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tv   Today  NBC  March 31, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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cleared and two accidents and one near the 87 connector. >> that's a rough morning. >> we'll see you again in just 25 minutes with more updates. good morning. breaking news. [ siren ] powerful storms unleash tornadoes in oklahoma. golf ball-sized hail in kansas. widespread flooding in arkansas. this parking lot turned into a river. and look what happened in this college dorm. severe weather, and it's moving east today. damage control. a rare backtrack from donald trump after making controversial comments about women who get abortions. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> to the women? >> yeah. there has to be some form. >> pro choice and pro life groups blasting the front-runner. >> he's dangerous. >> will trump's comments do damage to campaign or will it
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roll off him like so many other controversies? "today exclusive." >> off the post and in. >> why are the reigning world champions earning less than half of what their male counterparts make. this morning, they're filing a legal complaint seeking equal pay and we'll talk to them exclusively. and midair collision. two skydivers crash into each other, spin to the ground but miraculously both of them survive. one severely injured. he says he has no regrets today, thursday, march 31, 2016. >> this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller center. welcome. that video is hard to watch. >> five seconds after they leave the plane they collide. one of them unconscious all the way to the ground. we'll tell you what happened to
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him in just a little while. >> but the weather is at the top of the show tearing across the south. severe weather spawning tornadoes and triggering dangerous flooding. let's get right to steve patterson, he is in little rock, arkansas, this morning. steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt and savannah. good morning. at least seven people injured as multiple tornadoes tore through northeastern oklahoma. this storm system sweeping through arkansas as well causing flash flooding and emergency rescues. lightning and heavy rainfall in little rock caused flash floods leading to multiple rescues wednesday. some residents clinging to trees after their cars were swept away in fast-moving waters. firefighters using cable lines to pull them to safety. in oklahoma, the national weather service now confirms multiple tornado touchdowns ripped through tulsa. the twisters causing road closures, power outages and injuring at least one person listed in critical condition. the roof of a church blown off
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during a prayer group meeting. >> we were huddled right in here. we looked all balled up in a ball here and praying. everything blew in around us, but we were good. none of us even have a scratch on us. >> reporter: golf ball-sized hail pounding residents in kansas while in little rock an american airlines flight headed from dallas to memphis was diverted because of severe turbulence. >> the guy behind me is saying, "are we going down, are we going down"? i have kids. >> reporter: the rocky aircraft causing the drink cart to splatter soda on the ceiling. two flight attendants were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. this is far from over. the mississippi valley still at risk this morning. that includes the possibility of more nay dose. it's reforming this afternoon with possibility of more severe
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weather in the ohio valley, the midwest and the south. lot more people still at risk for severe weather. matt and savannah. >> steve patterson in little rock, thank you. >> a head start on your forecast. doesn't look good. >> it really doesn't. this was our big concern yesterday that we would see overnight storms, and as steve mentioned, not done. little rock seeing the wettest month ever as has memphis. we have a tornado watch going into central mississippi as strong storms skip to the east. an enhanced area for more storms today. 40 million at risk from nashville, jackson, to northwestern georgia. large hail, tornadoes likely. here is what's happening as the front pushes in. warm moist air from the south. flash floods, severe storms lasting through overnight tonight. in fact, take a look. you can see overnight tonight from knoxville, up near lexington, into northwestern georgia. tornadoes very likely. some could be long track strong storms. there are 18 million people
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under a flood threat from louisiana into central georgia including atlanta. why? look at the rainfall amounts we are talking about. upwards of five inches or more in central and southern alabama. but you get into central georgia you could be looking at four to six inches as well. the heavy flood threat stretches all the way back into new orleans, guys. more strong storms. tomorrow we have the risk. not as bad but the next 24 hours will be very, very active. >> we'll get back to you in a little while. al, thank you very much. >> another story in politics. donald trump reversing course after he said women who get abortions should be punished during an msnbc town hall. we have complete coverage this morning. pete alexander, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. those initial comments quickly ignited a firestorm managing to unify supporters on opposite sides of one of america's most divisive issues. critics say the remarks fit a
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pattern. saying trump lacks the depth of understanding a complicated topic. this time on the issue of abortion. >> by the way, nobody, nobody respects women more than donald trump. >> reporter: this morning for donald trump that may be a tough sell. pressed by chris matthews during an msnbc town hall, trump insisted if abortion were outlawed, women violating the ban should be punished. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> to the woman? >> yeah. >> ten days? ten years? >> that i don't know. i'm pro life. i have not determined what the punishment should be. >> why not? >> because i haven't determined. >> how do you ban abortion? >> you go back to a position like they had where people will perhaps go to illegal places. >> reporter: trump's controversial comments unleashing a wave of bipartisan criticism drawing fierce denouncements from the group naral saying his unhinged position will endanger women and the anti-abortion group march for life. >> often a woman makes a choice
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for abortion out of desperation. and the last thing that she needs is a threat of punishment. >> reporter: trump's republican challengers, both of whom support the abortion ban, are now accusing him of being alone on an island of ignorance. >> probably donald trump will say he was misquoted or whatever. i don't think so. i don't think that's an appropriate response. >> donald's comments today are the latest demonstration that he'll say anything to get elected. >> reporter: within three hours he did a 180. the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act would be held legally responsible, not the woman. adding the, the woman is a victim in this case. as is the life in her womb. my position has not changed. he defended abortion rights in 1999 with tim russert. >> i am very pro choice. >> reporter: hillary clinton accused trump of leading an
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assault on women's rights. >> what he said is just among the most outrageous and dangerous statements i have heard anybody running for president say in a really long time. >> reporter: bernie sanders calling trump's words shameful. >> the idea of punishing a woman, that's just beyond comprehension. >> reporter: trump is already unpopular with female voters, 70% with an unfavorable view. a potential liability if trump faces clinton this fall. >> when it is all stripped away, so much of the republican agenda is to turn the clock back on women. make no mistake about it. >> reporter: and a new poll shows donald trump may have hit a low point heading into the wisconsin primary. here are the numbers. down double digits now to ted cruz trailing 40% to 30%. john kasich in third. late wednesday trump's team tried to change the conversation putting out this letter from his tax attorneys saying he's been audited by the irs but the timing was curious.
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the letter was dated march 7th, raising the question why his campaign only released it, wednesday, 23 days later. matt and savannah? >> peter alexander in washington, thank you. >> during that msnbc town hall trump also took a controversial stance on the potential use of nuclear weapons if he becomes president. nbc's andrea mitchell has more on that part of the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. today the heads of 50 nations are gathering here to discuss the threat of loose nukes. the pocket that isis most recently in brussels or other terror groups could try to target nuclear sites or create radioactive dirty bombs. in the middle of a contention political campaign with donald trump, the republican front-runner criticized for not having a good grasp of nuclear strategy. pressed by chris matthews about the nuclear option against isis or even europe, donald trump refused to rule it out. >> can you tell the middle east that we are not using a nuclear
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weapon? >> i would never take any of my cards off the table. >> how about europe? >> no. >> you must use it in europe? >> no, i don't think so. i'm not saying that i'm not taking cards off the table. >> reporter: as the u.s. gathers world leaders in washington today for a summit to control the spread of nuclear weapons trump raised eyebrows in this interview with cnn saying he supports other countries going nuclear, even on the volatile korean peninsula. >> at some point, we have to say we are better off if japan protects itself against this maniac in north korea. we are better off if south korea is going to start to protect itself. >> reporter: prompting this sharp rebuke from hillary clinton with rachel maddow wednesday night. >> we have an arms race under his theory not just in the middle east, but also in asia. i have no idea what that means other than it scares me and it scares a lot of thoughtful
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leaders around the world. >> reporter: now, a major concern for the u.s., pakistan's development now of smaller tactical nuclear weapons, easier for terrorists to steal. but a big nuclear player, perhaps one of the biggest, russia, will not be here today. vladimir putin is snubbing the summit to signal continuing disagreements with president obama on a range of issues. matt and savannah? >> thank you very much. >> let's dig deeper into what the presidential front-runners had to say with the people who interviewed them. we have msnbc's rachel maddow here up early and chris matthews in chicago. good morning to you. >> chris, let me start with you oft oftentimes when you are interviewing someone and they say something controversial, you can almost look in their eyes and see the wheels turning that they are trying to figure out a way to get out of what they just said. did you get that sense from donald trump? do you think he understood the gravity of his comments? >> well, i did. i think he may have, too. i did sense that something important had happened.
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talking about punishing a woman for choosing to have an abortion for example is a very troubling area for a politician. that's why they stay out of that area. and the nuclear thing, i think, is really big. you talk about not ruling out the use of nuclear weapons in europe and use of the term tactical nuclear weapons, hundreds of kilotons, hiroshima was 15 so talking about it being limited weapon is a mistake. >> rachel, you were interviewing hillary clinton almost simultaneously as this was unfolding. you had an extraordinary situation. you had pro-life and pro-choice groups coming out with statements condemning what donald trump said and then you had him giving out not one, but two statements to walk it back and clean it up. >> that's remarkable for abortion and also for the politics of donald trump. he's been mr. don't apologize,
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don't explain. look back at the issues on which people in mainstream politics thought he'd pay a price for this. john mccain isn't a war hero, things like that, he never walked them back. he's now been in politics long enough now to know you have to walk things back or this is a different magnitude. we'll see how long it affects him. the effort to change the subject to his tax returns won't work. >> let me stick with you for a second. we'll get back to chris in a moment. on the nuclear issue, secretary clinton -- this goes to the ability to be commander in chief. secretary clinton said that she's hearing from world leaders who are privately expressing concerns about this. >> this is remarkable and this was unprompted. i asked her, you know, how do you think a president donald trump would play with world leaders? she said, we already know. because i'm hearing from them privately, being asked what in the world does this mean for the united states and for your politics. she brought it up again a second time in the interview. it is clearly something that's an important part of how she's thinking about how he would affect our standing in the world. >> chris, deep in the transcript of the interview with trump
7:14 am
there is a rare admission where he seems to acknowledge that his poll numbers are hurting with female voters. normally he's extolled the virtues of his poll numbers. but here he recognizes this is an area of weakness for his campaign right now. >> well, most voters are women. and that's the primary fact to keep in mind when we discuss issues like abortion rights. and i think he knew that his numbers had crashed basically in wisconsin when we went into the interview. i think he knows he has challenges in new york, for example. in the latest explanation when he went out with the statement about each state making up the decision on abortion rights. that leaves the question where does he stand on new york. he's going to new york this month, on the 19th, and he has to answer the question there. would he outlaw abortion in new york as a citizen or president, as a voter. these questions are still out there.
