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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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saving humanity from high insurance rates. well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. happy friday. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and happy friday indeed, i'm kris sanchez. thanks for joining us this morning. new this midday we are just learning about a south bay connection to a deadly police chase that ended with a car smashing into a fighter jet. >> nbc bay area's bob redell is live to tell us what we're learning about the suspects. such a weird case, bob. >> reporter: it is, scott and kris. it turns out the driver and the passenger are from right here in the south bay. the coroner just released the names of those two people killed in that crash yesterday. one is anthony raymond castillo. he's 29 years old, he's from campbell. the other person, melissa marie
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miller. she was 36 years old and she was from san jose. the couple was killed early yesterday morning in a high-speed chase with chp. this was taking place down in southern california. officers initially approached the car because they thought it might be disabled. that's when the suv the couple was in took off. the car started driving erratically according to chp, reaching speeds of more than 100 miles an hour and heading down the wrong way on the road. the vehicle eventually turned onto the military base known as naval station lemore, passing by a checkpoint. at this point officers don't believe the driver intended to get on the base, just saw a turn and took it. once on base the couple crashed into an fa-18 super hornet fighter jet. >> they were trying to get away. they saw a turn, they took the turn. that would just be my guess, but it would just be a guess. we have absolutely no idea why they were running.
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unfortunately very tragically both are deceased, so that may be something that we just never know. >> the military says that f-18 hornet fighter jet is being inspected for damage but that the base is fully operational. reporting live here in the south bay, bob redell, nbc bay area news. well, nice weather on tap this weekend. the reminder for beachgoers, the waves can be dangerous. the national weather service has issued a coastal hazard warning about sneaker waves from the monterey coast all the way up to sonoma county. anybody thinking about going into the water should always find a beach with lifeguards on duty because rip currents are also a big concern. >> how big waves and nice weather are still a pretty decent combination for april 1st. just don't turn your back on the ocean. >> kari hall is in the weather center with a look.
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>> we are seeing some great weather for heading to the beach this weekend. we do have the clouds at point reyes and chilly temperatures. hazardous beach conditions as you said because of those rip currents and the sneaker waves, but we are not going to see very high swells. the waves themselves will be at 3 to 6 feet and long period in between those will make it a little more dangerous. that could cause you to get swept out to sea as we'll have about 17 seconds between those waves. if you're heading out today to pacifica, it will be 62 degrees, winds in from the west at 15 to 20 miles an hour. half moon bay 65 and santa cruz up to 68 degrees. we will have more of this weather, slightly warmer in some spots for the weekend. i'll show you that coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> all right, thanks. a developing story now. scary moments as a san diego horn blower cruise ship crashed right into the sea wall of that
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pier. people rushing just to get out of the way, including an older woman who was trying to get out of the way and she was walking with a cane. >> that crash happened a little after noon yesterday. several people hurt. the coast guard is investigating. nbc's joe fryer explains some kind of malfunction jolted everybody on board and of course those who were watching. >> the largest whale watching ship on the west coast, the adventure horn blower approaches the pier, its horn sounds frantically not slowing down. people on the pier run for cover. an elderly lady just makes it to safety. 150 feet of steel meets brick. seven passengers injured, none of the injuries life threatening. some of the injured holding ice bags, a few needing stretchers to get off the ship. >> it just came in fast. she kind of skirted the side, it hit the side. she yelled something, i heard
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something and just coming in fast and hard. >> reporter: passengers said the crew were yelling brace yourselves or hold on to something. the adventure horn blower tours around san diego harbor combining sightseeing and whale watching. the 144 people on board saw more than they bargained for. one passenger said it was exciting, definitely something new. the ship's throttle was apparently stuck in the forward position. there will be another cruise today, but on a different ship. >> well, it appears san francisco police officers accused of exchanging racisto p phones exchanged more texts with the scandal. it involves 14 police officers. investigators were looking into the phone of an officer accused in the sexual assault and found yet more text conversations. this new case focuses on four police officers. an attorney representing one of the officers involved says his
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client is not a racist but should have done more to stop a fellow officer who repeatedly uses racist language in the texts. >> he responded to one of the texts by saying stop. you have to stop doing this. he said if i didn't know who you were married to, i would think you were a racist. but that is not the same thing as going through an official protocol of discipline. >> the department is now reviewing hundreds of court cases involving those officers to see if their cases may have been compromised. a man is in the hospital after he was shot by a san francisco police officer following a fight. police say officers arrived last night shortly after 10:00 to a home on hemlock street where two men were fighting inside the home. one man came out the front door and police say waved a handgun at the officer. that officer shot the man before the man went back into the house. he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. no one else was hurt. an investigation is under way.
