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tv   Today  NBC  April 19, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> there you go. >> warriors win again. good morning. the relentless rain causing historic flooding in houston. >> this is a dynamic situation. things are constantly changing. >> at least five people dead. dozens of neighborhoods submerged. more than 1,000 high water rescues. >> go, go! >> we're there live. empire showdown. new york voters head to the polls in a crucial primary. hillary clinton looking to seal the deal. donald trump sounding a confident note. >> new york is looking great, but you have to go and vote. >> despite this unfortunate slip of the tongue. >> i was down there, and i watched our police and our firemen down in 7/11, down at the world trade center after it came down.
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>> this morning, our decision 2016 team has it all covered. a man captured on video dressed as a police officer in s.w.a.t. gear. the murder of a popular fitness instructor inside a houston church. and now the desperate search for a killer on the loose. "everybody loves raymond's" co-star doris roberts. we'll celebrate the emmy winner today, tuesday, april 19th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. everybody loves doris roberts. >> she made me smile. the mom who never had an unspoken thought on "everybody loves raymond." we'll talk more about her life and career later in the show. we're going to start in houston where a state of
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emergency is in effect at this hour as the city deals with massive flooding from torrential rain. nbc's janet shamlian is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this was historic rain. as much as 17 inches of it in just a short period of time. the death toll stands at five people. all of those deaths came from people that were in vehicles that drove into high water. the concern is there's more rain in the forecast and that gives houston the possibility of more flooding. this morning, a city submerged by historic flooding. 17 inches in a matter of hours. there's more on the way. >> the biggest mistake anybody can make is to assume the worst has passed. >> reporter: it ambushed the region in the overnight hour. >> two hours later, it was in the house up to the ankle. two hours after that, it's up to the knee. we left. >> reporter: schools announced they were closing. 100 neighborhoods flooded. a million students stayed home.
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so did almost everyone. public transit shut down. the roads all but impassable. yet, some chose to try. >> leave the car. swim. >> reporter: this driver rescued live on the air in houston by a reporter for ktrk. >> what if you call in? >> reporter: this mom and dad waded through the rising water with their newborn daughter. harrowing just in time rescues like this one. firefighters couldn't keep up delivering 1,200 people to safety. just as many were waiting. >> they have four feet of water in their house and everybody is ruined. >> reporter: tommy borrowed a boat to rescue his parents. nine texas counties are now disaster areas including one neighborhood that was hit by floodwaters less than a year ago. most of the homes you see here are still being repaired or are being completely rebuilt. boat loads in the city. outside the city, rescuers braved dangerous conditions to
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save 70 horses. it's the most widespread flooding since tropical storm alison 15 years ago, and forecasters say it's not over yet. an epic flood, a fatigued city and a fear of what's ahead. as you can see from this vantage point, the bayous are still swollen here. any amount of precipitation here could trigger more flooding. the roads in some areas are still closed. houston schools have canceled classes for a second day. houston is trying to clean up. matt and savannah, back to you. >> janet said the fear of what's ahead. what is ahead for the folks? >> unfortunately, more rain. a significant amount of rain. in the normal course of things, this amount of rain wouldn't cause problems because it's already flooding. you can see the areas in the red diamonds. that's where major flooding is occurring now. on the radar, not much showing up, but our models are showing
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we will be looking at rain developing again today. flash flood watches, scattered storms, saturated ground from the really historic rain. moisture coming in off the gulf. it'll fire up more storms during the afternoon into the evening and on into tomorrow. more heavy showers and thunderstorms setting up right over houston. just to the east, it'll continue to cause problems. rainfall amounts look to be anywhere from two to three inches. locally, we could see higher amounts of up to six inches of rain, guys. hourly rain rates of one to two inches. the rainfall alone for harris county since this event would have -- the same amount of rain would have flowed over niagara falls over 88 days. >> wow. >> it's a ton of rain. >> put it in perspective. thanks so much. the eyes of the political world are focused on new york today. it's finally voting day here. hillary clinton and donald trump hoping for big wins on their turf.
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we've got complete coverage this morning with peter alexander. he's on the republicans this morning. hey, peter. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. just now donald trump arriving at a polling station here in new york city. not far from his trump tower home. arriving there alone today. earlier leaving trump tower. he's looking for a resounding win in the state with 95 delegates at stake to improve his path to the nomination. >> reporter: donald trump rallying his home state crowd. his last stop, buffalo. >> we are going to bring buffalo back. we're going to bring new york back. and we're going to bring the united states of america back. >> reporter: despite the home field advantage, introduced by bills head coach rex ryan, another raucous affair. protesters refusing to leave, dragged out by security. the front runner unphased. >> there is no place that's better, more fun or safer than a
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trump rally. >> reporter: later, bungling a reference to 9/11. >> i watched our police and firemen in 7/11, down at the world trade center after it came down. >> reporter: ted cruz already looking past new york to next week's primaries in the northeast and mid-atlantic, comparing his rival to walter mondale, buried by reagan's landslide in 1984. >> hillary is beating trump in utah. if the republican cannot carry bright red utah, we're looking at a walter mondale level blood bath across the country. >> new evidence this morning that donald trump is gearing up for the months ahead. an extensive reorganization of his campaign team from a small band of loyalists, to a much larger team of seasoned pros. he's dipping deeper into his billions, expected to spend some $20 million for advertising in big states in the months ahead. matt and savannah? >> peter alexander, thank you. both hillary clinton and
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bernie sanders are sounding confident about today's vote, as their campaigns continue to take shots at each other. andrea mitchell is following the democrats for us. good morning. >> morning to you. new yorkers say if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. only one of these two democratic candidates for president can win here today. >> reporter: against the backdrop of new york skyline, bernie sanders. >> are you ready for this? >> yeah. >> all right. >> reporter: boasting new york-sized confidence. >> for a political revolution. let's do it. >> reporter: drawing huge crowds across the city. this morning hillary clinton accompanied by husband bill casting her vote at the polls in chappaqua. having made this bold assertion last night. >> i'm hoping to wrap up the nomination. >> reporter: the sanders campaign accusing clinton and the democratic national committee of conspiring to funnel money to clinton's campaign. >> they want to change the rules but the rules have not been changed.
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you have to follow the rules. >> clinton's campaign manager accusing sanders of poisoning the well for democratic candidates up and down the ticket. one measure of how sour the campaign has become. another sign, jane sanders complaining on sirius xm radio. >> the clinton campaign has been a lot more undermining than we had ever seen before. >> bernie sanders has been predicting victory in new york, but he is behind according to the polls in new york by double digits. still, on this wave of huge crowds and enormous online fundraising, he sees no reason to stop any time soon. matt and savannah. >> andrea mitchell, thank you very much. we have chuck todd, nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." here in the flesh this morning. >> happy new york primary day. >> before we get to your math, let's talk about the polls because both seem to be showing rather commanding leads by trump
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and clinton. any reason to doubt that? >> really not. because of the fact that these are only open to registered republicans or democrats. because of that, when you don't have the independent voter factor, it's easier to poll. i will be surprised if the are wrong. most of the time when they're wrong, it's when you're unsure of that independent number and which party they may vote in. >> out on that limb, let's talk about the gop side. if donald trump wins and has a convincing win, what's it going to mean to the delegate count? >> we are assuming the big win, 85 of the 95 delegates. it gets him almost to a 300-pledged delegate lead over ted cruz. a little reminder, the top three candidates, one is not running when it comes to delegates. john kasich is the guy we're going to be asking ourselves, should he be -- what is he doing? why didn't he do better after tonight? it should put him here. then for trump, the following week, he could sweep these five states. pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, connecticut and rhode island.
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all of a sudden, he goes from needing 60% of remaining delegates now to 50% if he does as well as we think he'll do. then it'll come down as far as the republicans are concerned, to seeing if they can stop him in indiana a week later. if they do, we'll talk convention again. if trump wins indiana, glide path. >> you think he can get the nomination? >> if he pulls that off. >> let's talk about the democrats. bernie sanders was just here and suggests that he's still got a path. >> to his credit, he's been saying he's going to win new york. yes, he's got to win new york to have a rational path. this is combined superdelegates and the pledged delegates. even if you take out the supers, she has a double digit lead. where is sanders going to beat her in a state that changes the entire narrative of the race? this would be that kind of victory. i don't know if he's going to get it.
