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tv   Asian Pacific America with Robert Handa  NBC  April 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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hello and welcome to asia-pacific america. i'm robert handa your host for your show on nbc bay area and cozi tv. a big event is coming up to raise awareness about autism. it's often misunderstood especially in the asian-american and pacific islander communities. the group autism speaks will be here. we preview the vietnamese festivities coming up. it's called children of the dragon a vietnamese cultural heritage celebration. and after we highlight big
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upcoming events, we wrap up with a performer who will be featured at the children of dragon event. here as part of the artistic and cultural performance. we have featured the group autism speaks on previous shows. now autism speaks has grown into the world's largest autism science and advocacy organization. one reason more and more people are finding out they have a personal or family connection to autism as they become more and more aware of the condition. joining us right now is an apparent committee member of autism speaks and the chair of the upcoming walk event and with us is her son evan. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> and husband and father glen is a fphotographer for the show. it's a not the reason you're here but it makes it harder for
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you to turn us down. people sometimes have an hard time of understandsing a ining understanding autism. >> just because a child is autistic -- sorry. it doesn't mean anything more than they just really are different in how they process things, but they're very aware, like any other children. one in 68 are being diagnosed, according to the cdc of having autism. so there is a lot more understanding of that coming out. >> and of course people think they're so depressed all the time and i can't get evan to stop giggling here. >> exactly. >> how did autism speaks grow so fast? it's growing in terms of people getting involved as well as the programs it offers? >> yes. well autism speaks has grown because of the numbers, unfortunately, increasing. people are looking for answers or trying to understand.
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and autism speaks has done a great job of having tool kits online. one of the most popular is 100 day tool kit. on the first 100 days it walks you through how to maneuver the diagnos diagnosis, therapist, family, friends. >> it's a situation you have to deal with but it can be dealt with, right? >> oh, yeah. it dealt can be dealt with. it's not as easy as a regular, quote, unquote, normal child, but as you can see with evan, there's a lot of pleasure of having a child on the spectrum, at least for us. >> oh, yes, absolutely. we all know and love evan here. we know he's a funny guy. evan, are you looking forward to the walk? >> yes. >> what is your favorite part? >> i love to walk with the
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group. >> yeah. you have a lot of supporters. a lot of there that not only come out to support the cause but friends of yours. >> yes, he does. we have an evan angel. we have about 20 people are part of the team. and they're really amazing friends and family that just come out to support him and everything that autism speaks stands for as a way of helping with advocacy and awareness and good old fashioned fundraising. >> and it's fun. >> yes. >> give us an idea in terms of is autism kind of a different issue for people in the asian-american and pacific islander communities? >> we think there's a little bit of misunderstanding still. it's partially because we're still trying to figure out what really is causing autism. so i think with some of the cultural differences there tends
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to be a thinking it's more something that happens at you. >> yeah. >> and -- it zprupts the norm. >> it does zprupt the norm and i think the asian community we tend to really set high, high, high expectations so if something is not the norm, it's very frustrating to try to understand why did this happen to me. >> i haven't seen evan cut back on anything he wanted to do or interested to do. what are some of your main interests, evan? what do you like doing? besides trying to get away from your mom's hand. >> i like to -- >> well that's a pretty big group. >> what would you want people to do in terms of the first step if they feel like they need to deal with this? you were talking about
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difficulty coming forward. what maybe would you suggest for people to do in terms of taking that first step? >> well, i think it's twofold. it's really checking with either the medical community and who is giving you the diagnosis. there are regional centers that can help you out there, and then there is also sort of the bigger autism speaks has a lot of, d again, that hundred day tool kit and lots of tool kits on the website that you can download and help you to maneuver going to the dentist, getting a haircut, things of that nature. and it's also just reaching out. you're not alone. you'll be surprised how many people either know of a child or have a child on the spectrum. i'm amazed at almost daily i'll bump into somebody. when i share about evan, then they feel inclined to let me know maybe their son has autism or their nephew or niece or
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something to that effect. >> and quick, who is the emcee for the event? >> carrie hall. >> our morning meteorologist. evan, thank you for being here. the autism speaks walk will take place april 23rd at history park in san jose. registration starts at 9:00 a.m. and the walk starts at 11:00 to raise awareness and support for top-quality programs. for more information go to coming up the two-day festival celebrating vietnamese culture at the children's discovery museum. that's next.
