhs tape 14 years ago. first, your local news and weather. the outdoor furnishings from lowe's are so stylish it almost feels like were inside the house. not that i've been in there... or have i?
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both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. good morning. 7:26. i'm kris sanchez and it is hurry up and wait for bay area fishermen. on the one hand crab season begins tomorrow after a four-month delay but many boats are not going out, at least for a little longer. few boats will go out and get some crabs and test the meat for quali quality and a wholesale price will be set. so all of that might be a little longer before you can get local crab at your local store. the bay area crab season continues until june. let's take a look at the forecast. stormy for the fishermen. >> more dry weather, but wae will also have some cooler temperatures by the end of the
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weekend. now, as you head out the door, take a look at this cool shot of some fog near mt. tam and clear skies overhead. temperatures in the north bay only 43 degrees and 52 in san francisco and look for a high in the 70s in the south bay and some 60s and low 70s in the peninsula and san francisco up to 68 degrees and also 70s nin north bay and santa rosa up to 76 degrees there and brentwood tri-valley 73 degrees. what's happening on the peninsula, mike? >> looking for a lone crash and slowing north 101 at third. mild slowing but stands out because look at the rest of your bay. no real problems. a very smooth drive and a little build through san leantro coming off of 238 and look at the bay bridge toll mrauza and traffic is so light pis it? no backup at the toll plaza and this is good friday. back to you. >> we will have more local news coming up for you in half hour. we'll see you then.
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7:30 it's friday morning the 25th of march, 2016. we head into the easter holiday weekend. >> bunny ears out there. we will get al to say hi to the people in just a little while. let's get a quick check of today's headlines, nbc news has confirmed two american residents were killed in the bombings at the brussels airport. sascha and alexander pinczowski were living in new york. 12 americans were injured in the attacks and several others are uncan'ted for. seven people are in custody in morning following a new round of terror raids in brussels. we are getting our first look inside the apartment where some of the bombs used in the attack were built. and evacuation orders remain
7:31 am
in place for the town of callaway minnesota where a freight train colliding with a truck hauling propane is on fire. they are venting off the propane before allowing residents to return to their homes. this war of words on wives in the republican race is intensifying. it is the latest dispute for trump that involves women. how is it playing with that key voting block? hallie jackson is looking into all of this for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. nearly half of female republican voters say they couldn't see themselves supporting donald trump, the front runner. he does better among men. with this latest controversy far from the first time trump has gotten into hot water for his comments about women. donald trump wants everyone to know how much he loves women. >> nobody respects women more than i do. >> i have tremendous love for
7:32 am
women. >> you want to be respected, loved, everything, am i right, women? >> reporter: but this morning not everyone is cheering, ted cruz taking aim at trump's tweets about his wife. >> you are a sniveling coward and leave heidi alone. >> reporter: and me gyn kelly asking seriously. >> you've called women pigs, slobs and disgusting women. >> only rosie o'donnell. frankly what i say and oftentimes it's fun, it's kidding, we have a good time. what i say is what i say. >> reporter: with a familiar punch line. >> i'd fire rosy, i look her right in that fat ugly face of her and say you're fired. >> reporter: he has been critical of carly fiorina telling "rolling stone" look face, can anyone vote for that can you imagine that the face of our next president and on carmen
7:33 am
electric tra's figure. >> the bob job is terrible. >> and when hillary clinton was late on a bathroom break. >> i know where she went. it's disgusting. i don't want to talk about this. >> this matters for donald trump in november potentially because women are a majority of the voters. >> reporter: our polling shows 70% of women through trump unfavorably and head to head against hillary clinton he would lose by 27 points. trump's campaign manager says the candidate has a long history of working closely with women and has a great relationship with him. his daughter has descend depended him calling him one of the great advocates for women. his wife has, too. >> he treats women the same as men. he will tell you what is in his heart, what he thinks, he will not hold it back if you are a woman. >> reporter: from the women at home plenty of support, but trump may need more than that in november. all of it makes for an interesting dynamic if hillary clinton were to become the
7:34 am
democratic nominee if she wins she would be the first female president but the trump campaign argues it's donald trump not ted cruz who is in the best position to beat clinton in a general election. guys. >> hallie jackson, thank you. let's turn to something more entertaining right now, history is being made in cuba. just a couple of days after the president's visit the legendary rolling stones will perform a free concert there tonight in a country where their music was once banned and hundreds of thousands are expected to attend this milestone event. ♪ >> it's a british invasion unlike anything cuba has ever seen. the rolling stones landing in havana for a historic concert event. the rolling stones formed as a band in 1962, the same year as the cuban missile crisis, back then groups like the stones were
7:35 am
considered sub percent sieve, banned from the radio, cubans had to will ichb to their music in secret. >> time changes everything. we're pleased to be here and i'm sure it's going to be a great show. >> cuba is the country steeped in traditional music, but there has been a not so quiet revolution going on. ♪ i can't get no cubans of all ages rocking to the beat of that once sub percent i have music to devote stones fans tonight's concert is an event bordering on the biblical. >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> all week workers have been setting up the stage, the lights and the sound system. >> we can play anywhere in the world that's been played 100 times but coming somewhere where it's new and exciting, that's the challenge. >> a challenge for cubans and an opportunity. >> for me it's strange but it
7:36 am
feels like freedom, something different and i know it's nice. yes, i like it. now along with tonight's concert the stones are leading an initiative to get major suppliers to donate musical instruments to cuban musicians. how much fun would it be to be at that concert tonight? >> can you imagine? how many years in the making, 1962. >> '62 is when they were formed. yeah, it's been a long time. i hope they have a great show. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> we have some rain moving into florida today and then we will see it linger around through some of the weekend. it's all a because of this stalled front. northern florida has the best chance of seeing pockets of heavier rain off and on as this continues to just sit in place. we could see isolated severe storms possible from time to time with heavier downpours, also always watch out for that cloud to ground lightning. sunday we have another storm system moving east, it will produce some snow in the rockies today, by the time it gets to the eastern half of the country sunday we will see a chance of
7:37 am
stronger storms through the afternoon and evening especially kentucky and tennessee we could see heavier downpours and some severe storms. here is a look at how much rain we're expecting panama city we still have more amazing weather across the bay area, but don't forget to grab the jacket. as you head out we've seen patchy fog and else where some sunshine and temperatures at 54 degrees. in the east bay and 42 cdegrees in the north bay. looking at a high of 68 degree in san francisco and low 70s for the east bay, peninsula and the south bay, as well as the tri-valley. tomorrow's weather repeats the same as today and then on sunday, it will be slightly cooler especially in the morning. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. coming up, the 13 questions you should have asked before getting married. and coming up next, a shakespearean drama. the mystery over the famed
7:38 am
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made for cats, by cats. 7:41. back with new evidence that could solve a centuries old mystery. >> tamron has that story. tamron, good morning. >> this is a good one on a friday. a documentary set to air in the uk explores the life of william shakespeare and a legend his skull has been stolen by graverobbers. for centuries, there's been no real proof until now. >> i've lost my gift. >> reporter: william shakespeare the world's greatest littarry mind now lost his head. new evidence discovered that the playwright's skull was stolen. >> looks like a black hole. >> reporter: giving credibility to a 200-year-old legend that in 1794, graverobbers broke into shakespeare's crypt and left with his head.
7:43 am
this despite a epithet on his grave stone. a curse penned by shakespeare himself. blessed be the man that spares these stones, and cursed be he that moves my bones. >> he might have expected that his bones would be dug up, just as in "hamlet," when the grave digger is throwing out the bones. they find shakespeare's bones, dig them up and put somebody else in the spot. >> reporter: luckily, technology found a way around the curse. ground penetrating radar scanning the grave allowed researchers at trinity church in stratford-up-in-avon, took a look at the remains without disturbing the remains. the team found disturbances where the head should be. >> it tells you something about shakespeare as relic, as something people want to possess. sure, there was grave robbing for all kinds of reasons, but shakespeare was different. >> reporter: now, william shakespeare giving the world a new story. a mystery unfolding four centuries after his death. a poet and playwright's whose
7:44 am
stories are still portrayed on stage and film. >> the writer of plays and capture my heart. >> i am him, too. >> why would anyone want to take shakespeare's skull? one possibility in the 18th century, it was believed studying the size and shape of a human head could determine why a person was so intelligent. the documentary airs in the uk tomorrow night. i think they knew ebay would some day be invented. >> maybe on the presidential trail, they should stop talking about the size of hands and start talking about the size of their heads. >> that would raise the level of everything. >> tamron, thank you so much. coming up, we'll do pop start. what has miley cyrus feeling nostalgic as her days of hannah montana. how fellow comedians are remembering garry shandling and his sudden death. right after this.
