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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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of this. that lane over there, that's the far right lane heading southbound. the only lane that is reopened. you can see you have these wreckers right here. they're trying to take the white big rig and the trailer and drag it over to the center divide so they can open up one more lane to ease the traffic flow as we get into the friday morning commute. that big rig was traveling southbound around 3:00 this morning when it was trying to avoid an abandoned vehicle that was left on the side of the road. unfortunately, the driver could not avoid it and crashed into it d turned over. another car came and hit the big rig. see how the driver of the big rig taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the driver of the car that hit the big rig was treated and released. one reason why this is going to take so long to get the big rig overturned is because it's full of, about half a load of wine onboard that is heavy and needs to be off loaded. if you come back out here wide the freeway sign that was knocked down. when it knocked down it exposed hot wires.
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you have electroified wires out here, as well. you have the off loading of the wine. the hot wires and there's a little diesel that needs to be picked up. so, again, if you're traveling southbound through 880 through hayward this morning, you'll have at least one or two lanes. right now it's four. but at least one or two shut down most likely for the entire commute. for more on how this will affect our impact we'll have mike filling us in. bob redell "today in the bay." . >> bob, thanks for being out there. with the fact that bob said diesel fuel and live wires, a lot of traffic. be careful, bob. just heard from our friend, lisa, who is traveling south of there. unfortunately she passed the off ramp and said it's moving like molass down towards a street and hisperian is where you want to get off and take a left back over towards the freeway and 880
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get back on and only one southbound lane reopened and the big rig wen into the center divide and all but one southbound lane blocked and that seems to be going all right as far as the speeds are going for now. that's hayward. the big issue. as we zoom out, no major issue, folks. we'll stick with these maps and show you a nice, easy drive. gentle build west 580 and no problems for the peninsula or for the south bay. we'll track your traffic, especially that hayward area, guys. for now, send it right back to you. >> thank you very much. >> wale have updates as you mention throughout this newscast on this developing situation. for instant coverage you can also always head to our website or download our free app for alerts. this morning a violent robbery suspect on the loose. police say a man who preyed on a 70-year-old woman walking down a quiet berkeley street in the middle of the day. >> it happened monday afternoon in the north berkeley hills. warning neighbors to be on the
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look out for this man. take a look, a home surveillance camera caught his photo. the victim told police the robber actually said hello as she walked past. then she was knocked down so hard she needed stitches on her face. >> really can't believe that. i can't believe it would happen around here, especially. >> i have a lot of friends from berkeley and i sort have come of know berkeley and definitely, new news to me and, yeah. maybe shocking. >> police say the suspect jumped into a dark four-door pickup with a shell in the back. the suspect was able to steal the victim's black canvas bag. two chp cruisers rammed during a car chase that ended in pleasant hill late last night. officers say they tried to pull the suspect over for tailgating on highway 24. but that suspect sped off and crashed his mercedes-benz suv into those patrol cars. the suspect ran off after that. a police dog caught up with him and the man was arrested. no officers were injured in that
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chase. 5:03. only on nbc bay area, video of a wanted man captured bay police. you can see him there in the center of your screen in the handcuffs. the man is one of four suspects wanted for armed purse snatching in millbrae. this morning, four men are in custody. police say the suspects led them on a high-speed chase. police actually had to shut down the freeway for about ten minutes while they made those arrests. an oakland man behind bars and accused in a string of burglaries. police say the 27-year-old justin joseph holburg was identify would the help of witnesses and video footage. he reportedly carrying ninja swords during those burglaries. and he already had a $50,000 warrant out for his arrest. prosecutors are expected to push for jail at today's sentencing of the santa clara police sergeant convicted of indecent exposure. exposing himself and
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propositioning store manager at san jose santana row. the minimal sentence is probation but he may be sentenced up to 180 days in jail. the 24-year police veteran is also expected to lose his job and may be porsed to register as a sex offender. >> you didn't answer the question. >> i did! >> no, you didn't. >> a back and forth from last night. decision 2016. the gloves undoubtedly off in the fight for the democratic presidential nomination. two candidates trading serious shots during last night's debate in brooklyn. >> this may be the last primary debate between the two rivals and it seemed like neither candidate wanted to leave anything on the table on topics ranging from guns to big banks. >> what about the greed and recklessness of the gun manufacturers and dealers in america. >> i got a d minus voting record from the nra. >> i called them out on their mortgage behavior.
