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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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scott// one ofhe laest dg busever6 tono. right now at 11:00, one of the largest drug busts ever. six tons of cocaine found by the u.s. coast guard. smugglers using makeshift submarines to sneak those drugs into the country. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. more than $200 million worth of cocaine is out off the waters and now off the streets. a u.s. coast guard team from alameda making that significant drug bust. >> bob redell is in alameda. bob, smugglers getting more sophisticated about not getting caught. >> reporter: they're trying to at least. good morning to you, scott and kris. the smugglers were transporting the cocaine in a submarine-like
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craft, something that the drug cartels have been using a number of years now, but it's not often that we get to see them in action and that's what i'm talking about right now with this video. the coast guard station in alameda just released this video of this bust that took place march 3rd. this was 300 miles northwest of panama. that is called a self-propelled semi submersible. if you look underneath the water surface, you would see that it goes much deeper than it would appear. inside was a four-man crew and 12,500 pounds of cocaine. the coast guard cutter was notified that was based here out of alameda. the coast guard crew arrested the smugglers. they were able to get the drugs safely off the craft. the value of those drugs on the street is around $200 million. the crew sank the
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semi-submersible. we just spoke with the commanding officer who is still out at sea capturing drug smugglers. >> it's satisfying. every one of us enjoys keeping these drugs from making the u.s. streets is extremely reward. >> these are ruthless organizations who will really stop at nothing to make their profits. s so, your question was how many of them get through? our estimates is that we intercept about 20% of the drugs from entering the united states through the maritime. >> reporter: the vice admiral tells us they are aware to 80% or 90% of the drug traffic off the central american coast but only have the resources to capture 20% of it. now, the coast guard believes this semi-submersible originated
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in colombia and was headed to the shores off a place like nicaragua or mexico. you might recall that last july the coast guard cutter stratton, also based here out of alameda, it captured 14,000 pounds of cocaine from, again, another semi-submersible. as far as this haul is concerned, the vice admiral calls this one relatively medium large was his words of the reporting live here, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> in fact we have some video of that bust. so they managed to beat their own record. this is even better video back from july 2015. bob was mentioning 14,000 pounds of cocaine, $181 million. there you get a good look at that semi-submersible and we got to see inside as well. at this point this was the largest drug bust in history but alameda was able to beat its own record with these submarines
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able to transport the drugs and i'm sure they'll continue to be on the lookout for them. new at 11:00, a hit-and-run investigation in san francisco after a woman is hit several times, and police say she was on the freeway. police were called around 6:15 to southbound 280 just north of alameda boulevard. drivers told 911 operators that they saw a woman on the freeway and she had been hit. that woman was then pronounced dead at the scene. no word on why she was in the middle of the freeway. belgian officials continue to hope for more information about the mysterious man in white. he's the man pushing the cart there alongside the brussels airport suicide bombers. keir simmons reports from brussels. >> reporter: police believe this man provided false identity papers to three terrorists. appear prenrehended in southern allegedly part of a criminal underworld. brussels police investigating last week's attacks at the
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airport and metro, naming the suspect from a dramatic arrest. dragging away the man. while in a dutch city, four men were held, one suspected of involvement in planning the terror attack. arrests across the european continent, italy, france, belgium, where there were 13 house raids sunday, to the netherlands and germany. the tensions in belgium turned to confrontation with police. far right protesters branded fascists throwing missiles and flares. a march against fear had been planned and then cancelled over security fears. brussels is struggling to return to normality. the road to the airport remains closed. it's still not clear when flights will resume. and then there's the man in white seen at the airport with two suicide bombers. police believe he's faycal
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cheffou. arrested saturday, he's facing charges including terrorist fascination or terrorist murder. and news of three charges against three more suspects, but mystery surrounds the man in the white. the fresh appeal and in fact the police do not have him in custody. the man who is seen with the two suicide bombers at the airport may still be out there. back to you. now to a developing story out of pakistan, a suicide bomber targeting christians on easter sunday killed at least 72 people but there are 300 others still hurt. this happened while christian families were celebrating easter in the pakistani city of lahore. many, perhaps most of the dead are women and children. a breakaway group of the pakistani taliban now claiming responsibility for that attack and that group also warned that there could be more attacks to follow. that chaotic scene unfolded