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7:50 am
online for the beloved actor and comedian. let's get to three of the great minds out there. steve martin writing he was a special comedian with a beautifully unpredictable mind. he offered jokes for oscars. from ellen, shocked and sad to hear about garry shandling's sudden death. i was honored to get to work with him. he will be missed. from ricky gervais, rest in peace. garry shandling, one of the most influential comedians of the generation. this is just three. there are so, so many. he touched so many people and we'll continue to see the tributes come in online. back to you. >> sad news. carson, thank you very much. ahead, are you consuming too much caffeine? new findings, especially for couples who are thinking about having a baby. e zellweger opens up about the return of our beloved bridget jones. first, your local news and weather. ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh.
7:51 am
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good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some sunshine across the bay area, but patchy fog we had earlier is clearing out and now a live look at san jose. we see the sunshine there and a cool start. the seven-day forecast comes up and we'll see that we'll have a couple days of some 70s and then cools down next week. look at the current temperatures in the 40s and 50s as you head out the door, but heading into the low 60s at the peninsula, but 74 degrees in morgan hill and san francisco 68 degrees. napa 72 and 72 in oakland and danville today look for a high of 74 degrees. what's hang in the east bay, mike? >> kari, just seeing a little more traffic. that's significant. traffic very light around the bay and oakland 880 slows a bit and look at your map. a little slowing by the coliseum and not a big deal. the metering lights were turned off at 7:00. that's how light traffic is. 101 slows from 92 up to third but that crash has cleared in the last 15 minutes and recovery
7:57 am
now and that should be very quick because of the light volume traffic, again. a new fepder bender southbound 85 just past 17. so will slow a bit heading down into the almaden expressway. back over to you. >> thank you very much, mike. happening right now developments in brussels and the wake of the terror attacks there. police are conducting a new round of raids in the same district where they have already arrested several other people. also, we now know that a brother and sister from new york are now confirmed to have died in the attacks as they were on the phone with their mother. we're posting updates on our home page. hayward police are trying to determine if the arrest of four people early this morning are tied to a possible home invasion. so far, investigators say very little but bob redell is there and help police get more information. you can look for updates on that story in our twitter feed. we have more local news in a half hour. (scal): good day, m'lady!
7:58 am
7:59 am
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♪ it's 8 it's 8:00 on today. coming up, pregnancy and caffeine. a new study links high level consumption by women and men with miscarriage. what you and your partner need to know. plus, madonna don't preach. the music superstar's neighbors complaining about phony signs outside her manhattan town house. how the material girl is fighting back in typical madonna fashion. and bridget jones is back. renee zellweger opens up about the sequel, bridget jones' baby. why even she doesn't know who will be bridget's happily after. >> you shot three different endings? >> they kept us guessing yeah. i don't know what they're going to do.
8:01 am
today friday march 25th, 2016. ♪ good morning, chicago! >> good morning, lansing, michigan! yea! ♪ don't believe me just watch come on ♪ >> we're here from tennessee just to be on nbc. >> we're from new york. >> we're hooked on "the today show"! we're back 8:00 on a friday morning. it's the 25th day of march, 2016. it's good friday heading into easter weekend. lots to be happy about. and we have an enormous, enormous spring break crowd out on our plaza this morning. on a mild day. we thank them for coming by. >> look at those cute little bunnies. it's a great crowd.
8:02 am
coming up we're in for a treat. we're so excited. brunch with bobby flay. carson has been thinking about this since last night. it will combine southwest cuisine and breakfast. you need this in your life. >> when most chefs come in here you study the notes so you can ask intelligence questions. when bobby comes i just grab a fork. tamron is inside she's got a look at the headlines of the morning. good morning, everyone. secretary of state john kerry arrived in brussels overnight as police there and in paris were conducting raids. bill neely is in brussels for us, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. from the scene of another raid here in brussels. isis, of course behind the bombings here. but their second in command news just in has been killed in a
8:03 am
u.s. special forces raid in syria. a man called haji imam. using stun grenades, belgian police raid a house in brussels. one of three operations overnight. seven men arrested. it's not clear any of those detained have to the brussels attacks. police are confident they will find the bombers on the run. >> it's a complex investigation. and it will be a long investigation. i'm sure that we will identify them and arrest them. >> the death of one bomber, najim laachraoui has stunned his family. his brother spoke but didn't want to be identified. i couldn't believe it was him he says. but we don't choose our family. this is the apartment where police believe they built their bombs. at least four with home made explosions. a smashed computer left behind.
8:04 am
a door broken in the police raid. they made their bombs with shrapnel these nails and screws were recovered from the bodies of victims. >> boom like this. >> one survivor from the airport is still reliving the horror. >> the screaming, like it's boom. and then we see the smoke and -- >> reporter: can you believe it? >> i don't believe it. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry with a message, we will not be intimidated. but he told nbc news, an isis attack on the u.s. can't be ruled out. >> i hope and pray we won't, but we all know that we're living in a world where it is very easy for somebody who wants to kill themselves to go out and hurt other people when they do it. >> reporter: many here are still missing, many of the dead unidentified. the grief here is often silent, but deep. like the anger and the fear. and in paris, a known militant
8:05 am
was arrested. the french government says his new plot to attack paris was at an advanced stage. as they recover here from one atrocity, they are on their guards against others. the police raid here has finished, one man arrested. >> thank you very much. this morning, matt spoke with an injured american mason wells who was hospitalized overseas. he's a mormon missionary that was wounded in the brussels airport attack. >> i saw fire in front of my face and on the ground around me. and i know that the burns came from t my body was lifted off the ground during the first blast. it was very loud. and i started running towards the exit, a lot of people ran towards the exit. i took a couple steps. >> he was in boston during the marathon bombing and in paris during the attacks last november. and it was a wild ending to a police chase that was caught
8:06 am
on camera near mesa, arizona. officers were pursuing a stolen white pickup truck when the driver stopped. he then tried to steal a motorcycle right out from under the rider. that didn't work. so he went back to the truck but he lost control and flipped over on the interstate. the driver who was injured has a criminal record and was wanted for leaving the scene of a serious accident last week. a florida woman owes her life to the efforts of two sheriff deputies. she was trapped in her car after colliding with a tanker truck. one officer smashed the window but the woman is pinned by her seatbelt, air bags and steering wheel. another officer races over. she frees the woman and together they pull the victim to safety before the flame engulfed that car. that is stunning video to see. let me send it back over to matt right now. >> all right. thank you very much. this morning, there's a new warning for anyone who is trying
8:07 am
to have a baby. researchers from the national institutes of health found that consuming caffeinated drinks, even before pregnancy can raise the risk of miscarriage by 74%. nbc's medical contributor dr. natalie azar is here with what couples need to know. good morning to you. there's another part of that headlines, it's not just women consuming the caffeine, it's men as well. talk to me about this. >> what makes this interesting is that multiple other studies have looked at caffeine intake for a woman during pregnancy. we know that can be associated with adverse outcomes. this was the first study to look at men and women and their behavior. >> let's talk about how far in advance of conception does this have an impact? another one after that. >> what they did was follow couples until conception or up to 12 months. this was weeks and months prior to conception.
8:08 am
they took diaries. >> what levels are we talking about? >> greater than two beverages was associated with an increased risk. what constitutes a serving? >> a small cup of coffee, large, large, you know caffeinated drink by one of those things you see. we have a mike problem with you. >> exactly. so one serving of coffee is considered -- serving of caffeine is considered eight ounces. a regular cup of coffee will be 95 to 200 milligrams of caffeine. that tends to be the cut off when you talk to the institution. >> there's another part of this study that says, also that women who drink two caffeinated drinks during the first seven weeks of pregnancy also more likely to miscarry. >> greater likelihood. a couple points i think are
8:09 am
point to reiterate for people. again, this was something called an observational study. it's not going to prove cause and effect. there are also some residual confounding factors that's could not be controlled for. such as other dietary factors, lifestyle factors that could impact a woman's risk of miscarrying. >> by the way, if we want good news to end on, it suggests that taking a multivitamin before or during pregnancy can cut your risk of miscarriage by 50%. >> by 50%. exactly. and not that that necessarily will offset the risk associated with caffeine. i think to a lot of people the take home message is if you want to optimize your chances for a healthy pregnancy, you look for a lot of different things. take your multivitamin, limit your caffeine, limit your alcohol. stop smoking. get a check up with your doctor and make sure all other factors are in order. you also want to maintain a healthy weight. lots of other factors, i don't want people to be concerned about the third cup of coffee on
8:10 am
a daily basis. we don't want to alarm people but it's important information. >> thank you very much. you got the mike there, sing a couple numbers off your first album. >> oh, my god, no. no. no. >> just ahead,i the man who landed in handcuffs for not returning a movie 14 years ago and what he's saying about his arrest. the driveway drama pitting superstar madonna against her neighbors. renee zellweger and the return of bridget jones and why she's kept a low profile. first on a friday morning, these messages. with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain.
