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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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there is a frantic search for survivors in ecuador after a 7.8 quake strikes near the country's capital. why people living there are bracing for aftershocks. >> back here in the bay area, a day of remembrance. 110 years ago, the great san francisco earthquake changed the shape and history of the city. the reason the commemoration is this year is different from all others. he made headlines when his beating was caught on camera. why this man is back in court. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good money for you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.
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hopefully you weren't spending this beautiful weekend doing your taxes. good morning, kari. >> it will be hard to stay inside because we'll have another very warm day. it's 49 in the north bay and 59 in san francisco. all clear skies and that continues into the afternoon. fast warming temperatures. 87 in the peninsula and the tri-valley. 89 in the north bay. san francisco up to 81. our temperature's coming down drastically starting tomorrow. i'll tell you about that in the microclimate forecast. >> a note for east bay drivers. we typically have this but not sunday into monday morning. we see some flowing in the south bay. no incidents. we have this crew here, these crews, 580 and 24. highway 13 and at the warren split. we have some lanes blocked.
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not a major closure. this is unexpected sunday night into monday morning. use the high street bridge. >> thank you very much. 4:32. developing news out of ecuador. more than 270 people dead, thousands injured after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook the country saturday. that death toll is only expected to rise. here is a closer look at the quake's epicenter. more than 100 miles from the capital city. the damage is widespread. the frantic search for survivors is going on right now. back in the u.s., relief efforts are under way to help.
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>> red cross volunteers are helping in that search. >> a vallejo man is stuck over there. people panicked following that massive quake. >> it started and there was a big boom. then the lights went out. everybody ran out of the restaurant. the place where we are went completely dark. >> right now there is no electricity, no internet service. the airport he planned to fly out of is closed because of damage from that earthquake. here in the bay area today marking the 110th anniversary of the great 1906 earthquake. >> at 5:12 a.m., san francisco will begin its ceremony to remember the victims and the
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devastation. "today in the bay" stephanie has a preview of that. >> we are gathering here early this morning at the usual spot where you can see the program has already begun. people are dressed in period costumes as well as that man telling his story. you'll have your usual city leaders here. former mayor willie brown. the fire chief and his wife. there is a big difference this morning. for this 110th commemoration, there is no longer any known person alive when the 1906 earthquake and fire hit. dell mont was 11 days shy of his 110th birthday when he passed away. newman was 113 when she died
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last summer. their families and friends will gather here to remember them and a moment of silence at 5:11, a minute before the quake hit. there is a painting of the fire hydrant that saved the mission. and the bloody mary survivor breakfast from 6:00 to 10:00 in the morning. a lot of traditions here ongoing to commemorate the 1906 quake and fire. we'll give you another update and a look live in the next half hour. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. 4:35 monday, a suspected car chief will be in court for a different case. he is facing drugs and firearm charges. police found a gun and methamphetamine in a home during a cyber crime investigation last month.
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you may remember this video showing deputies peting petroff following a high-speed chachlts he is suing the department for use of excessive force. new details on the shooting death of a homeless man by san francisco police officers earlier in the month. those officers' names being released. sergeant nate stayinger, officer michael ma lone shot and killed luis after he charged at officers with a knife. some witnesses say he was not holding a knife at the time. it was a gorgeous weekend.ç >> sunshine all around. are you feeling generous today? >> yes, i am. yesterday those beaches were packed. today we'll have the same thing. here is a look at the forecast today. looking at a nice cool morning, but near record heat again
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today. temperatures at lunchtime will be 79 in the tri-valley. south bay 80 and 73 in san francisco. our temperatures do continue to warm up hitting the upper 80s. i'll talk about that and a nice cooldown for the rest of the week. let's get an update, already a slowdown in the south bay. >> we are watching these sensors and they are showing down here. cupertino is cleared. around 280 and lawrence expressway and 85 towards sar toga. these are sometimes equipment crews moving slower than we like. sharks play tonight and the ducks. traffic moving nicely past the cleem. coming up next, the fate of millions of undocumented immigrants hanging in the balance. the big decision looming before
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the supreme court.
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hoverboards that keep catching fire. this marks the fourth hoverboard to catch fire this year in the bay area back in january, you may recall this gnarled mess occurred after a hoverboard exploded inside of a petaluma home. less an week later, a hoverboard
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caught fire and burned part of a house. most started while the hoverboards are being charged. tonight leaders on the peninsula will weigh a last-ditch effort to save an ice skating rink. >> the ice skating rink has been closed since 2013. developers that own the rink have been trying to replace it with a retail shopping center. a group trying to save the rink plans to talk to city leaders. iceland is expected to close later this month. a huge case comes before the u.s. court today. >> this is president obama's executive order on immigration, his plan would put up to 4 million immigrants on the back burner for deportation. the administration says it's a delay, not amnesty. 26 states led by texas argue that congress' plan would be just that and it would cost them and taxpayers millions.
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>> one person in washington made the decision. >> we have learned to live with fear. it's horrible. we have dreams. we know we can contribute to the community and the country. >> many supporters of the president's plan have been camping out in front of the supreme court for today's arguments. four south bay teenagers are in washington, d.c. for that immigration ruling and hope to be inside the supreme court as the justices hear arguments and ultimately decide the fate of their parents who are undocumented. 4:42. presidential candidates have the empire state on their minds. all eyes on new york. who is leading the polls before tomorrow's primary.
