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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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in san francisco, sparking new outrage, the steps the san francisco department is doing to ease concerns in the community. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. we'll take you live to oakland where the golden state warriors are on the verge of making nba history. a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. you're wearing your yello to support the warriors. >> that's right. >> kari hall bringing sunshine to show her support. >> as she always does. >> thank you, sam an laura. great weather for today. great baseball and great basketball weather or out. peeks of sun and gusty winds today, a little bit of it all. at lunchtime you will be able to enjoy temperatures in 50s and 60s and heading to upper 60s in tri-valley and north bay.
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san francisco upper 60s on the drive home when we're gearing up for the warriors and also this weekend, when we will have temperatures warming up. a little bit more on all of that in a few minutes. let's head to the east bay with mike to see how the roads are moving. >> they're moving well right now. pretty typical pattern. spring break rotating around the bay, the most significant one unified this week. smooth traffic bernardino -- so0 and hayward and towards union city. not quite reaching there just yet. passing the san mateo brik we give you the live look. chp says they got caught with gusts of wind here. san mateo bridge and dumbarton and benicia bridge. watch out. no big issues, no historic proportions but you have something. setting the stage.
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one shot at a very historic victory, mike, all eyes on oracle arena this morning. pretty calm right now but in a matter of hours, 20,000 people paying an arm and a leg to try and see a piece of history. washington warriors trying to seal their spot in the nba record books. >> bob redell is live inside the arena this morning. they have one thing on their mind, win number 73. >> reporter: which of course would be a new nba record. the only thing between warriors and that record are memphis grizzlies they will meet at center court. fans showing up in what's a sold out crowd, the 174th home sellout for warriors. all seats have been sold. you can still buy tickets on the resale market. if you're thinking about doing
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it, they will cost you. the cheapest seats we could find way up in that corner where there's no light and i'm not sure oxygen up there. on the resale market online we found tickets the cheapest, 3 $335. you come over here, yes, you will have to suffer, not in the first row but you will be suffering in the second row. seats 32, 33, these seats right now, on one of the third party websites going for 17,4$17,400 change roughly each. nothing like the smell of vinyl in the morning. and you get a free t-shirt as do all the seats tonight. it's not leather. you would think it would be some sort of embossed leather for 17 grand and change. it isn't. if you don't really care about your kids' college education, two of these seats right here, close to -- you're definitely courtside, not center court but you can see the warriors go for
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win number 73. right now, they're tied with 72 wins tying the 1995-96 chicago bulls. if they win, they set a nyoew n record for the most wins in one season, tonight being the last in the regular season. >> you look awfully comfortable in the first row seats. >> did you bring your checkbook, bob? >> a pause. >> i don't think he brought his hearing aid either. >> we will help you out. i don't know if we can raise 17,000. we will check back with bob at 6:30. for updates go to where you can upload our app for scores and alerts directly to your smartphone. new this morning in antioch, a man in critical condition after side swiping a council member's vehicle and then a call cans truck.
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it took hours to remove him and the jaws of life. by cans, the mayor of antioch was on the scene and called for help and helped keep the driver calm until paramedics arrived. >> i notice the driver in the seat. the seat was on to him and the car smoking. i asked somebody to get a fire extinguisher to extinguish the smoke. the person in the car to talk to him to make sure he's coherent, talk to him, tell him he's going to be okay. >> the mayor and city council member had just gotten out of a meeting. the city council member was not hurt and two people in the truck hospitalized. their condition not known. san francisco police will meet with the public after the shooting death of a homeless man by officers. it will happen at noon at the union hall on 18th street. police shot him last thursday. officers say he refused to drop
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his knife and came towards officers, forcing them to fire their weapons. however, there are conflicting reports, some witnesses saying the homeless man was not wie wielding a knife. more about a deadly hit-and-run in san bruno we brought you as broeaking news o monday. the victim was autistic and lived nearby in a special needs facility. witnesses say he was struck by a new dark colored mercedes benz. a manhunt continuing for 44-year-old brian hill and they say he tried to run them over and he was later found in oakland. a man accused of shooting and killing an east bay police officer is expected in court today. he's accused of killing officer gus vegas in vallejo.