8:11 am
tell 'em cedric sent you. mogy
8:12 am
the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
8:13 am
it is 8:12. it's a good time for trending. this one is audience participati participation. ready? >> okay. >> this is a most viewed story on the "new york times" website this morning. 13 questions you should ask before getting married. >> oh, boy. >> the paper says, what you don't know can hurt you. as i go through the questions, raise your hand if you asked any question like that to your spouse before you got married, okay? will we have children, and if we do, will you change diapers? >> carson? >> no, no, no. >> we did. not on the diapers part but -- >> children, okay. next question, how important is religion? how will we celebrate religious holidays, if at all? >> yes. >> of course. >> how about this, do we like each other's parents? >> yeah. we didn't have to ask. >> we got lucky. >> you don't want to say to your
8:14 am
spouse, by the way, you act nice around my parents but do you like them? >> you can tell. hopefully you know enough to know when they're faking it. >> can you deal with my doing things without you? >> i can't imagine asking that question. it's a good question, but what do you say? >> how does someone answer that? what's the right answer? >> yes. >> how often can i ditch you? >> hopefully you'd say, yes, i want you to have independence. >> if you've been in a relationship with someone, hopefully you know that. >> they're saying, no, you have to sit down. make this an interview. here's one savannah asks every day. what do you admire about me? what are your pet peeves? >> that's what i say to you, tell me about how i'm such a delight. >> another one, how do you see us ten years from now? here's one i like. i like this one. did your family throw plates or calmly discuss issues when you were growing up? >> or silently shut down, like my family does.
8:15 am
>> that's a good question. >> did you have any of these conversations? >> not a lot of them, no. not a lot of them. anyway, it's cool. check out the "new york times" website for more on that. now to the man who is reminding all of us to return the movie rentals, no matter how late. his name is james myers. he was stopped by police in north carolina for a then the officer ran his licensb and found something else. a warrant. for not returning a vhs tape 14 years ago. no kidding. james said he laughed, too, but later that day, he was at the police station in handcuffs. >> so terrible. >> wow. >> of course, we have one question. >> did he rewind it? >> yes, did he rewind it. >> shouldn't we say, dylan, a vhs tape was about this big. video in it. >> in the olden days, that'sow we watched movies. it was a cinematic classic, "freddy got fingered," starring tom green. remember that? >> of course you keep that. >> that's one you think he would
8:16 am
have returned. >> he had no idea where the tape came from. the court date is next month. tom green offered to pay his fines and the video store is now closed. >> i didn't know you could be charged. >> 14 years later. >> what is it, like 7 bucks? >> i don't know. >> i have a vhs tape with the blockbuster sticker on it. >> you do? >> it's a collector's item. >> i have no idea what movie it is. >> what's the price on 14 years of somebody being robbed of watching "freddy got fingered"? >> so true. how about this, when you're nervous, what do you usually tell yourself to stay calm? do you say, stay calm? >> relax. >> breathe, breathe. >> breathe easy. >> according to a new study, it could be better to get hyped up. this is from a psychologist at harvard business school. need i say more? she found when people converted their jitters into excitement instead of anxiety, their performances improved. this is called anxiety
8:17 am
re-appraisal. it worked. when volunteers were asked to do scary things, like speak before an audience, sing karaoke. instead of saying i'm getting nervous, get really excited. >> channel that nervous energy. >> rebrand your anxiety. >> when i do talk to a large crowd, i say, i'm really nervous. everybody sort of calms down because i'm nervous. and i think -- >> saying it out loud -- >> i sing "eye of the tiger" in my head. when i'm walking on the stage, i'm like -- >> do you really? >> i mean, i don't know, what do you do when you're nervous? you're not nervous? >> i say, i should be here and, darn, they like me. >> you do? >> no. now to madonna. she's vowing to say three extra hail marys this easter. miley cyrus' comments about hannah montana. carson, go ahead. first to madonna, battling
8:18 am
her neighbors in new york. it's because of these signs. madonna put these no parking signs in front of her mansion. she also altered the curb, painting it yellow. all of this to keep her driveway clear of cars. city officials are threatening fines if madonna doesn't remove all of it, saying the signs and yellow paint are all illegal. madonna's neighbors complained to the daily mail. on instagram, she wrote, yes, bishes -- that's the thing, i guess -- i am madonna and that is my driveway. if people park in front of it, i can't drive in my driveway. so sorry, the city doesn't like the color yellow. we will paint a nice dull gray to keep our neighbors happy. i'm saying extra hail marys for this transgression this easter. >> that's madonna. >> anybody? >> no. >> i learned a new vocabulary word. >> what's her song? >> it's a more family friendly version. >> bottom line is, you can't do that.
8:19 am
>> right. nick jonas writing a string of recent hit songs, including levels, chains and jealous. now nick's announcing his latest album called "last year was complicated." the first single is "close." here's your first look at the nick jonas music video. ♪ they won't be careful ♪ you don't know me ♪ cause if i want ya, and i want ya, babe ♪ ♪ space is just a word made up by someone who is afraid of getting too close ♪ ♪ oh, so close >> on twitter, nick said the song is about his inability to be vulnerable. the album last year was "complicated," and he said was in part helped named by jay z of
8:20 am
all people. heard good things about the record. >> incredible voice. >> he does. miley cyrus getting nostalgic about hannah montana. it's been a decade since miley played the kid-friendly pop star on the disney channel. we know that since then, miley, of course, has shed that clean image. >> a little. >> here's what she posted on instagram. though i feel disconnected to who i was at that time, i always feel eternally grateful for the opportunity and platform i was given. in the case you thought miley was getting soft for a second, she then urged everybody to celebrate the anniversary by getting drunk. that's our miley. that's your pop start. >> oh, man. nothing with the tongue? >> still early. >> that's our miley. >> carson, thank you. >> hi, dylan. >> the weather? >> yeah. >> i'll chime in now. we do have a nice, mild day on tap for the east coast. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s in the mid-atlantic, lower 70s in the northeast. it's not going to last all that long. we have a cold front moving through, lots of clouds.
8:21 am
temperatures fall back to the 50s in new york by saturday. 60s in washington, d.c. then the heat is on through charleston, west virginia, 72 on saturday. on sunday, we're going to see the heat continue to move back into the great lakes. temperatures in erie, pennsylvania, 64. then cools off behind another cold front that is going to bring some of those showers. we also right now have that storm, more in the wintry form. we have snow showers back through denver. most of the snow will be in the we have some sunshine across the bay area again today. it's cool to start, as you head out the door, and we'll see the sunshine warming up the temperatures quickly we're right now at 52 degrees in san francisco with a high today of 68 degrees, low 70s in the east bay peninsula and south bay, north bay a high of 76 degrees with some sunny skies. also a light wind and comfortable temperatures today, again tomorrow more of the same, and slightly cooler temperatures on easter sunday. >> that's your latest forecast.
8:22 am
>> dylan, thank you very much. bridget jones fans rerejoic. back and better than ever. >> get excited. renee zellweger returning in the upcoming "bridget jones baby" movie. you got to sit down with her. >> it was great. it's been 14 years since we last awe ms. jon saw ms. jones. in the latest chapter, she's in her 40s and dealing with a big surprise. >> i need development. i'm pregnant? >> surprise! >> reporter: she's now 43, fit and fabulous. but for bridget jones, some things never seem to change. >> how are you? >> very well, thanks. how are you? >> i'm fine. >> reporter: mark is still in the picture, but now, so is this dreamy guy. >> who is the father? is it mark? >> there's a 50% chance. >> a 50% chance? >> reporter: it's not just bridget who is in the dark.
8:23 am
renee and the rest of the cast don't know either. >> is it true you shot three endings? >> they kept us guessing, yeah. you never know. people with cell phones, talking. i might slip up and tell my mom. oh, she ends up with -- >> so do you, in this moment, not know? >> i don't know what they're going to do. >> i'm leaning toward mark. i feel like he's loved you from the start. loves you as you are. >> it's true, isn't it? >> he's awful dashing. patrick dempsey. >> either way, it's not going to be a difficult ending for her, is it? >> reporter: not at all. and not difficult for fans to jump right back into bridget's qui quirky life. >> i fell in love in the opening scene. your pajamas, so free. ♪ all by myself >> take me back. what made you, i want to say, fall in love with bridget? >> i love her humanity.