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>> look forward to the same states. what are her prospects? >> very good. pennsylvania, she should win. connecticut is some place -- roker messed it up -- it's a place her husband lost in 1992. we'll see. she could win all five of those. same thing, where does sanders win? >> don't poke the bear. you have roker right behind you. >> i hear him. >> really? really? >> chuck, don't turn around. >> as if he hasn't attacked me before with the board, huh? >> come over here. we want to ask you about something else. we want to get your take on the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. when it comes to the candidates likability, 68% of all voters say they couldn't see themselves supporting donald trump. 61% say they couldn't back ted cruz. 58% say they couldn't see themselves supporting hillary clinton. the way i look at this, not only about the race for the nomination, one of these people will become president. how do they start to govern with that kind of negativity
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surrounding them? >> this is what i've been throwing up my hands about. i don't know. the two most popular candidates are the two candidates that don't look like they have a shot, bernie sanders and john kasich. the most popular as far as the public is concerned. yet we'll probably pick between those three who more than a majority of the country, a strong majority of the country, dislikes. i think it'll be polarizing. makes it where you don't necessarily have a honeymoon. we've had lesser of two evil elections before, but this feels like it's going to be in the pits. i'll tell you, with numbers this bad, i've got to wonder, is a michael bloomberg rethinking, or somebody else? the public is begging for an alternative. the political system hasn't given them one. >> fascinating, chuck. thank you very much. donald trump will be here live for a town hall on the plaza this thursday morning here on "today." another major story, the search for survivors in the powerful earthquake in ecuador. overnight, more people were pulled from the rubble as the
7:14 am
death toll continues to climb. nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest. good morning to you. >> good morning. this is the devastating scene across so many communities here in ecuador. the desperate search for survivors continuing at this hour. it's believed some 32 people are trapped inside this building behind me, a shopping center, when the earthquake struck. overnight, the stakes are high. rescue teams losing time as they pick away at a mountain of concrete. witnesses say people are inside. earlier, not far away, a man in the rubble signals rescue teams. fragile but alive, two days after the quake. ecuador's president says there's still signs of life here, with children, even pets rescued every day. hospitals are filling fast, but so are cemeteries.
7:15 am
the 7.8 quake has left more than 400 dead, an american among those killed, and this canadian mother and son. video chatting with family when the tremor took their lives. in ecuador, so much loss. still, some hope. rescue teams tell us they haven't heard any cries for help from inside this building for several hours, but they say anyone who may be trapped inside would certainly be weak. they say they won't leave this area until they are certain there are no survivors left here. matt? >> miguel almaguer in ecuador on this story for us, thank you very much. overseas, the taliban is claiming responsibility for a bombing attack in afghanistan's capital. the blast in kabul was detonated by a suicide bomber in a car, and then gunmen stormed the area. it was in a residential neighborhood. at least 28 people have been killed. more than 300 others wounded. the bomb was so powerful, it
7:16 am
broke windows nearly a mile away. president obama flies to saudi arabia today. the president's trip comes amid rising tensions with the saudis, angered by congressional legislation that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue the kingdom. 15 of 19 hijackers on 9/11 were saudi citizens. the president is joined in the middle east by defense secretary ash carter. visiting iraq on monday, carter told lester holt, who was with him on the trip, that the u.s. would send 200 more troops and 8 apache helicopter gun ships to fight isis in iraq. >> it's very important to do this because we have to and we will defeat isil. we need to get this done as soon as possible. that means being more aggressive in the moves we make. >> carter says the additional u.s. forces and fire power will be used to help iraqi forces retake the city of mosul. lester will have more on that trip tonight on "nbc nightly news." now to the tributes we're
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seeing to acclaimed actress doris roberts who died at the age of 90. tamron has more on her life and emmy-winning career. >> what a beautiful life she lived. the tributes are pouring in. for nine years, doris roberts played the prying mom on "everybody loves raymond." her talent extends far beyond that sitcom. on the stage and screen, she honed her skills to become one of hollywood's most prolific stars. >> you have milk spots. >> how can you tell it's milk from over there? >> it's what i do. >> reporter: iconic character actress, doris roberts' career spanned more than six decades. born in st. louis and raised in new york city, she made her broadway debut in 1955 and film debut in 1961's "something wild." >> she wouldn't give you the time of day. >> reporter: commanding presence on television, she was nominated for 11 prime time emmys, winning her first in 1983 for her appearance on the medical drama "st. elsewhere." from there, a career
7:18 am
breakthrough. her versatility and emmy win helping her land the role on "remington steel," a part originally written for a younger woman. she'll be best remembered as marie. >> don't send us any more food again, okay? thanks. >> reporter: ray's loving but meddlesome mother on "everybody loves raymond." >> it's a different fruit every month. >> every month? >> that's why it's fruit of the month club. >> it's a club? oh! why did you do this to me? >> oh, my gosh. >> i can't deal with fruit in the house. >> reporter: the role earned her four more emmys. >> wow. >> reporter: in a statement, ray romano said, quote, doris roberts had an energy and spirit that amazed me. she never stopped. she did it all with such a grand love for life and people. i will miss her dearly. appearing on "today" in 2003, roberts shared her love for performing at an early age. >> i loved it.
7:19 am
the feeling of that. of recognition and attention. that's when it bit me, when i was 5 years old. >> friends and fans are sharing tributes online for the beloved actress. her "remmington st" co-star pie shared this photo. you made me laugh n made the work better for the laughter. patricia heaton said she was a professional from whom i learned so much. she was funny and tough and loved life, living it to the fullest. to see her interview with al and talk about the bug at 5 and loving the praise that we all were able to -- and lucky enough to have met her and give her some of that love. >> the show was well-written but she made the most of all her lines. >> memorable. >> thanks. let's get a first check of al's forecast. >> a quick look at the map. you are looking at some more gorgeous weather along the eastern seaboard. rain from the upper mississippi river valley to the heavy rain in texas.
7:20 am
out west, record-setting temperatures. we'll look at that in the next half hour. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. mostly sunny skies.
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mostly sunny skies. we'll have to rain in the forecast. launched against theranos, a controversial blood testing company offering quick tests at drugstores. what it could mean for you if you use that service. and a popular fitness instructor killed inside a texas church. this morning, the manhunt for a suspect caught on camera, wearing police tactical gear. first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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the new 2016 nissan altima. built to stand out. ==anim== a developing story... ==topvo== police are searching for who >> good tuesday morning. it's 7:26. i'm sam brock. developing story we've been following all morning long. police searching for whoever shot and killed a man in east san jose last night. this happened around 11:00 p.m. near the mall. family members identify the victim as 25-year-old carlos. he went to buy himself a pit bull puppy. they are not releasing information about a popular motive. relatives do say the victim was not involved in any kind of gang activity. microclimate forecast. after a hot one yesterday, a cooldown today.
7:27 am
>> it will be nice, more comfortable this afternoon. a live look now at san francisco. bright blue skies. we'll start to see a few clouds mixing into this afternoon. a cool start. we are at 49 in santa rosa. 56 in san jose. it will still be a warm day coming down at about eight or nine degrees from yesterday. 82 in san jose. at&t park 76 degrees and some 80s for the north bay as well as the east bay. let's head over to mike. >> things were looking good until a few minutes ago. we've got reports of this. let me give you a look. 85 the biggest build over the last 15 minutes. more slowing south through here. earlier crash. south of there we might have a stall. one lane blocked. san mateo bridge, the live shot shows you things have ground down to barely a crawl. checking with chp, there may be some stall. check twitter. i'll send it out.
7:28 am
>> thank you very much. appreciate that. more updates in the next half hour.
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♪ dance with me baby 7:30 now on a tuesday morning, april 19th, 2016. supposed to be beautiful again here in new york city. we say that fully aware the weather in other parts of the country is not at all good. we're enjoying it but our thoughts are with the folks in the lower southern part of the country. let's get a check of the top stories. heavy rain is our story. still falling in houston, texas, a city already dealing with unprecedented flooding. on monday, a month's worth of rain fell in just an hour. submerging dozens of neighborhoods. at least five people died on flooded roads when they were caught in rising waters. new york voters weigh in on the presidential race today. donald trump and hillary clinton
7:31 am
hold wide leads on their home turf, where 95 republican delegates and 291 democrat delegates are up for grabs. nirick snyder is vowing to drink filtered water in the city of flint, saying he'll drink it and cook with it, showing people that measures put in place to deal with the lead water crisis are working. new developments on a story we brought to you on monday. the young billionaire, eliz -- elizabeth holmes and her health care company is under federal investigation. maria shriver has more on this. >> on monday, i spoke with elizabeth holmes exclusively about her blood testing company theran theranos, recently under fire for lab violations. prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation into her company, reportedly to find out if it misled investors and the government. >> i'm the founder and ceo of
7:32 am
this company. anything that happens in this company is my responsibility at the end of the day. >> reporter: that was elizabeth holmes on sunday. her company, theranos, is revolutionizing blood tests, making them more convenient and cost-effective for patients. now, it's headlines drawing blood. theranos, valued at $9 billion, is now the subject of a criminal probe by the u.s. attorney's office. its civil investigation by the sec. according to the wall street journal, for potentially misleading investors about its blood test technology and operations. >> federal prosecutors are investigating whether theranos and its founder, elizabeth holmes, exaggerating theranos' blood testing technology to raise money from investors. >> reporter: according to the "journal," prosecutors are looking at whether theranos misled the government to obtain lab licenses. these investigations only adding
7:33 am
to the company's woes. >> did you grow too fast? >> absolutely. >> reporter: holmes spoke out about serious violations at one of her labs. a federal inspection found unqualified staff running the blood test machine and unlicensed workers reviewing patient test results. according to regulators, the lab posed immediate jeopardy to patient safety. >> i didn't realize until the inspection that these types of issues were in place. >> until the government told you that you were really out of compliance, you didn't know? >> yeah. >> what was your reaction when you found out you had all these violations in your lab? >> it was devastating. >> reporter: holmes made fixes. in a scathing letter back, the fed called them insufficient and threatened not only to shut down her california lab but ban holmes from the industry for at least two years. >> we've had multiple experts who have come in, including former cms people to look at it, and they believe we have corrected the issues.
