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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm stephanie chuang live here in san francisco for the 110 commemoration of the 1906 quake and fire. searching for survivors. the recovery efforts happening right now in ecuador after a deadly 7.8 earthquake struck the country. plus, police officer fever, overcoming the bay area. a live look at the home of the warriors on the left. the san jose sharks and s.a.p. center on the right. two teams battling their way to the top. "today in the bay" starts right now. thanks for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. yay, monday. >> i love your enthusiasm. >> we get a look at the forecast right now.
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>> we are going to have another hot day. crank the air conditioner up later today and grab an extra bottle of water. in the tri-valley at lunchtime we'll be at 79 and 88 in the south bay. 88 as you drive home. 89 in the north bay. san francisco, 81. a lot more sun today. cooler temperatures. let's head over to mike showing slowing in the east bay. >> showing a little bit. the rest of the bay, all that slowing in the south bay we saw for a couple of minutes. we have highway 13 road crews clearing from 580. westbound 580. the traffic flow is not empty here.
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thank you. developing news out of ecuador. the latest numbers, more than 270 people and thousands more injured after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck that country on saturday. the death toll only expected to rise. here is a closer look at the quake's epicenter. only 100 miles from the nation's capital city. damage is widespread and frantic search far survivors going on right now. in the coastal town, 90% of the homes are damaged or destroyed. that's not far from where the earthquake was centered. back in the u.s., relief efforts are under way to help out. >> people reporting to us specific needs. >> more than 1,200 red cross volunteers right now helping out in that search. a vallejo man is stuck in the quake zone in ecuador. >> bill freeman says his
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vacation turned into a nightmare. his hotel suffered major damage. he had to find another place to stay. we'll hear from him in a live report at 5:30. our coverage out of ecuador continues across our digital platform. head to nbc bay area for more stories of survival. >> happening right now, as one country trying to move forward, san francisco is remembering its historic earthquakes. today marking 110 years since the 1906 earthquake and fire that struck the bay area. >> stephanie chuang live in san francisco. this will be the first year no survivors are alive for this anniversary. >> that's right. the fire chief just said a little something about a man who
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was 10 days shy of his 110 birthday when he passed away. as the last known survivor of the earthquake, how is it to be here today, this morning? >> it's an honor. we've been here a few years before. it's a big part about who we are and our family, and it's something we enjoy doing every year. >> you are the great granddaughter wearing his 2010 survivor award helmet. what is it like to be here for you? >> it's a mixture of emotions because we miss him terribly. we feel he's looking down and looking at us. and glad we are are here representing him. we are just going to keep going along. >> thank you so much. i'll let you go back to the ceremony now. a big part of san francisco history. next up we'll be going over to
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the mission district where they are going to paint a fire hydrant. we'll bring you another update coming up in the show. >> thank you very much. happening later today, a transformational case coming before the u.s. supreme court. one that could determine whether millions of undocumented immigrants can stay in the u.s. without fear of deportation. president obama's executive order would put up to 4 million immigrants on the back burner for deportation. the administration characterizes it as a delay, not amnesty. 26 states led by texas argue that's congress' job and the plan would cost them millions. >> suddenly we had new costs that no one voted on. one person in washington made the decision. we think that's fundamentally wrong. >> we have learned to live with fear. it's horrible.
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it's horrible because we have dreams. we know we can contribute to the community and the country. >> many supporters of the president's plan have been camping out at the supreme court for today's arguments. tracie potts will join us live from washington, d.c. in about a half hour to break down the case. 5:06, new details on the shooting death of a homeless man by san francisco police officers earlier this month. those officers names are being released. sergeant nate stiger and officer michael maloney shot and killed luis gongora after he charged at officers with a knife. there are conflicting reports. a suspected car thief beaten by alameda county. police found a gun and methamphetamine inside his san francisco home during a cyber
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crime investigation last month. you may remember this video which shows the deputies peting the man following a high-speed chase last fall. he is suing the department for use of excessive force. 5:07. brazen attack outside a liquor store in berkeley. the fight broke out about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. a woman hit a man in the head with a bat then fled. she sped away in a black chrysler sebring. a deadly shooting in san jose marking the city's 12th homicide of the year. this happened saturday night near story road and east san jose. the suspects walked up to the victim and shot him. then they fled in the car. so far police have not released a vehicle description. turning to that microclimate
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forecast, 5:07. not too early to get a great look at the beautiful bay bridge out in san francisco. we are coming off a hot weekend. will the trend continue into our work week? >> that shot is gorgeous. heat rising and it continues for one more day. good morning. >> good morning. yes, it does continue today. pretty much just as warm as yesterday. some of those inland areas reaching into the upper 80s to low 90s this afternoon. it's now 49 in the north bay. a nice cool start. windows open letting some of that cool air. in today air conditioners on as we get up to 81 in san francisco and the south bay up to 88. 89 in the north bay. it won't be this hot as we go into tomorrow afternoon. a major cooldown on the way. i'll detail that in 10 minutes. let's get an update with mike about a crash in the tri-valley. >> it's a minor crash for 580.