7:15 am
this is in the wheelhouse of a president, the rights of individuals and the role of the united states in the world militarily. these are central questions. >> ten seconds to each of you. how many mornings have we sat here or in the afternoon and wondered out loud whether a comment donald trump has made will derail his campaign. so, chris, i will start with you in ten seconds. the abortion comments, the nuclear comments, are they a game-changer? >> i don't know. i think that trump has great strengths. he's got something for the american people, a nationalistic sense he's reared up for them. on this one, i think this is going to be important with women, especially with women. >> this is a moment where politics is like jazz. it's not the note you play, it's the note that you play next. we'll see where this goes and how he handles what's a real firestorm in response. >> rachel and chris, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thanks, guys. now, let's talk about a scandal rocking alabama politics. governor robert bentley facing
7:16 am
allegations of an affair after being recorded making inappropriate comments to a top aide. now she's stepped down and pressure is mounting on the governor to do the same. here's nbc's janet shamlian. >> reporter: the scandal involving governor robert bentley is growing this morning with more lawmakers now demanding his resignation. some even calling for impeachment. >> let me kiss that left ear, okay? >> reporter: in recorded phone calls the governor is purportedly heard in racy conversations with rebecca mason, top aide. they haven't admitted it's him. but said the remarks are inappropriate. >> when i stand behind you and i put my arms around you and i put my hands on your breasts and just pull you in real close, hey, i love that, too. >> reporter: the governor and mason deny they had an affair. >> i have no intention of resigning. >> reporter: but wednesday, rebekah mason did resign, writing in a statement, my only plans are to focus on my precious children and my husband who i love dearly.
7:17 am
the governor responded in a statement, i appreciate rebekah mason's service to the administration and the people of this state. the governor and his wife diane were divorced last year after a 50-year marriage. according to the website, which obtained the audio, it was recorded by diane bentley two years ago. >> it's destroyed his credibility. >> reporter: state representative ed henry, a republican like the governor plans to begin the process toward impeachment this week. >> he will not from this point forward be an effective governor. >> reporter: there is now an investigation on the governor's conduct. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news. overseas now, breaking news. at least 14 people were killed and dozens feared trapped after an overpass collapsed in the indian city of colcata. they are trying to reach those
7:18 am
trapped underneath. cars, trucks and other vehicles pinned under concrete and metal. the overpass has been under construction since 2009. hundreds of protesters flooded minneapolis streets after a prosecutor announced that police officers involved in the shooting death of jamar clark will not face charges. the 24-year-old was shot and killed last november during a confrontation with officers who were responding to a reported assault. officials said deadly force was warranted because the officers feared for their lives as clark tried to gain control of one of their weapons. let's turn back to al. busy times in weather. what else you got shaking? >> besides the severe weather down south in the east we have clouds moving in as the front pushes east. back behind it, colder weather with snow through the northern plains and central rockies. plenty of sunshine and milder weather on the west coast. 71 degrees and sunny in seattle today. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. (vo) one hundred million pounds.
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that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some clouds across the bay area notice. our temperatures are milder, too. it's 48 degrees in the north bay, 55 degrees in the east bay. expect the clouds to clear out by midmorning, with some sunshine, up to 64 in san francisco. we'll be at 68 degrees in the south bay, 65 in the peninsula, hitting 70 in the north bay as well as the tri-valley. no major changes in our forecast heading into the weekend. that's your latest weather.
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matt? >> al, thank you very much. coming up, equal pay for equal play. stars of the u.s. women's soccer team launch a new fight to be paid the same as male counterparts. we'll talk to some of them exclusively. >> and fizzling out? america's love with soft drinks could be coming to an end. first this is "today" on nbc.
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on ford suvs is a limited time offer. see your ford dealer today. good morning. it's 7:26 on your thursday. i'm sam brock. happening right now, tesla fans lined up at dealerships, including this one in walnut creek. it's a live look outside. those folks have been camping out -- sorry, that was from earlier this morning. they've been camping out since last night. they're hoping to be the first ones to own tesla's model 3. they'll have to wait a while. today they're putting down the initial $1,000 down payment. that's just to be eligible to buy tesla's first economy car late next year, and by economy car we mean it will cost you $35,000. later tonight elon musk will unveil the model 3 for the first time. that event takes place in southern california. you see blankets wrapped around
7:27 am
them, tents, probably some hot chocolate. it's a cold start this morning. >> yes. once again chilly temperatures and we have clouds this morning. as a live look at san jose. temperaturewise we're at 55 degrees, 48 degrees in napa and conco concord. up to the upper 60s low 70s today with the clouds clearing out by noon for most of the bay area. into the next few days, no major changes in this forecast. we will continue on with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. we'll have another look at the forecast coming up. let's check in with anthony. >> things are moving slow across parts of the south bay. this is northbound 101, we had el three earlier accidents around 6:15 and we're still trying to recover from that. a couple accidents near the 87 keck or, the san mateo bridge is starting to slow there. definitely a crunch there.
7:28 am
that will do it for us right now. we'll be back in half on hour. the investigative unit -- >> why is my money going to a fossil fuel technology. tonight at 11:00, we investigate a news report that blouse the lid off a program. and why the future of green energy is at stake. >> we want california to be as clean as possible. tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. we investigate.
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♪ 7:30 now on a thursday morning. 31st of march, 2016. [ seal barking ] >> that's how i feel. >> you are looking at residents of the georgia aquarium. six adorable and en inneenerget lions we'll meet in a while. >> storms are moving east after hammering the south. seven people were injured where several tornadoes touched down. heavy rain triggered dangerous flooding in arkansas. >> donald trump is backtracking after taking a controversial stance on abortion if the procedure were to be banned in the u.s. here's what he had to say during
7:31 am
a town hall with chris matthews. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no as a principle. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes. there has to be some form. >> that drew swift condemnation from activists and fellow presidential candidates. hours later the campaign release add statement saying he believes only abortion providers, not women, should be punished. >> several beaches on the east coast of australia are closed this morning after a near fatal shark attack. a professional surfer was bitten on the leg and rushed to the hospital in serious condition. the 22-year-old's friend was also in the water at the time and raced to save him. >> he was getting thrashed around in the water. a terrible scream, i guess. and acting on instinct i just paddled as hard as i could towards him. >> officials say the attack
7:32 am
victim is now conscious and communicating. >> also this morning, a group of women taking a stand. members of the u.s. women's national soccer team, the reigning world cup champions just filed a complaint seeking to be paid the same as their male counterparts. we'll talk to them exclusively in a moment. but first the numbers. on the field they are on top of the world. but they say they are only getting second class pay to be there. late wednesday attorneys for five athletes on the u.s. women's national team filed a complaint to a goth agency seeking equal pay. top stars like alex morgan, hope solo -- >> lloyd, morgan streaking. >> and hat rick hero carli lloyd are asking the equal opportunity commission to make sure the u.s. soccer federation, the organization that runs the men's and women's teams pays female alt leet it is same as male
7:33 am
counterparts. currently in world cup games, qualifiers and friendlies they are paid a base annual salary with potential bonuses for winning. according to the complaint that breaks down to between $3600 and $5,000 for women per game. for men it's just over $6,000 to as much as $17,000. if they make the world cup roster females get 44% of what their male counterparts earn. that's despite drawing crowds of similar size and racking up achievements like their third world cup trophy last summer and back to back to back olympic gold me dals giving the team that made us all believe a chance to make history again. four of the players behind the push for equal pay are with us now. they are joined by their attorney jeffrey kessler. good morning.
7:34 am
nice to see you. >> good morning. >> carli you don't just wake up and say we'll file a complaint and point a finger at u.s. soccer. this has been simmering for a while. why does it come to a head now? >> i think the timing is right. i think we have proven our worth over the years. you know, just coming off of a world cup win. the pay disparity between the men and women is just too large. we want to continue to fight. the generation of players before us fought. now it is our job to keep on fighting. >> ladies, you complained to the u.s. soccer federation in the past. what's been the response when >> you know, matt, i have been on the team now for a decade and a half. i have been through numerous negotiations and honestly not much has changed. we continue to be told we should be grateful just to have the opportunity to play professional soccer and to get paid for doing it.
7:35 am
in this day and age, it's about equality, equal rights, equal pay. we are pushing for that. we believe now the time is right. it is a responsibility for women's sports and specifically for women's soccer to do whatever it takes to push for equal pay and equal rights and to be treated with respect. >> i want to mention the complaint was just mailed yesterday. the u.s. soccer federation hasn't had time to digest it but they gave us a statement. while we have not seen the complaint and can't comment on the specifics we are disappointed about this action. we have been a world leader in women's soccer and are proud of the commitment we have made to building the women's game in the united states over the past 30 years. who wants to respond to that? >> you know, matt, we are sorry they are disappointed. these women are disappointed in u.s. soccer. when they asked for the same treatment as the men, they were told it was irrational. that might be a good answer in 1816. it's not an acceptable answer in 2016.
7:36 am
>> what about revenues here? are revenues equal? i would imagine an argument could be made if the revenues aren't equal the pay isn't equal. where does that stand? >> actually, last year u.s. soccer, according to its numbers made over $16 million from this team. the men's team caused a $2 million loss. the numbers are very obviously in favor of the women. >> ladies, what are your options here if the u.s. soccer federation says "sorry, we can't do this at this time," are you willing and prepared to boycott games? will you strike? what will you do? >> i think that's why we are here taking this action and filing this complaint. we have sacrificed so much. every day we sacrice as much as the men. we work as much. we endure just as much physically and emotionally and our fans appreciate us every day for that.
7:37 am
we saw it with the high of last summer. we're demanding now that our federation and our employer really step up and appreciate us as well. >> by the way, ladies, have you heard from any of the male players? >> well, i'm sure they are in support of us. my husband plays professional soccer. he's very much in support of me. but i would have to believe that the men's national team would be in support of us. >> while i have you there can i change subjects? we have talked so much on this show and others have about the zika virus and specifically female athletes worried about heading to rio for the games. hope, have you been given the kind of information you need to feel comfortable about going? >> yeah, matt. it's a very important decision for me and for all women athletes. right now i want to focus on what's being done. this is a historical moment.