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>> secretary clinton called them out. oh, my goodness. they must have been really crushed pie this. >> before the debate, an nbc/"wall street journal" poll showed clinton with a 17 percentage point lead over sanders in new york. that state's primary will be held on tuesday. getting interesting. meantime, ms. clinton is going to be back in the bay area today. she'll be attending a fund-raising dinner at the san francisco home of silicon valley venture capitalist. it's co-hosted by george clooney and his wife, amal. new developments out of japan. a closer look this morning at the aftermath following a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. homes shook off their foundations and businesses completely destroyed. hit the southwestern island yesterday. so far nine people are dead and 900 others hurt. there is some hope.
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take a look. emergency crews rescued an 8-month-old baby from a collapsed building. rescuers say the baby doesn't have any visible injuries. now your microclimate forecast and massive waves hitting our coastline this morning. that coast guard warning the public to steer clear of the waters edge right now. >> meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the high surf for us. how big are those waves expected to be. the highest waves early this morning. not a lot of surfers before 8:00 in the morning and dangerous surf conditions and windy conditions into the rest of the day. so, the waves will be up to 12 to 18 et. still very high. and some strong rip currents with long duration in between those waves at about 17, 18 seconds. so, it's cool out there now. it's 46 degrees in the north bay. the highs today expected to reach into the mid-70s. 68 degrees in san francisco and the east bay today up to 70 degrees. little bit warmer than
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yesterday. warmer temperatures into the weekend. i'll show you that coming up in less than ten minutes. let's head back over to mike tracking all those problems now in the east bay. >> yeah, kari. all in hayward because of that crash and the cleanup. bob redell is on the scene. we have only one lane southbound that is open right here towards a street. the rest of the bay moves well. bay bridge toll plaza no real backup right now. zoom in to give you the alternate. even though one lane is open southbound. you see this jam just after 3:00. want to exit but the slow down starts before you get there. the crash and continue towards winton avenue. if you can do that, great alternate for you or take mission boulevard which is 185 or towards a street which will get you back to the freeway, as well. now, two sides to this crash. coming into the backup, we have video to show you and this is moving very slowly. moving down towards a street and can't see the flashing lights
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for that crash. folks will be met with this but south of there, that's highway 92. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. a nice, easy drive. very pleasant this morning. now because this is south of the crash, folks getting a lighter flow of the traffic heading up towards the san mateo bridge. south through hayward. the nimitz freeway is blocked. we're tracking this. chopper is heading out there shortly. for now, we send it back to you. good morning, bay area. your golden state ws are preparing for game one, round one of the playoffs. a preview of what the team is doing and a look of what fans have to look forward to. that's coming up. >> full selection of shirts there. nuth ekg get in the way of true love. the couple caught smooching as three armed suspects stormed the bar that they were sitting in.
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got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. the east bay:
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live sam ad libs breaker we're back now to breaking news from the east bay on the nimitz. a big rig crash this morning these are live pictures that you're looking at of that truck that spilled over to the median and closed down lanes in both direction northbound and southbound in hayward. but the bigger impact is southbound where four lanes are closed. this is going to be an ongoing
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story throughout the morning as we monitor the traffic impact and the live wires that are still out on the freeway, as well. you see that traffic sign that came down. bob redell has been on scene reporting since this happened early this morning. we'll check in with him momentarily. preparing for a weekend full of playoff runs. what a week to be a bay area sports fan. >> a live look right now at sap center. home of the san jose sharks and oracle arena. the warriors home turf. both teams both fighting for the road championship. >> stephanie chuang live inside oracle arena with a look at how the team is shaping up. they just had a little bit of rest, right? >> very little. very quick turn around laura and sam. if you want to see, not this one. this is where the players will be. courtside looking up to $10,000 and nose bleeds 200, $700. little more reasonable. we believe. i had mine on during wednesday