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easy drive around the bay. greenville, there is a fender bender. one car involved. one set of fenders hit the center divide. we saw slowing, just coming up toward greenville. the build just starts there bay bridge, no problem as we take a look. both directions moving well in and out of san francisco. playoff fever sets us up on the south bay and east bay courtesy of the sharks and warriors. i'm bob redell. >> a whale, a little too close for comfort in one southern california paddle boarder moving along there.
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a moment of silence in san francisco as people remember the 1906 earthquake. 110 years since that 7.8 quake hit.ç
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>> singing this morning. it's fascinating to be in san francisco. they walk and go to a bloody mary breakfast. then they paint the ceremonial fire hydrant. >> we've got steph chuang out there. >> busy and exciting week for the local sports fans. >> you've got to keep track of everybody. both the san jose sharks and our warriors are in town. trying to snag those championship titles. bob redell is live. >> a lot of sports action here in the bay area today.
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good morning, sam and laura. sharks fans are invited to a street rally. there will be food trucks out here as well as the sharks battle the los angeles teams in game three of the western conference quarter final series. the sharks lead that series 2-0, having beaten the kings thursday and saturday. both times on the kings' home ice. wednesday back to l.a. for game five, if necessary. warriors creamed the rockets on saturday in game one of the nba play-offs. steph curry only playing in 20 minutes because of a hurt ankle. he missed practice yesterday and is questionable for tonight's game. >> my go-to guy and mp. take the mvp out of the line-up.
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we'll fight against houston without steph. we know we are capable of doing that. >> the warriors play tonight at 7:30 oracle arena. thursday and sunday in houston. back here a week from wednesday. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell "today in the bay." thank you very much. business news now. wall street bracing itself for more earnings reports. >> the price of beer could be going up. say it's not so landon live at cnbc headquarters this morning. >> i know, right? not what you want to hear on a monday. let's get a quick check of your markets. markets could be headed for a down day after the dow posted its best day for a month on friday.
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closing seven points. fans of craft beer could be paying more for their beer due to a potentially serious shortage of hops. craft beer uses a lot of hops but last summer's hot and dry weather harmed the european harvest. there is a strong demand for increasingly craft beers. they protect them from sudden price surges. future supply is at risk. that's forcing some of them to raise their prices. also are small cars running out of gas? new data shows consumers pumping the brakes on sedans compared to last year's figures, sedan car sales were down in the first quarter. industry experts are seeing a shift as suv and crossover vehicles are becoming more popular. this comes as gas prices drop and better fuel efficiency rises. heavy rain and strong winds
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rolling through houston, texas overnight, continuing this morning. it's been nonstop. that's causing flooding throughout the city of houston. rainfall totals expected to reach ten inches maybe more. schools in houston are closed for the day. a battle boarder coming face-to-face with a whale in southern california. a whale. you see how close the board is to the whale. the whale breaches the water. comes up to say hello and a little splashing. a woman managed to capture this breathtaking encounter from a nearby pier. >> it was a good day to head to the beach. 17 was backed up this week.
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the beaches were packed. you will be seeing those crowds later this evening. it will be another cool start. 58 in san francisco. east bay 53. let's get a closer look at some of those microclimates. castro valley 51. alamo 55. 52234 livermore. north bay starts out at 49. a lot of sports going on today. at&t park and diamondbacks versus the giants. it will be 70 at first pitch. then dropping back into the lower 60s. sea breeze does kick in by the end of the game. the rockets versus the warriors at 7:00 will be 73. 63 by the end of the game. look at the microclimates. 91 in gil row. pacifico 88.
