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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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rainang retn ttheay ar. he's liy break out that umbrella. rain returning to the bay area. live look at san jose and kari hall has our forecast. >> more work on the old span of the bay bridge. what crews are doing today and tomorrow. a stop at the bay area piggy bank. the president landing at sfo in less than nine hours. what you need to know about his presidential visit. "today in the bay" starts right now. and very good friday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're dipping into our rain piggy bank. we'll see some sprinkles today and tomorrow, kari. >> off and on pretty much the next 48 hours and then we start to see that rain tapering off. a live look right now. mostly cloudy skies and some light rain starting to move into the south bay. it's 55 degrees now in the north bay with some clouds there. we're heading up to 66 degrees
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later today 70 in the south bay and san francisco up to 64 degrees and a quick look at the radar. you can see the green there. indicating some light rain starting to move into the south bay. i'll talk more about that coming up. let's head over to anthony for a look at the bay area roads. >> want to start off with the bay incline because we don't have the bay bridge metering lights that one we usually show you with the backup. i want to show you this camera. emoriville cam and the metering lights on and the cars not getting through any problem. switching over to the maps, lots of green. that denotes traffic flow moving without a problem and that specific location. also coming down through the rest of the east bay, no concerns. kari was talking about that rain and that is starting to fall across parts of the south bay and morgan hill. back over to you guys. >> thank you very much. 5:01 right now. more anger is bubbling after another deadly officer-involved shooting just before 10:00 yesterday morning. the public health department
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says a homeless outreach team was trying to get a woman to the doctor when they encountered a homeless man with a knife. they called police. responding officers say they fired bean bag rounds but they had to use their guns when they say the suspect lunged at them. the witnesses say jose luis never lunged at officers. we're going to check in -- >> he puts up the thing showing it's not a knife. >> what was it? >> like a cake spreading tool. >> okay. >> they start launching bean bags at him. so, he blocks it and he only could take so much and he gets up and he starts to run. >> we have been working very, very hard to try and figure out ways to contend with folks with edged weapons or other weapons. >> protesters demanding reform in the department hit the streets last night. well a series of freeway shootings have left drivers very uneasy. now the chp taking extra steps to try and stop the violence. since november, chp has investigated 16 freeway shootings in contra costa and
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alameda counties. ten of them on i-80. now, three of those shootings are being investigated as homicides. the chp says all shootings, all of those shootings are gang related and are not random. in march, investigators began targeting known gang members. the chp has also increased its patrols along the i-80 corridor. last week officers arrested one gang member in connection with the shooting on highway 4. developing news that will affect you this weekend some changes going on by the bay bridge. demolition continuing on another truck. a 500-foot truss. how is that going to affect drivers and their commute? we'll find out right now from chuck coppola who is joining us from the bay bridge. >> good morning, sam and laura. it shouldn't affect your morning commute or evening commute. we are talking about the boxy sections of the old bay bridge east of treasure island. behind me, the new bay bridge and the boxy sections i'm talking about is just on the other side of that. to the left as you're going up the incline from oakland to san
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francisco. there were five of them. now, there are four of them. the first one was lowered in february. the second one will be lowered today and tomorrow transported then to the port of oakland by barge for dismantle and recycling. if the weather holds, the truss will be lowered at a rate of 25 feet per hour. it is a very time consuming process. if these things are very large, they are 504 feet across and they weigh 2500 tons and cal trans expects that the operation of lowering it could take 12 to 14 hours. now, cal trans will be providing a live streaming video, if you want to watch this. they've also condensed the first version of this coming down in a time lapse vidography. the new bay bridge will remain open throughout this process and it should not disrupt traffic. and then afterwards, al trans
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plans to implode the pier that the trusses rest upon still seeking permits for that and did so for the first pier. that went successfully last november. reporting live at treasure island, i'm chuck coppola. >> watching a piece of history there. a chp motorcycle officer in the hospital this morning with serious injuries. investigators say that he was intentionally run over. it happened along i-80 in sacramento. after it occurred the suspect took off and ditched his truck and then stole another truck from a construction site. he ended up leading officers on a 50-mile-long chase that ended in fairfield where he was finally arrested. it is 505 right now a palo alto that helps people with disabilities and the staff said the shed near their building was broken into over the weekend. thieves stole $1,600 worth of camping gear and supplies. takes the staff out camping three or four times a year.
