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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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jose right now where police just removed the crime scene tape here at a shooting investigation near san jose state university. i just talked to the owner of the taco truck where it all happened and i'll show you what he had to say. and groundbreaking words from the pope. the new guidelines just released this morning for the catholic faith. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're back after being on the infield at t aat&t field. the sprinklers were on. >> different sort of sprinkles coming later today. kari hall has more on that. >> yes, we are getting ready in time for some rain coming down from the record high temperatures we had just a couple days ago and right now at 60 degrees for the bay area and cloudy skies and rain across the
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south bay and times of rain off and on and mild temperatures right at about average for this time of year. reaching 66 degrees with rain later in the north bay. i'll detail all of that and i'll help you make plans for the weekend with a timeline of the rain. let's head over to anthony now for a look at what's happening as you travel across parts of the east bay. >> i want to you off to the south bay and then head over to the east bay and right now you're noticing the slowing on 101 that continues back towards capital expressway. keep in mind, there are some wet spots on the road denoted by the green polygons you see there. head over to the east bay and see what we're talking about. slowing on 880 in a couple of spots and an accident just south of the oakland coliseum and another in fremont right near auto mall parkway and a look out near fremont and traffic still moving without a problem and slowing on the san mateo bridge there. not all that bad, just traffic starting to build and great news on this friday. back to you. >> anthony, thank you. an update right now to breaking news and a shooting investigation under way right
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now in downtown san jose. this is right next to san jose state. "today in the bay" kris sanchez at the scene all morning long. you have an update you just got from police. what can you tell us? >> we do know the police investigation seems to be wrapping up here. they just took down the crime scene tape and the roadway here at east william street will be reopening soon. i want you to look in the distance there. you see a taco truck. the spartan taco truck and i owner of that taco truck that e was here when the shooting was reported right around 11:00 last night. felix tells me he was working inside as customers about ten of them were dining outside under that tarp. and that's when he heard sounded to be one, maybe two gunshots. he said it appeared that the victim was perhaps a customer. and that it appears that the gunman was in a vehicle driving. now, police say they don't know what the motive for the shooting was, but they do know there was at least one person who was shot
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and had life-threatening injuries here at the scene. that is now at the hospital. there was conflicting information about whether or not that person had survived this incident, but at last report, the san jose police department tells us that that person is still fighting for his life. but, again, the owner of the taco truck said that there were lots of people out here. at least ten people having some dinner. late-night dinner when this shooting appeared to have happened. san jose police will continue this investigation, though the roadway here east william street between tenth and ninth street will reopen as soon as we clear out of the way. we will stay here for you, as well, this morning. in san jose not far from san jose state university. 6:03 right now and more anger bubbling after another officer-deadly involved shooting. this happened near 19th just before 10:00 yesterday morning. the public health department says the homeless outreach team was trying to get a homeless woman to the doctor when they encountered a homeless man with
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a knife. they called police. responding officers say they fired bean bag rounds, but they had to use their guns when they say the suspect lunged at them. but witnesses say jose luis never lunged at officers. >> he puts up the thing showing him it's not a knife. >> what was it? >> like a cake spreading tool. they start launching bean bags at him. so, he blocks it and could only take so much and he gets up and starts to run. >> we have been working very, very hard to try to figure out ways to contend with folks with other weapons. protesters demanding reform of the department hit the streets last night. 6:04, this is all coming as the city considers arming some san francisco police officers with tasers. the issue drew a packed house at a police commission meeting earlier this week. in february, police chief greg proposed a limited taser program that would only provide tasers to specifically trained officers. laura a series of
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freewayings have left drivers uneasy on the i-80 corridor and now the chp taking extra steps to try to stop that violence. since november chp has investigated 16 freeway shootings in contra costa and alameda counties. 10 on i-80 and three being investigated as homicides. the chp says all those shootings are gang related and are not random. in march, investigators began targeting known gang members. the chp has also increased patrols along the i-80 corridor. last week officers arrested one gang member in connection with the shooting on highway 4. a babysitter accused of abusing a 13-month-old livermore she was caring for is back in court today. mariah gonzalez pleaded not guilty to felony child abuse. she was arrested after a hidden nanny cam allegedly caught her smothering a child. the footage has been mischaractered also adding the baby parents may have jumped on the case because they are both
