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tv   Today  NBC  April 2, 2016 5:30am-7:01am PDT

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. another aboutut face. donald trump weighing in again with his new stance on a hot button issue. >> this moment it's set and we have to leaf it that way. >> his campaign quick to jump in saying the front runter will try to change t abortion laws if elected president. >> on the democratic side the race turns nas si. bernie sanders attacking hillary clinton for claiming his campaign is lying about her record. >> secretary clinton owes us an apology. we were not lying. we were telling the truth. >> it's all setting the stage for a major battle in the badger state. we're there, live. this is spring? a bitter blast of cold about to hit millions from the midwest all the way to the northeast.
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snow, below freezing temperatures and high winds making it feel like winter all over again. bull on the lus. a bull headed straight for the slaughter house gets a last minute reprieve after breaking free. running through the streets of new york city, well, this morning he can thank comedian jon stuart for a future that's looking a whole lot brighter. and the golden state warriors doing something they haven't done in 14 months. losing a game at home by just 3 points to the celtics ending an incredible 54 home game winning streak. today, saturday, april 2nd, 2016. and welcome to "today" on
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this saturday morning. >> glad to have you with us. we just saw those folks on the plaza. they show up to new york city for the weekend having no idea they were going to get some snow perhaps. >> why do you look at me? it's very accusatory. >> i will remind you craig, if you're going to blame her for the bad weather, you have to thank her for the good weather. >> thank me more yesterday. and this allout push now for the wisconsin vote on tuesday. on the republican side it's shaping up to be a critical test of the stop trump forces. now he's on the defensive once again about his comments about abortion. full coverage and anal since of both the republican and democratic races. we begin with kerry sanders who's covering the race from wisconsin. good morning. >> good morning, erika. donald trump finds himself usually in a position of being on the offensive, but this morning he's in an unusual and
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perhaps uncomfortable position of being on the defense after stumbles of talking about abortion that continually require clarifications. for the second time this week donald trump forced to back pedal in the abortion debate telling cbs news in an interview to air on sunday -- >> this moment, the laws are set and i think we have to leave it that way. >> reporter: trump's campaign quickly releasing a clarification stating mr. trump gave an accurate account of the law as it is today and made clear it must stay that way now until he is president. then he will change the law through his judicial appointments and allow the states to protect the unborn. there is nothing new or different here. trump has had a rare week of relentless bad pr. highlighted by abortion comments on msnbc's town hall with chris matthews. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion?
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yes or no? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> today trump will try to glo back on the offensive with three events across wisconsin. a wisconsin poll shows ted cruz with an almost 10-point lead over trump and this week cruz scored the endorsement of scott walker. he has a high approval of gop voters and spoke of a watershed moment on the trail. >> when we're able to help him win i think it sends a clear message that the momentum has shifted. >> reporter: the gop hopes that a loss in wisconsin could be their chance to derail trump's momentum going into the primary in new york. >> they should see that the republican establishment was pushing back at donald trump and this is where they desighcided o it and do it most effectively. >> reporter: last night
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president obama took a veiled swipe at trump who has said he would not oppose japan and south korea getting nuclear weapons. >> the person who made the statements doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the korean peninsula or the world generally. >> reporter: how donald trump's statements on abortion could be interesting depending on how it plays with women. of course we know that other candidates and other political races have found that statements on the abortion issue since the row v. wade in 1973 has had a dramatic impact. >> indeed. kerry sanders for us this morning. to the democrats where bernie sanders is looking to keep his winning streak going against hillary clinton. this morning the vermont senator insisting that clinton owes his team an apology after she accused him of lying about her record. kristen walker is in milwaukee
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for us. >> reporter: good morning to you. instead clinton is back here in wisconsin where she's added extra events to take on a surging bernie sanders who's showing no signs of backing down. >> thank you. thank you, green bai. >> reporter: bernie sanders hoping a here in wisconsin will make it four straight victories after trouncing clinton in three western caucuses last weekend. >> we're going to win here in wisconsin. >> reporter: and then he slammed clinton for accusing him of lying about her record in dh this exchange with a protester earlier this week. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. i'm sick about it. >> secretary clinton owes us an apology. >> reporter: the clinton campaign refusing to apologize. with just three days to go until election days, sanders holds
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onto a four-point lead in a state clinton hoped to win. beating clinton here would give him greater momentum heading back to her home state, new york, where sanders is closing in on clinton's lead. >> what i love about new york, you can knock us down, but you can't keep us down. >> reporter: greeting students at syracuse the day before the school's basketball team plays in the final four, the democratic front-runner identifying with the underdog. >> i said earlier today that i am rooting for the home team. >> reporter: and taking it to sanders. >> my opponent talks about free college, but you got to read the fine print. any time anybody tells you something is free, ask for the details. >> reporter: but money is still pouring into the sanders campaign. $44 million in march alone. even as many are still making up their minds. why are you still undecided? >> why am i still undecided? because so far all i've heard is a lot of rhetoric between the candidates.