7:34 am
>> you're running a health care startup, dealing with people's lives, dealing with test results that doctors prescribe medicine based on that. one would think that you would have had that in place from the get go. >> absolutely. and probably the most devastating part of this is i thought we did. >> reporter: for the latest investigation, the fed described to comment. the company's attorney says the probes were prompted by irresponsible media reports, and theranos has nothing to hide. >> there have been no charges, and it's often the case that investigations end without charges. we believe that'll be the case here. >> reporter: on sounday, holmes was optimistic. >> are you capable of being the ceo of this company even with everything that has gone on? >> my job and life is about serving this company. i spent my life building this, and i'll spend the rest of my life building this. >> holmes says her labs and operations all comply with federal law. her other lab in arizona, which does about 90% of their testing,
7:35 am
has passed inspection. as for the criminal and civil probes, theranos emphasizes this morning, it's not facing any charges and it's cooperating with all investigations. >> maria, thank you very much. a popular fitness instructor in texas, killed inside a church. a man hunt is underway for a suspect who was dressed as a police officer in swat gear. natalie is following this story. >> good morning. sad and bizarre story. $10,000 reward being offered for information in the death of 45-year-old missy beavers, as police search for the unusually dressed man who was captured on security cameras. >> reporter: this morning, authorities are searching for the man seen in this surveillance video, dressed in swat-type, tactical gear. he's suspected of killing missy beavers at a north texas church monday morning. beavers, the 45-year-old mother of three, arrived at the creekside church of christ
7:36 am
shortly after 4:00 a.m. monday to teach a fitness class. the man was inside the church before beavers arrived. the boot camp style class usually takes place outdoors, but steady rain caused her to move the class inside. when beavers' students arrived at 5:00 a.m., they found her unresponsive and called 911. minutes later, ems workers noticed broken glass and other indications of a struggle. though nothing was found missing from the church. >> all scenarios are on the table right now. >> reporter: the news devastating her family. beavers' husband rushed back from a fishing trip to be with the couple's three daughters. >> he's being strong. he has to be for his daughters and for his family. >> reporter: late monday, friends and family gathered for a vigil, giving those who knew beavers a chance to grieve. while police focus on finding
7:37 am
the suspect behind her bizarre and tragic death. >> investigators say the man didn't appear to have a gun. beavers had posted on her facebook page she was going to be at the church early for her workout class. investigators are trying to determine whether or not she may have been targeted. sorry about the transition but we have weather. >> warm weather in the eastern part of the country, midsection of the country, where the low pressure is. they're looking at older air. right now, new york city, we're going to be 70. cooler than yesterday but still awfully nice. 84, atlanta. nashville, 81. tomorrow, the warmth spreads from washington to the midsection of the u.s. thursday, more of the same. in fact, we're also looking at these temperatures staying very moderate right through friday. look what's going on in the pacific northwest. record highs. yesterday, seattle broke the all-time record for april completely. we'll have another day of record highs from olympia, seattle,
7:38 am
it will still be warm today. not as hot as yesterday. our temperatures are slowly coming down. it's nice and cool now at 47 in san francisco and the peninsula. 56 in the south bay. expect a high of 85 in the tri-valley. san francisco 76. still low 80s for the north bay as well as the south bay and the peninsula. into the day tomorrow we'll have a few more clouds rolling in. slightly cooler temperatures and rain in the forecast by the end of the work week. >> get your weather on weather channel on cable or online. investigation launched after a woman climbed into a zoo tiger's exhibit to retrieve her hat. >> always get another hat. and next, a new rossen reports consumer alert. >> good morning. i'm jeff rossen. coming up, so many of us wearing these fitness trackers. monitoring our heart beats and pace. this police department, changing
7:39 am
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here'swith iphone forevert a newfrom sprint.y year ♪ here's how it feels to get 50% off most national carrier rates too. ♪ so, imagine how you'll feel when you get all this and 50% off iphone 6s on the fastest network. plus, try us out for 30 days. if you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money. we're back at 7:43. this morning, rossen reports, a new and unusual and unexpected tool that police are using to solve crimes. >> you may be wearing it right now. investigator correspondent jeff rossen is here to explain. good morning. >> good morning. this is like real-life csi. we're talking about fitness
7:44 am
trackers. natalie and al, you're wearing yours now, right? >> smart watch. >> pagers. >> pay close attention to this. they're popular. counting your every step, heart rate, pace. some even tracking your location with gps. what if your fitness tracker could be used against you? now, a landmark case. police used the personal information as criminal evidence against someone. could this open the floodgates across the country? this morning, you're about to see how the cops do it. >> reporter: step after step. your fitness tracker knows your every move. designed to help you stay healthy and lose weight. but it could be used against you. a fit bit just helped crack a case in pennsylvania. a woman claiming she was fast asleep, ripped out of bed and sexually assaulted. when police got their hands on her fit bit, the real story emerged. she was awake the entire time, walking around, proving she made it all up.
7:45 am
she's now on probation for making a false report. >> how critical was this fit bit evidence? >> well, it sealed the deal for us. we had other evidence that we were looking at and we were suspicious, but the fit bit made all the difference. >> reporter: so exactly what information can police get off a fitness tracker and how easy it? to find out, i bought this fit bit surge. i'm going to wear it for 24 hours, then i'm going to hand it over to the police. you should know in a real-life case, if you don't voluntarily hand it over, they could try to get a warrant for it. we'll see what happens. first up, i'm headed to connecticut. >> walking down the street and wearing my fit bit. i know it's recording my steps. who would ever think it's recording exactly where i am? >> reporter: i have a new model, gps tracker. by afternoon, i'm on the move again. >> lunch in hoboken, new jersey. >> reporter: then back to nbc headquarters. >> back in new york city and i'm at my desk, in my office at 30
7:46 am
rockefeller center. >> reporter: still have my fit bit on. >> bedtime and i'm still wearing the fit bit to sleep. >> reporter: days later, we bring my fit bit to detective chris jones, the one who first used the fit bit in the landmark pennsylvania case. with my fit bit, he does the same thing. plugging it in and instantly hitting the motherlode of personal information. >> you left new york city and went to connecticut. >> it's drown oawn out on the md you were able to get every minute. >> i got this in less than one minute's time. >> reporter: he's just seeing this data for the first time. >> you're walking in hoboken, new jersey. here, your heart rate increases and then it stops. >> i was at the cafe. >> what were you doing at the avenue of the americans. >> that's where i work. >> 3:00 p.m., you were there.
7:47 am
>> it gives you the time and that i was pacing around a bit? >> it shows us that, yes. >> reporter: it's not just my location he can see. >> you went to bed at 11:42 p.m. >> if i was a suspect in your case, sleeping at 9:00 p.m. and i couldn't have committed the crime. >> you'd not be truthful and that's what happened in the case we have. >> reporter: now, law enforcement across the country, taking notice. >> is this the future for law enforcement, getting fit bits? >> when we have technologies like fit bit, we'll take advantage of it. something will come out today, the next day and next year, and we'll adapt and help us do our jobs. >> by the way, we reached out to fit bit. they had no comment. also, it is not just fitness trackers. your smartphone can track your steps, even plot your location. police telling us in this ever-changing world, they'll use whatever they can. apple watch is doing the same thing. >> just took hers off, actually. >> get rid of that.
7:48 am
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7:53 am
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good tuesday morning. i'm kari hall. another clear blue start to the day. we'll see mostly sunny skies throughout the day and quickly warming temperatures. it's 48 in napa, 60 in san jose. livermore at 65. a look at all the microclimates today. san mateo 74. at&t park at 76. upper 70s in napa. union city 86. livermore today expecting a high of 85. more sunshine in the forecast but rain by the end of the week. >> even though it's tuesday, traffic tuesday and dublin, we have seen quick recovery after there was a stall. look how well the traffic moves. look at your map. we have the slowing showing up around where the camera is.