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the two have very similar names. the suspect had son with officer greg g veg gas' daughter. the man charged of a sho shooting on the embark dera -- embarcadero. the judge let the second degree murder charge and the defense said they improperly detained him and the judge let it stand. the death launched a national debate over immigration and the san francisco city policy. san francisco looking to get rid of the statute of limitation for certain crimes and would eliminate california's 10 year statute of limitations on rape and child molestation charges. a committee cleared the bill yesterday and the sponsor said there's no limit on emotional scars.
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but critics sayi ining memories be hazy. it's as a result of the bill cosby abused decades ago. promptings the renaming of a road. the city council approved to change the name of gunshot fire road to sunrise fire road. the gunshot reference was considered inappropriate after last october's tragedy. three so-called drifters are accused of shooting and killing a yoga teacher walking a dog. they will be in court for a preliminary hearing next month. if you think illegal fireworks are a problem in san jose, now is your chance to do something about it. starting november 1st, people will be able to post activity to a city run website and code enforcement officers can write a ticket and allows people to enforce the laws on their neighbors. >> if it happens, i'm fine with
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it. >> if you get caught lighting illegal fireworks just one time it will cost you 5$500. >> a lot of people like to do that in the hills of san jose. 6:099 right now. let's check the forecast with kari and another cool start this morning. >> another cool start and light jackets needed and sunshine. take a look how cool it is now in the north bay. it is 47 degrees and 55 degrees in the east bay. a little cooler and the rest of the day looks pretty dry with the bay area, sunshine reaching high to mid to upper 60s. most of us will see that rain early tomorrow morning. i'll detail that and we will look ahead to a warmer weekend in less than 10 minutes. mike has his voice back and has a lot to talk about this morning. >> good morning, kari. unfortunately not a lot of incidents to talk about.
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no big surprises. we have a little build on 101, traditional this time. that will build the next 45 minutes and the same for hayward and pleasant on to. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on. the as, we'll be cheering them at midday and tonight, inside oracle, you will probably hear that sound all over the bay. a live look shows a beautifully clear drive just south of this bridge near the doyle tunnel we had an earlier crash and looks like all the activity cleared and no slowing heading over the bridge. back to you. remember we told you about the san francisco man living inside a so-called pod to save money? he could be in trouble with the city. the reason coming up. walking off the job, impact of a massive strike at verizon across the east coast could have across the country.
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back to you. across the country.
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new video to show you this morning of a massive volcano erupting in central mexico, erupteding spewing a large amount of ash and smoke. nearly 300,000 people live near its slopes. walking off the job from massachusetts to virginia, 40,000 verizon workers striking this morning. that strike stemming from a
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contract dispute that's been going on since august. employees mostly work on landline phone and internet operations on the east coast, the union saying they're trying to improve pension benefits and keep verizon from outsourcing jobs to contractors. a similar strike lasted two weeks. at the brussels airport, flights canceled deal with an air traffic controllers strike. it has been brewing for months but that work stoppage came without warning yesterday. brussels airt struggling following the terror attacks last month. san jose added yet another international destination, its fifth in a year. they received approval from regulators to fly to shanghai in june and they will use the airbus 1380 for the 14 hour
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flight. >> are you tired of telemarke r telemarketers calling you during dinnertime? the government may soon help out. jackie spears is holding a press conference later today to announce new legislation to block robocalls often ignoring the do not call list. the robocop app would allow free robocall blocking technology. google helping you to scheduled your free time, aspirations when they don't have work or meetings scheduled. the tool called "goals" will find gaps when you don't have meetings scheduled. it will allow goals and me time and it will ask how often and how long you want to run and maps out a schedule. >> exceeding goals. >> any time. >> see what happens after that.