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>> reporter: what does one of these candidates have to do to win your vote? >> talk about the issues. that's it. >> reporter: now, if senator sanders wins here in wisconsin, he's going to pick up some more delegates, but mostly he's going to pick up major momentum heading into new york. both candidates will face off at a party dinner here in milwaukee. >> kristin welker for us in milwaukee, thank you. john bais an nbc contributo and joan walsh for "the nation" magazine and nbc political analyst. nice to have you with us this morning. when we look at the week it was for donald trump, there have been a lot of bumps on the road, multiple comments and change when it's come -- changes with his campaign manager. it's not the first time, josh, we have seen donald trump change position and quickly on an issue. but is anything different this time? >> i don't think nationally anything is different this time. i think people who really deeply care about the abortion issue or
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more broadly care about policy issues already were not without donald trump. donald trump is very much about mood affiliation. he's angry like i'm angry. i think he had a bad week in wisconsin. i think the fight he picked with scott walker, who's very popular there, is stupid. he even attacked walker for not raising taxes, which is a weird thing to do in a republican primary. there's also this dynamic in wisconsin where conservative talk radio has been hostile to donald trump. nationally talk radio has been friendly to him and an important force backing him. i think he's lick likely to do bad in wisconsin but i don't think we should assume he'll be nationally for this stuff like he's been punished over the other bizarre stuff. >> women voters, quinnipiac said it's at 70% negative. mitt romney was around 40%. assume he does become a nominee, how does a candidate with 70%
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disapproval with women voters go on to win a general election? >> he doesn't. there's no way for him to do this. i think the abortion comments will hurt him a little bit because anyone who has been paying attention, who has a feeling about abortion, pro or con, looks at that and thinks, this man has never givens this any thought. he used to be pro-choice, now anti-abortion, but he hasn't thought through why and what's going to happen. it really annoyed the pro-life forces. they came out strongly against him. now, they're mainly with ted cruz, so it's not like they were a huge constituency. but it increases this notion, along with his nuclear comment, this guy doesn't think things through very well. >> when we look at the race in wisconsin, it's looking very good for ted cruz. but if ted cruz does pull out a win there, what does it actually mean? >> it depends. for one thing, this is probably ted cruz's second most favorable state that remains on the map. only south dakota is better for
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him. we'll move into the northeast states that are much more favorable to donald trump and then it depends how much he wins by. wisconsin advocates delegates, some with congressional districts and that's been favorable to donald trump because he tends to do well in the parts of states that have very few republican voters. can you get the same for winning milwaukee as the democratic part of the state. even if he loses, he's likely to pick up delegates. if he loses by more than ten points, he might get shut out. is he going to lose by double digits, that's an alarming sign. if he loses by double digits, can you chalk that up to this wasn't a good state for him. >> hillary clinton expected to lose in wisconsin. what, if anything, does that mean for new york? >> i don't think it means anything for new york. senator sanders has had a hard time building momentum with other wins. >> a big thanks to both of. >> you thank you. well, folks, before you go outside this morning, you might want to bundle up. it is about to feel a lot more like winter than pring.
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a big drop in temperatures is about to hit the middle of this country, and then it's supposed to give a wintry blast to the northeast. dylan is tracking all of that. say it ain't so, dylan dreyer. >> it is. it's spring and so we get those ups and downs. yesterday new york made it to 79 degrees. 69 in boston. 83 degrees yesterday in washington, d.c. even syracuse was up into the 60s. but we've got the polar vortex well up to the north. it's shifted a bit and pushed the jet stream down to the south. by the time we go into tomorrow morning, look at some of these windchills. marquette, 9 degrees. windchill in new york tomorrow, around 24. high temperatures rebound a little but we're still about 10 to 15 degrees below average for highs. with this area of low pressure, two of them move, through the great lakes and into the northeast, these are quick clipper systems that will produce a little bit of snow. mainly lake-effect snow across
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michigan, northwestern new york, northwestern pennsylvania. another one that will move through sunday night into monday. that will produce a little light snow, especially off lake ontario and lake erie. we could even see snow falling in boston. we're not looking at a whole lot of accumulation except back near the great lakes. in new york we could see as much as 8 to 10 inches of snow because of the enhancement off the great lakes. the northeast and into parts of southern new england, we're only looking at a few inches of snow between those two clipper systems. boston could end up with about 2 to 4 inchsz of snow. in new york, we'll see the snowfall but we're not looking for that to accumulate. >> dylan dreyer, thank you. >> i like that. she ended on a positive note. it won't accumulate. shifting gears as we turn to a terrible incident out of new mexico. a police lieutenant accidentally open fires on one of his undercover officers during a botched drug raid. this video released as part of the settlement between the injured officer and the city of albuquerque. a word of caution, the video is
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difficult to watch. >> hands up! hands up! >> reporter: it was supposed to be a small time bust over a $60 drug deal. >> put your hands where i can see them? >> reporter: then chaos. albuquerque police lieutenant open fire on what turned out to be his own undercover officer. >> holy [ bleep ]! that was jacob. >> reporter: it comes at the end of nearly a 15-month investigation. >> are you okay? >> no. >> reporter: they say he didn't attend the morning briefing and should have known where his officer was sitting? use of force experts also question why he approached the car opposite of other officers. >> you have an individual going in with limited information on an operation which is already in progress. that's probably a really bad thing. >> reporter: in the individual yoeshgs you hear the lieutenant sobbing. >> jacob, hang in there, man! >> reporter: on the other side of the car, a suspect gets out