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a driver in a hit-and-run crash has turned himself in. 26-year-old humphrey chan facing felony charges. he struck a 65-year-old man near san bruno avenue. the man suffered serious head injuries and remains hospitalized in stable condition. the san ramon valley school superintendent is meeting with a group of parents who are threatening to pull their kids out of school if their students undergo a week of curriculum devoted to the lgbtq community. this is part of acceptance week. start april 11th, students will learn more about lgbtq issues. principal dave bowlen said it was a student leadership group that came up with the curriculum. parents gathered more than 500 signatures of 1,000 requests on a petition to raise awareness and to slash awareness week.
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so one parent writing this is a discriminatory action fully based in support of a specific group and not taking into consideration the diversity and religious views of our communities. but parents we spoke with this morning said they really don't have a problem with awareness week. >> it's okay. yeah. it's part of growing up. it's part of our community. you know, it's our society. so yeah, absolutely. >> i think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. we personally, if it doesn't affect us, it's okay. >> you're okay with that? >> yeah. and it's the world. so, you know, why not expose them to what's going on. >> so the principal sent out revised plans yesterday after getting those complaints, including only showing portions of videos after parents said part of the footage was inappropriate. the school district says parents can opt their students out of awareness week. but to clarify what got stumbled over before, the parents
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collected 500 signatures toward 1,000 to slash awareness week to awareness day. a man is behind bars this morning. a 22-year-old man tries to open the front door of a business after closing hours. the woman inside approached the door and noticed the man's pants were down and he was exposing himself. police found that man and arrested him a short time later. marin county is cracking down on speeders and we're not talking about drivers, we're talking about cyclists. radar devices are going up to track those violators. there have been serious accidents between hikers, walkers and cyclists in the county's open space district land. that's 34 different locations, including 250 miles of roads and trails, so a lot of area to have collisions. the speed limit is 15 miles per hour, but 5 if you are coming up around a blind corner. cupertino's apple computer turns 40 today. it's now called just apple.
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it started as apple computer back in 1976 in the headquarters of steve jobs' parents' garage. >> some of the very early employees sat down with our scott budman to reminisce about the past and to look of course toward the future. >> reporter: it's gone from scrappy startup -- >> but there is one more thing. >> reporter: to the most valuable company in the world. >> we still think we're going to change the world. >> reporter: and some of apple's earliest employees got together to reminisce about 40 years of company history. people like bud tribble, who joined apple in 1980. >> i started working on the original mac team and was the original manager of the mac software team. >> reporter: apple, launched by steve jobs and steve wozniak, became an official company april 1st, 1976. >> there was some feeling, even back then, that we were going to do something that was going to change the world and change how
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people related to computers. we had big ideas. >> some of those ideas did change the world. others fell flat, as apple in the mid-'90s struggled with its products and even to stay afloat. >> and there was a short time in there that we had lost sight of that. that we were really trying to make mac like pcs. >> reporter: then steve jobs famously came back and apple rebooted. >> so steve had come back in '97 and reinstilled that spirit that we were going to exist for the purpose of changing the world. and reigniting that. >> reporter: as apple grew, veterans shared space with silicon valley's newest generation. >> it is definitely a big company, but like the feeling is so much like a startup. they're as hungry as other entrepreneurs i was talking to at stanford. >> reporter: and now with customers hungry for new
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products, apple prepares to move into something only it would have designed. >> well, it's interesting because apple approaches everything like a product. the new campus is a product. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. up next at 11:00, a once promising silicon valley company gets into trouble for the second time this week. and powerful tornados roll through the south. we'll take you there for an update. beautiful weather continues today, but we are in for a warmup next week. i'll have more on that coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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welcome back. we start the second financial quarter with up arrows. the dow gaining about 80 points, the nasdaq up 20. tesla is gaining another 3.5% this morning.