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more than 8,000 miles away left some people here in the bay area with ties to the region feeling extremely helpless. that includes a san jose state student. he moved from pakistan to california five years ago. he says watching video of yesterday's attack was painful. >> i was like we can't do nothing, just pray for them. we are far away from them. >> the u.s. state department released a statement condemning those attacks, calling them cowardly and targeting innocent civilians. it also says the u.s. will continue to work with pakistan to fight the threat of terrorism. right after the explosion in lahore maybe you got a facebook alert asking if you were okay. the popular safety check response feature failed miserably sending alerts to people as far away as hawaii and new york. i got one on my phone in lake tahoe. some users got texts telling
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users about an explosion but never any information about why. facebook has apologized but hasn't said how many people got the alert by mistake. on a happier note, your microclimate forecast. here's a live look from our fremont traffic camera. you see the flag there flapping in the wind. let's bring in meteorologist kari hall. good morning. >> good morning, scott. we've had some high wind gusts today. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge where we've also had those winds at times up to 45 miles an hour. point reyes up to 46, benicia bridge 44 and half moon bay, a gust of to 37 and it will stay this way into the afternoon. so expect the winds to rush in from the north. sustained at about 25 to 30 with higher gusts. half moon bay up to 35 miles an hour and that creates those choppy wave conditions all along the bay area beaches. into the day we may also have a few spotty showers popping up especially over the hills.
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i'll detail that and what else to expect as we go through the week. that's coming up a little bit later. just into our newsroom, for the first time the usgs is releasing maps that show the potential ground shaking hazards from human-induced quakes. here it is. you can see oklahoma city and parts of kansas and texas being highlighted there. the usgs says more and more earthquakes are being caused by human activities, like fracking. the report says that around 7 million people live and work in areas that could be affected by earthquakes caused by human activity. is 15 the new 10? california looking to raise the minimum wage to one of the highest in the country. >> governor jerry brown is expected to make an official announce own that deal. stephanie chuang has more. >> reporter: like it or not, the talk about california having a $15 minimum wage is happening with a vote as early as two
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weeks or on the november ballot. already this year the state's minimum wage went from $9 to $10 effective january 1st making it the second highest after d.c. in the country. on the pro side, labor unions say minimum wages should be $15 an hour because workers cannot afford to live where they work. on the con side, mainly business groups say it would kill jobs and shut down especially mom and pop shops that won't be able to afford this change. let's take a look at how this translates in real terms. on the city of los angeles' proposal to raise to $15.25 the average worker would make $4800 more a year. on the other hand there would be a 1% in consumer prices and a reduction in employment by 0.2%. for the deal expected to be announced by governor jerry brown today according to "the l.a. times" this is the schedule. two 50-cent increases through 2018 and a dollar each year
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until $15 an hour in 2022. for small businesses, fewer than 25 employees, we're talking by 2023. it is an idea that has been thrown around on the national scale by people like the presidential hopeful bernie sanders, although some consider this a long shot as it would double the current minimum wage at $7.25. opening statements have just started in the trial of an oakland man accused of murdering an 8-year-old girl. he is alleged to have killed her while she was at a sleepover. williams also charged with killing a 22-year-old in an unrelated shooting. now, if convicted of the murder, he would face the death penalty. crab fishermen were eagerly anticipating news about how much their crabs would be worth at the cash register. that season officially ended -- rather opened early saturday
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morning, but only a couple of boats went out. there were there to collect samples for testing. they hope to come to an agreement with distributors on a good price. they expect to have fresh crab for sale at bay area docks by friday. so keep an eye open for crab dinners this weekend. state lawmakers could give another green light to the high-speed rail project in california. a reroute now sends trains to the deerdon station before they go to southern california. later today the transportation committee will grill rail officials about that mauodified blueprint. the rail authority is accepting public comment through april 18th ahead of the may 1st deadline to submit updated business plans required by law for the legislature. the goal is to have trains up and running by 2025, which is three years later than the initial target. dangerous drones. more and more close calls in the
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air, plus the talk about, this the very first delivery by a drone in history. and how safe are your e-mails? what you need to know about your e-mails and how secure they are.
