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tv   Today  NBC  April 8, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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the foster city side. stop and go there and clouds and even some rain as kari mentioned. >> maybe people trying to get a jump on their weekend. >> maybe. good morning. new york state of mind. candidates from both parties turn their full attention to the empire state, as the battle for its all-important delegates rages on. this morning, our exclusive interview with democratic front-runner hillary clinton, as she opens up about charges she's not qualied to be president. party in-fighting and that e-mail investigation. >> at some point between now and the election, and they say this, they say this, that they will get to see hillary clinton in handcuffs. >> oh, my goodness. >> there will be some kind of political perp walk based on your private e-mail server. >> plus, the man trying to keep her from the nomination, bernie sanders joins us live for a special town hall, taking questions from the plaza and you
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at home. in mourning. an emotional vigil held for a murdered freshman at the university of texas. her body found on campus. police launching a massive hunt for this suspect. with thousands of students on edge. road hogs. swarms of dirt bike and atv riders taking over the streets and tormenting drivers. >> knuckle heads, nitwits, clowns, whatever you want to call them. this morning, the crackdown is being launched in cities all across the country. and masters meltdown. ernie els missing putt after putt after putt after putt after putt from just a few feet away. the historically bad start at augusta, making all average golfers feel a little bit better today, friday, april 8th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer
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and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. big crowd outside for our bernie sanders town hall. can we just make one more mention of what happened at augusta yesterday? i can say, been there, done that. >> what's the mental dialogue, when you have to try and try and the little white ball won't get in? >> we call it the yips, savannah. it's not a pretty word. it's a four-letter word in golf. >> we'll have a little more on that. as matt mentioned, politics is our top story with the presidential race and the candidates here in new york. we are welcoming democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders to the plaza for an exclusive town hall this morning. also, matt goes one-on-one with his opponent, hillary clinton. first, nbc's hallie jackson is here with us with the latest on the campaign trail. good morning. >> morning. typically, we're talking about the republican war of words. this morning, it's the democrats whose tone is getting nastier. escalating on that side of the aisle as gop challengers battle
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it out right here in new york. mobbed at a matzo bakery, ted cruz trying to break bread with new yorkers and break through on donald trump's home turf. >> september and october and it is trump versus hillary, and i would say, look, the first thing we'd do is weep. >> reporter: trailing both his rivals here, cruz hopes to keep trump from a clean sweep by peeling off delegates in places like upstate. no regrets, he says, about hitting trump for his, quote, new york values. >> not remotely. because everyone in new york and outside of new york knows exactly what i meant by that. >> do you know what he means by that? >> he doesn't have a clue about new york values. i used to be a democrat and now i'm a republican, just so i can vote for trump. >> reporter: trump is off the trail, hunkered down in his home state thursday, today skipping a trip to california, shaking up staff as sources privately say they may not get as many delegates as they once predicted.
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trump is promoting a new top adviser, while picking up backup from former new york mayor rudy giuliani as congressman peter king adds this. >> any new yorker who even thinks of voting for ted cruz should have their head examined. >> reporter: after months of signs of a growing republican rift, it's the democrats now with their own drama. that race taking its nastiest tone yet. bernie sanders shifting strategy to tougher talk, questioning hillary clinton's qualifications after, he says, she started it. >> it was said after she and her campaign said that i was unqualified. if people attack me, we will respond. >> it's a silly thing to say, but i'm going to trust the voters of new york who know me and have voted for me three times. >> reporter: clinton reminding new yorkers she's one of them. laughing off a struggle with her subway card in the bronx. but in philadelphia, a different mood.
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her husband campaigning there, clashing with black lives matter protesters. >> i don't know how you'd characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. you are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. tell the truth. >> bill clinton visibly fired up there. hillary clinton still has the big delegate lead but she could face an uphill battle picking up people who support bernie sanders. the latest polling shows 1 in 4 saying they would not support hillary clinton in a general election. >> hallie, thank you. we met up with secretary clinton at a diner in the bronx on thursday and had a candid conversation about where the race stands. >> when you look at the calendar, april 19th, would you imagine this would be anything but a finish line, and it's kind
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of turned into a fire wall? >> you know, matt, i said from the very beginning, this is going to be a tough contest all the way through. and i did it because i remember '08. you know, i went the distance with then-senator obama. that's the way primaries develop. whoever it is that is going to make it through the preliminaries, the debates, the early contests, you're going to keep moving. i said to everyone, you know, new york is going to be a place where i'm going to fight hard because i feel so strongly about it. i never expected anything else. >> but it means so much more right now because you have lost 7 of the last 8 contests. and you can tell how much is at stake because the exchanges between you and senator sanders are heating up. you talked about him. someone asked you, was he ready to be president. you said, i think he hadn't done his homework. i think he's been talking for more than a year about things he obviously hadn't really studied or understood. do you think in some ways that senator sanders proposed some
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things early in this campaign that he didn't think he would stick around long enough to actually have to defend? >> you'll have to ask him. what i was referring to there was the very long interview that he did with the new york daily news. i think a lot of people were quite taken aback, that on key issues, that he has been promoting during the entire campaign -- >> breaking up banks. >> breaking up banks, foreign policy issues. that he did have some questionable answers. look, that's fair game. i've been in the bright, hot spotlight for a long time. i understand how that works. i feel good about where the campaign is. we have a big popular vote lead, about 2.5 million over senator sanders. we have a significant delegate lead. at the end of the day, that's what's going to matter. >> he heard what you said. whether you intended it to be cutting or biting or not, he said this, about you in terms of whether you're qualified to be
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president. i know you've heard this. i don't think you're qualified if you get $15 million from wall street for your super pac. i'm par phrasing. i don't think you're qualified if you voted for the disastrous war in iraq and if you support trade agreements that cost millions of jobs to americans. you don't have to read between the lines there. he came right out and said he doesn't think you're qualified to be president. >> well, that'll be up to the voters of new york and the other states that will be passing judgment in the weeks ahead. i think it's kind of a silly statement, but he's free to say whatever he chooses. >> is he qualified to be president? >> here's what i believe. i believe that voters will be looking at both of us, but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. they pose real threats to our values, to groups of americans, some very large groups like women. so many people are hearing what's going on in the republican side and wondering,
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what is this about? how can we tolerate it? >> i want to get to that. but has senator sanders, in your opinion, said or done anything during the course of this campaign or during the course of his career in the senate that disqualifies him from being president of the united states? >> i never said that about him. >> i know. i'm asking. >> i know. i never said that about him. his response to me was a misrepresentation of what i've said. also, kind of a historic amnesia. on all those issues, he supported president obama. he supported joe biden as our vice president candidate. he supported john kerry when he ran. each one of them has, according to him, not been qualified. but i think in the heat of the campaign, people say lots of things. i want to stay focused on the issues. there are contrasts between us, and i think that's fair game. >> wisconsin was earlier in the week. i want to talk to you not about the results but some of the information that we received in exit polling. some of these things keep repeating after certain
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contests. bernie sanders got 82% of the votes from people under the age of 30. 89% of people said they thought bernie sanders was basically honest. 58% said that about you. this struck me. you are running to become perhaps a historic candidate. >> right. >> perhaps the first woman to be elected president. if you look at wisconsin, you basically split the women's vote with senator sanders. when you lay in bed at night, how do you get your arms around that? >> i just think about it from a much broader perspective. i lost wisconsin to senator obama by a bigger margin. i knew i would have a tough fight going in. i actually came out very pleased with the number of delegates i got. and i am absolutely confident, matt, if i'm so fortunate to secure the democratic nomination, we will unify the democratic party, all parts of it. i know that young people have been really caught up in senator
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sanders' campaign, and i think that's terrific. the more young people we can bring into the process, particularly, into the democratic primary process, the better. >> let me share some conversations i've had with republicans. if i say to somebody on the republican side, aren't you nervous about what's happening with this campaign and this division and what might happen at the convention, do you know what i hear a lot? they are clinging to the hope that the way they'll be able to deal with that is that at some point between now and the election -- and they say this. they say this -- that they will get to see hillary clinton in handcuffs. >> oh, my goodness. >> there will be a political perp walk based on your private e-mail server. >> i know they live in that world of fantasy and hope. they've got a mess on their hands on the republican side. that is not going to happen. there is not even the remotest chance that it's going to happen. look, they've been after me, as i say, for 25 years.