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in just one week they call the company into question. it's supposed to have state-of-the-art blood testing labs but a new report from a federal agency is very critical of the company's science. storing blood at the wrong temperature, inaccurate results, a total mess. it was a rock star company led by a woman who dropped out of stanford at 19, claiming she was developing revolutionary new testing technology. walgreens drug stores is reassessing its relationship with the company, the only company that sends blood directly to thernos and that deal could be bust this morning. 215,000 jobs added in the month of march. this data coming from the labor department this morning. the unemployment rate does tick up a tenth of 1% to 5%, but that could be just more people looking for jobs. lots of companies come up with silly fake announcements on
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april 1st. san francisco's virgin america announced a new logo and i'd really like to show it to you but it's too risque, which is no surprise given the fact that one of the minority owners is richard branson there, a man who frankly really loves the ladies. you're just going to have to google the video of the new logo. it looks like virgin america will be sold to jetblue. we will miss that. >> maybe we can get jetblue to up its prankster games. happening today, tradition and some trepidation as abalone hunters flock to california's coast for the opening of the season, red abalone season kicked off at 8:00 this morning and public safety personnel are now bracing for the onslaught of divers. the cold powerful waves and the fact that they dive tankless can prove deadly. eight people died on the sonoma and mendocino coasts hunting for
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abalone just last year. fresh local grab and people are gathering at fishermen's wharf in san francisco today to celebrate. there is a lot to be thankful for. crab season was delayed for four months because of a harmful algae bloom, but now we've gotten the all clear. all that tasty crab is finally headed to a store and a plate near you. it's been a dangerous morning all across the deep south as tornados tore through all kinds of lives, turning all kinds of cities upside down. >> steve patterson is on the ground in mississippi to show us some of the damage. >> reporter: welcome to columbus, mississippi, really the epicenter where one of the tornados from last night touched down. now you can see the damage on the ground and crews obviously starting to do their job and clean up. meanwhile debris scattered everywhere, power lines down and trees that have toppled with roots coming up larger than i am.
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we saw that storm system move east last night through alabama, where there was heavy rain, and arkansas where there was big hail. now we're watching it as it moves to the northeast, watching the carolina region as this continues and hopefully we've seen the worst of it. thankfully, though, despite all the damage we're able to show you, no major injuries reported as this continues to move out east. back to you. >> meanwhile, we seem to have just spectacular weather. >> exactly. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> crazy to see that damage in columbus, mississippi, i used to work there while i went to school at mississippi state so it's sad to see that going on. here we have beautiful weather in mt. hamilton. we're taking a look from the south bay, it is all clear. let's do a time lapse of those clouds rolling into sunol today. it was a little cloudy there, low visibility for a little while but now we just see the clouds mixing in with the sunshine. we do still have some clouds along the coast.
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a look at all the microclimates now. it's 59 degrees in the north bay and 57 degrees in san francisco. the peninsula at 60 degrees. petaluma 57 degrees, novato 58 degrees and vallejo at 58 as well. we have some light winds and that will be the case throughout the day. the winds start to pick up later on this evening. once that ocean breeze really gets going, but our winds are more northwesterly and it's also allowing our temperatures to warm up into the 70s, especially for those inland areas. as we break it down for livermore, at 1:00 we'll be at 65 degrees, 66 degrees by 2:00. and then we'll be into the low 70s just briefly there before those temperatures start to come back down into the 50s. 53 grodegrees at 9:00. we may have more clouds moving in during the morning hours tomorrow, but it will be pretty much like today with that sun breaking out by mid-morning. today in gilroy, we're up to 75
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degrees, but 65 degrees at half moon bay. the embarcadero today 62 degrees. some low 70s also for the north bay and napa 71 degrees. walnut creek 74. and dublin today a high of 72 degrees. you can see here's a live look at at&t park. there's people out there working, they're getting ready for that game tonight cleaning those seats and we'll have some great weather. at first pitch the temperature will be 57. it drops down to 52. and you know especially if you're in those seats a little higher up, it gets windy up there. we'll have gusts up to 25 miles an hour coming in from the west. next week we'll have some slight changes in the forecast. if you're heading out east, make sure you pack some warm clothes. in the midwest and northeast, temperatures will be in the 20s and 30s and they will have the potential of some snow. but then we'll have something different going on here. high pressure builds, our temperatures will be warming. by wednesday and thursday we'll
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have highs up to the 80s with a dry offshore wind and it will also keep the rain away, at least for the next few days. we are going to have more of this dry weather. so heading into the weekend, we might as well enjoy it. we'll have some 60s and 70s out there in the peninsula, 73 degrees in the north bay. on sunday, south bay also right at about 73 degrees. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up a little bit later. scott and kris. >> all right, thanks. up next at 11:00, about that sinkhole, it looks like the town of moraga is facing a costlier fix. first we're staying on top of a developing story where police say a bus struck a pedestrian. we will post updates on our home page as we get them. plus also on our home page we have posted surveillance video of taggers vandalizing san jose city hall. police are looking for up to eight people in this case.
