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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this is not an act of terror. new legal trouble for the alameda county sheriff office over the videotape beating of a car thief suspect. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. i'm stephanie chuang live in mountain view where more than 100 redwood trees may soon be coming. and you can consider that your alarm clock this morning. we apologize. little trouble with stephanie's audio. but good to have you with us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. if that did not wake you up, surely the cooler temperatures will as you step outside. >> some hot coffee will do this morning because we have chilly temperatures all across the bay area and even upper 30s in parts of the tri-valley and north bay. won't be as windy today and actually this afternoon will be slightly warmer than yesterday. and it will feel better, too, because we won't have those
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winds gusting at 30 to 40 miles per hour. here's a look at your lunchtime temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. in the mid-60s today. south bay up to 64 degrees and, also, 64 in the tri-valley. we'll take a look ahead. the rest of the weekend some warmer air moving in. that's coming up in a few minutes. but let's see how the traffic is moving across the san mateo bridge with anthony. >> earlier we were talking about how smooth it is and things were really moving slightly. no concerns but i did want to show you the traffic. it is starting to build here and headed towards the bridge. i want to show you the maps here. you see what i'm talking about. nothing is a concern with accidents but 880 slowing and once you get past it. we are starting to see traffic build there in spots. same deal for 680. keeping things slow there, as well. across the peninsula and the south bay. no concerns. an earlier stall 101 and the residual effect to tuesday.
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>> anthony, thank you. very busy in d.c. we begin this hour with breaking news from the capitol building in washington, d.c. as you look closely right now, a live look at the scene. you can see investigators there and police cars as well behind. that's the bomb squad investigating a suspicious package. we're told that the visitor center is off limits right now. again, this is right by where that shooting took place yesterday. as authorities are investigating that suspicious package found outside of the capitol visitor center. our sister station in d.c. tells us there was some kind of item left unattended at that location. this was from the last 30 minutes or so when we dipped into coverage of what's going on in d.c. and we saw theb squad, police squads out there circling the perimeter around the u.s. capitol visitor center trying to determine if there is a danger posed to the public. while shortly after the building opened this morning and just one day after officers were shot and
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injured by a man with a bb gun at the capitol center. at the visitor center. one other person suffered minor injuries. we do not know if this package was something overlooked or left behind following yesterday's incident. but we will stay on top of the story. back to the breaking news that we started out with this morning of egypt. a passenger jet hijacking situation is now over. the hijacker is now under arrest and this is video. that egyptair flight was hijacked around 1:00 our time last night and played overnight for hours finally coming to an end about an hour and a half ago. the hijacker, a man, eventually released all the passengers and crew members. that egyptair flight was flying from alexandria to cairo when the hijacker forced it to land in cypress. the suspect did claim that he had explosives. but the cypress government is now saying he did not. authorities are also saying that
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the hijacking was a matter of personal issues and not related to terror, though in a letter, the hijacker did mention the political situation in egypt. kris, new details now on a story at home. a dangerous cliff rescue in marin county overnight. search and rescue crews quickly helping a group of hikers who were stuck on the roads. this happened off of point reyes sea shore about 11:00 last night. park officials say the hikers got stuck in a remote area that is difficult to access. plus, the cold and the wind only amping up the dangerous conditions. that rescue took several hours but the hikers were eventually taken to safety about 1:00 in the morning. happening today, civil rights lawsuit expected to be filed today after this video became viral. you can see alameda county sheriff deputies beating a suspect with batons. >> bob redell is live in san leandro this morning and this lawsuit came as we learned new disturbing information
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surrounding including details of an alleged theft by one of the deputies. >> correct, kris and sam. good morning to you. the alameda county sheriff's office has placed a third deputy on paid leave for possibly trying to steal one of the suspects necklaces in order to bribe witnesses not to report the beating that, as it turns out, was caught on videotape. this videotape from november shows two alameda county sheriff deputies chasing the 29-year-old car thief suspect. the sheriff office now investigating allegations that this third deputy stole a necklace and used it to pay off witnesses to not report what happened. this necklace is seen in photographs in the alley but it has since disappeared. >> and we get a little ticked off when things like this happen. it tarnishes my badge.