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livermore police officers. requiring gonzalez to stay away from all children. laura, they are back at it, again. later today, work continuing to bring what is left of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. >> "today in the pay" chuck coppola live in bay area. should this cause any traffic headache for the weekend? >> the bridge will remain open and dead calm here in treasure island and not a breath of wind and perfect conditions to begin taking down another section of the old bay bridge. high winds or rain that is predicted could delay things. we'll see how this plays out as the wears on. the operation should not, as i mention, affect your morning commute nor your evening commute as the new bridge will remain open to traffic. now, we're talking about the boxy sections east of treasure island. see them as you're going up the incline from oakland to san francisco on the left. the first truss was lowered in february. the second truss will be lowered today and tomorrow and
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transported by barge to the port of oakland for dismantling and recycling. xrrx al trans posted time lapse video of the first operation and have streaming video of the second truss being taken down. lowered at a of 25 feet per hour. the sections are 504 feet long and they weighed 2,500 tons and the operation should take 12 to 14 hours each day and removing three more of the boxy trusses will follow in the month ahead, along with the rest of the old incline. presently cal trans issing a permit for the second implosion of the piers that support the truss. the first pier was imploded in november. that went successfully. reporting live on treasure island, i'm chuck coppola. happening today, back in the bay area. president obama arrives in san francisco this afternoon. this is video of the president arriving at lax last night for another fund-raiser. and here another fund-raiser planned in several meetings. that means you can expect delays as his motorcade makes its way
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around the city. the president returns to d.c. tomorrow. all new this morning, a new groundbreaking document from pope francis. it's a new set of guidelines that provides more leeway for the catholic faith. this morning, pope francis released a document titled, on love in the family. the pontiff has been working on it for the last three years. technically, it does not change catholic doctrine on family life, marriage and contraception, but it does allow bishops around the world to interpret doctrine to suit specific. the church most show more understanding of realities. joint new conference with teachers to lay out terms of a new deal that averts a strike. both sides issued a joint statement that has a new, that a new contract has been reached. teachers threaten to walk off the job next week at all 23 cal state campuses. both sides entered into closed door talks wednesday. salaries will increase for some
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26,000 workers, including professo professors, counselors and coaches. hopefully you've been saving your cash. warrior fans have a chance to buy playoff tickets starting today. they go on sale at 2:00 a.m. the best place to buy tickets is on their website and fans should be very careful and watch out for fake tickets. >> they could be making history pretty soon, as well. >> they're on way. nothing fake about this. this was the real thing last night with a record in their grasp, a huge win for the warriors last against san antonio. >> the ws beat the spurs 112-101. putting them in a class of two. the second team ever to notch 70 wins in a season. if they win their last three games, they set that record we're talking about. the ws finish out this season with two games against memphis and one in san antonio. >> second game in san antonio on sunday, the 39-0 spurs at home this season. don't think anyone is going to
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break that, it will be the warriors. >> we'll keep it golden there. the golden state, some rain in the bay area. let's check in with kari and why we need to grab our umbrellas. >> off and on rain at any point and rain falling from the sky and be prepared for that and also cooler temperatures. a look at the radar. not a whole lot going on here. much of the rain has been across the south bay, but it will be approaching san francisco here soon within the next hour. we are tracking some of the wet roadways and some of the conditions that may go down hill as we go into the rest of the afternoon, but a live look at the radar, mainly some light rain moving across the south bay and up the peninsula now. we will see that throughout the day, even some storms possible later on this afternoon. and then into the early mornings still some spotty rain that will linger into saturday afternoon before it tapers off on sunday. so, i'll talk about all of that and what to expect ahead over the next several days coming up in the next microclimate forecast. let's see what it looks like now on the roadways with anthony.
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>> talk about the east bay earlier and i want to focus on that. four separate accidents on 880 right now. that will be our slow spot this morning. the first one near oakland call sellm and three separate accidents on 880bound just near the dumbarton. the first one is just past the dumbarton and right before auto mall parkway, another one. you get past all of that and things do improve. i want to take you outside and show you what it looks like. the camera we have positioned here is right before auto mall parkway. right before you get to some of those accidents. actually in between two of thos separate accidents. you'll notice traffic is still moving here, but, again a slow go as more cars start to pile into this location. sam and laura, back to you. >> thanks, anthony. coming up next, is your personal information at risk? the new information this morning about just how vulnerable california's health care website is to hackers. problems with your own computer, as well. a big silicon valley company
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issues a warning. i'll tell you all about it coming up in business and tech."