7:38 am
so much is learned from history. i really hope that this historical moment and everything we have filed today, we can all learn from. zika is a huge deal at the olympics. the decision to play is a big deal. it's a personal decision for me, but now i want to focus on what the team historically is doing. >> fair enough. thank you very much for joining us. we'll follow the story very closely. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> very interesting. just the beginning of the legal road there. >> no question. >> mr. roker? >> we are ready for a nice spring, early summer. how about snow? >> no. >> colder air? >> no, thank you. >> april fool's, i got you. >> unfortunately i wish i could say that, but it's not. mild weather in the south pushes into the northeast but there is cooler air on the way. new york city, thursday, 71 degrees. 64 in cleveland. 82 in new orleans.
7:39 am
watch this colder air. the blue, chicago, minneapolis. pittsburgh warmer. but saturday, uh-oh. baltimore, normal. detroit, below normal. louisville, below normal. sunday, new york city. today, 71 degrees. it will be 45 on sunday. by monday it will be in the 30s and then watch this. we have a clipper coming and that brings frozen precipitation as we get into sunday afternoon. lake effect snow. could be light snow around boston and new york city. sunday into monday. look at the snowfall amounts. we could be looking at two to four inches of snow from erie close to albany. this is not april fool. albany. this is not april fool. we have some clouds this morning across the bay area, and some milder temperatures to start. it is 53 degrees now in the south bay, and 54 in san francisco. you can see the clouds and all those cameras, but that clears
7:40 am
out later on today. we'll see the hides reaching into the mid to upper 60s for most of us. 70s in the north bay. as well as the tri-valley. we'll wake up to clouds each morning and see the sun breaking out each afternoon the next few days. and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. coming up, soda falling flat. with consumption amy thinks you have to be super smart to not mess up your tax refund. so we flew in super smart mathematician, maria chudnovsky, to help her. i have a lot of student loan debt. can i deduct my interest? (beep) can amy deduct her student loan interest? in her case, yes. the amount goes right here. in your case, yes. the amount goes right here. thanks. intuit turbotax. taxes done smarter.
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i have a resident e, and i said "come to class,bout let's start walking together" and i said "and i bet you money you'll be able to do that senior walk". that day i said "ok it's me and you girl, me and you!" i said "if you need to stop, there's a bench we'll just hang out in the shade." she said "absolutely not! we are going to finish this race!" and we were the last ones in, but you know what? we finished the race. and she goes "desiree, i'll never quit walking. ever" hi. we are back at 7:44 with a growing number of americans saying no to soda. >> according to a new report consumption dropped to a 30-year low in this country. has the soft drink industry lost its fizz for good? here's nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: for decades soft drink ads projected all kinds of feelings.
7:45 am
>> that's a great new pepsi can. >> reporter: from sexy to inspirational. ♪ i'd like to buy the world a coke ♪ ♪ and keep it company >> reporter: but recently this classic coke ad got a somber makeover with claims like this from a consumer advocacy group. ♪ liquid calories ♪ diabetes which really ain't so sweet. >> reporter: a sign more people are singing a different tune. a new report by beverage digest found soda consumption tumbled last year down 1.2% reaching the lowest level in 30 years. diet soft drinks saw a big drop thanks to growing skepticism about artificial sweeteners. overall since 1998 the center for science in the public interest says soda consumption plummeted 27%. >> i was probably to the point of being addicted to where i would seek out my favorite fast food restaurant just to get my
7:46 am
favorite soda on tap. >> reporter: nadine gave up the sugary drinks two years ago as part of a lifestyle and diet challenge. she considers herself a healthy person but said diabetes runs in the family. >> i would like that not to happen to my children. >> reporter: the american beverage association acknowledges preferences are constantly changing and says companies are innovating to meet evolving preferences by introducing more low and no calorie beverage choices like flavored waters and teas. another way companies are trying to lure back customers, smaller sizes instead of buying a 20-ounce bottle, shoppers can now get a 7.5-ounce can. new options for a product that's used to fizzing with sales that are now fizzling. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> how do we stand at this table on soda? >> i don't drink it. >> i used to love diet soda every day. i stopped drinking it.
7:47 am
>> seltzer. >> i loved dr. pepper. but the more you know. you can see the potential results. >> coming up, what marcia clark is revealing about her last en counter with o.j. simpson. >> and odd tweet that is have the state department moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas
7:48 am
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7:51 am
all right. we are back with a series of tweets that got attention online. carson? >> this is interesting. it's spring break season as americans head all over the globe. the state department travel twitter account was giving strange advice. let's run through some of them. tempted to buy cheap pirated goods overseas? don't. you could be prosecuted in the u.s. # spring breaking badly. another one. somebody offered you a free trip abroad but the free luggage they offered is lined with cocaine. beware of scams. this one got people going. not a 10 in the u.s.? then not a 10 overseas. beware of being lured into buying expensive drinks or worse -- being robbed. that's when people wrote in. this writer put stop spending my tax money on calling me ugly. b.j. novak said what about being hot in cleveland?
7:52 am
is that real? the parody accounts said remember it's not the destination. it's the journey unless you are a 6 or below. in which case it's neither. please stay in the house. the damage is done. a lot of people thought it was funny that a government agency took a shot at a sense of humor on their social feed but they offended people along the way. be careful and look out for scams. >> thank you, carson. >> coming up, a sneak peek at the new exhibit at the georgia aquarium. today, we
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kari hall. we have some cloudy skies as you head out the door and some milder temperatures. a live look at the golden gate bridge. we start out with those clouds, but we will not see that all day long. our temperatures will slowly warm up from here. 74 in santa rosa, 54 in san jose, up to 69 in los gatos and palo alto is 70 degrees. embarcadero at 62. napa at 68. in oakland today 66 degrees, and 70 pleasanton. let's head over to anthony to see how the roads are moving. >> they're pretty good, at least better than a half hour or so good. earlier accidents, we're still dealing with the residual effects. the slow down goes all the way back to capitol express waist. we'll take you outside at palo
7:57 am
alto. it's really slow there. things are just barely crawling right along, and the bay bridge approach. >> thank you. happening now, lines are starting to grow for the hottest silicon valley product. a car. people are lined up waiting to reserve a tesla which won't even hit stores until late next year. fans are waiting to pony up $1,000. she's posting updates on the twitters feet. some kind of if uny comments there. five top u.s. women's soccer players want to level of playing field. they accuse u.s. soccer of wage discrimination. the list is like a who's who of the best women's team. look for that story on our home page. we have more local news for you in just a half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, the pill without the doctor. inside california's controversial plan to provide birth control directly from the local pharmacist. will more states follow? then, lucky to be alive. the terrifying moment wing suit divers collide in midair send ing one spiralling to the ground. what saved his life moments before impact. ♪ and making a splash. hello hot stuff. natalie introduces us to the newest residents of the georgia aquarium. today, thursday, march 31, 2016. ♪
8:01 am
>> it's spring break! >> all the way from cleveland celebrating my 18th birthday on "today." [ cheers ] ♪ >> i'm here for my 60th birthday! [ cheers ] >> it is 8:00 on "today." thursday, march 31, 2016. [ cheers and applause ] >> starting to feel good on the plaza. nice and springy. our crowd is literally sweet. because a sweet little girl just gave me peeps to match my dress. >> amazing. how did she know? >> i don't know. and a good throwback thursday song. >> "ride captain ride" by blues image. >> can you name another blues image song?
8:02 am
>> i can't. but i love this one. coming up, a recipe for a classic french dish called coq au vin. as savannah likes to say, it's delicious. we'll test it in a little while. it's simple and you can make it at home. >> i made c oroq au beer a whil ago. >> tamron has the top stories. >> police and firefighters went door to door to make sure everyone was accounted for after a tornado touched down several times in tulsa, oklahoma. at least seven people were injured at home s and businesse damaged in arkansas. heavy rains caused floosh flooding and had first responders making water rescues. the main campus in little rock was closed. severe turbulence from the storms also forced an american airlines flight to make an emergency landing in little rock. two flight attendants were treated for minor injuries. donald trump is reversing course on controversial comments about abortion. during an interview with chris
8:03 am
matthews, trump said if abortion is outlawed, women who violate the ban should be punished. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes. some form. >> ten days, ten years? what? >> that, i don't know. >> the comments drew criticism from groups on both sides of the abortion debate. trump's campaign released a statement saying if the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. a sky diver is talking about the midair collision over florida that nearly claimed his life. he's sharing dramatic video of the accident. all recorded by his helmet camera. a mid-air collision, two sky divers colliding seconds after jumping from the plane. the horrifying moments all caught on camera on a go pro strapped to a helmet. the impact knocked him
8:04 am
unconscious. freefalling more than 14,000 feet and spinning out of control for minutes. >> my first memory is lying on the ground. then i remember asking somebody to flip me around so i could see because i could not feel my legs. >> reporter: the 23-year-old wing suit diver now paralyzed from the waist down. his spine fractured in four places. the impact so hard you can hear the thud as the camera hits the ground. it could have been worse. just 750 feet before impact leal's reserve parachute automatically deployed. >> i hit some power lines before hitting the ground. >> reporter: he's no rookie. this was his 402nd jump. he said he has no regrets and has met with the fellow diver he
8:05 am
collided with. >> it's not his fault. i don't blame him. >> reporter: he's optimistic that he'll recover and walk again. >> i don't want people to be discouraged. i want them to go skydiving. >> sebastian is moving for physical therapy after a week in the hospital. as you can see he's in good spirits despite what happened. it took a run away parrot to show why tv reporters don't really make good pirates. [ screaming ] [ bleep ]. >> i was not expecting that. get it off me. oh, my god. it's not funny. not funny. >> it's not funny, guys. it's not funny. >> the parrot's name is lola. neighbors recognized the bird and lola has been reunited with her owners. apparently the parrot believes it has a face for tv. >> i love when she blocked it
8:06 am
with the microphone so she's also interviewing it. her colleagues don't help. >> they just keep rolling. >> this is going to be good. >> viralle. >> tamron, thank you. now to a new law the second of its kind giving women easy access to birth control. morgan has the story. good morning. >> good morning. exactly right. a prescription for birth control usually requires a visit with a doctor. now women in oregon and soon california can consult with their pharmacist instead. no doctor's prescription, no problem. as early as tomorrow, women in california could go straight to the local pharmacy for hormone methods of birth control including a pill, patch or ring, regardless of age. >> young women often don't have the means to travel. they can more easily access a local pharmacy to get their prescription. >> like 20-year-old brittany rodriguez. >> i do plan on getting my prescription now from the
8:07 am
pharmacy. i feel it might be more convenient for me personally. >> reporter: before, brittany needed to see a doctor to get a prescription for birth control. now a pharmacist can give it to her after she fills out questions like do you have high cholesterol and have you ever had cancer? critics say women may not get std and cancer screening if they don't go oh the doctor. even a gynecologist who supports the legislation are concerned pharmacists may not give the right type of birth control to a patient. >> it's like saying take tylenol instead of ibuprofen. the end purpose is the same but the subtle differences between the two may not be there. >> reporter: advocates say this is about access. >> the state protocol will help women of different economic classes and all different ages to on stain birth control more expediently. >> reporter: studies show easier access to birth control means fewer unwanted pregnancies. right now almost half of girls
8:08 am
who are sexually active aren't on birt control. of teenagers who are, 77% say it makes them feel safe. making birth control easier to get even for girls under 18 sends the wrong message, some say. >> it makes it easier, makes it appear casual. this will add to the sec -- secrecy of what your child is doing in an area that could be detrimental to their health. >> reporter: brittany says this is a step in the right direction. >> it's good for women my age or younger who feel they can't talk to their teachers or parents about birth control. >> oregon started prescribing birth control at pharmacies back in july. now alaska and even washington, d.c. are considering similar bills. le. >> no question. this is going to fire up people on both sides of the debate. morgan, thank you. appreciate it. >> still to come, we'll tell you
8:09 am
about the "wheel of fortune" who just put all other "wheel of fortune" contestants to shame. >> he was incredible. plus five things to freshen up your finances for spring. >> all right. a new kind of puppy love. the sea lions now calling atlanta home. atlanta home. firs today, i'm going to fight hunge♪ today, i don't want to be hungry. we just have to buy food. my family gets the food we need. i'm so glad we could help. i'm so glad someone helped. hunger lives closer than you think. purchase participating items at walmart and you can help secure a meal for someone in need through feeding america member food banks. it's my decision to make beauty last. fix. roc retinol started visibly reducing my fine lines and wrinkles in one week. and the longer i use it the better it works. retinol correxion from roc. methods, not miracles.