7:57 am
that stall cleared. so it's traffic. little slow. eastbound through union county area. we saw south of the san mateo and dunbarton bridges. we have slower traffic remaining. all in all, traffic removes very well. north 87 coming off 85. 85 up in toward saratoga. cupertino hasn't kicked in yet. a bathroom stall now an issue. the fight heats up over an open area urinal operating in a san francisco park. some believe it's got to go. stephç chuang is in san francio where a suit is being filed to take out the urinal. >> new yorkers right now casting the presidential primary ballot. we'll monitor the results later today as they come in. donald trump taking some heat this morning for confusing 9/11 with 7/11.
7:58 am
read about it under "u.s. news" home page.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today". coming up, calling for change. one idaho teen's mission to change the laws after being denied medical care because of their religion. >> i can't get the oxygen i need. >> why she's taking a stand to help protect other kids. ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger ♪ >> plus, not the best idea. >> whoa! >> what is going on? >> an investigation being launched after this woman hops a fence at a tiger exhibit to get her hat. >> you're a moron. keep walking. >> what is being said about that dangerous incident. shining bright. the talented steve martin and
8:01 am
edie brickell stop by to talk about their musical "bright star." today, tuesday, april 19th, 2016. ♪ talk to me baby >> good morning, kansas! we love the "today" show. >> all the way from louisiana. >> we're taking on new york city! ♪ walk to me baby >> today is my birthday, from florida! ♪ keep on hoping it's 8:00 on "today". it's tuesday, april 19th. it is a down right gorgeous day on our plaza. we have a down right gorgeous crowd. everyone is in a happy mood because it's just great, great weather. by the way, we have a live
8:02 am
picture right now. we mentioned, of course, it is election day here in new york. that is hillary clinton casting her vote in the new york primary and her husband, former president bill clinton is also there voting. i don't think there is suspense about who they're voting for. >> if you're in the new york area and want to vote, get out there early. meantime -- >> we've got a great couple of guests. steve martin and edie brickell. we'll catch up with them in a little bit. chicken and vegetables. sounds fancy but we'll show you how to make this simple dinner in 20 minutes with our pal michael. >> he always makes great things. we look forward to that. first, let's get a check of the morning's top stories from natalie. >> good morning. more rain is in the forecast in texas today, where record rain has triggered deadly flash flooding and left neighborhoods under water. janet shamlian is in houston. janet, good morning.
8:03 am
>> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. hard-hit houston bracing for another round of rain later this afternoon. as the rush hour starts in earnest this morning, dozens of roads across the city are closed like the one behind me. this is a major artery into the city. because of high water. you can get a better shot from the drone. there is water in 100 neighborhoods across the city. the fact is, the city just can't stand any more. the bayous are swollen, the ground is saturated. any amount of further rain we get this afternoon will, in fact, trigger more flooding. the death toll stands at five today. all deaths came from people who drove vehicles into high water. >> good reminder not to do that. turn around and don't drown. thanks so much. rescuers in ecuador are racing against time to find survivors of saturday's 7.8 magnitude quake. more people were pulled from the rubble overnight. even as the death toll climbed to more than 400. the red cross says as many as
8:04 am
100,000 people may be in need. more than 200 aftershocks have rocked the region. the polls are open and the stakes are high for both parties in today's new york state presidential primary. kristen welker is in midtown, manhattan. good morning. >> good morning to you. as new yorkers start voting today, there is turmoil on both sides. donald trump's national field director resigning, saying it is a voluntary decision. the rhetoric is heating up on the democratic side. still both frontrunners are looking strong as the polls open. this morning, donald trump banking on a hometown advantage. >> new york is looking great, but you have to go and vote. >> reporter: after weeks of negative headlines, trump is looking for a comeback with a big win here. slamming top rival ted cruz in buffalo on monday. >> no new yorker can vote for ted cruz. >> reporter: the wear and tear of the crucial contest possibly causing him to misspeak about 9/11. >> i was down there, and i
8:05 am
watched our police and our firemen down in 7/11, down at the world trade center after it came down. >> reporter: ted cruz is aiming to blunt trump by winning a few of the state's delegates. monday, acknowledging the odds are against him. >> listen, new york is donald's home state. >> it is, right. >> of course he'll do well in his state. in texas, my home state, we walloped him in texas. >> right. >> reporter: it has the same for the democrats. clinton up by double digits, slamming sanders by linking him to trump as she rallied women voters on monday. >> when trump said what he said about punishing women, i was appalled. that is a core issue. when my opponent in his primary says it was a distraction, i was appalled again. >> reporter: in a sign of how ugly things have gotten, the sanders campaign accused clinton and the dnc of breaking fundraising rules monday. it came days after clinton attended high-priced fundraisers hosted by the clooneys.
8:06 am
it's a charge the clinton campaign denies calling it destructive. a fiery back drop on both sides as new yorkers finally have their say. >> reporter: we want to take another look at secretary clinton and husband, former president bill clinton, just moments after they voted today in new york. of course, that is where they lived. our latest nbc news/surveymonkey poll shows secretary clinton holding on to her lead. nationally, she topped sanders 50% to 43%. donald trump holding on to his lead nationally. he gets 46% to cruz who gets 28%, and kasich is still in third at 19%. all of this, a back drop to a very busy primary day here in new york. natalie? >> busy day for you, as well. kristen welker, thank you. thousands of runners completed monday's boston marathon, but two bombing survivors deserved special mention. patrick downes ran on a
8:07 am
prosthetic leg he's needed since the attack three years ago, and adrienne haslet was a dancer who also lost a leg. president obama acknowledged adrienne, saying, thank you for being boston strong. such inspiration. pictures and hope of inspiration. reuters and the "new york times" are sharing the 2016 pulitzer prize for breaking news photography. an emotional element was brought to a crisis. and "hamilton" winning for drama. the show's star and creator lynn manuel miranda says he is humbled and overwhelmed. "new york times," reuters and lin-manuel. >> natalie, thank you.
8:08 am
now to a controversial story out of idaho where some people are being denied medical care in the name of religion, and it's perfectly legal. >> perfectly legal now because some people who claim they've been hurt by that practice are speaking out. they're calling for change. here's nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: for mariah, just breathing is a challenge for her damaged lungs. >> when i'm at school and out of breath, it feels like my lungs burn because i can't get the oxygen i need. >> reporter: her life-threatening condition was caused by a heart defect that doctors tell her could have been fixed when she was young. walton says her parents refused to take her to the doctor because they believe in healing through prayer. >> my parents got all us kids together and said, we need to pray for mariah. she wasn't growing and wasn't doing well and we needed to pray the evil spirits would leave her. >> reporter: her mother says they also pursued natural medicine and didn't realize how sick mariah was. under idaho law parents are
8:09 am
protected under law if they refuse medical care because of their faith, even if a child dies from a treatable illness. >> it's time to prosecute them. >> reporter: walton is pushing for legislation that would require treatment for children in imminent danger of dying. so far the proposal has not even had a hearing and it races concerns about parents' rights. >> it's a first amendment right, freedom of religion. >> reporter: the governor is asking lawmakers to study the issue after a report in 2012 said two deaths to children from families who didn't seek treatment due to re-religious beliefs. one was from diabetes and another from a gastrointestinal illness. mentioning this cemetery, belonging to the followers of christ, a pentcostal sect that believes in faith healing. a high number of graves belong to children or stillborns. the followers of christ
8:10 am
typically don't speak to the media, but the senator says he visited one of their services. >> they were very nice people. they greeted us, taught from the new testament. >> reporter: for mariah walton, the 20-year-old is awaiting transplants for her heart and both lungs. while her parents don't feel she should be used as a poster child for this cause, mariah is hoping idaho's law will change. for "today", joe fryer, nbc news. >> really difficult story. >> we'll continue to follow it for sure. coming up, a young kid with a dream. mark zuckerberg like you probably haven't seen him before. opening up about the facebook. plus, beckhams prove they have an adorable family. why one couple is suing the popular renovation reality show "love it or list it." first on a tuesday morning, these messages.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
and stay asleep longer. there will be things to keep us up. but tonight, we sleep. it's 8:15. every day at this time, what do we do? >> trend. >> file this story under things you should never do. happened at the toronto zoo. this video showing a woman in red, jumping a fence into a tiger enclosure. luckily for her, there was a second fence. it kept the tiger back. you see the tiger just lunges at her following her every move. she does hop back over the fence safely. ask yourself, why? why did she jump into a ferocious tiger pen in the first place? isn't it obvious? she was trying to get her hat. >> oh, my gosh. >> she dropped the hat. it fell inside the enclosure and she went in after it. you hear the other people yelling at the woman. one man saying, she's setting a bad example for the kids.