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contue toet fatt port ow dres welcome back. the stock market is back to work after a three-day weekend. they were closed for the good friday holiday. mildly higher. a lot going on today. yellen speaks tomorrow, head of the fed. we'll get jobs numbers on friday. the latest reports show drones continue to get far too close to airplanes. the latest faa data show close encounters in san jose, oakland, several in livermore and modesto. the two cases in san jose and the first drone came within 200 feet of a landing airplane. that case was surf air. the fedex pilot saw a drone as he was on final approach to sjc. he landed as normal, law enforcement was never notified. pilots routinely report things in the sky. for instance, a pilot might mention a flock of geese so air traffic control can tell the air planes behind him.
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the first delivery by drone ever. the company called flirtey did it. this was just a test supervised by several people on the ground. the whole thing was videoed by another drone, answering the questions how many drones does it take to deliver a package, and the answer is two. one to deliver it and one to video it. and today oculus goes on sale. you can buy the goggles starting today for $600. you will need a powerful computer too. and this is tim westerman. he's the founder and ceo of pandora. brand new ceo this morning. now, pandora in the east bay, great music app. it has struggled since it was created under the first creator. so westergram is in. the stock has fallen another 9%
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today. you announce that you're in charge and the stock falls 9%. >> maybe it will turn out. yeah, that is pretty hurtful. so as the fbi's battle with apple over that encrypted iphone puts privacy in the headlines, congress is working to close a privacy loophole that allows police to look at any e-mail that is older than six months old and never tell you about it. >> you've got mail. >> reporter: e-mail and cell phones don't look like this anymore, but the law that protects them is 30 years old. the electronic communications privacy act requires a judge's permission for authorities to look at e-mails, photos or documents you have stored on line if they are less than six months old. in most cases police can look at older e-mails without your knowledge. >> because it's digital information and on a server, the government treats it with less
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protection. >> reporter: the bill would require a warrant to look at any e-mail, no matter how old it is. five states there are require that. in most cases. nine more are considering it. police prefer one federal law. >> let's have a uniformity of practice. >> reporter: large companies like google, microsoft and yahoo! typically require a warrant to protect your personal information. >> we need to start there but i think we need to go beyond that to provide additional protection for e-mail users and consumers. >> congress trying to catch up with the dumbarton bridge tat age. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. privacy experts are worried that the federal bill does not give enough protection because the courts have said when warrants are issued the e-mail account holder does not need to be notified. so they suggest checking with the company who holds your e-mail to see what their rules are. show them the money is the recommendation to the california state university trustees as the threat of the biggest faculty
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strike in history is less than three weeks away. the third party report recommends cal state give their faculty the 5% raise they are asking for. the csu board says they can only only a 2% raise. the union representing the faculty did authorize a five-day strike beginning on april 13th. there are 26,000 faculty members at 23 campuses statewide, including many here in the bay area. that third party report was released two hours ago. the trustees will consider it at their next board meeting april 4th. a 17-year-old survived a construction accident after a concrete slab fell on him. a construction crew was shoring up a foundation around a home east of lake merritt. the teen airline, who had been hired by the homeowner, was working in a trench when the concrete came crashing down. >> we had a man approximately
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six feet down had slabs of concrete that had fallen from the foundation pinning him against the wall. >> it took firefighters about an hour to shore up the trerchl, get the concrete off the victim and get him out. despite serious injuries, he's going to be okay. >> just a kid trying to make some money. >> trenches in particular, very dangerous. kari hall, it got chilly after we got to work. >> it's been getting cooler today and it's not only the cool air, it's the wind that makes it feel very chilly out there. as we take a look at healdsburg in the north bay, we have clear blue skies, beautiful day as we head into the afternoon. it's now 56 degrees on the peninsula, 55 degrees in the north bay. east bay also at 55 degrees. as we get a closer look at the south bay, campbell 53 degrees, so generally low to mid-50s and a few spots making it into the upper 50s now.