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your loving touch stimulates his senses and nurtures his mind. the johnson's scent, lather, and bubbles help enhance the experience. so why just clean your baby, when you can give him so much more? there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [ cheers and applause ] hi, we're back. 8:13. time for what's trending. >> let's start with a photograph that popped up on the monitors.
8:14 am
what you are about to see look like an ordinary cell phone. it has a lot of people worried, especially police. it's actually a double barrelled handgun. >> what? >> it folds up to look like a smart phone. it's from a company called ideal conceal. it's patent pending on the company website it says smartphones are everywhere. your new pistol will blend in with today's environment. >> oh, that's not a good idea. >> what do you think about this. >> why is a great question . >> does the company explain why they felt the need to market and create it? who are they marketing this to? >> people who want to carry a handgun and not have it noticed. a couple of tweets out there. here is one from matt fernandez. a company invented a gun that looks like a cell phone. soon the word "selfie" is going to be something way sadder. >> oh. >> is anybody looking into that? >> apparently you can get one
8:15 am
the middle of this year. >> wow. >> unbelievable. >> let's go to the "wheel of fortune" wizard. robert santoli had an unbelievable win on the game show. it's viral and here's why. this is the puzzle from the game. any guesses? >> he does. >> no. >> here's robert solving it. [ bell ringing ] >> oh, robert? >> port and starboard. >> yeah, that's it. >> what? >> that's not all, folks. he had a streak going all night long. check out the puzzle. >> robert, what took you so long? >> oh, what a night. >> yeah, that's it. unbelievable. >> what? apparently there was a nautical theme. so the producers told him that. he studied past "wheel of fortune" pussycat dolzzles and
8:16 am
off. >> oh, what a night? >> i don't understand. >> on a boat? he must be pat's nephew. >> that's a little bit too easy for me. raise your hand if you are a cat lover. that's not nice. raise your hand if you are a dog lover. >> you didn't raise your hand. >> i have both. >> that's not the question. >> i'm more of a dog lover. researchers in manhattanville college discovered the difference between cat and dog people. >> oh, no. >> it turns out that it's it turns out dog people have higher incomes, more friends and are happier than cat people. >> yes! >> what? people with dogs are likely to have paid off the mortgages while people with cats are
8:17 am
likely to live -- >> nobody says you're a crazy dog lady. >> -- with their parents. >> that's your twitter feed. you gave out my e-mail address. >> no, no. >> my former e-mail address. >> you don't get e-mails from everybody who knows that? >> no! >> i'm sorry. >> how about cell phone numbers? >> that's not nice. >> hold on. i will read -- cat lovers, the silver lining is you are likely to enjoy your own company more than dog lovers. i thought it was everybody's -- my fault. my fault. >> anyway. >> everybody -- i'm sorry. >> now to marcia clark and her encounter with o.j. simpson. carson, i'm just kidding. >> rewind the dvr and go back to get the address.
8:18 am
with the success of fx's "the people versus o.j. simpson" the trial is back in the spotlight and marcia clark revealed to the hollywood reporter she ran into o.j. after the trial. she saw him at a courthouse cafe during his armed robbery trial. clark said he was walking toward his area of the cafeteria which was cordoned off. as he passed by he looked at me and said ms. clark and i said mr. simpson. that was it. interesting. ten years later. up next, "a few good men" the broadway play did eventually make it to the big screen and now to television. nbc announced "a few good men" will be the next live production. the network's first live drama. here is the good news. aaron sorkin is on board to write and produce. how good would it be to hear "you can't handle the truth" life from jack nicholson. a girl can dream.
8:19 am
2017 here on nbc. production of baywatch is in full swing in florida. duane johnson gave fans an exclusive sneak peek reveal ing the first cast photo on instagram saying we work hard, we play hard. that movie hits theaters in 2017. that's your pop start. >> thank you. >> i think i will do some weather. >> we have a couple of things we are worried about now. first of all we have severe weather to talk about. tornado watch in effect north of new orleans into central mississippi. several showers and thunderstorms overnight. tornados in oklahoma and mississippi. for today we have 40 million people at risk. large hail, tornadoes likely from jackson up to nashville. tonight it continues to the east from lexington, j ust we are worried about that. friday, less of a problem. tornado risk lessens but there is a risk to georgia and south of atlanta. plus the polar vortex shifting
8:20 am
south. colder air coming in here. so saturday, warmer in the east. but the cold air makes its way into the great lakes. eventually on sunday it's all the way through the northeast and great lakes. the clip irmay bring in a few snow showers. # monday, look at this. hartford, 45. 36 in syracuse. detr . good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we still have some clouds all across the bay area and looking at temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s xs it's cloudy in san francisco and 55 degrees with a high today of 64. all of these clouds should clear out right about noon and up to 70 degrees in the north bay and tri-valley, 68 degrees today in the south bay, while we have mid-60s in the east bay and peninsula. we will continue on with this weather for the next several days and a couple of showers possible early next week.
8:21 am
that's your latest weather. matt? >> mr. roker, thank you. this morning on start today, spring forward. hitting the refresh button on money matters. today's financial editor has five things to do today to freshen up your finances. good morning. >> good morning. >> sounds like what you do to a closet but there is more at stake here. >> there is. if you do it wrong you could run afoul of the irs, put yourself at risk of identity theft. we don't want to do that. we'll teach people how to do it right. >> running afoul of the irs second only to running afoul of savannah guthrie. >> and giving out my e-mail. >> know what to save and what to toss. how do you know? >> there are rules. we have broken it down for you. the first category is things you need to keep until you replace them. keep your receipts until you get your credit card bill. then reconcile it and get rid of them. keep your credit card bills until the year end one and then get rid of the monthlies.
8:22 am
anything tax-related, three years. anything tax-related where you lose money, seven years. that's more likely to come up in an audit. assets paperwork. if you have a house, a car, stocks, keep them as long as you have the asset and social security cards, marriage and divorce certificates, forever. >> the next tip is about organization. >> treat your computer desk top like your desk. >> here's the problem. 90% of us still receive bills in the mail. most of us pay our bills online which means we are running parallel systems. we are running one system online and one system on paper. those systems have to match. so on your computer desktop, you should have files for things like credit cards and insurance and the same ones in your filing cabinet. >> once you develop a system you want people to go to this every day so they don't get behind in it. >> exactly. every single day. when you walk into the house and you have your bills, put them down in the same place like you put your keys in the same place so you know where they are. if you don't pay your bills as
8:23 am
you receive them, which, by the way, i suggest, and mark due dates on your calendar, so you are never late. file everything away weekly or monthly, but get on a schedule. this is really important. your computer needs to back up every day. it should do it automatically. trust me on this. my computer crashed last week. i was so happy that i back up all the time. >> we say, okay, change the battery in the smoke detector once or twice a year. you want people to have an annual date that they are reminded of every year and that's their finance cleaning date. >> right. we are coming up on tax time. tax time is a great time to do this. take all your 2015 folders out, move them to the basement. the ones you have to keep. make room for the new ones. if you don't want to do it at tax time, do it on your birthday, first of the year, do it on your birthday, i don't care. just do it. >> purge everything you don't need. >> carefully. purge it. >> right.
8:24 am
>> that means you have to shred anything that has identifying information on it. name, addresses, social security numbers, account numbers. all that stuff goes in the shredder but only shred what you have to. once you shred something the paper quality isn't as good. it's not as good for recycling purposes. if you don't have a shredder and don't want to buy a shredder, go to a local event in your area. >> if you do this incorrectly you can run afoul of the irs. how? where would the tripping points be? >> the tripping points are if you don't keep documents that you really should be keeping and you get an audit, you're going to have to spend a lot of time and energy to re-create them. i'm not saying it will be impossible to get back. i'm sure you could get them back. it's easier to keep what you have to keep. >> bottom line. instead of cleaning this closet this weekend, clean your finances. >> exactly.