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but now it's in jeopardy. >> for them to network and socialize and for many of them the only chance to go camping or do outdoor activities. >> the next trip is for june. happening today, back in the bay area, president obama arrives in san francisco this afternoon. this is video of the president landing at lax last night for another fund-raiser. here, he's got another fund-raiser himself and several meetings. that means you can expect delays as his motorcade makes its way around the city. the president returns to d.c. tomorrow. california's mission to slow down pollution costing drivers every time they go to the gas bump. an analyst says california's pollution tax has raised taxes by 11 cents a gallon. that tax is higher for diesel. california lost its pollution restriction program about four years ago, but the tax on fuel only began last year. covered california. the state-run health insurance exchange may be available to
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hackers. federal investigators discovered significant hold that could put users' personal information at risk. california leaders say there's no evidence hackers have actually succeeded into getting into the system yet. health exchanges in vermont and kentucky are also at risk. we did not have to cover with any rain gear at at&t park. it was muggy, but nice for the most part and today different story. >> let's follow the storm and starts in the south and heads to the north, kari. >> that's what we're seeing now with this trend moving from south to north. it will take a while before you make it to the north bay and you may not see that until later on this evening. starts out with some sprinkles and just enough to turn on the windshield wipers and a reminder that you need the umbrella today and continues to move from san jose to palo alto and morgan hill and gilroy. this is what we expect as we go into this afternoon. heavier downpours and the potential of a couple storms popping up and the showers will
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continue to roll across san francisco into santa rosa by later on this evening. and then by tomorrow, we still have some off and on rain, but it won't be raining the entire time. so, i'll let you know what else to expect as we head through the rest of the weekend and early next week. that's coming up in less than ten minutes. let's see what's happening on the roadways now with anthony. >> start you in dublin right now. no concerns here, but i'm noticing on the traffic maps starting to do some slowing and cars moving without a problem and as kari was mentioning we will start to see some sprinkles and let's switch over to the maps and there's the green coming through where we were just looking at and slowing right near the 680 connector. again, you just saw for yourself not impacting traffic flow all that much. across the south bay, there's the showers denoted by some of the green blobs you see on the map. that is the map that kari was talking about. the roads are wet near 101 and morgan hill and gilroy. >> thanks so much, anthony.
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captola woman is about to take a walk for bryan stow. stow's long-time friend is heading to spain to take part in a walk through northern spain that leads to st. james burial site. it takes up to 50 days. duncan is calling her journey steps4stow. she'll document her progress online each night. >> a hug there and a step forward. another step forward for bryan snow. in talking to folks he was back at the stadium where he had great memories. >> he actually threw out the first pitch for opening night at municipal stadium in san jose. this year he was on crutches. a really big recovery from last year when he needed a walker. >> day-to-day is tough. i want to be doing better than i am. but then i think how i could have been, i could be dead.
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deceased. and i think i'm doing really well right now. >> amazing to see his recovery. stow travels the country giving speeches now on anti-bullying. by the way, he's a good luck charm. the san jose giants won the game. >> you just want to hear more from him. it's amazing the transformation. up next, scott mcgrew standing by in the studio with a warning this morning, scott. >> a warning from adobe that will affect your computer. i'll tell you how to solve it. that's just ahead. clinton, trump, sanders, cruz, who will you vote for? we'll show you what californians are thinking. results of a new poll after the break. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. baki ne inan se ==ve=the ia picr
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at 5:13. breaking news from san jose. a police investigation under way right now near east william and south tenth street. as you can see, the scene very active as there are police officers on, bright lights. they've shut down the area. this is only about a block away from san jose state. we have calls out to san jose police trying to get more information. kris sanchez is on the way to the scene right now. we'll have an update from kris coming up as soon as she arrives. on air and online and download nbc bay area app and get updates right to your cell phone. all those numbers coming out as wyoming pulls its caucuses tomorrow, but the candidates are eyeing that big prize, new york,
