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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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robbery suspect, who preyed on a 70-year-old woman walking down a quiet street, in the middle of the day. ===peggy/2-shot=== good evening, i'm peggy bunker, in for raj mathai. ===jess/2-shot=== and i'm jessica aguirre. ===jess/anim=== new at 11: ===map=== he said hello, and then he waged his attack. moments later, a woman found herself lying on campus drive in the north berkeley hills, bleeding. her bag -- stolen. ===boxes=== moments later a woman was found on the floor laying on the
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campus drive in the north berkeley hills bleeding with her bag stolen. that's where check coppola joins us live tonight. tell us more. >> reporter: everyone one we spoke with tonight said this just doesn't happen here in the berkeley hills, least of all to 70-year-old woman. there's also individualee, picturpic -- a video, pictures of the suspect. flyers posted on the 1,300 block of campus drive warned neighbors to look for this man, his amage captured by a home surveillance camera monday afternoon. he said hello as she walked past, then knocked her down so hard, she required stitches to her face and stole her black canvas bag. >> i've got a lot of friends in berkeley. i've come to know berkeley as a
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safe place to me. it's shocking. >> police say the man jumped into the passenger seat of a ford pickup. >> we're grateful that this community member had cameras on his home and these images are great. >> police do not have a clear description of the driver of the truck. this case has attracted the interest now of san francisco police. reporting live in berkeley, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. just into our newsroom at least two chp cruisers rammed in pleasant hill tonight. the chp says the suspect ran off, a police dog caught up with him. no officers were injured in the
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incident. >> video of a man wanted, captured by police, seen here in handcuffs, being put in a patrol car. officers say the man is one of four suspects in an armed purse snatching. tonight all four of those men are in custody. police say they led him on a high speed chase. we showed it to you live on our 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts. the suspects ran off, forcing police to shut down both directions of the freeway for some ten minutes. >> who is terrorizing drivers or east bay freeways? multiple law enforcement agencies are working together to stop the shootings. there have been 17 shootings since november. 11 of this many along interstate 80 alone. cheryl hurd went on a ride along with chp to see what's being
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done about the situation. >> reporter: richmond police along with 25 other agencies are working together to try to get to the root of the problem. >> we're looking for people that are known to us from various and previous crimes. >> members of the sage street task force conduct that search by night and by day. >> it's nice having the extra resources that are available for people to help out. you need the street level knowledge and institutional knowledge of the city. >> ben and terry are richmond police officers. they work with the newly formed task force. >> the task force comprises 26 total investigators. >> from agencies in almost every contra costa police department. the chp and fbi are involved along with a prosecutor, who is on board to make sure the cases
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can move quickly through the system. they are cracking down on gang members because police believe the shootings are gang related. >> we know which gangs are feuding with who and which gangs are responsible for the violence but as far as the specific person, that's what the task force is working on clarifying. >> since last november, there have been 17 shootings on freeways in contra costa and almeida. if people break the law, they will have to face the consequences. in richmond, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> turning to decision 2016. an intense and fiery debate between democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> i do question her judgment. >> even his core issue, breaking
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up the banks, when asked he could not explain how that would be done. i called them out on their mortgage behavior. >> oh, my goodness, they must have been really crushed by this. >> the new york primary is just five days away, but the latest polls show clinton is leading now about 17%. in about 20 hours, mrs. clinton will be in the bay area attending a fund-raising dinner at a san francisco home of a sill i con valley activist. >> and now to a developing story in southwestern japan. new video just into our newsroom of the area hardist hit by a 6.5 magnitude quake. as you can see, it is simply one collapsed home after the next. so far nine people were killed and nearly 800 were injured. among the destruction, moments of encouragement and hope. look as emergency crews rescued
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this 8-month-old baby from a building. doctors are evaluating the infant right now. >> today a state parole review panel made the recommendation for leslie van houtin. she was the youngest of the manson family. prison administrators must still review that request and governor brown will then have the final say. >> a toddler back home safe tonight after an alleged kidnapping. it led to a statewide amber alert. police say 2-year-old jacob seen here was put in his car seat this morning in monterey county. his father said he ran inside house for just a minute and when he came back the car and jacob
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were gone. >> his mother asked we not show her face. i'm upset and heart broken and wondering how my child is doing. >> the boy was found inside the car, alive and unharmed. >> going red for taxis and buses. pete suratos is live in san francisco for us tonight. some commuters say they're not too happy about this. >> those driving lanes will become tighter for drivers here in the mission district. to be honest with you, after talking with them, it's causeding lots of confusion. it's fair to say the drivers in the mission district are seeing red. >> i know myself i've been a little startled by it.
