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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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next and more local news on nbc bay area at 6:00. see you then. on this saturday night, terror confession. the search over for the notorious man in the hat in the brussels bombings, after prosecutors say a suspect admits he's the man seen on surveillance tape after the attacks. sex abuse scandal. the disturbing new details about the allegations against former house speaker dennis hastert, and the hush money he paid to one victim. captured. how authorities tracked down the only woman on the fbi's ten most wanted list, charged in the murder of a texas woman dating her ex-boyfriend. and fighting zika. the increased urgency to stop the spread of the virus in florida, which leads the nation in the number of infections. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc
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nightly news". reporting tonight, thomas roberts. >> good evening. we begin with breaking news from brussels. in an unexpected twist, belgium's federal prosecutor says they have a confession from the man in the hat, ending a massive manhunt since the march terrorist attacks in brussels. nbc news confirms the alleged suspect is 31-year-old mohamed abrini. captured just over 24 hours ago. authorities say he now admits his involvement with the belgian airport bombings, but they also believe he's a key suspect for playing a role in the deadly paris attacks from november. our bill neely has the latest from brussels. >> reporter: mystery solved. the man in the hat seen wielding explosives with two suicide bombers at brussels airport has confessed. it's this man, mohamed abrini. arrested yesterday, talking today, say prosecutors. he's admitted being the man seen fleeing the bombings, telling investigators, he threw his jacket in a garbage can and sold
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his hat, but they can't rule out the possibility that he's lying to cover for someone else. he was one of six men arrested yesterday. four of them have now been charged with mass murder. abrini is one, photographed before the paris attacks, linked to safe houses, and a car used in the massacres. he's a key suspect who may know more than his friend salah abdeslam who also fled paris. >> abrini will probably know a lot more than abdeslam and a lot more than almost anybody else alive. >> reporter: and police are on the hunt for more isis suspects, raiding a brussels apartment block. >> the police here are looking for any evidence of a bomb factory or isis safe house. more than 50 officers involved as well as the bomb squad and snipers. they're taking no chances. this man was also charged with mass murder today. osama k.
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now known to be swedish. prosecutors say he was at the scene of the brussels metro bombings and bought the suitcases at this mall for the bombers to pack with explosives. they did that here in the apartment where today we heard the voice of one of the killers for the first time, ordering the taxi to take them to the airport. >> reporter: taxi at 7:15, carnage at 7:58. but today, murder charges and the hope of justice for so many victims. but there are no celebrations here at the arrests and charges against these men. remember, salah abdeslam's arrest last month may have panicked his gang and triggered the brussels massacres. so they're on their guard here, the prime minister warning today, stay calm, be alert, be careful. thomas?
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>> bill neely, thank you, bill. there are new details tonight about disturbing allegations involving former house speaker dennis hastert, that he sexually abused several teenage boys on the high school wrestling team he once coached. the new specifics are from federal prosecutors less than three weeks before he's to be sentenced for breaking federal laws in connection with a series of financial payments he made to one victim. we get more from justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: for the first time, federal prosecutors say dennis hastert was paying hush money to a man who was 14 years old, when hastert sexually abused him in a motel room decades ago. the government says hastert abused two other high school wrestlers and the team manager while he was the coach. some of the incidents were in the locker room at yorkville high school. one victim said hastert would sit in a reclining chair with a view of the stalls where the boys showered. prosecutors say while hastert enjoyed the benefits of a successful political
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career, his victims struggled with what he did to them, still struggle, and all of them carry the scars of what happened. the wrestling team manager was identified previously at steven reinboldt who died in 1995. his sister said it happened all through high school, though hastert has denied it. today she said the disclosures prove her brother was right. >> it's very validating to me that steve's story is finally being believed and acknowledged. on the same light, it makes me extremely sad for the other boys that have gone through this. >> reporter: hastert pleaded guilty in october to violating bank laws, trying to conceal payments of $3.5 million to one of the victims who confronted him six years ago. the statute of limitations expired long ago on the sexual abuse allegations. the government recommends up to six months on the financial charge, which is what federal guidelines call for. >> this is why the federal judge, or any judge is in an unenviable position,