5:45 am
begging not to get shot. the albuquerque police department has since promised more training and policy changes. the undercover officer will be given a $6.5 million settlement. he survived being struck eight times through most of his major organs and losing 80% of his blood. the city paying for his medical bills the rest are of his life. >> i remember several days after they had taken jacob off the ventilator ande was breathing on his own, i can remember v verbatim every consideration i had with him. >> reporter: another black mark on albuquerque police, already under scrutiny for their use of force after shooting of supports. now taking fire for the shooting of one of their own. for "today," nbc news. alabama's governor is still feeling the heat this morning, facing a second ethics complaint over potentially improper use of state funds when he bought
5:46 am
disposable cell phones as the calls for him to step down over an alleged affair grew louder. we get the latest from sara dolloff. >> reporter: alabama governor robert bentley isn't backing down. >> there is nothing illegal, there's nothing that's ever been done that would affect the people of alabama and affect my job. >> i have no intention of resigning. >> reporter: with the state ethics commission investigation already under way, now reports federal investigators are looking into possible misuse of state funds by governor bentley and the allegations surrounding him and top adviser rebecca mason. according to phone calls reportedly between the two still grabbing headlines. >> let me kiss that left ear, okay? >> reporter: the controversy spilling into the ink of political cartoon. state campaign finance records show the governor spent more than $1700 on cell phones and prepaid wireless at best buy last year. according to, the governor himself bought cheap
5:47 am
disposable cell phones on two dates in may. governor bentley says in a statement, all expenditures were filed according to state laws, rules and regulations related to the use of campaign funds. bentdly and mason have both denied their relationship was physical. on wednesday, she resigned her position as senior political adviser and the fallout is not over. with the legislature reconvening this coming week, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are pushing for the governor's resignation or even impeachment. >> the governor needs to resign immediately. >> he stands in front of the people of alabama and he lies. blatantly lies to their face. >> reporter: for now, no end in sight for the controversy surrounding alabama's top leader. nbc news. a sailor has died during the clipper round the world yacht race. sara young was washed overseas and washed away. her teammates were able to pull her back aboard the boat an hour later but they were unable to
5:48 am
resuscitate her. it's the second death in this year's race. a los angeles police detectives say a knife found at o.j. simpson's house was not the knife used. the rusty five-inch blade was supposedly found more than a decade ago at a construction site. it was given to an l.a. police department and recently turned over. tiger woods saying he will not take part in the masters next week in augusta. tweeting, while he's been dedicated to his rehabilitation, he's not yet ready to compete. the 40-year-old is still recovering from two back surgeries. he hasn't played in a tournament since august. the golf channel will be live from the masters all week covering the action there. >> forecast for the masters, huh? >> that's a long-range forecast. i'm not going to put my stamp on that. >> all right. >> next weekend, right? let's focus on this weekend. >> the rest of the country? >> the rest of the country is looking okay. minus the cold in the northeast and the snow in the great lakes, we are seeing high pressure and control so we don't have
5:49 am
anything much more than a passing cloud from the west coast to the plains, including the rockies where temperatures will be in the 60s today through the northern plains, though, it is very chilly. minneapolis, only 39 degrees for a high later this afternoon. again, colder winds crossing over the relatively frozen great laction we're looking for lake-effect snow to kick in. up and down the east coast showers today and increasing sunshine, except in florida where we could see marginally strong storms this afternoon. those could produce ever hadder downpours and gusty good saturday morning, meteorologist anthony slaughter here. tracking some fog at the golden gate bridge. visibility not all that bad, but we're expecting a little fog to develop through the morning. temperatures are nice and comfortable. 50 degrees in the north bay. 51 in the peninsula. and later on look at this. widespread 70s for the north bay. 73 there. 62 at the coastline.
5:50 am
san francisco will stay cool. we have a threat for rip currents. 73 for the south bay. 69 and comfortable for the peninsula. and that's your latest that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. you see a lot of unusual sights in new york city, to say the least. even jaded new yorkers were taken aback by this. check it out. a bull roaming the streets of queens. if it wasn't for one quick-thinking comedian the ending to this bull story may not have been a happy one. janelle jones. >> yes, good morning. median, it have come to a good close. sheinelle. >> he saw his shot at freedom and he difficult sie >> reporter: itt may have been april fools' day but this bull is the real deal, footless and fancy free on the streets of new york city. this is frank, whose escape from a queen's slaughterhouse friday captured the imagination of freedom lovers everywhere and animal lovers jon and tracy
5:51 am
stewart. frank made it as far as the lawn of york college where nypd officers frank qui liesed them. the city has a history of livestock on the loose. just this past january it was freddie the cow who made her break for it before heading off to a sanctuary in new jersey. >> i just want to give you a hug. >> reporter: as for frank, animal activists bought him for $1,000. >> there you go, buddy. >> reporter: and jon stewart had him eating out of his hand in no time. the comedian and his wife are part of farm sanctuary. by late afternoon, frank was loaded onto a truck with the stewarts headed for greener pastures. a farm in upstate new york where he can run with the other bulls. >> gets you in the mood. frank, the bull, was named by people at the farm sanctuary after frank lee morris who escaped from alcatraz.