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the tenderloin at 89. 86 in san ramon. we will be close to setting new records today. some spots will be below other spots. the forecast for oakland is 85 and the old record is 82 set in 1977. we'll watch those temperatures very closely. then we'll be watching for this area of low pressure in the pacific. a swirl of clouds that will move in tomorrow. kick back onshore flow. our temperature trend through the rest of the week will be coming down much lower. we'll be right at about average or slightly above for tuesday and wednesday and dropping below for the end of the week. this weekend's forecast brings in another chance of rain by friday. saturday and sunday more sunshine and temperatures that will be cooler than today reaching into the mid 60s. let's head over to mike to get an update on more crashes going
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on. >> they are in the same area for 580. the map looks great as far as the speed. that is what you would expect at 5:20 now. this is the first area. the crash at greenville over the center divide. coming off 205 and the merge with 580, we have another crash. the coming out of tracy at 205. made worse by that crash. the rest of the tri-valley moves well. the bay bridge toll. fastrack with that benefit. in another ten minutes everybody filling in the toll plaza. >> thanks, mike. catching fire again? another hoverboard sparking here in the bay area the similarity this incident shares to other ones we've seen this year.
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decision 2016 and a day away from a delegate-rich primary. the presidential candidates crisscrossing new york. donald trump still complaining about what he is called a rigged delegate system that could cost him the gop nomination.
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ted cruz' campaign says if trump can't get the needed delegates, it's anybody's game. football teams don't get to get in the red zone and demand a touchdown and cry about it when you don't give them one. that's what we are dealing with with the trump campaign. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders supporters are protesting the large amount of money george clooney and amalhelped raise for hillary clinton this weekend. the actor defending himself saying most of the money raised will help democrats lower on in the ticket. >> they're right to protest. it is an obscene amount of money. >> new york election leaders say tomorrow's primary expected to bring out a high number of new voters. >> a big blunder in buffalo is leaving college hopefuls angry this morning. an e-mail sent friday to some 5,000 college students saying they had been accepted to the state university of new york and buffalo. someone accidentally sent
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acceptance letters to students still being considered. the college told each applicant they have a chance getting in. >> it's 5:25. hoverboards that continue to catch fire. the latest incident earlier this month in daly city. nobody was injured but it's the fourth hoverboard to catch fire this year. back in january, you may remember this mess happened after a hoverboard exploded inside a petaluma home. less than a week after that, a hoverboard caught fire and burned part of a house in san leandro. >> hot weekend across the bay area. fires broke out in an area that used to be a homeless camp. they were being extra cautious
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to make sure ambers didn't spread after eucalyptus trees caught fire. >> we are starting to see a warming trend. fuels are starting to dry out. >> the cause of this fire is still under investigation. next, stories of survival. >> a devastating earthquake striking ecuador over the weekend killing hundreds. the death toll continues to rise. we hear from the local survivors. >> swept out to sea. the community mourning the loss of two young men pulled out into the ocean over the weekend.
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good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. the weekend was summertime at the beach. >> let's check in with kari right now. >> we will have another warm day near-record heat all across the bay area get ready for that.
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it doesn't hang around all week long. after a cool morning, temperatures rise quickly. here is a look at lunchtime temperatures in san francisco. 73. 79 in the north bay and tri-valley 79. a look at the drive home temperatures. up to 88 in the south bay. 81 in san francisco and the tri-valley 87. after very warm temperatures, it does cool down. let's head overç to bill for t east bay. >> most of the peninsula moving well. in the tri-valley we have a couple of crashes causing slowly. the one off 205. not an issue for most drivers. many drivers you see filling in the toll plaza. steadily and gently for monday. we'll track it.
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>> thank you very much. now to our top story. devastation sweeping the country of ecuador following that 7.8 magnitude quake this weekend. at least 272 people confirmed dead. thousands of others injured. there's a long list of people missing right now. at least 370 buildings have been destroyed. we are learning details about several local people stuck in the quake zone. survivors are expected to arrive back home any day now. >> good morning, sam. we are waiting for a group of 22 students and two teachers to make it back here today and tomorrow. they were on an environmental leadership trip to ecuador when the quake struck. several tourists are stranded in
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the quake zone. coastal vacation towns are devastated by the earthquake. some people were having dinner when the ground started shaking. >> it started and then there was a big boom. then the lights went out and everybody ran out of the restaurant. people running out on the streets. the place where we are went completely dark. >> when he returned back to his hotel, there were huge cracks in the walls. the damage was so bad he had to leave while the ground kept shaking with aftershocks all night long. as the country came up he saw many buildings leveled, packing up cars trying to leave hundred, he was hoping to fly back home. the local airport was out of electricity as of last night.