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it tarnishes everybody's badge. and we don't like it. >> after months of saying no deputies activated their body cameras the sheriff's office said one of the officers in the video may have done so. he stole a car here in alameda county and rammed two squad cars and led deputies on a high-speed chase before being tracked down in that mission district alleyway. his attorney expected to announce the civil lawsuit against the two deputies who beat his client. sheriff ahern expected to address the media later this afternoon at his news conference. bob redelll, "today in the bay." san francisco police are stepping up patrols in one neighborhood after a violent attack on a couple there there is a sketch of the suspect and here it is. ayers says that the man threatened to his wife and then started punching both of them.
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>> and then i watched them hit my wife in the face and i remember her hitting the dwround and the back of her head slammed against the concrete. >> she suffered a traumatic brain injury. dean suffered a broken leg. police are still searching for that suspect and they told the community that at a safety meeting last night. as for the couple, they have many months of recovery ahead and their friends have set up a go fund me account called help for dean and mary. at 6:07 right now. happening later today, crab lovers can almost taste it. a deal that may be hammered out this morning to bring long overdue dungeness crab to stores. while the crab season began a price per pound has not been set up for buyers. a little later this morning, the results of quality tests are expected to come in and then fishermen and buyers can sit down in a closed door meeting and hammer out a deal. commercial crabbers are hoping
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to have crab for sale at bay area docks by friday. making room for google's new campus and today the mountain view city council will talk about whether the company can take out dozens of redwood st e trees. >> over 100. steph, this plan coming google is planning to replace the trees but concerned about the trees. >> they're not very happy about it. check out this sort of visual summary we ran across this morning here. a google bike leaning on one of the redwood trees. symbolic of the tech giant's plan to remove 160 of them. trees that are not native to the area anyway. 160 of the redwoods that would come down are considered heritage trees because of their age and their size. google does require a permit. google wants the space to build a nearly 600,000 square foot futuristic campus adding it will
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repaint native trees like the cottonwoods. not an alarming number for a this size. tree experts say replacing the redwoods, which require a lot of water, is an improved plan. >> in this area, it would be better to introduce a more appropriate tree for the environment. >> but some people who live in mountain view have voiced frustration calling the plan and others asking city leaders not to cave into google's demand that sets the tone for all other development. on that note nbc bay area that includes microsoft, intuit as well as el camino hospital. asking for the removal of 200 of them. tonight we're talking about google's plan and if you feel any type of way about it, they say that's the place to go around 7:00 tonight. live here in mountain view, s f stephanie chuang. >> thank you very much.
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let's check win kari hall who has plummeting temperatures this morning. >> we look at microclimates and mostly clear skies. look at the north bay. it is 36 degrees. a lot of people making their way farther to the south and now it's 40 degrees in the peninsula and today's highs will be a touch warmer than yesterday. feeling a touch warmer and not as windy and a lot more sunshine and up to 62 degrees in san francisco. i'll have a look at the rest of the week where our temperatures continue to warm and also looking athead the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's see what's happening on the roadways as we check in with anthony. >> want to start you in the north bay. we're seeing traffic build in the typical spots that we're used to seeing. this is 101 northbound or southbound head under to the city. that's where we're seeing this typical slowing in san rafael. even north of there in petaluma on the map you'll note as slowing around north 101, as well. should switch over to berkeley
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and then you'll see over in the north bay. there is the slowing. talk about a slowing in petaluma. and same deal for 4 coming through concord over near antioch and over to berkeley things do improve. there is an accident on 680 south at vargas keeping things slow through sunol grade and in the south bay no accidents right now and the typical slow spot and 101bound and also 87, as well. calm and normal on the roads there, anything but here. >> one of the most interesting traffic stops we've seen in a while. let's take a look. >> who else gets pulled over by their husband. i'm trying to get to work. mike, what are you doing? >> it's deputy. >> the life changing reason she says she was not breaking any laws. she does not look amused. plus, the fbi says it it doesn't need apple's help
