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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 5:00, bold break-in at make-a-wish foundation in san francisco. it's a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. >> good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. make a wish is known for helping people but now asking for help. >> a scooter once owned by hunter pence. live in san francisco with the story you'll only see on nbc bay
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area. lili. >> we're going to show you how they got in. they came in through this door, the handle was broken off, hauled these boxes. the hallway an absolute mess. they came through this area, boxes, including getting some of these ipads that used to be in this box. we still have to do an inventory  a wrench on the ground as well. we believe that maybe involved in the burglary.jf the make-a-wish foundation employees are going to bring that item down to the police. they still have to do an inventory to know what is missing. one item they know for sure. baseball player hunter pence's favorite scooter auctioned off for $40,000 is gone. this is where we had hunter pence's scooter lived.
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the burglary happened at 2:45 in the afternoon yesterday. the men in the video are carrying hunter pence's scooter, a backpack full of items, possibly ipads from the empty box. this building that 24/7 security. somehow they broke in, then broke through stairwell doors and foundation office back ewqd, all of this evading security guards. thenb scooter is famous because hunter pence would ride it to home games at at&t park. he donated it to make-a-wish foundation and it was auctioned off for $40,000.=)ñ the donor had not yet taken it yet because she didn't have a safe place for it. make a wish hope they can get that scooter back. >> the disappointment that somebody would do this. again, my heart just kind of sinks. i didn't want to believe it until i got the call this morning. i came right in. i didn't believe it and then i saw the scooter was missing and seeing the video footage, it
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>> now, hunter pence just tweeted this this is scootergate all over again. hopefully we can find this scooter. investigators were just here and they processed the scene. we will keep you updated throughout the evening. sfpd said if you know, recognize the two men in the surveillance video to call police pt reporting live from san francisco, lili tan, nbc bay area news. >> let's hope somebody does. no relief for b.a.r.t. passengers. we just learned in the last 30 minutes parii will not be offering regular service tomorrow. service has been affected on that line now for more than two weeks. this after an electrical problem knocked out power to train cars this. weekend b.a.r.t. resumed normal service on the line as a test but apparently it's not ready to handle the heavy weekday commute. passengers will continue to rely on schultz buses to get between the two stations. new at 5:00, president
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clinton and his daughter chelsea x studs in a community project to fix up campus in oakland. part of a day of action with the clinton foundation. what they have accomplished, we've seen a lot of the clintons in the bay area lately. >> yes, especially last three days. they cheered on hundreds of volunteers as they worked to spruce up the campus, home to five different schools in oakland. oakland mayori/k welcomed the student volunteers this morning and then chelsea clinton, who is pregnant, took to the stage to talk about the importance of giving back. president clinton then talked about why the clinton global academy organizes grassroots events like this to help improve the lives of kids. >> you're here not only helping them have a better environment to live and work and learn inçó bu also to support their journey through life. >> oakland natives, retired
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seattle seahawks running back marshawn lynch and free agent quarterback josh johnson also helped with the project. joining volunteers as they plant a tree and painted murals. they also cleaned up the athletic center. the campus serves 1500 from preschool to high school. this is a culmination ofv2 thre days of events through the clinton global initiative university. reporting in san jose, marianne favro, nbc by area news. >> thank you, marianne. governor jerry brown poised to sign a new minimum wage bill into law tomorrow. expected to hold a ceremony in los angeles tomorrow to sign it. the bill gradually raises minimum wage toz@ $15 an hour. increments over the next six years. california is the first state in the country to commit to $15 per hour wage. under the new law small businesses would be allowed extra year to comply. opponents say this decision could cause layoffs and raise the cost of living. speaking of first, san francisco could be the first in the country to offer six weeks
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of paid leave to parents. under the proposal they would have to pay 25% of their salary during a six week leave and cover the other 55%. proposal would apply to businesses with 20 or more workers. some companies are outraged expensive. a mild day around the bay area. get ready for summer-like temperatures and weird stuff after that. a live look outside in san jose. just a matter of days, temperatures approaching the 90s. !trob? >> not a subtle erm-up, just jumped to 90. let's zoom in on the warmest areas. around the bay area, east bay microclimate, out towards mi. sonoma, high clouds, temperatures close to 70. right here close to san francisco, the reason why, look out to ocean beach and see 50s nearby, watching low clouds form again. those will move inland tonight and tomorrow morning setting us
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up for cool conditions for the morning commute. by the middle part of the week the heat is on. looking at temperatures soaring to 90 as some of the warmest temperatures ahead around bay area. mid-80s in san francisco and low 90s around south bay, north bay and tri-valley, approach the middle of the week. what brings an end, a chance for rain. not just for a day but as you're about to see in the seven to ten-day forecast substantial rain in some spots including÷ sierras where we could see light season snow. when the hottest temperatures arrive and when rain is coming back in the forecast coming up. back to you. >> that is exciting. thanks so much. ridership on caltrain, starting tomorrow commuters will notice pretty big changes. schedules adjusted to give people who are time to get on and off the trains. if you ride caltrain this is why. this is good. riders know longer trains caltrain will offer more cars to accommodate bicycles. ridership has grown to an average of more than 60,000
