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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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sheriff's deputy. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us from san francisco. this is becoming all too common, but this one is a little unusual. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. this time it wasn't taken from a car. it was actually taken from the home of a deputy, a gun that was actually locked up inside the home and other law enforcement items. as you can imagine, police and the sheriff's department very concerned and trying to get the word out. the burglary was reported this morning in the visitacion valley neighborhood. police say the resident noticed the doors and windows open but most troubling was what was taken. >> a 9 millimeter glock weapon that belonged to a sheriff's deputy. that was locked in a lockbox, however, there was also full duty belt taken, ballistic vest and two magazines. >> reporter: and a radio from the home of a san francisco sheriff's deputy along with a flat san francisco police bamg similar to this one.
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the deputy reported the theft to the sheriff's department, too. they disabled the radio and released a statement which reads in part, this is a matter of serious concern to sheriff hennessy and the sheriff's department. any missing firearm is a danger to public safety. we're hopeful it will be recovered quickly and safely. police are trying to get the word out about this suspect. >> now, in possession of law enforcement equipment that could potentially be used to rob people and pose as a fake officer. >> reporter: san francisco police say if you're not sure whether someone is really an officer, one tip is you can ask for their badge and police i.d. the theft is the latest in the series of stolen law enforcement weapon, but this one is a bit different than others. >> we've seen in the past recently here in san francisco with weapons that are stolen in auto burglar es. this was a home residential burglary where the homeowner did the right thing by locking and securing the weapon. the other stuff, i don't know where in the house it was. >> reporter: san francisco
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police say they'll be canvassing the neighborhood and also checking to see if anything might have been caught on neighbor's surveillance cameras. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. now, our investigative unit has spent months looking into this issue of stolen law enforcement guns. and our investigation revealed that police homes are often targeted because criminals assume there are weapons inside that can be taken. if you like to see more of our investigation visit our website you'll find those stories at the top of the page. troubling news out of the south bay. officers in gilroy arrested an assistant little league coach for child molestation. when the case first broke yesterday police had one confirmed victim. by this morning investigators had found three more and they're worried the number could get much higher. nbc bay area's damian trujillo on why they think the victim list could get bigger. >> reporter: terry, shocking news for the folks here in gilroy especially because he was an assistant coach with a little
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league program here in gilroy. this is tony garcia right here and the charges against him are troubling. these are the fields where gilroy police say tony garcia used to be an assistant coach. tonight the 46-year-old is in jail charged with molest ig four prepubescent boys. >> the four unidentified victims that we know at this point are extended family members of the suspect. >> reporter: because of garcia's involvement in youth sports and because his own son was in the boy scouts, police fear there may be more potential victims. >> it's extremely troubling. it's a tragedy for anyone involved, especially the victims. we never want to hear of any child or any person, for that matter being victimized especially in a matter so horrendous as this. >> reporter: garcia also owns tony's embroidery in gilroy. the business was closed for the day. workers in neighboring shops were stunned.
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>> yeah, he was a good guy. >> reporter: garcia was arrested yesterday after he dropped off his own daughter at her elementary school. garcia was arraigned today in superior court here in santa clara county. tonight we're hear from a man who says he witnessed the arre. we're live in gilroy. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. first anger now action. people in concord have started a poet to get a sexually violent predator run out of that city. raymond bates has been charged with molestation. no community agreed to take him. so bates was released under transient status which basically means he'll be moving from hotel to motel in concord. bates is under police supervision, but locals say it's just not enough. >> i realize that he needs to try and get reintegrated into society, but i have to think there are better alternatives than just moving him from hotel to hotel. >> now, bates will be required
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to check in with police every 30 days, but officers stress that he's not wanted for a crime. he's served his time and that people are not allowed to harass him, which is against the law. a number of big developments in the brussels attacks. reports of police shooting suspects and a suspected bombmaker in the paris attacks is one of the brussels suicide bombers. also word that more americans are confirmed to be among the victim. steve handelsman live in brussels with their story. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of state john kerry came here to belgium to say again that the fight against isis-inspired terror is the fight of all nations, the death of these two young new yorkers all the way over here seen by many as proof of that. their loved ones had feared they were among the 31 dead in belgium since the terrible phone call. alex and sasha pinczowski telling their mother they had arrived when there was the sound