8:16 am
the zoo is investigating. >> it's a hat. >> it makes no sense. >> no. >> lose the hat. get a zookeeper. say i lost my hat. >> maybe the prairie dog enclosure. >> they can gang up on you. >> true. >> terrible. let's talk about something different. let's talk about mark zuckerberg. we know him as the billionaire executive and philanthropist. guess what? it was only a few years ago, he was a young college student with a simple idea. and a reminder is on this video. it's from 2005. facebook was just a start-up aimed at college kids. >> was that a keg? >> that is a keg in the office. >> nice. >> mark is sitting there in 1990s era gym shorts, barefoot. keg stands.
8:17 am
at one point he says to the interviewer, should i put the beer down? >> he called it "the facebook." >> definitely a different time and era at "the facebook," yeah. >> all grown up now. monday was a special day in boston. patriots day, the 120th running of the historic boston marathon. spectators were out in full force to show support. the "boston globe" rounded up some of the best signs along the route. we saw some good ones. like this one. if britney spears can survive 2007, you can survive 26.2 miles. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at this. i won't lie. you aren't almost there. this is a good one. run like kim kardashian runs from untouched selfies. >> man! >> here's my favorite. this little girl. we don't know what she was trying to say, but that is so cute. >> beautiful. >> one said, you're running better than the government. if trump and bernie sanders can run, so can you. >> a lot of political signs. >> those signs get you through
8:18 am
it. having run the boston marathon. i just ran a half this weekend, but a sign said, you look skinny. i was like, yes, i do. >> like it was a question? >> exclamation mark. >> another sign, but we won't say what it was because it's breakfast time. another lawsuit targeting jay-z and kanye west. >> let's get it popping. first up, may the force be with the royals. happening now in britain, princes william and harry are touring the set of "star wars." they are there with daisy ridley. the princes are also among the first to get a sneak preview of episode viii. kensington palace says the visit is celebrating britain's talent. "star wars" episode viii hits theaters next year. jay-z and kanye west, did they con fans into joining their streaming service title? it's the basis of a new lawsuit
8:19 am
in california. it stems from kanye's latest album and the tweet he posted. saying, my album will never, never, never be on apple and it will never be for sale. you can only get it on title. very clear. the lawsuit alleges that less than two months later, the album was on apple music, as well as spotify and kanye's website. claiming false advertising. it's alleged fraud at $84 million. so far, no comment from kanye or jay-z on that one. now to taylor swift. showing support for her man, calvin harris at coachella. she instagramed this video of rihanna performing with calvin. then the camera shows her partying with the crowd. a lot of friends that she may or may not know. she also posted this photo, giving us a great look at her new short do. she captioned the photo. watching calvin harris like -- and smiley face emoji. "people" magazine calling it the look of love.
8:20 am
i love her hair. cute, the bangs. >> platinum blonde. >> matt has been talking about her hair all day long. >> looks like blondie. >> she does. david beckham and his son. on instagram, david shared what he called a ridiculously cute video of cruz singing "cup" from the movie "pitch perfect." ♪ when i'm gone, you're gonna miss me when i'm gone ♪ ♪ you're gonna miss me by my hair ♪ ♪ you're gonna miss me everywhere ♪ ♪ oh, you're gonna miss me when i'm gone ♪ >> impressive. >> so cute. >> david captioned the video, look at my little man. that's your pop start. it is an adorable video. you know when parents are just like -- >> we think all our kids are adorable. >> they're perfect, tamron. >> cute video. >> they're perfect. >> most talented kids in the world. >> thank you, tamron.
8:21 am
>> parents said it. i did not, for the record. >> they can do no wrong, tamron. >> absolutely right. good news, nothing is falling currently for the most part. we expect to see it fire up again. next couple of days, we could be looking at two to four inches of rain. some areas, as much as six inches with rainfall up to two to three inches per hour. flooding, a big possibility. the good news, the omega block that has been keeping systems from moving is breaking down. the high pressure moves east, allowing the wet weather to also move east. nothing quite as strong as we've been seeing. today, sunshine in the eastern half of the country. wet weather from the plains all the way to texas and parts of the gulf coast. out west, going to be spectacular. leftover snow showers in the we're in for another beautiful day after a cool start. a lot of sunshine, and it won't be as hot as yesterday. we're now at 59 degrees in the peninsula and also in san
8:22 am
francisco. 47 in the north bay. in the south bay today, expect a high of 83 degrees, while san francisco's up to 76. mid-80s for the tri-valley, while we have lower 80s in the peninsula and the north bay. it will continue to cool over the next few days with some highs in the 70s and some rain on friday. >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. now a new lawsuit claiming to pull back the curtain on a popular brand of reality tv. natalie has that story for us. >> i'm a huge fan, i'll say it out front, of "love it or list it." a couple says their dream home became a nightmare after an appearance on that popular renovation show. >> reporter: hgtv's hit show "love it or list it" under fire. this north carolina couple suing for renovations allegedly gone right. >> moving is a great option. >> reporter: last april, the sullivans welcomed tv cameras and contractors into their home. the premise of the show, to stay in the new, renovated home, or
8:23 am
to move into a new one. >> come on in. >> reporter: the show's reveal seemed promising at first. >> the space turned out really well. it's added some nice space to this house. >> reporter: a lawsuit filed by the couple against the show's production company and its contractor tells a different story. they say they were victims of shoddy work and unfair trade practices. they claim the floor of their home was irreparably damaged. they installed low grade industrial carpeting and their windows were painted shut. the couple alleged they gave the production company $140,000 for the renovations, but roughly $85,000 went to the contractor. claiming the production company used the remaining funds for the production of its series. >> are they a production company, making a television show? are they a construction company building homes? i think the blurring of the lines is going to be very problematic for them in front of the judge. >> reporter: in a statement from
8:24 am
dina and timothy's attorney, they say big coat's business model is skewed. the incentive is to make decisions that favor the television show but not the homeowners. the "love it or list it" production company disputes the claim. we believe the claim is in no way supported by any of the facts of the case, and we will be defending ourselves vigorously in this matter. >> we've decided to -- >> list it. >> one of the things you're doing in the lawsuit is blowing the secrecy off of reality tv. >> but we're getting so much of what we wanted. >> reporter: for dina and timothy, is it reality tv or a reality check? >> we reached out to the contractor listed as one of the defendants in the lawsuit but have not heard back. we'll have to see what happens here. >> what did judge judy say? >> i don't know but it's a very popular show. >> the whole reality tv thing. i see where you're going with that. >> tamron? guys, look, steve martin and edie brickell. do you follow steve martin on twitter? >> i do. he's so funny.
8:25 am
do you follow him? >> oh, yeah. >> fantastic. >> we'll follow them down to our show. they're coming up after a quick break. local news and weather. i love you on twitter. >> thank you very much. i ad lib it. >> is it you? ==anim==
8:26 am
a developing story... ==topvo== police are searching for whoever shot and killed a good tuesday morning. 8:26. i'm sam brock. police are still searching for whoever shot and killed a man in east san jose last night. this happened about 11:00 p.m. near east ridge mall and quinby. family members identify the victim as 25-year-old carlos ogeda. they say ogeda went to the neighborhood last night to try and sell a pit bull puppy. police said some kind of confrontation sparked that shooting, but so far, they're not releasing any more information about a possible motive. relatives that we spoke with do say the victim was not involved in any kind of gang activity. a quick check of your commute this morning and mike, you are tracking some trouble in oakland. >> yes, sam. we've had a number of crashes around the bay over the last half hour, most of them smaller
8:27 am
incidents. no major crashes, i should say, no major injuries. we have slowing until the south bay, and over here towards menlo park, like yesterday. but look over here. it's not the san mateo bridge that's the problem, although a fender bender slowed things to the toll plaza, it's up through oakland, san leandro. speeds are just starting to recover. by the coliseum, things are bogging down still towards high street. this is not unusual, but it is a change over the last few minutes. it's actually clearing at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> hopefully, next check with you, it will be much more clear. thank you very much, mike. that's going to do it for us. see you in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back at 8:30 on this tuesday morning. it's the 19th of april, 2016. what is the deal here? >> what's the deal? >> that's me. [ cheers and applause ]. >> when did matt give you this sign of himself? >> yesterday. >> i was handing them out the other day. >> nice. coming up, broadway's "bright star." we'll talk to steve martin and edie brickell on their latest project. how to guide your young ones through all the tricky choices that may lie ahead. easy dinner that's perfect
8:31 am
for spring. chicken and veggies, all in one, from our friend michael. that looks so good. first of my finalists of today's next big thing will make their pitches for your votes. first, let's get a check of the weather. so great. none of us having to wear a coat. >> spectacular. let's say hi to the nice folks here. what's the deal here? where are you marching? >> all over. >> when is the march? >> our march is may 1st. >> go online and check it out. >> here in manhattan. it's happening on the 24th. we're super excited that eli manning is kicking it off for us. >> excellent stuff. check it out on the web. let's show you what we have going on. for today, we're looking at sunny skies out west. temperatures you'll see in the pacific northwest, 80s and 90s. sunny skies along the eastern seaboard. more heavy rain for friends in texas, unfortunately. then tomorrow, we're looking for
8:32 am
the wet weather to finally move to the east. showers are making their way on up into the great lakes. again, the coast will be spectacul spectacular. few showers in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the well, we have more sunshine in the forecast today as our temperatures are warming up already out there. it's now 60 degrees in san jose and 59 degrees in san francisco. 52 in napa. a look at those highs today. all of our microclimates expect a high of 86 degrees in los gatos today, san mateo 74, and out outer sunset, 72 degrees. you're coming back from 90s for some of the inland areas. fairfield today will still be warm, though, up to 87 degrees. 86 in union city and livermore 85. that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. steve martin and edie brickell are combining their talents once again. the friends joined forces to record two albums, earning a grammy for their music.