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i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california.
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6:14 right now. covered california. the state-run health insurance exchange may be vulnerable to hackers. federal investigators discovered significant holes that could put users' personal at risk. no evidence hackers have actually and the report says health exchanges in vermont and
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kentucky are also at risk. little before 2:00 our time they'll launch a cargo capsule to the international space station and then try to land that rocket on a ship in the atlantic ocean. >> the entire event is going to be watched very closely at the nasa research center in moffett field. hosting a spacex launch party. the doors open at 11:00 this morning. urgent warning from san jose adobe this morning. >> the company says its software vulnerable may leave your computer open to being held for ransom. scott mcgrew, you said the fix is easy. >> hackers have found a way inthe flash plug in and use that vulnerable where that mess says, hey, unless you pay us money, delete your hard drive. many sites don't use it any more. youtube, for instance, moved away from flash years ago. it is there from time to time.
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you may even realize the ad at the top of your website or what not is fix. i posted a link on my facebook page and we tweeted it out and, sam and laura, you can retweet it, as well. a tax scam has gotten much worse. hackers send an e-mail to a company that purports to be from the ce and said says me all the records for tax purposes. that is very sensitive information. who would fall for that? very smart people including office workers at snapchat and cgate. we're not in a bubble according to janet yellen who ought to know such thing. this would make us all very happy, except kind of the rule is you don't know you're in a bubble until it pops. alan greenspan said the same thing and he was wrong. you've seen half-court contests at basketball games. the sacramento kings held a tech pitch contest. small tech companies got to pitch to their audience and the audience voted on the favorite and the winner got a big check. gave $100,000 to a company in
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spain that's building robots to sort recyclables. it wasn't my money. the santa clara company held a contest and i have to say, sam and laura. i look a lot happier than the guy getting the check there. i think he was just surprised. >> i noticed that, too. if not, you're taking all of us out to lunch. >> absolutely. >> drinks and food on scott whether not he got that check. kari hall, i'm sure you're down for a little breakfast activity. >> coffee, hot coffee. >> includes a little moisture in the air, kari. what are you tracking? >> we have some rain that continues to show up on the radar for the south bay moving into the peninsula now. so, get ready for a splash and dash morning commute as we see some of those showers quickly moving by. some of the scattered rain moving through san jose doesn't really last that long, but it has you turning on the windshield wipers and the cars in front of you are kicking up some water as you also head up to 80, as well. now, it's 60 degrees in the
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peninsula. 56 degrees in the east bay and 53 now in the north bay. let's drop in on the east bay now as our temperatures are at 55 degrees in pleasanton. at fremont 58 degrees and a fairly mild morning as we start out. and if you're heading to the giants game today, you will need the rain gear as we will have some rain at times and also temperatures that start out at 62 degrees and down to 58 degrees by the end of the game. also those coming out of the west, southwest at 10 to 20s an hour. don't want to bother with the rain, why not just watch it on tv. we'll have it broadcast live here on nbc bay area starting at 7:00. now the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. you will see how our temperatures pretty much hold steady over the next few days. highs bring it back closer to average for the beginning of april and mostly cloudy skies and in the north bay and you may not see that rain until later on this evening and most of the activity will stay south of san
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francisco until tonight. we're looking that futurecast and rain moving into napa. look at the time frame. 11:00 this evening and heavier rain moving across parts of the south sxwa the east bay. it lingers into early saturday and also at times some spotty rain on saturday afternoon, but it won't be raining the entire time. and it looks like we'll get more breaks on sunday as we start to see that weather system starting to slide off to the east. we will still have, though, a slight chance of some light rain. during this weekend, models are still kind of all over the place with how much rain we'll get. of course, the lighter rain for the north as we will see that rain taking longer to get there, also have the possibility of over an inch of rain in some spots. san francisco looking like closer to 0.5 according to that computer model and the rain will continue to roll up from the south and then we'll see this sliding to the east. we catch a break for sunday into the start of next week. still a nice onshore flow keeps our temperatures down. the five-day temperature trend
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for san jose slight or below average only reaching into the mid up toer 60s and then a look at the weekend forecast. highs in the mid-60s for today well as tomorrow into sunday. sunday will be the best day to get outside based on a little bit more of a break in the rain pattern. let's check in now with anthony to see what's happening on the roadways. >> earlier we told you about a couple accidents in the east bay. we want to recap and show you what's happening. 880 southbound right near the dumbarton bridge. 880 southbound and then head down past that and continues to remain slow because of another accident and one just past that. that's your slow spot. things do improve once you ghet to the south bay. 101 northbound is starting to slow, as well. we're seeing typicalern all morning lo right between the 680 and 880 overpass. want to take you outside and show you it looks like, again. not all that bad and we're seeing slowing speeds here at 40 miles per hour. again, not stop and go. that's the good news. back to you guys. >> thanks so much, anth. 6:20 right now. the world's longest putt or
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should we say putts. we're not evening about distance. while ernie els are going up, airplane seats are going small. smaller seriously. congress can't stop it from happening. the reason why coming up in live report from capitol hill. morning, everybody. coming up on "today" we're going one on one with the democratic presidential candidate. bernie sanders join us for a special town hall from our plaza. matt caught up with hillary clinton on the campaign trail. what she had to say about her qualifications to be president. also ahead, al's day with michelle obama. their candid conversation about life in and after the white house. when we see you on a friday morning here on "today." .