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they have said things about me repeatedly that have been proven to be not only false but kind of ridiculous. >> but you're a lawyer. how do you see this ending? do you think the fbi and the justice department write you a letter and say, it was a misunderstanding. we're sorry. carry on. >> we're certainly going to carry on. it's a security review. it is a security review. there are lots of those that are conducted in our government all the time. you don't hear about most of them. you hear about this one because, you know, it does involve me. so that's why it gets so much attention. but i will tell you, sitting here in the bronx, in this cafe, we're moving forward. the republican's fondest wishes will not be fulfilled. >> while you're in the predicting mood, you're sitting in new york. famously in 1969, a guy named joe namath made a prediction. we will win the super bowl. will you declare right now that,
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guarantee me, you will win the new york primary on april 19th. >> i never make predictions but i'm feeling really good it'll happen. but we have a lot of work to do. that's what i'm doing every day. >> confident but not the swagger of joe namath in 1969. >> appreciate how you got to reference in there. the full interview on in the next half hour -- next hour, actually, we'll hear from senator sanders. he'll join us live for a special town hall out on our plaza. also this morning, a surprise visit to iraq by secretary of state, john kerry. kerry is meeting with iraq's prime minister and other top officials, as coalition forces make military gains against isis fighters. kerry made the unannounced stop after attending a meeting with persian gulf allies. his trip coincides with the pentagon considering more small military outposts to help iraqi forces as they prepare to retake
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the city of mosul. here at home, firefighters are still struggling in oklahoma to control a wildfire that's consumed more than 57,000 acres. dry vegetation and 50 miles per hour winds are fueling the flames in the northwest part of the state. oklahoma's governor declared state of emergency a little earlier this week. more than 200 firefighters battled the blaze from the ground and the air. this morning, the fire is about 20% contained. now to what might be a landmark moment for the catholic church. this morning, pope francis issued a papal document focused on marriage and family life. here is nbc's anne thompson with the report. >> reporter: whether it is blessing an ohio girl slowly going blind or today's massive misses, today, families are at the top of pope francis' agenda. in the joy of love, he acknowledges what long married people know. sexual desire will change. there is no way we'll feel the
7:15 am
same throughout all of life. and tells couples to renew devotion over the decades. that advice is sprinkled through the document. putting on paper the kind of personal touch that is a hallmark of francis' papacy. what's not here, any change in church teaching on the hot-button issue of divorce and remarriage. he writes, divorce and remarried catholics shouldn't feel excommunicated and should be able to live and grow in the church. francis does not say they can receive communion. an omission that may disappoint some. on the issue of gays and lesbians, he urges compassion, but little more. from the pope, surprising parenting advice. endorsing sex education at a time he says sexuality is trivialized. comes down hard on helicopter parents. saying obsession is not education. telling them to back off so
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their kids can learn to face challenges. the pope admits no family is perfect, but it is worth striving for that ideal. for "today", anne thompson, nbc news, new york. back from his travels, al is here with the first check of the weather. it says, possible snowstorm. >> i don't know if i'd say snowstorm, but we could be looking at flakes. we're going to watch this carefully. we've got a clipper that's coming out of the plains. it's bringing snow already from minneapolis, green bay. chicago, you're seeing an icy mix right now. it'll move quickly. the next 48 hours, we see the heaviest snow back through cleveland. also the mountains of west virginia. but as you can see, we've got enough snow that we can see 2 to 4 inches throughout pennsylvania. philadelphia, you may pick up snow. it starts as wet snow and changes over to rain. i don't think it'll be a big deal. the bigger deal is going to be the cold. we've got 105 million people under some sort of freeze watch and warning, from des moines,
7:17 am
iowa, to washington, d.c., and down into the carolinas. this cold air is going to be coming in. look at the temperatures. we drop down to 30 on saturday, buffalo. 44, charleston. 49 in richmond. new york city, bottoming out by 42. sunday, temperatures moderate a bit. we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. . what? he was challenged by a team of lumberjacks. let's do this. he would drive them to hard knocks canyon, where he would risk broken legs, losing limbs, and slipping and dying. not helping. but death would have to wait. james left with newfound knowledge, a man's gratitude, and his shirt. how far will you take the all-new rav4 hybrid? toyota. let's go places. fw morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some rain in the forecast and grab the umbrella
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before we head out. cloudy skies and temperatures right in the upper 50s to right about 60 degrees now. we will be up to 64 degrees for a high in san francisco and 66 in the east bay and peninsula and 70 degrees today in the south bay. times of rain into the day on saturday and we'll still have the scattered showers and taking a break from the rain heading into sunday. that's your latest weather. matt? >> as a golfer, i take a sigh and say, let's go back to the video we showed at the top of the show. ernie els, it can only be described as a meltdown at the first hole at the masters. the four-time major champion with a nightmare start to the tournament. he missed five putts all within three feet of the hole. he would normally make these putts in his sleep. he finally tapped in. the big easy finished with a 9, 5 over par. it's the worst score on the opening hole in masters history.
7:19 am
he's in 81st place. can i say, he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. your heart breaks when you see something like that. >> i thought you were going to call for a moment of silence. >> what is going through his mind? >> thinking, can i fit in that hole? can i crawl in that hole and get out of here? you just want to disappear. it's terrible. everybody had it happen. >> we're good enough to show it again and again. still to come, we'll take a turn and talk about the growing number of all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes creating havoc on city streets. crackdowns being launched across the country. one of the country's largest universities rocked by a campus murder of a freshman dance major. police trying to track down this unidentified man they say is the suspect. we'll have the latest. but first on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, "american idol"'s grand finale.
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almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. and a good friday morning. it's 7:26. i'm sam brock. our breaking news this morning police in san jose investigating a late-night shooting that left one man with life-threatening injuries. it happened just about a block from the san jose state campus at east william and south tenth street. about ten people were apparently near the spartan taco truck when gunfire happened. we spoke a little earlier to the taco truck owner. he believes the victim was shot by someone driving by in a car. so far, police have not said anything about a suspect or even a vehicle description. also, the victim has not been identified. got some plans for the weekend and it's going to include some rain. kari hall joining us right now. what is showing up on the radar, kari? >> rain approaching san francisco right now as it moves up the peninsula and we have
7:27 am
another batch of rain approaching the south bay. so, we will be in and out with the showers throughout not only this morning, but the afternoon and into the day tomorrow. some wet weather now moving through south san francisco now and, once again, approaching the city. current temperatures are in the upper 50s and as you go through the day, we'll see these temperatures rising much, mainly into up thor 60s. let's check in now with anthony for a look at the morning commute. >> good morning. things are moving pretty good across parts of the south bay. not much to talk about. slowing across 101 all the way through santa clara and take you outside and show you what it looks like across palo alto. slow there and want to show you the camera actually there in palo alto. little bit sluggish there headed into thea clara valley and 101 northbound looking pretty good and showing you what's happening in oakland, 880 is slow and metering lights are on and slow go to treasure island. slow go on your friday and little overcast out there, too.
7:28 am
anthony, thank you for that report. back in half an hour with more updates. see you then.
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7:30 am
7:30 now. it's friday morning, april 8th, 2016. our plaza is filled this morning with new york voters. we're holding a special live town hall with democratic presidential candidate, senator bernie sanders. we'll sit down with him and he'll take questions from our audience at the top of next hour. >> enthusiastic audience. we should mention. also, something else we want to tell you about, al goes one-on-one with first lady michelle obama. what she revealed to him about her time at the white house, what she'll miss the most and her post-white house plans. first, let's look at the headlines. in the republican race, donald trump's campaign now has the support of new york city's former mayor, rudy giuliani. he says he'll vote for trump in the upcoming primary but stopped short of any kind of official endorsement. while campaigning in
7:31 am
brooklyn last night, senator ted cruz tried to clear up his controversial new york values comment, saying voters understand. >> people say to me all the time, i know exactly what you mean. and what that means is the policies of liberal democratic politicians have been hurting the people of new york for a long, long time. >> most polls show cruz trailing trump by a wide margin in new york. parts of the south cleaning up from another round of severe weather. at least two tornadoes touched down in florida, including this one in clearwater. no injuries, luckily, reported but several homes were damaged. also this morning, one of the country's largest universities has been rocked by a campus murder mystery. and now an urgent manhunt is under way at the university of texas to catch a freshman student's killer. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in austin for us. good morning. >> reporter: the president is
7:32 am
calling it a parent's worst nightmare. imagine sending your student to school and then this happened. this tower is usually brightly lit but, this morning, it is mostly darkened. this campus is heartbroken. >> reporter: this morning, ramped up security at the university of texas at austin. dozens more officers on patrol around the clock. students on edge. >> it could have been any one of us. it's -- and it did happen to one of us, and now it's just kind of rocked us to our core. >> now, let's have a moment of silence for haruka weiser. >> reporter: late thursday, many were in tears, remembering haruka weiser, just 18 years old, a freshman dance major. >> i'm so grateful for the opportunity to have known her and to have taught her for that brief period of time. >> reporter: her body just identified after being found tuesday in a campus creek. >> it's disturbing. >> i walk through that place every day to my bus. >> reporter: friends reported weiser missing on monday. she was last seen leaving a
7:33 am
campus building the night before around 9:30. authorities are looking for the man in this surveillance video, walking with a woman's bike a short time later. >> we clearly need the community's assistance in this matter of identifying this person. ♪ >> reporter: weiser said she danced because it challenged her. her family writing, although haruka loved to perform on stage, she never sought the spotlight in her daily life. she grew up just outside portland, oregon, but headed to ut on the largest scholarship anyone in her dance troope had ever received. >> she was intelligent, spirited and unningly beautiful and worked hard every day to realize her dreams. she was loved and respected throughout the dance and arts community. together, we shall grieve. >> reporter: now as the campus mourns and darkens its tower, it's seeing a surge in students volunteering to escort classmates home in groups. authorities warning students to avoid walking home at night. >> coming together on our campus is the most important thing our
7:34 am
students can do right now, to honor the victim and prevent anything from ever happening again. >> authorities say weiser was assaulted but won't elaborate. a $15,000 reward is being offered for information leading to her arrest. matt and savannah, not only was she a dancer, she'd also just decided on a second major. premed. >> sad story. gabe gutierrez on campus, thank you. police in the nation's capital are asking for the public's health to crack down on a growing problem. riders on atvs and dirt bikes who are swarming the streets. and by the way, this is not a problem that's limited to washington, d.c. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: on some of the nation's busiest highways and intersections, motorists and pedestrians are facing an increasing danger. all terrain vehicles, atvs and dirt bikes, often riding in packs, speeding recklessly through city streets. >> there's a group of about 30
7:35 am
to 50, if not more, motorcycle riders popping wheelies and riding unsafely. >> oh, my gosh, there's 20 or 30 of them, weaving in and out of traffic extremely aggressive. >> reporter: washington, d.c.'s police chief says the city is cracking down. releasing surveillance footage of 245 persons of interest. >> we've had enough. our community has had enough. >> they may think they're going out for a joyride, but they're causing a menacing and dangerous environment and atmosphere. they will be prosecuted. >> reporter: what's driving the trend? police say social media is partly to blame, as riders film dangerous stunts and tricks. new york city's police said this week they will crush the dirt bikes, literally, showing the destruction of seized bikes on tv. >> knuckle heads, nitwits, clowns, whatever you want to call them. any of those descriptions is very appropriate. >> reporter: in d.c. last month, an ambulance transporting a sick child forced to a stop after the emergency crew says it was surrounded by 30 atv and motorcycle riders.
7:36 am
no injuries in the incident. d.c. police say one of the officers was recently struck. >> they made contact with his bike and dragged him. >> reporter: operating an atv or dirt bike is illegal in most urban areas but police often don't intervene, fearing a chase could make the situation even more dangerous. in fact, nearly 600 adults and more than 100 children die each year in could make the situation more dangerous. 600 adults and 100 children die each year in atv-related accidents. the police are hoping with the public's help, they can make the roads a bit safer. for "today," tom costello, nbc news, washington. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> friends out west will be dealing with wet weather. interestingly enough, as el nino starts to wane, we have wet weather in california. los angeles. as far north as san francisco. one system will come in today, sweeping across the southwest. look for thunderstorms along with the showers. for tomorrow, another system moves into california. we've got a really active
7:37 am
pattern going on for at least the next three days. we are looking at central california, about 2 inches of rain or more. even into los angeles, as much as an inch, 1/2 inch into san diego. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in you getting ready for a soggy weekend across the bay area. we do need that rain, so as it continues to move in, it starts out as light, spotty showers and we're seeing that as we track it on the radar. another batch of raining ready to approach the south bay at this point. also moving into the peninsula and san francisco with some rain that continues up to 80. now, look at all the microclimates. our temperatures today will reach into the mid to upper 60s with some spots hitting 70 degrees like gilroy. we'll have some temperatures in the upper 60s also for the north bay. savannah? >> al, thanks. up next, last night's end of "american idol," the show that helped i love to take pictures that engage people and to connect us with the wonderment of nature.