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>> what's called me time? ask any mom or dad. peter berkowitz' pod or box is about 32 square feet. he pays 4$400 a month for it. he was considering building a andeliand eli selling those pods. the city says not so fast. the pods are illegal and in violation of fire safety codes. the city says peter needs to change the design to ultimately meet those codes. >> back to the drawing table. or the pod. >> a san jose team heading for the white house this morning. >> anton is only one of 12 students in the world to earn a perfect score on the at calculus exam. he was featured on our asian pacifica america show last month. the white house science fair, as an honored guest, cal will meet with high level scientists and government officials. >> they're consulting him. future is probably secretary of
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energy. how about the warmth in the air? a check on that. >> how about a warm up? >> we need it and will get is this weekend. cloudy skies to start out the day. it will be nice and mild later on this afternoon. we'll also have clouds and the sun peeking through. we can see clouds streaming in. here's the next weather maker that will bring in rain starting late tonight and into the day tomorrow. by this time tomorrow we will have rain pouring across barts of the bay area. it is cool. 47 degrees, san francisco, 54 degrees and mostly upper 40s and 50 degrees in sunnyvale, saratoga at 46 degrees. the as game will be right during the midday. keep that in mind if you're driving around oakland. at first pitch, it will be 63 degrees. beautiful weather to be out
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there at the coliseum. nice and breezy, winds at the west at 10 or 15 miles an hour. later on tonight, things light up at oracle arena, 60 degrees, winds from the west at 10-20 and no matter what we will have great weather for that. temperatures about average the middle of april. a look at all the microclimates, 68 degrees in pleasant on to and then we get ready for changes, not as far as our changes but definitely as to rain. the futurecast says we start to see the showers moving into the north bay 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. it moves to san francisco during the early morning commute and quickly moves through. then we get clearing with possibility of leftover sprinkles for the morning and afternoon turns breezy and dry as our temperatures get ready to ramp up for the weekend.
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high pressure moving in behind that area of low pressure. we start to see that swirl of clouds moving towards the north and east so the center of low pressure stay well away from the bay area. as this moves in, high pressure ramps up temperatures very quickly. one example looking at the north bay, cooler than average temperature and friday, 74 degrees, average is 60 and lower 80s for turt and sunday. a touch cooler for the start of next week but still above average. a great weekend headed our way as we will have a summer-like feel last weekend. we had temperatures struggling to hit 64 degrees. how about 80 degrees in the tri-valley sunday? that's what we're getting ready for. mike, what's happening on the roadw roadways? still tracking a slowdown?
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>> thank you for that hot weather in san francisco. a cherry parade, way better than last weekend. not much of a commute around the bay. pleasant drive in san jose and hayward and just a gentle westbound build. san mateo, dumbarton and bay bridge. the across around university or gillman, gillman causing a little more slowing. a live look, our emoryville camera and i didn't see activity at university but around ashy and people slamming on their bra brakes. that clears and slows again at the berkeley curve, about a quarter mile and westbound. 2340e problems in or out of san francisco. >> thank you very much. >> good news for muni riders, san francisco agency increasing some of its biggest lines. >> buses will be added to 18
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lines to be exact starting next weekend. adding all night service. those changes are koosingkoosin costing uni18,000 bucks. 700,000 trips per day, muni carries more passengers than any other transit agency in the bay area. >> ending hunger. making sure everyone has enough food to eat. plus -- >> the republican party's response to donald trump saying things aren't fair. f
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. 6:23 right now. leaders trying to fulfill their pledge to end hunger in this city with the current hunger relief program. three years ago the board unanimously agreed to end hunger in this city by 2016. since then the city has invested more than $12 million in food assistance, program development as well as outreach. decision 2016 and putting speculation to rest. speaker of the house, paul ryan, says he will not make a late presidential run this year. ryan has been suggested as a possible presidential contender if no hopeful gets the required delegates to win. ryan once again ruled out any possibility becoming the party's nominee and says he has too much work to do for the house of representatives and doesn't want distractions. meantime, front-runner
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donald trump suggesting the party itself may be trying to prevent him from a run at the white house. the republican national committee chairman now firing back at trump. >> rens ptweeting everyone knew rules up front and now, give us all a break. he said those rules are the same for all the candidates. donald trump says he's at a disadvantage in states like colorado where there wasn't a significant popular vote and states like louisiana, where he won but didn't get the majority of the delegates. so now, as he heads into new york, with a significant advantage, we're talking more than 30 points ahead, he's still talking about whether or not the process is working. meantime, ted cruz may not have the best month. he's admitting that after new york and several other primaries in the northeast where trump is favored. kasich still plugging away at
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new york and so are the democrats, they have their debate happening tomorrow. hillary clinton up 14 points right now. back to you. home grounds for both clinton and sanders. tracie potts reporting from d.c. thank you. you all know the classic story of the cat getting stuck in a tree. what about a dog? not just a dog, a really big one, great dane. >> you may be wondering how this guy would fit into a tree. when wes got home from dinner, his not so tiny puppy cora was on a tree limb. he grabbed a ladder and spent the next several hours trying to coax her off the tree limb and finally realizing he couldn't do it alone and firefighters att h attached her to a harness and tried to lower down. the problem was the harness broke halfway down and she landed safely. her owner thinks she was chasing a raccoon up the tree and got stuck down there. he was concerned but has a
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picture to document it. >> i would like to hear the 911 call. my dog is stuck in a tree. >> not just a dog, a dane. big investment from a bay area billionaire, an early founder of facebook now adds to trying to cure cancer to his list of accomplishments. the desperate search for a missing 2-year-old girl. stephanie chuang live in san francisco where police have not only expanded their search for ariana fitts, they're bringing in more experts. i'm bob redell. we will take you courtside at oracle arena where golden state warriors are one win away from an nba record. that story coming up.