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night's game. but here is a look at the playoff shirts we're talking about. that's from last year. but look at that. that is the brand-new campaign for this season. game oneoff against the eighth seeded houston rockets is set for 12:30 tomorrow afternoon here at oracle. but starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning, this is what will be the fan attraction. crews spent hours building a brand-new tailgate area on the south side of oracle. free to fans who have access to buying exclusive warrior gear and food trucks and drinks and plenty of celebration at local joints already like lake chalet restaurant. 73 cents. that's in honor of the 73 regular season wins. >> it's just great for people to get out and celebrate and watch the game together and we look forward to taking on this championship and back-to-back. >> and fans are not stopping at beer. they've been shopping for team
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gear. the most elusive has been that 73 game shirt that says 73 the new golden standard. the warriors sold out of those after the game. another note, though, if you are planning on coming tomorrow afternoon, you might want to come here early enough because not only the warriors taking on the rockets, the a's are hosting the kansas city royals at 1:00 in the afternoon. so, again, parking is going to be kind of tough. the tip there is maybe take public transportation. but very exciting for bay area sports fans. laura and sam. >> right in town for the weekend. the warriors won 73 games and now the playoffs start and it's all 0-0 for everyone. not the same case for the sharks who have already begun their chase for the stanley cup title in l.a. against the kings. a back and forth game until early in the third period as you hear from the excited announc g announcing. the sharks do score the go-ahead goal and they do win the first
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game, 4-3. dozens of fans packing to watch the action. the team held a raffle and sharky the mascot even made a cameo. fans hope that this year is the year that the sharks bring home the stanley cup. >> they have been around for many years now and it's just their time. it's the time to do it. >> game two of that series is saturday and game three will be monday at the sap center. well, texting may soon be coming to a theater near you. >> we turn now to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. what is going on with the situation, landon? good morning. >> i know, right. grab the popcorn and grab your phone. good morning to you both. happy friday. let's get a quick check on your markets. the major indices holding on to the their 2016 highs but ending mixed. look for earnings from citigroup and on thursday oil placing the second negative session in a row. the dow inching up 17 points.
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the nasdaq down by less than two to 4945. meanwhile, delta airlines is feelinger generous after raking in the $4.5 billion in net income in 2015. the airline is getting rid of its $25 fee for customers who want to speak with an actual human. also getting rid of its $35 fee to book a flight in person at the airport. other airlines including united and jetblue still can't charge fees and talk to a human being and make reservations. meanwhile amc is considering letting people text in movie theaters all because of mille millennials according to adam aaron. in a series of tweets he explained texted would only be allowed in a few designated theaters that the vast majority of movie goes prefer no texting. sam and laura, back over to you. >> you'll get some dirty looks. >> you don't want the bright light. >> breaking up your concentration. >> if the sound's on. >> exactly. >> thanks a lot. 5:17 right now.
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controversial new exhibit opening this weekend that's never been done anywhere before. it's focused entirely on califoia's connection to marijuana. the is called altered state marijuana and california. opens at the oakland museum of california. the museum's curator says the exhibit is not meant to send a message one way or the other about pot, but the museum fast tracked it as a way to educate people ahead of the november election. we really want this to be a place for people to have a dialogue and conversation about what their hopes are fears are around legalizing marijuana. >> people can anonymously their opinions about pot. it also has a glove box that allows people to touch pot with rubber gloves. okay, so, you know the saying. love is blind. well, this next story brings a whole new meaning to those words. >> also love bubble. when you see this video, almost hard to believe. three armed robbers walking into a bar know this is not the start
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of a joke. well, as they hold up the bartender and frighten patrons two lovebird in the corner of the screen they're too oblivious to know what's going on around them. they're wrapped up in kissing and small talk. the robbers got away with cash. a theory of how this all went count. >> i think they may have been slightly en lly anbcerated. some early happy hours today. let's check the forecast. we're going into kind of a tropical type drink weekend, kari. >> i think so. penna colaudas out there. chilly temperatures. definitely coffee going and to warm you up, it's 51 degrees now in san francisco. 49 degrees now in the south bay. but let's drop in on the east