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♪ since you've been gone back at 7:41. we're back with the end of "american idol." >> 13 years ago, the show became a pop-culture phenomenon. last night, it went out with a bang. good person to talk about it, carson has a recap. >> jennifer hudson, carrie underwo underwood. alum was back, returned to the finale that changed television as we know it. >> trent heaarmanharman. >> reporter: 24-year-old trent harmon claimed the winner of "american idol." the powerhouse, a perfect ending to the show that revolutionized tv and how stars are born. ♪ i don't even care >> reporter: the "idol" finale brought back every winner from the past 15 seasons.
7:43 am
like kelly clarkson. ♪ since you've been gone >> reporter: fantasia barrino and carrie underwood. ♪ now i'm stronger >> reporter: "idol" turned its judges into superstars, too. >> the prince of darkness himself, simon cowell. >> reporter: those scathing tei critiques. >> dreadful. >> reporter: and antics becoming must-see tv. uniting the dream team of randy, paula and simon. >> you are really horrible and i think now is the time to apologize to america. >> reporter: with current judge jennifer lopez sizzling on stage. ♪ you have to prove it >> reporter: joining the winners, some of the best losers, too. who could forget william hung? ♪ she bang, she bang ♪ babbaby, the way she moves ♪ >> reporter: first season host
7:44 am
brian dunkleman showed up, poking fun at his decision to leave "idol." >> reporter: for nine seasons, it was the most-watched show on tv. even president obama, a fan. >> this show reached historic heights not only because americans watched it, but because you participated in its success. >> you are going to home tonight. >> reporter: while ratings peaked at 30 million viewers in season five, it's still appointment viewing for millions of families. as host ryan seacrest reminisces with natalie. >> this was the show they could watch with their kids. it was the one thing that brought them together a couple nights a week. they could sit in the same room and talk about something. >> reporter: its success leading to an explosion of talent shows that put viewers in control. >> if you'd like to vote for jennifer hudson, here we go. >> reporter: the show that started it all, now saying good-bye. ♪
7:45 am
>> "american idol" alums sold more than 70 million albums and won an oscar. "american idol" changed the music business forever. the "voice" seems to be the "it" show now. it's not lost that we wouldn't have the popularity we have, if it wasn't for "american idol.." >> created the jgenere. >> a good report, carson. a little pitchy. i watched like ten seasons of "american idol." >> ouch. >> you know what, the people at home remember. they were watching with me. >> reporter: one of the wildest police chases you'll ever see. the suspect doing doughnuts. even stopping for selfies. wait until you see how it ended. our live town hall in the plaza with democratic presidential hopeful, bernie presidential hopeful, bernie sanders. the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases.
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7:50 am
including senator sanders. who, by the way, on his presidential account here, the start of the presidential ele electi election, he started with 19,000 and went up to 2 million. he holds the record for the most liked instagram posts of any presidential candidate. this season, it was this throwback photo of his winning his first election 35 years ago. sanders' campaign has trends and tributes online. check out this mural in philadelphia. another in vermont. more recently, we had a little bird join senator sanders on the podium. #birdie sanders took off. we saw sidewalk art, crafts and sanders sharing this one, reading, together. coming up, sanders will be live on our plaza. #bernie today and hopefully we'll get to your question. that's in the next half hour. also ahead, al helps the first lady promote healthy
7:51 am
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good friday morning, meteorologist kari hall, we begin with some rain in the forecast and we are tracking clouds moving across the bay area and high of 66 degrees in the north bay and east bay and the peninsula and 64 degrees in san francisco. here's a look at the radar. more rain moving into the south bay and mores moving into the peninsula into san francisco. this will be the case as we go through the next several hours with some periods of rain all throughout the day and that will linger into the weekend as we will have some rain at times throughout the day today, as well as tomorrow. and then things start to clear out in the forecast on sunday. let's get an idea of how the roads are moving as we check in with anthony. things are moving pretty well, especially across the south bay and no concerns right now and the typical slowing on 85 near blossom him and same deal on 280
7:57 am
and just a typical slow spots and even across parts of the peninsula and palo alto and 101 southbound and you'll notice it is sluggish into the santa clara valley and northbound not so bad and continues to remain slow across parts of the east bay. this is a look at oakland 880 northbound and stop and go across the maze and metering lights still on and stop and go even approaching the treasure island off ramp. so, once you get the to san franciscoway, things do improve. back over to you. happening right now, there is developing news in san jose and police still investigating a shooting that happened a block from the san jose state campus. the victim is said to be clinging to life. so far police are revealing few details and we are posting updates and the end of an era. "american idol" era. find out how the last battle went down and who showed up to say farewell and talk about bay area sports fans. the warriors and giants both
7:58 am
notching wins yesterday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, politics comes to the plaza. a special town hall event as democrat bernie sanders joins us live and takes questions from voters and viewers. first lady exclusive. al goes one-on-one with michelle obama as she looks back at her years in the white house and what lies ahead. >> if you could finish this sentence. the day after inauguration day, i will be -- >> hopefully somewhere warm. a star-studded studio 1a, jake gyllenhaal opens up about
8:01 am
his most powerful performance. kerry washington goes from the white house to continue very. today -- all the way in new brunswick, canada. welcome to the "today" show. >> roar lions are. >> all the way here to see matt lauer. ♪ >> celebrating our tenth birthday today. >> all the way from texas and north carolina celebrating our 13th birthdays. ♪ >> we are back now at 8:00 on this friday morning, the 7th of april, 2016. that is senator bernie sanders:
8:02 am
we brought vermont weather. >> might be vermont fall weather. a hearty crowd, they have questions for senator sanders and they'll get a chance to ask questions. >> we have a lot to get to. we'll spend a lot of time. let's go inside first to tamron in fortunately with a check of the headlines. >> good morning everyone. the presidential candidates are getting a taste of new york's diversity ahead of the state's crucial april 19th primary. republican ted cruz quotcourted jewish voters where he learned to make matza. >> john kasich enjoying a plate piled up with pasta and sandwiches. donald trump stayed home in new york to discuss campaign strategy with his inner circle. democrat hillary clinton sat down at a diner in the bronx for an exclusive interview with matt. he asked her about those republicans who still believe she could face charges related to the investigation of her
8:03 am
private e-mail server. >> that is not going to happen. there is not even the remotest chance that is going to happen. look, they've been after me, as i say, for 25 years. they have said things about me repeatedly that have been proven to be not only false, but kind of ridiculous. >> clinton said the on going e-mail probe is a, quote, security review, and there are lots of those conducted in our government all the time. in los angeles, a pair of burglary suspects led police on a dangerous hollywood-style chase. tv viewers were captivated and tourists were alarmed. nbc's gotti schwartz has more. >> reporter: at dren lynn pumping for those on the road as a blue convertible flashes by, lapped in hot pursuit. but for those watching from above, it was a wild joy ride that got more l.a. by the second. first, the top comes down. then random doughnuts across several lanes. >> these guys are taunting
8:04 am
officers. >> reporter: they crashed near the hollywood hills, then start sh showboating down the hollywood walk of fame. of all the vehicles on the highway, a tmz bus driver tries to box the suspects in. they slide by, losing a tire near usc and stopping in south l.a. to a crowd of people. handshakes, hugs, then lounging on their mustang. this picture of them waiting for lapped to take them to jail now going viral. while it looked like many in the crowd were thinking first, let me take a selfie. >> this is probably one of the wackiest ones we have followed. >> a bizarre end to a chase that left everyone saying only in l.a. for "today," nbc news, los angeles. a romantic but reckless young man had to be rescued by helicopter after illegally climbing a huge rock on the california coast so he could
8:05 am
propose to his girlfriend on face time. 27-year-old michael banks got stranded on a ledge 90 feet up. once he was saved, he was charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance. he'll also be billed for the rescue. his girlfriend said yes to the proposal but was not happy with that little stunt there. let's get another check on the weather with al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by the makers of non-drowsy claritin. live claritin clear. >> i love it. bleacher-style here, like a stadium. let's take a look. we're getting into pollen season. let's see what our pollen forecast looks like. it's going to be very high throughout a good portion of the country, from st. louis, dallas, houston, jacksonville, into pacific northwest. make sure you take care. check out weekend outlook, here is what we're looking for for saturday, snow possible, icy mix into new
8:06 am
england. wet weather throughout the west coast. for sunday, sunday! record lows in the mid atlantic states. more wet weather through the central mississippi river valley. slight risk through central oklahoma. more wet weather through the intermountain region, the up next, eager crowd of voters on the plaza, ready to ask senator sanders their
8:07 am
burning questions. >> our exclusive town hall with >> our exclusive town hall with when you wanna put allergies with nasal congestion on notice, find fast, all-day sweet relief behind the pharmacy counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut right on past that aisle... ...and tell your stuffed up nose to stuff it, with claritin-d. a non-drowsy allergy medicine combined with the best oral decongestant. it starts working in as little as 30 minutes. so you can get back to living the good life. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal. again!
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8:09 am
and foundations in new shades for more skin tones. with vitamins and antioxidants. your skin will look beautiful when you wear it and even after you take it off. neutrogena® cosmetics see what's possible. welcome back to "today" and our exclusive town hall with democratic presidential
8:10 am
candidate senator bernie sanders. [ applause ] >> some are still undecided on their vote. thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> i wanted to ask you about this dust up with secretary clinton going on the last couple of days. you thought she had called you unqualified. that she had used that word, to be president. therefore, you repaid the favor by saying she was not qualified. given what you now know about what she said, do you think she is qualified to be president? >> what i now know is after we've won 6 of the last 7 caucuses and primaries, and in national polls, couple of them, we are now in the lead, the clinton campaign has changed its tone. i think we were public about it. that is, when we come to new york, we'll be more negative. it's what you're seeing from
8:11 am
their surrogates and the tone of their campaign. when the "washington post" has a headline that says, clinton campaign thinks that sanders is unqualified, we responded. look -- >> did you overreact because you -- >> here's the truth. i've known hillary clinton for 25 years. i respect hillary clinton. we were colleagues in the senator. on her worst day, she will be a -- she would be an infinitely better president than either of the republican candidates. >> she's qualified? >> of course. the point is, i would hope that we get away from these attacks which, by the way, the media likes very much, and start focusing -- maybe we can do it today -- on the real issues. >> do you worry though, senator sanders, that as this campaign goes on and on, that the damages being done, or damages being done to which ever of you is becoming the eventual nominee? >> that's media stuff.