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opening an iphone. that raises all kinds of questions. s we'll ask ahead in "business and tech." live look right now at the sap center in san jose. home of the now playoff bound san jose sharks. team teal beat the l.a. kings last night 5-2 to clinch their spot in the postseason for the 11th time the past 12 seasons. we're back in just two minutes. =kricont =osn andcreamg oc: ts
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inou lookt thifieryrash,invoings
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take a look at this fiery crash involving a bus and several cars in south los angeles. two cars collided and then slammed into the metro bus and one of the cars caught. those flames then spread to the bus. several people, including two lapd officers jumped into action and people out of the car. would you believe that only the driver was the person on the bus. the only person on the bus. several people, though, were hurt. some witnesses say the cars were street racing when they crashed and caused that fiery explosion. >> could have been a very different outcome if that was a full bus instead of just one driver. really scary. a warning this morning from safety experts, make sure you turn off your car after you park. that new keyless ignition system which is so convenient can also be dangerous. >> key fobs are pretty common in new cars, but after you put the car in park, you have to actually hit the off button. an increasing number of drivers accidentally leave their cars running filling homes with
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deadly fumes. safety advocates aring for an alarm or a software patch to shut down unintended cars. >> now, the fbi has dropped its demands that apple open a phone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> essentially shutting down that case. this after the fbi says it was able to get a third party to open the phone for them and said something, scott mcgrew, you said was possible all along. >> yeah, i did. other people much smarter than i did, as well. the fbi insisted all along that apple was the only company that could do it. in fact, the director of the fbi said those claims directly to congress. only apple has the technology to open the iphone 5c used by the san bernardino shooter farook. that ended up not being the case. the fbi also said the phone was the only phone that it was interested in opening, but later other federal prosecutors said they had dozens they wanted to open. now, the sudden reversal in this case raises a number of questions this morning.
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one, did the fbi really open that phone? it would be more accurate to say the fbi says it did. two, why did it tell congress it couldn't if at the same time it was working with third party companies. third, did the fbi mismiss a major opportunity here. did it give up its best chance. it had a terror case one in which half of all americans supported the fbi in this privacy fight. it could have taken apple through the court system and settled that debate between encryption and privacy, once and for all. apple, for its part, issued the statement saying americans continue to deserve both security and privacy. other news s looks like sa francisco hometown airline is for. bloomberg is reporting that virgin america is taking bids from jetblue and alaska airlines. a deal could be announced as early as next week. jetblue flies the exact model plane. they have been looking for more
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west coast routes. it is all really about routes and not a matter of making money or not making money. virgin america can't get enough oof them and jetblue wants them. scott, a very big surprise, if not for one oronge county sheriff deputies and then for his friends and family who found the most unusual way possible that his car is about to get more crowded. >> here's what happened. when that deputy pulled his wife over recently for driving solo in the car pool lane. here's what happened. >> you've got to be kidding me right now. what are you doing? >> hello, ma'am. >> seriously, who else gets pulled over by their husband. >> i'm trying to to work. >> excuse me, ma'am. >> mike, what are you doing? >> it's deputy. i pulled you over today -- >> deputy. >> for violation of california vehicle code 21655. you know what that one is. >> you don't need to tell me and
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i'm not in violation, at all. >> ma'am, as i approached your vehicle, i did not see anyone else in the vehicle. so you have your license and registration and insurance? >> i am in violation of any california vehiclode. you have got to be kidding me. >> ma'am, ma'am. we will argue about this later. please hand me the documentation requested. yes, yes, we will. >> i'm not in violation. >> ma'am, i stand corrected. >> so cute. >> the deputy may have been in on that surprise. made me teary eyed. >> you also had to wonder why she had a camera in her car in the first place. >> she was telling her husband. trying to surprise him.
