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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  April 3, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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fodatn'sfyou'll only see on nbc news. a break-in at the make-a-wish foundation offices and the thieves made off with one priced possession belonging from san francisco giants. thanks for swroing us i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. they made off with several items including hunter pence scooter he rode to the ballpark. >> live in san francisco with this developing story. lili. >> peg y, this is just devastating for the make-a-wish foundation. we're at their offices. as you can see the door has been
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broken in, metal twisted, door handle on the ground. if we go into the office, you can see it's been ransacked. you can see the basket of shirts. the office torn apart. a lot of different items missing. they are not sure yet. employees have to do inventory to see what's missing. one thing they know for sure baseball player hunter pence's scooter auctioned off for $40,000 in gone. >> this is where we had hunter pence's scooter lived. the burglary happened about 2:45 in the afternoon yesterday. these two men you see on the surveillance video are carrying hunter pence's scooter and backpack full of items, poepd ipads. this building has 24/7 security. somehow they broke in and broke through the stairwell doors and
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then through the foundation office back door all while evading security guards patrolling each door. the electric scooter is famous because hunter pence would ride it to home games at at&t park. he donated it to make-a-wish foundation and it was auctioned off for $40,000. the donner had just not taken it yet because she didn't have a safe place for it. make a wish hope they can get that scooter back. >> the disappointment that somebody would do this. again, my heart just kind of sinks. i didn't want to believe it until i got the call this morning. i came right in. i didn't believe it and then i saw the scooter was missing and seeing the video footage, it absolutely breaks your heart. >> crime scene investigators from sfpd were just here processing the crime scene and they just finished. we will keep you updated on this investigation throughout the evening. if you do recognize those men in the surveillance video, call police.
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reporting live from san francisco, i'm lili tan, nbc bay area news. >> lili, thanks very much. the man arrested in a dramatic raid in san francisco friday is due in court on search weapons charges. stanislav petrov taken into custody after they served a search warn. the investigation involves a discovery of a gun at the home last month. stanislav was first thrust into the spotlight last september after video of deputies beating him after a chase. you see the video there. last night san francisco police were searching for petrov's girlfriend and their child. police wanted to question her about a domestic violence incident in which petrov was the prime suspect. she did show up at headquarters. b.a.r.t. is trying to figure out if they can provide service between two east bay service after electrical problems, running in both direction between concord and bay stations
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this weekend but unclear whether it will continue for tomorrow morning's commute. service down since the power problem knocked out about 50 train cars. passengers forced to rely on shuttle buses. a two-hour chase stopped traffic cold. not the kind of chase you're used to hearing about. on the bay bridge, officers tried to catch this dog. ferocious fellow. he stopped westbound traffic before 7:00 in the morning so they could coral this little black chihuahua mix. he wasn't ready to give up easily. took 30 minutes to catch the little dog. here is a picture of the officers who caught the pup. he had a collar but no identifying tag. animal control workers are looking to see if the dog is microchipped. anyone with information about the dog and how it ended up on the bridge should call san francisco animal care. if nobody claims the dog, it will go up for adoption. governor brown forced to
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sign a new minimum wage bill into law tomorrow. the governor expected to hold a ceremony in los angeles to sign the bill. the bill would raise the state's minimum wage to $15 per hour in increments over the next six years. california is the first state in the country to commit to $15 per hour wage. under the new law small businesses would be allowed extra year to comply. opponents say this decision could cause layoffs and raise the cost of living. another am track tragedy happened near philadelphia. a train loaded with passengers crashed into construction equipment and partially derailed. two am track workers kichld this the third am track derailment in less than a year. it was after 8:00 a.m. when am track 89 traveling from new york to savannah, georgia, slammed into a backhoe about 15 miles outside philadelphia. the force of the crash partially derailed the locomotive. 15-year-old holmes among
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passengers. he takes the train twice a month. >> the train was rumbling. we got off the track. then it was dust, dust everywhere. >> wcau reports two am track workers not on board the train were killed. authorities say everyone on the train survived. >> ran 41 passengers on the train, 35 were hospitalized. nonlife threatening. >> passenger were taken to philadelphia. the national transportation safety board will investigate the crash. this is just the latest in a series of accidents for am track. in may of last year, just 20 miles away from the scene of today's crash, eight people were killed when a new york-bound train traveling at twice the speed limit derailed. just last month the passenger train derailed in kansas. three dozen people were hurt. nbc news. an emotional moment at the brussels airport today as the first flight took off since the deadly attack there.