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>> caroline hill and other drivers are adjusting to the new red transit lanes. it a part of the 14 mission rapid project, approved by the board of directors back in december. the lanes would be used by buses and taxis along miss street. they say it will speed up their commute. >> it will make our buses have exclusive use and have the benefit of reducing travel time. >> it's affecting business. >> but long-time resident roberto hernandez says the changes can be frustrating. drivers are forced to make right turns where they didn't have to before, like at the corner of cesar chavez street. >> people are getting late to work, children are getting late to school. this is a family neighborhood. >> the sfmta hearse the complaints and plans to look into. >> we looked at better timing
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and put additional striping in the street. >> reporter: they say they are still under construction with about two more blocks to go and hope to wrap it up by early next week. >> they're running kids lives essentially. >> a 15-year-old student has a criminal record for these 30 second notice mud. ahead we investigate why his high school district says it's really not their problem. >> also, silence is golden when you're at the movies but soon your cell phone may no longer be off limits. the change at the nation's largest theater and what they're considering doing. >> i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking gusty winds for tomorrow. plus this area of high pressure set to fuel more warmer weather for the weekend. that's in about ten minutes.
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thing, but at certain schools
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in the bay area...we discovered the punishment for kids can be a lot more severe getting sent to the principal's office for bad behavior is one thing but at one school the punishment for kids can be a lot more severe and can actually lead to your child getting arrested. >> we investigate into how a school district's policies or in some cases as we've discovered, lack of policies, are giving children criminal records for what some consider to be childish misbehavior. >> bigad joins us now. >> certain school districts in the bay area are calling police on students much more for. one of those school districts is finally talking to us. they say kids on their campus are not getting criminal records. but as you'll see tonight, that's just not true. >> right here i was probably running.
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>> reporter: he can still remember what he spent his entire high school career trying to forget. it all happened three and a half years ago at this grassy quad at leland high in san jose. >> a friend told me it would be cool if a freshman went mud sliding. it was just raining. so it was perfect, easy to slide on. >> so what did do you? >> slid on it. >> kyle did flips on the field during lunch. the class cheered him on while some kids took videos. >> reporter: how long were you on the field? >> 30 seconds maybe. they asked me to stepped off and i stepped off. >> reporter: kyle was suspended for four days and he was also given this citation. that means he was technically
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arrested. he was cited for trespassing at his own school and disturbing the peace. rahaline is his mother. >> i'm not saying that my son should not have been disciplined. i'm upset that they're taking it to a new level. >> reporter: not something you think a student should have been arrested for? >> no. >> a probation officer ruled that his actions were not severe enough to recommend criminal charges. rahaline and kai thought that was the end of it. >> reporter: a child can still have a criminal record? kids could still be left with an arrest on their criminal record, even if the probation department decides not to pursue charges. >> hi, hi a question for you. >> reporter: we were with his mom when she decided to call the probation department to see if her son was also left with a criminal record. >> all right, bye-bye.
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>> you have a juvenile record. >> reporter: deciding when to involve police can vary from school to school. san jose unified placed officers at 14 schools. but last year we discovered there's no written policy to detail what should those officers be doing on campus. >> as much as this is affecting our children, it's also affecting the officers. if an officer is going to become a canine handler or go into nar cot -- narcotics, they receive very specific training. but we're sticking officers in school with no additional training. it's not okay. >> the department of justice recommended 40 hours of additional training but the san jose police department only requires 30 minutes. >> we just contract with their
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officers. we can't make them train their officers. >> the san jose unified school district court last year referred 203 students to law enforcement, down from 283 the year before. but certain students are still being impacted at disproportionately high rates. hispanic students like kai, represent 73% of students sent to the police. >> we don't focus on arresting or sending kid away. that's completely counter to what an educator should do. >> but that's what's happening. >> not in my school district. >> in a single year, 283 kids were referred to police. >> okay. >> so it is happening. >> kids are cited on campuses sometimes, yes. >> do you know this could give them a criminal record. >> i know what happens when i
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issue my own consequences. i don't know what happens when police issue their consequence. >> so you have no idea these kids are getting criminal record? >> i wouldn't know that one way or the other. >> but don't you head discipline for the district? >> if consequences go beyond that to the legal realm, i wouldn't know. >> his mother worries about his future. >> wherever his career will take him, if any of this information is pulled up, it doesn't explain that my child was sliding on the grass at lunchtime. all someone is going to see is trespassing. >> san jose police tells us its officers generally look to school administrators to find out when it is appropriate to give a student a juvenile citation but the officers do have the final say. following our investigation, san jose p.d. hopes to have a written policy in place by next school year to detail the