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>> kill the surprise, sam. >> i'm the party popper. >> are you with me? are you teared up? >> no. but i'll try to use that excuse for the car pool lane. my baby is coming in september. now 49 degrees and make sure the kids are bundled up and chilly temperatures. check out the north bay now. 36 degrees and 43 degrees in the south bay. we also have some 30s in parts of the south bay, too. check out san martin. 37 degrees there and willow glen at 38 degrees. the seven-day forecast coming up in the bottom of the screen and more beautiful weather for the next few days and it won't be as windy. winds coming in from the north, not at 20 or 30 miles an hour like we had yesterday. how about 10 to 15. that feels a little bit better and it won't feel as chilly, as well with sunshine all across the bay. that's not right. 57 degrees at 11:00 and then
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into the low 60s this afternoon. and some mid-60s today for the afternoon high temperature. a look at all those highs and a look at all the microclimates. 57 in outer sunset and 64 in palo alto and brentwood 65 and also 65 today in danville. into the next few days, here's a look at the temperature trend for parts of the tri-valley. here's a look at dublin. now, the average high 65 degrees. that's where we will be today. and then starting tomorrow, we'll be above average and that trend continues the rest of the week into the low 70s on saturday. saturday will be the warmest day in the forecast. few more clouds mixing in on sunday and this is what it will look like. here's a look at the futurecast that shows the clouds starting to edge in on sunday and clouds shown here by the green and that is what we could see on the radar to start out the new week. rainfall totals don't look that significant with that next system. seems like it could bring us the potential of a tenth of an inch
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of rain for most of us and from the north bay to the south bay and temperaturewise in the upper 60s to lower 70s. beautiful weekend ahead. and, once again, saturday will be the warmest day, especially in the peninsula and the tri-valley up to the low 70s and on sunday, a few more clouds in the mix and our temperatures coming down a deor two. that's a look at weather. let's see how the roads are moving now with anthony. >> good morning. we're looking at berkeley right now. this is on the 80 corridor. coming in from emory. >> dale: and there is a stall there right at university avenue and you can see lots and lots of company this morning. traffic tuesday not that, though. we don't have any major accidents out there and switching over to the maps show you the rest of the east bay moving without any concern. 680 through walnut creek and slow through concord, as well. no problems through danville, dublin. hayward seeing slowing near the san mateo bridge and keeping the sunol grade kind of slow this morning and also in the south bay, no concerns.
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wide open lanes and even the 101 corridor moving without a problem all the way up the peninsula and 101 and 280 looking pritgy right now. back on over to you guys. >> thank you, anthony. a major test in brussels today exactly one week following coordinated terror attacks. plus, take a look at this. a skyscraper up in flames. a fight to get a handle on this fire it spreads to nearby buildings. ♪ ♪
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new video this morning. a fire erupting at a high rise tower in the united arab emirates. several treated for breathing problems and minor injuries despite how bad that fire looks. the blaze is the latest in a series of skyscraper blazes in the gulf region including one in dubai on new year's eve. today marks one week since the brussels terror attacks and hundreds of workers at brussels airport today will stage a mock check in to see if all temporary facilities are in place. flights there are still grounded. investigators, meanwhile, are pack at square one in the search for this terror suspect who is believed to have gotten away following the airport bombing. the man we're talking about is being dubbed the man in white you see him there with terrorists who did blow themselves up in last week's attack.
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prosecutors decided there was not enough evidence to hold one man who was recently arrested. experts say that search should be exed. >> they're going to have to make a greater effort, but a european-wide effort. not just one country. >> now, some experts now believe that the man in white may have intended to escape all along. brussels apart from the brussels airport may reopen tomorrow. it be months before everything is fully operational, once again. coming up next, gruesome new information about the cause of a fire that tore through several homes in the north bay. i'm bob redell live in san leandro with a new allegation against the alameda county sheriff office over the videotape beating of a car thief suspect. that story coming up. joinin usi'm m bro
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=kri2shotand m krisanch. and a good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> kari hall, you want to help me a little bit? >> good morning, sam and kris. we will have some beautiful weather, again today. a chilly start as we've seen the lows this morning drop down into the upper 30s. won't be as windy today and then the highs making it a couple degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. a look at the lunchtime temperature. we'll be at 670 0 degrees at th peninsula and south bay and during your time home into the mid-60s overall a very pleasant day. i'll have a look at the rest of that forecast, which continues to warm up. that is coming up in a few minutes let's see if we have some breaking news now.