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inside oracle arena - where the warriors will go for history right now at 6:30, a live look inside a dark oracle arena, look at that vantage point. i think those might be the noseble nosebleeds. bob redell joining us from the court in just a few minutes to show you all the pricey seats available tonight. good morning, thank you for joining us, i'm sam prock. >> where we won't be sitting. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this golden day for the warriors we're hoping. >> yes. love your warriors dress, laura. beautiful day. sunshine and clouds with us most of the morning and peeks of sun and winds picking up, too. a look at your lunchtime temperature lower 50s to upper 60s. warming up in the north bay, also in the tri-valley. san francisco, 62. we will have a nice day and then
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some rain tomorrow, so get ready for that. i'll get you prepared in the microclimate forecast and tra tracking a few problems in the east bay. >> a crash in berkeley and smooth drive in the rest of the day and san mateo bridge. let me show you on the live camera, there was a crash at gill mon and university and traffic moving smoothly. i have cough, we have a slowdown. >> we'll let you clear your throat. thanks so much. history, so close, the warriors and all the fans for a win tonight and a win would put them at the top of the nba record book. oracle arena ready to welcome 20,000 of its closest fans. pretty calm out there right now. it has to pump you up to sit in
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a 17,0$17,000 seat. how does that feel, buddy? >> at least for now. >> reporter: it feels awesome, if i could just keep my rump here for another 13 hours and kick out whoever is paying this amount i would feel like a winner and probably have a restraining order against me. these right here, one 32 in the double aa row are from what we can tell in the resale market the most expensive seats going for 17,3$17,300 and change. it will be a sellout. all eyes focused on center court at 7:30 tonight when warriors take on memphis grizzlies. this is the last game of the regular season. when they beat the san antonio spurs it put their record at 72-9, with the all time record. if they beat the grizzlies
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tonight they will have 73 wins, a new nba winning record something certainly not lost on the players. >> it would have been cool to take care of the games we're supposed to take care of and have it already out of the way. this is the way it played out. >> we have an opportunity to do something never done in history. so many great players suited up since the nba began. for us 15 guys to say we accomplished something as a group that's never been done before, that's remarkable. we earned the right to have a 48 minute game to eclipse that mark and we have to go out and finish the job. >> if you can't afford that -- if you can't afford that 17,0$10 seat, i was mentioning, the cheapest seats way up there in the corner at only 3$335. everyone gets one of these lovely blue, not on our ground, t-shirts.
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that's the message to the memphis grizzlies, courtesy of the warriors, tip off, 7:30 tonight warriors go for an all time winning record. bob redell in the bay. >> most of us can just afford the foam finger. that's about it. >> defending their home turf. thank you. here's one way to get to the game. if you're a high achieving student. how high is your gpa. three stunts getting tickets thanks to draymond green. >> he tweeted he'll pick three oakland schools and give tickets to students with the highest gra grades. green says the idea popped into his head monday night and tweeted it out before he had a chance to forget. >> they earned it and were doing it before this. but when you do right, good things happen to you. >> we love draymond, such a good idea. here are the lucky students benefitting from his generosity. and joseph martin from
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congratulations to all of them on a night you will never forget. draymond green will meet with all those students at the pregame. and we have live team coverage of all things warriors starting tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. for updates any time, download our nbc bay area right to get the scoring updates. >> it is 6:35. one of the biggest names in silicon valley is spending a big chunk of money to fight cancer. sean parker who started napster and helped found facebook will give 250,0$250,000. it will fund immunotherapy to help the immune system fight attack of cancer cells. it's the largest private
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donation to cancer research >>. >> it's how we can do collaborative science and we will see if we can move it faster. >> sean parker will be on the "today" show. his interview at 8:00 a.m. >> here on the highways, you may see a silver alert now in effect. tommy lee carpenter last seen yesterday morning at his house in stockton. he reportedly drove away in a red 2009 nissan verse sa. if you see him, you're urged to contact the sheriff's department. looking into the disappearance of a little girl in san francisco, her mother found dead in a local park. it is now a statewide investigation. >> reporter: it is, laura. one that garnered so much attention and hit so close to home for many people who might know someone, a little kid like ariana. an urgent search for the 2-year-old missing girl.