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. thgasump====annalt ss cifoia'po
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california launched its pollution restriction program four years ago but the tax on only began last year. well, some argue it cost an arm and a leg just to have room for your arms and legs. the seats on airplanes can be even smaller. tracie potts live in washington, d.c., where the effort to keep seats from shrinking failed to take off in
6:25 am
congress. >> yeah, looks like the u.s. senate says hands off on this one. there was a measure out there as part of this big faa renewal that they're working on that would have required a minimum amount of space in your airline seat and would have blocked the airlines from shrinking the seats, the aisles and the space between the seats any further. but now it looks like that's going no where. it was rejiected. also looking at some other things that passengers have been concerned about baggage fees and change fees that the airlines impose and security measures outside the tsa barrier before you go through that line. that was the problem in brussels. this bill would also take a look at screening for people who work in the airport and have access to secure areas. all of that part of the big picture. but in terms of the airline seats, looks like you're just out of luck. the airlines really fought against this saying that we have not had regulations.
6:26 am
it's been d-reregulated since 1978. they don't think it is the government's job to tell the airlines how many inches between the seats. it's not as many as it used to be. >> really strong lobbying arms in the airlines or no tall men and women running the airlines. one of the two for sure. 6:26 right now. an epic meltdown for one of golf's greats moments into his first hole of this year's master's. this is a big one. >> one of the guys you root for. ernie els. when you hit the links. ernie els yesterday missed six putts on one hole all within three feet before notching a nine on a par 4 first hole. that's the highest score ever for the first hole in 80 years at the master's. els has won four major championships and not exactly a slouch. he later blamed the yips for his quintuple bogey.
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>> for me just another day at rancho de ppebrow. disturbing allegations against a dentist. i'm kris sanchez where the owner of a taco truck packing up and no work for them for the day and the investigation into a shooting continues. i'm m bck
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does it feel like the week has just zipped on by. it is friday already. do you believe that, laura? >> it's a good thing. >> i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. you like the wet weather? it's coming. in the south bay headed north. lots of changes kari. >> we start out with mild temperatures and really hot and felt like summer and now back to winter with some rain. as we start to see the light rain moving into the south bay, the temperature now is at 59 degrees and we will also have the cloudy skies throughout the morning with high temperatures today topping out into the low 60s in some spots like san francisco and low 70s in the south bay and times of rain off and on. i'll show you what to expect not only today, but this weekend as you make those outdoor plans. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's head over now to anthony for a look at what's happening on the roadways. >> south bay right now things are starting to slow because you mention that rain and typical slowing on 101 and even downtown
6:31 am
san jose seeing some showers and up milpitas, as well. an earlier accident, in fact, three of them on 880 southbound. two have cleared but we still do have one of those and it is a slow go getting on to the dumbarton and san mateo bridge. take you outside and show you what it looks like on the hayward side. here is the stop and traffic that we have not seen all morning and there it is, same build for the bay bridge. back to you guys. >> pretty bizfry a friday. thanks, anthony. an update to breaking news we have been following for you this morning. a man shot in downtown san jose right at san jose state university. kris sanchez live at the scene this morning and, kris, we understand you talked to a man who was there when it happened. >> right. if you see right behind me there is a taco truck there. this is the spartan taco truck and i just talked to the owner of that. he is felix and he tells me he was inside the taco truck