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as we go hour by hour in san francisco, we'll be right at about 60 degrees for the next four hours. perfect temperatures but it is cooler than yesterday and that wind makes it feel like you need long sleeves or jacket all day long. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows we will have temperatures warming up as we go through the week so this will not last long and woe also won't have gusty winds. we're up to 60 degrees in morgan hill, 64 in napa and oakland 62 grows and pleasanton a high of 65 degrees. we will have a slight chance of rain today, but for the most part the storm track is well to the north of us. we've had some warm weather over the weekend, but that will start to change as high pressure slides back off to the west and allows low pressure to drop in from the north giving us some cool conditions. it's also producing some snow in
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the sierra. here's a look at the trend the next couple of days. we will have cool weather today and it's actually average. 63 degrees in dublin, 64 for tomorrow and then we're right at where we should be before those temperatures really start to jump back up above average the rest of the week. low 60s today, mid-60s for wednesday in the south bay. in the peninsula to 65 on wednesday, san francisco, low 60s there. we'll be in the upper 60s for the north bay by the middle of the week, but we continue to have those temperatures warming up. it's looking didn't for the sierra, the potential for more snow there. a possibility of maybe another 5 to 8 inches of snow in parts of the central sierra. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up a little bit later. kris and scott. >> thank you, kari. up next at 11:00, no monday blues for senator bernie sanders who slowed front-runner hillary clinton's momentum with some wins of his own. on the republican side, how
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the war of words over wives and personal lives was received in the weekend primaries and caucuses. happening now, the usgs releasing that report about huma human-induced earthquakes. the usgs says fracking could be at fault. we have those maps we were talking about on our twitter page. and kids are left 't disappointed after an easter egg hunt was cancelled. there's a link on our facebook page. ==kris/ts== in t presentiarace,f
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in the presidential race, a new week and a new feud between the top republican rivals is deepening, while on the democratic side bernie sanders trying to capitalize on a clean sweep of three contests over the weekend. nbc's peter alexander reports. >> reporter: for the republicans, an encore of insults. >> he attacks my wife, he attacks my family, he depose to garbage and sleaze and lies. >> reporter: ted cruz again blaming donald trump for what he's calling a tabloid smear, a "national enquirer" story suggesting cruz might have had extramarital affairs. trump denying any involvement. >> the national kwenquirer did story, it was their story, it wasn't my story. i have no idea. >> reporter: the front-runner
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without citing any evidence accusing cruz or his campaign of buying the rights to that gq photo of his wife used in an anti-trump ad. john kasich insisting the personal attacks should stop. >> families have to be off limits. you cannot get these attacks on families. >> reporter: meanwhile trump is tougt his foreign policy chops, telling "the new york times" he's unpredictable by design. he's not isolationist but better described as america first. under consideration, putting a stop to importing oil from saudi arabia if they don't pay more for their defense, potentially allowing japan and south korea to go nuclear and complaining that iran isn't buying american planes until it was pointed out that iran can't buy from the u.s. as for his familiar megaphone, he said he's unlikely to use twitter to take on world leaders. >> it's a great way of communicating as far as i'm concerned, but i'm not going to be doing it very much for
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president. >> reporter: for the democrats, bernie sanders fresh off his weekend sweep, is pushing for another debate before new york's primary next month on hillary clinton's home turf. >> are you worried she won't debate you anymore? >> yeah, i do have a little concern about that. i certainly would like to see a debate in new york state. new details this morning on another big battle over same-sex marriage. georgia's governor vetoed landmark legislation. the new proposed law would have shielded those opposed to gay weddings. georgia faces a groundswell of operation from companies threatening to boycott the state over legislation, nbc universal among them, many in california and organized by the film industry and leader robbe reinn. the church lead trying to get that passed said the law would have protected people from persecution for their beliefs.
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we're learning more about the four americans killed in brussels and how the families are honoring their memories.