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>> we do, kari. begin this hour with breaking news right now at the capitol building in washington, d.c. one suspicious package cleared now police are working on a second one. we're told a visitor center is off limits right now at the capitol. the same location where there was an incident yesterday. our sister station in d.c. telling us there were two items left unattended at the visitor center. the packages were discovered short after the building opened this morning with a long line of tourists waiting to get inside. and just one day after officers shot a man there who was wielding a weapon. it turned out to be a bb gun at the security checkpoint. and we are learning this is not his first run in with the law either. larry russell dawson is in critical, but stable condition after surgery. police shot him after witnesses said he took out a weapon at the capitol visitor center. police now are saying that he had a pellet gun. darsen was charged last year for
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assaulting a police officer and for unlawful conduct on capitol grounds. we continue to follow breaking news of a second suspicious package. and another breaking story right now. a plane hijacked in egypt finally over with a suspect arrested. and this comes after hours of negotiations. >> "today in the bay" tracie potts joining us live from washington, d.c., with the very latest developments. tracie, we now know this is not terrorism related. >> not terrorism and probably not real explosives according to authorities as we see questioning the suspect on the ground at the airport there in cypress. this is a flight that had more than 80 people. it was supposed to be landing this morning in cairo. but instead it was diverted to the mediterranean island of cypress after a man onboard said he had an explosive belt and he wanted to go to either turkey or cypress. later we found out that his wife, ex-wife or estranged wife lived in that area and for hours
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as they negotiated with this man, he said he wanted to talk to her. not clear if that ever happened. now that he's out, everyone is off that plane safely after hours of negotiation. we learned that the explosives may not have been real. authorities who are questioning him say that they are now trying to confirm whether or not the explosives were real. early on we learned there were eight americans onboard that plane. our understanding is that everyone, the bulk of passengers who initially got off and then the few, the foreigners and the crew that were kept on at the end were all off loaded safely off that plane and the airport there in cypress is due to be reopening any minute now. certainly scary moments as authorities try to figure out if, in fact, this hijacking was terror related. they have said this morning they don't think it is. they think this was a personal issue that led to more than 80 people being diverted hundreds of miles this morning in what turned out to be not as nearly
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as bad of a situation as it could have been. >> tense hours, for their families. happening later today a civil rights lawsuit expected to be filed after this video became viral. you can see alameda county sheriff deputies beating a suspect with batons. "today in the bay" bob redell and this comes as we learn new disturbing information surrounding the case including one more deputy involved and a robbery by a depry involuty invs well. the alameda county sheriff office has placed this third dep on paid leave for possibly stealing a necklace from that car thief suspect whose beating was captured on video. this video from november shows two alameda county sheriff deputies chasing the suspect. 29-year-old stanislaus petrov. now investigating allegations
6:35 am
that this third deputy took a necklace from petrov and used it to bribe witnesses to not report the beating. the necklace is seen in photographs of petrov in the alleyway but has since then disappeared. >> if those allegations are true, then the deputy or deputies that took items from mr. petrov and gave them away are no better than the criminals they arrested. >> after months of saying no deputies activated their body cameras. the sheriff office says that one of the deputies in the video may have done so. petrov stole a car here in alameda county and rammed two squad sccars before being track down in that mission district alleyway. later this morning petrov attorney is expected to announce civil lawsuit against the two deputies who beat his client and later in the afternoon alameda county sheriff greg ahern is expected to hold a news
6:36 am
conference of his own. reporting live here in san leandro, bob redel, "today in the bay." new accusations of misconduct against sheriff smith. >> this coming just days after that blue ribbon commission looking into jail operation changes. a change of leadership and the deputy sheriff association claimed that sheriff smith tried to influence the commission's leader during a private meeting on march 3rd. judge cordell has confirmed that he called with the meeting for her in palo alto and the possible re-election is brought up. we reached outto sheriff laurie smith, as well. she remains focused on keeping safe. a sergeant found guilty of exposu exposure. the manager says that she saw
6:37 am
him nude in a back storage room. the 24-year veteran of the force faces jailtime to likely lose his job and be forced to register as a sex offender. disturbing new details on a house fire in santa rosa. we now know what started that fire. it was a woman who set herself ablaze. she was facing an eviction order. investigators say 44 mcmullen doused herself with gasoline on sunday and then lit herself on fire in her bedroom. the room erupted in flames which quickly started spreading through that four-unit property in santa rosa southwest neighborhood. mcmullen's son dragged her and saved her life. she is now hospitalized with third degree burns and could now face arson charges. mcmullen was due to be evicted next month. no word on why she was being evicted. the man suspected of shooting an 8-year-old boy in a drive by shooting in concord is in critical condition himself this morning. james girard was shot by officers yesterday in fairfield.