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riders each weekday. take a look at the scene on the bay bridge as chp officers tried to catch a ferocious dog on the loose. take a look at this little guy. he stopped westbound traffic, if you can believe a chihuahua did this. about is before 7:00 in the morni morning. he wasn't ready to give up easily. took 30 minutes to catch the little dog. here is a picture of the officers who caught the pup. he had a collar but njmy identifying tag. animal control workers are looking to see if the dog is microchipped. they want to know if anyone with information about the dog and how it ended up on ó the bridge. if you know him, call san francisco animal control. if nobody claims the dog, it will go up for adoption. he or she. >> she's athletic. >> in good sha next at 5:a monterey county uñ"t$ow and where the missing h
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of the historic statue turned up. costing a women's soccer store more than her dignity. one company dropped ads featuring abby wambach. we'll explain coming up. tragy nr pladphitod.a ainithund
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tragedy nearñ philadelphia today. a train with hundreds of passengers on board crashed into
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añr piece of construction equipment. two am track workers killed, more than 30 passengers injured. traveling toswsavannah, georgia when it slammed into a backhoe and partially derailed. passengers say it was louds7 a dusty. >> the train was rumbling and then we got off track i guess. then there was a bunch of dust. there was dust everywhere. >> two workers killed were not on the train. this is the latog in accidents at am track. eight were killed on a train traveling twice the speed when8 it derailed. retiredw
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she was polite during the investigation. all time leading scorer in history. she won two olympic gold medals. she released a statement that reads, i take responsibility for my actions. this is all on me. i promise that i will do whatever it takes to ensure this mistake is never repeated. i'm so sorry to family, friends, fans and those that look to follow a better example. late today the car companyokcjt says it is pulling ads featuring wambach and0 reconsidering and evaluating its association with the rock star. donald trump admits last week was not the best of his presidential campaign as candidates look ahead to the primary in wisconsin. >> meanwhile hillary clinton and bernie sanders debating whether they need another debate before new york's primary. more now from washington. >> we love wisconsin. >> trailing slightly to ted cruz in state polls donald trump admits last week wasn't his finest. flip flopping answers on
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abortion, conflicts about nato, nuclear weapons. trump says he's a businessman and new to politics. >> there's always a learning curve. i don't care, even if you've been doing it all your life there's a learning curve especially with something slik nato. >> ahead of tuesday's primary in wisconsin, senator cruz urged voters to reject trump. >> nominating donald trump would be a trainm/v wreck, and that'st fair to train wrecks. >> but the billionaire businessman still predicts he'll win his party's nomination. gop chair says nothing will be stolen from anyone at the gop nomination. >> we're here to support the potential nominee. >> bernie sanders said he could beat trump. >> you are looking at the strongest democratic candidate. >> sanders holds a slight lead over hillary clinton in ñ the two spa over whether they should hold another debate. >> i'm confident we will. trying to
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reach an agreement aboutq that. we've7oo offered dates. >> dates prior to new york's big april 19 primary. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. coming up next at 5:00, a chaotic scene for hockey fans as an escalator malfunctions. we'll show you the video. plus an unusual discovery by a little girl at a local beach. how she helped a criminal investigation. start off with low clouds and patchy fog and a little bit of drizzle before temperatures really soar into the summer-like 80s and 90s in the week ahead. the latest forecast coming up. ayeryn mter coty snobeeparallsor
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a mystery in monterey county. the head of a statue found by a girl walking down the beach. lower presidio of monterey. junipero serra, the pope's decision to make him a saintered native americans. he killed and slayed native americans during the founding of the missions. several have been vandalized. checking in with the microclimate forecast. i love what you told us last time. if you like sunshine, rain, maybe both. >> you have to find something to like in the next seven days because we're going to go virtually all the seasons in the
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next seven days. sea breeze starting to cool things off in san francisco at 62. the view looking from north bay back to san francisco pretty nice. no low clouds just yet. 66 around belvedere. you see towards sunol, heat index in the sky. this morning low clouds. a repeat we'll see tomorrow morning, lots of low clouds to start, hour by hour, low clouds begin to lift on up, replaced by sunshine and high clouds moving through for the afternoon. what we'll see areas of low clouds inland including tri-valley from 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. could have drizzle and miss times for morning commute. kind of a cool start. then the skies will start to clear once low clouds and areas of drizzle begin to go away after 8:00 tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and mostly warmer starting tomorrow. mid to upper 70s in the warmest spots. we're talking 80s starting on tuesday. 90s by wednesday. tomorrow as you'll see similar