8:24 am
i love that she's so humble. i love that she's just self-deprecating but always optimistic and always finds a way. i think people relate to her perfect imperfection. >> reporter: in between films, zellweger keeps a low profile, better to avoid her own imperfections being constantly picked apart on the internet. >> i remember a couple years ago, people were saying, she changed her appearance. does it bother you, or is it par for the course? >> it's not really part of my life. it's part of the job, that i don't experience except when i step into this arena. in my home, you know, i'm not aware of it. i don't do any kind of social media, so i don't see it. i like to have -- i guess you would call them -- real experiences. >> reporter: for the experiences, making "bridget jones's baby," she said it was
8:25 am
going back home with all the characters we fell in love with the first time around, reconnecting with old friends. >> it was a long time coming. are you like, let's give it to the people? >> i guess. i hadn't thought about it. now that you mention it, yeah, it's time. >> big, giant, live selfie. >> a lot of fans will be looking for hugh grant. he passed on the latest sequel. but patrick dempsey, not the worst replacement. >> not at all. >> the level of excitement here over this. >> i watch it on the flight going out to l.a. from here, and it was so funny again. you're laughing, you're crying. >> you watched the original. >> the original, the first one. >> let's be clear. >> i don't know who the baby's daddy is. >> we should rent a car, go to the theater, smuggle in treats. >> what night? quick, tell me! ahead, we're cooking brunch with bobby flay.
8:26 am
and good morning at 8:26 on your friday, i'm sam brock. it is kind of hurry up and wait for bay area crowd fishermen. on the one hand, crab season officially begins tomorrow after a delay lasting more than four months. at the same time, most boats are not going to be going out for at least a little while longer. instead, just a few will to test the results of the crab meat, that includes quantity and quality. then they've got to set a wholesale price. there is also the issue of strong winds in our forecast for the weekend. all of that meaning it might be a little longer before the crab hits stores. the bay area's crab season ends officially in june. it has been for the most part a light day on the roadways. mike, you're looking at a car fire. that's right. we're looking toward the south
8:27 am
bay, southbound 85 right there as you're heading down toward the area off of 17. you slow down toward camden where a car fire was in lanes until just seconds ago. chp just gave me the update, things are clear. the distraction is gone. we should see quick recovery. look at the rest of the south bay and in fact the bay. say smooth drive across the bridges, san mateo, north 101 slows a bit, the earlier crash at 3rd cleared a little while ago. no real problems the rest of the bay looks good. back to you. >> that's about as light as you'll see the roads. thanks so much, mikement we'll be back in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today". it is friday, march 25th, good friday. a beautiful crowd out on our plaza. we've got the spring break crowd rolling along. how long does spring break last at the "today" show plaza? >> generally, another three weeks. >> we love it. crowds get crazier. >> favorite times of the year. we also love bobby flay, especially when he comes to make a brilliant brunch. take a look. he has the mushrooms going. he's got hashbrowns. we're talking about a great meal we're going to prepare with him in a couple minutes. >> we need to hurry. >> it's a great friday. plus, ethan hawke stops by
8:31 am
studio 1a to talk about his newest role as an iconic jazz man. beautiful. first, let's get a check of the weather. dylan, i feel it getting warming. >> i can't tell if it is the lights or the sun is trying to come out. something is working out here. it's warming up. we should hit 70 today, and then it goes back to the 50s on saturday. we are watching stronger storms possible down through florida today and again tomorrow, too. we are going to see the showers fill in across the gulf coast and tennessee river valley, stretching through chicago. scattered showers and storms are a risk of stronger storms in western tennessee and western kentucky. the northeast, it's sunny and dry, 50s and 6 in san francisco, we see a little bit of fog rolling across the bay, but the city is not
8:32 am
here is a look at san francisco. we see some sunshine out there. temperatures are right at about 52 degrees and looking at highs today that will be reaching into the low 70s. 68 degrees in the castro and some mid-70s for the north bay. >> i think i found the most excitable corner. are you guys all together? >> no. >> where are you from? >> florida! >> having fun? >> yes! >> it's raining in florida so you picked a good weekend to come up here. guys? >> dylan, thank you so much. now to a fitting story on this good friday morning. >> all this week, kathie lee has been sharing her journey to the holy land, a place of deep spiritual and personal significaci significance for her. ♪ >> it's one of the best places on a trip to israel. this is the first time i've been back to israel without frank by
8:33 am
my side. but he was very much in my heart. >> i just wanted to say con doe -- condolences about frank. >> thank you. he loved it so much. >> my wife listened to your testimony, and you were an encouragement to my wife. your christian walk means a lot to a lot of people. >> thank you. >> god bless you. >> reporter: this place meant a lot to frank. this time, i'm here with family and friends, including my writing partner, david and his wife kelly and son nikki. david collaborated with me the last 15 years. we wrote this song in memory of frank. ♪ told and then retold >> reporter: he loved the story of david and this beautiful, natural oasis. >> it reminds me when i was here four years ago with frank. he couldn't believe that david hid in these amazing caves. he was so moved by the story of david and goliath.
8:34 am
♪ when the giant roared, though th boy was small ♪ ♪ he threw a stone, and that was all ♪ ♪ down the giant came ♪ and nothing would ever be the same ♪ ♪ what is your stone ♪ where will you throw it ♪ what is your gift ♪ how will you know it ♪ whoa, what is, what is your stone ♪ >> reporter: walking through the ancient ruins of harod's palace brought back vivid memories with frank. >> i have a distinct memory of being here with my husband. the sports caster in him could not help it, he jumped up here like this, went over to the edge
8:35 am
and said, good evening, everybody, and welcome to giant stadium. it's a roaring crowd tonight here. it's full of people looking for a good fight. or something like that. wonderful way of frank's. he loved it here. oh, my lord, he loved it here. i have a million memories of being here with him. they're all good. >> reporter: rear in the ancient roman stadium, surrounded by family and friends, it seemed fitting to stop and pay tribute to him. >> we rejoice in his life, a life well lived. we rejoice in a race well run. when we just came back, he couldn't talk about anything else. he wanted to show everybody his stones. in the trophy room, nobody wanted to see the stones. they wanted to see his stuff. frank would take them straight to the trophies and say, look at the stones. i got them where david killed goliath. a man in seven halls of fame went into the hall of faith.
8:36 am
his name written in the book of life. i just praise god for that. i'm so happy you're all here. thank you. >> reporter: i've been coming to israel for 45 years. it's a spectacular place. it's the home to and sacred for three of the world's most important faiths. the muslims, christians and the jews. it's a place that you can't even describe. you have to experience it for yourself. so i say to you what they say all around the world, next year. >> such a deep and personal connection for her to that place. >> every time kathie lee comes back from israel, she's so excited, exuberant and has so many stories to tell. >> she wants to share it with everyone. >> it's a beautiful story. coming up next, a woman who has influence ed generations. jenna bush hager got to catch up with beverly cleary.
8:37 am
first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
beverly cleary turns 100 is sponsored by kindle. inspiring the love of reading. >> it is 8:39. we're back with a woman who probably played a big role in your childhood. >> definitely. beverly cleary, one of america's most cherished authors, is marking a milestone. jenna bush hager spent time with her. >> in full disclosure, i'm in love with her. beverly turns 100 next month but, as they say, age is just a number. it's something i definitely found true when i was lucky enough to chat with this literary legend. >> ha, ha, i get to ride the bus to school today all by myself, ramona bragged to her big sister. >> her stomach was quivery with excitement at the day ahead.
8:40 am
>> began with a bus ride. >> a long way from home. not long enough, she hoped, to make her feel car sick. >> reporter: iconic children's author beverly clearly has enchanted kids for generations. creating beloved characters like ramona, or the legendary mouse on the motorcycle, and henry, her first published in 1955. now 99 years young, still witty as ever. >> you're about to turn 100. >> yes. >> are you excited? >> well, i didn't do it on purpose. >> can you believe it? >> no, i can't. i remember a very ernest conversation my best friend and i had when we were, i guess, freshman in high school, about how long we wanted to live. we decided that 80 was the cutoff date. >> reporter: for such a prolific writer, her love affair with
8:41 am
books started reluctantly. growing up in rural oregon, she didn't learn to read until the second grade. only to find stories that didn't interest her much. >> so many books in those days, back in the 1920s, had been published in england. children had nannies and pony carts and they seemed like a bunch of sissies to me. >> reporter: she eventually became a school librarian and found that, like her, many kids just didn't relate to the books they had. >> i read a little boy came up to you and said, where are the books about kids like us? >> he didn't say it so nicely. he said, where are the books about kids like us? >> reporter: she decided to write them herself. more than 40 books in all, which kids like these as new york city's churchill school have come to love. >> how many of you have read beverly cleary? did you love them? >> yes.