8:33 am
now, they're collaborating for the broadway stage. new musical is called "bright star." set in the south during the '20s and '40s. at the center, a teen who experiences highs and lows as she becomes a literary editor. >> what an intro. nothing left for us to say. >> i got the resume high points. >> trying to think of one other thing you did. >> no "wild and crazy guy." >> that's in the past. >> i wasn't going to bring it up but you invited me to. really, you have the two records, the grammy. broadway musical had to be next. >> we realized when we were touring together with the steve canyon rangers, we'd travel on a bus and talk about how much we loved the musicals we grew up on. in my case, "west side story," "music man." >> i loved "the sound of music." >> and the great songs. we put our heads together, and
8:34 am
we feel our music is highly melodic, which is what those songs were. we gave it a shot. >> edie, this story was one that you had kind of googled, at least the start of the story, about a baby and a train. is that right? >> right. i was looking for the name of a train to write a song for one of our -- for our first record. i found the iron mountain. when you click on the iron mountain, it tells a story of the iron mountain baby. >> and the iron mountain is a train, you should say. >> it is a train. >> finish the story. actually, she discovered a news item from 1904 that is a true story. a baby was discovered in a suitcase that had been thrown from a train. the baby was alive. it was raised by a different family. they never figured out what happened. our musical approaches trying to solve that issue. it's a lot of fun and comedy and music and drama.
8:35 am
>> it's uplifting. >> and a great cast, by the way. very uplifting. i hate that it's uplifting. >> can't we get more downer stuff in here. >> right. >> love you on the banjo. we love bluegrass music. there's one bluegrassy number we'll hear next hour. it's not the bluegrass musical. >> people like to call it that, but bluegrass is a specific form with a very specific instrument. the fact that we use a banjo and mandolin and fiddle leads people to call it a bluegrass musical. it's really a broadway musical with the charm of those instruments, and the charm of bluegrass. >> edie, why does this collaboration work so well? you have this chemistry, but is it something you knew right away? >> i hoped so. i always admired steve's fun-loving spirit. i wanted to bring that out in myself, as well. i've been able to with our songwriting. >> it was essentially a whim that expanded into -- so eight
8:36 am
years of our lives. >> what happens when you get together? i mean, are you riffing on the banjo and she adds lyrics? how does the process work? >> because we live kind of far apart, we don't really meet. we work electronically. i use my phone and i record a tune. i send it off. she walks around with it in her head. i'm not speaking for you. i mean, i am. >> it's okay. >> comes up with these beautiful lyrics. that's way we work. >> we're excited. we have two members of the cast here. they're going to perform "whoa mama" in the next hour. >> that's not their street clothes. >> no? they're in costume, what? >> yeah. >> by the way, we were talking about what a good tweeter you are. i like what you tweeted yesterday. it may be hard for some of you to grasp that the "today" show is on tomorrow. i'm on the "today" show tomorrow, yet today. i'm on tomorrow. >> you have to read the capitals and when it's not.
8:37 am
>> there were misunderstandings. you said in the next tweet, i am banning those who don't understand that tomorrow is today. i love it. we'll see the song next hour. up next, who has the winning idea? we'll meet our first semifinalists toen a quest to become today's next big thing. >> i thought we were the next big thing. >> you are.
8:38 am
♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
8:39 am
it's here. the time has finally arrived. for weeks, we've sorted through hundreds of entries, from people hoping to become today's next big thing. the winner gets to sell their product on qvc. we've narrowed down the field to nine semifinalists. we're about to introduce you to our first three. from the gadgets for moms purse category. first, our judges. doug howell, executive vice president of merchandising at qvc. jill martin, a "today" contributor and a creative
8:40 am
director of qvc's jeanne brand. and our tough judge, savannah guthrie. now, our first semifinalists. >> i'm vanessa from philadelphia, pennsylvania, and i invented loopit. it's the next big thing because it solves the pet peeve of tangled headphones in a simple and stylish way. >> come on out. welcome. >> thank you. >> let's tell us about loopit. >> loopit are headphones that convert into a stylish necklace when you're not using them. when you need them, pull, put them in your ears and plug into your device. they have a great sound and built-in microphone for calls. when done, connect the magnets together, and you can wear it as an understated necklace. you can even wear it through airport security. they're always there. never tangled. say good-bye to the tangled mess
8:41 am
in your handbag or pocket. >> and be stylish, as well. >> thank you very much. our next semifinalist. >> hi, i'm from new jersey and i'm rita. i think koffie straw is the next big thing. >> let's find out more. rita, come on out. >> hi. >> you've already had your good morning cup of coffee. >> apparently so. who doesn't love the morning coffee? you probably don't want to get stains. not all straws are created equally. i went on a mission to create the perfect hot liquid straw. it's patented, silicone, reu reusab reusable, cuts down on the plastic waste. >> thank you so much. thanks so much. now, let's get our final semifinalist of the morning.
8:42 am
>> my name is shannon. i'm from san diego, california. my product is dprks ovgoverre. say good-bye to plastic cups at your barbecue or concert in the park. >> shannon, come on out. >> good morning. >> party girl, tell us about this. >> have you ever been to a concert in the park, a barbecue, to the beach or on a picnic, brought your favorite bottle of wine with you and you had to pour it into a plastic cup? guilty. >> bummer. >> right. the wine probably didn't taste the way it should. i bet at some point, it spilled. that is why we invented goveree. it's glass with a drink-through lid. pour your wine into your glass, seal the lid, pack in your beach bag and take it to your next outdoor event. pour, seal, pack, enjoy.
8:43 am
it's that simple, and that's why i think it is today's next big thing. cheers. >> bring all our semifinalists back in. judges, do you have any questions? >> vanessa, as long as you keep the magnets together, it keeps it from being tangled? >> absolutely. things are not kept together is when it tangles. >> with the straw, people say, why wouldn't we get a straw? there are benefits. you said there is one specific one because of the angle of the straw? >> the angle and the opening keep it behind your teeth so the flow doesn't flood your teeth. >> and keeps them whiter? >> yes. prevent staining because it'll sit where it needs to be, on your taste buds. >> i love wine, you may know. i usually have more than one glass, to be honest. if i go to the beach, am i stuck with having one glass of wine? >> it holds 17 ounces. it's actually the equivalent of almost half of a bottle. technically, two glasses.
8:44 am
>> now we're talking. >> still not enough for savannah. >> now we're talking. >> guys, thank you. thanks so much. great first round of pitches. of course, these young ladies need your vote. go to to help one of them try and become today's next big thing. tomorrow, we'll meet three more semifinalists in the moms on the go category. matt? oh, we'll be right back. after these messages. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
back now at 8:46. this morning on our special series the graduates, it's decision time. colleges sending out acceptance and unfortunately rejection letters. students have until may 1st to make a decision.
8:47 am
57% of college freshmen in 2014 attended their first choice school. here with great advice, the founder and ceo of ivy wise, and eric, the dean of admissions at the university of pennsylvania. good morning to both of you. >> morning. >> as eric retreats to the sidelines. you have some kids leaving high school. they're so excited. other kids are going to be disappointed. how do you manage expectations? >> the first thing we do is we make sure that students come up with a list of at least ten schools that are great fits for them academically, socially and financially. we make sure their list is balanced. reach schools, target schools and likely schools. colleges can fill their classes over -- usually twice over with candidates from the deny pile. they have to be prepare ed for e outcomes. >> let's say we're dealing with a student who has been accepted to several colleges but rejected from his or her first choice. what do you recommend?