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because you have to balance these evil offense versus what is truly good deeds for decades. >> hastert's lawyer say the appropriate punishment is probation. he's humiliated and isolated, his portrait gone from its place of honor in the u.s. capital. his name removed from the center he helped build at wheaton college, his alma mater. a blood infection and stroke have left him at age 74, in a wheelchair, needing help for almost everything. hastert's lawyer say he is profoundly sorry and apologizes to his former students and others affected by his actions. these new details from the prosecutors seem intended to add to his shame, but they say the judge needs to know all of this when hastert is sentenced april 27th. >> pete, thank you. she was the only woman on the fbi's ten most wanted list and only the ninth woman to make that list in the 66 years since it was created. but tonight brenda
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delgado is no longer wanted for a murder in texas after she was taken into custody in mexico. steve patterson has the details. >> reporter: this selfie, depicting the lone woman on the fbi's current ten most wanted list, soon to be replaced by a mugshot. >> we're extremely ecstatic about the news. we're very jovial. >> reporter: overnight mexican authorities announced the arrest of brenda delgado, accused of orchestrating the murder of kendra hatcher, a popular dallas dentist. >> we lost a big part of our lives when she was killed. >> reporter: delgado was nabbed in northern mexico after more than six months on the run and days after being named to the most wanted list and the posting of a $100,000 reward. >> she's a fugitive, wanted at this point for capital murder. >> reporter: police say the 35-year-old dentist was gunned down on september 2nd of last year, in the parking garage of her luxury apartment building. >> one female is possibly shot in the neck. >> reporter: delgado
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is charged with capital murder, accused of hiring christopher love with a promise of money and drug to murder hatcher. he was arrested just days after the murder. >> he's the person we've identified as having shot dr. hatcher. >> reporter: another alleged accomplice, crystal cortez, accused of driving love to the scene, also charged with capital murder. authorities say the motive, jealousy, a crime of passion. hatcher was dating delgado's ex-boyfriend. police documents also reveal delgado may have pursued the victim using an iphone to pinpoint her location before the murder. tonight, a little closure for loved ones. >> after i heard that she was captured, it was like a weight came off my shoulders. >> reporter: with nowhere left to run, delgado behind bars in mexico, facing life in prison, the death penalty no longer on the table, a condition of extradition. steve patterson, nbc news. another win for bernie sanders today. this time in wyoming's
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democratic caucuses. but with just 14 delegates at stake in wyoming, sanders will need to win crucial states like new york if he hopes to catch up with hillary clinton. both candidates were in new york today and kristin welker has our report. >> reporter: bernie sanders surging to victory in wyoming today, his seventh win, for a handful of delegates and major momentum. but the big battle is still here in delegate-rich new york, where today sanders criss-crossed the boroughs with four rallies, claiming he's the real new yorker. >> this is secretary clinton's adopted home state. this is where -- not a crime. i just made that point, you know. born in illinois. it's not a crime. >> reporter: but secretary clinton has her own new york story, counting her two terms as senator here. today she's courting voters in brooklyn. >> hello sunset park! >> reporter: the rival campaigns at a fever pitch with sanders
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calling clinton unqualified and then back pedaling friday. >> she's qualified. >> of course. >> reporter: sanders is facing an uphill battle. he would need to win 67% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination and that means winning states like new york by large margins. >> if we can win here, it absolutely opens the door to a path toward victory to the white house. >> reporter: behind the scenes, both candidates are also fighting for super delegates. the sanders team now so aggressive in its outreach over the phone, online, and through social media, there are reports today of a backlash. >> super delegates are either elected officials or members of the dnc. this is what happens. >> reporter: some top democrats have also expressed concern, the fight has gotten so heated it could be hard to unify the party in the fall. >> there's a lot of bitterness right now, between both camps. everybody's mad at each other, everybody's saying they're never going to come together. they will come together.