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students from the high school are out of the quake zone right now. they are in panama and safe and hoping to fly back home. this was not the educational experience they were hoping for. it is 5:33. happening now, san francisco remembering the 1906 earthquake. the first time the remembrance of the quake won't feature any survivors. people gathered this morning at 5:12 a.m., the same time the 1906 earthquake struck on market street where all the people gathered to remember the victims. the ceremony has been taking place for decades. the last-known survivor passed away just in january. >> right now to a developing story. vallejo is mourning the loss of two young men. five boys in total swept out by a large wave at san francisco's
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ocean beach on saturday. rescuers were able to pull three of those boys out. one of the teens swept away was 16-year-old wayne oso, a junior at vallejo high. santa clara county will reportedly soon become the first in the nation to set ground rules for police use of surveillance technology. county leaders started working on sweeping rules considering greater scrutiny for cell phone tracking. the sheriff's department both taking an active role in the plan. an ordinance is expected to be heard by supervisors next month. >> tonight leaders will weigh in on a last-ditch effort to save an ice skating rink. the ice rink at bridge point shopping center has been closed since 2013. developers that own the rink have been trying to replace it with a retail and shopping center. tonight a group is trying to save the rink and plans to talk to city leaders. the meeting comes as belmont is
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expected to close later this month. >> playoff fever is here. >> some of that is on the ice. there is a double feature on top. here is a live look with the shark tank on the right hand side. oracle arena on the left. two places about to be overrun with frenzied fans. bob redell, can you blame them? >> absolutely not. good morning to you, sam and laura. if you like hockey, you've got the stanley cup play-offs taking place in the south bay and the nba at the oracle arena as the golden state warriors go up against the houston rockets. warriors blasted the rockets saturday. that was with the team mp out for more than half the game.vp
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for more than half the game. you you head coach steve kerr hasn't said whether curry will play tonight. >> we don't seem to be as good of a coaching staff when steph goes out, i don't know why. we've got a lot of guys who can play. steph missed three or four games this year. we did fine. obviously, we've got to find different ways to score, but we'll prepare for that and see what happens. >> down in san jose, san jose sharks return to the s.a.p. center for game three of the western conference quarter finals against the los angeles kings. the sharks play at 7:30 tonight and wednesday. they are back to l.a. for a game five if necessary. if if you are going to come see the sharks game between 5:00 and 7:00, there will be a rally out
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in the streets outside the s.a.p. center with food trucks. live in san jose, rob rebel, "today in the bay." >> you'll also get a free t-shirt if you show up to the game. number 16. whose jersey is it? >> play-offs. that's cool though. very good. when you're not wearing the team teal you can wear blue and gold. steph curry making a splash everywhere he goes. a lot of people wearing those jerseys. no different in the white house, as well. >> this looks good. let's take that out. >> make sure it's on your fingertips. i'm proud of you, man. >> you don't need the clip art. that is cute. curry is the co-star of the white house promotional video highlights the importance of mentors, building a resume and doing other life-building
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activities with potus. the president's "my brother's keeper" initiative is to address opportunity gaps of young men of color and faith. >> i know the president can hoop. i'm trying to buy into the fact he is teaching steph curry how to shoot. i'm there for you with most of that video. >> it was well done. 5:38. kari has a look at our forecast today. >> good morning. >> another hot day as temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s. expect a high of 81 in san francisco and 89 in the north bay. >> clear on the roadways. we show you the south bay with slowing for 101. check on that in a couple of minutes. the crash for west 580 at
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greenville cleared. it wasn't presenting much of a problem. other crash off west 205 involved a big rig and car that merged into the front wheel of that rig. there are no injuries. we'll show you in the north bay, the san rafael camera southbound 101. we see a little build, but no major slowing. back to you. coming up, a controversial case heads to the supreme court today. how it could impact millions of undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. we'll have it in the live report.
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later today, a case that could establish precedent for immigration before the supreme court. >> it could determine whether millions of undocumented immigrants can stay in the u.s. without fear of being deported. tracie potts live in washington with a breakdown of this case. >> certainly a huge impact for california. this plan president obama announced 1 1/2 years ago. for that long, it's been stuck in the courts. people are already camped outside the u.s. supreme court this morning for today's immigration argument.