5:52 am
>> i love frank. i love the whole story. >> which frank? >> frank the bull. i didn't know frank lee morris. >> way to go, jon stewart. still to come on "today," a recap of the week's big headlines, including one unbelievable guest on "wheel of fortune". dr. natalie azar is here to tell us what we all need to do to keep our families safe. but first, this is "today" on nbc. this is "today" on nbc.
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would you let a bunch of high school boys name your baby? >> after these messages. kirashgo moingi'miralapralg ahoe
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it is 5:56 on your saturday morning. looks beautiful as we look down over san jose on this saturday. good morning to you, i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at the forecast. it was a little cloudy on my drive this morning. >> across most of the bay area,
5:57 am
we're waking up to low clouds and fog. 50 degrees in the north bay. mild in the south bay at 54. san francisco right in between at 52 degrees. we're going to get rid of the clouds and hang on to the warm temperatures. but it's going to stay cool at the coastline. look at san francisco. only 62 degrees. 10 degrees warmer as you head inland. north bay up to 73. remember the sp frf if you have be outside. so it will be nice and comfortable. a little warmer today. same deal for tomorrow. temperatures will stay in the low 70s for inland valleys. then a big warm-up wednesday. we're talking 80s for the inland valleys. the heat will be on. we'll talk about that coming up at 7:00. >> stay tuned, thank yous. a developing story. a man beaten by police in a san francisco alley last year last night became the target of an fbi raid. back in november two sheriffs deputies were caught on camera
5:58 am
beating a car thief. this video sparked outrage and accusations of police brutality. we confirmed that last night's raid at a home is tied to a federal gun case. nbc bay area sources say the house is linked to him and the raid comes after an overnight shooting in the area but the fed's were preparing documents before that. neighbors are stunned. >> i don't know what to think. hi a hunch it was something pretty major. >> guns or drugs i figure d. . >> a spokesperson says one person was detained and more arrests are expected. the bay area now has nine reported cases of the zika virus zika vir and both alameda county each reported an additional case. all the patients in the bay area contracted while traveling abroad. there's no reason for the bay area public to be concern canned of getting the virus here.
5:59 am
at 5:58 coming up this morning on today in the bay, real life superheroes. we'll meet the couple on a mission to protect san francisco. it's a story that will make you bay area proud. that and your top stories and weather at 7:00. right now, we'll send you back to the "today" show. lipix
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you're always in a i saw you standing behind trump on supertuesday and you looked like you were having a blast. you were having such a good time. were you being held hostage at the time? >> no. >> you know what? this is what you would look like if you were standing behind jay leno when he was doing his monologue. i'm just saying it's odd to have a thing behind you. >> i'm telling you, i like that. i like that. >> you don't find that distracting? >> that's funny. >> jimmy fallon having fun with new jersey governor chris christie last night on the tonight show. it's hard to stay quiet when you're used to talking all the
6:01 am
time. meanwhile, a fantastic crowd outside on the plaza. >> a lot of folks not dressed appropriately considering what's coming. >> it's not cold yet. >> i know, but i hope they have their winter coats. >> craig melvin very upset about if cold wintry blast coming our way. >> i don't like this weather. >> here's a look at what's making headlines at half past the hour. republican and democratic candidates will be criscrossing wisconsin over the next couple of days before that state's primary on tuesday and ted cruz holds the lead over donald trump and john kasich. the state department says it will hold its internal investigation into clinton's e-mails on a private server. that becomes at the request of the fbi. a spokes person says it doesn't want to get in the way of the fbi's investigation. >> and after an incredible run,
6:02 am
the golden state warriors had their winning streak at home snapped. it was a very tight game. they lost by just three points. 109-106 and before that game the warriors had 54 wins at home. >> still amazing run. it's back with the recap with some of this week's major headlines. >> donald trump turned a lot of heads with his comments on abortion. and matt lauer accidentally gave out savannah's e-mail to the delight of thousands and those are just a few of this week's big stories. >> reporter: donald trump drops a bomb shell on the campaign trail in wisconsin. >> he insisted if abortion were to be outlawed women violating the ban should be punished. >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah.