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of a blast and then silence. the pair had been close to one of the suicide bombers. the identification of their bodies finally confirmed today. the siblings lived here in new york city, dutch citizens who loved america. sweet kids, said friends today. one girlfriend of sasha called her an awesome chick. alex was engaged to be married. john kerry said america is grieving. >> for the loved ones of those who have been very cruelly taken from us, including americans. >> reporter: the secretary of state had come to belgium to offer u.s. help to prevent more attacks. and belgian police are stepping up their efforts, more raids and more arrests last night and today in neighborhoods where isis is recruiting. french police saying their new arrests prevented a planned attack. after the isis-inspired massacres in california and in paris and now brussels, 175 dead in those three attacks, kerry had a message for isis
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followers. >> we will not be deterred. and we will come back with greater resolve, with greater strength. >> reporter: but the job is hard. two of tuesday's terror suspects are still at large including the man in white identified as mohammed abrini, but not caught. as belgium tries to chase away fear, celebrate life and intensify the fight against terror. a key to doing that is stopping isis recruitment of young muslims in cities like this. asked how to do that, the apparently stunned brother of one of the tuesday suicide bombers said today he has no idea. live from brussels, i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. back to you. >> that's such a huge issue. thank you very much, steve. at the airport also that tragic mourning. some american athletes local college basketball stars at the brussels airport when those bombs went off. nbc bay liyce kirchner
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reports. the athlete had just had to move forward in spite of everything he's been through. >> reporter: yeah, as you can imagine it's been a lot to take on. there are five americans playing pro basketball just outside of brussels. and they just happened to be at the airport in brussels when those bombs went off. >> going to amsterdam, we're going to brussels. >> reporter: life goes on for kwame vaughn, brad waldow. >> we took a bus that night after the bombings. >> we had a game to play. we still had to travel. >> reporter: four days after they barely escaped the bombs when they exploded at the brussels airport, they just returned from playing a game in italy. >> when we went to italy, everybody was -- they had belgian flag s everywhere. it's fresh on everybody's mind. >> reporter: waldow is a st. mary's basketball star.
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vaughn played ball at cal state fullerton and mckinney played at sacramento state. they're among five americans playing for the antwerp giant just outside of brussels. the team was at the airport about to fly to that game in italy when waldow says he had a gut feeling that something wasn't right in the departure area of the airport. he told vaughn they needed to leave. >> we just walked through security and that's when it all happened. >> reporter: mckinney was already at the gate. >> the next thing you know, you kind of hear some commotion and you look up and people are starting to, you know, kind of run towards the exits of airports trying to get outside. and it just -- everything happened so fast. >> reporter: and the players say what happened next was absolute chaos. we'll hear from them again at 6:00 including their plans for an upcoming game in the brussels area. reporting live from our contra costa newsroom tonight, i'm
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elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. the situation in brussels just continues to evolve. the latest on the raids in that area coming up on nbc "nightly news" at 5:30. the ripple effects of a new law is being felt in the bay area tonight. mayor ed lee is banning official government travel to north carolina. against an anti-discrimination law that deliberately excludes the lgbt community. the city of charlotte is set to host the 2017 nba all-star game. today the league said, we're deeply concerned that this discriminatory law runs counter the our guiding principles of equality and mutual respect. warriors star steph curry is a charlotte native. he spoke out on the issue today. >> hopefully they can figure it out and keep it there because it's really important for the city of charlotte. i'm sure we can figure that out. >> san francisco's issue is
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largely symbolic, but it is seen as a good way to show national discontent with that decision in north carolina. still to come at 5:00, a stunning admission from netflix that could explain problems watching some of your favorite shows. what the company says it was slowing data rates in hopes of protecting customers. and the cost of rent continues to skyrocket in the bay area even for the raiders. what it will cost the silver and black to stay in oakland. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. another beautiful day with 75 in napa and 72 in san jose. we're tracking changes for the easter weekend that includes colder temperatures and also wind. details on that in about seven minutes.
