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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 5:00, heading home. just a short time ago, president obama boarded air force one at sfo, but not before he managed to have a little fun in san francisco. also, no more prescriptions needed for birth control. the new law now in effect in california and it is causing a bit of controversy. but first, trees toppled, power lines down, and roads are closed. taking a look at the damage caused by our most recent storm here in the bay area. good evening to you, thank you for joining us, i'm peggy bunker. terry mcsweeney is off tonight. the rain is causing pretty dangerous conditions across the bay area. for instance, in mill valley, that large oak tree fell on a home and took down power lines
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as well then hit a parked car. thankfully no injuries to report here but the road does remain closed at this hour. the weather also making for some dangerous conditions for drivers. take a look at this picture here. this is from the marin county sheriffs department. showing this car flipped over. chp says because of the slick roads it has been dealing with a lot of accidents out there today. and certainly not just the roads but the weather also impacting a lot of bay area events including today's giants game at at&t park. it was delayed for about 30 minutes or more. the tarps were pulled out. the grounds crew there pretty busy. let's take you there live right now to the ballpark. the game continues to be under way. we're watching that closely. also watch lging it closely meteorologist rob mayeda tracking the rain from the weather center. a misty rainy day. >> we're still seeing rain falling outside at&t park. our camera looking at 61 degrees. the rain totals very impressive by april standards. looking at about a half inch of rain in napa.
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mill valley three quarters inch of rain. what's interesting is the usual places not with the biggest rain totals, brentwood and arina, an inch of rain. out toward san jose, a half inch of rain. what's unusual about this pattern instead of rain falling in the santa cruz mountains, southwest winds aloft, the rain is coming from the east helping the air rise up over the tri-valley and getting mountain force lift there on our interior mountain locations, ranges away from the ocean. see the counterclockwise rotation around this low to our south has been bringing the rain from east to west during the day. see more coming into san francisco across the peninsula there. east bay seeing the showers. san jose later tonight. as the rain starts to drop more from north to south. we'll see another round of rain picking up as we head toward tomorrow morning. notice this hour by hour. after midnight, heading into tomorrow morning, more rain coming down. some spots picking up another third of an inch of rain as we get into sunday morning. we'll show you what you can expect for the rest or your sunday plans coming up in our
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full forecast in a few minutes from now. peggy? >> rob, sounds good. thanks so much. rain certainly could have been a factor in a crash that willed one person in the east bay shortly before midnight last night. chp officers say when they arrived at the scene they found this mercedes sedan flipped over on the harrison street off ramp of interstate 580 in oakland. the driver, a man in his 50s, died at the scene. >> appears he was not wearing a seat belt and may have been ejected out the windshield or out of his own window. >> now the driver was the only person in the car. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. and staying ahead of the rain with our free nbc bay area app. just download that and use our live doppler radar to track the storms. well, the rain even putting a little bit of a damper on president obama's fund-raising trip here to san francisco. air force one departed from sfo about two hours ago. however, the president did not leave without getting in a round of golf. nbc bay area's chuck copolla is outside the olympic club in san
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francisco, the president had no problem with the rain, chuck. >> reporter: that's right. the president played club at the olympic club behind me before the rain clouds opened up. the foggy conditions didn't dampen the fact he helped raise $3 million for democratic congressional candidates all around the country. now, this afternoon, the president as you mentioned left sfo for washington but not before imploring to campaign donors to restore democratic majorities to the house and senate. at a fund-raiser last night at pacific heights at the home of ann and gordon getti, the president said senate republicans' refusal to consider supreme court nominee merrick garland's nomination for the supreme court, quote, threatens our democracy and has it works, then added that, quote, things are even more messed up in the house. about 100 donors paid more than $33,000 per couple to hear the president speak. earlier on friday, outside another fund-raiser, the president shook hands with