8:25 am
>> thank you very much. for more tips including five apps that can't tidy -- that can tidy up your finances head to jean will be back tomorrow with a live facebook chat so get your questions ready. we're back right after this.
8:26 am
good morning, 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. happening right now, the lines are growing as tesla fans are wrapping around the building at dealerships including the dealership in walnut creek. some of these folks have been camping out since yesterday morning. they are hoping to be the first to own tesla's new model 3 which is supposed to be be the more affordable one. but they are going to have to wait a while. today they are just putting down a $1,000 payment to hold their place in line so they can purchase tesla's first economy car. it won't go on sale until late next year. it will cost about $35,000. later tonight, tesla's ceo elon musk will unveil the tesla 3 in
8:27 am
southern california. those folks don't even know what it looks like yet. maybe we'll see them in traffic next year. traffic is still slow across san jose. we've been dealing with stop-and-go traffic since about 6:15. it's not getting any better. this is always a slow spot. we had three earlier accidents. they've been clear but still slow going. across the peninsula things are moving good from san bruno to san mateo. 101 southbound still dealing with slow going. but the sunshine is out so grab the shoades. >> be careful out there. more local news coming up for you in just a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ we are back now. 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 31st of march, 2016. something for everyone. as we come out to see the nice people who have been around all morning on the plaza. on a beautiful thursday morning. going up to something like 68 degrees here in new york city. >> just reading through the many e-mails i have been receiving,
8:31 am
matt. >> i thought we were going to drop it. >> one says, matt gave me your e-mail. >> he really did? >> yeah. they're all nice. another says i love tamron's style. can you tell her? >> you are awesome. >> this one from a lady saying, checking to see if mr. big mouth really did spill the beans. >> you should say no. >> yes, he did. nice to hear from you. thanks for the cute notes. >> this is how we drop things on the show. >> we'll dive into the new exhibit at the georgia aquarium celebrating its tenth anniversary. >> so cute. and a special spring edition of stuff we love to help freshen up your look, your home and more. >> and bon appetit, a french dish made popular by julia child. how to master coq au vin. >> no, that's great stuff. first, al is inside the new
8:32 am
facebook live booth. al? >> hey, guys. it's not claustrophobic. once the door closes it will be like a sauna. fantastic. all right. hello. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned now. you can see for the weekend ahead, we are looking at wet weather along the eastern seaboard. sunny skies out west. it will chill down around the great lakes with snow. wet weather along the eastern seaboard. the western two-thirds of the country looking good on saturday. sunday, you can see snow in northern new england. also the western great lakes. lots of sunshine, midatlantic, gulf coast into the southwest and the pacific northwest looking good. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some clouds all across the bay area, a little bit of sun peeking out he was take a look at the golden gate bridge,
8:33 am
55 there, 56 in oakland and livermore at 51. we're heading into the mid to upper 60s today, some spots hitting 70, gilroy 73 degrees, palo alto 70 and 62 degrees on the embarcadero. in napa, 68 degrees, 66 in oakland, and 71 today in dublin. that's your latest weather. we'll stay inside the "today" show penalty booth to answer your questions. go to if you are headed outdoors, take us with you. you can always find "today" radio on sirius xm channel 108. guys? >> thank you, al. we have been teasing it all morning. the friendly sea lions at the georgia aquarium. >> they are part of a new exhibit that opens today and natalie got a sneak peek. >> reporter: jupiter, neptune, scout and diego. sea lions who are part of the new exhibit at the georgia
8:34 am
aquarium. >> they are gre gashs. >> very social. >> is there an alpha snm we do have a hierarchy. diego is the alpha male. >> reporter: the big guy. they were rescued from california. last year more than 3,000 sea lion pups were stranded on california beaches, starving and dehydrated. in what's known as an unusual mortality event. >> their mothers were searching for food. the fish have swum deeper so the mother has gone out deeper which leave it is pups behind. the pups get hungry so they go, where can i go for food so they wander around, get stranded on beaches and they wander into bars, across roads sborks restaurants and that's a problem. >> reporter: many sea lions are rescued, rehabilitated and released into the ocean. >> during that process we tag them. so they can track them. >> reporter: noaa deems some pups nonreleasable.
8:35 am
>> so they have come to shore too many times. >> they are coming in and can't fend for themselves in the ocean. >> reporter: the georgia aquarium took in six of those sea lions. what are they learning here? >> they are learning lots and lots. >> like that. >> reporter: they will bounce around. >> natural behavior which is great. saying hi. joor . >> reporter: finally! they range in age from a year and a half to 11. what are you going to show me? >> we'll show you husbandry behaviors, thing that is bring them up close and personal. you may get a kiss. >> reporter: really? >> maybe. >> reporter: i'm game. fish breath, here we come. >> this is scout. >> reporter: hi, scout! >> he's saying hi. >> there you go. >> show her inside your mouth. >> nice teeth.
8:36 am
there we go. >> he only weighs around about 90 pounds. we have to introduce you to a bigger boy. >> oh. hi, big boy. hello, hot stuff. >> this is diego. >> hi, diego. [ seal grunts ] >> that's approval. >> this is where the power comes from when they are swimming. >> i have been waiting for a sea lion my whole life. mm. that's what happens. cold water in the face. down the hatch. i don't enjoy the squid part this much. i hope you like them. there you go. yes, yuck. it's kind of yucky.
8:37 am
>> we want to make people aware of the plight of the sea lions along the coast and educate people on how to look after our planet and how we can help. >> thank you. >> oh, boy. >> i think it's love. >> such an impressive place. it is. by the way, the sea lions will be ambassadors to help educate the public about issues the animals face in the wild. they are part of the georgia aquarium's tenth anniversary celebration. that exhibit opens today. >> i wish matt were here. we could ask about the kiss. >> that's a long smooch. coming up, a slice of spring for your wardrobe on a special edition of stuff we love. >> and the recipe for a gourmet french meal that's easier to make than you might think. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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8:40 am
all right. we're back at 8:3 for a spring edition of the stuff we love. kathy post from is here with festive items to celebrate the season. good morning. >> good morning. so much to love here. >> we are so ready for spring. apparently pineapple is the fruit of the season. >> it is the motif of spring 2016. >> really? >> we are seeing it everywhere from fun accessories from little purses and shoes to candles for the home. but that's not all. if you check out our gorgeous model kim, pineapples are on clothing. >> cute. >> we have a fabulous maxi skirt from ann taylor. the maxi skirt is a big tren. this is a sneak peek. tomorrow on for $120. >> i love it with the stripes. >> mix it up with patterns.
8:41 am
it's all you want. >> go for it. thank you, kim. how about the sneakers? >> athleisure is a huge trend. we have two sneaker companies. first on running. what's great is you can see they have this great technology for comfort and when you run it feels like you are running on sunshine. >> oh, wow. >> jennifer garner and jake gyllenhaal. >> great. >> a brand new company called all birds. time called them the most comfortable shoes in the world. how about that? >> these are made of wool. they are the perfect street sneaker. they are for leisure, travel,er hanging out. >> they're wool but they're cute. well, you know what? >> $95 at check this out. talk about welcoming spring. custom floral monograms. hand made. these are paper flowers from
8:42 am
nature's true art. you can find them on they are perfect for a wedding gift, hostess gift. put it in a nursery. little vale. >> so cute. >> starting at just $27. >> let's talk about glamorous picnicking. let's start with this table. savannah, this is a pop-up portable picnic table. >> couldn't be cuter. >> i know . so adorable. it folds down into this little clever carrying case here. >> you could take it in the backyard. >> take it anywhere. find it at amazon for just $79. we love to set the scene. so check out this table ware from pier 1. it is melamine but it looks like real china. i love the chinoiserie. >> the what? >> the chinese print and the bamboo print. just $6. throw them in the backpack.
8:43 am
>> six bucks for chinoiserie. >> we have pillows, too. set it up. this is called the wine to go foldable wine flask. a little pinot in the purse? why not? >> come on! >> take it to the park, the picnic. it folds up. it's $12 from urban outfitters. >> bring your bottle and if you have left overs put it in there? >> you can pour a whole bottle in this. it's like a wine flask in plastic. >> now you're speaking my language. >> who doesn't need that? >> tell us about the glasses. >> also from pier 1. plastic is perfect for the picnic. lastly, let's talk about food. >> let's. >> all the foodies are saying along with bons appetit that babka is the new bagel.
8:44 am
this was called the chiccest bakery in new york city and this is the best babka. this is yum any. they ship nationwide. $44 for a combo of cinnamon or chocolate. >> you can get it right to your door. >> lastly, if you love cookie dough. >> i do. >> as much as i love it, get in here. this is edible cookie dough. >> this is red velvet, my favorite. >> this is from they say not to eat cookie dough and i have been doing it for years. >> aren't we allowed to? >> this has no egg products. you can eat it until your heart's content. >> my heart is content. >> this is birthday bash. >> i'm going for it. >> so sweet and yummy. thank you so much. coming up next on today food, yes, you can make a classic french dish. i can't pronounce it, but you
8:45 am
can make it. this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ back now, 8:47. this week on today food we have easier than you think recipes. bill is the chef and owner of telapan restaurant in new york city. it has a fancy french-sounding dish you can make at home. good to see you. >> good morning, matt. how you doing? >> it's coq au vin. before you reach for the french-english dictionary it means -- >> rooster with wine. it's made with just regular chicken now. >> right. >> all over france it is celebrated. it's not just red wine. they use white wine in certain areas. >> there is nothing hard to find or fancy here. >> you have chicken, mushrooms, bacon are the key ingredients and of course the red wine. tomato paste helps with flavor.