6:32 am
working when he heard what he thought was one, or two gunshots. one person shot in the head or the back and it was his impression that the gunman in a car that drove off. now, police are not specifying exactly what happened here. they say they don't know what the motive in the shooting was, but they are looking into what happened. it was around 11:00 last night when the shooting was reported and we do know that there is no suspect in custody at this point. and that the victim is in the hospital and perhaps is clinging talife at this point. we did talk with the owner of the taco truck as i mentioned. they are packing up today and they say they're not going to be back at work, but we do know that the investigators on this case are working this case all day long and if anything comes up and any suspect descriptions that are helpful we'll get them out to you. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." a very disturbing investigation in contra costa county where a dental assistant
6:33 am
is accused of child molestation. ha police say an 8-year-old girl came forward claiming that she had been molested by soro while she was sedated during a recent visit. detectives went to his home and found hundreds of videos and photos. he is in jail this morning on charges. >> and that is when he would do these disturbing acts. >> concord police say he documented himself assaulting many other young female patients. authorities say the evidence shows that it may have also happened at his prior job when he worked as a dental assistant at ptino orthodontics in concord. an officer is in the hospital this morning with serious injuries. he was intentionally run over. the officer was stopped behind a
6:34 am
truck on i-80 in sacramento. police say that's when the suappeared to have backed up into the officer at least once. the suspect then took off ditching his truck and stealing another truck from a construction site. he leds on a 50e-mile chase that ended in fairfield where he was finally arrested. charged with quadruple murder, laura. a palo alto man could be locked up for life if he is convicted of killing his family in the czech republic. kevin dulgren is accused of stabbing his aunt and uncle and two cousins back in 2013. prosecutors formally charged him yesterday. he has been extradited to the czech republic and now awaiting trial. a san jose man already behind bars facing murder charges is now facing charges for another homicide. murder charges against this man. salam gonzalez in connection with a deadly shooting in 2012. gonzalez has been in jail since his arrest in 2013 for accepterate killing.
6:35 am
a palo alto nonprofit that helps people with disabilities has been burglarized all for their gear for an upcoming event stolen. the staff at united was broken into over the weekend. they say thieves stole $1,600 worth of camping gear and supplies. the staff takes adults out camping three to four times a year and now that event is in jeppa a jeopardy. >> for them to network and socialize and for many of them the only chance to go camping do outdoor activities. >> their next trip is planned for. the staff will rely on community support to make that happen. a crime spike on the stanford campus. thieves are after laptops. since september 72 computers have been reported stolen. nearly half of those thefts have been reported. they have two persons of interest in the case, but so far no arrests. investigators think the suspects may be posing as a student or
6:36 am
employee. could new possible regulations end up fizzling the beverage industry challenging san francisco proposed warning labels on ads for sugary drinks. slap labels on all advertising for soda and other sugar sweetened drinks. the drinks contribute to obesity, beaties and tooth decay. while now in response, the beverage industry is seeking an injunction in federal court claiming that city is unfairly singling out their products. the label requirement is set to take effect in july. the u.s. housing department secretary will be stopping by sunnyvale today. castro will tour brand-new affordable housing facility on mod avenue. the 58-unit building is expected to open next week. half of the units will be homeless families. castro was meeting several bay area leaders about creating more affordable housing in the region. this might have you looking both ways when you leave your house next.