8:42 am
>> my favorite is ramona the pest. >> what's your favorite beverly cleary book? >> "mouse on a motorcycle" because i love mice, hamsters, like any kind of rodant. >> can you believe these books are 50 years old? >> no. >> wow. >> does it surprise you? >> yeah. >> if you could say anything to beverly clearly, what would you say? >> thank you. they inspire me to go out and read more, and i thank her so much for that. >> reporter: it's not just kids who have been influenced by her stories. >> these books are so wonderful when you're a kid and when you're 51 years old. they still matter to you. >> beverly, you were my inspiration when i started to write all those years ago. you remain my inspiration today. >> reporter: it's not the acclaim, the dozens of awards,
8:43 am
nor the 75 million books sold in 25 languages that make beverly cleary happiest. >> what are you most proud of? and the fact the children love my books. >> reporter: 60 years of work and a storybook life, with more chapters still to come. >> what are you looking forward to? >> at my age? well -- i'll leave that up to you. >> do you not love her? >> love her. >> did you grow up reading her books? >> yes. >> they weren't around in my early childhood, but they got here. >> team ramona. >> i love it. to celebrate beverly cleary's 100th birthday, amazon gave away kindles loaded with books for families in maryland, ensuring another generation of young readers will enjoy her stories. >> good idea. >> she's the best. >> 100! i wish we had a cake. >> she's sharp, too.
8:44 am
more of your interview, we can tell you to go online. also if you want to share your favorite children's books with our parenting team, up next, oscar nominee ethan hawke is here. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
from his memorable role in "dead poet society" to "boyhood," ethan hawke has been in the acting business more than 30 years. in "born to the blue," he takes on chet baker, a man who struggles to fight his demons, while trying to make a comeback on the jazz scene. >> i want my life back. dick, come on. i want to play music. the way that i want to play it. this is my last chance. >> ethan, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i learned a new word when studying for this segment.
8:47 am
anti-biopic. it was described as -- i guess it means it's about a real person, but it's not one of these cradle-to-grave story of your life kind of things. >> no. it aspires more to be a movie about the jazz scene and the jazz world and about a romantic relationship. really use the legend of chet baker as kind of a jumping off place. like the director used to say this, in jazz, they take a classic song lieke "summertime" and riff on it. in a way, this is a riff of the life of chet baker. >> imagines how he might have been. was it 10 or 15 year ago, you almost made a movie about chet baker. >> i did. >> is he following you, or are you following him? >> i don't know. we're being called together somehow. i do, i feel like this movimovi "born to be blue," is a sequel to a movie i didn't make 15 years ago. >> speaking of where we are,
8:48 am
studio 1a, "today" show, we have a clip of when chet baker was on the "today" show. >> we'd like to do an original composition written by a young fellow named bob. recorded recently. called "slightly above moderate." >> i'll get out of the way. >> get a kick out of that? amazing to see, right? >> wow, that's so great. preparing for this part, we live in an amazie ining time. you see these amazing clips. it proves the point that a biopick can never capture a real person. our real lives are rich, dense, strange and boring and exciting. to make a movie, you kind of have to make a story worth watching. >> you did something amazing. it flips me out when actors are able to do this. you learned to play the trumpet and sing for this role. how do you take on something like that? >> it's the best part of my job. my job is like a joke, how much fun it is. i only learned ten songs.
8:49 am
my sister, when we were growing up, she didn't know how to play the piano but taught her to play scott joplin's "rag." >> that's impressive. >> it's all she did. i can't play the trumpet, but i can play "summertime." >> i read a story, you had gone into this studio, had a great day of recording, really difficult but you got it done. go back the next day and they tell you -- >> i had to sing "my funny valentine," not easy to do. we do it, amazing and we're going to break and do the next song the next day. i come back in, and the guy, this guy i've never met before, the recording engineer, he deleted it when we left. i said, it must be still in the computer or something. he's like, well, i emptied the trash. when is the last time you emptied the trash before yesterday? two and a half years ago. why would you do that? delete, empty, why? >> i thought they said nothing
8:50 am
was ever gone on the computers, right? >> well, it's gone. the good news is, you know, it's one of those lessons, because i've been acting so long and my theory is, whenever something goes wrong technically, it's the gods telling youy you can do better. >> i heard it was better. thank you so much. the movie is "born to the blue." coming up next, bobby flay will help us cook up the ultimate brunch. this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> announcer: today's food is brought to you by yoplait. mm, yoplait. >> wrapping up our "today" food brunch week with bobby flay. good morning. >> good morning. >> look at that, this looks amazing. >> it's a quesadilla with wild rush rooms and tomatoes. brush infiltrates every meal. >> first, ingredients are not intimidating. >> tortilla, cheeses, eggs, potatoes. a lot of times i wake this with bacon, but it's good friday so mushrooms today. i'll put a little chili in, fresh cilantro, and mix this around. salt and pepper.
8:53 am
>> doesn't take long, right? >> you can do that ahead of time. then we have hashbrowns. be careful, matt. it'll splatter a little bit. we'll get hashbrowns going in a cast iron pan. put it in a hot pan and let it get crusty. don't keep mixing it around. >> anything other than potatoes? >> no, potatoes, salt andonions well. peppers. then the potatoes. we can come over here. >> it's important you have a cast iron skillet for this, right? >> they're terrific because they hold the heat well. you want the crustiness of the hashbrowns. we have the hashbrowns with the chilies and the onions. i make a club sandwich-style case deal quesadilla. this goes in the oven. we have our mushrooms, a little
8:54 am
bit of the hashbrowns. then, of course, a little bit of cheese. i don't like -- i like to make mine thin. then put a little cheese in the middle. >> all right. >> not too -- >> see how they like it. >> paul reubens is here. >> how are you? >> great. >> you're cooking for peewee herman. no pressure. >> that's a first. >> definitely cool. guys, keep eating. >> you buttered the top or was a oil? >> a little oil. quesadillas, generally, are fried, but this is actually a healthier version. we're going to put it in a hot oven. 450 degrees. let it bake. >> what kind of cheese did you use? >> monterrey jack and cheddar. we cut up the quesadilla. we'll put it on top of the plate. i put an egg on top, because we are cooking brunch here. fried egg can basically become the thing that is on every dish in every restaurant. you see eggs everywhere. salads, quesadillas, salsa, hot
8:55 am
sauce. here we go. >> what'd you think? >> we loved it. >> oh, i mean -- >> paul, what'd you think? >> delicious. >> nobody is using a knife and fork. >> get right in there. >> i didn't think of that. >> fantastic, bobby. "beat bobby flay" starts in april. he's back in the next hour, cooking a delicious strata. paul, the reason you're here is because there is a new peewee movie. finish chewing and tell us all about it. wait a minute, let me tell you about it. it's "peewee's big holiday." he's returning for a netflix movie. >> incredible. 30 years later. it's staggering. it's about peewee herman meeting a mysterious stranger and leaving his comfort and rut, and going out into the world and kind of trying to experience life a little more and living. >> the script sounds cute. it has joe manganiello, who is
8:56 am
your real friend in life. >> yes. >> did you write it thinking, i know just the guy for this? >> i did, yeah. it was an incredible situation. i got to talk to him all about it at his recent wedding. it was super exciting. >> how are you so timeless? the spirit of your character that you bring to it -- >> i can ask you the same question. >> that's a good point. >> continue withi'm .. at 8:56 on your friday, i'm sam brock. this is not your ordinary fish tale. for one wayward seal, she's recovering in sausalito after police found the seal in fremont yesterday in someone's driveway on osgood road near interstate 680 about four miles from the bay. her name is kumifer. vets say she's a little thin but alert and she's also a repeat
8:57 am
guest at the marine mammal center after being found in november in cap toll la. the center released her weeks ago in bow gaig ga bay. how she ended up 100 miles away a complete mystery. we have posted a link to her story as well as links to video on our website. the bay area's long-delayed dung aness crab season getting under way tomorrow. most of the boats won't go out before monday. steph truong is talking to crab fishermen. learn more on our website. the seblgtd in command for isis killed in a u.s. military raid. links to updates as well as latest developments in the brussels terror attacks. we'll see you in a half hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," happy easter weekend. we're celebrating the holiday early with food, fun and trivia. then it's manhattan versus madonna. after the superstar expresses herself on a city sidewalk. bobby flay cooking up a delicious brunch for family and friends. all that and more coming up next. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this good friday. it's march 25th, 2016. a nice, big crowd outside on our plaza. inside studio 1a, i'm willie along with tamron and dylan. natalie and al have the day off. your jam is --
