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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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eyewitnesses. three of them saying the homeless man lunged at officers with the knife after they deployed bean bag rounds. none of the counts say the officers were unprovoked. >> he fell down to the ground. that's when the knife fell out. >> reporter: but this man who lives in the encampment and whose eyewitness account was mentioned by sfpd today says the shooting was unprovoked. he said his friend only speaks spanish and may have had difficulty understanding the officers' orders. sfpd does have the surveillance video as well but chose not to unlease it. they're investigating this matter. but did not have a comment at this time. live in the mission district pete suratos, nbc bay area news. another big story that we're following tonight, the weather. there is rain moving into the bay area for the weekend. taking you outside for a live look at at&t park. this is where the storm could actually impact tonight's game against the dodgers. first pitch scheduled for 7:15
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tonight. there's also a threat of rain at the san jose giants game as well. we do have team coverage for with you the weather alerts here. robert handa is live in san jose, but let's start with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> right now, to start relatively light amounts. we see a drizzle storm there across the golden gate bridge with the misty skies. san jose, 64. you can see on the radar just a few passing light rain showers. this should be the story of the first half of the evening. mainly light showers passing on by there into san francisco but more substantial showers and thunderstorms there in the sierra where for now, that's where all the thunderstorm activity will be staying. but notice moisture coming up from the south. we'll see increasing chances of rain. and watching the time frame from 7:00 to 10:00 at night, you can see the rainfall accumulations. light rain should not stop the game and probably won't delay it if those are the rain rates
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we're looking at. temperatures in the 60s and eventually upper 50s as the game goes on. later on tonight into tomorrow morning now you're looking at the potential for a half inch of rain and that, obviously, would stop the game at times. the rain does get heavier after midnight tonight. rain turning moderate to briefly heavy at times. but the afternoon increasing chances of thunder. we'll show you that forecast coming up 11 minutes from now. >> robert handa is also with us tonight at san jose's municipal stadium. rain could throw a curveball, as rob mayeda was saying, for bay area baseball tonight. >> reporter: well, raj, essential a change-up. the off and on conditions did have an impact on the san jose giants' plans for tonight as the team took pains to protect the field as it tried to decide if the game was off or on. crews began rolling out the tarp when they first heard rain might fall before the san jose giants game tonight.
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the team opened its season yesterday under nearly perfect weather conditions, beating lancaster, 4-3. today the early rain made things more unpredictable and the front office workers got the tarp ready and league officials were contacted. >> okay, this is where we're at. can we schedule a doubleheader for the next day? we may have to cancel this one. so that's the steps we do, but basically the tarp will come off and on until we, you know, fully start the game. >> reporter: but while the giants and other people with outdoor events wanted less rain, others wanted much more. the santa clara valley water district says for the first time in two years recharge ponds are not bone dry. >> we're beginning the process to refill these ponds which begins the process of our groundwater recovery. >> reporter: that progress is important to water customers because at the end of april, the water board will evaluate the groundwater situation to decide whether the 30% water conservation cutback will be changed. >> if it looks bad, then we have
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to increase our call for water use reduction. >> reporter: the san jose giants say they'd like to see more rain, just not at game time. >> it looks like it's pretty clear. just cloud cover. no water on the tarp, the field is pretty dry. so that's -- let's play. >> so for now the game is on for 7:00 p.m. against lancaster, but the tarp is still ready and the team website is up to speed for any possible changes and, of course, the team and its fans will have to go through all this again tomorrow. live in san jose, robert handa. >> very nice. curveball or change-up. thank you, robert. stay ahead of our rain with the nbc bay area app. you can download it and use our live doppler radar. it's a good resource. our app is free for iphones and android devices. just in, the uc berkeley basketball coach fired for sexual harassment has a new job. we've confirmed within the past
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30 minutes that yann hufnagel is headed to nevada. he was fired by cal for allegedly harassing a female sports reporter. yesterday he dropped his appeal against cal. tonight he was hired by the university of nevada reno. he'll be an assistant serving under head coach eric muscleman musselman, you might recall was the former warriors head coach in 2004. a carjacking or a kidnapping? tonight deputies are trying to figure out if that's what happened to a driver in the east bay. there's a search right now in san pablo's rollingwood neighborhood for a missing toyota prius that had an uber sticker in the windshield. the driver could have been kidnapped earlier today. police aren't saying whether the driver worked for uber but the company is said to be working with investigators on, quote, several levels. the gray prius in question is a newer model. it doesn't have a license plate and the driver's side door is damaged. the man in the middle of a beating by san francisco's sheriff's deputies may have
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muddied the legal waters. that's according to our legal analyst. federal prosecutors released a new indictment against stanislav petrov today. he's the man beaten in a san francisco alley seen here by sheriff's deputies after a stolen car chase from alameda county. the indictment was filed after the fbi raided petrov's home with san francisco police on a warrant for a cyber crime. investigators say they found drugs and guns inside of that home. they also reveal petrov's long criminal rap sheet including being charged with 43 felonies. legal analyst steven clark says this could all hurt his civil claims. >> mr. petrov has made a complete mess out of his civil rights case. he no longer will be able to testify in his own behalf in his case because he will be cross-examined on the information contained in this complaint. >> the feds will prosecute petrov on the new charges of possession of firearms and drug trafficking.