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neighbors and reporters inside the fund-raisers heard donald trump and ted cruz had, quote, lifted the veil on republican sentiment on such things as building walls, blocking muslims, and surveilling neighb neighborhoods. now on democrats running for president, mr. obama said there's no big ideological divide between them. nonetheless, he warned against complacency in this presidential campaign. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> getting in the political message there. all right, chuck, thank you so mu much. we have more political coverage later in this newscast. several candidates are now eyeing new york. it is the next big get. we'll have what's at stake coming up in the delegate-rich primary. well women in california no longer need a doctor's prescription to get birth control. now a pharmacist can prescribe and dosage the method. now california and oregon are the only states in the country that allow this. nbc bay area's marianne favro joining us in san jose with the
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details that went into effect and this is a game changer for women who use birth control. >> reporter: it certainly is, peggy. i'm here at the cvs on the alameda in san jose. you can see behind me there is a drivethrough pharmacy. now that a 2013 law is in effect, women of any age can get birth control directly from the pharmacist but it's not a schism over the counter process. women have to complete a health questionnaire and talk to a pharmacist about the most appropriate form of birth control. in some cases, pharmacists must take the woman's blood pressure. pharmacists can provide the pill, the patch and some birth corol injections. but some opponents like california right to life are concerned about the lack of age restrictions and say the new law bypasses parents and their role in offering guidance to their daughters. othe other critics say it could cause some women to skip important
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ob-gyn exams that could help detect cancer and other diseases. we were talked to today via skype about these new changes. >> there are no restrictions for women to get birth control from their pharmacists. the only restriction would be if during the medical screening that the pharmacist determines there's potentially a contraindication clinically, the woman would be referred back to their primary care provider for additional screening and follow-up care. >> reporter: pharmacists must take additional training before providing birth control. because of that, many of california's more than 6,000 pharmacies are still ramping up for the new law. farmists we talked to say most insurance plans won't cover the cost of birth control. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. at 5:00 a party in
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the north bay turned violent, leaving two with stab wounds. police say the alleged attacker got into an argument with two men at the party. one suffered a stab wound to the neck, the other a wound with the upper back. both victims are expected to survive. police did arrest a 20-year-old man in connection with those stabbings. and now to a developing story in belgium. a man arrest ed by police confessed to being the so-called man in the hat seen walking away from the deadly bombings at the airport. ne >> reporter: very significant news from the terror investigation here in brussels. a mystery soul, we didn't know who the man in the hat at the brussels airport was just before bombs went off that killed 16 people. now a man in custody has apparently according to prosecutors confessed that he is that man. he's a man called mohamed abrini. he was arrested here in brussels. he says he was present at those
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brussels airport attacks. he said he fled the scene. he got rid of his jacket in a garbage can. and astonishingly, he says he sold his hat. amazing that someone who had just taken part in a mass murder would sell his hat for a few euros. it's significant that he's talking because he may tell investigators a great deal. not just about the brussels attacks, but also about paris because his dna and his fing fingerprints were also found on a car used in the paris attacks. it's been a successful 48 hours for the brussels police. people here aren't dropping their guard and they're certainly not believing that they've somehow wound up this entire cell. this is still a city and a police force on the lookout for any other members of this isis cell, but certainly mohamed abrin initiation custody, key player, and he's talking.
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that's the most significant thing. back to you. >> all right. coming up next at 5:00, in desperate need of more police officers. the new strategy by the san jose police department to help beef up the force. and an alleged new york rapist possibly hiding out in the bay area. the search for the man whose nickname is zombie mike. and trying to woo voters in the delegate-rich state of new york. what is happening on the campaign trail today in the race for the white house. and happening right now outside, we got rain there in oakland as we see a forecast that's going from showers at the moment to rain increasing heading into tomorrow morning. we're looking at that rain pushing back into the south bay where some places could pick up another third of an inch of rain. what it means for the rest of your weekend and how much more rain we expect over the next seven days when we come right back.