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they're hopine inine ining inven provide resources. family and friends want to know, have you seen her. police found her mother, 32-year-old nicky fitts last friday and the search for ariana is 24-7 for police. she has not been seen since february. that is on the fast track. news of her disappearance and her mother's death is spreading to places like a resource center for family poverty where she used to go to and they said they haven't seen her since she got back on her feet last year. >> it's very emotional and the staff is still grieving. she was a lovely person. she was liked by everybody who worked with her. >> it's very critical the public keep an eye out for this little girl. we want to bring her home safe. >> reporter: police aren't s saying much about the homicide investigation, we do know they
6:38 am
extended their search to places like san mateo, oakland, santa cruz, to the los angeles area and according to friends she sometimes stayed with a babysitter in oakland and reports the mom and baby may have last been seen in fresno but unconfirmed by police. at some point, family and friends will be holding a vigil for nicky fitts at oakland park in san francisco. "today in the bay," stephanie chuang. thank you. palo alto police released this sketch of a man they say exposed himself to a 7-year-old girl. it happened yet at an elementary school. he was watching kids as they were playing, standing in a church parking lot by the kids' playground and the parents are wondering what happened. they're going to step up patrols of the area in marked and unm k unmarked vehicles.
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an albany council meeting hosting information about efforts in berkeley and san francisco to implement soda taxes and the public is invited to share opinions whether albany should try to do something similar. we're talking pro baseball, how about the usf dons taking on the mexico lobos today in the newly renovated baseball stadium? >> they underwent a revamp co costing $8 million. it was built in the 1950s. they have new dugouts and movable stands. talking baseball weather today, pretty much right in line with the first pitch. >> let's check the forecast with gary. >> baseball and basketball weather, nice weather. it is cool to start at 48 degrees now in the peninsula, 47
6:40 am
in the north bay as the sunri sunrises. we see we have clouds in spots with sun starting to come through. that's what we can expect all throughout the day. up to 62 degrees in san francisco. 68 in the south bay. and the north bay preparing for rain late tonight. the rest of us will see it before tomorrow morning's commute. this morning's commute may be a little bit breezy and now mike is tracking a problem on the san mateo bridge. what's going on there? >> we have wind, breezy but not a major concern. there's a crash there. the south bay kicking in, nothing dramatic, predictable, except for this crash, three vehicles involved confirmed by a friend who drives a truck in the area he texted us. a smoother drive once you get past there and the san mateo toll plaza and metering lights on. southbound 101 look at that holding steady and san rafael
6:41 am
and easy drive to the tunnel and across the golden gate bridge. coming up, job cuts coming to one of the bay area's most well-known university. the fbi offering a reward in hoping of tracking them down. with "mcgrew not here today, i'm trying to bring good luck to the markets. a peek now, dow up 130 points in early trading. back with more news, weather and traffic right after this. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology?