8:12 am
people want to know why they're working for lower wages. people want to know why they're graduating with so much debt, why we have wealth inequality. i have found in this campaign -- i'll be honest with you -- is the world of what the media is interested and what the people are interested in is day and night. we have talked to over 900,000 people in rallies. i talked to people all over the country. their reality, their world, is different than what media focuses on. that's what we want to do now. >> let's get to those questions, all right? willie geist is joining us in the audience. he has real voters with real questions. >> senator sanders, good morning again. i'm with melissa, a register democrat from new york city. not just made up her mind in the primary. >> good morning. we keep hearing a woman candidate would be a better advocate for women. what will you do to address gender inequality and women's health issues? >> fantastic question. first of all, i talk to women
8:13 am
all over this country. you know what they tell me? they're tired of making 79 cents on the dollar compared to men. i will fight as hard as i can for pay equity for women. they want that whole dollar and not 79 cents of the dollar. second of all, in terms of women's health, i am 100% pro choice. i think a woman has the right to control her own body. not state government or the federal government. thirdly, i believe that we have got to draw in the rest of the industrialized world. guarantee health care to every man, woman and child as a right. you know, we have got to ask ourselves the hard questions, which media often does not, that is, why are we the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee health care to all
8:14 am
people? why do we spend so much more per capita? why are health care costs, really, impacting in an incredible way, middle class families? we're going to fight for health care for all. a medicare for all, single payer program. we'll save middle class families thousands a year on health care. >> before you blame the media for this, senator, this is something your campaign manager, jeff weaver said, caused a stir when he said it. don't destroy -- talking to clinton supporters -- don't destroy the democratic party to satisfy the secretary's ambitions to become president of the united states. do you agree with that comment? >> we're off to the gossip. >> no, no, no. this is what your campaign manager said. >> i know. is that an issue people are staying up at night worrying about? people are worried about how we're going to have decent paying jobs. jeff is doing a good job. we started at 3% in the polls. last 2 of 3 polls has us in the lead. what jeff simply is trying to say is, let's not run a negative
8:15 am
campaign. let's run a campaign which deals with the real issues impacting the american people. what are those issues? why is it that for the last 30 years, the middle class has been in decline, and there has been a massive transfer of wealth to the top 1/10th of 1%? is that an issue the people are interested in? [ applause ] >> let's go to willie with another voter question. >> how often does nbc discuss the issue of massive transfer of wealth going to the top 1%? >> we're discussing it now. we're giving you 16 minutes of air time. >> let's discuss it more than 16 minutes. >> willie, go ahead. >> senator sanders, one of the great things about the plaza is it brings people from all over the country. this is kyle from ohio. a registered independent who supports you. >> good morning, sensor sanders. pleasure to see you today. my question is this. if you're elected president, how specifically would you go about breaking up banks that are too
8:16 am
big to fail? >> fantastic question. we bailed out, the congress against my vote, bailed out wall street because it was believed there were a number of banks too big to fail. if they failed, they'd take down half of the economy. turns out that today, 3 out of the 4 largest banks in this country are bigger than they were when we bailed them out because they were too big to fail. you can approach it by passing legislation that i have introduced, which gives the secretary of the treasure the authority to determine which banks, if they fail, would pose a systemic risk to our economy, and then break them up. right now, we have the sixth largest financial institution in this country having assets equivalent to 58% of the gdp of america. they issue 2/3 of the credit cards and 1/3 of the mortgages.
8:17 am
in my view, that is too much economic and political power in the hands of a few banks. i would reestablish glass siegel legislation and move to break them up. >> can you get it through the congress, as its composed now? >> i think we could if the american people demand that. i think the american people discuss it and are sick and tired, really angry, they have to bail out wall street, whose greed, recklessness and illegal behavior nearly destroyed our economy. >> you believe you can get the legislation passed? >> one of the points of this campaign is we talked about a political revolution. that means involving millions of people in the political process. i believe the american people are pretty solid about not wanting to bail out wall street again. they want wall street to help the middle class. not the middle class bailing them out. >> one of the things about big
8:18 am
banks -- [ applause ] >> one of the things about big banks is they also employ hundreds of thousands of americans. if you break up the big banks, what happens to the tens of thousands of people who lose their jobs? >> well, what i think happens, matt, in any transition, is people find different jobs as the rest of the economy becomes transformed. what you will see is more community banks, credit unions and smaller banks will be hiring more people. it's not just a zero sum gain. bottom line to me, i think we want a financial system that pays attention to small and medium sized businesses to consumers. consumers are tired, i think, of being ripped off with high interest rates on credit cards. you know, we're going to have a banking system that, i think, will be stronger and hiring people in different ways. >> willie? >> let's move over here. we have rob from new york city, registered democrat. not just made up his mind. what's your question, sir? >> why do you think gun
8:19 am
manufacturers should gbe given immunity from lawsuits? would it extend to cell phone manufacturers, airlines? >> this is what i think. what i think is, if matt is a gun store owner in northern vermont, and he sells me a legal product. i purchase a gun. then i use that gun to do something terrible. should matt be sued? the answer is, i think not. >> why do you keep picking on me? >> point being, if somebody sells me a legal product and i do something crazy with it, should i be sued? the answer is no. >> every other company is open to lawsuits. why are gun manufacturers given a reprieve from liability? i think that's the question. >> the answer is, if you sell me a car -- if you sell me a gun
8:20 am
and it explodes in my hands, of course you're liable to be sued. if the product works the way it was designed to work, then i do not believe that that gun owner should be sued. but here's what i do think. if i walk into your gun shop and i say, give me 10,000 rounds of ammunition, and i want 63 assault weapons, i think you might want to call up the police and say, i have a guy in here who legally wants to do it, but something sounds a little crazy. >> in that scenario, the gun shop owner could be liable. >> absolutely. if you have a reason to believe somebody is going to do something crazy with it and, by the way, if you are a gun manufacturer and you know the guns you are selling to somebody's gun shop is ending up in the hands of criminals, you have a right to know that, you should be sued, as well. you don't get immunity on it. >> there was legislation proposed a while back. you made some comments that made it sound like you were supporting it. this would have done away with the immunity. you said, i support it and i'm
8:21 am
happy it's raised. did you support it, or did you not understand what was in that bill? >> i understood it perfectly. my concerns were, i do not want people who sell a product that is legal to be sued. on the other hand, if they have reason to believe the product is going to be used, the gun gets out to criminals, they should be sued. >> carson has a question for you, senator sanders. >> let me go back to the gunnish sh -- gun issue. i lost an election in 1988 because i said the assault weapons shouldn't be distributed in the u.s. >> the nra stated your position on this liability issue with approval. >> i do have a d minus voting record. >> point taken. >> #bernie today. we have a question. are there any regrets so far in your campaign that you wish you
8:22 am
could go back and change? >> i think that -- i think that what we should have done is perhaps even more retail politics. even more small rallies than we have done. i mean, i'm very proud of the fact that we've had some 900,000 people come out to our rallies. but we haven't done as many smaller, outdoor rallies. we're going to rectify that here in new york city. we're going to be going around the city today. i love that. this is the stuff i love. [ applause ] we may be dropping into your neighborhood. please come on out to the rallies and ask some questions. we'll have a good time. >> i'll ask you this, senator. in a recent interview, you said that the gop civil war we're all watching right now could lead to a real dissolution of the
8:23 am
republican party as we know it. as a revolutionary on the other side, do you take some joy in that prospect? >> here's what i think. i think that when people understand what the republican party really stands for and gets beyond personalities, that most of my colleagues in the united states senator want to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top 2/10th of 1% by repealing the estate tax. they want to cut social security, cut medicare and cut medicaid. they don't believe a woman has the right to control her own body. most of them do not even believe in the reality of climate change, let alone doing something about it. i think when the american people understand that, the republican party becomes a fringe party. on the other hand, you have other republicans who are more conservative than i am, obviously. they're worried about the deficit, which is a legitimate concern. but i think this right-wing,
8:24 am
extremist republican party, their agenda is not the agenda of the american people. more people know about it, the less support they'll get. >> willie? >> sanders, i'm with verta from new york city. independent and supporter of yours. >> good morning. you mentioned a political revolution. if you don't win the election, what will you do to continue to galvanize all the young people that are supporting you, as well as those of us who didn't know you before you started? >> wonderful question. >> we have a minute left. >> obviously, our hope and expectation is we're going to win. that's a fair question. seeing so much excitement on young people, on the part of young people, who have so much hope for this country, who want to make our country a better place, we will continue that revolution. thank you so much. >> thank you for your question. there was one that came in on twitter, senator. i loved it. let's end on this. it was very simple.
8:25 am
corn beef or pastromi? >> pastromi all the way. >> your wife jean is heane is he front row. great to see you. >> is new york a must-win for your campaign? >> it's a very important state. i don't consider any state a must-win. there are a lot of delegates here. i was born and raised in brooklyn. know about the city. we look forward to doing very well here. >> senator, it's really nice to have you here. good luck in new york. thank you to all the people who have come out in the cold to ask great questions. we look forward to seeing you in the months ahead. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much. we are back after a check of your local news and weather.
8:26 am
it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a developing story, police in san jose investigating a late night shooting that left one man with life threatening injuries. happened just about a block from the san jose state campus in east yaim and south 10th street. about ten people were eating near the spartan taco truck when there was gun fire. we spoke earlier to the taco truck owner. he believes the victim was shot by a drive-by in a vehicle. the victim has not yet been identified. let's check that morning commute. anthony is in for mike ff's pretty good. we're not tracking any major accidents. typical slowing on a friday, 101 northbound is starting to see some recovery from earlier slowing. but it is still stop and go get
8:27 am
past santa clara, things improve. 101 southbound across the peninsula and san mateo is slow and in palo alto, you can see what it looks like there. again, stop-and-go getting into the silicon valley, 101 northbound looking good past palo alto t. is still slow in oakland, in 880 continues to remain bogged down because of heavier traffic. no accidents but you get past downtown oakland, over toward the bay bridge, lights off and lanes wide open. >> there you go. your chance from the city, back and forth. another local news update in a half hour. see you then.