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week'terroattac inbrussels== two more americans have been confirmed killed in last weekend's terror attack in brussels. >> the latest victims bring the confirmed u.s. death toll to four. nbc's gabe gutierrez reports from brussels. >> reporter: this morning the tributes are piling up for justin and stephanie shults. president obama calling their families, saying the couple epitomized all that was good about america. they had met at vanderbilt university, became accountants, got married, moved abroad two years ago. on tuesday, they were dropping stephanie's mom off at the brussels airport. when the world shook. also killed at the check-in
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terminal, dutch siblings sasha and alex pinczowski headed to new york. alex set to be married. >> monday i went to sleep hoping i would pick up my aunt in the airport. >> reporter: aly thea was heading to rhode island for a family member's funeral. she texted this photo shortly before she died. while families grieve, others are thankful. >> i'm just glad he's away. >> reporter: this morning richard norby is out of his medically-induced coma. his family describing how they burst into saobs of joy. >> now as it starts to sink in every once in a while, you sit and think just how tragic it could have been and how tragic
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it was for so many people. we're really lucky. >> reporter: in addition to justin and stephanie shults the state department confirmed two more americans were among the dead. their identities have not been released. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, brussels. there's mixed news in the fight against isis. syrian forces have recaptured the historic town of palmyra from the terror group. the syrian army says it delivered a mortal blow to the militants who seized the city last year. russian video inside the city showing streets are empty, badly damaged buildings and the city is now back under control of president bashar al assad. while the u.s. applauds victories against isis, it is also opposed to military actions by the dictator. cuban dictattator -- presid obama met with raul castro, the
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current president. fidel castro still found a lot to say. he wrote a 1500-word essay recounting the history of tensions with the u.s. and says cuba has no need of gifts from the united states. now to a developing story back here in the bay area. a manhunt for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run, this happened last night on highway 84. a pickup truck traveling westbound crossed over into the eastbound lanes, struck a car, killing that driver. officers say the driver of the truck then ran into the nearby woods. this crash happened in san francisco's mission district just after 5:00. police believe a 64-year-old driver had some kind of medical emergency. he drove into oncoming traffic at 18th and guerrero streets. they're trying to figure out if the driver died because of the crash or the medical condition. the driver of the car he hit was
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noseriously hurt. a quick paint job in san leandro is covering up an ugly truth. someone spray painted racist graffiti where many children saw it before they could cover it up. it is the second hateful display in that city this month. >> reporter: the racial slurs at san leandro's marina park were quickly painted over by city workers, but the impact didn't go away that easily. >> it's kind of shocking. >> very offensive, very offensive, because i normally bring my kids to this park. so i for sure wouldn't want them to see that. >> reporter: it was near the tot town playground. police were notified about racist words spray painted on an amphitheater wall. much of the graffiti appears to be gang related. >> the graffiti we believe was done by a hayward-based gang. our investigators are looking into the possibility of what the suspects in this case really could be right now. we do not believe that this was
11:36 am
a white supremist gang. >> reporter: they call this unacceptable and say there are real questions. >> why would a gang that has different ethnicities as the members in that gang spray paint the words that were on this wall this morning, targeted primarily at african-american and hispanic cultures. >> reporter: police see no connection to racist graffiti that appeared on a school district office recently where a man was arrested and charged. some believe it was about getting attention. they appreciate that it was painted over. >> i'm glad -- you don't want to send the wrong message to young children. >> reporter: christie smith, "today in the bay." bikes worth thousands of dollars were stolen from a mountain view bike shop. you can see the damage left behind. thieves shattering the front window. three people were involved but they have yet to release any descriptions. this happened on the corner of castro street and el camino real. two of the bikes stolen were worth about $3,000 each.
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you've heard of five-star hotels, but six stars? silicon valley elites have a new place to stay in palo alto. this is the clement, an all-suite hotel. you get a personal assistant, meals prepared by an executive chef and they stock the mini fridge with your favorite snacks. it is next to the stanford campus. scott, a little rich for my blood. >> but snacks. how safe are you in the air? a co-pilot was arrested over the weekend because he was drunk. a surprising report on how often pilots drink before going up in the air. we've got beautiful sunshine, but it is windy out there and temperatures are cooler today. i'll let you know how long this lasts, coming up in the microclimate forecasts. imagine eing high-eed chason t-
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so imagine seeing a high-speed chase on tv and then realizing that's my car! christey adare said the woman at the wheel of this truck stole it from her driveway and led police on a pursuit. police ended the chase with a
11:41 am
pit maneuver. the truck spun out. the driver then got out, but it wasn't over yet. watch what happens next. >> i had tears in my next and i was watching and just praying that she was not going to hurt anybody. the car gets better gas mileage than i thought it would. >> officers managed to tackle the suspect. then she tries to steal a police cruiser. they tackle her to the ground. that woman is now facing several charges. >> don't do any of that. between spring breakers and easter vacationers, it was another big week for airline travel. >> over the weekend, an american airlines co-pilot was pulled off his flight in detroit for allegedly being drunk. as nbc's ron mott reports, it probably happens more than you might think. >> reporter: an american airlines co-pilot pulled off an early morning flight from detroit to philadelphia. >> they had him handcuffed and they were putting him into the vehicle. >> reporter: passenger jamie blaine said the pilot announced there was a problem with the co-pilot seat. at first she laughed it off. >> oh, there's a police car. they're going to come and get
11:42 am
somebody. and then i looked out and saw him walking out and oh, they really are. >> tsa agents spotted the co-pilot acting strangely and notified airport authorities that they suspected he was drunk. it happens about once a month, according to the faa. a pilot or co-pilot is found to be drunk on the job. faa regulations include a so-called bottle to throttle rule. no flying within eight hours of consuming alcohol or a blood alcohol level of 0.04. the co-pilot of the american airlines flight testing above the legal limit. american airlines canceled the flight leaving a number of spring breakers without a ride. one posting spring break busted. #thanks. in a statement american apologized, writing this is a serious matter and we are assisting local law enforcement and the federal aviation administration with the investigation. >> everyone was talking about it. they were stunned when they figured out what it was.