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new details tonight on that disturbing crime in the east bay. tonight more children have come forward claiming that a concord dental assistant molested them, too. and recorded the attacks on video. nbc bay area's elyce kirchner joins us from outside this dental office where allegedly the molestations occurred. this is really every parent's worst nightmare. >> reporter: it is. authorities say they've already discovered video inside the suspect's home showing images of these two new victims. in total this brings the number of victims to three who say they were molested inside of this dental office here. but detectives say they believe there could be more than 50 young girls who have been victimized before the investigation is complete. carmen ramirez's 8-year-old daughter was seen last week inside of an exam room. it's the same place where police
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sea the dental assistant molested three sedated girls under the amg of 10. detectives believe they have video of him assaulting at least two of the girls. ramirez says her daughter was not a victim, but still she's afraid to go back to the dental office. >> my daughter, she heard the news yesterday, and she said, mommy, i don't want to go. >> reporter: concord police say their investigation began saturday when an 8-year-old little girl walked into police headquarters. last night the two other girls under the age of 10 came forward. >> so far it looks like there's a pattern that they're all under 10 years old. >> reporter: detectives seized photos and video from the this-year-old's antioch home. investigators say he documented himself victimizing at least 50 girls left alone inside an exam room while parents were told to stay in the waiting room. >> that's not including the potential that there may be victims at some of the other places where he worked or even in the cases where maybe he
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committed these acts where there weren't videotape. >> reporter: he has also worked at concord's patino orthodontics and antioch's western dental. for now according to this criminal complaint obtained by nbc bay area, saro is facing multiple charges of forceable lewd acts on a child and on child porn and is being held on an $8.1 million bail at the county jail. police tell us as policy, the clinic does not allow parents into the exam room before a procedure, but if they insist, they will allow them in. as far as the suspect, he will face a judge next thursday. reporting live from concord, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. president obama is back in town tonight. this time he brought a special guest, his eldest daughter. mr. obama touching down at sfo this afternoon along with, there she is, 17-year-old malia. she was here last year checking
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out stanford and cal. as for dad, today's trip, the usual big money fund-raisers. michelle roberts is on our presidential detail for us and joins us from san francisco. michelle? >> reporter: raj, he got here about a half hour ago. he's up at the top of the hill and there's a large crowd at the bottom of the hill. you can see the motorcade waiting for his activity. he's expected to come out any minute right now. the president landed at sfo this afternoon with his daughter malia by his side. he was greeted by nancy pelosi and representative jackie speier. he's in town for two events. the second will be hosted by billionaire ann getty at her pacific heights home.
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right now he's attending a small event put on by the democratic national committee. 25 people are attending, each can contribute up to $33,000. and we spoke to neighbors in the area. many are very excited about this presidential visit. >> i think it's cool. the last time he'll be showing up in town as president, and just cool that he's coming to the neighborhood. he's usually downtown or pacific heights. so nice to see him off the hill. >> he picked up another little baby and said this baby is so cute. now you have to hold two babies. so he grabs him and holds him. it's amazing. i'm so glad. >> million dollars in california since the 2016 campaign cycle began. his last visit to the bay area was back in february, then he went to fund-raising events along the peninsula. he's scheduled to go back to d.c. tomorrow morning, but again people are waiting for him to come out of the apartment here and give a wave to the crowd.