9:01 am
>> have you heard this? big in australia. jonas blue, a cover of "fast car." it sounds familiar. it's more tropical, they call it. >> absolutely. >> jonas blue's debut song. >> big in australia. >> look at you. >> i was running the other day and spotify played it. i was like, i know this one. >> you looked it up. >> i like it. >> by the way, the original, tracy chapman -- >> call us. >> we want more music. >> throwback thursday. >> she's one of the best. let's talk about easter. today is good friday. sunday is easter, as you know. probably making plans for the weekend. here's fun facts. i'm told they're fun facts. 2.6 eggs are bought every march. >> except when it falls in april. >> there you go. >> this march -- easter is in
9:02 am
march. >> that's what happens when you have a scientist filling? >> exactly. >> go back to your fun facts. i'll stay out of it. >> i looked at my watch to see the date. is it april already? >> what happened? >> we are expected to spend $17.32 billion in easter-related products this year. man, that's a lot. >> i heard more than halloween. this morning on the local news -- >> is that all candy or -- >> baskets and stuff. >> those are expensive. >> aren't they? >> the ones the kids get now. you go to the convenient store and get one before that would take two weeks to open. now they're elaborate. i bought my niece's one -- >> we'll let you finish. >> it was like $40. for the basket. >> we get ones that are like $3. >> every year, the easter bunny would take a basket off the
9:03 am
ceiling -- >> and put it together? >> it was filled with candy and treats. >> i like making my own. did we do that, diy? >> this is a terrifying number. more than 1.5 billion peeps are eaten every easter. 1.5 billion. savannah, want a peep? >> no, thanks. >> we'll pass the peeps. >> i'm good. >> you're our peep, so eat a peep. >> chocolate? >> come here. >> did you know, the next factoid is amazing. >> it's not for you. >> funny. >> i'm on a diet. >> 89% -- >> she's on a diet, she said. >> -- say chocolate bunnies should be eaten ears first. >> you do it instinctively. >> the solid or haollow bunny? >> i like the solid. >> i like the hollow, because it's easier to break apart. >> the downside of biting into a hunk of chocolate is what? >> that's the idea. >> exactly. >> in 1878, the first white house easter --
9:04 am
>> this is fun. >> having fun? it was the first white house easter egg roll. who was president in '78? >> oh -- >> got her. rutherford b. hayes. al knows it. he yelled it out somewhere. >> madison avenue baptist church here in the city on easter, and then easter brunch. al roker gives us a ham for christmas every year that's a 900 pound ham. i ordered a smaller version, and i'm having -- >> from the same place? >> yeah. >> i didn't know if it was leftover from christmas. >> the ham he gives us is big enough that i could freeze it and serve it for the whole year. i got a fresh one for my guests. >> i have my dad and his -- i guess they're married now. >> you guess? >> yes, they are married now. i haven't ever said it out loud. they got married last summer. his wife, they're coming up for easter. >> cool. >> going to make a pot roast.
9:05 am
>> you are? >> yeah. >> excellent. we have bobby flay up later. maybe he can give you pot roast tips. >> what are you making? >> cooking? you left me speechless. i couldn't even lie. we're going to lake george. they may be watching up there now. christina's family is there. >> hey, guys. >> we'll be hanging out for the weekend, and my mother-in-law will be doing a lot of cooking. >> you'll be eating? >> yes. >> will march madness collide with easter? >> in a good way. we have games tonight, games saturday, games sunday. it'll be a great weekend. >> that's why you're not cooking. >> i'll be parked in front of the tv. >> we hope you have something awesome. #"today's take" and let us know what you're doing for easter. maybe you have good recipes for willie, so he can impress the in laws. this tiny gymnast has stolen our hearts. she's 3 years old, and her name is emmy. she showed off her moves on ellen. her dad is in the army. thank you for your service. deployed to south korea for a
9:06 am
year. before he left, he created daddy kiss jar. it's filled with hershey kisses for every day he's away. before showing off her skills as a gymnast, she had this sweet exchange with ellen. take a listen. >> do you get scared of fallen ever? >> no because then we get back up. [ applause ] >> oh, emma. i love it. >> then we get back up. just when you thought she could not be more perfect, check out emma's routine. >> oh! [ applause ] >> go ahead, emma. >> oh! and the dismount. >> nailed the landing. >> oh, my goodness. >> look how strong she is. >> here she goes. >> go ahead, emma. okay. >> kick it over.
9:07 am
>> oh, my gosh! [ applause ] >> can you do a special split? >> oh, my gosh. >> sign her up. >> so cool. >> i feel like olympic -- what's the schedule? >> she'll only be five. >> wow! she's three? >> was that the head? >> amazing. incredible. >> i find it impressive. my nieces are gymnasts. i always wonder how they try that back flip for the first time. how do you -- >> they're fearless. >> my niece is a gymnast, as well. must be the new thing for girls to get in. they send me videos of her on the beam. i am just like, are you kidding me? >> terrifying. >> emma is only three. >> i couldn't walk across the beam and they're doing cart wheels over it. >> ellen also has somewhere a secret vault of the most amazing children in america, in the world, and brings them on. >> and she had me with the daddy
9:08 am
kisses thing. i was watching in my office. she said she's only supposed to eat one a day, but her mom says sometimes it's more than one because she thinks it'll make her dad come home sooner. emma! great story, love it. >> what's one of the most annoying things when you're at the beach? >> the sand -- >> drinks run out? >> yeah. that's annoying. >> or when the sand gets on your towel. >> oh, yes. >> there's that. there is a new towel -- >> where are you going? >> i'll show you the new towel. >> we have to show you. >> it's water and sand proof. i don't understand how the waterproof works because isn't it supposed to dry you off? it's more when you lay the towel on the sand, the sand doesn't pile up. >> you're going to hold a towel up. >> this is -- >> am i combining the sand and water? >> yes. lay this down. >> i love the music in the back, like i'm doing an act.
9:09 am
>> let's pretend for a second. >> i don't have to combine. >> let's pretend we're laying in the sand. >> i spilled the sand. >> i spilled the sand, because i've screamed that before. you come back to the towel and put water on it. >> i just spilled water. >> it rolls right off. >> is it comfortable to lay on? the other side is nice. >> the other side is the nice material. >> then that side is messed up. >> let's try this side. >> no. >> no? >> i don't want to lay on that. >> i have more water. >> can it rest on that side? >> when it's laying down like this -- >> here we go. >> -- the most annoying thing is when the sand comes up. then you lay on it and you have the sand and everything else. >> we want to lay on the terry side. >> this is comfortable. >> pretty good. >> not bad. >> oh, i can't believe it. >> it rolls right off, see?
9:10 am
>> i like it. >> kind of, i don't know. >> now i'm covered in sand and water. >> $49.95. >> that's a whole easter basket. >> >> was there a reason we did that? beach day. >> just a fun product? >> is there a beach day anywhere in florida? >> it's spring break. that's why we did it. >> there you have it. >> i'm now covered in sand and water which dves me crazy. we are going to see nicer weather, especially down across the southeast, where the rain is starting to clear on out of here. temperatures are mild. today will top out in the mid 70s. we have showers and thunderstorms across the panhandle of florida. it'll move eastward through the day. northern new england, anything but a beach day. we have freezing rain advisories, also winter storm warnings across northern maine. could get 6 inches of snow. a cold front will take the showers with it. we'll see temperatures cool down
9:11 am
a bit on the backside of the front but not by much. highs above average into tomorrow, in the 50s and 60s. want to point this jacksonville, orlando, stretching to west palm beach, could see larger hail and heavier downpours with the stronger storms as we take a look now at ocean beach, we've got sunshine and that sun will warm up our temperatures throughout the afternoon. it's cool though as you head out the door. still some breezy winds. 54 in san carlos. 50 degrees now in santa rosa. looking at highs today in to the low 70s, which is above average for the end of march. 76 degrees in santa rosa, also in brentwood and the tri-valley. pleasanton, a high of 73. >> did you like the towel, willie? >> i thought it was cool. >> it's his christmas gift. >> am i getting one of those? >> you are. >> we'll swap. when dylan isn't predicting the weather which she does well,
9:12 am
she's tending to her collection of expensive, vintage cars. >> that's right. >> actually, they're not hers and they're not vintage, but are they cool. dylan will take us inside the world famous new york auto show. >> tell me you brought that back >> tell me you brought that back for us folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. treat fto wholesome,ed hair intensely nourishing repair. new whole blends by garnier. blending our best into new honey treasures haircare. paraben-free formulas combined with the essence of royal jelly, propolis and honey extracts.