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bay to get a closer look. it's 44 degrees now in dublin and walnut creek dropped to 49 degrees and 49 in antioch and the north bay is 46 degrees. winds are still breezy and coming in the north at about 0 miles an hour to start out the day. and it stays right at about 20 and dropping a little bit lower at times in some of those inland spots. palo alto have a much calmer wind and then along the coast the winds rushing in from the north at 17 to 20 miles an hour. still, some choppy waves across the coastal areas and then as you go into san francisco we will start out at 52 degrees at 8:00 and into the low 60s by 11:00. it warms up quickly today and we'll be topping out in the upper 60s in many spots inside the city and mostly sunny skies. so, all of that sunshine making it warmer today. up to 75 today in gilroy. pacifica 65 degrees and up to 68 degrees. santa rosa 75 and also 75 in
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brentwood and pleasanton. 74 degrees. as we head into the weekend. we get rid of this strong ocean breeze and we'll have some warmer temperatures moving in. we're looking at highs that will being out in the 70s and 80s for those inland areas. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. let's check in now with mike. still tracking the biggest problems now on the roads. >> that's right, kari. over in hayward. the overall view to give everybody a little bit of confidence for most of our drivers but a big issue, a big spot here. hayward. look at this jam. southbound 880 is slammed down because you're reduced to one lane. our camera out there. bob's out there. let me show you what is going on. this wrecker truck. the back end of that trying to pick up a big rig. huge recers owreckers out there loaded with a partial load of wine. looks like cal trans truck went by to provide more signage. back over at the scene, the big
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rig took out a sign, as well. that's what's causing more problems because two northbound lanes are also blocked. alternate. southbound will slow up towards hisperian and get you back over towards the nimitz and get you around there. the traffic continues to build and the backup starts before you get towards 238 out of san leandro. the rest of the bay moves smoothly and the south bay has the other crash on the monitor right here and it is moving to the shoulder very quickly. we're tracking hayward guys. coming up, we investigate. >> they're ruining kids lives, essentially. >> a 15-year-old student gets a criminal record for the 30 seconds in the mud. just ahead, why the school district says it's not their problem. a notorious former charles
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manson follower could soon be out of prison. 5:25. a notorious former charles manson follower could soon be out of prison. the state review panel said she should be released on probation. once a homecoming princess she went to prison for seven murders back in 1969. prison administrators still must review that request. governor brown will have the final say. right now an investigative unit exclusive. parents demanding change. and accusing one of the largest school districts in the bay area of unfairly criminalizing kids for what they describe as
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childish misbehavior. >> for months been looking into how schools in the area discipline students. this morning he explains how some kids are leaving a class with a criminal record. >> guys, good morning. our investigation last year revealed that certain schools across the bay area called police on their students a lot more than you might think. and the reasons they're being called now have some parents furious. when 15-year-old kai decided to go sliding in the mud during lunch hour at this high school in san jose he calls it just an innocent prank but his school called police. he was given a juvenileitation, which means he was technically arrested. his school district san jose unified pays police officers to patrol some of their campuschise is common. we discovered there is no written policy detailing when or how the school should involve those officers. and while some students like ty end up getting criminal records for their bad behavior, the school district says that isn't
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their problem. >> you have no idea that these kids are getting criminal records? >> i wouldn't know that one way or the other. >> but don't you have discipline for the district? >> i take care of discipline for the district. if consequences go beyond that and into legal realm, that's not our business. >> the san jose police department supplies two high schools and after our reporting san jose pd now says it hopes to have a written policy in place by next school year to detail the responsibilities of its school-based officers. guys, back to you. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail to coming up, we're tracking breaking news this morning. >> good morning, i'm bob redell. commuter nightmare and we'll update you on when they're going to be able to get this big rig removed from southbound 880 in hayward. that story coming up.
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>> bob was actually on 880 the nimitz freeway. i'll get you the work around because things are starting to change.
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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> that breaking news happening in the east bay this morning. take a look at this. a big rig crash blocking lanes on i-880. it is affecting the morning commute in a very rough way. good morning to you.