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which votes later this month. >> the empire states donald trump and behind the keens info on donald trump's campaign. good morning, tracie. >> looks like donald trump is staying put today in new york canceling some events including california to try to figure out how to deal with what have described as disorganization and coming to the table late. in some states within his campaign. we're watching that and this war of words that's erupted among the democrats. >> seth myers. >> reporter: bernie sanders early this morning on late night promising to support hillary clinton if she's the nominee, even after he called her unqualified. >> hillary clinton worth it. she's 100% better than any of the other republican candidates. >> i will take bernie sanders over ted cruz or donald trump any time. >> trump canceled events in
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california and colorado. >> which is an indication to me that they believe that they are either in trouble in new york or they want to make certain that he wins his home state. >> reporter: convention strategy. lowering expectations on how many delegates they can win. ted cruz is picking up support in colorado, where three newly elected democrats are cruz favorites. more will be elected today. meantime, new yorkers are being bombarded by candidates and new ads. >> hillary will be an awesome president. >> want to stop the clinton machine and win the white house? only choice is john kasich. >> reporter: new york's primary is april 19th. but, first, of course, wyoming for the democrats. that's happening tomorrow. they are caucuses and there are 18 delegates up for grabs. >> tracie potts live from d.c., thank you very much. as we talk about donald trump and specifically his
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electability in a general election, while some say he has a bit of an image problem, seven out of ten americans say they have an unfavorable view of the billionaire. that's according to a new ap poll. 5:16 right now. an urge warning from san jose's adobe this morning. >> its software is vulnerable and could leave your computer open to being held for ransom. scott mcgrew you said this fix is pretty easy. >> it is. i'll get to it in just a second. people aren't even aware of this issue. they have forgotten about adobe flash. they used to see it all the time youtube moved away from flash years ago. but you see it from time to time and may not recognize the ad at the top of website is a flash ad. hackers have found a way into their flash plugin and insert ransom ware the message that says, hey, unless you pay us money we'll delete your hard drive. i posted a link on my facebook
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link and if you'll retweet it, it's fairly easy to fix. space-x will try to reach the international space station this afternoon with the launch of its falcon rocket. the dragon capsule will deliver an inflatable living quarters to the iss and i'd like to think of it as a bouncy house. the first launch to the iss since the last attempt exploded. spacex had successful launches between but super stressful morning for spacex. let's check your news before the bell and we'll turn to susan li live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> happy, scott. yes, stocks looking to end the week on a positive note. futures are pointing higher at this hour and the markets suffering their worst day since the end of february. on thursday, bank and financial stocks being the big underperformers and looking out for data on wholesale trade which tracks the total value of inventories and just a recap. that ugly session just yesterday
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on thursday and the dow falling triple digits and down 174 and nasdaq 4848 this morning. scott, back to you. >> all right, susan, thank you much. we think of the golden state warriors as being the silicon valley team. after all, it's run by venture capitalists. they held a competition at the game when they voted which tech company to fund and the winner got that giant check. he used to actually be a minority owner in the golden state warriors. sam and laura, super interesting fellow. he loves basketball. not only does have an indoor court in his basement, he became a bit famous after malcolm gladwell wrote about his daughter's basketball team. he coached his daughter's team, but at the time, he didn't know anything about basketball and he thought it was weird the defense only played on their side of the court and why not try to get the ball the whole time.
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he invented full-court press although he didn't know it was invented. he had girls play full-court press the entire game and they won the championships. >> the scores of those games were probably 14-10. >> he thought invented this concept. >> that's great. >> thank you, scott. 5:19 right now. we'll get some change in the weather. you know, it it was so hot earlier this week. >> you know what, a pretty big change we've been talking about rain and gorgeous temperatures all week long and we do need a little bit of sprinkle here. good morning, kari. >> good morning, sam and laura. we do need the rain but doesn't look like a lot of it. starts out as light, scattered sprinkles and as of now only affecting the south bay. as wu get a closer look turn on the windshield wipers and also as you get on to 280. light rain moving in and temperatures are holding steady in the upper 50s to lower 60s. it's 56 degrees now in the east bay, but let's get a close look at the south bay where we do have that rain that just moved through morgan hill.