8:28 am
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♪ 8:30 now on a friday morning, the eighth of april 2016. happy birthday, chuck todd, i might add. it's another chilly one as we head into the weekend. we're looking at snow in the forecast. >> i've got an idea, can you guys come back every day? this would be fun. we don't have to do a town hall. it's just nice to have an audience like this, although we normally do. does not feel like spring here in the northeast, but elsewhere the season is in full bloom. you're taking a look right now, this is the azalea gardens on the grounds of our affiliate, wral in raleigh, north carolina. these are beautiful. they opened to the public about 60 years ago, serving as a colorful and as al would say, fragrant attraction. and every year, wral gives away
8:31 am
thousands of flowers to more than 100 non-profits as part of the azalea celebration. >> wow. that's beautiful! >> it really is. gorgeous. well, coming up, my one-on-one interview with first lady michelle obama, as she looks back at her time in the white house. >> i have to share. a star-studded half hour on the way. jake gyllenhaal opens up about unraveling for his new role. then we'll talk to kerry washington about "scandal" and the controversial subject of the new movie, and of course, that photo-shopped magazine cover we've been discussing. >> the stars are here today. >> wait, there's more! >> being triple threat, writing, directing and starring as miles davis in his new movie, don cheadle. >> looking good, don. we'll check with him in a minute. first, we'll get the weather. this is going to spill into the 9:00 hour. let's show you what we've got going on. first of all, we're looking at next week, a strong storm starting on sunday in the central plains. some could be very strong storms with hail, damaging winds, even isolated tornadoes. monday that moves into the
8:32 am
midwest, on into the south as a severe storm threat as we get into arkansas on into monday evening. and it continues right on into tuesday, moving into the gulf coast and the southeast as well. . we are getting ready for some rain this weekend, and it starts today with some spotty, light showers as you head out the door. don't forget the umbrella. we have clouds and temperatures at about 60 degrees in the peninsula and the east bay. expect a high of 64 degrees in san francisco, mid-60s for the north bay, east bay and peninsula and 70 today in the south bay. looking at that forecast, we will see some of those showers becoming a little bit more widespread over the next couple of hours so watch out for those slick roads. and that's your latest weather. thursday, i had the honor of traveling with first lady michelle obama in part of her national garden tour, talking to students about the importance of
8:33 am
healthy living. then after a hard day's work, we had a very candid conversation about life at the white house and the feature of the first family. white house, green thumb. >> wow, this is exciting! >> in 2009, first lady michelle obama planted a vegetable garden on the south lawn. >> are we done yet? >> no. >> no. >> sparking a national conversation around healthy living. >> vegetables. >> vegetables! >> now as her time as first lady comes to a close, michelle obama is celebrating healthy eating with a nationwide garden tour. and guess who was invited along for the ride. our first stop is a middle school in wayne county, georgia. ladies and gentlemen, the first lady, michelle obama. >> thank you, al! hey, guys! >> a farm-to-school program brings fresh fruits and veggies straight to the students, who are writing a cookbook. >> they have been enthusiastic about the whole program, and
8:34 am
it's made them much better eaters in the lunch room. >> the second stop taking us to phillips academy charter school in newark, new jersey. >> hey, guys. >> hi! >> there a rooftop garden and indoor growing lab help plant the seeds of healthy living in students. the first lady proving she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. >> you know the compost is working. >> while i was hard at work. >> mr. roker's not doing anything. >> well, i was helping before -- >> all jokes aside, we spent the afternoon getting real about life at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. give me five words that describe the last seven years in the white house. >> ooh. um, for me, fun, challenging, creative, dynamic, and at times, delicious. >> okay. looking back at the seven years, there had to have been tough times. >> absolutely. absolutely. we were, you know, adjusting to all of this attention, try and make sure that i raise girls that are sane in the limelight
8:35 am
that is brighter than one could ever imagine. so, yeah, absolutely there were challenges, but by far, the fun that i have in this job far outweighs any challenges that you can imagine. >> what would you like your legacy to be? >> i'll probably have better perspective on it when i get a chance to breathe and step back and think. but if i have to answer the question right now, i just want people to say michelle obama was a hard-working first lady who impacted people's lives for the better and made us proud. >> if you could finish this sentence -- >> okay. >> on saturday, january 21st, 2017, the day after inauguration day, i will be -- >> hopefully, somewhere warm. i think that's the safest thing i can say. somewhere really, really warm. >> are there little drinks with
8:36 am
umbrellas involved? >> you know, i was going to go in, but i thought, oh, let me stop. that will lead the whole story. that will be the conversation, so warmth. >> i've been very lucky to have been at a few events at the white house. there is an enjoyment level. because i've seen your kids around, i've seen your mom around, that this truly was time in somebody's home. >> i'm constantly trying to say, remember, let's have fun, you know? this is a rare opportunity. let's not just get something done, but let's enjoy it. and hopefully, you know, we've created that kind of an atmosphere. we're going to miss everybody when it's time to go, but don't take me there yet. >> no. >> not yet. >> maybe the warm place. >> let's think warm. warmth. and maybe an umbrella in a drink somewhere. umbrella in a drink somewhere. >> we had a lot of fun with the first lady. we're going to take the show on the road. "today" is going to take a great old pickup truck to the white house, plant fresh fruits and vegetables in the back, creating
8:37 am
our own mobile garden. all spring and summer long, we'll be stopping at schools up and down the coast from washington to the plaza. the first lady just may stop by. follow our progress with the #garden on the go. >> wow. >> where are you getting the truck? >> i don't know. we're going to steal somebody's truck. >> do you take special requests of what to plant. >> you bet. >> it'll be fun. >> thank you. up next, the lovely and talented kerry washington. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
8:39 am
we're back at 8:39. kerry washington is no stranger to scandalous roles. her latest in the new movie on hbo called "confirmation," as law professor anita hill, whose claims of sexual harassment against clarence thomas nearly derailed his nomination to the supreme court. >> why would you speak to a man
8:40 am
like that the rest of your life? >> i have suggested i was afraid of retaliation. i was afraid of damage to my professional life. i believe that you have to understand that this kind of response is not atypical. and i can't explain it. >> kerry washington, good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> you were 14 years old in 1991. >> that's right. >> i'm not supposed to do that. >> that's fine. >> when this all played out in our living rooms, basically, how aware as a teenage young lady, were you of this? >> i think because i was 14, most of my memories are kind of through the lens of my parents' experience. >> right. >> for me, it was really memorable. my dad was engaging with the unfolding of the hearings from the perspective of an african-american man, who was watching this black man have his reputation and his career ripped from him in a very public way.
8:41 am
he had strong feelings about it. my mom had strong feelings as a professional african-american women. it was one of the few times i saw them at odds. i felt i understand both perspectives. >> did they sit down, and did you guys talk about this over the dinner table? >> i grew up in a house where we always talked about politics, community and issues like that. but this was really heated. this was different. there was a lot of emotion in the conversations. >> in addition to playing anita hill, you're the executive producer of this. this is one of your first big projects. why this one? >> i think because it held such a memory from my childhood and it was an experience of understanding it as a professional and a woman. also, i found the documentary "anita" a few years ago, and i loved it. i wanted to find out more not only about anita, but more about joe biden. i wanted to know more about clarence thomas and what he was feeling. >> seems like nothing these days
8:42 am
is without controversy. >> right. >> there is some of the people who were involved in the actual historical event are saying, wait a minute, this is an overdramatized version. it's not how i remember it. others are saying, this is political propaganda. >> sure. >> to support anita hill and even support hillary clinton's run for the white house. >> oh, to be doing both at the same time. >> yeah. >> that's interesting. for me, i've always felt like it's important for me to not hold back on my political beliefs because of what i do for a living. i don't think that i should have to be any less of an american -- >> but were you trying to make a political statement in this? >> no, no. i mean, for me, and what we were trying to do, it's extraordinarily challenging to really go out and do as much research from as many perspectives as we could. we talked to people on both sides of the aisle. we did an enormous amount of research. i myself read both clarence thomas' memoir as well as anita hill's memoir and about every other book about the hearing at the time. we really wanted to make a film, and i think when you see this
8:43 am
film, this is about very complicated people during a complicated time. and you are actually pulled in the direction of a lot of characters. a lot of the backlash is actually coming from people who haven't seen the film. >> if they haven't seen it yet, they'll have to wait a couple of weeks before they do. can i change subjects? >> sure. >> do you mind that? >> sure. >> we talked about you on the show the other day, this "adweek" magazine cover. you looked at it and said, it's supposed to me. what was your big complaint about it? >> my big complaint was that it felt altered in general. it wasn't that there was something specific. it was the feeling of looking at something and knowing it had been altered. i was really proud of the energy and really proud of the article. it talks a lot about my professional relationships and how hard i've worked to build those relationships with those brands. and i was really excited about the article. when i saw the cover, i was taken aback. so, i just felt like that in order for me to promote the magazine, which i wanted to do because i think the article's great, high at least address, because i knew other people would notice that it didn't
8:44 am
quite look like me. >> we were talking before the segment, i said when they airbrush me in pictures, i'm always for it. >> it's not always bad. a wrinkle here, a wrinkle there, but -- >> but you have to recognize it, the reality. >> it should look like the person. it's great to meet you. >> i meant wrinkles on clothes, by the way. wrinkles on faces are beautiful. >> exactly right. i'm glad you got that in. "confirmation" premieres april 16th on hbo. up next, oscar nominee jake gyllenhaal will also be in studio 1a. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ this is "today" on nbc
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back with oscar nominated actor jake gyllenhaal. in "demolition," he plays an investor banker whose wife dies in a car accident. how does he deal with it? how h not how you might expect. ♪ i don't care
8:47 am
>> jake, good morning. >> good morning. i'm sorry about that. >> no, i was going to say, sweet moves. i didn't know you had it in you. >> you have such good taste in dance. that was a little nauseating but, yeah, thanks. >> was it fun? what happens, you get the script and it says, like, free expression dance scene, and you interpret it in your own way? >> that was not written in the screenplay. if it had been, i probably wouldn't have done the movie. you know, jean marc vallee, who directed the film, is fly by the seat of his pants. he called me up and said, i have an idea of a dance sequence. when your character realizes there is joy in life and stuff, he's going to dance. i won't tell you the songs. i'll give you an ipod.