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definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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through u-c berkeley. in a memo, the chancellor blames the school's "budget" for the elimination of 500 staff positions. ===take vo=== the cuts won't involve faculty, and administrators a reduction of 500 staff positi positions, all faculty and administrators hoping to avoid layo layoffs. they say eliminating the positions should result in a savings of 5$50 million a year. if you've over take an uber, chances are state and federal authorities now have your ridership info. the san francisco company gave information of more than 12 million riders and drivers to various state and federal agencies, the dad included things like trips, pickups and dropoff areas and fares. a large number of those were related to fraud investigations or stolen credit cards. a peek into the future of
6:45 am
facebook boss mark zuckerberg, the company's ambitious plans for a more connected fyourpt. he welcomed a drone to the facebook conference yesterday. a peek how the company will try to bring the internet and photos to the world and even a giant solo powered facebook plane. >> each of these companies want to have more customers, what it comes down to. today, they have 2 billion connected customers. eventu eventually, they want to have everybody as a customer. >> a way to do that, that facebook plane zuckerberg says it will launch in a few months first to deliver internet to parts of africa. keeping to the games safe i rio de janeiro. this drill held at the arena. special ops dog searching for
6:46 am
explosives hidden in the stands. the rio 2016 olympics starts in august on nbc. >> marc davis will be in las vegas later this month talking to leaders looking to move the team there. the review journal reports davis will appear before a state committee on april 28th talking about possible state funding for a brand new facility for raiders to play in. they say they are serious about building a new stadium. the stadium with the dome and 65,000 seats would be near the strip. >> that would be quite an attraction. how about people who come to see andy warhol paintings? have you seen these? the fbi is offering 25,0$25,000 you can help them find the paintings. these warhol campbell soup paintings, seven of them, worth a half million dollars were stolen earlier this month from the springfield art museum in
6:47 am
missouri. they're not saying anything about the theft. pure gold. >> what about a jacket worn by harrison ford in the fourth awakened late "star wars" movie. the force awakens. the jacket has been auctioned off for more than 200,0$200,000. more than 50 people bid for the jacket bidding started at 15, 0 $15,000. the proceeds will help find a cure for epilepsy and seizures. the jacket is signed by ford and includes a certificate from lucas films. >> you can buy the jacket but can you look that cool? that's the problem. >> i don't know. might be a hard one to pull off. >> movie star style there. our local movie star, kari joining us now. what would you be rocking out there today? >> maybe just a light saber. >> i thought the princess leia button. >> you need something to cut through the clouds and fogs.
6:48 am
a great way to start the day. we're tracking the next weather system, the clouds moving in this morning ahead of this area of low pressure that will start to bring clouds and rain into tomorrow morning's commute. it will look a little different than today. 54 degrees the current temperature in san francisco. 47 degrees in the north bay and 50 degrees in the south bay. let's drop in and get a closer look. 46 degrees at morgan hill and campbell, 47 degrees and willow glen, 46 degrees as you head out the door. we will have great baseball weather today. first pitch, 63 degrees. a lot of sunshine coming through those clouds. breezy winds in from the west. 10-15 miles an hour. winds will continue to pick up as we go through today. oracle arena later tonight, 60 degrees at 7:30. great for heading to the game. you'll be inside. no matter what's going on outside, it will be awesome. look at all the temperatures today. up to 69 degrees in saratoga.
6:49 am
palo alto, 63 degrees, 63 degrees in the valley and 68 today in pleasant on to. our temperatures bottom of the screen show we will be warming up the next couple of days behind rain that moves in early tomorrow. it starts in the north bay, by 1:00 in the morning you will hear the rain on the roof. by the time you head out on the morning commute, pretty much clear in the north bay moving in san francisco. the south bay sees it 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning, quick one and done with a couple light sprinkles left over for the thursday morning hours. this area of low pressure that will bring us those showers, right behind that, high pressure that will be warming us up in time for the weekend. once that slides off to the east, not much of an influence because it is so far away we won't have strong storms or heavy downpours. the high pressure builds and brings us temperatures that will be ramping up for the weekend.