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heavy rain and strong winds roaming through houston, texas, tonight. it's caused flooding throughout the city. rainfall totals are expected to top 10 inches. schools in houston are closed today. >> torrential rainfall there. you pray everyone ends up being okay. in some places in houston or surrounding areas, rainfall rates of 3-4 inches an hour. >> just crazy amount of rain. it's because we have high pressure to the west and well off to the east. this area of low pressure stuck in the middle and it is raining
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day after day. very heavy amounts of rain. it's picking up that gulf moisture, too. here we start out with clear skies and temperatures right at about 53 in livermore. it's 59 in san francisco. 46 now in nappa. a look at the microclimates today. another very warm day. up to 87 in los gatos. 89 in santa rossa. brentwood hits 91. 87 in pleasanton. the seven-day forecast, temperatures will be coming back down. 88 is the record in san rafael. oakland has a record of 82. let's compare that to the forecast today. we should get up to 85 in oakland.
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livermore below that record high. san jose may set a record this afternoon. not a lot of rain with it but by the time it moves in tomorrow, we'll have much cooler temperatures. that cool air stayed with us as we go into the weekend. a few more showers possible on friday. into the weekend, looking nothing like what we experienced. 20 degrees cooler in spots. we do keep the sunshine after those showers move out on friday. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. let's get an update with slowing on the road with mike. >> we saw that slowing in the south bay. again we'll track that, but likely one crew moving slower than folks might like. east bay we have a stretch of 580 east bound. you'll find a lane or two at times.
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slow i slowing. north bay with an easy drive and no slowing for san rafael. >> we are one day away from the crucial primaries. >> bernie is trailing hillary clinton in polls, but he's drawing large crowds to his rally. more than 28,000 people showing up to hear him speak in brooklyn yesterday. that is the largest crowd yet. clinton is also aggressively campaigning in new york. she was the state senator and has strong support from the state's black community. ted cruz started to gain ground.
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he could be back on the path. wall street bracing itself for more earnings reports. >> the price of beer could be going up. for more on that we turn live to cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> nice to see you both we are talking beers this early. markets headed for a down day after the dow posted the best week in the month. sentiment in earnings, morgan stanley and pepsi. nasdaq falling seven to 4938. fans of craft beer could soon be paying more for their beer because there is a serious shortage of hops. craft beers uses a lot of hops. last summer's hot and dry weather harmed the european hop
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harvest. also are small cars running out of gas? consumers pumping the brakes on sedans compared to last year's figure. industry experts are seeing a shift in suvs and crossover vehicles are becoming more popular. this comes as gas prices drop and better fuel efficiency rises. momentum will continue. our sports teams aren't running out of team. >> there is so much going on with our sports team. >> here is a live look at the shark tank. both pretty quiet right now, but
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fans will be out in full force at both of these spots tonight. hoping steph curry will be healthy enough to play in tonight's game. he tweaked his ankle during game one. tried to get back into the game. steve kerr did not relent and kept him out. he says he can play. coach kerr is less committal. he says other warriors have to step up if steph sits out. >> we have a lot of guys who can play. steph missed three or four games this year. we did fine. >> curry is officially listed as questionable for tonight's game two. that game begins at 7:30. >> we are looking to take a commanding three games to zero loud in the stanley cup series against the l.a. kings. sharks won the first two games on the road. this is the closest they could
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come to team teal colors this morning. >> we have team teal swag we'll break out later. a very close call with nature. a whale getting extremely close to paddle boarders. happening right now, san francisco commemorating a history-changing moment. the great earthquake of 1906. 5:11 this morning, there will be a moment of silence. that is when the quake struck 110 years ago. steph chuang is posting images in our twitter page. the death toll continuing to rise from a powerful 7.8 quake over the weekend. how the situation is hitting close to home for many bay area residents.
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remember the anxiety that comes with college admissions? >> an e-mail sent friday to 5,000 high school students said they had been accepted to state university of new york buffalo. someone accidentally sent acceptance letters to students being considered, not accepted. a second e-mail went out four hours later acknowledging the mix-up. the college told each applicant they still had a chance getting in. >> tax day on a monday for most of us. if you haven't completed your taxes yet, don't panic.
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>> you may get a six-month extension. it's only an extension for more time to file, not an extension for more time to pay. >> uncle sam wants his money. >> steph curry makes a splash where he goes these days. no difference at the white house. he is the co-star in a promotional video highlights the importance of mentors. >> incredible dancer. i don't know if people are going to believe you. sure you want to do it? >> set me up. >> all right. >> first time i saw the white house was in 1984. i just graduated from college. i was working as a community organizer. you've got to have your elbow in a little bit. release.
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make sure it's on your fingertips. >> maybe i should shoot lefty. >> you can try that. >> shooting 101 with president obama. curry plays the role of a young person building a resume and doing other life-building activities in the potus. the program is designed to address the opportunity gaps boys and young men of color face when growing up. >> that's cool. they had fun doing it, no doubt. >> connect four, when is the last time you saw that? breathtaking moment on the california coast. >> a paddle boarder came face-to-face with a whale and the cameras were rolling. >> oh, my god! holy cow! >> that lone paddle boarder moving alone when the whale breaches the water a few feet away. a woman shooting the sights when she caught that moment on camera. the paddle boarder never lost that balance. >> that's nuts. that is superior. up next, swept out to sea.
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the community mourning the loss of two young men pulled out into the ocean over the weekend. get ready for another hot day. it doesn't last long. the microclimate forecast.
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good morning. i'm stephanie chuang live here in san francisco for the 110 commemoration of the 1906 quake and fire. searching for survivors. the recovery efforts happening right now in ecuador after a deadly 7.8 earthquake struck the country. plus, police officer fever, overcoming the bay area. a live look at the home of the warriors on the left. the san jose sharks and s.a.p. center on the right. two teams battling their way to the top. "today in the bay" starts right now. thanks for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. yay, monday. >> i love your enthusiasm. >> we get a look at the forecast right now.


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