6:38 am
a witness call led officers to girard who was shot after he tried to run. been on the run since friday after investigators say that he shot that young boy. the 8-year-old is recovering at children's hospital right now in oakland. meantime, fire investigators are working to pinpoint the cause of a small brush fire that burned not far from facebook headquarters. that fire broke out yesterday afternoon near university avenue in bay front expressway at the border of menlow park in palo alto. slowed down the evening commute. about 20 acres burned in total. >> that smoke had a lot of people talking yesterday. climate change may be the culprit behind the rock slides that happened out of the blue. what a bay area scientist is telling "the chronicle." went to yosemite to find out why rock slides happen on perfectly dry summer days. they examined the same expanding crack along the cliff and included that seasonal temperature changes led
6:39 am
expanshexpanshz expanshz and contractions in the rock. >> there is something so mysterious and romantic about that video of yosemite. nothing mysterious and romantic about this morning. you will bundle up and not look the most fashionable. >> great morning, though, for some chilly temperatures and some hot coffee and keeping the heater up on full blast. so, take a look at these temperatures now. it has dropped to 36 degrees in the north bay. and we're at 49 degrees in san francisco. we're up to 64 degrees in the peninsula, south bay, as well as the tri-val. east bay 65 degrees and san francisco 62 degrees. we will continue to have some warmer weather in the forecast and the winds not cranking up as high as yesterday. i'll have a look at the complete microclimate forecast coming up in about ten minutes. let's head over to anthony to see how the roads are moving. >> i'm going to go in threes.
6:40 am
first start you off on the east bay showing you what's happening here. first slowing showing up on highway 4 and also 680 and then your other spot of slowing there. emoriville near berkeley and coming in from the tri-valley, three more sections. 84 slowing there and also coming in 680, some slowing there because of an accident in vargas and also 880 slows near the san mateo bridge towards union city but does improve northbound in san jose. highways are starting to slow there. and also 87 slowing there. there are two ambulances en route because of a pregnant woman involved in a car accident. and also 85 slowing northbound, as well. but, again, the major accident right now is on 87 in san jose. guys, back over to you. >> we hope that woman is okay. thank you, anthony. coming up, a bay area sexual assault suspect arrested years later and thousands of miles away. a drug that is 80 times morant than morphine killed
6:41 am
several people here in california. the investigation under way to find the source of the powerful pain killer, next. home prices in san francisco continue to sky rocket. i've got the latest numbers and the latest numbers from the nyse as the dow falls about 100 points. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail t nbc bay area, we investigate. morng.fiveery ouofsacrento untys
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it is an alarming story out of sacramento county this morning. five people have died and more than a dozen are sickened. all took street drugs containing a powerful pain killer. the problem surfaced late last week. the pills those people took may have had fentanyl. it is a narcotic that is 80 times more potent than morphine and even more dangerous than heroin. investigators are looking for the dealers that those pills. a man accused of sexual assault and robbery here in the bay area is waiting to be extradited to california from tennessee. with help from the fbi, tennessee police arrested 24-year-old sheldon harley johnson last week. his arrest comes after new information led uc berkeley police to identify johnson as the main suin a sexual assault and robbery back on the cal campus in 2011.