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responsibility of the school-based officers. and some of those officers will get the 40 hours of recommended training instead of the current standard of just 30 minutes. >> thank you very much. very enlightening. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send bigad an e-mail. >> now checking in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. looks like we have some rain this weekend? >> i want to start right off with what you can expect for the morning. the north bay down to 43 degrees tomorrow. a mostly clear start, low 40s for they behave and the south bay beginning -- the largest change is the high pressure starting to arrive. mainly it will import a lot of hot air, pushing that storm track to the north. you get warm air from this but we're looking to see a change in the wind. that will be key to getting our
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temperatures to bump up. you can see for tomorrow morning, it's still more onshore. that's a cooler wind across bait area. watch the directional change as we head through the afternoon. it's more out of the north and the east, gusting 15 to about 25 miles per hour. so the dryer and warmer wind will result. and temperatures are going up some 10 dwres across the bay area. it going to be comfortable. i think we have a beautiful way coming your way. in san jose 72 degrees tomorrow, back to morgan hill 71, sunshine all around here for most of the peninsula. we'll have palo alto at 72 degrees. san ma tay owe, san francisco a little cloud cover for the marina and 63 but then back towards the financial district, it will be warmer, sunnier and 68. our warmist microclimate will be
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across napa and santa rosia 74 and 75 respectively, oakland a beautiful date at 72 and the trivalley, more mid to low 70s. check out the climb in temperatures for season fran. 66 for the average tomorrow. then we go to 72 on saturday, 77 on sunday, for the north bay 85 by sunday, south bay 85 as well. so a real nice next couple of days coming our way. the only problem tomorrow will be some of that wind. >> get ready for that warmup. up next, grab a seat on bart but don't grab more than one. the new rule that could have you paying hundreds in fines. >> and we have jimmy. >> tonight we have hugh lorie and senator ted cruz! do not change the channel, it's a good one! fighting sophisticated criminals
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stealing nuts. =vo= they're banding together to prevent the theft of pistachio, almond and walnut shipmts central valley farmers are fighting sophisticated farmers stealing nuts. trucks carrying the high valued crop are being stolen at an alarming rate with 31 criminal cases filed last year, totally $4.6 million. >> unique disney collectibles were found during a probation search of a home. the bars feature rock 'n' roll characters. police believe the bars are stolen. >> have a seat. just don't take two.
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bart will be cracking down on seat hogs taking more than one seat during busy commute times. they say a ticket will cost violators about $100, $200 for the second offense and $500 after that. this will go into effect after the enforcement is ironed out. >> and texting may be coming to a theater near you. amc is considering allowing texting during films. it is now banned. they say telling a 22-year-old to turn off their phone is like telling them to cut off their left arm. >> coming up, why the warriors say winning it all will be much more difficult the second time around. >> and happening now on our web site, an east bay dental assistant accused of child molestation appears in court for the first time. police say he recorded the
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attacks. prosecutors are calling it one of the most troubling cases they've covered. >> we're back in two minutes. (vo) one hundred million pounds. that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of
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making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit
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a live look at oracle arena on
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your left. on your right -- you can see not wasting any time. taking a live look on your left there at oracle arena. on your right you can see crews getting busy for the warriors playoff run today and setting up a new pregame tailgate area being built in the parking lot. it was an historic night for warriors fans but the hard part, which is winning the next championship. >> colin resch gives us one for look at the record setting performance and the challenge ahead. >> i'll look back and think of it as the best time of my should. >> reporter: they all should. it was memorabilia special, even for them. >> i ran on the court with like 4 seconds to go and just stole it. it was tough but i got it. >> draymond got the ball, the team got 73 wins and as for the best shooter in nba history -- >> curry for 400!
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>> needing eight to reach 400 made threes, curry hit ten, 402 for the season, shattering his home record of 286 set last year. >> it's so hard to do. people don't realize it. he made it look easy. >> now come the playoffs, which is never easy, especially with a target on your back. >> i'm guessing there's a lot of people out there that want us to lose now. we have a tough team coming in. once the playoff starts, it's a different ball game. >> no matter what happens, this has been an incredible season. but it obviously takes on a different meaning if we go on and win the title. that's our focus now. >> oakland, colin resch, nb
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on. ones in the playoffs. the san jose sharks began their chase for the stanley cup tonight in l-a against the kings. it s okay. the warriors aren't the only one notice playoffs the san jose sharks began their chase for the cup tonight against the los angeles kings. the sharks score the go-ahead
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goal and won the first game 4-3. dozens of fans packed stanley's sports bar in san jose to watch. the team held a raffle. fans hope this is the year the sharks bring home the stanley cup. >> they've been around for many years now, you know, and it's just their time. it's the time to do it. >> game two of the series is saturday. game three is monday at the s.a.p. >> this is their year. >> go sharks! >> let's go, sharks. come on! they'll have more heat, too? >> 70, even a few isolated low 08s. >> see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hugh laurie, senator ted cruz, musical guest, future,


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