6:37 am
more proof this morning that coyote activity is on the rise in san francisco. look at the wild animal lounging on someone's lawn. that is near balboa terrace. the coyote ran away as soon as animal control officers showed a, but it did leave behind a mess. that coyote knocked over green bins in the neighborhood while on the hunt for some food. animal care and control wants homeowners in the area to make sure that their bin are properly secured. don't give coyotes any more incentive to come on by. >> they look pretty comfortable there. >> he did. we talked about the rain, but a world record attempt with a reality star in attendance happening today in ocean beach in san francisco. >> san francisco-based company docu sign will try to beat the guinness world record for the most signatures in the sand. at 11:00 this morning more than 200 people will sign their names and stick around to clean up the
6:38 am
beach. the beach is being emceed by madison. and the beach weather was definitely here over this last. if you don't mind getting a little wet, you might be out there. >> a little something for everyone this weekend. >> if you're going to be swimming, you will have the rain coming down on top of you, too. i guess that way it doesn't really matter. temperatures will be much cooler. and a look now at the radar as we track some light rain continuing to move from the south bay up the peninsula and approaching san francisco. we will have some wet conditions off and on throughout not only today, but tomorrow, as well. a look at the futurecast shows we will have heavier downpours and a potential for a few thunderstorms, as well. in parts of the east bay, the south bay and that continues to roll to the north as we go into this evening. even early tomorrow morning some scattered showers still lingering and that will continue on your saturday as well. so, we're looking at a pretty soggy start to the weekend. a little b of a break on sunday. i'll detail all of that and how
6:39 am
to make those outdoor plans. that's coming up in less than ten minutes. let's head over to anthony and keeping a close eye on some traffic trouble spots this morning. >> in the south bay right now, that's what we're looking at. traffic trouble and you see it's not all that bad. the good news the speeds are close to where they should be. 40 to 60 miles per hour and you don't get through here without a probl problem. want to take you to the maps and show you what i'm talking about. this area that is slowing right now. what we were looking at is some green and gets past that and starts to slow and continue in spots but not all that bad, again. no accidents on that specific route. that is really key. across parts of the san mateo bridge seeing some slowing there and same deal down near fremont and an accident near auto mall parkway keeping things slow and another one right near the oakland call se. metering lights are on. >> a lot of activity this friday. what do you do when you haven't won a national
6:40 am
championship in three decades? party like it's 1985. >> city of brotherly love is holding a victory party tonight. technically villanova is outside city limits and certainly not stopping the city from shutting down the center of town to celebrate monday's ncaa basketball championship over north carolina. villanova has canceled classes today so students can attend the parade and the big party. >> didn't they cancel classes earlier? who's going to school anyway. >> the parents paying the tuition are upset. up next, a change at the post office. the reason you're actually going to be paying less money for stamps. tesla says it set new records and check the markets, as well. dow industrials gaining 0.5% we're back with business news in just a moment. game two of the giants versus the dodgers. and you can watch it all right here on nbc bay area. our coverage starts at 7:00 right after our 6:00 news. we're back in two minutes.
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got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. alig atnda acsedf trng trspo co
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a flight attendant trying to transport cocaine into the country expected in court later today. investigators said marsha
6:44 am
reynolds tried to bring cocaine through lax several weeks ago. she managed to run out of the airport and where she returned herself to authorities. she is back in los angeles where a bail hearing is scheduled for today. so-called snail mail is getting a little bit cheaper. the price of a stamp is going down this weekend. a temporary rate increase granted to the u.s. postal service back in 2014 expires on sunday. a regular stamp will cost 47 cents down from 49 cents. international letters go down 5 cents and a postcard will be a penny cheaper at 34 cents. i think you should send a love letter or something. >> old-fashioned love letter. it's 6:44 right now. a lot of people worry about our economy. if it's in a bubble. >> but you never know until it actually pops. scott mcgrew, not the person who should know best. >> yeah, janet yellen says not in a bubble and you have to think, she is an economics professor from berkeley. she's got that. also happens to be the most
6:45 am
powerful voice in business in the entire world. the head of the federal reserve says she does not think our situation is in a bubble pointing to, in her words, a slowly healing economy. and as you guys point out. one of the rules about bubbles is you really don't know you're in one until it pops. we have heard fed chairs say we're not in a bubble. get that wrong before case in point. alan greenspan. taking a look at the markets. the dow subout 0.5% higher as is the nasdaq. nasdaq moving mildly higher. postpone its requirement for people to bid on that company until two weeks from now. tesla now says its demand for its new model 3 over the past week has set a record for a product launch ever in a single week. any product more than 325,000 people have plunked down $1,000 deposit on a model 3 as we've discussed before, we're going be very interested in figuring out,
6:46 am
sam and laura, how tesla is going to build all these cars. 325,000 cars are wanted. they only made 50,000 carsal last year. remember, they're talking about two, now three product lines. >> quite the waiting list. >> they are going to be working overtime at the factory. thank you very much, scott. "star wars" fans a new disturbance in "the force" revealed. >> it will debut in december. to be clear, it is not the "star wars" story. it is a "star wars" story a prequill to the original film from 1977. no jedi and no major characters from any previous "star wars" films. causing the most concern to some the absence of any light sabers. the trailer does feeature a swod sammi. earlier you mentioned a love letter and guess good old-fashioned love story. >> i like that.