11:43 am
>> that was ron mott reporting. this co-pilot in this case is believed to be in his early 50s. although the rule is eight hours from bottle from throttle, as they say, the faa says a more conservative approach is to wait 24 hours just to be safe. well, let's check your weather today with kari. good morning. >> hey, we've got some beautiful weather here again today, but also some gusty wind conditions making it hard to land those planes at sfo. we've had some of the highest wind gusts today, up to 45 miles per hour coming up from the west and northwest. benicia bridge up to 44 miles per hour and half moon bay, 37, redwood city 31 miles an hour. as we go into the rest of the day, more of the same. we're not going to see our winds relaxing all because we don't have an area of low pressure just to the east of us and high pressure to the west. that pressure gradient making the air flow very quickly over the bay area with the highest gusts right at the coast up to
11:44 am
35 to 40 miles per hour. a look at all of the microclimates now. we have 54 degrees now in san francisco, 55 degrees in the north bay and the peninsula at 56 degrees. a look at the temperatures now. it's 56 degrees in petaluma. san rafael 59 degrees. and napa 56 degrees. benicia now at 58. as we go hour by hour from the peninsula, palo alto low 70s. once again the wind makes it feel a little bit more chilly out there. especially tonight as we drop back into the 50s. it will still be breezy with mostly clear skies. highs today reaching into the low 60s. this is coming way down from those highs we had yesterday. it was in the 70s for most of us. we only come up to 60 degrees in morgan hill, 59 degrees at pacifica and the financial district. 60 degrees today. 63 at fairfield and brentwood 64 degrees. pleasanton a high of 65.
11:45 am
we will be below average today and tomorrow but wednesday we bring it back up to 62 degrees in san francisco, but the next couple of days will be very chilly and you'll really feel it in the morning as we head out. we may have some spots dropping back into the 30s but by the end of the week we'll be trending above average. the storm track is well to the north of us. here's the high pressure that is tree krocreating that high prese gradient. now this low is dropping in from the north and giving us a rush of those northwesterly winds, also producing some snow over the sierra where they are looking at the possibility of up to 10 inches of snow in some of those higher elevations. in the next three days our highs in the low 60s reaching into the mid-60s. we'll have more of the game on the peninsula and san francisco more sunshine and we will have that slight chance of rain today but it only looks confined to the east bay and the tri-valley. elsewhere, we're looking at some
11:46 am
sunshine and highs reaching into the upper 60s. so after having such a gusty day, we will start to see the winds calming down and relaxing the next several days, but overall not a forecast to complain about. once again it will be warming up, feeling more spring-like towards the ending of the week. scott and kris. >> coming up next -- >> i don't want to live in a city that doesn't have a vibrant art culture. >> ensuring artists have a place to create in the city even as rent continues to skyrocket. the good news for san francisco's art scene.
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francisc a single tree has become one of the hottest topics in san francisco and it's triggered a neighborhood feud restraining orders and pulled the city into a pine tree feud, a fight.