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san jose police stepping up recruitment of military personell to help deal with a sff now to an next bay area follow-up. san jose police stepping up recruitment of military personnel to help deal with a staffing shortage. officers manned a recruitment table for marine reserves for an event in san jose. this follows a recent announcement the department will accept military service in lieu of college credits required for an entry level officer. >> there's been a number of marines that have come over to our desk and asked us about how much we're paying, what opportunities are available to them, how soon can they join. we've been really happy with our results so far. >> now in the past, the department relied on its own police academy for recruits but now they're only attracting a
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half dozen or so recruits from each class. in years past, the numbers had been more like 50 or 60 recruits per class. livelivermore police warnin people about a rise in thefts involving a popular type of vehicle. police say thieves are targeting vans and trucks that belong to construction or trade workers such as plumbers. since last fall, two dozen of these vehicles with visible lock boxes for tools for stolen. now even more specifically, many were white ford vans or trucks. police say it's important to say something if you see something. >> too often we have community members that go, you know what, i saw it but i didn't want to bother you. i saw something, it was -- it kind of made me suspicious but i thought you didn't want to know. we want to know. >> now police say the cars are usually recovered but the equipment or work tools are often never found. investigators say that they've received several tips and potential sightings of an alleged rapist with the nickname zombie mike. the crimes happened in new york state. u.s. marshals believe he could
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be hiding out in the bay area. tom miller from our nbc station? sacramento has more. >> reporter: zombie mike is known as a vagabond, his hygiene so bad it earned him the infamous nickname from his very friends. >> he's very smelly, his teeth are bad. he developed the nickname zombie mike. >> reporter: the so-called zombie is a traveling worker up and down the east coast with various carnivals. >> a traveling carney. >> reporter: he became a wanted man in 2012 after he raped a wheelchair bound and mentally disabled woman in her upstate apartment. leads are running dry in new york and now investigators are expanding their search. >> we're getting to the point now where our investigation that we want to get more people involved. >> reporter: zombie mike's real name is michael hawkins. he has family in uba city, the greater sacramento area, and a half brother in san jose. he visited them here before and now they are refusing to cooperate with investigators. >> he is a very dangerous individual. so don't approach him. don't try to talk to him.
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don't try to do our job. >> a $5,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to zombie mike's arrest. still to come at 5:00, our coverage on the race for the white house. ted cruz's eligibility to be president continues to be questioned. so will the supreme court actually hear the case? and also real-life castaw castaways. it looks like a scene from a movie. details of this island rescue by navy crew members. in the race for the white house:
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donald trump is taking a short
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b f and now to the race for the white house. donald trump is taking a short break from the campaign trail. he says to tend to his businesses. meanwhile, other candidates are working hard to win in the critical state of new york. the delegate-rich primary will take place a week from tuesday. nbc's chris pallone has more from new york. >> news bulletin, we just won wyoming. >> reporter: fresh off a victory over hillary clinton in the wyomiwh caucus, bernie sanders is campaigning in new york, touting to supporterses wave of momentum he's riding even though he hasn't done much to narrow delegate lead. he said the polls and voters are now on his side. >> i think it is fair to say that this campaign has the momentum. >> reporter: while pundits say the delegate math still isn't in sanders' favor, he insists new york could turn it all around. >> if we can win here, it absolutely opens the door to a
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path toward victory to the white house. >> reporter: on the republican side, senator ted cruz appears poised to pick up some more delegates in colorado after locking up 21 on friday at the state party's convention. speaking to the delegates there, cruz running second in total delegates to donald trump, slammed the front-runner in his favorite slogan. >> you know, it's easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. >> reporter: the race for the white house moving ever closer to the convention still with no clear outcome in sight. nbc news. well the issue of whether texas senator ted cruz is eligible to run for president is now headed toward the supreme court. but it might not make it on the court's calendar. still, a retired attorney from utah filed the lawsuit. he's been turned down by several lower courts. the attorney argues that cruz isn't eligible to be the commander in chief because the republican candidate was born in canada. cruz's mother is an american. previous rulings have said that
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is simply enough to make someone a natural-born citizen. democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders has been gaining ground here in california. and tomorrow in the east bay, his supporters will be, quote, biking for bernie. cyclists are set to gather at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. at 11:00 in the morning then bike together through walnut creek, pleasanton, and concord. they'll end up a couple hours later at a pizzeria in concord where other supporters will be waiting to discuss plans for phone banks and canvasing efforts. checking in with meteorologist rob mayeda looking at the forecast out there. we had a lot of people out in the rain. a lot of bikers, actually. people still out there on their bikes. >> not too much wind but the rain continues to come down moderate at times. 580 in dublin, 61 degrees. 63 in san jose. san francisco outside at&t park, 61 degrees where the rain continues to fly especially from the east bay right over san