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55 degrees and 59 degrees now in downtown. and if you're heading to the giants today, it will be broadcast live here on nbc bay area, we'll have some great weather for out there, but make sure you have some rain gear. temperatures will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s. and some rain at times. it won't be raining the entire time. this is the way it pans out as we look at the futurecast. by 10:00 this evening, a slight chance of rain moving in to san francisco, but much of it will be farther to the south. and some scattered rain off and on throughout tonight and into the day tomorrow. and then sunday we start to take a break and during this time frame, we are looking at the possibility of still some scattered light sprinkles even into the day on sunday. so, the rainfall totals during this time frame doesn't look really heavy, but we do need it and it looks like we could get about 0.25 in san jose and more in napa and san jose. this area of low pressure
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causing the rain to move from south to north and then in the next couple of days we'll be on the back side of that as the dry weather dries out and we will have a break before the next round of rain moves stays below average. just think a couple days ago we were setting some records. well, here we are barely making it above average in san jose, as well as the rest of the bay area. look at the weekend forecast. highs in the upper 60s to low 70s today. we'll keep it about the same in the mid-60s on sunday with mostly cloudy skies and, yes a chance of some snow in the sierra, especially early next week. let's head over to anthony for a look at traffic. >> oh, yes, winter is not just yet. we are tracking heavier traffic right now as you were mentioning, kari. sprinkles on the south bay and you can see the ground is a little bit wet here but folks moving right along without any problems this morning. let's switch over to the maps and some of the green polly gones you can see on the map, that denotes the traffic map is
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picking up on wet roads on parts of san jose down near morgan hill and gilroy. across the east bay looking pretty good from oakland down towards livermore and headed towards the dumbarton and san mateo. all looking wide open to you. you don't want to miss this. >> take a look at this adorable little bear cub. she had a rough day. more on his rescue after this break.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. the's mauntndea happening now. there is a manhunt under way in washington state for an accused
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killer. >> going on as authorities searching for a man who escaped wednesday a psychiatric hospital in western washington. anthony garveer visited his parents' home and team searched a wooded area near that house and they came up empty. he escaped with another man police were able to recapture. 5:25 right now. a new groundbreaking document from census. a new set of guidelines that provide more leeway for the catholic faith. on love in the family. the pontiff has been working on it for the last three years. technically, it does not change on family, life, contraception and does allow to suit specific cultures. the pope argues the church must begin to show more understanding of modern reality. after a four-day pause, greece resuming deporting refugees and migrants to turkey. thousands of refugees who
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reached greece after march 20th are now being he in detention camps. some have been deported. later greece sent 45 people back to the turkish coast. about 80 more folks are skej to be deported later today. it is a spring of extremes so far. millions under weather warnings right now with historic heat in the west and tornadoes tearing up the south. in the plains, dangerous winds are fueling nine massive wildfires. the largest of which was burning out of control near freedom, oklahoma. that scorched more than 80 square miles. right now no end in sight. this morning 8 million people are under a red flag warning for extreme fire conditions. an injured bear cub is on the mend after firefighters rescued him from a brush fire. they nicknamed the guy smoky jr. the cub was pulled to safety from a 220-acre brush fire that got near homes yesterday.
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firefighters say there was no sign of smoky jr.'s mom. he'll be put up for adoption. >> that's original, by the way. any other names for bears other than smoky. >> little bears grow up. >> they need to be fluffed up, too. demolition work resuming today on the old span of the bay bridge. how it might impact your weekend commute. a dental assistant arrested in concord for allegedly molesting a little girl. coming up, why police think there could be more victims out there. joing
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all right. pretty active start so far to your friday. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam rock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the weather will pbe changing. >> the umbrella a necessity today along with some light clothing that will keep you nice and warm, at least to start out the day. it's right at about 60 degrees in san francisco and 54 degrees in the north bay. and today it will be nice and seasonable with a high of 64 degrees in san francisco. 66 degrees in east bay peninsula and the north bay. the south bay up to 70 degrees. here is a look at the rain now as it's been pretty scattered and light and moving through the south bay. i'll give you details on what to expect as this continues to rule farther to the north. that's coming up in a few minutes. but right now anthony has his eye on the bay bridge. >> i want to show you the backup because it's starting to form and it's early this morning. even right before 5:30 we saw this form.