8:48 am
>> look at the colleges that have accepted you. those colleges want you. you want to do your due diligence. look at academics. research courses, professors, figure out what you want to study. next, look at the location and culture. do you want to be far from home? is a small school going to offer the activities you want? the best way to figure out culture is visit. now is the best time, before may 1st. if you can't afford to go visit, look at you also look at the financial aid packages. make sure you're graduating with the least amount of debt. i tell students at the end, go with your gut. you have parents saying things, everyone is talking in your ear. go with your instinct. >> when i was younger looking at colleges, a lot of factors came into play. one didn't. roi, return on investment. how should it impact your decision? >> students and parents are thinking about this. look at the career centers or career options available at the colleges that have admitted you and see where the college grads
8:49 am
are getting jobs. look at the median salaries of the grads. you can go to pay to get more information on that. remember, college is what you make of it. college, just going to college, you're going to earn over $1 million more over the course of your lifetime than if you just had a high school degree. >> big deal. let's talk about students who have been wait listed. i don't want to leave you in the corner. nobody leaves kat in the corner. talk about students who have been wait listed. it's a gamble, a bit of a game. do you hope you'll be admitted or commit somewhere else? >> you need to do both. there is the waiting aspect, but you still need to make the commitment. if you're wait listed at a school you'd like to attend and don't just respond to all the wait list schools, say yes to that offer of wait list. it's going to indicate to the school you would choose them if admitted. >> how proactive? do you make another pitch for yourself and say, here's why you should take me off the wait list and accept me?
8:50 am
>> in a way. it's campaign season right now, isn't it? >> right. >> you're still going to deposit at another school, make sure you secure a spot, while saying yes to the wait list. then we'll update the school that you're on the wait list. say you're the first choice, perhaps. it might help. you're going to send in upgrades on grades and honors, as well. >> say you don't end up in that school and you commit to another school. how do you figure out if it's feasible to transfer after a semester or two? >> i think with what dr. kat said, we have to embrace the choices we have. i don't want a student to go to a school next year and look at the exit door for transfer. do in with a positive attitude. i think cues from parents are critically important here. maybe wear the sweatshirt that wasn't the first choice. i think it is harder, matt, if your son or daughter was denied at a place you ahettended schoo. it's harder with the legacy piece. embrace the options. i don't want any disappointment to become despair.
8:51 am
>> last thing. five seconds each. one piece of advice for parents and students. >> create the list. it's when you have the options. think about why the school is on your list in the first place. >> be prepared for all possible outcomes. rejection is not a bad thing. it's a great life lesson. learn resilience. it's okay. >> good ideas. thank you. >> thank you. up next, winner, winner, chicken dinner. who wrote that? a great recipe that takes 20 minutes to prepare from michael. first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:53. back with more of our week of 20-minute meals on today food. our friend michaela monaco, the chef of porterhouse bar and grill in new york city has a go-to chicken recipe when you're in a hurry. always good to see you, pal. >> thank you so much. >> do you understand the criteria, 20 minutes? >> yes, this is a 20-minute recipe, start to finish, prep and all. >> let's look at the ingredients. basic. >> yup. chicken breast, beautiful skinless, boneless breast. fresh peas, asparagus, mushrooms, herbs, chicken broth, simple. >> the trick you use to cook chicken quickly is slice it thin. >> it's important. you can see how thin the slices are. this is a hot pan. we can start cooking chicken. >> just a little butter in
8:54 am
there? >> butter and oil. olive oil, little butter together. we can saute them here really in minutes. sizzling already. >> right. >> then they get grazed with broth at the end. >> salt and pepper for you. little more salt. >> yeah. >> again, it's going to be quick. looking for a little brownness on each side. get a little white. >> that's right, exactly. >> perfect. >> it's sort of like a small stew in a way. here, we have the mushrooms. lots of flavor. >> put a little oil in there? >> little bit of oil and butter. two tablespoons of oil and butter in the whole dish. split it between the two portions of the recipe. add our chicken back in. >> we have our tasters downstairs and i want to check in with them. see if they're scarfing this down. >> we love it. >> really healthy, too. >> good. >> it is. little bit of chicken broth. this is important, the chicken broth is hot. i heated it already. >> why do you do that? >> so we can move along with the
8:55 am
recipe and it doesn't take forever. >> makes sense. >> everything is cut thinly and easily. the fresh vegetables are going to cook in the broth. asparagus and fresh peas. >> how long will they cook? how far from the end do you add those? >> these will cook in two minutes. this is fresh, seasonal produce and great to have now. the peas and asparagus are thin. not thick as par dpparagus. we'll finish with this. >> thickens it up? >> adds a little flavor. it's not a lot of heavy cream. it's just two tablespoons. quarter cup. then we really wind up with a finished dish that's creamy but not too heavy. >> savannah, we talk about these dishes that we could make on a week night when we have to be -- go to bed early. >> totally. >> this is one you could do. >> and so tasty and no guilt. >> i didn't want to make it sound like, even you could do this. >> but it did.
8:56 am
>> i know what you meant. >> it is delicious. >> you can do it with anything. use wild mushrooms. use pork or veal. the thin slicing is important. fresh herbs at the end. chives. >> perfect. >> amazing. >> michael, thank you very much. >> under 20 minutes, the best part. recipe at also, check out our facebook page because i'm heading into the facebook live booth to answer your question i'm ... ==anim== happening today... ==topvo== the fight heats up over an open-air urinal operating in san francisco. developers added the al- fresco tuesday morning, i'm sam brock. an open-air urinal is operating in san francisco. developers out of the el fresco urinal has a relatively small addition to renovations at dlars park. it officially reopened earlier in the year. conservative groups, though, say the new pee pod has got to go. they're filing a lawsuit today, claiming the urinal is a
8:57 am
nuisance and violating the city's plumbing code. supporters, meantime, called the urinal a better alternative than nearby bushes and trees. happening right now, our steph truong is in san francisco talking with one of the groups that's planning to file suit. they're holding a news conference this morning. steph is going to have a live report for our midday newscast. she's also posting updates in our twitter feed. a new black eye for santa clara county's maligned jail system. guards at the elmwood facility in milpitas got into a violent confrontation yesterday with two inmates. nbc bay area broke this story. you can link to it on our facebook page. and if you have a case of playoff fever, you're not alone. bay area sports fans now digesting a mixed night for the warriors and sharks. the warriors survived without the services of star steph curry. you can link to coverage. stay connected to your world wherever the world takes you. get the nbc bay area app.
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9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," the legend, steve martin teaming up with edie brickell for a performance you won't want to miss. from the new movie "the meddler," susan sarandon and rose byrne is here. one on one with the huntsman, chris hemsworth is here. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on tuesday morning, april 19th, 2016. another nice day here in new york city. i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron. i love -- wait, what is this song? >> it's not my song. i like it, too.
9:01 am
>> i was listening to your song all morning in my office. that wasn't it. >> no. >> what was her song. >> lauryn hill. >> but our dj apparently had a late night at coachella. the dj is still, you know, hanging with taylor swift and rihanna. >> with a new bob cut. >> here we go. >> that's it. >> you can't edit out the great lauryn hill, dj. come on! i was joking. we don't have a dj and neither does coachella. >> they don't? >> lauryn hill has an art music series at the end of april in brooklyn. she's had these kokbackcomeback. she has a collaboration with major artists coming soon. >> she is a genius. we need her back on the music scene full time, doing her thing. >> she has new things happening. this is one of the classics. >> great song. >> thanks. sad news to pass along. doris roberts passed away sunday. she was 90 years old.
9:02 am
you know her as marie barone on "everybody loves raymond." here she is. >> deborah, i don't know why your rolls are all left. i like them. the burnt part gave them some flavor. don't worry about the pots and pans, honey. i know how to do those. >> cleaning is cleaning. >> you'd think so. >> she was the master of the parting shots. >> walk out the door. >> she was. >> she won four emmys for that role on "raymond" and also another one for "st. elsewhere." ray romano saying, doris roberts had an energy and spirit that amazed me. she never stopped. she did it a grand love for life and people. i will miss her dearly. patty heaton says she was a professional from whom i learn sod much. she was tough and lived life to the fullest. her first role was in 1952 when
9:03 am
harry truman was in office. heck of a run. >> and "remington steel." >> fantastic. >> she played in "angie." >> sure. >> terrific. >> what a life. >> what a career. >> 2002, she testified before a u.s. congressional panel about age discrimination in hollywood. al, we went into the "today" vault and found a 2003 interview where al talked to her about the ageism in hollywood. >> i'm very angry at the image makers of america, who think that if a woman is over 40, she doesn't exist. you don't see a picture of any woman in any magazine over 40 unless she's selling depends on viagra. we do lots more than that. >> in fact, you like to point out that you've got a full life. i mean, in all aspects. >> look at me. this age, this year, i won my third emmy for "everybody loves raymond." i got a star on the hollywood walk of fame. i have this wonderful book
9:04 am
coming out. i'm just kicking. my kids say, nanny, you rock. >> she was the perfect voice for that. >> it was funny, my wife, deborah roberts, when she first moved to new york, moved to a building on central park south. her next door neighbor was doris roberts. they kept getting their mail mixed up. she'd knock on the door. here, darling. >> so sweet! >> oh, my dposh. >> sweetest lady. >> we'll miss her. >> the pushy mother-in-law on "everybody loves raymond" made us think about this issue. a conversation that started on reddit about a pushy mother-in-law. woman has been battling to keep her mother-in-law out of the delivery room. she decided she only wants her husband there and her own mother when she has her first child. the mother-in-law reportedly up in arms over this about being excluded. she's tried to convince her son to let her in any way. i was one of those people, i
9:05 am
told my parents, come like two or three days after the baby is born. i want to -- it's my husband, the doctors, the nurse. a small group of people. i don't want anybody to be south of the border when that is happening. >> right. >> i think because once she let her mother in -- >> right. >> -- i think you've opened the door, literally, for the mother-in-law. i believe -- like i was the only one in there. parents came, you know, the day -- the next day. so -- >> that wasn't even on the table for us. we never had that conversation. me and christina and the doctor, the nurse and the new baby. >> i thought it was a plus one. i didn't know you could get plus two or three. al, you're right, once you let your mom in, his mom is like -- it's like the holiday debate. once you get married -- >> it is different. >> but it's both your kids. >> in the post she argues with her mother, she feels she'd calm
9:06 am
her down and soothe her. mother-in-law -- >> would annoy you. >> tempers flare. >> you're not doing it right, honey. push harder. >> she can't have it both ways. or what he should do is periscope it. everybody can watch. >> whoa! no, no. >> for my understanding, because i don't know, people stay back, right? they don't go -- >> some people go. now, in the case of like a c-section -- >> south of the border. >> -- they wait until after the cut. there's a lot going on. >> most times, everybody is back. >> then you go. i remember -- >> i'm back. i know people who are not back. >> i was there on the other side. when they went in, it was like, rocky, watch me pull rabbit out of a hat. >> did you film it? >> the c-section. >> had a go pro.