6:45 am
decision 2016 and it's been a few weeks since the full gang got back together. the three republican candidates still standing are going to face off in a town hall in wisconsin later tonight. 42 delegates are at stake making that state's primary next tuesday crucial. tonight's town hall is going to be held in milwaukee. donald trump and ted cruz right now neck and neck in the polls. meantime, john kasich is trailing. voters are going to get a chance to ask the candidates questions directly this evening. >> so interesting because there have been complaints about the moderators. well, you can't argue with yourers. >> good question. the people put it to you. absolutely no surprise. san francisco homes continue to get more expensive. >> scott mcgrew has the latest data hot and fresh out of the printer. can we touch it, scott? >> hot, hot, hot. home prices in san francisco, sam, jumped 10.5% in the last 12 months, according to kay schilling. we get a number of home price reports but it is the one that
6:46 am
we pay the most attention to. and up and up on the prices when you look year to year. but when you look month to month, in the last month measure, prices in san francisco fell by a fraction of a percentage they fell. so, up 10.5% this year. down 0.7 for the month. the fbi has dropped its demands. apple opened the iphone in the san bernardino terror case. this after the fed said they can open the phone using a third party. now, all along the fbi has said only apple was capable of doing this. a new paper published in the journal of clinical investigation said test subjects who submitted their blood to cholesterol tests to the bay area's blood testing company theranos received results that were vastly different than what uth traditional blood tests showed. the paper's authors say the results were so different it could affect decisions made by doctors as to whether to give their patients statins to
6:47 am
protect their heart. the authors who are doctors in mt. sinai said they tried to show the results to the bay area and they couldn't get anybody to respond. ultimately, sam and kris, they used the in-mail function of link linkedin to and a company that used to be a high flier and now tons of doubt about that company. >> just last week chelsea clinton at the home of the founder for a fund-raiser. >> yes, you had that. and this morning the federal government and their lab inspectors questioning thernos. this is a company that has a lot of questions. >> that wall street journal investigation. >> thanks, scott. a million dollar delay caused by who? owls. >> just one of the few construction hurdles. martinez school is facing it took a while to find a while to build the independent study school. the school district finally
6:48 am
settled on a location. but first construction was delayed over contaminated soil and now, as kris mechntioned, t hooting, howling problem of owls. one of the owls, it turns out, is pregnant. >> we thought we would be to construct the school and move mid-year this year and now it's delayed. not going to happen this year. >> and nearly 100-year-old federal law that requires the owls to have its babies before the nest can be removed is what's holding things up. all the delay is costing the school district about $1 million. i don't think they have an owl fund for owl emergencies. >> i don't think. meteorologist kari hall is out there. you might want to stay in your nest and maybe look at your last favorite winter outfit. >> yeah, we have some more cool weather in the forecast, but, yes, it is definitely chilly as you head out this morning. a live look now at the golden gate bridge. we see clear blue skies.
6:49 am
again, not as windy. so, we don't have the concern of holding on with the tight grip on to the steering wheel as you pass bay area bridges. now, it's 39 degrees in palo alto and 35 degrees in napa and we have some upper 30s, as well, in the tri-valley. once again, it won't be as windy. our wind forecast shows the winds come in and a light wind from the northwest at 3:00 today. and about 10 to 15 miles per hour. and it won't be up to 20, 30 like we saw yesterday. some spots had over 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. today we will not see the same. and temperatures come up a couple of degrees with a high today of 62 degrees in losgatos and 62 degrees in the financial district and 66 in napa and oakland 65. 65, also, in danville today. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows temperature trend going up over the next few days and that is what we will also see in san francisco. a slight lly cooler than averag today and tomorrow up to 62
6:50 am
degrees, which is right on target for the end of march into the mid-60s as we go into the weekend with 64 degrees on saturday. the futurecast shows that we have still some clear skies through the next several days and then on sunday we start to see more clouds in the mix. this is what the radar and satellite could look like showing the potential of some rain here shown by the green between monday night and tuesday with the very weak system that may bring us 0.10. so as it runs all the way through the weekend, all dry and then we are early on tuesday morning with about 0.1 all across the bay area. so, once again a dry weekend. beautiful weather. high temperatures reaching into the upper 60s to low 70s and even some mid-70s in spots like the tri-valley. more clouds in the mix on sunday and temperatures come down a degree or two and up to 71 degrees in the north bay as well as the south bay. let's head to the south bay now with anthony. >> want to start you off there
6:51 am
on 101. see some slowing. in fact, an accident at montgue expressway and the stall, the slow down goes all the way back here to the 280 corridor and keep in mind 101 is already a slow spot. this is even more slow this morning. now, another accident on the maps. we show you that 87 at kurtner. and slowing through saratoga, as well. now, in the east bay on 880 southbound right near auto mall parkway an accident there. 680 southbound and also in concord and walnut creek 680 really slow because of two separate accidents. one a car fire and another accident at street boulevard. the first one monument and the second one at street and then slows all the way coming over towards the bay bridge all the way to emoryville to berkeley. guys, back on over to you. >> thank you very much, anthony. san francisco police are stepping up patrols in one neighborhood after a violent attack on a couple there. dean ayers and his wife, mary,
6:52 am
were attacked on sanchez street about a month ago. there's a sketch of the suspect and ayers says this man threatened to rape his wife and then started punching them. >> and then i wauchd him hit my wife in the face and i remember her hitting had ground and the back of her head slam against the concrete. >> mary ayers suffered a traumatic brain injury and dean suffered a broken leg. police still looking for the suspect. he also held a community meeting last night to talk about safety. as for the couple, they have many months of recovery ahead, which means they cannot work. and so their friends set up a go fund me account called help for dean and mary. coming up next, a controversy surrounding trees in the silicon valley. why google wants to cut down hundreds of redwoods and what the neighbors living nearby have to say about it. a new allegation against the
6:53 am
alameda county sheriff office over the videotape beating of suspected car thief. i'm bob redell. we'll have that story coming up. and happening right now. it looks more and more like niners quarterback cauline kaepernick will stay with the team for the 2016 season. our sister station comcast sports net lays out why. you can look for that link in our twitter feed. also talk about fashionable attire. "force awakens" jacket can now be yours. click on the link on our entertainment headlines to hear about an auction to help a great cause. we're in two minutes.