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reporting live in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. a story of a lifetime for that little baby at sfo. so as michelle was referring to, next stop for the president pacific heights. here's a live picture near the home of gordon and ann getty. the gettys along with congresswoman pelosi hosting tonight's fund-raiser. getty an heir of the oil fortune. ticket prices tonight, $35,000 a plate. now, to developing international news in brussels where police say they they have arrested the terrorist nicknamed the hat. the most wanted from the raid mohammed abrini. he's been a fugitive since the paris bombings in november. he's also suspected of being the man in the hat and the white coat that you see here in the airport surveillance video. he was with the two suicide bombers at the airport. belgian police traced him through the city as he literally
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walked away from last month's airport attack. coming up on "nightly news," more details continue to emerge about the arrests of the suspects in belgium. lester holt joins us from los angeles in about 15 minutes. the sonoma county sheriff's department releases body camera video of a controversial confrontation that's led to accusations of police brutality. i'm jodi hernandez in sonoma county. i'll have reaction coming up. plus a potential road block for self-driving cars. why the fed now wants to slow the process of getting those cars on the road. and an unlikely job for crews working on the old part of the bay bridge. why workers are having to move dozens of birds. was it a "p (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at was it a provoked response or a show of force? the sonoma county sheriff's department has now released body camera video of a 2015 confrontation between a sheriff's deputy and a woman who is alleging police brutality. it shows the deputy crossed the line when he threw her to the ground. but the office claimed just the opposite. jodi hernandez is live in santa rosa with this controversial video. >> reporter: well, there are two very different reactions to that video tonight. the woman's attorney calls the officers' actions outrageous
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while the sheriff says the deputy was simply doing the job he's trained to do. >> well, let me talk to -- >> reporter: you're looking at body camera video that shows a confrontation between a sheriff's deputy and an 18-year-old woman that led to allegations of police brutality. >> you are not allowed to do that. you're not allowed to come in the car. >> reporter: marcus holeston was investigating a case of possible domestic violence when gabby lemos interfered. >> you need a warrant to do that, you can't do that. she's actually getting in on him. citizens can't do that. >> reporter: the county sheriff says it shows lemos walking away, ignoring the deputy's orders to stay put, he said, forcing the officer to take her to the ground. >> there's no punches, there's no kicks. she's taken to the ground because she's not complying. >> they want to try to put her in jail for this.
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they want to try to brand her as a criminal after this? and she's the one who is victimized? it's sickening. >> reporter: her attorney insists the teenager did nothing wrong. he said the officer was the one way out of line. and thinks the video proves it. >> he comes up from behind and with his left hand places it around the back of her neck and throws her face first to the ground. and in the video, you can hear the impact. >> reporter: the attorney says the d.a. waited months to file charges against the teen. in fact, they didn't file until the day after she filed a federal lawsuit against the county. >> it's retaliatory. it's vindictive. we're going to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: now, both sides agree they're happy the video is now public. the sheriff is urging folks to watch the raw footage for themselves. you can find a link on our website, reporting live in santa rosa, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. putting the brakes on
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self-driving cars, that's what safety advocates now want the feds to do. in the south bay we regularly see these cars getting test drives in south bay and the peninsula. now other parts of the country are seeing them, too. the ntsb, national highway traffic safety administration wants to write formal guidelines for the cars. at today's meeting in washington, consumer watchdogs and other groups asked for a slower approach. the feds want to start now. the national highway traffic safety administration is bringing its next hearing to sill ha la convalley later this month. dismantling the old bay bridge. caltrans crews are dodging the rain and dealing with the birds. if the rain and wind is strong enough, the work will be delayed as crews hope to lower the second truss just like they did the first one, putting it on barges that will carry it to the port of oakland for dismantling and recycle. environmentalists are watching the nearby birds, state
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protected core momorants nest ie old bridge. they spent millions to lure them to the new bridge. some didn't budge so they're being asked to move as many as possible. >> probably a few sprinkles, they're noticing that as well as commuters, too. >> we're seeing some mist and drizzle across the golden gate bridge where the towers are disappearing into the low clouds right now. we should see at least the potential for habit of light rain for the start of the dodgers versus giants that you'll catch right here on nbc bay area, first pitch at 7:15 tonight. we'll see a better chance of that moving in from the east. that's the other unusual thing. the showers are coming from south and moving to the northwest by 11:00. now beginning to see the rain spread over the bay area. a few scattered showers in the east bay hills. thunderstorms firing up in the