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we're back in two minutes. thtowof raghasent lee
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the town of moraga sent a letter to governor brown asking for money to repair damage caused by this sinkhole. it turns out that the problem is worse than anyone thought. the whole opened up during storms we saw last month and ruptured a gas line as well. investigators, though, finally got a close-up look at the
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problem last week and now they say it will cost $3.5 million to fill the sinkhole and to repair nearby marine boulevard. san jose is extending water restrictions through june. those mandatory restrictions expired yesterday, but the city council approved that extension saying this winter's rainfall has not been enough to recover from the drought. the city aims to cut water use by 30%, which started last april. meanwhile, the state is considering easing mandatory water restrictions in may. part of fremont boulevard will close tonight for maintenance work on railroad tracks next to the roadway. the boulevard will close at 10:00 tonight. no word on how long that railroad work is being done by caltrans and by union pacific. say railroad work three times fast. up next at 11:00, remember the d.c. madam scandal from 2007? someone connected to that case
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now claims that he has information that could shake up the current race for president. plus green energy might not be so green after all. our investigative unit exposes the new revelation about a technology that's received hundreds of millions of public dollars. tecolo th's ceidhuredof l
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welcome back. the controversial green technology has received hub hundreds of millions of your tax dollars is now the focus of cut backs recommended by state regulators. >> vicky nguyen has been reporting on this for the past year and a half and now has the details on this new proposal. >> reporter: guys, we're talking about electric fuel cells. they're like big batteries that produce power as part an incentive program to make california's power greener and more reliable. as we first revealed, no company
11:29 am
has benefited more than sunnyvale based bloom energy, but that pipeline could be drying up. fuel cells like these made by bloom technology typically run on natural gas to produce energy. touted as a cleaner alternative to the traditional power grid, bloom technology has benefited from $400 million in incentives. in a report published late last year, staff at the california public utilities commission found electric fuel cells that run on natural gas pollute too much and are not worth further investment. the message reinforces what critics pointed out on our air last year. the public should not be subsidizing technologies that pollute. >> we should not have our public institutions using our money to prop up polluting technology. >> frankly, i expect more. >> reporter: the self-generation incentive program has provided more than a billion dollars in
11:30 am
incentives to so-called green technologies. for years starting in 2007 bloom energy received the lion's share of subsidies. after state lawmakers ordered a review, puc staff looked at the benefits from the technology. they are now recommending that funding no longer be provided for natural gas electric fuel cells. >> i'm really pleased that the staff at the public utilities commission took a close look at the evidence. >> reporter: marcell is an energy attorney. the group was long questioned the environmental benefits of natural gas fuel cells. >> turn strongly supports eliminating fooul sells that use natural gas and distribute clean generation. >> reporter: it is supposed to cut carbon emissions but fuel cell technology fails to meet the greenhouse gas requirements that the cpuc approved last fall and they concluded natural gas fuel cells failed by a small
11:31 am
margin to be cleaner than the grid. >> reporter: the investigative unit first exposed that bloom boxes were not much cleaner than california's grid which also uses renewable power sources like wind and water. bloom technology was green washing. >> i love the world boondoggle. >> reporter: the company declined an interview request to discuss the current proposal but in comments the company wrote bloom energy meets all program goals and its emissions are lower than grid emissions. they compared bloom's prior products to future emission goals is speculative and fundamentally flawed because it doesn't include the performance of bloom's latest technology which the company claims has improved. >> these types of incentive programs with the foundation for
11:32 am
the future. >> reporter: janice lynn is the fournt of the california energy storage alliance. her companies have started getting more schip funds. the money would make more money available for new technologies to make california greener. >> we live here and have children that are going to grow up here. we want california to be as clean and affordable and livable as possible. >> reporter: in addition to electric fuel cells the commission staff also recommends cutting funding to natural gas powered electric tur bynes. they the funding has been given to companies that qualified under the old rules. the commission has not seld whether or not they will adopt the new rules. >> if you have a tip for vicky, you can give us a call or send an e-mail. a developing story right now in india. the executives the construction company that was building this overpass that collapsed
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yesterday, they have been charged with culpable homicide, which is similar to a manslaughter charge in this country. that is according to "the new york times." it is a story that we have been following since the collapse happened. word of changes came down within -- of those charges, i should say. rescuers are still looking for survivors who e trapped. north korea has fired a short-range missile into the sea and it comes just hours after the u.s. and world leaders pledged to prevent north korea from advancing its weapons programs. the missile that was fired into the waters off north korea's east coast has north korea providing no other details. the missile is the latest in a series of weapons launches by the north recently. meanwhile in d.c., a nuclear safety summit hosted by president obama continues today. the pet met with south korea's president and japan's prime minister this morning.