6:03 am
>> ten years. >> that i don't know. >> the dock or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. >> a setback in the investigation into the terror attack in brussels. >> the only suspect accused of terrorist assassination, murder in connection with the brussels attack freed. belgian media had reported that the man in white seen in this newly released security video, and now prosecutors say the evidence against him is not there. drama on an egypt air flight that was hi jacked. >> authorities say the hi jacker demanded the plane be diverted to cypress. 71 passengers on board including eight americans. he surrendered but not before taking this selfie with a passenger. >> there was a buzz surrounding a baseball game, but not the good kind. >> the spring training game between chicago and seattle was
6:04 am
delayed for five minutes sunday when take a look at this. a crowd of bees swarmed the field in arizona. cubs outfielder tried to escape the onslaught by climbing the fence. he got stung more than ten times. >> an amazing win for a wheel of fortune wizard. >> here is his puzzle. any guesses? oh, robert. port and starboard. >> and a little slip of the tongue from our own matt lauer when he zerntaccidentally gave savannah's e-mail on air. >> researchers have been discussing the difference between cat and dog people. it turns out that it's savannah [ bleep ]. it turns out that -- >> you just gave out my e-mail address. >> no, no. i didn't mean to do that. yo old e-mail address. >> my former e-mail address.
6:05 am
and some april fool's fun outside studio 1a. >> chance of thunder. >> i couldn't figure that out. >> i don't scream a lot, but when you throw an air horn in a mix and some guy is jumping out of the garbage can -- >> it was amazing no one used profanity. >> well, there was one from you. and then were you ducking for cover? >> i go into fetal. that's my move on roller coasters too. >> a little rolly pollly. >> guy was incredible. he was knocking off puzzles the two letters up there where i
6:06 am
think pat was even getting a little snarky. >> he knew his stuff and he won the whole thing, so that's great. >> i'm very excited about it. >> another check of the forecast sf. >> yes, and we do have some storms down through florida today. not as severe as the storms we've seen most of this week, but a lot of cloud to ground lightning. that's always dangerous. keep that in mind. it's moving through jacksonville right now. we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the next several hours and we are watching for the chance for these storms to produce gusty winds, large hail is a possibility and also brief flash flooding because these thunderstorms are producing very heavy downpours. this will slowly move through the south and we'll start to dry things out. we don't have a huge risk of strong storms today but we do have a marginal risk of seeing some of those locally damaging wind gusts and some of that hail possible. we have that secondary cold front that's going to usher in that arctic air. we're seeing some of that lake effect snow beginning to kick in especially in michigan where we
6:07 am
could end up with some higher snowfall totals. we could start to see some of that snowfall spread in through upstate new york and new england where we could end up good morning, meteorologist anthony slaughter here. waking up to some fog at the golden gate. it's not all that bad. let's talk about some weather. it's 54 in the south bay. 53 in the east bay. 52 in san francisco. some fog that develops this morning and once we get rid of that we'll see sunny skies today. 73 in the south bay today. 69 for the peninsula. low 70s for the east bay and low 60s in san francisco. going to be cool there. nice and warm in wine country up to 73. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. just ahead, with mosquito season fast approaching, we have important new information for you about dealing with the zika virus. that's right after this.
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this morning in today's health, as spring is getting under way and mosquitoes are increasing. there is little information on the zika virus. on friday, the centers for disease control and prevention issued important information. we have dr. natalie azar here with us to tell us what it means. let's start with the recommendations. how worried should we be going into mosquito season in the country? >> you know, craig, difficult question to answer because we haven't seen any locally acquired infections from a mosquito infected with virus. all of the locally acquired infections have been sexually transmitted. we have been showing people a map for weeks showing where the cdc thinks the greatest likelihood of zika is in the united states. that area includes southern states, florida, texas, but
6:12 am
we're also seeing the cdc expanding that scope a bit to include parts of the northeast. >> how do they come up with the map? how do they choose the states? >> based on climate. think about it. a mosquito, the reason we're concerned and pan americas effected is because the mosquito thrives in warm, moist area. areas high and dry, places in the midwest for example, don't need to be as concerned. >> if someone is diagnosed with the zika virus now, what is the cdc recommending? >> for women, if you are diagnosed with zika virus or symptoms consistent with zika, the recommendation is wait eight weeks before trying to conceive. if you are a man, who has been infected with zika virus, or had symptoms of zika, the recommendation is to wait six months. if you are a man and woman and have traveled to an area, but experienced no symptoms and have not been infected, the
6:13 am
recommendation for men and women is to wait eight weeks. craig, i think it is important to make mention of a report that came out in the england journal last week that highlighted one case report of a pregnant woman where zika virus was detected up to ten weeks after exposure. i mention this because our guidance on waiting eight weeks right now for women is based on previously understanding how long the virus remains in the blood. i don't want to get mired down in the details, but it is important to highlight that guidance from the cdc will evolve and changing and they will update as new information is coming in. the cdc has not made a change in the recommendation, but understanding that pregnant women may harbor the virus for longer than we originally thought than 11 days. may change the guidance moving forward. as of today, this is the recommendation.
6:14 am
>> a lot of folks understandably concerned about it. >> craig, i say this all the time. cdc has a very easily navigatable web site. >> dr. natalie, thank you. a new anchor challenge. two truths and a lie. you won't want to miss this there's a place for vacationers who seek more than just a little time off. the ones who choose to go big or stay home. ♪ come with me now... where every amazing, despicable,
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nothing will keep you from magnum double caramel. silky vanilla bean ice cream & rich caramel sauce all covered in thick chocolate. discover magnum, double dipped for double chocolate pleasure. back now on a saturday morning with the round of two truths and a lie. here is how it works. each of us were told to give the producer two truths and a lie. we will read them out loud and our colleagues have to guess which one is a lie. >> why do we have to do this? >> we don't do it to ourselves.