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the chirp's discovery museum of san jose has a connection with the bay area's vietnamese community. we talk to them about their new year celebrations every year, but the museum will be hosting another big celebration this coming weekend. with us to talk about that are quay tran, the all churl advisor of the museum and autumn young,
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the museum's marketing manager. thank you for being here. autumn give us an overview, we're sort of familiar with the new year's celebration. what is this about? >> this is our tenth anniversary. we're excited to be celebrating a long standing event in the community. about 11 years ago we invited the vietnamese community to help us create an event. something that belong to the community. so children of the dragon was created, and as with many of our events, it's an opportunity for families to come in, both the vietnamese culture to come in and share their traditions with the broader community, and throughout generations. so a child may be sharing with their grandparent but other people in the diverse region we live in. >> when you hear the title, what it going to happen? >> well, children of the dragon is filled with activities. families can great a scroll to honor their ancestor, create a
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hat. there's fun hands on activities. and cultural performances a capstone of many of our events. the lion dances one, beautiful music, fabulous colorful vibrant dances performed by young people. it's a great venue for young performers to get their chance to show their craft and their art to the broad community. >> yeah. i remember one of the things i was impressed about was the numerous generations represented at the event. is this a pretty big event in the community? >> yeah. it's a big event in the community. and people who know about it look forward to it every year. people who don't know about it yet get introduced to it by their friends. it's great to experience. a lot of people emigrated here from vietnamese. their children are growing up here even though they have vietnamese-american relatives or
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friends, they may not have a chance to see or smell the real smells of vietnam. thankfully the children's museum created this whole exhibit on this special two-day celebration where you can experience the sight and smells from the wonderful foods. it's like going back to vietnam without the $4,000 ticket. we can experience it. >> that's a wonderful endorsement, by the way. give me an idea, i get a feeling that a lot of people can put on events but it's the community that decides whether it's something that really matters to them. whether it becomes their event. why have the children's discovery museum hit such a chord with the vietnamese community? >> i think the children's discovery museum has done a fantastic job of reaching out to the community a. base order the feedback, i think
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every year there's a sense it's still new. that's the spirit of staying authentic but make it approachable to the general community. whether the people come from a vietnamese heritage or not. everybody will be able to enjoy the food. able to try tour different clothing, and enjoy the performances. >> that's nicely put. autumn, give me an idea. that's much more difficult line to walk than it sounds sometimes trying to keep it traditional and yet make it new for everybody. what is sort of new this year? >> well, i'll speak to that, too, children's discovery museum that's what we do. that's part of the work that we do in our cultural inclusion work and our commitment to the creative and performing arts. so we have staff that are dedicated to that. we have a vietnamese cultural liaison on staff that help out reach into the community and
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bring the families in and try to find those performers or that activity that might inspire that freshness in the event and its quite a wonderful -- it's part of the organizational cultural and has been since the inception of the museum was a commitment early on and one we continue to deliver on. we rely on our community, like q e.u. to help us do that. >> yes. and with that particular community, i think being able to appeal and make that connection with the young people with the children is a big key to that kind of longevity. >> absolutely. with the vietnamese community, there's, you know, first generation, second generation, and now families who have lived here who are born here who are a different perception about children's museums. we learn from all of those generations of users at the museum. it's remarkable to be a staff member because i learn so much. and then to see the families of the incredibly diverse region
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that we live in to see families of all backgrounds coming and enjoying the rice or writing and getting the opportunity to experience that culturculture. >> yeah. i guess that's the key. children haven't had the direct exposure. if they had a feeling of authenticity they gravitate it toward here. >> that's true. the parents and the grandparents then the grandparents connect with their experience in vietnam and explain to the middle-age generation. for the children they come for the sights and smells and the performances. most of the performances during the two days will be by children by different youth groups, scout groups. they will see, okay, they see their peers also vietnamese-american -- most of them born here, performing
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vietnamese music, vietnamese dancing and will feel inspired. not only to learn more but to participate in their cultural heritage. and we have somebody coming up to do that for us. thank you for being here. good luck with your event. >> thank you. children of the dragon takes place next saturday and sunday april 16th and 17th. saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. sunday noon to 5:00 p.m. all taking place at the children's discovery museum of san jose. to get more details go to stay with us, we'll feature big bay area events including the cherry blossom festival in our community calendar and our musical guest will be at the vietnamese celebration. but will play for us here first.
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our calendar of events feechs some events we have featured on our show recently.
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first, the northern california cherry blossom is underway this weekend. there's time to catch more festivities today, sunday, april 10th. and the parade is next sunday april, 17th. i'll be joined by my colleague on the nbc bay area float. everything will center around japan street. go to for more details. then the 28th annual filipino cultural night featuring the group. it will take place on friday april 29th, and 30th. taking place at the schools of arts and cultural at the mexican heritage plaza. for presale opportunities and more information go to and another of my favorite events the san jose japan town will take place, as you might
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expect, in san jose's japan town on sunday, may 1st and showcase the event on the april 24th show of "asia-pacific america." for our show today musician ann tran will be performing for us. don't miss it!
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we're happy to have with us ann tran a musician who is performing and singing at the children of dragon festival next week. she is a senior at limbrooke high school. >> thank you. >> tell me about the instrument we're going to hear. >> this is a vietnamese zither. >> what song are you performing? >> i'm performing two pieces inspii. the first part is in the central part of vietnam, that's where the previous capital of the
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vietnamese empire is located. and the second part is from the southern vietnam, which is where the river flows through. >> okay. well, with the first song here is ann tran. enjoy. ♪ ♪
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♪ thank you very much. so virs reallysceral. you can catch her next weekend at the children's discovery museum of san jose. she's going to play a little bit more for us. we want to thank our guests for being here today. you can get more information on and find us on social media, facebook, and twitter. please check it out and give us your feedback. join us again next week. thanks for watching. now, to close out our show, once again, ann.
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. breaking overnight, target france. this morning, prosecutors revealed new details about how the brussels terrorists were initially planning to attack france again. the new information the man in the hat who now faces terrorist murder charges. we're live in brusse. claiming victory. bernie sanders stretches his winning streak to seven after taking wyoming in the democratic caucus. he takes a swipe at hillary clinton's failed attempt at getting through the new york subway. >> the new york city subway is the best way to get around.


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