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metering lights are turned on and that backup is going to continue to form as we head through the morning. we don't have that other shot that we'd like to show you with the backup from 157 where its back to the maze. unfortunately, we can't show you that, but that's our alternate this morning. the backup is starting to form at the maze, as i was showing you. across the east bay, no concerns. wet roads across parts of the south bay and just keep that in mind and you'll notice that by the green showing up on the maps. the 101 wet in spots and 85 is wet in spots, too, over near saratoga. back to you, sam and laura. right now following breaking news in the south bay. police activity near san jose state university has a street shut down. >> kris sanchez live at the scene with the very latest for us. kris? >> well, good morning to you. we are here on east william street near san jose state university. i'll step out of the way. we are talking about a shooting
5:32 am
investigation. san jose police here on the scene. they have a mobile command site, as well. what you're looking at is a street side tacoria restaurant and this is a bustling part of town later in the evening hours not far from san jose state and along with a laundromat in the area. we know at least one person was shot in this incident and we don't know the condition of that person. if you are making your way through this area, you work in downtown san jose or go to san jose state university, be aware that east william street is going to remain closed for at least another little while. we're talking about the stretch between tenth street and ninth street. as police are continuing to gather information. we do see a number of markers on the ground. the little flags that they put up when they find things that they think might be relevant to the investigation. so, again, san jose police gathering details this morning. we do know at least one person was shot and that the road will
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be closed east william street between south tenth and south ninth and what is usually a busy pedestrian area, not too far from san jose state. we're working on more details. we are told that the san jose police spokesperson will not be responding to any questions until a little later this morning. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." we are going to be updating the story on air and online. download our nbc bay area app to get updates right to your cell phone. happening today, demolition work continues on the old span of the bay bridge. crews will separate a 500-foot long truss from the two towers that support it. the truss weighs a2,500 tons more than 500 feet in the air. once taken down it will be taken to the port of oakland there scrapping. the second of 19 trusses that must come down. all the work will take another two years. after weeks of tension, laura, later today cal state university leaders expected to hold a joint news conference with teachers to lay out terms
5:34 am
of a new deal that would alert a strike. issuing a joint statement that a new contract has been reached. teachers threaten to walk off the job next week at all 23 cal state campuses. both sides enter into closed door talks on wednesday. salaries will increase for some 26,000 workers that includes professors, counselors and coaches. a chp motorcycle officer in the hospital this morning with serious injuries. investigators say that he was intentionally run over. it happened along i-80 in sacramento. the suspect took off, ditched truck and then stole another truck from a construction site. he ended up leading officers on a 50-mile-long chase that ended in fairfield where he was finally arrested. a palo alto man is charged with quadruple murder. kevin dulgren could be locked up for life if convicted of killing his family in the czech
5:35 am
republic. prosecutors formally charged him yesterday. in the meantime, he has been extradited to the czech republic and now awaiting trail. a san jose man behind bars facing murder charges is now facing charges for another homicide. the santa clara d.a. office has filed murder charges against this man in connection with the deadly shooting in 2012. gonzalez has been in jail since his arrest in 2013 for a separate killing. an east bay dental assistant is under arrest this morning akudz in the disturbing case of child molestation. concord police say arrested an 8-year-old girl while she was sedated during a recent visit. >> he brought her to the room. she was sedated. and he pulled her pants down and he videotaped her and he touched her. >> investigators say they then discovered hundreds of photos and videos of the suspect's home revealing extensive abuse. and they fear there could be
5:36 am
more victims. thrown in the towel. he is giving up his appeal. this week yann hufnagel released text messages proving his innocence. show that he and a female reporter were flirting consensually. but the toxt environment at uc berkeley has made it impossible for mr. hufnagel to rejoin the basketball team that he loved even if he is vindicated in full. a babysitter accused of abusing a 14-month-old livermore boy is back in court today. she pleaded not guilty to child felony abuse. she was arrested after a nanny cam caught her smothering the child. the footage has been mischaracterized adding that the parents may have jumped on the case because they are livermore police officer os.
5:37 am
today's hearing centers around a court hearing requiring gonzalez to stay away from all children. a crime spike on the campus thieves are after laptops. since september, police say that 72 computers have been reported stolen. nearly half of those steps have happened in the last two months. the laptops are being stolen from officers, research rooms and dorms. police say they have twoal of interest in the case, but so far no arrests. investigators think the suspects may be posing as a student or an employee. and a friendly reminder that the clock right now is ticking. if you forgot about it, just one left before the april 15th tax deadline. but in the south bay, the tax collectors' office is trying to make it easy for homeowners who still have to pay property taxes. they're offering an express pay option to avoid the long lines. real ease of the pain. by the way, those property taxes are due a little earlier than the 15th. they're due next monday.