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an update right now to breaking news as we take you back to d.c. and it is all clear on capitol hill after a very active 24 hours there. after yesterday's shooting near the security checkpoint at the capitol building. the bomb squad and police out investigating not one, but two suspicious packages this morning. both of those have been inspected and cleared. but it did, again, cause more frenzy this morning in d.c. so, happy resolved ending here. but a very busy 24 hours in washington. >> lots of spring breakers headed to d.c. for a trip. hopefully they're feeling safer now this morning. we take one last look at the
6:57 am
day's top local stories before we send you off to "today show in just a few minutes. >> right now let's check in with bob redell with yet another twist in a brutal beating at the hands of alameda sheriff deputies. bob. >> good morning to you, sam and kris. the alameda county sheriff office has placed a third deputy on paid leave for possibly trying to bribe witnesses not to report that beating, which as it turned out was caught on a video. this video from november shows alameda county sheriff deputies chasing 29-year-old stanislaus petrov into an aleway and repeatedly hitting. a third deputy stole a necklace from petrov and used it to pay off witnesses to not report what happened. petrov stole a car in alameda count where we are at. rammed two squad cars and led deputies on a high-pede chase. later this morning, petrov's
6:58 am
attorneys expected to announce a civil lawsuit against the two deputies who beat his client. sheriff ahern. he's expected to address the media later this afternoon during a news conference. reporting live here in san leandro, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i'm stephanie chuang live here in mountain view. google is asking to cut down redwood trees to make way. tonight is when the city council wants to hear from people on where they stand with this. 100 of the 160 redwoods are considered heritage trees because of their age and size so removal requires a permit. google says it will replant treesinate toov ttree s native to the area. experts say after four dry years, many redwoods are in bad shape anyway. google is not the only company trying to remove trees for development. tonight's city council meeting
6:59 am
starts or it the hearing will start around 7:00 tonight. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." and talking about how cold the temperatures have been all morning long. stay that way all day, right, ka k kari? >> taking a look at where are now. 36 degrees in the north bay. and 48 degrees in san francisco. highs today in the mid-60s and not as windy. so that will also knock some of that chill off of the air. >> we see the cameras are all stable there. yesterday they were all rocking and rolling and not affecting the bay bridge. >> no winds like that this morning. but the bay bridge is slow approaching the maze. and same deal for the san mateo bridge headed to 880 and even getting on to the bridge itself right now is slow headed over to the peninsula. san jose 101 is slow because of the accident at montgue and also 87 is slow because of an accident that slows.
7:00 am
>> be careful out there. no chain reaction. >> yes, hopefully. thanks for joining us today. we will be back with you with more live local news and leave you with a look of the ballpark. good morning. the suspects who high jacked an egypt air jet have been arrested. more than 60 hostages on board, including eight americans all safely reloesed. this morning we're live with the dramatic scene as it unfolded. hacking in, the fbi manages to break into the phone of the one of the sberd phones. who is the mystery investigator who broke into the code? blown away. high winds batter the northeast. 50 miles per hour gusts knocking down trees, damaging homes and delaying flights, with more on the way today, tuesday, march


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