8:48 am
>> if we are using red wine what kind do you use? >> cheap. you're going to cook it and it cooks down. pour it in there. >> you will marinate the chicken overnight. >> you want the full flavor of the wine inside the chicken. look here. you end up with a beautiful purple -- we were calling it purple chicken all morning. i was saying it was a new breed i developed. >> you're marinating this overnight. when the morning comes and you take it out, you don't throw the wine away. >> no. use the wine to make the sauce. it's key. save it. a lot of times people throw in vegetables and stuff. i kept it simple. put it in red wine. you will get a lot of flavor from the other ingredients. >> pat it dry. >> pat it with a towel. dredge it in flour to help because it's wet. that will dry it up a little more. that will help thicken the sauce later. >> our tasters are down stairs. their mouths have been watering
8:49 am
all morning. >> so good. bravo. >> you brown that. >> takes 5 to 7 minutes. do it in batch ifs the pot isn't big enough. make sure it's spread out so it gets browned well as you see . >> you have legs and thighs here. don't like using breasts for this? >> it is made with the legs and thighs. you can do it but the recipe, cuts 10 to 20 minutes out because the breasts cook faster and you don't want them dry. >> okay. >> over here we have onions going for a little while. take the chicken, brown it. we have mushrooms and bacon. the bacon cooks after the chicken to render fat off. that's good. put in the mushrooms to soak it up for flavor. then we have onions we'll cook for 5 to 7 minutes until they are browned. add garlic. >> sure. >> stir that in. some paste. paste you want to work in to the
8:50 am
onions. takes a little time to get there but make sure you have that mixed up well. then add the wine. want to add the wine first? we'll get stuff off the spoon like that. then put in the stock. you can use any chicken broth is fine. if you have no broth try it with water. you will get flavor from the chicken anyway. >> okay. >> to that we'll put all these babies back in here. >> then this go s in the oven. >> yes. that will cook for about 30 minutes like that. >> is the idea here you want this at the end to be fall-off-the-bone tend er? >> not so fall off the bone but really tender. this is very french. we'll add the thyme. let me grab the chicken from the back. >> put that here. i'm already sneaking a peek at the finished product. it looks fantastic. guys, how are you? >> the mushrooms are delicious.
8:51 am
>> the whole thing. the broth, delicious. just perfect. >> we have this baby here. from here you have just the chicken in here. >> oh, my goodness. >> we'll add the mushrooms and bacon back to it. it's like 30 minutes with the legs and then let it go another 30 minutes to get some of the -- let the mushrooms and bacon cook into it. >> a little magic of tv here. >> voila. >> this is what it looks like when it comes out. >> this is the sauce. after the chicken comes out when you put the mushrooms in it, you will cook the sauce down until it gets slightly thicker. you could serve it with roasted vegetables, classically some buttered noodles. >> we have seen people serve it with rice as well. >> and mashed potatoes. >> i like a good crusty bread with this. you are going to want to soak up some of the sauce. >> i would keep everything separate to keep the bread with the sauce. good amount of butterer. >> thank you very much. if you want this recipe, head to
8:52 am
we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
we have some really neat folks. olive oldfield from novi,
8:54 am
michigan, has 21 great grand kids and still spoils every last one of them. i love this will guy's name, early jones, jr. north carolina, 100 years old. he loves golf. sounds like matt and carson's kind of guy. happy 102nd birthday to doris of baltimore, maryland. she plays piano by ear. clint moorman plays piano, singer, songwriter and composer. he was jay-z before jay-z. say hello to mercedes kinn of minnesota. 100 years old and known for making the best sticky buns. you have to send those to us! her grand kids love them. feel free to send them on. happy 100th birthday to sally
8:55 am
chason of smyrna, tennessee. her secret to longevity, eating chocolate every day. nice. if you know someone turning 100 or older, we want to hear more about them. go to >> that's good. what's coming up? >> i'm thinking of sticky buns and chocolate. robin givens, melissa joan hart. >> annie lenox. >> what's your e-mail again? >> it's out there. thanks. >> wow. >> remember
8:56 am
b.a.r.t. trains are running normally after a car crash during a police chase that left debris on the tracks. this happened earlier this morning between the walnut creek and pleasant hill stations. b.a.r.t. said it sent fencing onto the tracks, but crews have now cleared the scene. we are waiting for an update from police on the chase, but
8:57 am
again train service is running normally. happening now, janitors and sevs workers are gathering in the south bay in response to california's minimum wage initiative. they say there's still more to be done to protect workers among them the lowest wage workers. our bob redell ask with them this morning. look for an update in twitter. a world-class swimmer is convicted of rape. he faces a ten-year prison sentence. stanford representatives sent nbc bay area a response. it's on our home page. a woman is trading her twitter handle for bottled water. it will send relief in flint, michigan. on facebook, our friends are already liking that story.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on today's take, "modern family" star eric stonestreet is here to talk about his role in the film "confirmation" and a woman comes face to face with a panther and it's caught on video. then robin givens and melissa joan hart teaming up onhe big screen. >> from nbc news this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." thursday, march 31, 2016. i'm willie along with tamron and a big crowd on the plaza. >> love spring break. we pack the plaza. >> i didn't realize spring break
9:01 am
really for a lot of kids goes through the end of april. >> yeah. >> like rolling spring breaks around the country. >> my kids are on spring break now. some in april. it goes on forever. >> i love that. seems like when we were kids it was a day. spring break in, and out. one day to stay up late and back to school. >> exactly. on morning jam, alabama shakes, hold on. >> brittany is the queen. she's a queen. >> she needs to be on the show. >> she should be. savannah and i hosted a bill board women in music. she was there. the nicest person. i do think today was to be my morning jam pick. >> i don't know. they sent me an e-mail. is that wrong? >> i just replied to the e-mail. >> today was my day. >> what would you have chosen? >> i don't know. once you play alabama shakes. this was going to be mine. >> it's willie's world.
9:02 am
i'm just a girl in white. >> let's talk about the story that broke this morning on this program. the u.s. women's soccer team filed a complaint with the equal employment opportunity commission late wednesday claiming they should be paid equal to what the men's national team makes. these are the biggest stars in the world in soccer filing a complaint. currently paid a base salary to play in world cup games, qualifiers and friendlies with potential bonuses for winning the games. that breaks down between $3600 and $5,000 for women per game. by contrast on the men's side it's between $6,000 and $17,000 per game. if they make the world cup roster female players receive 44% of what their male counterparts earn according to the complaint. matt spoke to four of the u.s. women's soccer players including hope solo. >> we continue to be told we should be grateful just to have the opportunity to play professional soccer and to get
9:03 am
paid for doing it. in this day and age, you know, it's about equality. it's about equal rights, equal pay. we are pushing for that. now is the time because this is a responsibility for women's sports. specifically for women's soccer. to really do whatever it takes to push for equal pay and be treated with respect. u.s. soccer made $15 million from the women's team while the men lost $12 million. can't comment on the specifics of it. we are disappointed about the action. we have been a world leader in women's soccer and are proud of the commitment we have made to building the women's game in the united states over the past 30 years. >> if the number is right and men's soccer lost money and
9:04 am
women's soccer earned money, first of all it's indefensible. if that's accurate, that's egregious. >> i agree. that's the only case you could make. the men make more money, but they don't. by the way, who's done better -- the women's team over the last generation. which players do you know better? who is more marketable? >> don't get me wrong. we were all inspired by men's soccer in the world cup. the goalie -- >> tim howard. >> we loved him so much. but any saturday or sunday, you go to just about any neighborhood in this country. you see girls playing soccer. how heartbreaking is it for a 9-year-old girl to see or hear that you won't make as much as the boys. just based on your gender. not anything to do with your talent. of course this applies to sports, the professional world. we talk about pay and equality. just about in every profession.
9:05 am
in tennis, venus williams fought for women to be paid equal in tournaments. this is not exclusive to soccer. those numbers are true that men's soccer lost money. i don't know how they defend this. >> they have a lot to answer for. you're right about women's tennis. only in the last few year it is grand slam tournaments came and guay equal pay to women's champions and men. a lot of work to be done here. >> this will catch -- i hope you're awake. i have a proposal for you. i have a deal for you today. >> i don't know about this one. sell it. >> here we go. before we gave away for the facebook and you can like us. i get a dollar every time i say that. we had popcorn, a snow blower. >> yeah. >> al roker did the weather in your home. that's nothing compared to this. the aquarium de paris is hosting a first sleepover contest. three lucky people could have
9:06 am
the opportunity and your guest to stay overnight in the underwater bedroom -- an air bnb and that's your room. that's your room with a view. 360 degree transparent walls, ladies and gentlemen, made of plexi glass separating you and those animals that would eat you as soon as they look at you. the tank is under water surrounded by 37 sharks and a few tropical fish that would distract them before they make their way to you. eventually the bedroom will turn into the observatory for biologists to study the shark behavior which is what i believe it should be used for always. >> yeah. >> however, in case you are interested. >> a little bit. >> submit an es kay due april 3. the winners stay for a night. just one night only. april 11, 12, 13. they only need one night. >> i'm back and forth on this one.
9:07 am
it's very cool. like that's cool. but i think it is cool for 30 minutes of on serving the sharks, learning about the sharks. >> that's why they make shark week. >> ion't need a whole night there. >> tune in to shark week on discovery. they do a great job teaching you. i know they say it's safe. but that's what they say about everything. everything is built as safe until it's not. then you make me write an essay. so you make me work to be chomped. a couple of our producers say they want to enter the contest. >> you have to write about the sharks or -- okay. we don't know. >> last will and testament. dear mom. >> get your affairs in order. >> i said this morning what part of that's a reward? you get to go to paris. >> i said, you can go to paris. >> and not sleep with sharks. >> that's cool. for the right person, maybe not you and me. that's cool. it's just a long time in that little space thou.
9:08 am
get a little claustrophobic. >> you have to really like the person and they allow bathroom breaks. you can climb out of the ladder. >> i asked a producer. there is nothing else there. what do you do the whole time? >> he well. the sharks are watching and there's a hammer head there. >> shark with a fetish. really bad. let's stick to the wild side of life. >> this is crazy. >> this is a video i clicked on yesterday. tina dorshel was taking a lovely walk enjoying nature. >> yeah. >> and nature got too close. this is in naples, florida. >> cool. >> here she goes. how beautiful. look at that. >> foliage. >> look at that. >> wildlife, probably. >> what is that? oh, my god. yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's something i never knew existed in america. that's a florida panther it's
9:09 am
hungry but you don't want to face that. she's like, oh, my gosh. that was at corkscrew sanctuary, home to endangered big cats. why do they let people walk there? i'm happy there are sanctuaries for animals. to rescue beautiful animals. >> you stole my thought. >> why do you need to walk around the sanctuary? if there are -- >> she didn't wanteder der in. that's a path for people to mingle with the florida panthers. >> not the team. >> i'm happy they are there. but i don't want to be there.