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thanks so much for joining us. ium laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. let's get right tait. bob redell on the scene all morning long watching as the big rig overturned has held up traffic in both directions. we'll get to mike inouye in just a second. bob, you were telling us a number of obstacles preventing those folks from being able to clear the scene. >> yes. it's going to be quite some time. we expect this mess to be here through the morning commute and as a result, if you have any reason to be traveling up and down through hayward my advice try to avoid the area. this is southbound 880. the headlights heading towards us and only one lane that is open at southbound 880 because of what you have right here. you have wreckers out here and what they're trying to do. they're not even trying to move it off the road. they're just trying to move the trailer to the side of the road
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so they can at least get one or two lanes back open. this big rig overturned around 3:00 this morning and because of a vehicle that was stalled along the road. chp just informed us a few vehicles involved. eeth arbig rig or another car that hit that abandoned vehicle on the side of the road and then the ensuing collision. four vehicles involved. the abandoned vehicle, the big rig and the driver of the big rig is the only one transported to the hospital with minor injuries. now, sam, you are talk about a couple obstacles and this big rig has half a load of wine and they're most likely going to have to off load all that wine before they can upright the trailer and move that. you also have a small diesel spill here. then i don't know if you can see here, a traffic sign, the big rig took out. that sign is electroified. when it got knocked down, some hot wires on the ground right now. cal trans will have to resolve that, as well. that's why you're looking at so
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much time here on trying to clear all lanes of southbound 880. this is your southbound commute on 880. i know it's backed up quite a ways and if we're going to do a whip around just follow me over here. those headlights over there. those are the northbound direction of 880 and there's a couple lanes shut down in the northbound direction. that's here again at a street. not going to be friday light if you're trying to head through hayward. mike inouye to tatry tahelp us get around this mess. >> our chopper has arrived over at the scene. this is the jam southbound 880. a look at that trail of lights. this is the nimitz freeway. i think that is hesperian. there you go. southbound 880 approaching the area with the crash and that's where bob was just a second ago. let me talk you through the backup. there is the jam. just lane in the southbound direction. you see all that slowing. some folks as an alternate might
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turning around and choosing to use the bay bridge. we are seeing a lot of traffic compared to a typical friday and the metering lights are on and nothing dramatic through the maze yet. tracking that and prepare for more traffic through the bay bridge. and heading south or past that area. avoid hayward if you can. you can exit back here. the reason i thought that stream of lights was hesperian getting off the freeway and over towards winton avenue and jumping back on the freeway and now we have one of those lanes or two of those lanes closed, as well. this is the activity southbound side trying tapull that big rig out of the lanes and open up a second lane. but right now they just have one. clear it more to the shoulder, they can do that. and there is that sign bob was talking about with live wires coming up to light that sign. hopefully they have taken care of those wires. the northbound side there you go two northbound lanes closed, as well. we're tracking this closely. back to you. >> we certainly are. we'll post any updates on this
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developing situation on our website, as well. for instant coverage, always head there or download our free nbc bay area app. two people in custody in connection with the stolen vehicle. police arresting that pair late tuesday night in milpitas. after officers say they stole a car and the two randy f and katrina both had outstanding warrants and both accused of stolen property and false information to police officers. a new photo now of a package thief in santa rosa. the police just released this picture. that theft happening on tuesday. the suspect is described as a 30-year-old woman. that woman left in a white nissan frontier pickup truck driven by a man. a task force is working to stop the east bay freeway shootings that are leaving drivers shaken. since november 17 shooting in alameda and contra costa shootings. last night we went on a ride
5:36 am
along with richmond police working with the task force to crack down on gang violence. police believe the shootings are not random. >> we know which gangs are feuding with who and which gangs are responsible for the violence. but as far as the specific person, that's what the task force is working on clarifying. >> one person connected to a freeway shooting in pittsburg was arrested two weeks ago. since january, 30 guns have been taken off the street. but no arrests have been made in the rash of shootings along interstate 80. changes on san francisco's streets have some drivers see red. >> not from traffic lights either. the mta is finishing up the process of painting red lanes in san francisco's mission district. all of that part of the 14th mission rapid project which dessinginates lanes for only buses and taxies on mission street between 11 and randall. the mta still doing some tweaking but long-time residents said it already created too much
5:37 am
confusion. >> people are getting late to work and children are getting late to school. this is a family neighborhood. >> we looked at signal timing and we've given some better signage and put some additional striping in the street. >> the mta is just now completing that project. crews still need to paint about two blocks. it should be done by next week. continuing coverage this morning at 37. it now appears a recent glitch that tripled b.a.r.t. trains almost entirely gone. knocked out for about two weeks last month. some type of power surge. b.a.r.t.'s assistant general manager said why the surge is not a factor any more, the source itself remains a mystery. have a seat, just don't take two. b.a.r.t. will start cracking down on seat hogs taking more than one seat during busy commute times. will cost violators 100 bucks on the first offense. 200 for the second and 500 that.
