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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a homicide investigation in what police call a quiet neighborhood. laura//vo plus -- a deadly attack in afghanistan. the latest violence that the breaking news. a homicide in what police are calling a quiet neighborhood. >> latest violence the taliban is claiming responsibility for. >> san jose trying to tackle the housing crisis. the proper posal city leaders are considering to help out renters. good tuesday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. expecting some cooling? >> we are looking at temperatures l are nice this morning. looking at highs this afternoon,
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we'll bring it down a few more degrees. 76 in san francisco and low 80s elsewhere. temperatures fall as we go through the rest of the week. i'll detail that in five or six minutes. let's check in with mike. >> got my eyes on hayward. the rest of the bay looking smooth, although there may be a new crash in fremont. just past that 9 interchange around industrial. we have a crash. look like the activity got to the shoulder. there is not a lot of slowing. a deadly shooting at the mall. they found a man shot and lying in the street. >> and police officers, san jose
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police, just cleared the scene here right near the intersection with quintby. they removed a car that had its back windows shut out. through tears she told me she didn't realize until later it was her brother carlos who was shot and killed. it was around 10:30 we see the 911 call. officers found carlos, a 25-year-old man suffering from at least one gun shot wound. he was pronounced dead on the scene. he was driving down the road, got into some confrontation with one person, got out of the car and was murdered. >> to me he was the best kid.
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>> police made no arrest. they have found witnesses who heard the shooting, this man who is a resident of san jose becomes the 13th homicide in the city this year. bob redell "today in the bay." >> breaking news from afghanistan. 28 people killed in a coordinated attack by taliban fighters. more than 300 people were injured. it started when a suicide car bomb targeted the gates in the heart of kabul. militants entered the willeding. a three-hour gun battle ensued. the number of casualties will go higher. san jose could take a few steps limiting how high
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landlords can raise prices on rent control apartments. displaced tenants who make 80% of the median income would receive three months of market rate rent. their security deposit would be refunded. seniors with disabilities would get an additional $3,000. council will take on that proposal tonight at 7:00. >>. >> people trying to save a closed ice rink. council members rejected a plan to demolish the ice rink. supporters are dell broughting the decision. developers wanted to put in a retail and shopping centers. owners said before they would consider other recreational options. >> richmond's acting police chief will be officially sworn in later today. allwyn brown has been filling in with magnus who has been
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credited with a decrease in crimes. brown has been with the department since 1984. the bay area right now, gripped with playoff fever? much more on the sharks. >> fans are telling steph curry to rest up. right now we don't know if curry will play game three which they played thursday in houston. >> warriors are a deep team. they are going to go far. make sure he rests up. 4:35 right now. want to check in with kari. going to see golden sunshine? >> yes, we will. we will still have that sun
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today. a few more clouds than yesterday. gilroy will be warm up to 87. pacifica 72. at&t park 76. 78 in napa. union city. 85 and still 80s for most inland areas. i'll talk about the cooldown headed our way for the next couple of days and the rain. let's head over to mike updating us on the east bay and south bay? >> assorted crashes. there are no major injuries. the one in hayward, that is off the roadway. that is sand barrel repair work that has to go on later today. over here fremont there is a
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crash. a car hit an orange cone. a closure marked because of the construction at 680. mountain view south bay crash. north 101 around shoreline. no major injuries. flashing lights. back to you. >> thank you very much. >>. >> coming up next, san jose sharks fighting for that championship. last night's game going down to the wire. i'm stephanie chuang live in san francisco. there was controversy by this public urinal. now a lawsuit. a lawsuit over a pee pod.
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it's an outdoor urinal at a popular park.... but the pods have many people outraged... enough to bring a lawsuit over a pee pod. they have many people outraged. >> stephanie chuang joining us live in san francisco, a park known for being pretty casual and that's part of the response to the lawsuit. good morning. >> good morning. the city is saying this park is known for people being nude. it's a casual and popular park that hosts tens of thousands of people. this is the open air urinal here. there are some plants and shade
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there, a screen. the lawsuit says there is not enough privacy. the san francisco recreation and rks department put these in as a solution for people who are urinating in the open. this is in addition to multiple bathrooms here at the park. complaints were rolling in about this but the chinese christian union is one of several groups calling this disgusting, an illegal use of public money and it's part of this lawsuit filed thursday to try to get the city to get rid of that public urinal. there is no hand washing capability around here. it's not wheelchair accessible and discriminates against women. the city's attorney office did respond with a sarcastic press release saying this is driven by a religious, conservative legal foundation. that has been described by the
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southern poverty law center as anti anti-lgbt hate group. we are set to hear from the plaintiffs. there will be updates later today. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. sharks came up short. they gave one back to the kings. >> their struggles at home continue. they seem to do fine on the road. after winning the first two in southern california, sharks losing a heartbreaker to kings in game three. they gave up an overtime goal to win 2-1.
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game four is tomorrow at the shark tank. >> they are coming back strong in game four. houston under water. storm killed several people and is still closing schools. developing in texas...
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live rain... it keeps coming down in
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houston... a developing story as we look at live images from houston. more than a foot of rain besieging that city. you see cars stuck underneath overpasses. that is just a small piece of the overall puzzle here. it has proved to be a deadly event. at least five people died from what the city is calling historic flooding. some in houston are calling it the most devastating flooding that city has seen in more than a decade. it's been raining nonstop since the weekend. more than a thousand people had to be rescued. >> that area of low pressure is still stuck thereรง and looks le
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it will continue to rain over the houston area through thursday. that's really bad news. starting out this morning, i guess a little bit of a break for them. let's head back home. we had warm temperatures yesterday. we have several high temperature records set in san francisco. we have the record set back in the 1940s. richmond got up to 82 beating the old record by three. oakland, one degree above the old record. three degrees setting a record and san jose was up to 91. now it's coming back down to the 50s. won't be as hot today. let's break it down as we will have low 50s this morning. a few clouds mixing in through 9:00. warming temperatures into the low 80s. we'll be at 81 by 3:00. look at the microclimates in the highs today. yesterday san jose got up to 91.