6:47 am
how about a marriage proposal gets off to a rocky start in central california. >> this is crazy. a man had to be rescued by helicopter after climbing a dangerous rock to propose to his girlfriend via facetime. it happened in moral bay right near san luis ibisbo. heard the man calling for help and called cue crews and the man was stranded about 90 feet up. it took 31 responders to help him down. the helicopter was eventually used to lower the man and hoist him up and take him taauthorities. >> it is illegal to climb the rock because it kills people. i have been on four calls where four people have died on the rock. >> the man's girlfriend did say yes to the proposal. at least he's got that going for him. he was booked on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance when he climbed that rock. >> had tatao take a little
6:48 am
something to propospropose. 6:47 right now. want to check in with kari and a look at our forecast for today. keep the umbrella handy. >> keep the umbrella. they'll never forget that one. a live look right now san francisco and a lot of clouds out there this morning as you head out the door. we're getting ready for some rain moving in very soon as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen and temperatures hold steady and several more chances of rain in the forecast over the next few days. we're starting it out early this morning, but hasn't been a whole lot. we are now seeing this moisture arriving with heavy rain possible later on. so, some spotty rain as you drive this morning. the roads may be wet and turn on the windshield wipers and turn them right back off, again. you'll need the umbrella before you head out for work or school. let's drop in on the north bay now where temps are at 52 degrees and petaluma 58 degrees and belvedere at 57.
6:49 am
a mild start. if you're going to the giants game today, we will have some rain, so be sure to pack some rain gear. and, also, some warm clothes with our temperatures continue to drop back into the upper 50s. rain possible at times and winds coming out of the west, southwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour and watch it from the comfort of your own home right here on nbc bay area starting at 7:00. temperature wise in the mid to upper 60s today and some spots hitting 70 degrees like gilroy, antioch and 67 degrees today in oakland. once again, rain at any point. just be prepared. we will continue to see the heavier rain moving in later on this evening mostly for the south bay. this shows what the radar could look like at different times throughout the next 24 hours. with some showers rolling through, most of the bay area and then as go into saturday afternoon, the rain starts to become a little hit or miss. some more breaks therein and also have more breaks on sunday and i think that will be the best day to get outside to make
6:50 am
some outdoor plans, even though it will be cloudy and still cool. we will not see as much rain. but the computer models putting down some different amounts of rain. this one showing the possibility of over an inch of rain for most of the south bay and parts of the east bay. and then as you go up san francisco, little over 0.5 and lighter amounts for the north bay and that kind of makes sense considering that this rain will take its time making it to the north bay and the system is still well to the south of us. into the next couple of days, it will be pushing off to the east. our rain tapers off on sunday, once we get on the back side of that area of low pressure and our temperatures will stay cool, as well. here's a look at the temperature trend for san francisco. we will be slightly above average on sunday, but then dropping it back to about 60 degrees for the start of next week as we see those clouds lingering for the next several days. let's check in now with anthony to see what's happening on the roadways. >> the south bay right now, we've been telling you about the slow know. hasn't been all that bad because
6:51 am
we have had some accidents. traffic flow 101 slow in spots and, again, not all that bad. 280 starts to slow near steven creek. that's the south bay and let's head up towards the peninsula and the east bay because we're seeing significant slowing on the san mateo bridge. take you outside and show you what it is looking like there. here on this particular side, it is stop and go. we're talking speeds less than ten miles per hour. once you get over the high rise, things do improve. there was actually an accident on this side of the highway and just cleared from flashing lights down here on the shoulder and i think that's why we had such a significant backup here. over on the foster city side, not all that bad as you head into the peninsula. once you get over to the high rise take you out once more. metering lights are on here and it is stop and go once you get past the metering lights into san francisco things do improve and head over towards treasure island. back to you, sam and laura. 6:51 right now. new this morning a groundbreaking document from pope francis. a new set of guidelines that
6:52 am
provide more leeway for the catholic faith. pope francis released a document and technically it does not change catholic doctrine on family life, marriage and contraception. but it does allow bishops around the world to interpret doctrine to suit specific cultures. the church must begin to show more understanding of modern reality. turns out the bay area biggest known bridge running canine can soon be yours. a cute little chihuahua. >> a chihuahua mix who powered his way across the bridge. you now remember that video. he sent chp on a chase across the bridge last sunday. that story, as you might imagine, went national. now san francisco animal care workers want to find ponch a new home. he will now be fostered for a week before he goes up for adoption just to make sure you have sturdy fences and i would recommend a longer leash.