5:38 am
>> you're going to have to get out and walk. >> yeah. just learn your lesson or be really, really rich. set a lot of money aside for offenses. let's see if the forecast is going to be a rich one. we saw rain earlier this week but it will clear up and be nice. >> very comfortable. highs near 70 degrees. i think that's about perfect. but this weekend it warms up and it will feel more like summertime. nice and cool now as we get the day started with breezy winds in san francisco. it's 51 degrees. expect a high of 68 degrees and some low 70s for the east bay peninsula and the south bay. north bay today up to 75 grees. our temperatures warm up another ten degrees tomorrow. so, i'll detail that and we'll look ahead to early next week coming up in less than ten minutes. let's head over to mike now and still keeping us updated on what's happening in the north bay. >> kari, hayward, the east bay. we're looking at the southbound side and the northbound side. both affected by this crash.
5:39 am
let's sort things out. the overturned big rig and that sign that was taken out. this sign blocking two of your northbound lanes. that rig and all the work they're blocking all but the slow lane on the southbound side and that's the reason for the huge jam through hayward and the reason why it will take hours to clear. let's show you exactly what we're talking about. the slower drive. we have this video that came into our newsroom. moving very slowly south 880 and not even within sight of that crash. look how slowly things are progressing. we'll show you the map and the a jam up now from sout of san leandro and get off at hesperian if you can. the northbound side because of those two lanes and the spectacle, those ared, as well. that's the huge issue for the bay. being friday the rest of the bay moves very smoothly, guys. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. coming up next, an immigration battle coming to a head on capitol hill. demonstrators flocking to washington, d.c., ahead of a
5:40 am
supreme court show down next week. the impact that the court's ruling could have. and i'm stephanie chuang' we're back live here inside orarena. warriors taking on the rockets. hear from the team and a close look at what fans here will be getting. that's all coming up. the immigration debate are
5:41 am
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flocking to washington d-c demonstrators on both sides of the immigration debate flocking to washington, d.c. this weekend. all ahead of a legal battle expected at the supreme court on
5:43 am
monday. "today in the bay" tracie potts live in washington, d.c., with what is being ksed and the precedent of the court ruling in this case. good morning, tracie. >> the thing that people are looking out for, sam, in this court ruling is will it be split with one missing justice on the supreme court. this thing has been working its way through the courts for two years. lots of demonstration from people on both sides. president obama in 2014 pitched two things. first of all, expanding dreamers so-called kids that's what they're described as. kids who are brought to this country under 16 years old. he wants more of them to be able to stay in the u.s. without fear of deportation and parents who have kids who are u.s. citizens. they would be protected, as well. in all about 4 mill undocumented immigrants would be put on the back burner for deportation. and that's the way the administration describes this. not making them legal, but putting them way down on the list for deportation and allowing them in the interim to
5:44 am
work legally here and, also, to get some benefits. now, states, 26 of them, argued that that's going to put a lot on them. going to cost them money and they are now suing to stop these programs in their tracks. the supreme court will hear arguments from both sides on monday and we will get some sort of decision we're expecting to by the end of the term by the end of june. >> very interesting. y pots, live from washington this morning. . it is 5:44 right now. big legal victory for teachers ubians trying to preserve california's tenure system. they reversed the lower court ruling that found tenure deprived some students of good education. nine students sued the state including some from the bay area. how california's hiring and firing rules are unconstitutional. the group is vowing to appeal to the state court. microsoft is suing the u.s. government over privacy issues.