6:18 am
we play along. sheinelle. >> can i read it off the screen? here we go. two truths and a lie. i never climbed a tree. i made my teacher cry in third grade and still feel horrible about it. >> i think you can climb a tree. >> all right. >> i think you could, too. you would still feel bad about something. you are the sweetest person ever. >> i think the tree is a lie. >> that is actually the truth. i never climbed a tree. >> dylan is right. >> the lie is a won a double dutch. i always wanted to double dutch. >> i could have sworn you told us. >> double dutch at heart. >> erica. >> my turn. in college, i drove a campus shuttle as a job. i have never been to disney. as a child, i was briefly part of the circus. >> i think the lie is you have never been to disney. >> i think you were probably part of the circus. i'll go with the second one,
6:19 am
too. >> disney. >> disney? >> i've never been to disney. >> you? >> no. >> we're very excited. >> you're lie was the college. >> i did not drive the campus study bus. i worked in the scholar's office. my sister did drive the shuttle at uconn. she had to have a special license. >> my three, i studies magic. i grew up playing the violin. i worked as a sous chef. >> i will say magic. >> magic. >> you are all wrong. i was never a sous chef. i studied magic until the bills came in. i studies violin and bass. how about you? >> for some reason, mine are wordy. i caught a 40-yard pass from tom brady. i won second place in a
6:20 am
blueberry pie eating contest. >> that one. i heard that story. >> the lie? the lie is the second one. not the brady pass. i feel like you did. >> i did catch a pass. >> i never won a pie eating contest. that is a throwback from the movie "stand by me." >> how taylor swift really got lost in music during a run on the treadmill. >> but first this is "today" on nbc. >> dylan has a new nickname. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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6:22 am
still to come on "today," the bragging rights and naming rights this high school baseball team gets with just one more win. what was that coach thinking when he said they could name his unborn child. >> and we'll ask his wife.
6:23 am
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...then get some dinner. what a pity. it's 6:26. we're going to give you a live look outside this morning. cloudy skies over san jose, but it should be a lovely saturday. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at the microclimate forecast.
6:27 am
>> it's going to get hot by wednesday. we're talking about warm temperatures in the 70s and 80s. in the meantime, we're experiencing a nice, mild weekend. temperatures are going to hold steady. here at 50 degrees in the north bay. 73 this afternoon. staying cool at the coastline this weekend. not the best weekend to head to the beach. 62 degrees in san francisco. 71 for the east bay. 73 today for the south bay. so temperatures from where they should be nothing unusual. as we head towards wednesday, something very unusual, 80s towards the bay area. it's going to be hot come wednesday. >> that is hot for april. wow. >> we'll talk about that coming up. >> stay tuned, thanks. we have a developing story in san francisco. a man who was beaten by police in a san francisco alley last year last night became the target of an fbi raid. back in november, two sheriffs deputies were caught on camera beating suspected car thief. you can see here this video sparked outrage and accusations of police brutality.
6:28 am
we confirmed that last night's raid at a home is tied to pet rof and a federal gun case. sources say the house is linked to him and the raid comes after an overnight shooting in the area. but the fed's apparent ly were bre pairing documents well before the shooting. neighbors say they are stunned. >> i don't know what to think. i had a hunch it was something pretty major. guns or drugs, i figured. >> a spokesperson tells us at least one person was detained. more arrests are expected. after 14 months and 54 consecutive wins, the streak is over. the warriors lost a game at home and it came in dramatic fashion. the thriller unfolded in front of a soldout crowd and a national tv audience. here's how it ended with 8 seconds left, golden state down by three with a chance to tie the game. steph curry misses the three.
6:29 am
the warriors get it back with one more chance and the shot to tie comes up short. boston wins, 109-106. and by the way, i'm wearing mint green, not celtics green this morning. coming up this morning on today in the bay, real life sup superheroes. the actions the couple is taking for those in need and to make the community safer. we'll have that and your top stories and weather at 7:00. right now, back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
good morning. another about face for the second time this week, donald trump's team forced to back pedal on the comments the candidate made about abortion. the frontrunner saying the laws need to be left as they are. his team quickly saying things could be different when he is president. and the democrats gearing up for the battle ground for democrats and republicans. this is spring? at least 10 million people under a freeze warning this weekend with the bitter cold from the midwest to the northeast. with snow and winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour in the forecast. it seems winter is making an ugly return. and talk about a risky bet.