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double whammy there. >> i tell you. all right. it is 5:57 right now. more proof this morning that coyote activity is on the rise in san francisco. take a look at this wild animal lounging on someone's lawn yesterday near balboa terrace. the coyote ran away as soon as animal control officers showed up. but it left behind a little bit of a mess. they believe the coyote knocked over green bins in the neighborhood while on the hunt for food. animal care and control wants homeowners to make that area that their bins are properly secured. happening today, back in the bay area, president obama arrived in san francisco this afternoon. this is video of the president landing at lax last night. he attended a democratic fund-raiser at the home of alan horn. here he has another fund-raiser and several meetings. that means he can expect some delays as his motorcade makes his way around the city. the president will to d.c. tomorrow. 5:38 right now. just another day at the beach.
5:39 am
a world record attempt with a reality star in attendance happening today at ocean beach in san francisco. the san francisco-based company docu sign will try to beat the guinness world record for the most signatures in the sand. how clever. at 11:00 this morning. more than 200 people will sign their names and stick around to clean the beach. putting a signature on this season right now. the warriors have histin theory their grasp after their rivals san antonio spurs last night. >> beat the spurs 112-101. that puts them in a class of two. and if they win their last three games, they would set a record. last night steph curry's 27 points led the warriors to the win and the fans are pretty pumped. >> i think they're ready for the playoffs. i think we're going to take it. >> greatest show on earth. pure entertainment. 100% fun. you should be there. >> if they don't get it, it's
5:40 am
okay because the record, in my mind, isn't really going to mean much if they don't win the championship. >> that's a really good point because they have their eyes on that prize. on saturday the warriors play the memphis grizzlies and on sunday the warriors play the spurs, once again, this time in san antonio where the spurs are virtually unbeatable. i don't think they lost at home this season. >> that would be a good one, too. >> high times on the court and hot times earlier this week. >> it sure was. >> that is changing a little bit. >> kind of changing a lot of bit. not get a lot of rain, but it's a change, nonetheless. >> oh, yeah. considering our temperatures in some spots are dropping 30 degrees compared to just a couple days ago. we will have some much cooler air and, yes, it does come with some rain in the mix. mainly light showers moving through the south bay and peninsula. keep that in mind as you go throughout the day hat you may need the umbrella. we could have heavier downpours and possibly a few storms in parts of the south bay and east bay later on this afternoon.
5:41 am
then into the day tomorrow, still some rain moving from south to north and starts to taper off as we go into sunday. i'll detail the whole weekend, what to expect and how to make some outdoor plans. that's coming up in less than ten minutes. let's head over now to anthony to get a look at what's happening on the roadways. >> as you mentioned, we got showers across parts of the south bay and also some slowing now across 101. this is in san jose right at the 280, 680 interchange. this is the part that starts to slow. nothing unusual and no accidents and keep in mind as umention yo mentioned, no showers. note thice the green blobs on t map. even near cupertino and saratoga on 85. nothing as far as accidents there. no crashes. that's good news. seeing some traffic build across parts of sunol and also outside the bay bridge. the metering lights have been turned on now and you can see the cars are moving on just nice and slow. but keep in mind, it's slow commute at the bay bridge
5:42 am
approach. back to you. >> thanks so much. a dangerous chase in l.a. turns into a joy ride. >> the burgee suspect in this mustang convertible dropped top even though it was raining and started doing doughnuts on hollywood boulevard. it all finally came to an end after an hour when that car lost its tire. the men then stopped to exchange high fives with onlookers and take some selfies and then get arrested and go to jail. >> isn't that crazy? >> that's nuts. a story to tell. golf pros proving they're just like us. the putt at the masters that take as long as you and i play. >> stick around for that one. that one is pretty good. also, the government bill is due coming up in "business and." tfilthe of
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interesting story now on demographics in silicon valley. companies want to fill their offices full of foreigners because they can't find americans to fill those spots. >> scott mcgrew that means using those visas. >> something that everyone in silicon valley. it is the companies, not the people that get them. the companies could use them to foreign talent. but new this morning so many companies want the special visas. they'll have to hand them out via lottery. 85,000 visas will go out most lae to tech companies. 85% of those will go to indian citizens. the visas are good for three
5:46 am