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the lawsuit over a federal law that lets authorities examine customer e-mails or online files without that person's knowledge. the company says the government is abusing this law and it has the right to tell microsoft customers when a federal agency is looking at their e-mails. delta airlines is feeling generous after raking in $4.5 billion in 2015. the airline is getting rid of its $25 fee for customers who want to speak with an actual human to book a flight on the phone. also getting rid of its 35 fee to book a trip in person at the airport. other airlines including united and jetblue still charge fees for most reservations that are made over the phone. going old school. >> for a list of options please press zero. plioff fever is spreading right now. the warriors kicking off their run at a chance for back-to-back championships tomorrow afternoon at oracle arena. but that's not it. there is also a game going on at
5:46 am
the coliseum. the a's are playing at the exact same time. >> all of it is going to add up to a lot of fun. stephanie chuang inside oracle arena this morning. another big weekend for bay area sports fans. >> huge one. a's, fan, warriors fan. this is something that you might remember. strength in numbers is the campaign for this year's warrior playoff. it start would a coaching staff video in 2014 and it has stuck. it worked last season. so, here's the championship number 2. game one tipoff is set for 1:30 tomorrow afternoon here at oracle. starting at 9:00 this morning, this is the attraction. crews spent hours yesterday building a brand-new tailgate area on the south side of oracle. the tailgate will have food, drink, of course. free to fans and the teams had a very quick turn around. wednesday night's last regular season game. of course, number 73. yesterday no practice but 11:15
5:47 am
this morning and the players are zeroed in on game one of the playoffs tomorrow. >> i'm guessing a lot of people out there who want us to lose now we have to come out with the right mindset. weave a tough houston team coming in and they scraped in the playoffs but once the playoffs start, different ball game. >> no matter what happens, this has been an incredible season. but it, obviously, takes on a different meaning if we go on and win the title. & our focus now. >> that's their focus. for fans who are still ticketless, the focus is getting some kind of deal. the resale value for the nose bleeds is 2 to 700 bucks. the nicer vip courtside seats you have $2,500, 10 grand to spare maybe, you can snag one of those. tomorrow at 12:30 in the afternoon. by the way, this is the five tally marks here. that's hoping that it's the fifth championship for the warriors organization. but this is not the only game as
5:48 am
we mentioned earlier, the a's hosting the kansas city royals at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. so, the message is, get here early, laura and sam. >> that's cool. i didn't know that about that shirt, too. thanks a lot, steph. so regal. one way or the other the bay area well represented at this year's summer olympic games especially when it comes to training gools. bay area, take for example san mateo's gopro. being used from swimming to hockey to bmx racing. >> because we measure everything the athlete does and it streams it live and it records it, you can go back after the fact and brutally tear down the performance frame by frame by frame. >> coaches and athletes agree, the cameras can provide a lot of data that may make all the difference for an athlete striving for olympic gold. we're your home for the summer olympics. jessica heading to rio and bring
5:49 am
you live updates throughout the olympics. i paused there because it says i'll be heading to rio. >> which is pretty cool, by the way. we're all striving to get to the weekend. is that fair? >> let's it happen. at 5:49 in the morning you can taste it already. >> i think maybe that's the wine we're tasting. kari, how are you? >> no, we're not drinking. >> i'm drinking coffee. >> where did that come from? >> all right, some nice weather this morning. how about some coffee, sam. 44 degrees now in the east bay and 51 degrees in san francisco and 46 degrees in the north bay. let's drop in on the north bay now. we're at 47 degrees in novato and 38 now in calastoga. very chilly spots. also breezy, too. those winds coming in from the north that will pick up as we gow through the morning and early afternoon. the winds rushing in will keep the waves very choppy on those
5:50 am
coastal beaches as the temperatures warm up. we're up to 71 degrees in los gatos and 68 degrees today and seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. see our temperatures and 72 in oakland and 72 today in ramon. the weather system we had yesterday veriy in the morning that brought us the rain, it has now moved off to the east and producing some snow over those higher elevations. and it will be milder today and breezy. we still do have a very weak onshore flow. but then by tomorrow, high pressure will cause those temperatures to just soar and it will be very warm for both saturday and sunday into the 80s inland. even some mid-80s and then upper 70s along the coast. so, unseasonably warm temperatures. but it will be great weather for the cherry blossom festival. our own mike will be there in
5:51 am
the parade on saturday. 72 degrees and then 77 degrees on sunday. but, gorgeous weather for that and all of the other events going on, including all of the sports and the oakland a's happening in the east bay. up to 85 degrees in the north bay on sunday. let's check in now with mike to see how the are moving. >> kari, our chopper shot right behind me. there, that cab. pulled it off from the center divide and for a couple of minutes i saw smoke start to come up through the area. i just sent a text to bob who is on the scene and he said, yes, just the cab and looks like everything is out from our chopper shot. this is 880 and the cab and the rig that it was pulling went up into the center divide. took out that. the southbound side at the top of your screen only one lane is open and that jams up your morning commute and the northbound side has two lanes blocked because of that sign down there, as well. that is jamming up that commute, as well. hayward is probably the worst spot to happen at this time of the morning and that's why you see all that red.