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california now has its first locally transmitted zika virus case. state health workers refused to stay who or where but say it was sexually transmitted. this is a virus that can cause birth defects in a mother contrablgts it while he's pregnant. no pregnancy was involved. but they are warning people who travel the country that the zika virus outbreak to avoid pregnancy and only engage in protected sex. now to a violent home robbery and police pursuit in hayward. it all began about 11:00 last night on berry avenue.
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a man might have led his captors to a unit there. the suspect sped away from the scene but their car crashed a short distance away. officers quickly caught two of the men. the third managed to escape. police say the group was well armed. >> there were some firearms, handguns, possibly a shotgun. a handgun found nearby the vehicle. and a shotgun and possibly another handgun inside the car. >> officers also arrested two women who were in the car. no one hurt critically. police are still looking into whether the robberies wiy s wiw related. >> yesterday we introduced you to see celia soriano. her car was stolen along with her brother's remains in the back seat. we shared her desperate plea for help. and a retired police officer was watching her story. last night he canvassed her neighborhood in east san jose and was able to find her car that was stolen abandoned in a
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parking lot a few miles away from her home. today cecelia has been reuniteded with the car and, most importantly, with her brother's ashes. >> the things inside that car were the most precious things to me in my life, was this little box. it was great to have the retired police officer take his time to be able to go and do it. and that just proves to me that there's still goodness in this world. there's still people that care. >> now we reached out to that retired police officer and he didn't want to go on camera, but says he was happy to help. >> if you or your children have been watching netflix videos from your phone, you may have been paying the same price for lower quality. the company now admits to downgrading streaming videos to mobile devices to protect customers from data fees. michelle roberts joining us now with what this means for customers. >> reporter: devoted "house of cards" fans who log on for a netflix marathon from their phone or ipad may have been watching a slightly more
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pixilate picture of president underwood. until today no one had an idea why. >> it sucks. >> underhanded. >> i don't think it's right. >> reporter: netflix says it's been intentionally slowing the data rates to help customers avoid data fees. >> it's about striking a balance that ensures a good streaming experience while avoiding unplanned fines from mobile providers. published reports say t. mobile and sprint customers aren't affected by the downgraded service due to their so-called flexible data policies. only verizon and at&t. consumer experts point out the move is legal. but in many ways doesn't align with the company's public stance on an open internet. >> netflix has been a huged a advocate of net neutrality because they didn't like the same idea that the folks would be throttling them. now to be caught throttling themselves is a bit of a pks r
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nightmare. >> reporter: netflix says the company is expected to roll out a new feature in may that allows customers to decide the quality of video as it relates to data usage. i'm michelle roberts for nbc bay area news. a one-year deal to extend the raiders lease in oakland comes with a steep price hike. the team's rent is tripling from $925,000 to $3.5 million. that's for both the el cajon coliseum and its traping facility in alameda. it is meant to cover the county's costs on game days. the team and the authority approved the deal today. updating you now on crab season. starting in just under seven hours. the fishermen set sail from san francisco today ready to test the quality of the crab. got to be a certain quality. and that will help determine if more boats go out from fishermen's wharf. we're hearing that fishermen are already out in monterey bay. the quality is good.
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so after a four-month delay in the season, we can expect fresh crab from that area tomorrow. >> just in time for the holiday weekend. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. easter right around the corner. lots of people might be celebrating with some crab. >> we have great weather coming your way throughout this weekend. you can see on that sky camera network, holding on to mild air in the south bay and 70 degrees. 67. colder with that westerly wind at the immediate coastline. 60 in sf. and through tomorrow morning's forecast, a few spots with a chance here at patchy fog. here in san francisco at 53 and in the peninsula at 49. we'll begin at 50. no doubt the recent warm weather has been driven by this area of high pressure just off shore keeping any kind of rainfall off to the north. but we'll see a big change in high pressure as we head throughout saturday night. it's going to weaken and move off towards the east. that will allow for this major change to come our way.