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to what saw today, warmer for the afternoon. most of the highs in the mid-60s to low 70s. tomorrow looks like mid-70s for more areas including santa clara valley. you'll see 75 around los gatos, 73 in san jose, san francisco a bit warmer as sea breeze will start to shut down by the time we get to tuesday. notice the north bay winds to change directions out tomorrow. help climb mid-70s napa, santa rosa, aroundxd pleasanton and sunol. a summer-like pattern over the area, tuesday into wednesday, winds turning offshore. that is the reason for the spike in the temperatures you see on the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. over my shoulder, san francisco 85. average highs only 62. so midweek big time warm-up as those temperatures climb close to 90 in dublin and low 90s likely for areas san jose south down into los gatos. lookñi how quickly those
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temperatures drop come thursday and friday. set up for 36 hours and then getting it moved out of the way by the time we get into thursday and friday, so replacing it will be a cool area of low pressure c bring a chance of showers. we think at least a couple more áinj rq$ind it that will bring above average chances for rain by april standards as we go through the next few days. toward the end of the week, notice not a lot of rain as we head through next week. we'll see a chance of half inch to an inch of rain as we add everything up. check this out. the beginning of next week, some projections could show couple inches of rain in the north bay. all of this shaping up for what is typically the transition to the drier months from april into may, trend as wets toward next week. hot middle part of the week. chance of showers and cooler temperatures by next saturday and sunday. from summer to spring and kind of winter in the next seven days. >> i love that. i'm not ready for the rain to
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head out. that's good news. thanks, rob. still ahead at 5:00, a scary situation for fans at a hockey game. wait until you see this escalator that malfunctioned. plus i'm sam brock. tonight a follow-up on the olympics and doping. how easy is it to cheat? we talked to an insider that describes it as taking candy from a baby. do the facts stack up? reality check coming up next. of t suer ymps--thwor an-dong et
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the world's anti-doping agency claims recent scandals. >> some claim it's easy to beat the system. sack brock examines claims the
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window cheat is wide open. >> i said this before it's a fraud. >> harsh words coming from a man you might recognize, victor c t conte once synonymous, involving barry bonds and a slew of olympic athletes now, after spending time behind bars, conte has a new company and a new crusade, cracking down an an anti-doping system he sayswed engineered for peabuse. >> put it this way, foreyears i was tapping on forehead of u.s. ada and wada. >> u.s. anti-doping agency and world anti-doping agency and tasked with flushing out cheating. >> drug testing in sports. we've been around for about 17 years now. >> wada spokesperson ben nichols
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says the organization has changed a lot in that time building broader, tougher standards for agencies and federation to test athletes. >> it's one thing to have good procedures in place, another to focus on doing well. >> we're trying to hold the world accountable wada achieved that goal. >> absolutely. when you say they are trying, i don't believe that to be true at all. i'll give you a specific example. >> cont earthquae is talking ab reports jamaica anti-doping wasn't testing athletes for moment before 2012 summer games in london. after those reports emerged, wada investigated and director general told associated press, quote, there was a period of maybe five to six months during the beginning part of 2012 where there was no effective operation, no testing. six months out, conte says that's a crucial time in an athlete's training. >> they are building strength
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and power and speed base that carries over at the olympic games. >> reporter: now, consider the following facts. wada allows countries and sports federations around the world to themselves on off-season testing. wada recently changed its policies allowing lights tofá ms two -- athletes to miss two tests. that might explain a very low number of athletes testing positive at the game. the most recent data comes from london 2012 where 5,051 athletes under went testing and nine of them tested positive for banned substances or fewer than 1% ofz >>. [ inaudible ] >> these athletes do what they have to do in order to be competitive. i don't want to say everyone is doing it because i don't believe that but i think it's the overwhelming majority. >> for the u.s. anti-doping
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agency there's a record of athletes sanctioned for missing weren't punished. if you would lying to hear the whole interview with victor conte including methods athletes might use to beat tests at games, i'll find it on the website check. for reality check, i'm sam brock, back to you. >> we'll be right back. attli sce f sohoey ns.n ealar s
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a startling scene for hockey fans as an escalator sent fans tumbling to the ground. you can see the people piling up there and trying to hop out of the way. no one seriously hurt. there's the2íñ good news. >> wow, very scary to see0l th. kind of all falling on top of each other0l at the bottom.
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next. more local news at. >> hope you can join us. on this sunday night, blast of winter. destructive storms give spring the cold shoulder. damaging winds, freezing temperatures and snow hitting millions in a big part of the country where only the calendar says it's spring. deadly crash, an amtrak passenger train slams into a construction vehicle on the tracks outside philadelphia killing two and injuring dozens. tonight, the search for the cause. heroin safe zone, a controversial plan to let heroin users shoot up in a supervised setting. it's happening in canada and now a u.s. mayor is proposing the idea for his city. soldier's story. how a piece of metal found in a far away field connected a fallen


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