8:48 am
wherever we are, we'll shoot it. he said, this time, today. >> it's not like it's with a big production and everyone is thinking, it must be a movie. he puts you out there, dancing like a crazy person. >> he shoots without a large crew and you get to be who you are. i guess i really am a fantastic dancer. >> your inner dancer has been waiting to come out all these years. >> my tiny dancer. >> it is your tiny dancer. actually, it's a decent way to start to talk about this movie. on the one side, i described it, sounds like it's going to be terribly sad. >> yeah. >> your character loses his wife. but it's very unconventional and quirk i can and f quirky and funny, i dare say, about how he deals with it. he literally demolishes things. >> i think he lived his life in a very conventional way, in the way everybody says you should. i think he lost myself as a
8:49 am
result. when this tragedy happens, he doesn't know how he feels. the journey becomes how he gets to feel again and finding myself again. he does the oddest things. i mean, one of the -- his father-in-law tells him, you have to take things apart in order to put them back together and learn about yourself. he literally takes everything apart. demolishes his house. somehow, his expression in the physical world leads him back into himself. >> when i think of your body of world a work and all the movies you've done, you've taken on huge challenges. yet, you said this role is intimidating. >> when you play a character and it feels far away from you, you spend a lot of time in preparation, researching, i think it separates you from the person you're playing. jean marc has a different way of looking at things. he wouldn't allow me to prepare. there's no makeup or lighting in his movies. you show up and start working. i think being present and trying to be true to yourself in
8:50 am
moments, just show all the embarrassing stuff and also the things you sometimes hide from in performances, is intimidating and uncomfortable and ultimately though, really wonderful. >> it takes courage. just like the dancing. to bring it full circle. >> i don't know. it's hard to talk about courage when you're talking about acting because there are a lot of people in the world with a lot more courage than actors. in terms of that, yeah, spending time with yourself in today's world does seem to take courage. >> yeah. i have to say, i did read that the director, who obviously is quite intense, required mandatory parties every week. >> yes. >> i love that. did you throw one? >> the acting department threw a party, yeah. >> acting department. >> naomi watts and i threw a party. in my opinion, it was the best party of any department. in the end, everyone voted and i think the art department won. >> go, art department. >> they know how to party. >> thanks, jake gyllenhaal.
8:51 am
"demolition" opens in theaters today. coming up, don cheadle is here, chatting up matt on the couch. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
we're back at 8:52. miles day vvis was one of the m influential musicians. he almost completely disappeared
8:53 am
from public view. >> the mysterious chapter of his life is the 23focus of don cheadle's new film, "miles ahead." >> that would be great. >> i was born, i moved to new york, made some music, did some dope, made more music. >> that's it? >> don, good morning. welcome back. >> thank you. >> i think if you said the name miles davis to a lot of people, they'd say, i know who he was, but i couldn't exactly describe his music and impact on music. how would you do that? >> i did that. i took a poll and asked people, to see what their attachment was to him. a lot of people would say, jazz. okay, that's kind of it. that'd say, he played an instrument. what instrument? trumpet? he blew his cheeks out. no, it's not the same dude. when you're going to do a movie, tell a story, one of the most important things for me was not
8:54 am
have it be something you had to be inside to understand. i wanted people not knowing anything about miles to enjoy the movie. >> i read ten years ago, miles davis' nephew was asked who should play miles davis and he said don cheadle. >> it had been floating around for a while. his nephew declared it was going to happen. that's when, you know, the calls started coming and we tried to figure out how to do it. >> we were talking a second ago. when i watch movies about a sport, i am acting the actor to see if he gets the gestures down. music fans, miles davis fans, are going to be doing that with every gesture. the way you hold the traum pump. you're aware of that. >> absolutely. as soon as i knew this was going to happen, i started training and actually learned how to play. >> you're a musical guy, we should mention. >> his music is something i've been listening to since i was in
8:55 am
elementary school. but you can't -- you can fake the trumpet, but you want the people to -- that really know to get it. i also wanted to understand it from the inside out. at some point in his development, he is -- was as bad as i am now. you know what i mean? at some point in the continuum, i wanted to be on that scale. know what it was from the inside out. i'm playing the solos in the movie. we'll use miles' music but i play in the movie. >> if you're looking for the cradle-to-grave biopick, it's not that. it's a vignette that says a lot about his life. why that approach? >> it's sort of the down note. it's in miles' own words, playing what's not there. it's the space between the noise, where it's most fraught. that was just the place of departure for us, to figure out how to get his back. >> by the way, maybe the greatest accomplishment of all, you direct this, you star in it,
8:56 am
you're in every scene. >> and wrote it. >> oh, yeah, by the way, made all your own clothes, as well. >> i did the catering. >> extraordinary. don, great to have you here. >> thank you, man. >> pleasure. "miles ahead" is out in select cities now. it'll open nationwide on april a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the next phase of demolition wrapping up for the eastern span of the bay bridge. this weekend crews will separate a 500 foot long truss from the two towers supporting it. it weighs about 2500 tons and stands more than 500 feet in the air. crews will deliver it to the port of oakland for scrapping after they take it down, the second of five truss bands crews must dismantle.
8:57 am
crews won't complete demolition of this for at least two years. happening now, go to our nbc bay area website to find out more about the latest demolition, also a link to the cals translive stream for the project. find the story at the top of our home page. we're staying on top of a shooting that left a man critically injured in the south bay. it happened last night about a block from san jose state university. we're waiting for police to release suspectinformation. we're also posting updates on our twitter feed. and pope francis softens the catholic church's starns on things like divorce and birth control. some say that makes him shaking the church's foundation to the core. that report coming up this morning, a link on our facebook page. another local news update in a half an hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," jake giden hall. the oscar-nominated star sits down with us to talk about his new movie "demolition." we say good-bye to "american idol." kelly, carrie and more big stars. plus, your first look at nicole kidman's newest film. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is"today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it is a friday morning. it's april 8th, 2016. chilly out on the plaza but we had a bunch of bernie sanders fans. we had a great town hall in the last hour.
9:01 am
i'm willie with al, tamron and dylan. natalie is on assignment. this is random, the morning jam. you get the e-mail, it's your turn for the morning jam. what do you want to do? i looked at my phone and bobby brown was there, "every little step." >> i saw bobby brown. >> remember when bobby brown left new addition and everyone thought, what a mistake? whenever there is someone in a group, like justin timberlake, and they leave the band, you wonder what will happen. my "roni," one of the greatest love songs. ♪ talk about roni, she's always on the phone ♪ >> i don't know it. >> i know rice a roni. >> they're similar. >> san francisco. >> i got it. >> speaking of wonderful singing voices, the "american idol" finale was last night.
9:02 am
star-studded. the finale of the series, not just the season. dozens of alums. every winner of the last 14 seasons came out to sing together and say good-bye. they're wearing white. dramatic. >> how did they all know they'd be wearing white. it's amazing. >> i'm sure an e-mail went out. >> it's time to wear white, after easter. there you have it. >> kelly clarkmson pre-recorded her performance, being out on the road. it was the song she sang at the finale when she won in 2002. ♪ some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this ♪ ♪ some people search forever for that one special wish ♪ ♪ oh, i can't believe it's happening to me ♪ ♪ some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this ♪
9:03 am
[ applause ] >> she's only gotten better since 2002. >> so good, yeah. >> one of the best voices around. carrie underwood came out and sang a duet with keith urban. the moment that stole the show was carrie's performance of "something in the water". ♪ there must be something in the water ♪ ♪ now i'm singing along to "american grace" ♪ can't nobody wipe this smile off my face ♪ ♪ joy in my heart >> she's great. >> she seems to excited. you wonder if it's because, you know, it's the finale. this is why she is where she is. she just had such an excitement to her. >> she was on our show not long ago. even off camera, just happy.
9:04 am
that's her personality. she's a happy person, grateful. i love that about her. >> two of the best voices around, kelly and carrie. >> they make you cry when you hear them sing. other than when she's putting the key on the side of your -- >> oh. >> you know the song? sing that, willie. >> you don't want me to. [ ♪ put the key into the side >> we're sorry you don't know any modern songs, al. ♪ i ain't your mama >> ladies, sing. ♪ i ain't your mama ♪ let's get loud, let's get loud ♪ ♪ come on, people, let's get loud ♪ >> is that one you know, mr. roker? >> j.lo's mom was in the crowd and had a shirt that says, i is your mama.
9:05 am
it's kind of neat. >> there she is. >> so cute. >> look at that. >> love it. ♪ took the louisville slugger to both headlights ♪ >> i was trying to save the audience. >> listen, are you kidding me? the things you say on this show. >> hey, you know, we're not going to talk about that movie, "secret life of pets." right now, i can imagine there are a number of them howling. sitting at home. >> that hurts. you put yourself out there as a performer. >> we're sorry you're the only real singer in the group. >> i'm not a singer, no. >> we tried. you're like randy jackson over here. >> difference. i know i can't sing. >> but you try. "american idol," we loved it because there were the kids that showed up. >> i never liked "american idol." >> that's right. he never watched the show. >> the original judges came out to the stage to say farewell.
9:06 am
simon made an appearance. >> he's a star, a successful man. >> i know. he produced successful shows. >> i feel i'm at an uncomfortable holiday dinner. >> you are. >> except there's no food. >> or wine. >> darn. >> by the way, the winner last night, 24-year-old trent harmon, beat out la'porsha renae, both from mississippi. here's what everyone -- oh, we're going to show this. >> our dinner party continues. >> little late. let's move on to the next thing. here's what everyone is wondering. this is like a "sopranos" finale. what did ryan seacrest mean by this in the last seconds of the show? >> this is so tough. we say to you from hollywood, good night, america. for now. >> what? >> it means they had really good numbers and they may bring this thing back in case another show tanks. >> keep the door open. >> you're just a pleasant --
9:07 am
>> you've got to make room in a schedule for something. so fox has their schedule. something doesn't do that well, let's bring "idol" back and finish on a strong note. >> how about the shakespearean moment by seacrest? pause, pause, for now. >> it was the perfect way to end the series. leave it at that. >> i like the way they ended it. you bring back all these people we've grown to love. now, peace out. >> let's talk about -- >> i'm happy. >> -- something you want. >> "american idol" was a juggernaut. it changed television. it spawned a whole genre, including the "voice." >> carson says that all the time. >> hats off to all those folks. spawned so many stars. i didn't watch it, but that doesn't mean anything. i was far in the minority. i'm just a man up here not singing.