5:52 am
friday light around the rest of the bay and folks try to avoid hayward instead of heading to the san mateo bridge. nothing dramatic, but a shuttle shift. if you have to travel through hayward. i was suggesting hesperian and jump back on. you see that south of our jam up but that might not be a great option hesperian is jammed, as well. head over towards 238 and take and northbound side slows, as well. the south bay we only have slowing for northbound 101 and not a major surprise and this is just north of 680 the rest of silicon valley and the peninsula moves very well. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. some news you don't hear every day and a man in a one of a kind bubble making a second attempt at history. >> endurance athlete has created what he calls a hydro. a human propelled bubble. kind of works like a hamster wheel. he made a similar kraflt back in
5:53 am
2014 and tried to run from florida tabermuda but his gps fell in the water and the coast guard had to rescue him. >> and he's trying to do it. the first leg to bermuda is more than 1,000 miles and he plans to walk on to cuba and puerto rico. >> hopefully some power bars there for. coming up next, we investigate. >> they are ruining kids' lives essentially. >> a 15-year-old student gets a criminal record for the 30 second in the mud. just ahead why the school district says it's not their problem. happening right now, our newsroom talking with authorities and working with our crew on that scene of a massive big rig crash on i-880 in hayward. as soon as we have any more updates, we'll send them out via tweet. if you missed last night's "tonight show" go to nbctoday show of his impersonation.
5:54 am
i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers
5:55 am
to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
5:56 am
player, shot and killed over the it is 5:56 right now. the former new orleans saints player shot and killed over the weekend will be remembered today. a public viewer will be held for will smith. the saints organization is actually holding the viewing inside its training facility. smith was shot and killed saturday night in what's being
5:57 am
called an incident of road rage. a suspect is in custody facing second degree murder charges. well, now to an investigative unit exclusive. parents demanding change after accusing one of the school's largest districts in the bay area unfairly criminalizing kids for what they describe as just childish misbehavior. >> for months has been looking how some kids are leaving class with a criminal record. >> our investigation last year revealed that schools across the bay area call police on their students a lot more than you might think and the reason they're being called now have some parents furious. when ty decided to go sliding in the mud during lunch hour in san jose he called it an? sent prank but his school called
5:58 am
police. his school district pays police officers to patrol some of their campuses, which is common. but we discovered there's no written policy detailing when or how the school should involve those officers. and while some students like ty end up getting criminal records for their bad behavior, the school district says that isn't their problem. you have no idea that these kids are getting criminal records? >> i wouldn't know that one way or another. >> don't you have discipline for the district? >> i take care of the discipline for the district. that's not our business. >> the san jose police department supplies officers school districts in the area and after our reporting san jose pd says it hopes to have a written policy in place by next school year to tail the possibilities of its school based officers. guys, back to you. >> bigad, thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail to
5:59 am texting may soon be coming to a theater near you. get young people back in theaters. amc, the nation's largest theater chain is considering allowing texting during movies. it's now banned. the head of the company says that telling a 22-year-old to turn off their phone is like telling someone to cut off their left arm. >> make sure it is on silent. breaking news at 6:00 we have been tracking all morning long a commuterer's nightmare. several lanes of i-880 shut down right now as crews work to clear on to the center median.lipped >> a live look from our bay area chopper. this happened in hayward and as you can see the backup extends for miles. we'll have live team coverage right now on "today in the bay." all right. it's been a busy friday morning so far. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
6:00 am
let's get to our team coverage of the breaking news we have been following. mike will join us with more on the backup and a look at the alternate routes we can take this morning. let's start out with bob redell been on the scene all morning long right next to that big rig. any progress so far, bob? >> well, we have a better idea of when we'll have southbound 880 reopened. right now five lanes here. one of those lanes is opened. that is the far right lane. the chp is about to reopen two more lanes. you have three lanes open. and then as you can see the big rig here still occupying the two other lanes. they expect to have that cleared between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. one reason why it's taking so long this big rig you can see it's overturned and have half a load of wine. it's our understanding they have to off load each box of wine by hand and that will take time. i don't know if you it see it. if you walk around here through the left. behind the cab right in front of us a highway sign that was knocked do.


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