9:10 am
>> ji love that story. >> if you're a parent you have been in the situation trying to get your kids to bed. here's what happened to one mother trying to put her son adam to bed. watch this escape move from young adam. >> i'm giving up. after one hour of trying to put adam to sleep, adam, no. no! no! come here. come here. come here. >> adam is out. >> adam is houdini. if you can catch me, you can put me to bed . >> this is in the space of two seconds he's gone. >> look at his chunky legs. then he's gone. ditched the doll. >> i'm out.
9:11 am
>> he looks at her all the way down. he has the doll. you're weighing me down. i've got to escape. >> that's turned into a meme. people are like, i'm out. they show that kid going backwards. >> that might be my new thing. >> i heard that dylan is doing the 10:00 hour with hoda. is that true? >> can you believe it? >> amazing. >> i know. i don't know how i got the call. i think everybody must have to get out of town at 10:00. >> feels like you bailed on us to be with hoda. >> right. going back to the shark video, why wouldn't you stay there? that's a safe glass -- >> well, no. >> as we pointed out, it's always safe until it's not. i feel like shark week does a great job. i love it. shark week. love those people at discovery. i take it you and natalie will be going. >> i would go. i think she would, too. >> get to your essay. >> i'm going to start writing.
9:12 am
that's why i went to rutgers. i don't have to write essays. >> wow. >> just a few grades. true. you didn't have to write an essay. i learned about meteorology and i'm here. we talked about the stornls today. this is a tornado watch. through southern mississippi. we'll see more storms firing up this afternoon. right in this area in orange, northern mississippi. most of western tennessee. we could see large hail and isolated tornadoes out ahead of the cold front. another round of storms firing up tomorrow as it makes it to we have some night, quiet weather here. although we've had some clouds this morning to start. and our temperatures are now in the upper 40s to low to mid 50s. it is 56 degrees in san francisco. 55 degrees will be the high today in the peninsula. 70 in the north bay, as well as the tri-valley. san francisco, 64 degrees. 68 in the south bay.
9:13 am
with all of that sunshine today, we will see our temperatures right at about average, and more clouds for the morning tomorrow and temperatures like this tomorrow afternoon. that's your latest forecast. guys? >> thank you very much. rutgers is one of our finest institutions. >> i loved it. >> great school. >> coming up next, he plays one of the best characters on tv. cam from "modern family." eric stonestreet is in the new hbo film "confirmation" about the supreme court confirmation of clarence thomas. and the real li
9:14 am
pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots
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9:16 am
greek nonfat yogurt with delicious toppings like chocolate and almonds. now that's a treat! light & fit crunch. feel free to enjoy. for my money and maybe yours eric stonestreet plays one of the best characters on tv. he's won two emmys for playing cam tucker on "modern family." now he's tackling someone different, white house adviser ken duberstein in "confirmation" about justice clarence thomas's confirmation to the supreme court and al gags from anita hill. i got to speak to eric earlier. >> clarence, how are you feeling? >> glad to finally be here. >> just remember, some of the democrats on the committee will be a hard sell. worst case, seven vote against you. that's still seven voting for
9:17 am
you. >> and a tie takes you to the senate where we are in great shape. >> vep with the majority? >> as popular as the president is the number could go higher. don't worry if you catch some heat. >> good to know, thank you. >> get in there. >> eric stonestreet, good morning. good to meet you. >> good to see you. >> the timing on the film couldn't be better given what's happening in washington now. >> with the untimely death of justice scalia and now certainly hbo didn't anticipate the topic being so relevant now. >> you play a guy well known in washington, chief of staff to ronald reagan. >> yep. >> what role did he play in the process? >> he was hired to shepherd clarence thomas through the process. be there for clarence. he wasn't in charge of vetting or anything. he was a well known guy in washington that was popular in town and versed in the town of washington. so he was hired just to walk justice thomas through the process.
9:18 am
>> it's played out publically. 25 years ago. did you learn new things about this trial and about the hearings as you went through and studied? >> i did learn a lot. it was an interesting project for me to get to be a part of it. when hbo comes acalling that's a good thing to want to be part of. a great director, great writer and a chance to work with kerry. my scenes aren't with her. but it was very much kerry washington's camp, anita hill and clarence thomas's camp. we passed each other once in the movie and that was it. >> you're showing your personal range by starring in "the secret life of pets" with kevin hart and louis c.k. this dog is described as a big sloppy mongrel. >> wow. i need to talk to universal. >> we mentioned "modern family." perhaps the real star of the show is fizbo the clown.
9:19 am
be honest. one of the great characters. >> is he a big mongrel, too? >> fizbo, i'm told, isn't the f f figment of the imagination. it was played by eric? >> true. my dad gave me the name fizbo when i was 9 or 10. i wanted to be a clown in the circus. that was my way then of saying i wanted to perform. i wanted to be an actor. i didn't say i wanted to be this kind of actor until college. i was fizbo the clown. i would perform for kids' parties and this is embarrassing. i don't know that i have said this on tv. but i had a personalized license plate that said fizbo. >> you did not. >> yes. >> how old were you when this car was driven around? >> of driving age. 16, 17. it was a cutlass. i was like og in kansas city. cutlass with fizbo.
9:20 am
>> you must have been a lady killer. >> killing it. >> with your clown name on the license plate. before i let you go, we have business to take care of. you're a wrestling fan. buddy of brock lesnar. >> i am. >> he fought john cena and you went hard at john on instagram. you said something like great win, brock. >> is that what i said? >> brock wins, # wwe. >> in your face, ce na. >> he read it and had something to say. >> eric, reeveni eveninevenin es a dish best served cold. >> oh, god. has he been released for the day? >> john, come on out. >> i'm ready to go. i have waited for this all my life to have a physical confrontation with somebody. >> john cena.
9:21 am
>> not how i imagined it. >> how would fizbo do? >> distract him with magic tricks and run. >> i love eric stonestreet. confirmation premieres april 16 on hbo. coming up, two years after the first movie was released the new film "god is not dead 2" is hitting theaters. hitting theaters. we catch up with the stars after wewe... get... angry. out of control, mad to the core, angry. so cancer, you've got two options. get out of the way or get rolled over. anger. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly.
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9:25 am
sons they have between them. >> len is here with the madness of march as we span the world of of march as we span the world of sports after you mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm, laughter mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm! mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmmm mmmm, yoplait there's a lighter, fluffier way for everyone to enjoy greek yogurt. yoplait greek 100 whips! i was in the military for 18 years.m brian. but i smoked. and i got heart disease. my tip is, it's hard to serve your country when you're too weak to put on your uniform. (announcer)you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. the newest addition to olive garden's lunch duos menu paired with your choice of unlimited soup or salad starting at just $6.99
9:26 am
think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian olive garden good morning, it is 9:26. i'm kris sanchez. happening right now -- tesla fans are lined up at dealerships all over the place including this one in walnut creek. some of these folks have been camping out since yesterday morning, all in hopes of being among the first to own tesla's new model 3. hope we didn't wake him up. today these folks are only putting down the initial $1,000 payment. cars don't actually go on sale until late next year. it is considered tesla's foray into the economy game. it starts at $35,000. would you believe that these folks want a car they haven't even seen yet? later today, tesla's ceo elon musk will unveil the tesla for the first time at a plant in
9:27 am
southern california. workers will rally in response to a new california minimum wage initiative. state senate and assembly members may pick up the governor's $15 an hour proposal. the gove-- if everything goes according to plan it should sail through both houses. governor brown could sign that proposal into law next month. some critics though fear that the lowest wage workers will still be taken advantage of even as the wage increase happens. we have a look at weather and traffic right after the break.
9:28 am
good morning. we do have clouds all across the bay area. in some spots, patchy dense fog. live look at sunol in those clouds basically. the rest of the bay area seeing some much clearer visibility. 53 palo alto. 54 in san jose. 51 in napa. up to 68 in san jose and san
9:29 am
francisco, 62. 71 in walnut creek. >> palo alto is dealing with slowdowns 101 southbound. 101 northbound dealing with very slow going this morning. you can see it slows in spots near palo alto near the dumbarton bridge and 101 northbound in spots near santa clara. the bay bridge, wide open lanes here at 9:30. >> but those skies are gloomy! more local news in just a half-hour.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines the fda is easing the guidelines for the use of the so-called abortion pill. the new guidelines allow women to use mifeprex later into a pregnancy with smaller dosage and fewer doctor visits. the guidelines may complicate laws in several states aimed at restricting medically induced abortions. the fda said the move was based on science. a study in the new england journal of medicine suggests long-term use of antibiotics doesn't help in people with symptoms of lyme disease. the study looked at patients who got antibiotics for 12 weeks and some who got them for two weeks. the longer treatment didn't result in a better quality of life. experts say lyme disease is largely a mystery with doctors
9:31 am
trying to find the best way to ease the symptoms. a new drug for rheumatoid arthritis is showing promise. researchers at stanford university looked at hundreds of patients who suffered from the condition for at least 14 years. they say the test drug was able to significantly reduce painful symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis after other therapies could not. many of them got relief within 12 weeks. if testing goes well it may not be long before the drug becomes available to consumers. and with student debt at an all-time high some lenders are now rolling out new loans for parents. according to "the wall street journal," next month sallie mae will have education loans to parents without some up front costs. parents have ten years to pay back the money. the paper said some parents with good credit may be able to get lower interest rates than the government offers and may want to take on debt themselves. and two new surveys may give some college grads high hopes in the job market. glassdoor ranked the top fields for recent graduates.
9:32 am
data science, including computer coders, tops the list followed by managers in human resources, marketing and finance and nurse practitione practitioners. in a separate survey software developers, accountants and market research analysts. now a check on the forecast. a student of rutgers and she loves her university, dylan is standing by. >> they have an excellent meteorology program. i wasn't throwing shade. i just didn't want to write an essay. we are looking at a pretty decent weekend for most of the country as we get closer to it. friday we are looking at mainly clear skies from the west coast to the plains. temperatures do cool off a bit and the winds start to pick up. that will make it feel colder. friday, up and down the east coast, we'll see pockets of heavier rain. the best chance of stronger storms along the coast. on saturday, hanging onto early rain up and down the east coast. the rest of the country continues with sunshine.