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9:15 am
every year, the new york international auto show showcases the coolest rides from all over the world. today, dylan takes us behind the wheel. >> it was so cool and reminded me of my first car. it was a 1983 toyota, stick shift, cost me $300. >> what? >> if you drove with the windows closed, you got asphyxiated. there was a rust issue in the
9:16 am
back. but i love that car. the auto show is all about newer cars and newer innovations that are not even on the market yet. >> reporter: from the high-end roadsters to futuristic concept cars, to the latest and greatest reliable family van? that's right. the new york auto show has it all. ed served as my guide. >> we're at the audi booth. what do we have under the sheet? >> we have basically iron man's superhe hero ride. >> let's take it off. >> you can see, it has a full virtual cockpit. 540 horsepower out of a v-10 engine. this is the bmw m-760. >> it'll be a cool car when the key looks like this. >> like a mini iphone. there's also this feature called gesture control. you can adjust the volume.
9:17 am
turn it down, what do you do? >> this way. pick it up? ♪ we don't have to roll out >> let's say you want to mute. what do you do? >> i just muted. so nice. ♪ >> reporter: i can't come to the auto show and not check out the porsche. this is as pure as it gets. 500 horsepower. you have to check out the inside. manual transmission. no leather seats here. the cloth seats, bucket seats, have much more grip. this is about as luxurious as you can get in the backseat of a car. >> this is amazing, too. feels like a private jet we're in, but we are actually in the xc90. massage function. a lot of awesome features.
9:18 am
like, well, we have tray tables. cooler box back here. >> if i got picked up in this for work, i'm not getting out of the car. >> exactly. >> i don't think of checking out the mini vans at a car show. >> well, if you were to, this would be the one to check out. this is the chrysler pacifica. i'm going to make this seat disappear. other family-friendly features. look on the back, the screens. tons of apps. the fun one is called are we there yet? if mom or dad puts the destination in the map system, it updates back here and lets people in the backseat, children, follow along. they don't have to ask, are we there yet? >> are we there yet? >> right. fantastic. >> that's the fun of a road trip. >> it is. >> looking at the cars has been great. the director of jeep brands, you're going to drive me around. >> i am. we're going to take a ride around the track. going off road. this is not a normal drive.
9:19 am
>> all right. oh, god. this thing is awesome. >> great car. >> dream car. >> i love it. with the top down. >> we grew up with a cj-7 and our family car now is a green wrangler. i love a jeep. >> i love the bmw. you noo >> you can set up your phone with it. answer a call, go like this. >> did you ask how much? >> starts at $80,000. >> was that supposed to be good? >> well, every other car there was running about like $215,000. i thought $80,000 was a little lower. you have to check it out. the auto show opens to the public today in new york city and goes through sunday, april 3rd. >> says something about where i am in life, where i leaned in most on the mini van. wow, look at that. >> great sound, amazing. next, history made in cuba.
9:20 am
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9:24 am
versus manhattan. the two words that have madon madonna's neighbors fuming. guess who is coming back to "american idol"? we have all the scoop for you in the friday dose of pop fix. willie? paul reubens is bringing back peewee for "peewee's big holiday." the new film on netflix. we'll talk to paul in a moment. can i trust the tomatoes? >> yes. >> waiting for them to pop. are you ready for a throwdown? bobby is ready to throwback in our kitchen. brunch dish perfect for easter or any sunday meal. it's delicious and easy, now, meet the matte of your dreams... our first matte foundation that hydrates. new dream velvet soft-matte foundation from maybelline new york. our luxurious gel-whipped formula, infused with water, no drying, no roughness. just smooth, hydrating coverage. velvet-smooth perfection. maybelline's new dream velvet, the hydrating matte foundation. make it happen. maybelline new york. and for the ultimate dream finish,
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a good friday morning at 9:26. i'm sam brock. for a little while it is not going to be all systems go for crab fishermen. it is more like hurry up and wait for that dungeness crab. on one hand, crab season officially begins tomorrow after a delay of more than four months. at the same time most boats won't be going out until a little while longer. instead just a few will go out and test the water and the result of the crab meat, including quality and quantity. then a wholesale price must be set. there is also the issue of strong winds forecast for the weekend. all that means it might be a little longer before dungeness hits stores. the crab season officially ends in june. a seal is recovering at the
9:27 am
marine mammal center in freemont after someone found her near interstate 680 four miles from the bay. vets say she is a little thin but also alert. she's a repeat guest at the marine mammal center having first arrived in november after she was found emaciated. the center released her weeks ago in bodega bay in marin county. how she wound up 100 miles away is a complete mystery. as we head into your weekend, let's get a traffic of weather after this break.
9:28 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall clear, dry weather all across the bay area. we're in the lower 50s in the for the bay, mid 50s elsewhere. the sun will warm us up into the 70s today, into the low 70s for the east bay pi, peninsula and south bay, 68 for san francisco. let's see what's happening on the roads now with mike. overall, a very light drive around the bay.
9:29 am
watch 87 and one more key spot in the tri-valley. 87 a crash caused some slowing, a big slowdown. a crash at capital expressway caused more back-up. both are recovering to the shoulder. southbound 680 a crash has cleared that took about 45 minutes to clear the roads. slowing from the walnut creek interchange but the rest of the bay is light. we had immediate recovery there and the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights were off at 7:00 a.m. that's how light the traffic flow was. back to you. one of those days where you can actually count the cars. thank you very much, mike. that does it for us now. we'll be back in half-an-hour with more news.
9:30 am
. taking a look at the headlines, gerber is recalling two flavors of organic baby food pouches. it says a packing defect could cause them to spoil during shipping and handling. the recall covers second batches of second foods, pair pears apple and peas. they may have an off taste or odor. there's a new warning for anyone who is trying to have a baby. a woman may be more likely to have a miscarriage if she and her partner drank more than two caffeinated beverages during the day during the weeks leading up to conception. a new survey which included more than 300 couples from michigan
9:31 am
and texas. it does not prove cause and effect. but offers the ways a couple could increase their chances of a healthy pregnancy. less than 3% of us follow our four basic health behaviors required to avoid cardiovascular disease as well as many other health conditions such as healthy diet, exercise, healthy body weight and not smoking. only 10% had a normal body fat percentage. the easter bunny has plenty of candy in tow. easter beats out halloween as the most lucrative in terms of candy. last year americans bought $123 million in rabbits and colored marshmallow peepsism yes, i contributed and so did
9:32 am
you i'm sure. it's hard to beat a nice relaxing bath even for a 275 pound panda. zookeepers keep him in a tub of water with bubble bath soap and he soaps it up. pandas do not bathe regularly in the wild. they say he's exhibiting behaviors associated with breeding season. >> what is? >> why does he have bubble bath? >> you're saying they don't use bubbles in the wild? >> it's a little known fact. they wouldn't have bubble baths. i'm taking your time. >> kwampt. that's fine. that's probably more interesting to want. we're not seeing a whole lot going on for saturday. spotty showers through iowa, wisconsin, minneapolis. a little bit of light snow through the eastern rockies and storms down through florida. nothing expected to be too severe. easter weekend we'll see showers
9:33 am
down into the gulf coast. stronger storms especially in western kentucky and tennessee. back through the plains things look quiet we have a cool and sunny start to what will be another night day. a live look at healdsberg. heading into the 70s this afternoon. 73 cupertino, 72 palo alto. the financial district will be up to 67 degrees. 72 in fairfield and oakland, 73 today in pleasanton. tomorrow repeats today. then sunday, our temperatures drop a few more degrees. and that's your latest forecast. hey, dylan, pop fix is over 21 today. there's alcohol over there. we're going to get to the party. so the people of cuba are about
9:34 am
to get some satisfaction. the rolling stones flew into cuba yesterday. just ahead of their historic free concert. the rock band's music, rock legends, once banned in the country by the castro regime forcing cubans to listen to their music in secret. before they arrived the band said we have performed in many special places during our career. but this show in havana will be a milestone for us. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to turn out for the big concert tonight which will take place there and it's a free concert. which is phenomenal for the fans there that have been deprived of the stones. madonna might need to find a new way to express herself. she's causing some controversial after allegedly -- allegedly -- posting fake no parking signs in front of her upper east side mansion. the material girl had the tenant parking only signs posted in
9:35 am
front of her home as well as having the curb painted yellow with a nice etching of no parking in the concrete. after receiving a complaint from her neighbor she was issued an official letter. madonna took to social media. this was posted by the daily mail, yes, i am madonna and that's my driveway. if people park in front of it i can't drive in my driveway. she went on to apologize adding sorry i'm saying three extra hail marys this easter for this transgression. she did say something else, so you'll have to go online because we're a family show. she did kind of have a play on words. go look at it. idol fans rejoiced. two of our favorite champions are returning to their roots. kelly clarkson who was the first ever winner and carrie underwood are slated to perform on the show's finale. clay aiken, jordan sparks and
9:36 am
chris dolatry. the two night premier will air april 6th and 7th. there's a new matey joining the caribbean crew. paul mccartney, dead men tell no tales. according to johnny depp. his role is unclear as of now. a disney spokesperson said he would be the component of an extra scene. the franchise is no stranger to musical icons. keith richards was jack sparrow's father. and it will be released next year. that is your pop fix. bobby flay can i have one of your adult beverages? he says absolutely. up next, while we get the party started with the beverages. pee wee herman is back. we'll catch up with paul rubens
9:37 am
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9:40 am
it's been more than 30 years since peewee herman became a pop culture fixture, with a tv series and, of course, the hit
9:41 am
movie "peewee's big adventure." >> now the creator and star paul reubens is back, bringing the famous character in the new netflix movie "peewee's big holiday." >> 999,954 bottles of pop on the wall. a traffic light, just like i've seen in "national geographic." i hope i'm not tempting fate by saying this out loud, but my very first holiday is off to a perfect start! >> peewee. >> so good to see you. >> and the laugh, i can sit and watch that all day. paul, good morning. nice to have you here. >> great to be here. >> so it seems like, you know, 30 years later, peewee hasn't changed a bit. >> a tiny bit but, yeah, thank you. >> peewee looks good, i have to say that. take us to where he is today. we all fell in love with the movie. i think i was 10 or 11 years
9:42 am
old. the first and second one, i was a teenager. >> i was only 10 when i made it. >> exactly. where is peewee herman today? >> peewee herman today is living in a very small town. he's a fry cook in a diner. he's kind of a little bit in a rut. life is sort of passing him by. a mysterious stranger comes into the diner, played by joe manganiello, and they have an immediate connection. joe inspires peewee to take his first ever holiday and get out on the road and live a little. live the joy life. >> you and joe are friends in real life. did he ask you to be in "magic mike"? >> no, he did not ask me. >> what? >> no. >> i just knew that was the trade off. >> i know. well, i think, if there is a "magic mike 3," i'm pushing my way in. it's obvious. not as obvious to them. >> did you see joe in this role as you were making it? >> i did, yeah. i mean, i know a side of joe that most people don't know.