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>> i feel responsibility to stand up for them. >> she is a dreamer brought here illegally as a child. her mother is undocumented. under the plan both could stay and work legally. this man came to the u.s. alone at 15. >> we have learned to live with fear. it's horrible. we have dreams. >> the president's plan would put up to 4 million immigrants on the back burner for deportation. the administration says it's a delay not amnesty. 26 states led by texas argue that congress' job and the plan would cost them millions just to issue driver's licensees. >> suddenly we have this massive new cost no one voted on. one person in washington made the decision.
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>> there are plenty of ground to decide this case. >> a decision is expected by june. that decision could be just on whether or not texas and other states had the legal standing to even bring this case. if the court decides they don't, they could end up bouncing this case without getting into the merits of whether they think this immigration policy, this plan is constitutional. we spoke with two san jose children whose mother is an undocumented immigrant. >> lots of people, including our family, we are scared we are going to get separated. >> my parents just had a baby.
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they don't want to leave and leave us alone. >> the children say they are hoping the president's plan can finally go into effect and they can stop worrying about their family being pulled away. happening right now, defense secretary ash carter is in baghdad working on bracing up iraqi forces battling isis. it is likely more u.s. troops will soon be moving into that war zone. president obama is visiting saudi arabia later this week to meet with gulf leaders about their role fighting isis. >> a disturbing report how the pentagon handled sexual assault cases. associated press investigation found they misled congress. it made it appear local district attorneys and police forces failed to act against u.s. service members who were prosecuted in military court for sex crime. the pentagon defended the
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accuracy of the investigation. the battle of a ceo bay area blood testing company is speaking out this morning. elizabeth holts was the founder of the company that made blood tests more convenient. now the accuracy of the tests is coming under fire. holmes appears this morning on nbc's "today" show with maria shriver. >> i feel devastated that we did not catch and fix these issues faster. >> that interview is in the first hour of "today" which airs starting 7:00 a.m. makers of the oculus is
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addressing concerns. a formal response is due next month. who is going to buy yahoo? the future for that company could become clearer. companies hoping to buy the tech company are putting in their bids. some reports say nearly 40 companies are vying to buy aof . bids of the core internet business could hit about $5 billion. small car sales are starting to run out of gas. people bought fewer small sedans during the first quarter. buyers went for suv and crossover cars instead. >> you've got a big family, pack a lot more people in there. here is news that may have you crying in your beer if if you are a craft beer drinker.
5:48 am
be prepared to pony much more cash. >> a serious shortage in hops to blame for rising beer prices. a hot and dry summer last year hit the european hop harvest hard. smaller brewers are feeling the pressure the most. it's likely for some of them to raise their prices. all right. monday morning. >> temperatures have been going up. >> we may hit records later today. kari hall has more on that. >> yes. it's all about the summer heat snap then the rest of the week we are back to our normal temperatures for the middle of april. it's now 49 in the north bay. a nice cool start. it is 55 in the south bay. as we drop in to get a closer look, it's 51 in morgan hill. campbell at 52. 50 as you step out the door in willow glen. a lot of sports today including at at&t park weç have the diamondbacks and giants. will be 70 at first pitch.
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then into the lower 60s as that sea breeze returns later this evening. oakland for the warriors game at oracle, it will be 73 at 7:00. then into the lower 60s by the end of the game, turning nice and breezy. also in san jose, we've got the kicks versus the sharks. the play-offs there will be 78 degrees at 7:00, then 65 by 9:00 this evening. it will be another warm day, up to 87 in los gatos. 80 in the tenderloin. 92 in fairfield. 91 in brentwood. we'll see upper 80s for the tri-valley and the seven-day forecast. we'll be cooling off and this will be the reason why. this swirl of clouds out there in the pacific will be moving closer. it doesn't look to bring us much in the way of rain. may bring spotty showers for the far north bay. the rest of the bay area will
5:50 am
continue on with dry weather and rain moving in by thursday evening into early friday. it does clear in time for the weekend. we have one chance of rain in the forecast. the temperature trend shows it will be well above average today. then we'll drop it back to 75 on tuesday. right at about average for the rest of the week, the weekend forecast not bad at all after that chance of rain on friday. we will have some cooler and more clear weather for the rest of the weekend. let's check in with mike giving us an update on what's happening around the bay. >> starting the south bay with a live look. this is just 101 at 680, what you would expect. look at the map. this is what you would expect if you travel jan jose at this time. the rest of the bay shows typical build. one area we are watching. this is west 580 as well as 680.