9:33 am
except for some lake effect snow because of those cold winds crossing over the great lakes. on sunday we'll see the cooler temperatures work their way into the northeast. wind chills will make it feel good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have cloudy skies across most of the bay area and some milder temperatures this morning. it is 51 degrees in napa. 54 in san jose. our temperatures will slowly warm up making it into the upper 60s in most of the south bay. some of the inland areas, up to 73 degrees. half moon bay, 67 degrees. the embarcadero at 62 degrees. 66 in oakland. pleasanton, we're up to 70 degrees this afternoon became a household name playing the girl with the magical touch in "sabrina the teenage witch"
9:34 am
and robin givens turned heads on "head of the class". >> now they are teaming up in "god's not dead 2" a high school teacher who lands in court after mentioning jesus in the classroom. >> good to see you. >> good morning. >> i live with you guys. i can't tell you. i watch you all the time. your magnificent. >> now you're with us. >> i'm here. >> we feel the same way. >> this is my first time on the "today" show. >> we just learned that. >> i was on abc all those years so i wasn't allowed on the network. now i can be here. >> is that what they do over there? >> so rude. we didn't know that. we thought you didn't like us. now we know. >> now you know. >> contract shenanigans. >> i confess. i knew about the first movie. i didn't know how popular it was. >> they said it was a movement. >> absolutely. explain the back story for people who didn't see the first one. >> it really is two different stories. you have the first story about a
9:35 am
professor who tells students he thinks he should proclaim god is dead to move on in the class. that follows the story and that ends in the film. this one picks up with my character grace who is a school teacher. she mentions jesus in the classroom and is basically thrown into a courtroom. there is a big case over it. >> the way you do it, it's wonderful. you mention jesus along with martin luther king and gandhi. in a historical sense. >> still. >> it's a history class. >> what i love is the film talks about whether or not jesus was a historical man and whether or not you can talk about him in historical -- in the facts historically. what we have in the film are amazing professors who give real life testimony to the facts of how jesus may have lived and why, you know -- i don't want to give anything away. >> you play a principal.
9:36 am
>> i do. >> why was it important for you to be part of a project like this? you have busy schedules. both of you have sons. >> my family was such a fan of the first one. i can't begin to tell you. so the movie meant a lot to us. i lost my sister unexpectedly and my mom went to see the movie who loves and adores you. i have to say that. when she came home she was so thrilled, so taken with this movie, so satisfied, so when they asked me to do it later for me it meant the world to us. >> what i love is you talk about your struggle. her character is robust and all the characters. they're not stereo typical. the christian films can be cheesy. you have to watch out for that. i feel like this is a good movie. first and foremost. then it has a great message and an important message. >> your character -- you're great in the movie. she carries the weight. >> you guys are a great team. when are you getting the talk
9:37 am
show? >> if kathie lee and hoda need some time. we'll gladly. if they want a break. we're here if they need to go to brunch. >> melissa has gone from being banned on the show to taking a spot on the 10:00 hour. >> so robin, your character has to discipline melissa as the principal of the school. what's the tension there and the argument? >> it was hard for me. my character is stuck between a rock and a hard place. whatever she believes she feels melissa needs to follow the rules. what was difficult for me is personally my faith is important and a little bit of the story i gave you a minute ago, i wanted to fight for her, you know? it was hard for me to get out of the way. >> on a take she'd be like, ooh, i don't want to say that to you. >> amazing. >> we had a great time. we were surrounded by fantastic actors. ernie hudson, jesse me tcalf.
9:38 am
>> pat boone? oh, my gosh. >> there are talented actors. you either know and love them from one thing here or there or follow their careers. but these are powerhouse actors for the film. we had fun in little rock. >> it's throwback thursday. ready to throw back to your shows? >> it's so trendy now. not really. never say never. >> really? >> would you do sabrina? >> you could go back and be the principal. >> scrunchies, oh. >> we need to let you prepare. your show starts at 10:00. ye the 4th hour of "today." thanks for joining us. "god's not dead 2" is in theaters tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> coming up next after a short break, "the blacklist" back to make your thursday nights complete. one of the good kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats®... 8 layers of wheat... and one that's sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us.
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yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above the wait is it almost over for fans of "the blacklist" as we reenter the dark world of red red ing ton. >> harold cooper played by harry lennix is just trying to keep
9:43 am
everybody safe. >> i'm not going to confirm or deny mission details about the movement of the nuclear arsenal. >> my ci is reliable. if he says your convoy will be hit on the jersey turnpike it will be hit. >> noted. >> if you are going to ignore me you could have done it over the phone. >> i had you come here because i want it abundantly clear. this is a military operation. you and your team need to stand down. >> general baxter, you have a problem, i can help. >> and how do you help? harry, good morning. >> good morning. >> we both do politics. when you hear someone say i can't confirm or deny. >> that's trouble. >> it's trouble. how exciting is the new season? >> it's great. when you get a chance to finally be on a show with a couple of seasons and find the rhythm, that's rare. you don't always get a chance to have three seasons at this level of production. and this level of writing. the writing has gotten better, greater if you will. the actors found their own
9:44 am
voice. and the camaraderie within the system. >> it's a good show. your character now will oh fi h officiate a wedding but not all peachy and sweet. >> well, you know, dealing with repeat characters. not too sweet all the time. in reality i had some experience. i had the great privilege of marrying a couple of frien of mine in california. i was deputized for the day. i had a crack at knowing what it's like to officiate a wedding. but nothing quite like "the b k blacklist". >> did you up stage the wedding? we talk about you have the most amazing speaking voice. there you are officiating the wedding. >> yes. >> stealing the show. >> i couldn't steal the show. the bride was moon bloodgood who's been on the show. she's way more compelling.
9:45 am
>> that changes it. we needed to be at that wedding. >> you're also in "batman versus super man" which just crossed the $500 million worldwide mark. huge hit. how much fun was that? >> it's a dream come true. i remember when i was a kid putting on capes, trying to be superman, watching the shows. but when you have the sure hands of somebody like zack snyder, working with someone as beautiful and genius as amy adams and you get to work with harry, that's a lot of fun. >> how do you get to walk out of your home? the blacklist fans are into their show. the fans of batman versus super man, how do you walk out of your home with all the fandom. >> people get to carry the brunt of that. able to track the mem.
9:46 am
willie, you demoted me. i was the general. now i'm the secretary of defense. >> right. forgive me, mr. secretary. >> thank you for stopping by. such a great guy. congrats on everything. "the blacklist requests retu" r thursday, april 7 on you've finally earned enough reward miles on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach,
9:47 am
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delicious and good for you. new activia fruit fusion.
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♪ ♪ give extra. get extra. i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients.
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i can't believe... we're on a whale. [whale] i can't believe they talked me into this. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. ♪ real, simple ingredients. unbelievable taste. oh it's real! enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! everything up to now has been a prelude to len. let's look back at the month of march. len berman, hey, bud. >> thanks, guys. spin it, willie. amid all the march madness what were truly the stories of the month. let's span the world. >> oh! >> there you go. ♪ >> unbelievable! ♪ >> boom. on your mark, get set. old dominion.
9:51 am
let's pass it to a guy who's not in the game. that seemed perfect. that worked out well. play ball. you know, this was the catch of the month in any sport, on the high lob, novak djokovic is under it. i've got it and -- make up your own punch line. >> oops of the month. running a half marathon in bath, england, isn't a big problem. do you know what the problem is? >> what? >> trying to break the tape. that's -- oh, my goodness. you know, i have an idea. maybe they should consider breakaway tape, is that a concept? >> ouch. >> the latest craze in houston. how about a green guy coming out of a garbage can to distract the free-throw shooter. >> that would distract me. >> do you think that works? >> no, it doesn't. >> maybe try blue. our worst fan. mike trout hits a homer for the angels and, as the kids fight
9:52 am
over the ball, some yahoo adult breaks in from the right and grabs the ball. >> ooh! >> that wasn't a home run ball. it was an extra ball one of the kids dropped. the guy got squat. he got his just desserts. our animals of the month. just another boring cow delay at a soccer game in australia. oh! >> run! >> she's obviously milking her air time. >> in ireland, the golfer snapping the shot and a fox stole his wallet. hey! our race of the month. at the australian grand prix, i don't know if you saw this. oh, my goodness. you have to figure, you know, nobody walks away from this. right? >> right. >> well, first of all, it's all crumpled up. but nobody got hurt. the drivers were fine. not a scratch. here's our athlete of the month. special olympics in michigan, walter hits a game-winning shot and nails the game-winning somersault. all right! way to go, walter, our man of the month.
9:53 am
that's march madness. >> nice! >> enjoy the popcorn. >> whoa! >> rushed through it and you didn't have to.
9:54 am
9:55 am
friends. >> wait. >> what's going on? >> look who is in the co-host chair. >> your first time? >> i feel like i was invited to the cool table at lunch. >> you are. she has no notes. >> i was ready. >> writing notes in the corner. >> did you match on purpose? >> i watched what dylan wore. by the way, we have nicollette sheridan today. i heard someone is trying to take over the show. >> robin givens and melissa joan ha
9:56 am
we are in store for a sunny afternoon. expect a high of 68 degrees. san francisco up to 64 degrees. mostly sunny skies, a light wind overall, a very beautiful day
9:57 am
once again. that onshore flow will start to kick up with some breezy winds at about 10 to 15 miles an hour especially later on this evening. we'll have more of the same weather over the next few days with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. let's check in with anthony to see what's happening on the roadways. this morning things are still slow across parts of palo alto. 101 still slow southbound. no accidents but just a slow go all morning long for a couple of hours. been stop and go. no accidents but i want to switch over the maps and show you across the rest of the peninsula. things look good across there even over towards the east bay, things thinning out even at the bay bridge toll plaza, wide-open lanes. b.a.r.t. trains running normally again after a car crash during a police chase sent debris on to the tracks near the walnut creek station. tracks are cleared but we had video earlier of the scene earlier today that you can watch in our twitter feed. janitor and service workers gathering in the south bay
9:58 am
rallying in support of the state's minimum wage increase moving through the legislature. bob redell has an update in our twitter feed. he's with the workers. more local in in a half-hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> narrator: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, yeah, baby. it's thirsty thursday march 31st. guess who is filling in for kathie lee take? our own dylan dreyer. >> i don't know how i got this invite. >> i got the invite, i want to point out something, they brought out our notes and information and it's for the another show. so -- >> i really have nothing to look at. i came here because we don't have our ifb in. >> but the one thing that gets us all through a show is our


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