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sierra. this system has tapped into tropical moisture directing it from south to north across the bay area as we move into the weekend. the most widespread rain we're likely to see overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, you can see some potential there for moderate rain at times. by 8:00 a.m., rain line moving away from the south bay, then by the afternoon changing over to more widely scattered showers and the chance for some thunderstorms could happen if the heating of the day around the santa cruz mountains. highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 60s, low 60s for san francisco. north bay temperatures in the low to mid-60s. seeing temperatures in the 60s and for the cherry blossom festival. kind of a snapshot. more here on saturday. a little less so on sunday. as that area of low pressure which moves into the state on saturday begins to move out by the end of the weekend. what we should see will be decreasing showers as part of your forecast. setting it up for a slight drying trend monday and tuesday. you can see the temperatures staying cool from the north bay,
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opinion peninsula and san francisco. monday and tuesday look dry but as the seven-day forecast shows, things will get a little more interesting. towards the middle part of next week, if you're looking for sierra snow, the pattern looks good heading toward the middle part of next week. we're talking another foot of new snow possible next week. ski season not over just yet. ===add===
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happening now, firefighters in florida helped save a crying bear cub while fighting a raging brushfire. that's on our twitter feed. also if you want to fly like a rock star, you can. bay area revelers heading to coachella have a new luxury travel option. would you like to go there on a private jet? that's on our facebook page. housing secretary' julian castro
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toured a new facility in helping to find homes for homeless veterans. housing secretary julian castro toured a new facility in the bay area today being called the onazuka crossing. it's a housing facility in sunnyvale. it's named after the restaurant lost in the "challenger" disaster. it will help people who were previously homeless. the facility is scheduled to open up in just a couple of
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weeks. >> this is a testament to the kind of good work that is happening out there to meet the needs of folks who otherwise would live on the streets. >> in 2010 president obama introduced the plan called opening doors as an effort to help homeless veterans get off the streets. set ran homelessness has declined by 36% since then. sex, marriage and family life are the topics covered in a major new development released today by pope francis. the 260-page document including no big change in church doctrine. titled "the joy of love," though, it does call for a more merciful and loving catholic church. divorced or remarried catholics are still discluded from co-mun yun, but they're advised to not feel excommunicated. gays and lesbians while continuing to reject same-sex marriage. >> a new era for the catholic church. >> new news in a moment. come right back.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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the bay. tonight at 6:00, a popular place to gather in san francisco is literally crumbling into the bay. big swaths of well known pier are now closed off because it's simply, as you can see, just too dangerous. but now there's a plan to bring the pier back in business.
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that story on our 6:00 newscast. and a programming note for you as well. due to tonight's giants game airing right here on nbc bay area, some of our scheduled shows will air on a different channel. you can find caught on camera and grimm on comcast 86, dateline had air here immediately following the giants game. >> remember the chihuahua? >> who can forget the chihuahua? >> the dog needs a home. >> i can't believe it. >> at sf animal care is now looking for a new home for ponch. that's what he named him. this is the latest photo of the publicity hound enjoying the attention of animal care. since no owner has claimed him, he goes into foster care for a week. next step is adoption. >> this dog caught national attention because he should be headed to rio. look at this little guy run. someone recorded him running across the bay bridge as officers tried to corral him. he needs a home. maybe mine. >> thanks for joining us. at nbc
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bay area dot com, and on facebook and twitter. tonight, campus murder shock. a runaway teen arrested in the killing of a young dance student that triggered a frantic manhunt. how police say they solved a mystery. >> a dramatic terror takedown caught on camera. it's the miss tierian man in the hat who escaped after bombing the airport in brussels. love, sex, marriage and divorce. the pope gets personal, signaling a top-down change for the church about some very private issues. springsteen takes a stand. the boss cancels a concert this weekend in north carolina as the battle rages over that so-called bathroom law being labeled by some as bigotry. and getting paid to sleep. why a major company says it's actually giving its employees a raise for getting enough zs.


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