9:08 am
anyway, i love "star wars." in case your "star wars" fever hasn't died down, if you're ready for the force again, because we know "star wars: the force awakens" had a record-breaking box office run. $2 billion at the box office. new trailer for the next "star wars" spin-off. there is a standalone. "rogue one" is out. it's the characters not in the core "star wars" saga. it takes place as the death star is being built. somebody had to steal those plans. >> brian was trying to explain this to me. there is the "star wars" that'll be the new trilogy. >> right. which happens in the future. >> okay. >> then there is the "star wars" we all know and love. we're not talking about the jar jar binks "star wars." it's the original "star wars." >> okay. as you remember in the first one, princess leia stole the plans from the death star. this is how she got the plans. >> we have a mission for you.
9:09 am
a major weapons ta s test is imminent, and we need to know what it is and how to destroy it. >> is that clear? >> yes, sir. >> so now if you want to see the full trailer, go to one of the things we find out in the future, everybody is british. everybody is british. everybody talks with an accent. they drink tea. >> we get more and more proper into the future. >> exactly. forest whitaker is in the movie. >> he's not british. >> but he has a british accent. no, he doesn't, but he is in the movie. >> that's in the future? >> no. okay. the original "star wars," right? >> i'm going to stick with the -- >> original "star wars." >> the first three. >> good ones. >> 1976, those ones. >> yes. >> this takes place before that, when princess -- >> in the '60s. >> no.
9:10 am
2000 and whatever. >> the peopdogs at home get it. the cats don't, but the dogs love "star wars." >> none of us like what happened in the next video. maximo trinidad catching waves in jupiter, florida, when this happens. keep watch. >> oh! >> that looked like a scene from sharknado, did it not? shark looked like he fell from the sky. >> wait a minute. >> you fall into the water and you know there is a shark right there. >> get back on the board. >> i don't know if the board is going to -- >> can we have that again? >> fantastic. mi millennium falcon and a shark. >> a ti fighter, too? >> is this the future? >> great question, dylan.
9:11 am
>> keep them coming. what else we got? >> what else do we have? >> oh, yeah! forget about tamron singing. >> wait a minute, willie was singing. >> my powers. >> okay. >> just roll this on the show every day. >> we're having a -- >> it's like being in universal studios. >> the show is going downhill. >> i love this. >> freaky friday. >> i'm sure you've seen this if you're watching the masters. golf's hall of famer, ernie els, four-time major champion, he had a rough go on hole 1 at the masters. he missed all five putts. >> how far is the hole? >> three feet away. >> what? >> yeah. here's the thing, we've all
9:12 am
been -- any golfer has been in that situation. you think you're that close and you tap it in. you don't set up. you don't square up. >> again. >> oh! >> those are the ones you expect to go? >> wow. >> he got par in every other hole. >> i never played golf, other than putt-putt, but he's a good golfer. >> little out of his prime, but he was one of the best. >> i'm being told it is a showdown. we're going to go play golf. >> let's see if you can do it. >> we have clubs for everyone. >> we have a top-notch golf course set up over here. this is all we could afford. >> we don't even have a hole. >> we have got one. >> it's good i can't miss the hole. >> the big easy. >> don't forget to address the ball. >> hello, ball. >> go ahead. >> hold me back. >> drain that. that was in. >> that was good. >> teach me.
9:13 am
>> i'll give you this club. >> what do i do? >> get it in the cup. >> hold me back, willie. no, i mean like -- >> tag team here. >> lean over a little. >> lift up your left leg. >> i don't like this. my legs are too far away. >> swing back. forward. follow through. >> almost in! >> anyway. hey, hey, hey. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening -- if we've got some rain moving into the bay area, some light showers moving into the south bay peninsula and the east bay, and we will see this off and on through not only today but the weekend as we get a closer look. we are seeing showers making the roads wet so be sure to grab the umbrella as well as you head out the door for work or school. looking at the current temperature now, 60 in concord
9:14 am
and san jose, as well as san francisco. our highs today will top out in the upper 60s to low 70s. 65 in the mission district. we'll also have more of the same in the north bay, east bay and eri-valley. hole in one. >> just for the record. >> i had to hit it harder. that was the thing. >> golf charity tournament. up next, ernie els here. dylan sits down with 7 days ago, karen wasn't thinking about joining her daughter's yoga class. she was thinking about her joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, it supports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter. karen: "she's a little bit shy." in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. you were made to move. so move. and cannonballsch and clean and real
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9:17 am
hollywood's biggest stars. recently, i got the chance to catch up with him and his co-star, lewis. jake plays an investment banker forced to cope with the loss of his wife. it's only with strangers he can hope to rebuild. first, he must demolish the life he once knew, literally. >> what are we doing again? >> we're taking apart my marriage. >> jake and judah, good morning. how often was that? >> don't break the tv. >> how will we watch the "today" show? >> i like that. thank you for that. judah, this is your first movie. that's the first scene you shot with jake. >> yeah. >> was it as awesome as it looked? >> it was definitely as awesome as it looked. it's all real. that's what i love abouthe scene. there's no breakaway glass or fake anything. everything you see, we really did.
9:18 am
>> we left the tv for that. that was the hardest thing to destroy. >> it broke my heart. >> then it goes through the window of the house. >> then a neighbor comes out and literally, no, that's how i watch the "today" show. >> all bets are off at that point. >> yeah. >> so this movie is tackling some really heavy topics. jake, your character goes through loss. judah, your character is kind of -- it's a coming of age. he's dealing with sexuality. how hard was it to film when you're filming with a 14-year-old? >> when you're working with somebody who is talented, regardless of their age, but particularly if they're younger than you, i find it really helpful. i feel like at the age he was at the time, and even now, they're always doing something more interesting than you're going to do. it's making a choice more honest than you're going to make. at the same time, i loved it because the way our characters behave, they're awkward and you find yourself laughing through a majority of the movie. i think there is not one way to deal with loss.
9:19 am
in the case of my character, and ultimately the case of the two of us, w do some pretty weird, funny things. >> i laughed a lot more than i expected to laugh. so you're acting in your first movie. you're with a rock star cast. jake gyllenhaal. naomi watts. just to name a few. what lessons did you learn through this whole thing? >> so much, so much. you know, i think i can say across the board, the entire cast, i mean, they're just so talented. everybody just brings this truthfulness and this subtlety to their characters. i think just watching that and experiencing that and taking that in was something that, i think, i'll bring to other projects that i do in the future. >> did you have any advice as you were filming for judah? >> i get my advice from him. i don't really -- i wouldn't be presumptuous enough to think i'm someone able to give advice. it is interesting because i worked with chris cooper, who is also in the movie, when i was 15. chris gave me advice when i was
9:20 am
a kid. i've taken it with me through everything i've ever done. >> you can share it with judah. >> if he likes. >> i'm sitting here. >> the wise sage i am. >> judah, i find it interesting, you're still in school, yet you're now a movie star. how has your life changed in the past couple of years? >> i don't know if it's necessarily changed. i think there's just this added component to it that's very exciting and very fun. i mean, i'll finish here and go home and throw a ball for my dogs. there's that piece that's still normal. >> nice thing about dogs. no matter what -- >> they're still your dog. >> they don't care what you do. >> "demolition" opens in theaters today. guess which big hollywood star is joining the cast of star is joining the cast of "furious ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
9:21 am
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like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. still ahead in our next half hour, you'll be getting your first look at the new movie starring nicole kidman and jason bateman, called "the family thing." it's a "today" exclusive. don't miss it in pop fix. al? i'll put the al in al dente, with the perfect pasta dish to make this week. i didn't think it was that good but glad you liked it. willie? april showers mean a lot of cooped up kids to keep busy. we've come up with fun, indoor activities to keep your crew entertained. it's all coming up after your local news and weather. nice pass. ♪
9:25 am
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good morning, it is 9:26. i'm kris sanchez. happening today, the next phase of demolition ramps up for the old eastern span of the bay bridge. this weekend crews will separate a 500-foot long truck from the two towers that support it. that truck weighs 2,500 tons and stands more than 500 feet in the air. once crews take it down, they will deliver it to the port of oakland for scrapping. the bay bridge bike pass will be closed for the duration of the dismantling. crews will complete demolition' of the span for at least two more years. in san jose a late night shooting left one man with life threatening injuries about a
9:27 am
block from the san jose campus at east william and south 10th street. about ten people were apparently eating near the spartan taco truck when there was gunfire. we spoke earlier with the owner of the taco truck. he believes the victim was shot by someone driving by in a car. so far police have not said anything about that suspect, nor a vehicle description. also the victim has not been identified. we have a look at weather and traffic right after the break.
9:28 am
good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. taking a look outside, rain is moving across parts of the bay area. the south bay peninsula and east bay seeing some light showers. our temperatures are right at about 60 degrees. we'll see that off and on all day long with slou dcloudy skiea high of 66 expected in the north bay, east bay and peninsula. the rain is making it closer to the north bay. you will see that within the next few hours. just make sure to keep that umbrella handy for more rain
9:29 am
throughout the weekend. things are moving pretty good considering it is a friday. we still have heavy spots of traffic like 101 in san jose. heavy traffic near the 87 connecter, and capital expressway, there is an accident there. south bay looks good. southbound near palo alto an accident near the dumbarton bridge. east bay seeing heavier traffic approaching the maze. but outside actually wide open. not that bad. >> that is a gloomy picture. we have more local news in a half-hour. have a good morning.
9:30 am
taking a look at pope francis issued a major dock you you want that urges the church to be -- it does strike a softer tone. the pope says catholics who divorcend remarry should not be treated as if excommunicated. >> are kids getting enough exercise at school? according to the heart association the answer is no. the shape up the nation report shows only oregon and washington dxtd c. require the amount of time for pe suggested by experts. less than 20 states have a minimum in elementary and middle
9:31 am
schools. the report found more than half of states substitute other activities for required p.e. credit. and mailing a letter or bill is about to get cheaper. the price of a regular stamp is going down this weekend, a temporary rate increase in 2014 expires sunday. a regular stamp will cost 47 cents down from 49 cents. international down 5 cents. and ford wants to make your commute less stressful. it's fusion will offer adaptive cruise control. when activated it automatically accelerates and brakes while maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. the technology uses an advanced radar and camera-based system. if a visit to ikea is the closest you've been to sweden the country we like to change that, the swedish tourist association launched a promotion called the swedish number. if you call you'll be connected to a random swede who volunteers. you can ask about restaurants,
9:32 am
going to school, or just the weather and fishing. now a check of the weather from al. we should set up a number where people can call us. >> i'm sure we would be waiting for a long time. nobody wants to call us. really. why would you. look at this. call in and get your extended forecast for the weekend, icy mix along the northeast, and also some snow back through the western p.a. and western new york, wet weather out west as well. then on sunday, sunday, we've got a slight risk of strong storms central plains, wet weather through the upper mississippi river valley, great lakes snow, a lot of rain from southern california to southwest, all the way into the intermountain region and record low temperatures here in the northeast and new england on sunday. that's what's g most of the bay area seeing some rain right now. make sure you have the umbrella somewhere close by.