11:34 am
they dwraagreed to defend each other's countries. the u.s. and japan also pledged to remove highly enriched uranium from a japanese research reactor to reduce the risk that it might be stolen and used in terrorism. now to decision 2016. republican front-runner donald trump is struggling to regain footing after a verbal stumble. >> his competitors trying to capitalize as well. edward lawrence has that story from washington. >> reporter: donald trump gave the thumbs up after meeting with the republican national committee. but he's in trouble with female voters over what he calls a misstatement about women being punished for an abortion. >> that's not the way that you should view women. >> i actually think he's an idiot. >> reporter: his republican competitors piled on. >> really been way off kilter and showing that he's unprepared to be president of the united states. >> reporter: still, other wisconsin voters won't abandon the republican front-runner. >> our country needs somebody
11:35 am
that can turn things around. >> reporter: trump's meeting at the rnc focused on unity within the party. trump also met with his foreign policy advisers in washington yesterday, sticking to his stance on nuclear weapons. he said his advisers agree with him, you don't take nukes off the tabl meanwhile hillary clinton remains focused on her electability. >> i have one million more votes than donald trump and i have 2.5 million more votes than bernie sanders. >> reporter: but bernie sanders keeps hitting his message on corporate contributions. >> $25 million from special interests, including $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: both front-runners would like the primaries to be wrapped up, but their competition won't give up. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. just when you thought that the 2016 race could not get any more unpredictable, the lawyer for the so-called d.c. madam says that he has phone records that could impact the 2016 race.
11:36 am
>> nbc white house correspondent kristen welker breaks all that down. >> reporter: it could be yet another twist in the already raucous presidential race. one of the lawyers for the infamous d.c. madam who ran a high-profile escort service exposed in 2007 says he has information voters need to see. >> my name is montgomery blair sibley. >> reporter: sibley is that attorney and this week he filed an application with the supreme court asking the court to allow him to release records from the d.c. madam escort service. names and phone numbers that have been tied up for nearly a decade due to a restraining order. sibley writing time is of the essence. without offering specifics, sibley has stirred up a frenzy of speculation with this cliff hanger. >> those records contain information relevant to the 2016 presidential election. >> reporter: in this online video posted last month, sibley asks for donations for his
11:37 am
mounting legal fees after lower courts denied his requests. >> i must continue this fight. >> reporter: this all started in 2007 when the d.c. madam scandal broke, even brought down louisiana senator david vitter who was linked to the prostitution ring. >> i want to offer again my deep sincere apologies to all those i have let down and disappointed with these actions from my past. i am completely responsible and i am so very, very sorry. >> reporter: in 2008, the woman known as the d.c. madam committed suicide after she was convicted of racketeering and other offenses. since then, sibley says he's been sitting on a number of documents, including some 800 client names and 5,000 phone numbers, and he's vowed to release them no matter what the court decides. >> i am the custodian of the records of that escort service. >> reporter: the question this morning in a race filled with so many stunning moments, could
11:38 am
there be yet another one? well, up next at 11:00, the latest state-of-the-art way to test nuclear weapons done without setting a foot outdoors. and the specter of doping is once again rearing its ugly head in international athletics, but just how easy is it to cheat the system? we ask a major insider in our reality check. and i'll help you make weekend plans as we continue to enjoy this beautiful weather and some changes next week in that microclimate forecast. that's coming up.