6:50 am
also, we'll have a chance of snow in the sierrsierra. if you're planning to go there, a little bit of light snow in higher elevations mainly above 7,000 feet. bear valley, looking at the chance of snow and you can tell by shades of white and blue and rain and temperatures much warmer. warmer here, too, upper 70s to low 80s for saturday and sunday. compare that to last weekend when we had soggy weather and temperatures struggling to reach 60. up to 80 for saturday in the tri-valley and north bay. >> mike has his eye on roadways. >> we're looking at a pretty predictable drive as far as speed patterns. we have our eyes on the hayward crash heading towards the san mateo bridge. here, this crash before you get to 24 and walnut creek
6:51 am
interchange blocking part of one lane, a two door coupe but no injuries. should be better immediately. slowing down the upper freeway to the berkeley curve we're seeing these lanes, they were clear and filling in once again, slower drive to the bridge itself. back to you. >> thank you. the santa clara jail system is quote broken and needs immediate reform according to a scathing review by an independent audit. a blue ribbon commission compared the correctional system to a plane that has crash because of quote pilot error. the commission recommends replacing sheriff laurie smith. >> the sheriff's conduct has created a chilling effect on the public. >> i'm not a quitter. want to do it. i want to get it done. we've already made great progress. >> sheriff smith says she's already made changes in the jail like installing cameras. the santa clara board of county supervisors accepted the commission's report yesterday but has not said if they will go
6:52 am
forward with their recommendation. >> the contra costa county justice system under the microscope because of racial inequality concerns. a new report says african-americans are arrested and president moosecuted more t other race. they compose 10% of the county but made 40% of adults criminally prosecuted. only 7% of jurors are black. they are going to look into that issue. >> hard to believe any survived an overnight crash in the east bay. up next, what authorities say the driver was doing moments before slamming into the back of a truck. happening now in our digital platform, victory for sexual assault survivors. the new state bill could change the statute of limitations for rape prosecution. trending now in our facebook page. the largest death row at san
6:53 am
quentin. the california's lethal protocol in limbo. we go behind as inmates await their fate.
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back. 6:55 on your wednesday. before you head out the door, to the top stories on the nbc bay
6:56 am
area. >> a man in critical condition after sideswiping a city council member's vehicle, then slamming his car into a caltrans truck. just by chance the antioch mayor called the police. it took an hour and jaws of life to pull the driver from the crushed car. the high speed crash happened and two people were hospitalized. a town hall after the sho shootishoot ing death of a homeless man by police officers. police shot the man last thursday. officers said gongora refused to drop his knife and came towards officers forcing them to fire their weapons. however, there are some confl t conflicting reports. some witnesses saying he was not holding a knife when he was shot. the search for a san francisco toddler is expanding. 2-year-old ariana fitts and her
6:57 am
mother were reported missing and two days later the mother was found dead in the park. friends and family are planning a vick -- vigil at mclaren park later today. eliminating 10 year statute on rape and child molestation charges. the state senate committee cleared that legislation yesterday the first hurdle toward making it law. the sponsor saying there's no limit on emotional scars but critics saying memory gets hazy over time. >> this started after dozens of women charged bill cosby with sexual abuse. sean parker who started napster and helped launch facebook is donating 250 million dollars to cancer research. stamford and ucsf will be
6:58 am
getting some of that money. it will sponsor immunotherapy to help attack cancer cells and support the immune system. we are 10 hours from tip off at oracle arena fans are hoping will result in win 73 against memphis grizzlies and a win would set a record ever in the most wins in an nba season. a live look inside where crews spend the next few hours making sure it is ready to go. tip off set for 7:30 tonight. >> break out the gold and blue. let's do it. if we took all our life s e savings and put it together we might be able to do it. get a t-shirt. >> no. >> we can do the foam finger. >> whatever it takes.
6:59 am
>> no umbrella needed today. maybe later. >> maybe later tonight for the north bay and later for the rest of the bay area. all dry and breezy and mix of sun and clouds. we'll see that drougthroughout day starting in the upper 40s and heading to 68 degrees in the south bay. 67 in the north bay, where we will see the rain moving in first. >> all right. pretty smooth commute out there? >> very smooth. look out over the bay and the map, you see nothing unusual except how clear it is. we're looking at west 92 in hayward and have a crash blocking the slow lane but not a lot of slowing because of the light flow of traffic and east shore freeway we have light s w slowing showing up around university avenue. no crashes reported there and the bottom of the screen, not just the warriors but also the as playing. at the coliseum a 12:35 game for
7:00 am
the as and then the big game at oracle arena tonight. we're back in 25 minutes with a live local news update. good morning. grand old problems. new disarray for the republican party. trump now calling the delegate rules a disgrace. the head of the party telling trump to, quote, give us all a break. while house speaker paul rya while house speaker says it once again -- >> i do ot wt nor will i accept the nomination for our party. >> this morning an exclusive interview with the speaker of the race and why he's chosen to stay out of it. >> a new report this morning says the fbi paid a one-time fee to hackers to break into the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. just who did the government turn to for help? lost and found. a 72


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