6:53 am
tighter leash. >> maybe get him chipped there, too. coming up, president obama back in the bay area to cash in. details of his whirlwind trip, next. we're staying on top of breaking news in san jose. police still investigating a shooting right near the san jose state campus. new information that we just learned about the victim's condition. happening now as we're just telling you. pope francis softening the stance on things like divorce and birth control. some say his new track may shake the foundations of the church. the report actually came out this morning. a link to the full story on our facebook page. three men rescued after being rescued from desserted island. their boat sank in the pacific smart thinking saved them. boreou ad t t do -he artheop or
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:56. welcome back to you before you head out the door, here are some some of the top stories on nbc bay area. a 3.5 magnitude earthquake struck about an hour ago north of hillsburg. no reports of any damage. an update to breaking news. a man hospitalize would life-threatening injuries after shooting near san hostate campus. a live look at the scene right now and police are searching for
6:57 am
the person who pulled the trigger. shots happened as several people were eat at a taco truck late last night at east williams near tenth street. for a time those streets were completely shut down. protesters demanding changes with the san francisco police department. they hit the streets last night. that march coming just hours after officers shot and killed a man. that happened about 10:00yard morning near 19th street. the public health department says a homeless outreach team was trying to get a homeless woman to the doctor when they encountered a homeless man with a knife. they called police. responding officers say that they fired bean bag rounds but had to use their guns when the lunged at them. witnesses say that holuis never lunged at the officers. happening today, demolition work continues on the old span of the bridge. here's a live look at the bridge this morning. crews will separate a 500-foot-long truss from the two towers that support it. the truss weighs about 2,500
6:58 am
tons and more than 500 feet in the air. this is just the second of 19 trusses that must come down. all of that work is going to take some time as you can imagine at another two years. >> watching it go piece by piece. here is president obama bhak in the bay area. air force one touching off at sfo. this video from when he arrived in l.a. earlier. you can expect some delays as his motorcade will make its way around the city. the president returns to washington tomorrow. 6:58 right now. later today cal state university leaders will hold a joint news conference with teachers to lay out terms of a new deal that aa strike. both sides yesterday issued a joint statement that a new contract has just been reached. teachers threaten to watch off the next week at all 23 cal state campuses. both sides entered into closed door talks wednesday. salaries will increase for some 26,000 workers including professors, koubslers and coaches.
6:59 am
a joint team here as we check weather and traffic. kari, we missed you yesterday when we were at the ballpark. >> kari was up late, though, hanging out with the evening folks. >> little bit of change. nice to shake things up every now and then. >> we're glad you're back. >> good to be back. we'll shake things up in the weather, too. cooler temperatures and some rain in the forecast today. grab the umbrella before you head out. we're up to 70 degrees today in the south bay and 66 degrees with the rain arriving a little bit later for the north bay and san francisco scattered showers off and on. 64 degrees. >> all right, you, my friend, it's been kind of baizy morning out there. >> so much for friday light. i mean, the rain hasn't impacted the commute but all about the slowing and the typical pot we see does slow in spots. headed up towards santa clara and even into palo alto things are much better. take a look at the san mateo bridge. here is the spot i was talking about. and does improve as we head to
7:00 am
the foster city side. stop and go there and clouds and even some rain as kari mentioned. >> maybe people trying to get a jump on their weekend. >> maybe. good morning. new york state of mind. candidates from both parties turn their full attention to the empire state, as the battle for its all-important delegates rages on. this morning, our exclusive interview with democratic front-runner hillary clinton, as she opens up about charges she's not qualied to be president. party in-fighting and that e-mail investigation. >> at some point between now and the election, and they say this, they say this, that they will get to see hillary clinton in handcuffs. >> oh, my goodness. >> there will be some kind of political perp walk based on your private e-mail server. >> plus, the man trying to keep her from the nomination, bernie sanders joins us live for a special town hall, taking


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