6:31 am
a high school baseball coach tells his team that if they win every game this season they can name his unborn child. well, they're now one win away from claiming the season and naming rights. what does the mom-to-think about all of this? we will talk to them all "today" saturday april 2nd, 2016. ♪ welcome to my house ♪ baby in control now ♪ we can slow down we don't have to go out ♪ ♪ welcome to my house >> i'm from florida. today's my birthday. >> happy birthday. >> hi, grandma. we're on tv. >> we're from new orleans. >> it's my birthday. >> it's my first time in new york. >> hi, kayleigh. love you ♪ good saturday morning. welcome back to the "today" show. what a fantastic crowd on the
6:32 am
plaza. >> we have a young man celebrating his birthday without che chemo. that is something to celebrate. they braved the rain. they braved the cold. >> can i say happy anniversary today to my mother and father-in-law. >> how many years? >> coming up on 40 something. a long time. >> that should be celebrated. the drizzle will continue and tomorrow will get worse. we'll talk about that in a bit. >> at some point it will get nicer. dylan will tell us about that. >> we have a lot to talk about. sheinelle is following the latest from the campaign trail. sheinelle. >> good morning. donald trump's comments on abortion raising eyebrows. in an interview to be aired this weekend. the frontrunner says the abortion laws are set. he said he will try to change the laws when he is elected. this follows a firestorm over criticism after he backed away
6:33 am
over comments about women getting punishment. and president obama wrapped up the final nuclear security summit with the dire warning about the nuclear threat from terrorists. >> there is no doubt that if these madmen got hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material, they would certainly use it. >> the terrorists would need a small amount of plutonium. one of the commitments from the leaders from the summit is an implementation for a treaty for stored materials. two weeks after terrorists bombs exploded in brussels, authorities say passenger planes may soon be flying again. the air crews were told flights could start as early as tomorrow. this is after a deal with the government to bolster security. police in chicago say a facebook posting of a shooting during a live video looks
6:34 am
authentic. the video that has gone viral appears to show a man streaming a chat and shots are errheard. he disappeared from the screen and this man jumped into view. the man is now in a chicago hospital in critical condition. and the big night for college basketball final four. march madness is in the april home stretch. the first up with, villanova and oklahoma. then the second match up. orange of syracuse and the north carolina tar heels. by the time the champion is crowned on monday, $9 billion of bets have been made. good luck. that's the news. over to dylan who is tracking wintry weather. dylan. sheinelle, it will not be nice in the northeast as we go into tomorrow. we have cold air coming in with gusty winds. that is why we have windchills.
6:35 am
high wind warnings in the tri-state area. wind warnings in the western great lakes with winds up to 40 to 60 miles per hour. sunday with the gusty winds in new york. things ease into sunday afternoon. it will be making it feel very, very blustery with windchills in the teens for so many people. we have the chance of lake-effect snow in and around the great lakes and snow in upstate new good saturday morning to you, meteorologist anthony slaughter here. we are waking up to some clouds across the entire bay area. we don't have the fog. it's going to be cloudy the first half of the day. even across parts of the south bay, we're cloudy now. and cool. 54 degrees. 52 in san francisco. later on this afternoon it's going to stay cool at the coastline. it's only 62 degrees in san francisco today. warming up nicely in the east bay. comfortable there. for the peninsula, 60s and 70s.
6:36 am
warm in the south bay and north bay. temperatures in the mid-70s. big night for the women at the world figure skating championship. who else would we call on to help explain what is on the line than nbc olympic figure skating analyst johnny weir and tara lipinski. >> good morning. >> it has been ten years since the ladies have won a medal in the figure skating. could tonight be the night the u.s. breaks medal drought? >> ashley and gracie gold will have to be at their best. >> tara, let's talk about gracie gold. she is in first place right now. what does she need to do tonight? >> she is sitting in the perfect position. the short program, she was fantastic. nailed every jump. looked like a champion. believed in herself.
6:37 am
that is her biggest struggle. believing in herself. she has a lot of pressure. two russians trailing her and ashley wagner. the long program, the free skate is long. many elements. >> johnny, talk to me about ashley wagner. she is in fourth place. she struggled with consistency. she has confidence? >> she is confident in every event. gracie struggles a bit. the threat from the russians is strong. ashley has to be solid through the long program. >> tonight is going to be a lot of fun to watch. we all need to know what will you be wearing tonight? >> that's the most pressure. >> i mean, we're going to look fabulous. the world championships.
6:38 am
>> fabulous is the word. johnny and tara, thank you. you can watch all of the action tonight at 9:00/8:00 central here on nbc. guys, back to you inside. dylan, thanks. from figure skating to baseball now. a lot on the line for one high school team in the next game. if the baseball team wins the next game, the team will win the right to name the coach's unborn child. >> it is all thanks to the deal the coach made with the team months ago promising them if they won all 14 games of the season, they could name his baby. >> their record this season stands at 13-0. here to explain what he was thinking, we have coach rob and his wife julia and the panthers. good morning to all of you guys. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, we love this
6:39 am
story. everybody in the studio. rob, it's a rather unconventional, not only approach to motivating a high school baseball team, but naming your child. where did the idea come from? >> i want to say thank you to "today" show and nbc. this is a positive experience for the school and school culture. i have been blessed with a great family. outstanding coaching staff and group of young men. tremendous group of young men. to answer your question, the respect i have for the seniors, i was the third coach in three years. they never had a winning season. my first year last year, we had six wins and 19 losses. these guys never quit. you know, they have true grit. they fought through adversity. they earned my respect. to start off the season, our team goal was to win 14 games which would give us the first winning season in school history. we started off the season and
6:40 am
lost the two preseason games. our first two regular season games, but they were close wins to good teams. i can see the frustration. i'm always telling them and trying to encourage them. i believe in you. you're winners. you are better than this. it wasn't cutting it. it wasn't hitting home. my words weren't getting it. in order to motivate them, but more importantly to show them my respect and how much i care about them and what they mean to me. i added to the team goal. >> julia, what did you make of this? did you think your husband was joking? >> yes, i thought he was joking the entire time. i looked at him and said yeah right. i laughed at him. that night he came home and told me he had done it. >> tell us about this name. what have you come up with here? >> we come up with benjamin smalls from the sand lot.