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a super smart supercomputer inspired by the human brain has just arrived at lawrence livermore labs that's going to simulate nuclear blasts. it uses specialized ibm chips to perform simulated weapons tests. the u.s. no longer detonates nuclear weapons, the tests are done by computers only. this new powerful computer will improve on that testing all on just 2.5 watts of power. a hearing aid battery uses more energy than that. >> what? technology. >> a hearing aid battery. >> technology is amazing. that's what i meant. so cracking down on doping ahead of the summer olympics, the
11:42 am
world anti-doping agency claimed that it reinned in cheating after the recent scandals. >> according to one of the most famous faces in doping history, it's still very easy to cheat the system. sam brock examines claims that the window to cheat is still wide open. >> i've said this before, the olympic games is a fraud. >> reporter: harsh words coming from a man you might recognize, victor conte, founded balco, linked to steroid cases involving barry bonds and a slew of olympic athletes. now after spending time behind bars, conte has a new company and a new crusade, cracking down on an anti-doping system he says is engineered for abuse. >> put it this way, for four years i was tap dancing on the forehead of everybody else and no one got a positive test. >> usada is u.s. anti-dope
11:43 am
agency and wada is its parent and the umbrella group tasked with flushing out cheating. >> they are the watchdog for drug testing in sports. we've been around for about 17 years now. >> reporter: wada spokesperson ben nichols says the organization has changed a lot in that time, building broader, tougher standards for the agencies and fed raisierations test athletes. >> it's one thing to have good procedures in a place. it's quite another for everyone focused on doing them well. that's where we're at, be need people to up their game worldwide. >> we're trying to hold people accountable. have they achieved that goal? >> absolutely not. when you say they're trying, i don't believe that to be true at all and i'll give you a specific example. >> reporter: conte is talking about reports that jamaica's anti-doping agency wasn't testing its athletes for months before the 2012 summer games in london. after those reports emerged, wada investigated and director general david halmen told the
11:44 am
associated press, quote, there was a period of maybe five to six months during the beginning part of 2012 where there was no effective operation, no testing. six months out, conte says that's a crucial time in an athlete's training. >> they build a strength and power and speed base that carries over at the olympic games. >> reporter: now, consider the following facts. wada allows countries and sports federations around the world to police themselves on off-season testing, and wada recently changed its policies, allowing athletes to miss two tests every 12 months, without a violation. that might help explain a very low number of athletes testing positive at the games. the most recent data comes from london 2012, where 5,051 athletes underwent testing and nine of them tested positive for banned substances, or fewer than 1%. that's right in line with wada's historical data.
11:45 am
>> it would suggest that doping is much more prevalent than that. >> these athletes simply do what they have to do in order to be competitive. and i don't want to say everyone is doing it, because i don't believe that, but i think it's the overwhelming majority. >> reporter: for the u.s. anti-doping agency, there's a record of athletes sanctioned for missing testing, but no public records for athletes who miss tests and weren't punished. if you'd like to hear the full interview with victor conte, including methods athletes might use to beat the test at the games, you'll find it on our website, for reality check, i'm sam brock. back to you. oakland's waterfront is about to get a whole lot nicer. the port of oakland has the green light for improvements, and that allows the city to close the gaps it in popular bay trail and overall enhance the shoreline for public use. construction will happen at the crowley embarcadero cove and livingston street pier sites.
11:46 am
the city has $200 million in bond funds for this project. it looks like it's a nice time to be on the out waterfront but stay away from those waves, right, kari? >> you can get in the water but be aware there may be some rip currents there too. if you ever get caught in one, let the current carry you out and try to swim parallel to the beach. it's pretty good to try to see if you can swim around some lifeguards too. as we take a look at ocean beach, a lot of people will be heading out here. we started out with some clouds this morning and then we are slowly starting to see the sun breaking out as we go through the morning. once again, the waves won't be that high but we'll have a long period in between those swells at 17 seconds. looking at the hazardous beach conditions, waves at 3 to 6 feet today and the winds at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. also the beach forecast, cool temperatures with some gusty winds. pacifica, 62 degrees today.