9:43 am
he's a goofball. it's a real joy to bring that out and show people that. i've been sitting on that secret for the last six months. >> there are a lot of new people who are going to come to peewee for the first time. it's been 30 years since the first movie. you'll have an entirely new audience. so where, for those people, does peewee come from? where did you discover him? what part of your imagination did that character emerge from? >> i was in an improvisation group in los angeles, and they focused on character work, developing and creating characters. he came out of an improv many years ago. >> who is he to you? who was that guy when you were making him? >> i think he's the guy who -- the think i like about peewee herman is he has little back story. he's a character that i believe when you see him, you kind of get who he is. you don't have to really know very much. >> that's why he's so loved. i posted a couple weeks ago, peewee at the alamo when i was in texas. people went crazy on my
9:44 am
instagram page. my niece is 16, another is 8, and they still watch the old episodes of "the play house." it withstood the test of time. >> it's amazing. if anyone would have told me, i would have not believed it. but yeah, netflix called the other day and said the movie is tracking really well on netflix, and they're able to tell that a lot of kids are watching the movie. moving from there and watching peewee's play house, also. >> will you play before you leave? >> love to. >> the movie opens with -- this is something i did in the movie. if you want to play along, you're welcome to. squeeze that for a second. what this is, i do this in the movie. it's a little fun thing. you take the clip off and pull this out, and then you push this against yourself. >> is that called playing it? >> well, i can't hear.
9:45 am
>> it's very musical. you have a musical background, right? >> we do. >> if you push, you can make it dirtier. >> and on that note, paul reube reubens, thank you so much. good luck with the movie. "peewee's big holiday" is out now on netflix. up next is brunch with bobby flay. one of the easiest dishes you'll ever make after this. you've finally earned enough reward miles on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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♪ wait for me we're wrapping up a week of brunc brunch. you may have people coming over for easter, and pop bobby flay you covered in the kitchen. we're doing a vegtarian brunch. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what are we looking at? >> a strata. the best way to describe it, a savory bread pudding, and the eggs are the custard and blends it all together. we have cheese, we have a french baguette. >> happy with that? >> caramelized onions, spinach. we have eggs and other ingredients and wrap it all together. you bake it in the oven. it's great to serve family style. you have lots of people coming over, it's a great way to get brunch done. put it on the table and everybody eats, like the folks are doing here.
9:50 am
then you're -- >> they're already finished, by the way. >> on to our second twice. >> caramelized onions here. very simple. spanish onion, little salt and pepper. if you want to get them a little more caramelized, a tiny pinch of sugar helps. brings out the natural sugars of the onions. let's make the custard. eggs here, you're going to whisk this away. milk and cream. i like to put dijon mustard. co cool with that? >> fancy. >> french. salted pepper and nutmeg. >> beautiful. >> fresh thyme. >> okay. >> this is going to be the custard that wraps all the ingredients together. caramelized onions. put them right in there. >> does it matter if your bread is stale? >> that's a great question. it's actually better. >> i've seen bobby flay on another show before -- >> we like to keep it easy for
9:51 am
you. ladies and gentlemen, tamron hall. so we have some cheese, like a swiss cheese. >> yeah. >> anyway, we're going to take all the ingredients and pour these over our strata. then we bake this in the oven. takes about 45 minutes to an hour. you let it set. you kind of mix this all together. >> spread these out? >> spread all the onions out. >> all right. >> bake it in the oven. you can cut it and make it nice and neat, or take a spoonful out and put it on a plate. >> whokay. >> take cherry tomatoes, even though they're not great in season yet, they have a lot of flavor all year round. i just put them in a saute pan and let them pop. then we put them on top. you can start to eat. >> how easy. >> and we have blood orange juice and sparkling wine.
9:52 am
good day. >> you can make it this sunday. >> easily. >> what was the answer to the stale bread question? >> it is actually a good thing for any bread pudding. sort of day old bread. use the leftover bread, utilize it and make a sta that. >> for the record, i also beat bobby flay. >> now i want to -- >> it's called "beat bobby flay." >> what about me? >> what did you make? >> i was just a judge. check it out. another chef beat bobby flay. happy easter. great to see you. shout out to a food club standout. kait hanson of hawaii made these cookies. for the recipe and bobby's from this morning, head to and hit the brunch tab. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
♪ wake up >> where's your drink? >> dylan, you have a preview. >> quesadilla and the strata, i'm stuffed. >> bobby should do this for a living. >> should get a couple restaurants, too. coming up on "weekend today, "we'll introduce you to the youngest female monster truck driver. >> oh, cool. >> she is so good. she has total command of the trucks. we've got her story this weekend, how she got into it, what she loves about it. it's so cool. >> did you ride with her? >> sheinelle did the story. >> sheinelle! >> she's amazing. >> did you drive? >> she's the only one that can fit inside. >> amazing. >> how old is she? >> 18. >> wow. >> old enough to drive. >> dylan, thanks. happy
9:56 am
chilly temperatures again this morning and mostly sunny skies all across the bay area. look at these high temperatures today. pretty much like yesterday. feeling nice and comfortable with mostly sunny skies in to the day. up to 68 in san francisco. the north bay, up to 76 degrees.
9:57 am
and some low 70s for the east bay, peninsula and the south bay, as well as the tri-valley. it will be turning slightly cooler for easter sunday. let's see what's happening on the roads with mike. >> we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's been like this except for the lighting changes since 7:00 in the morning. no metering lights. your map shows the easy drive around most of the bay area typical commute spots. a crash is able to clear without any real slowing around richmond and 580. we'll look at the rest of the bay, no major issues except for the south bay. a little slowing around 87, northbound 101 due to an earlier crash north of there. the crashes, plural, north 87. the latest one is still on the shoulder but traffic still slowing smoothly. an easier drive this good friday and great commute. happening now, we're following developments this morning in brussels in the wake of the terror attacks. police conducting a new round of raids in districts where previous arrests had been made.
9:58 am
a brother and sister from new york are confirld med to have d on those attacks. more news in one half-hour. we'll see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. oh, yeah. it's friday, everybody. march 25th, 2016. good friday for those of you no observe. surprise -- >> i'm not kathie lee, and this ain't hoda. >> i'm not hoda. we love them. >> yes, but they are not here. i'm jenna bush hager alongside sheinelle jones. they're both off for the first time ever. should we be scared? >> everybody says, no pressure, but this is the first time both of them have been gon


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