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francisco and across the golden gate bridge into marin county. a little less as you head further south. right now you got the rain around the tri-valley but south, not a whole lot happening as the rain continues to advance from right to left here. we're on the upper edge of an area of low pressure to our south. what we're getting in the bay area is a counterclockrise rotation. this moisture coming in from the northeast right now and eventually later on tonight will drop from north to south. overnight tonight, rain chances increasing again as the rain turns more widespread heading toward tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. and then into the afternoon now as the air flow begins to shift out of the northwest. we'll begin to see drier air. so decreasing showers as we head into the afternoon. but our rainfall projections here for the end of the weekend, still looking pretty good by april standards. may pick up another third of an inch of rain to maybe another half inch plus around the tri-valley over the next 24 hours. so the giants baseball for tomorrow looking at temperatures in the low 60s. probably list in the way of
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showers later on toward the afternoon. cherry blossom festival ongoing this weekend and next. rain for the morning, decreasing showers for the afternoon. high temperatures tomorrow, one of the cooler days for the week ahead with low 60s around the south bay. san francisco, close to 60 for a high. into the north bay and tri-valley, high temperatures in the low 60s. so we're going to catch a little bit of a break for monday and tuesday then midweek another storm comes in. that one, too, is packing some colder air which we think will be good news for the sierra in terms of the snow pack. with that storm coming in wednesday into thursday. so for the start of the workweek, temperatures starting to climb up a little bit. upper 60s. maybe around the hills of the east bay, a slight chance of a stray shower. overall from monday through wednesday, things are looking dry until we get to wednesday night, we'll see the system come on in that brings us the chance of rain and because it's a colder system we're looking at, but rain moving through the bay area and snow in the sierra. toward the middle part of the week, see that rain coming in. storm number two coming in for
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the middle part of the week could bring a half foot to a foot of snow in the sierra from wednesday into thursday. >> great news for skiers. thanks so much, rob. still to come at 5:00, another hassle for b.a.r.t. riders. the stretch of track in the east bay that's being shut down this weekend. and an emotional night in sacramento. the end of an era for kings fans. a warning if you're taking bart
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this weekend... a stretch of track in the east bay will be shut down today and tomorrow. a warning if you plan on taking b.a.r.t. this weekend. a stretch of track in the east bay will be shut down today and
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storm between the san leandro and bay fair stations. the tracks will re-open at 4:00 in the morning on monday. there will be a bus bridge to shuttle passengers between the two stations. b.a.r.t. crews continue to work to replace more than 2,000 feet of rail. and the sacramento kings say good-bye to the sleep train arena. they've played there for 28 seasons. it was once known as arco arena. now they moved to a new half a billion dollar arena in downtown san francisco. this is where the new season will roll around in in the fall. people are looking forward to this. also there's a special event tonight in the sleep train arena parking lot before the game. that will be against the oklahoma thunder. end of an era there for sure. well still to come tonight, an island rescue you to see to believe. how membersf the u.s. navy saved the day. they saw these three men stranded on an island.
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well, it's like real-life "castaway." the u.s. navy came to the rescue of three men stranded on a deserted island in the pacific. see them on the pictures when they first discovered the men. the castaways used palms to spell out the word, help, on the beach. this is near microneech ssimicr southwest of hawaii. they told rescuers they'd been in a boat that got flipped over by a large wave, took them hours to swim to the island. help did not arrive until a day later. just about 24 hours, no tom hanks wilson sort of experience there. just a day. pretty lucky. good weather there, too, it looked like. not here. >> tropical weather certainly to say that. rain right now coming into san francisco and the east bay. more of those showers eventually heading into the south bay as we head into tomorrow morning. >> all right. a lot of rain there. enjoy it while it lasts. good to get it.
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"nbc nightly news" is coming up next and more local news on nbc bay area at 6:00. see you then. on this saturday night, terror confession. the search over for the notorious man in the hat in the brussels bombings, after prosecutors say a suspect admits he's the man seen on surveillance tape after the attacks. sex abuse scandal. the disturbing new details about the allegations against former house speaker dennis hastert, and the hush money he paid to one victim. captured. how authorities tracked down the only woman on the fbi's ten most wanted list, charged in the murder of a texas woman dating her ex-boyfriend. and fighting zika. the increased urgency to stop the spread of the virus in florida, which leads the nation in the number of infections. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc


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