5:51 am
heading toward the dublin interchange. a motorcycle in the center divide. no injuries, no slowing. west 580, a crash just past the dublin interchange. we see build and slowing down. stone ridge, we'll give you the live look. westbound your commute direction, we see a lot of cars, but no slowing here. that's good news for 580. bay bridge metering lights are on. you expect that. it is 5:51. san francisco taking steps to better prepare for another potential earthquake. firefighters helped in disaster response drill with 250 volunteers yesterday. >> we also give practical response skills. providing basic medical care for people having critical injuries. search-and-rescue in lightly damaged buildings. >> anniversaries of the 1989
5:52 am
earthquake and 1906 earthquake today. >> it's been an active week around the world for earthquakes. two deadly quakes in japan. u.s. military forces have begun offering assistance. 42 people confirmed dead from the twin quakes. the second quake which struck yesterday was the more powerful of the two and registered 7.1. rescuers worry heavy rain will make the land more unstable. the search continues for the recorder of the ship that next missing near the bahamas last fall. the ship disappeared during hurricane joaquin. the 800-foot freighter was heading from jacksonville, florida to puerto rico. the wreckage was found but the mast where the ship's data recorder was attached is still missing. it should contain the captain's final transmission.
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in a new york state of mind, at least those presidential candidates are. they prepare for the primary. all eyes on new york. a look at who is still up in the polls before tomorrow's events. >> a live look at san francisco this morning where the skyline lit up in blue and gold. representing our warriors this morning. the death toll of the earthquake in ecuador heading higher. local high school students are due to return. >> steph curry making a big splash in a new promotional video with president obama. >> look at the top of our home page.
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monday, tax day for most of us today. if you haven't completed your tax yet, don't panic. you may get an automatic six-month extension. you need to file form 4868 which you can find at
5:57 am
if you file for an extension, you need to know it's only an extension for more time to file, not an extension for more time to pay. >> still got to cough of that cash. >> nearly six months after they said they would be ready, businesses are not using those chip cards. a new survey say 76% of americans have the new chip cards but only one in three retailers are accepting them in stores. presidential candidates crisscrossing new york ahead of tomorrow's big primary. donald trump complaining about what he calls a rigged delegate situation. ted cruz says if trump cannot get the needed delegates, then it's anyone's game. >> football teams don't get to get in the red zone and demand a touchdown and try about it when you don't give him one. that is what we are dealing with with the trump campaign. >> bernie sanders supporters are protesting a lot of amount of
5:58 am
money actor george clooney helped to raise for hillary clinton. >> he said i was some corporate shell which you know me, that's one of the funnier things you could say about me. he said you sucked as batman. i said, you kind of got me on that one and i walked away. that was basically it. >> new york election leaders say tomorrow's primaries are expected to bring out high numbers of new voters. >> california voters may not realize they registered for the wrong party. a new survey finding tens of thousands of voters thought they were registering as independent registered for a minor conservative party called the american independent party. they may not know the party in question opposes abortion rights and same-sex marriage. they are supposed to check the box that says no party reference. today is marathon monday in boston. three years after the bombings
5:59 am
that rocked the finish line of the race. >> the security increase this year is no exception. uniformed officers will line the route. 0,000 people will take part in today's race. two brothers used homemade pressure cooker bombs that killed three people and injured more than 260 in 2013. one brother was killed if a shootout with police and the other was sentenced to death. >> boston strong. the city moves it today. at 6:00, assessing the devastation and searching for survivors. the latest developments out of ecuador. we learn more about a bay area man stuck in the quake gone. >> playoff fever is spreading. the road could be tougher if you are a warriors' fan. "today in the bay" starts right now. a good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> i'm sam brock. the road to the arenas is lined in sunshine today. >> want to check the forecast now with kari. >> another day where it feels like summertime as our temperature soars to the 80s, some low 90s for inland areas. the nice cool start. check out the north bay. 48 there. 56 in the south bay with the highs today up to 88. we may test a new record in spots. light wind blowing offshore and hot again in the north bay. up to 89. i'll show you a big cooldown on the way starting tomorrow. >> things are heating up trafficwise. haywood shows a little build. 680 starts to


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