years and 20,000 of them will go to people with advanced degrees. tech companies claim they're needed and labor groups say they allow those companies to hire a cheaper labor force. tesla now says demand for its new model 3 over the past week has set a record for a product launch ever in a single week. more than 325,000 people have plunked down $1,000 deposit on a model 3. wall street had a rough day thursday. banks and financial stocks, particularly hard hit. we're hearing yahoo! will extend its deadline. something that we were planning on watch next week. now looks like it is going to be more like two. back to you. >> a temporary dip there for the 401(k)s. thank you very much. >> temporary dip temperatures, as well. let's check in with weather and traffic together. first start out with kari hall. >> good morning, sam and laura. getting ready for some rain after a couple days of very hot
5:47 am
weather and we will, in some spots, get a nice little amount of rain the weekend. looking now at some very light rain. it's barely being picked up here. but maybe just enough to make the roads wet before you head out the door. and going to work or school. we're looking at some light showers on the radar for san jose and then moving up to 80 and approaching half moon bay, as well. now the temperature is at 58 degrees in concord. 59 in oakland 59, also, in san jose. as our temperatures start out mild, we're getting ready for a soggy day. but still nice for some baseball. i mean, we'll have a chance of rain. we won't be raining the entire game this evening or if you choose you'll watch it here at home. the coverage starts at 7:00, but we will have some temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. a look at all the microclimates today. don't forget the umbrella seven-day forecast now at the bottom of the screen. temperatures holing steady with a couple days of scattered showers in the forecast.
5:48 am
we'll also have a high of 65 degrees in livermore whileland today is up to 67 degrees. and this is a look at the futurecast. it shows how the rain may look on the radar later on today and we start to see heavier downpours approaching the south bay later on tonight and into early tomorrow. we may also have a couple of thunderstorms that could pop up in parts of the east bay hills and the south bay later on today and then here we are on sunday as we still have a little bit of light rain early in the morning and then activity starts to taper off through the day. if you're plan a day to try to get outside, i think sunday may be the best bet. as far as rainfall, some of the commodels disagree. here's one computer model that shows we could have a good soaking for the east bay and north bay and maybe a tenth of an inch there. all because of this area of low pressure that was moving up from southern california and it shows that some of that scattered rain continues here until that area of low pressure slides off to
5:49 am
the east. and left with those clouds on sunday and the cooler temperature trend. keeps it right at about average and drops it back down into the lower 60s for the start of next week. a look at the weekend forecast. we'll have highs today right at about 70 degrees in the south bay. and in the mid-60s on sunday, once again, mostly cloudy skies and a chance of snow in the sierra. let's head over to anthony to get a look at what's happening on the roadways. >> start you in the south bay. talk about showers and the build on 101. no accidents. that's good news. you notice the green on the map denotes wet roads across 101. same deal for 87 starting to see some approaching downtown and over near 85 some slowing, as well. near cupertino and saratoga. the east bay, not much to be concerned about here on this friday. you can see lots of green. that denotes traffic flow without a problem and i want to show you this one little spot there. that is the bay bridge maze and you can see the metering lights
5:50 am
are on and a slow go getting across into san francisco and the great news it's not raining there yet. that's your good news. your silver lining. back to you. >> even better friday. >> you can always party on friday. happening today, speaking of partying. the city of brotherly love is doing just that. holding a victory party for villanova wildcats. >> typically outside city limits but not stopping the city from shutting down the center of town to celebrate the ncaa championship win over north carolina. villanova canceled classes again today so students can attend that parade and party. good one there. well, an epic meltdown for one of golf's greatest moments into his first hole in this year's master's. >> from one of the greatest sports achievement to one of the worst and one for the record books. a lot of us who struggled with our putting can probably relate. erny els yesterday missed six putts all within three feet
5:51 am
before notch 9. that is the highest score ever on for the first hole in 80 years at the master's. els has won four major championships and later blamed the for his quadruple bogey. the giants, meantime, got off to a great start at at&t with a big win yesterday over their rival dodgers. >> winning this one with emphasis after hunter pence hit a grand slam in the bottom of the eighth to help push the jiopportunities a 12-6 win. it was not that much of a blow out, at least by the final score standards. fans went into a frenzy and giants behind 4-0 to start off this game. sty the record for the most shutout innings. tonight two of the action right back at it. the long-awaited return of matt cain against dodgers rookie strickling. you can catch it all right here on nbc bay area.