9:33 am
we will continue to see this off and on and making the roads wet as we head out the door. the rain is approaching san francisco, coming down in oakland and parts of the east bay as well as the peninsula and moving through the south bay. the rest of the afternoon we will have this rain off and on, at times it will be heavy. it does linger into the day, especially early saturday before we catch some more breaks saturday afternoon. that's your latest weather. time for a little fix. >> is that my phone ringing? hey. how you doing? i'm working this out. i promise i'll make it into a segment. lets get in a segment that h been approved, pop fim. if you are a nicole kidman fan we have a sneak peek of the trailer for her new movie called the family thing based on the best selling novel. the film follows two siblings who had quite the upbringing thanks to their parents. take a look.
9:34 am
>> hey. where are you? >>in the hospital. i got shot in the head. >> what? you got shot in the head? >> almost got kill bid a potato. >> mom and dad are bringing me home to recuperate. >> tell them you can't go. stand up to them, baxter. >> when have i done that? >> what's with the bandages. >> did you see your brother's ear? >> they are known for creating improvised public events, they incorporate their own children in the artwork. >> that's the family thing co-stars christopher walken and jason bateman. it premiered at the toronto film festival released into theaters april 29th. looks pretty good. guess who will put the pedal to the medal. they're reez therrien, the next installment will have details about the huntsman star expected
9:35 am
to play a villain. curious 7 made over a billion dollars worldwide. one of the highest grossing movies. the film which starts shooting this summer will see michelle rodriguez and tie reese gibson, fast 8 to be released next year. exciting news for fans of gilmore girls. melissa mccarthy confirmed she will be returning for the netflix revival the boss star reveals the good news herself on the ellen show. take a look. >> they are making four new movies of the gilmore girls which was near and dear to my heart for four years. we could not get the schedules to work and there was a whole thing and then i was going to be out of the country and about an hour and a half ago we figured out i'm going to go back and do it. i'm so excited. they are going to be amazing
9:36 am
>> breaking news. mccarthy plays the chef of the dragon fly in and best friend of lori gilmore. gosh. sorry. played by lauren graham, al roker gave me the eye. can't wait to see the gang back. that's right. i cannot wait for that. now over to al who is giving me a serious side eye. >> okay. three words that i can screw up. loaded with fresh spring veggies like these. don't miss it. you'll love it after this.
9:37 am
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9:41 am
veggies. it's bucatini carbonara preem vera. you have the vegetables and the. first, brown off a bit of it and i use the bacon. bucatini is thicker than the average pasta. you can use any pasta you like. first, brown off the bacon, get rid of that. take some fresh asparagus. >> didn't precook it. >> you don't have to use it if you don't like. it's fresh and so good. you're going to cook this three minutes. you're also going to take beautiful snap peas, english peas, some spring onions, garlic. use scallions if you want. also use frozen if you don't have access to fresh. >> i've never used fresh peas
9:42 am
before. >> they're good. the color brightens up. but frozen is fine. saute that. take all of that. very pretty. save about a cup or so of the pasta water. keep that. >> don't forget that, it's critical. >> very nice. >> make your sauce. first of all, take parmesan cheese, heavy cream. you're going to take some olive oil. and you're going to also take some of that pasta water. you're going to mix it all in. cook this down. >> helps thicken it up, right? >> thicken it up. you have lemon zest and basil. it'll cook down a little bill and get thicker. then you're going to take your pasta, and you're going to put that in. >> is there something minty in here? >> we're going to add mint in the end. mix this together. while that's cooking down, and it doesn't take long. turn the heat off quickly because it's going to make your sauce and your pasta.
9:43 am
you want to poach your egg. first, take some simmering water. >> this is intimidating for me. >> it really isn't. add some vinegar. >> i never used the vinegar. what does it do. >> helps form the egg. it creates and gets the proteins all together. >> the water isn't boiling. it's hot. >> it's simmering. pour your -- >> you need enough water. >> eventually, your egg is going to poach. after a while, take it out once it solids out. have it there. you put it on top of the pasta. shredded -- >> my favorite part. >> those are pea chutes. >> bam. >> creaminess for your beautiful bucatini. >> how long do you poach the egg? >> for like three minutes. >> this is top three of roker's for me.
9:44 am
>> my daughter courtney, who is on the food team, perfect thd. >> hi, courtney. >> shout outto oout to one of o club members. jennifer schmidt. find her recipe and mine -- or courtney's -- at "today".com/food. how to keep your children how to keep your children busy on ra mhmmm. how to keep your children busy on ra friends. tonight, i present to you a very special bottle. it's a nice, robust italian. vine-ripened tomatoes. impressive. very. let's let it breathe. introducing classico riserva. extra virgin olive oil, vine-ripened tomatoes, a hint of basil. classico riserva uses only fresh, simple ingredients. new classico riserva. open a bottle of the good stuff. anyone else care to smell the lid? hmmm. and clean and real
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mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
9:48 am
you know the old saying, april showers bring a lot of indoor time with your kids. we called on meredith to help us out with ideas to keep the kids busy and have fun. great to see you. >> great to be back. >> i like the krvariation with girl katie. >> we used things from the dollar store. parents with hunt and do all these games. she's going to try and get this on a square with a star. hop, hop, hop. hopscotch, you hop. we are using bubble wrap. go, katie. she's going to hop on the bubble wrap. kids and adults love bubble wrap. if she lands on a star, she has to do things like jumping jack. >> let's go, katie. >> one, two, three, four. >> the goal is to keep kids active. bubble wrap is fun. >> we love stepping on bubbles at home. >> what's this one? i like this. >> this is -- guys, these are our balloon boppers.
9:49 am
get up and start. we made these with sponges and paint sticks. my boys love doing this. for hours, you can have them stand up or also get them on their knees. do it in a crab position. the goal is to keep the balloon up. you can do it by yourself if you're an only child or don't have any friends to play with that day because it's rainy. or do it with your siblings. >> you guys are good at this. >> keep going. you can keep going together. >> look at these cool dudes. >> up next, we have these fun brothers here. they are going to show us something that when i was in my preschool classroom, this was our favorite thing. it was the sensory tug. i created this rainbow rice in here. they can dig in it. want to start digging with the animals? we put all kinds of animals. >> get in there. >> i just made this rice with vinegar in a plastic bag.
9:50 am
the starfish can go right in. they love to dig and mix the colors. >> play in there now. this is easy to make. the vice is srice is simple to . degree it o dry it out and they can mix the colors. >> hey, back there! knock it off, huh? >> a new game of balloon fun is happening. this is my most fun experiment on a rainy day. creating a storm cloud. we've put warm water up to here in a vase. she's showing us how to mix the colors. of course, yellow and blue makes what, cynthia? >> green. >> nice. >> as you can see, because of the shaving cream, which is already starting to mix, it becomes this lava lamp. >> cool. >> underneath, you can see the storm cloud brewing and the colors mix. kids love doing this with
9:51 am
different color mix sure mixure >> shaving cream and die. >> one tablespoon of water. it's all you need. >> next up, this was one of the most popular things in my preschool classroom. >> i loved this when i was little. >> the walking stilts. go ahead. dylan, well done. >> i've had a lot of practice. >> the dollar store sandbox. we drilled a hole in the bottom, strung string through it. this is good for balance and agility. >> uh-oh, dylan. >> how old are you, honey? >> i'm 5. >> she did it so you can do it. >> and i'm done. >> it's fun because it takes practice. it's great for balance. you can bekcome monsters. >> we have allen joseph. >> we've created poppers out of dollar pool noodles.
9:52 am
cut them. put a balloon around the end. cut off the top of the balloon, put it around the end. you're going to move a little closer. if you aim up and pull that back, yeah, you did a bunch at one time. you can make targets for your kids to try to keep track of points. >> or do it at each other. >> exactly. it's not something they're shooting at each other that they're going to get hurt. the little ones love it. >> use captain crunch crunch berries, you can aim at the mouth. fantastic. >> marshmallows. >> great idea. >> little ones love to get each other with these. no one is going to get hurt. >> that's great. >> joseph? >> cool. meredi meredith, thank you so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
. check in with dylan. what's coming up this weekend? >> i went down to south carolina with these two guys, the brian
9:55 am
brothers. these guys do all sorts of crazy, cool trick shots. there's a little bit of hit this and bounce it over here, get it over your head. it's a lot of fun. they showed me a few things i actually did okay. one was hitting it into the water. >> skip, that was impressive. >> that's impressive. >> no wonder you made the hole in the one. is that what you call -- >> the hole in the one? >> goes in the hole. look who is on the cover of "people." tamron hall. beautiful pictures inside. also, a very powerful story, tamron. >> thank you very much. "people" magazine came to my home a month ago, and they've done a profile on me and my family. please, go buy and pick it up. it'll be great. willie geist, your sunday
9:56 am
we started out with some mild temperatures and some spotty light rain. that's what we can expect as we go into this afternoon. cloudy skies and miles temperatures, a high of 66 in the north bay, east bay and
9:57 am
peninsula. san francisco up to 64 degrees. 70 in the south bay. we will continue to see the rain not only today, but also into the day on saturday with some breaks in between. we'll take a longer break on sunday as our temperatures stay right at about average for this time of year. let's check in with anthony to see how the roads are moving. >> this morning things were pretty good up until half-an-hour ago. the south bay now, several accidents. one near 85/280. a few accidents on 101. it continues to remain slow. notice green polygons. happening now -- police in the south bay are investigating a late night shooting that pd ha about a block from the san jose state campus. that victim is said to be clinging to life. so far police are revealing few details but we are posting updates that we get in our twitter feed. it is the end of an era.
9:58 am
the "american idol" era. in our entertainment headlines, find out who the last battle went down to and who showed up to say farewell. a big day for bay area sports fans. warriors and giants both won yesterday.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it is friday, april 8th and that is the life by fifth harmony. we have an interesting show for you today. we have a mother/daughter duo you don't want to mess around with. they're the stars of hgtv's "good bones" where they take sledge


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