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that's this trough of low pressure sitting out in the pacific that not only has cooler weather with it but windier weather. that's what i want to focus on next. how windy will it get for your easter sunday. the easter egg hunts in the morning will be pretty good here. 5 to 10 miles per hour for that wind. we'll have temps in the 50s and a partly cloudy sky, but by the evening hours on sunday if you're doing driving around the bay area, the winds will be picking up. gusts coming out of the north and possibly out of the west. 23 in san francisco and low 20s throughout the south bay. ground is still saturated from a lot of rainfall the past two month, so you do want to watch for trees that maybe could come down with these gusty winds. take to you the micro climate forecast as we head throughout saturday. look at how beautiful it's going to be across the south bay, san jose, 73 degrees, back to morgan hill, 72. for the peninsula, we stay cool at the immediate coastline. san mateo all good at 68 and
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palo alto 71. san francisco a round of 60s here across the board. more mid-70s in wine country. this brings napa up to 75 degrees and santa rosa 73. for the east bay, oakland, amazing. 72 on saturday. and over towards fremont, 74 and we'll see more of those 70s through the tri-valley. but once again change is coming by easter sunday. so here is exactly how much cooler we're going to get. i think the tri-valley will be a good indication of this cooling. so you're going to be able to see here on saturday, again, 74 for the tri-valley. by sunday we go down to 67, then monday, 62. so more than a ten-degree drop from saturday through monday. so be ready for that cooler weather on eeser sunday. you'll definitely need a account jam what about the possibility of rainfall coming your way? nothing huge. but we may have the chance of scattered showers by next wednesday and also on thursday. our better bet for potentially more storms to come our way looks to be in mid-april.
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long-range outlooks do show the chance of getting back into an active weather pattern. we're kind of giving a little of everything. great weekend ahead. maybe more rainfall in april. >> thank you. the mud slinging continues between presidential rival ted cruz and donald trump. the latest accusatioaccusation.
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happening now. delaying new warnings for metal cannes. leaders with the environmental protection agency says the state's planned warning about bpa could discourage some people from buying canned foods and vegetables. plus luring a piglet away from traffic with a cherry danish. the story, very tasty, getting a lot of likes on our facebook
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page. a visly gry t cruzresponddo a na
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a visibly angry ted cruz responded to a "national enquirer" story alleging extra marital affairs. this comes amid a twitter war that happened between ted cruz and donald trump involving their wives. a "national enquirer" story alleges the texas senator had five affairs.
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cruz dismissed the claims as garbage. >> it is a tabloid smear. and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> on facebook trump denied involvement saying, quote, ted cruz's problem with "the national enquirer" is his and his alone. and while they were right about o.j. simpson, john edwards and many others, i certainly hope they are not right about lyin' ted cruz, close quote. state tax board members say it may take longer to get your refund. they're holding on to returns longer in order to prevent fraud, tax theft and other illegal activity. the crimes are becoming more common for tax filers and that's the reason why patience this year is important. >> it's frustrating to have your refund delayed, but not as frustrating as if we sent that money to a fraudster. it could take months or years to get that resolved. >> it says so far this year they have already issued more than
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2.4 million refunds and the average refund is at about $700. >> that's encouraging. still ahead, grand opening 40 years in the making.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, a tree tussle turns into an
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all-out legal battle involving san francisco. a homeowner wants to remove a pine tree from his backyard. neighbors say it should be illegal to touch it. the unique designation they're looking for for the pine tree in hopes of keeping the owner from ever removing it. that's coming up tonight at 6:00. okay, right now roller coasters are speeding around the track at great america. >> today the park opened for its 40th season. >> everybody have the best day at california's great america. >> people were lined up early ready to ride and the first 2500 guests also received a free 40th anniversary backpack. >> what's the plan for today? >> get on roller coasters. and have a blast. >> the park's newest attraction is a holographic journey based on the popular video game franchise mass effect. it will mainly be open on weekends through may. it begins full-time summer hours in june. >> had i known this was happening, i would have called in sick today. >> we can go on our break. in and out, then great america. in the mntime- rember y
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can ways nd usnlinet nbcbay ea r tonight, urgent terror raids and new arrests as authorities scramble to disrupt more deadly plots amid a new warning tonight about the threats to come. also isis leader killed. the terror group's second in command, its top money man taken out by u.s. special forces. nbc news learning dramatic details on the mission. complete and utter lies. ted cruz slams a tabloid report calling allegations of infidelity garbage. blasting donald trump for stoking false rumors. what trump is saying tonight. trouble in paradise. a new warning about dream vacations. families showing up only to be told the place they booked was never for rent. how to spot this scam. and shakespeare mystery.


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