11:49 am
the issue, whether a homeowner is allowed to cut down a pine tree in his backyard in the richmond district. here is more on the tree's fate. >> reporter: this all began within cook street 11 months ago. a man chopped down a pine tree like this one and two others all of which were on his property. neighbors were outraged saying the pine trees date back 100 years and make up the character and landscape of their neighborhood. >> just because you own property can't mean you can act above the law. >> reporter: but at the time rogers didn't do anything wrong. none of the trees were recognized under the city's landmark ordinance. neighbors vowed to change that, using restraining orders to protect the remaining tree until they could convince city leaders to save it. they got their wish. the urban forestry council voted
11:50 am
in favor of the landmark status, a move that rogers' attorney says sets a bad precedent. >> i'm more concerned about the message this is going to send, particularly that developers or people with ill intent will go ahead and start removing trees in anticipation that this ordinance will be misused in this way. well, we've all heard stories about artists and galleries forced out by rising rents, but this week san francisco artists got some good news. joe rosato jr. will show us how some will have a new home. >> there's not a week that goes by that i don't get an e-mail from somebody saying, oh, i've decided to move back home. >> reporter: there are plenty of more. >> reporter: stories among the art world and artist katherine wagner has heard many of them. >> so many artists have had to leave because of the cost of rising rents. >> reporter: but at least wagner's latest art piece has found a home. >> so i made these various
11:51 am
configurations. >> reporter: it's made it on the to the wall at the minnesota street project. >> these are pieces of vicinity and air conditioning systems. >> reporter: this 100,000 former square foot furniture repair shop is getting a new life. this rebirth is courtesy of the art collecting entrepreneurs, debra rappa port and her husband, andy. the rappaports bought this building with the idea of creating a secure home for some of the orphaned art galleries priced out of downtown. >> i don't want to live in a city that doesn't have a vibrant art culture. we've done very well in this area and it's our important to give back. >> reporter: along with the main building and its dozen new galleries, they are turning a warehouse across the street into artis artists' studios. >> we have providing below
11:52 am
market rents. >> reporter: the story of this affordable new public gallery stands out against the usual tae tales. it's allowing people like ed gilbert to actually focus on art. >> this is really the forum for galleries to show the art and maybe not have to deal so much with the rest of the mechanics. >> and i just think this is an encouragement for artists who stay in the bay area. >> reporter: rappaport expects the project will become self-sustaining in just a few years. she hopes others with an eye for art and a mind for business will open similar spaces. >> i think people have started to realize that maybe the light at the tunnel isn't the train coming at them. >> reporter: joe rosato jr. >> there might be some hope yorz nbc bay area news. >> we'll be right back. there a portsf gunots athe
11:53 am
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11:55 am
we want to take you to washington, d.c., for some bleaking news right now. we're receiving word of a shelter in place and a security threat at the u.s. capitol. gunshots heard inside the visitors center. police are being told to have people shelter in place. >> again, this is the visitors center. both houses of congress have recessed for the easter holiday. they have locked down the entire u.s. capitol due to that potential security threat. nobody allowed to go in or out or move within the buildings. if people are outside, they are suggesting that they continue to
11:56 am
seek shelter. wusa is suggesting it is just one gunman. nbc news is saying the shelter in place is still in effect. obviously we will continue to coverage this as we run out of time for our own television news, we'll have this on nbc bay area and feed it out on twitter as well and of course our app. kari hall has a last look at our forecast. the temperature just plummeted after we left the house. >> it is so much cooler today than yesterday and our temperatures have struggled to warm up today after being in the low 40s this morning. we're now at 54 degrees in san francisco. it's breezy too, so that makes it feel a little bit cooler. we're also going to have the chance of spotty rain in the east bay hills and also the tri-valley. elsewhere a mix of sun and clouds later today and a high of 67 degrees. winds gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour all throughout the day. >> hold on to your steering wheel driving over the bridges
11:57 am
today. an update to the breaking news. the associated press says that the white house is under lockdown as well. no shooting at the white house, but that's probably standard security procedures. of course we will be covering this throughout the day, again feeding it out on twitter and have much more at 5:00 and 6:00. >> thank you for joining us. our next newscast is toebnight 5:00. plan happeninnow:==real==our b sitsh
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stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> trump steaks. what are the steaks, do we have the steaks? we have trump steaks. he said steak company and we have trump steaks. by the way, if you want to take one, we'll charge you, about, what, $50 a steak? >> he is a huckster, a street vendor, but for those who have said where's the beef during the trump run during the campaign trail, there you have it. >> shrink wrap there for you, get it for $50. he's just kidding. he was promoting everything last night, trump steaks, trump water, trump wine. the best is


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