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how about 82. that's better. san mateo 74. at&t park 76. warm in spots like fairfield up to 87. they were at 96 yesterday. pittsburgh 86 in livermore. 85. we are starting to see more clouds moving in all a long the coast. it does clear out time for saturday and getting back outside. look at the weekend forecast. scattered showers on friday and cooler temperatures we will have more seasonable weather into the weekend. make outdoor plans. how about 70 in the south bay for the high on saturday. upper 60s on sunday. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. mike still giving us an update with that crash. >> fremont wasn't a major crash,
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but was the biggest deal we have around the bay. slowing southbound 880 approaching auto mall. coming down in toward the area slowing. the live camera you can't see too much. we had traffic jamming up around there then let loose. moving some cones and perhaps the crew getting cleared out of the area. back to you. >> thank you, mike. more on that devastating earthquake in ecuador. the death toll keeps rising. stands at 413 people. hundreds of rescuers continue to search through the rubble searching for survivors. hope is fading fast. 7.8 quake saturday crippled the south american country. more than 2,000 people are injured and thousands more are homeless. however, a bay area man happy to have his father out of ecuador.
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father and son reuniting last night. the elderly man lives 300 miles from that epicenter of the quake. the supreme court appearing divided on president obama's executive order on immigration. the justices heard arguments yesterday. the order would temporarily shield 4 million undocumented immigrants. the states argued the president does not have the authority to enact that order. if the justices remain split, a lower court ruling stands. it denies the president a chance to revive it while in office. 4:50. netflix looking for a better day on wall street. another car company keeping up with the bay area tech giant. for that we turn to landon
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dowding from cnbc world headquarters. good morning both. market will try to build on monday's gains seeing their highest closes of the year yesterday. it comes as the heaviest period of earnings seasons begins. due to report quarterly numbers today with goldman sacks, johnson johnson and yahoo. dow close up to 18,004. it will affect half of its domestic members. a new partnership to make your car smarter. hyundai and cisco hooking up for
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car technology. the move comes as hyundai tries to broaden its base of customers by adopting dashboard application applications from competitors such as apple and google. >> we are all getting smarter. thank you. coming back, we are going back to a famous hotel. take a good look at this haunting picture. the person who took this shot says those are ghosts. you won't believe where the picture was taken. spooky. >> and it's not even halloween yet. the fight is heating up over an open area urinal. steph chuang is in san francisco looking at the lawsuit oppone opponents. she is live in our 5:00 hour and posting updates on our twitter feed. and playoff fever. sports fans digesting a mixed night. your heart loves omega-3s.
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but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed
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by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. state. laura/cu it's a key prim at 4:55, polls are open across the empire state. it is the key primary presidential day today. bernie sanders needs a win in new york to continue his momentum. 247 dell greats are up for grabs. sanders has a tough battle. he's double digits behind front-runner hillary clinton. on the republican side, donald trump is expected to win. john kasich far behind in second place and ted cruz hasn't been
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in new york the past few days. >> republicans have 95 delegates on the line today. >> something not so sweet. your famous ice cream makers ben and jerry are big supporters of bernie sanders. >> they were protesting at the nation's capital yesterday about the role of money in politics. the businessmen with 300 people were arrested. ben and jerry were processed and released at the scene. they are based in sanders' home state of vermont and created a flavor in honor of their candidate. bernie's yearning. >> we are saying good-bye to a very funny lady. actress doris roberts. >> for years, roberts played that meddling mother on "everybody loves raymond." roberts won four emmys for the role and died in her sleep yesterday in los angeles.
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the exact cause is not released at that time. roberts looked good. she was 90. >> she brought the spunk. >> everybody knows that character. do you believe in ghosts? >> tell me a ghost story. >> i've got plenty of them. some spied a spooky sight within a photo at the hotel that inspired a scary story. >> here is the snapshot that's gone viral. you see the arrows at the top of your screen taken by a visitor to the stanley hotel near denver. real dleefrs say they see two figures at the top of a staircase. a child and a lady dressed in black. this was the inspiration for stephen king's "the shining." workers say it's haunted by the original owners. >> i completely believe it. i've taken pictures. when they come out they were smeared. then our cameras shut down until
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we left the site of that hotel. >> you are a believer. >> completely. help for renters. the proposals san jose is considering. >> it will be another warm day after a cool start. not as warm as yesterday. also breaking..
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bombs rip through the heart of afghanistan's
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capital-- leaving more than two dozen dead and hundreds of other injured. the terror group claiming responsibility. laura/vo and you win some, you lose some... the tight finish for both the san jose sharks and the warriors. today in the bay starts now: =laura/2shot= good morning - and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. =sam/2shot= and i'm sam brock. boxes boxes they get up every morning and keep on going. thanks for joining us. >> i'm sam brock. when we got going yesterday, we felt the heat. a big drop-off today. >> we will have a weak onshore flow. that will help bring down temperatures and a few clouds mixing in. bright sunshine all day long yesterday that heated us up into the low 90s. not as farm as we start out 47 in the north b


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