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people cheered as the flight departed. it was the physical of three scheduled flights to take place today, all in europe. they stepped up security at the airport today. you could still see the damage from the bombing that killed more than a dozen people less than two weeks ago. so airport officials say it's a sign of hope. >> i think it's a very emotional moment for all of us, of course, all workday and night, literally day and night over the last 12 days to make it possible. i think it's very important. >> tomorrow the airport will have more flights to other destinations, including one to new york. >> next at 5:00, u.s. soccer legendhds up in handcuffs. why police arrested abby wambach and what she's telling fans tonight. >> preparing to head to rio in a few months. head of u.s. anti-doping agency questioned whether it will ab fair competition in rio. who is policing the athletes and also if the system is designed
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to fail. reality check up next. weekend wrapping up at 72 degrees in dublin. that temperature will seem cool compared to where(g. temperatur are peaking later on this week. 80s and 90s in the forecast. how long the heat will stick around when we come right back. ====poce polanarrtb waachounhe.
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retired u.s. soccer star abby wambach found herself in handcuffs. police arrested her for dui. they pulled her over last night after she ran a red light in her range rover. she was leaving a friend's house after having dinner there. she was cooperative. all time leading scorer in history. wambach said, quote, i take responsibility for my actions. this is all on me. i promise that i will do whatever it takes to ensure this mistake is never repeated. i'm so sorry to family, friends, fans and those that look to follow a better example. the car company mini says it's
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pulling ads featuring wambach and reconsidering ads with the star. doping among athletes is a major concern. >> the global watchdog for doping but does it actually work or is the system set up to fail. sam brock with tonight's reality check. >> are hurdles on the race to rio. >> i just failed the test. i take full responsibility for it. >> tennis star maria sharapova just the latest pro athlete caught doping. it's still unclear if she can compete in the olympics this summer. enter world anti-doping agency formed by the international olympic committee. it's funded by sports groups and world government. here is how it works. every country has its own anti-doping agency which along with sports fed indication test athletes before the olympics. they set the rules for them.
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ben nichols. >> testing, banned substances. >> reporter: some question the impact. travis tygart, ceo of usada said, whether wada is going to relegate itself to another toothless beaurocracy or are we going to fight the battle for clean athletes to win it. that's the question before us right now. it's a question wada knows comes back to playing fair. >> they all must be without influence from the government. >> there's a big conflict of interest. that can lead to a lot of problems. coming to light with russian athletic. >> jacques-maynes grew up riding bikes in berkeley and became a pro cyclist by age 20. he plays clean and he's proud of
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that fact. now jacques-maynes retired and he advocates against doping. >> i did it clean and those are victim rice i'm proud of. >> jacques main is concerned about wada, points to a 2014 documentary which exposed widespread doping and falsified test results in russia. it wasn't until that documentary came out that wada investigated and suspended russia from world competition. the country's athletes may not compete in rio. >> what we have to do is make sure that people realize it's been corrected. that's the challenge we face, how serious that is. >> nichols says another challenge is money. wada's budget is simply not enough. >> an organization we have $26 million a year for the budget to focus on athletes educate them ensuring a level playing field in play. >> if you see a good athletic
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effort and that's worthy to you, cheer that person on. all you can do is hope they did it clean and did it all themselves. >> reporter: we talked to the international olympic committee and they told us they do on the ground testing during the olympics with more tests each year. but some say that testing comes too late. >> we're going to test you at this time and this place but you won't be tested for five months before that go ahead, it's green light, open season, use all the drugs you like. that's a tremendous message, isn't it? >> that message victimor conte is speaking of is the second part of our story coming up at 5:00. >> still ahead giving new parents time off with full pay. this bold new plan that could be a reality for people in one bay area city. plus -- >> gives me purpose and fulfillment. plus, two is better than one. the vietnam war veteran fighting ptsd finds a way to help others
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by making sure they are never forgotten. celringn aivearyhisye ..butne ts
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a south bay institution celebrating an anniversary this year but one with a different mission. >> ten years ago the santa clara chapter alliance on mental health began a program that turned out to be so successful, it is now baseball replicated in other cities. garvin thomas explains the personal route in tonight's bay area proud. >> henry and todd matheson take a stroll in santa clara's natural area. these women grab a cup of coffee.x%m%qm frank as he reco from a stroke. three different pairs, three different activities, more than one thing in common. the first is that each of these people battles a type of mental illness. the second is that they have all found each other thanks to a
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suggestion made a decade ago by a south bay artist with his own troubled past. >> not how you should do it but my experience and how it worked for me. >> for 20 years after serving vietnam war, he suffered deeply with ptsd. it cost him jobs, relationship, at times it cost him almost everything. >> anger, tears, on your release. you just carry that around. >> reporter: michael says painting is one of the things that helped turn thins around for him. >> it gives me purpose, meaning and fulfillment. >> reporter: but what also worked was a buddy system a veterans group he used to support each other. it is why he suggested a similar group while working with santa clara chapter of nami, national