5:52 am
warriors fans have a chance to buy some playoff tickets today. they go on sale at 2:00 p.m. the team says the best place to buy those tickets on their website. and fans should certainly watch out for fake tickets out there. kids at kaiser hospital getting a special visit today from a cape cruseder. >> batman stopping by sant clara. the super hero will not come a, of course. he is bringing a storm trooper and a princess with him they are called heros for hope. the characters they inspire kids to be heroes. speaking of true heroes right now, all right, all "star wars" fans pay very close attention a new disturbance in "the force" revealed in the movie trailer. >> it will debut in december. to be clear, it's not the "star wars" story. it is a "star wars" story. a prequill from the original film. in the story no jeddi and no
5:53 am
major characterses from any previous "star wars" films. causing the most concern to some the absence of any light sabers. the trailer does feature a sword wielding samurai. coming up next, a love letter from the pope. the way that a new document couldfect how the church treats marriage and divorce. also happening right now, breaking news in the south bay, a shooting investigation that's left streets closed one block away from san jose state university. kris sanchez right now on the scene. she's talking with police. they just us one person has suffered life-threatening injuries. kris has a live report ahead. also posting updates on our twitter feed. the end of an era "american idol" era. how the last battle went down and who showed up to say farewell we'll be back in two minutes. ==sau==the's mauntndea
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
happening right now. there is a manhunt under way in washington state for an accused killer. authorities are searching for a man who escaped wednesday from a psychiatric hospital in western washington. police say anthony garveer visited his parents home in spokane yesterday. security cameras caught him buying a bus ticket. teams searched a wooded area near the home, but they came up empty. escaped with another man who
5:57 am
police were able to recapture. a flight attendant trying to transport cocaine is expected in court today. marsha gay reynolds tried to bring 70 pounds of cocaine through security at lax several weeks ago. she managed to run out of the airport and then flew to new york where she turned herself in to authorities. reynolds is now back in los angeles where a bail hearing is scheduled for today. it's 5:57 on your friday morning. assistant basketball coach at cal who was fired for sexual rasment is giving up his appeal. week yann hufnagel released hundreds of text messages. they show that he and a reporter were flirting consensually and hiss released a statement saying in part "the toxic environment at uc berkeley has it impossible for mr. hufnagel to rejoin the basketball team that he loves even if he is vindicated in full as the facts would show." moving on to decision 2016
5:58 am
this morning. instead of moving on to california this morning as donald trump has planned. he has been tweaking his campaign in preparation for battle over delegates. he got a new manager in charge of convention strategy and how many delegates he can win. trump insiders describe his campaign as organized and late to the game in some states like colorado. he canceled a quick stop in that state which elects more delegates today. >> which is an indication to me that they believe that they are either in trouble in new york or they want to make certain that he wins his home state. >> new developments overnight in the war of words between democrats. bernie sanders early this morning on late night promised to support hillary clinton if she's the nominee, even after he called her unqualified. laura, it has been a spring of extremes, millions are under weather warnings right now with historoic heat in the west. record cold in the east. and tornadoes tearing up the south. and, by the way, in the plains,
5:59 am
dangerous winds are fueling nine massive wilds. the largest of which is burning out of control near freedom, oklahoma. that fire has already scorched more than 80 square miles with no end in sight. thissing this morning. an injured bear cub is on the mend after rescuers rescued him from a brush fire. they nicknamed that guy smoke jr. firefighters say there was no sign of smoky jr.'s mom. >> and like you said, smoky jr., they're only going to be able to hold him, i don't know, another couple months. >> grisly adams, where are you. right now at 6:00, grab your umbrella before you head out the door today. the rain is going to stick around and be part of your weekend plan. keep that in mind. the fullline coming up in moments with kari hall. and breaking news in san
6:00 am
jose right now where police just removed the crime scene tape here at a shooting investigation near san jose state university. i just talked to the owner of the taco truck where it all happened and i'll show you what he had to say. and groundbreaking words from the pope. the new guidelines just released this morning for the catholic faith. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're back after being on the infield at t aat&t field. the sprinklers were on. >> different sort of sprinkles coming later today. kari hall has more on that. >> yes, we are getting ready in time for some rain coming down from the record high temperatures we had just a couple days ago and right now at 60 degrees for the bay area and cloudy skies andn


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