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>> reporter: even though senator sanders won wyoming, he and secretary clinton split the delegates evenly, making his climb that much steeper and new york, that much more important. >> kristin, thank you. as for the republicans, donald trump made an unexpected stop today at the 9/11 memorial and museum in manhattan, his first visit to that landmark. it came as ted cruz celebrated a delegate victory in colorado, seen as a preview of things to come at the convention this summer. we get more now from jacob rascon. >> reporter: it was supposed to be an off day, donald trump and wife melania, instead paying respects at ground zero, the private tour of the 9/11 memorial, a reflective stop for the front-runner. as the trump campaign hits the reset button, hiring an expert on delegate strategy. and policy speeches and seasoned operatives coming soon. trump needs to not
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only win his home state but win big. any hope of securing the nomination before the convention depends on it. ohio governor john kasich could be a spoiler. more than 3,000 supporters today in rochester. >> i'm a democrat and i love him. >> yeah! >> reporter: and in colorado, a knockout for ted cruz. >> together we won all 21. >> reporter: an experienced ground game paying off, sweeping all 21 delegates at the republican state convention there. >> and if we continue to stand united, we are going to win the general election. we're going to win the state of colorado. we're going to beat hillary clinton, and we are going to turn this country around. >> reporter: in a race where every delegate counts, cruz aggressively courting support, even in virginia today, just three delegates up for grabs there. >> i'm a little bit more conservative. and that's why i'm supporting ted cruz. with donald trump, it's a question mark. >> reporter: most strategists predicting
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the race will come down to june 7th and the final state, california. a whopping 172 delegates up for grabs. the stop trump movement there digging in as the trump campaign is just getting restarted. jacob rascon, nbc news, new york. tomorrow morning on "meet the press," chuck todd will have an exclusive interview with the senior trump adviser you just heard about, paul manafort. the weather is making headlines once again this evening. millions of people in more than a dozen states from the midwest to the northeast are dealing with unusually cold temperatures and snow. this was the scene in southeast michigan, where they're expecting the temperature to get down to 16 degrees tonight. we go to our meteorologist dylan dreyer. good evening. >> good evening, thomas. we cannot shake the cold. we've got this next dip in the jet stream, dragging down the arctic air. we saw several inches of snow with the latest clipper moving through and we have more on the way. by tomorrow morning,
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hard freeze warnings, freeze watching in effect down into the southeast. tomorrow we'll be waking up to temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average. morning lows back to west virginia in the teens. d.c. in the 20s. new york city and up into new england in the 20s too. today's system is moving away. winds will be a little gusty back behind it. gusts up to 20 or 30 miles per hour overnight. then the next storm system is already gathering itself back through the upper midwest. this is going to produce more snow across extreme northern wisconsin, northern michigan. but by the time it moves to the east coast, we are looking for warmer air to finally start working in. we'll see pockets of heavier rain, back through indiana by sunday night, into ohio and eventually the east coast. the good news, to the end of next week, we should see high temperatures getting back into the 60s. so just a little bit more to go with the cold weather before we start to see some improvements. thomas? >> we'll wait and take it.
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thanks so much. when "nightly news" continues on this saturday, battling the spread of the zika virus in the state with the most cases. and later, they're cooking up my order and other songs that you're going to hear exclusively at the waffle house. ♪
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more than 300 cases of the zika virus have now been reported in the united states. and as the number of infections increases and the federal government directs more money to the fight against the virus, polling
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suggests many americans still have heard little or nothing about it. however, that's not the case in florida, where concern is growing by the day. here's sarah dallof. >> reporter: if florida expected to be on the front lines against zika this summer, mosquito control has already started in earnest, ahead of the wet season. inspectors responded to an unprecedented number of calls from concerned residents. 40 times more than years past. when you're out in neighbors like this, what are you looking for? >> we're looking for containers holding water that breeds mosquitoes. >> reporter: florida leads the u.s. in the number of infections. miami-dade county with the most. >> this is concerning our neighborhoods and our neighbors, something may get out of control and we appreciate that. >> reporter: this week the obama administration announced $589 million being dedicated to containing zika. the virus has been linked to cases of microcephaly in brazil, and with potentially locally
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transmitted flare-ups on the rise in florida, there's a concern for pregnant women. zika is believed to be transmitted by zika, sexual contact, even by blood transfusion. this southern-based blood bank screens donors from at-risk areas. >> we are planning also to implement a new experimental test for zika, as soon as it becomes available to us. >> reporter: at the university of miami medical school, dr. mario stevenson is working to develop a rapid diagnostic for zika. >> every day that we delay, there are more infections, more transmissions to the unborn child, more cases of microcephaly. that we can't live with. >> reporter: as experts race to contain the spread, expectant mother lexie valdez is educating herself on how to protect herself and her family. >> i've made sure her toys are drying off and there's no puddles of water in the backyard. >> reporter: people like her, florida experts say, crucial in the battle against zika. sarah dallof, nbc news, miami.