6:41 am
>> two of our favorite characters. it fits great for a baseball team. >> benjamin smalls. when will we meet benjamin smalls? >> i'm due on september 16th. >> all right. >> you know, coach had really nice things to say about you, joe and christian and your team. what has he been like as a coach for you? >> he's been great. i appreciate everything he has done. he's been there since day one. >> i second that. he has always been there for us. we would not be here without him. >> tuesday's the big game. any bold predictions here? >> w. we e get the win. >> all the time. >> rob and julia, you like the name benjamin? >> let's hope. >> i like the name benjamin. >> smalls. we're still working on. >> you know, maybe one out of
6:42 am
two ain't bad. >> we'll have to see what happens on monday. >> people have been telling me if he's tall, the nickname small is a funny and sarcastic. >> we have until september. thank you all for being with us. it's a fun story. great story. good luck. julia, good luck to you in september. >> thank you very much. >> go big blue. >> go big blue. still to come here on "today" gwen stefani, is she about to become a mom again? about to become a mom again? the instagram hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers.
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6:46 am
with a hefty price tag. late '70s to '80s horror tapes are going from $17 to $1,700. the trend is horror films, but more well known titles in genres in the original box sets to be highly sought after. >> what about the shows i have recorded on a vhs tape? >> those are worth nothing. >> and you can't play them. yesterday was april fools day. some people like to call it the worst day of the year. one prank fell flat. google tried to make a drop the mike to g-mail. if you were to hit that orange button, it would add a minion mike drop animation to your
6:47 am
message. some users didn't realize it and you just hit send. the animation got added, could be funny, but wasn't always. got sent to people applying to their bosses for a job offer. a funeral home director claims he was a victim of the mike drop. google quickly removed the edition and issued an apology. we realize you use g mail for important messages. we are sorry if mike drop was harmful to you. >> some poor guy had a great idea in a meeting. this could be great. and that guy probably got fired. >> mike drop on that guy. >> creative thinking. celebrities getting in on the april fools fun. taylor swift having fun on the treadmill. >> on the topic of april fools day. gwen stefani took to instagram with a picture, it's a girl.
6:48 am
people assumed she was pregnant with blake shelton's baby. it's a hoax. and did you see this ultimate april fools? this was a john stamos fan site. then released a trailer for the actor's life. titled john stamos, a human being. so this prank totally back fired. apparently fans really wanted to see the documentary. it doesn't exist. he knows he has fans. >> it needs to be made. >> so deep. reunion 20 years in the making. it finally happened. guns 'n roses playing in west hollywood. axl rose rocking out last night. they have not played together since 1993.
6:49 am
the band is performing through april and going on tour this summer. >> that would be huge. >> yeah. >> road trip. and finally, taylor swift talked about getting lost in music. now the 26-year-old gets lost in her music, but falls flat on her face and the internet cannot get enough of it. she starts off by needing cardio. she gets into the workout. then she picks up the pace and face plant. ♪ with my left-hand >> ouch! >> here's the thing. art imitating life. according to twitter, she tweeted out saying it is based on true events. it actually happened. that was a replay for you. looks like it hurt. >> it did. i think it did.
6:50 am
sheinelle, thank you. we'll be right back, but first this is "today" on nbc.
6:51 am
6:52 am
and that is going to do it for this saturday morning edition of "today." tomorrow on "today," just in time for baseball season, we take you to hot dog university. >> i hope we have hot dogs. >> now we should. >> wink-wink. nudge-nudge. >> if we're going, fries, too. >> join us for a hot this year, make every amazing, despicable, wizarding second of your vacation count by staying where the adventure never ends. ♪ come with me now... two theme parks. spectacular resort hotels. more epic than ever. don't just vacation... ♪ whoa go with me now vacation like you mean it. universal orlando resort.
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good morning, i'm kira klapper. up next on today in the bay, the fbi raids u a bay area home and one of the suspects is linked to another high profile crime. also a 3-year-old girl bitten by a dog. the error in judgment that likely led to this attack. and a warning at bay area beaches today. why you want to be extra careful if you're near the water. pixta a v takea le lk osid...mthamtonadl)
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
it is saturday morning, we're giving you a live look outside at mount hamilton. we're seeing cloudy skies, but it should give way to a lovely saturday. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at the forecast. >> we must say welcome back. you have been gone for a couple weeks. >> i have, but we still synchronized colors. we have a connection. >> but it's not boston celtics colors, just in case you were wondering. >> just s


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