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alliance on mental illness. it matches someone currently in treatment with a mentor further along in theirs. it has been used to help hundreds in the south bay it's a model, all of which pleases michael to no end, to know the rough road he has traveled in the past may one day be smoother for those who follow. >> if i can allow myself to let it in -- >> allow yourself to let it in? >> i'm working on it. >> good story. >> also pretty nice outside. meteorologist looking at that microclimate forecast. we have got a pretty esplanade it forecast coming up. >> weather that will make all fans happy, summer, if you like winter, a little of both in the seven-day forecast. outside some areas of low clouds, drizzle, around the peninsula as we go hour by hour into tomorrow morning you can
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see the mostly cloudy skies. areas of low clouds and mostly sunny for the afternoon and a warming trend that gets started tomorrow and kicks in come tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures tomorrow. low- to mid-70s around san jose. low- to mid-60s closer to fran with a sea breeze trending weaker for monday. you'll notice a big change tuesday an wednesday. north bay temperatures in the 70s. tri-valley look at those numbers. mid to upper 70s tomorrow and trending warmer as the ridge of high pressure builds back to the west coast. this is a taste of summer as the winds turn offshore. coast and bay by tuesday and wednesday. look at the highs here. even san francisco, mid 80. average high only 62. how pout 85 on wednesday. inland temperatures around dublin. nowhere near that wednesday, close to 90. san jose and los gatos, look at temperatures in the south bay, mid-80s, low 90s on wednesday. the day likely will see record
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breaking high temperatures. watch how quickly those numbers drop off approaching friday. that is the other significant change in the next seven days, that high breaks down. we could see several days of some rain chances and more snow heading towards sierra. we'll have a closer look at that change for the end of the week coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> thank you, rob. coming up next, the big change for caltrain riders starting tomorrow. why their commute could be slowing down a little. >> green energy that may not be so green after all. a revelation about hundreds of millions of dollars. a ctveral eenechlogth's reivehua
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an end to big benefits. controversial grown technology with hundreds of millions of dollars recommended for cutback. >> becky nguyen has been reporting now on this issue for the last year and a half. >> reporter: we're talking about
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electric fuel cells like big batteries that produce power as part of an incentive program to make california greener and more reliable. state collects money from pg&e bill to fund new technology. no company benefited more than sunnyvale blue energy, but that cash pipeline could be drying up. fuel cells like these made by bloom technology typically run on natural gas to produce energy. touted as cleaner alternative to traditional power grid, green technology benefited. in a report from the california utilities commission found electric fuel cells that run on natural gas pollute too much and aren't worth investment. the message pointed out on our air last year. the public should not be subsidizing technologies that pollute. >> we should not have our public institutions using our money to prop up food and technology.
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>> i expect more from -- >> since 2001, the self-generation incentive program provided more than a billion dollars incentives for so-called green technology. for years starting in 2007, bloom energy received lion's share of subsidiaries. after lawmakers order add review, they looked at the benefit from the technology. they are now recommending funding no longer be provided for natural gas electric fuel cells. >> i'm really pleased that the staff of the public utilities commission took a close look at the evidence. >> marcel is an energy attorney for turn, the utility reform network. the group has long questioned environmental benefit of natural gas fuel cell. >> strongly support eliminating fuel cells that use natural gas and funding only clean distributed. >> pr. >> reporter: supposed to cut carbon emigs. found fuel cell technology fails
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to meet the greenhouse gas retirement approved last fall. they concluded natural gas fuel cells failed by a small margin to be clean are than the dprid. >> it's not a surprise to me fuel cells do not look good in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. >> the investigative unit first exposed in 2014 bloom boxes were not cleaner than california's z renewable like wind and water. we found bloom technology was producing mo(y6÷ carbon emissio than advertised something one critic called green washing. >> i love the wordt( boondoggle. add an l and m and go ahead bloomdoggle. wrote they meet all goals, lower grid emissions comparing bloom's prior product is
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speculative and fundamentally flawed, doesn't include technology that the company ñimproved. >> these type of programs are the foundation for the future. >> janice lin is the founder of california energy score align. her group represents companies that hav+p recently started getting more funds. she supports the proposal saying recommendations would make more money available for new technologies that make xgreener. >> we live here and we have children that are going to grow up here. we want california to be as clean and affordable and livable as possible. >> in addition to electric fuel cells, the commission staff also recommends cutting funding to?o natural gas-powered turbines. in the meantime half funds for companies that qualify under old rules. the commission has not said when it will decide whether to adopt the new rules. guys. you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips.
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send e-mail to unit coming up next at 5:00, helping new parents in san francisco take time off to be with their baby. it is a bl÷ new plan but at what cost for businesses? >> plus a day of action. bill clinton teams up with marshawn lynch to clean up a school in the east bay. got to see this. we'll be right back. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 5:00, bold break-in at make-a-wish foundation in san francisco. it's a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. >> good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. make a wish is known for helping people but now asking for help. >> a scooter once owned by hunter pence. live in san francisco with the story you'll only see on nbc bay


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