11:47 am
65 at half moon bay. then as you head down towards santa cruz, a bit warmer, at least by the coast it will be 68 degrees. you may get low 70s around downtown. it's 59 in the north bay, 57 in san francisco, 59 in the south bay. a close look at the east bay now, some low 60s in a couple of spots like alamo. you're up to 63 degrees. 66 in brentwood. livermore at 57 degrees. so as we start out with some 50s and 60s heading closer to lunch, we will also have some breezy winds. the winds picking up from the north and northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour so that's what we normally see, especially as the ocean breeze kicks in. as we break it down for berkeley, we'll have more sunshine, 1:00, 60 degrees. then into the mid-60s before it starts to come back down. we'll have some clouds moving in tonight as it drops back to the lower 50s. all of the microclimates today shows our temperatures will be slightly above average, mostly reaching into the mid-60s, even
11:48 am
low to mid-70s in a few spots like walnut creek up to 74 degrees. a look at the giants forecast. they're getting ready for the big game again tonight. it starts at 7:15 first pitch. it will be 57 degrees. winds coming in from the west at 15 to 25 miles an hour. we'll start to feel chilly, though, by the end of the game. we'll be at 52 degrees out at at&t park. and warm weather will continue, but it gets even warmer as we go through next week. and while we have a nice warm-up, it will be very chilly for the midwest and the northeast, even preaching for the possibility of some snow showers this weekend for some of those spots farther off towards the north and temperatures in the 20s and 30s. for us, high pressure continues. any chance of rain i've been seeing in the forecast pretty much drys up, so that may be what we experience all throughout next week and maybe a little bit of a change toward the end of the week, but we could be hitting some 80s there
11:49 am
before all is said and done. looking at the weekend forecast for tahoe south and heavenly, 55 degrees today, into the upper 50s. more of that snow will be melting. here we'll have more warm weather and in the upper 60s for the peninsula, 73 degrees for the tri-valley. also 60s and 70s for the rest of the weekend. overall very comfortable, very pleasant and more sunshine than we're seeing right now. scott and kris, back to you. up next at 11:00, the warriors making an impact on and off the court. >> now they're getting into april fool's as well. this time one of their own teammates felt that impact. a leookt at pk..allliup is r
11:50 am
11:51 am
a live look now at at&t park. it is nice and green this
11:52 am
morning. quiet now, but tonight game two of the bay bridge series, the a's versus the giants, is right here on nbc bay area. >> the official season hasn't started yet but the giants did get the upper hand last night thanks to a strong outing from the pitcher, allowing no runs, struck out five through five innings of work. the giants backed him up with just enough offense to beat the a's 3-1. good job. again game two tonight, first pitch at 7:15 on nbc bay area. our coverage starts at 7:00. you can look for that right after our 6:00 news. the warriors are very fun to watch but they also know how to have a little fun too. >> andre iguodala pulled an early april fool's prank on azili fooling him into thinking he was cut from the team. >> two sources close to the warriors say that backup center
11:53 am
festus izili will be released from his contract. >> iguodala even got other warriors in on the gag, having them text him saying they were bummed and they would miss him as a teammate. in the end, they let him know it was all a joke. the warriors by the way go for win number 69 tonight against the celtics at oracle arena. some people said it was mean. i thought it was kind of funny. >> if i pulled a practical joke to convince you you had gotten fired? >> you're right. >> that was a fake radio report. his face does not chamber of commerce -- change at all. if they were talking about me getting fired -- >> i'm thinking you would be so shocked. you can find the whole clip on our facebook feed. the driver is really funny too. he says it's kind of awkward being in the car with you right now. >> not fired but retired. is it not scott kelly becomes a
11:54 am
civilian today. >> after some 20 years in nasa's astronaut corps, kelly is stepping down. this comes after he set the u.s. record for the most time spent in space. scott kelly returned to earth last month after living at the international space station for 340 days. he would have dropped the mike, but it just would have come back up. >> i can't top that. we'll be right back. many people clean their dentures
11:55 am
with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria
11:56 am
that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
11:57 am
college campuses are building state-of-the-art gms, football fields. uc irvine is building an e-sports arena for video games. >> 3500 square foot arena that will open this fall. it will be inside the student center equipped with gaming pcs, a league of legends competition stage and studio for live webcasting. league of legends is a very popular multi-player game. i've never played it. construction on the arena begins this summer. >> everybody has to have a sport and some people will be video games. >> you don't want to play video games this weekend because it's going to be beautiful. >> we'll have highs reaching into the 60s and 70s. more of the same stuff we've seen the past few days. >> a great weekend. enjoy your weekend. >> have a great day. we'll see you monday. >> bye-bye.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> wonder woman, right? >> yes. >> is she a love interest in the movie for you? >> she has her own movie she's shooting. she's amazing. not really a love interest for my character. >> wonder woman. wonder a map could get into that. ben affleck gets a super hero scare while on ellen. super hero is not supposed to get


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