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and up next, stranded on an island, and the desperate signal for help that saved them.
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it was a british school experiment, launch sam the dog, a cuddly makbelieve astronaut into space. carried by a helium balloon, sam left earth, equipped with a gopro camera and a gps tracker, made it up 15 miles before the balloon carrying him popped.
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his spacecraft plunged back to earth, but there was no sign of sam. the school started a social media campaign to track him down with of the # @findsam. three men might still be stuck on an island in the pacific if they hadn't asked for help. the men were rescued when a u.s. navy plane-spotted a message in the sand. they swam to the remote island after their boat capsized. it took three days for them to be rescued. and look at this, a man knocked off his paddle board by a shark in the waters off jupiter beach in florida. a gopro camera captured the moment when he came within inches of the shark. and look at his face when he realized he had company. now amazingly, he was not injured, climbing back on that board and paddling away. when we come back, breakfast all day and music you'll only hear in a waffle house.
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finally tonight, an icon of the american breakfast. your local waffle house, thousands of them dotting america's highways. but did you know there is something else being made there these days? as kevin tibbles reports, for fans of the chain, it's music to their ears. >> waffle, one bacon. >> reporter: oh, the stories told over a good old cup of coffee. ♪ slide into the booth ♪ ♪ drop a quarter in the juke ♪ >> reporter: no doubt many have been put to music, but how many sing about their favorite restaurant?
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>> it's a fun thing, and in this world, we need some fun stuff. ♪ that big yellow sign is just like home ♪ >> reporter: now that tried and true american diner, the waffle house is recording some of those tunes and playing them on the jukebox in nearly 2,000 locations. >> it's kinda like mellow music that everyone and their family can enjoy while coming to the waffle house. >> reporter: some of the songs, "last night i saw elvis" -- ♪ at the waffle house ♪ >> reporter: "there are raisins in my toast" -- ♪ raisin toast at waffle house ♪ >> reporter: and "they're cooking up my order" -- ♪ >> reporter: are you having fun? >> loads of fun. you have to have fun if you're thinking about raisin toast and chili, you have to have fun. >> reporter: these days the waffle house songs are all digital. you can download them. they used to come like this, kids. this is old-fashioned. it's called a record. atlanta songwriter jason phelps penned "bert," about a girl
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who upon kept stepping out on her boyfriend for a bowl of chili at you know where. ♪ in the waffle house corner booth ♪ >> this is an escape for me to just do something fun that doesn't require a lot of cooks in the kitchen. >> reporter: no pun intended? >> no pun intended. >> reporter: george black has been serving it up with a smile for 21 years. >> the customers are great. my crew is great. the jukebox is fantastic. i love the waffle house songs. what more could i ask for? >> reporter: grits. >> grits, you're right, grits. >> reporter: if you were going to write a song, what would the name be? >> i'll be back again, or something like that. ♪ scattered smothered covered and a cup of joe ♪ >> reporter: just remember, the more syrupy the song, the better. kevin tibbles,nbc news, atlanta. and that's how we have you covered on this saturday at "nbc nightly news." i'm thomas roberts. thanks for watching
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and goodnight. nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 6:00, toppled trees, downed power lines, car crashes. even roads closed. how the weather is keeping crews
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busy across the bay area tonight. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. terry mcsweeney has the night off tonight. we begin in mill valley where a large oak tree fell onto power lines and a parked car. nobody was hurt but the road remains closed. and pg&e had a mess to clean up after a downed eucalyptus tree there. the weather is making for some pretty tough conditions out on the highways as well. chp says it's seen a spike in accidents across the bay area because of the wet roads and also reduced visibility. here's one of the more serious accidents we've been covering tonight. the marin county sheriffs department tweet ed out this pictures of this flipped over car. drive cautiously. and could have played a role in this deadly overnight crash on interstate 58 o in oakland. the driver a man in his 60s died at the scene. he was the only one involved in the crash and likely was not


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