9:07 am
>> wait, wait. c-section. no, c-section, this end up. >> sorry. >> it was like a little alien. >> i didn't mean to -- >> it was like a puppet show going on. >> someone filmed it. >> yes. >> by the way, if you want to, god bless, it's a beautiful moment. but they say, would you like the mirror? they'll roll a mirror down there -- >> like a hand held or a big mirror. >> so the mother can -- >> christine said, a mirror? >> objects are closer than they appear. >> but it is a beautiful moment. >> fantastic. >> i love we have to keep saying this. >> it's a beautiful moment. that's right. >> but you never look at them the same way. once you see it all sort of out there. >> it's out there. >> literally. hey, okay, i'm going to change the topic here.
9:08 am
look at this video of bears. >> oh, my dpogosh. >> this is the closest you'll come to yogi and boo boo. this is in south korea. >> they have to be in bear suits. >> the bears are trained. >> they're too close to the bears. is that just me? >> there's glass. >> okay. >> why are they -- look at that. >> hey, boo boo. i don't know. i'm looking for a picnic basket. >> they're touching the food. >> that's pretty good. >> very well trained, that's for sure. >> wait a minute, something has to be opened for them to catch the food. >> there is a window. >> no bueno. you were busy yesterday. i saw your instagram and twitter feed. you were on broadway. what was going on there? i wasn't clear. >> we're doing a story on the stage designer for "hamilton." they were showing us how the
9:09 am
turntable works on skyler sist there. i was an honorary sister. >> you learn td whole dance? >> obviously, he didn't learn it. >> literally, it was just spontaneous. they broke into that. >> spontaneous day with you? >> they did that. >> it's great. >> like your "aladdin" genie. >> they won the pulitzer and everybody was jazzed. >> you were eliza in that equation. >> eliza. >> very nice. >> so cool. >> when is that going to air? >> next week, next thursday. >> go to al's twitter feed. >> on my instagram. i've got over 23,000 views of that. very crazy. >> when i saw it -- >> there it is. >> i almost fell off my bar
9:10 am
stool. >> that turntable is moving fast. you don't realize it when you see it. >> we were fast, too. >> we got a turntable right here. one day, we're going to do the whole show in the round. keep going around and around. anyway, the good news is, it's not raining now in the houston area. but they still are under flash flood watches. we have to be very vigilant. even though it's dry now, we're looking for more wet weather. with the super saturated ground and all this moisture coming off the gulf, it won't take much to cause more flooding. you can see by tomorrow, more heavy storms fire up. we are looking at anywhere from two to four inches of rain from houston on up to central arkansas. some spots could see up to six inches. rainfall rates, as high as two to three inches per hour. flooding, still a big risk for eastern texas. that's what's going on around
9:11 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. expect your sunshine. chilly temperatures but starting to warm up. as far as south bay, 65 degrees. 80 in the peninsula. the tri-valley will be one of the warmer spots very light wind making it up to 85 degrees. although it won't be as hot as yesterday, the temperatures will continue to come down the rest of the week. >> that is your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much, sir. up next, you may remember dylan briefly forgot her own name while interviewing zac efron. let's see how she does with the isn't this fun, living like the pioneers of olden times? i hate the outside. well, i hate it wherever you are. burn. "burn." is that what the kids are saying now? i'm so bored, i'm dead. you can always compare rates on oh, that's nice, dear. but could you compare camping trips? because this one would win. all i want to do is enjoy nature and peace and quiet!
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it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, . charlize theron, emily blunt, jessica chastain, chris hemsworth. dylan hung out with him. >> i zac efron thing so i pulled myself together. chris hemsworth is reprising his role as eric, the huntsman. while the accident was
9:15 am
embarrassing, i started by asking him what it was like taking on the character again. >> caught up in the net together. she was like, it was a long time ago. >> you know the hero of every story you tell. >> this time around, it was lighter eer in tone and a grea sense of adventure. first one was very depressed character. this, we see him full of home and love. >> reporter: the huntsman winter's war is the prequel to snow white and the huntsman. >> this isn't the snow white tale you're looking for. discover the story that came before. >> reporter: it tells the story of queen sisters, ravenna and freya, as they battle for total control. while huntsman eric and his love sara fight for freedom. >> emily, jessica, charlize, did they make it hard on you, being in the girls club? how did that work? >> there were times i felt
9:16 am
bullied but they'll tell you the opposite, i'm sure. no, it was great. it was like having three sisters. we all have such a great sense of humor. it's one of the funnest sets i've been on. >> reporter: since entering the hollywood scene in 2009 "star trek," chris hemsworth tackled big roles like "thor." smaller ones like formula 1 racer james hunt in "rush. ". >> level playing field now. >> reporter: and even made us laugh in movies like "vacation." >> you can make hot water come out of the cold faucet. >> reporter: and "snl." >> everything i do, you want it to be different from the last. doing things like that just helps reinvigorate you. you learn different things. >> reporter: hemsworth is dad to three toddlers with his wife. the two often share adorable snaps op their family. >> what do the kids think, you're playing dress-up, or do they understand what you do for
9:17 am
a living? >> the boys are two young. the first time my daughter saw me as thor, she said, take it off. didn't get it. now, she comes and gives a second look. do you have a wig on? i think she's starting to accept it. >> reporter: hemsworth said his daughter along with charlize theron and emily blunt's kids spend time together on the set. >> she came to the set, the castle. the next day, she went to school and was telling everyone, dad works in a castle and fights bad guys with the princess and the warriors. >> when you go home, do you shut off the actor part of your world and go into dad mode? >> try to. it takes a moment to shake it. you have to remind yourself to switch off and put the phone aside and, you know, there is the guilt when you wake up and go, what haven't i done? do i need to prep something, do something? no, you need to change the n
9:18 am
nappies. >> is it bad i didn't hear a word he said? chris hemsworth is not slowing down. off to shoot "thor" and a few more "avengers" movies. he'll also be in "ghostbusters." i'll catch up with charlize theron later in the week. the movie hits theaters on friday. >> you know what makes him cooler? >> he was wearing a light blue shirt and didn't sweat through it. >> i didn't sweat through mine. i got a jacket on. >> light blue is like a superhero. >> is that the measure of manliness, if you don't sweat? >> it was just cool. >> we'll let you take a cold shower. >> oh, gosh. coming up next, last week, we spoke to the director who brought your "boyhood" and his brought your "boyhood" and his newest film "everybody wants atand that horrible smellstee are really good at hiding.vice, oh, boy.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
we appeared on the big screen as zac efron's love interest in "dirty grandpa." now, she's in "everybody wants some." >> it's about baseball players and zoew caty catches the atten of one of the stars and everyone receives flowers on her dorm room floor. >> i was the auburn in 307. >> that was so there wouldn't be confusi confusion. glad you called. it was quick. >> it was the least i could do. you went to all that trouble. how did you know what room i was in? >> i'm an investigative journalism major. i have very special ways. >> so i guess you know my name then? >> yes. as soon as you tell me. >> zoe yezoey, good morning. >> morning. >> the title is "everybody wants
9:23 am
some." two exclamation marks. >> double the pleasure. >> when you were cast by richard linklater -- because you were born in 1994 so you're not a baby of the '80s. he gave you music to listen to. >> after the audition, which i was like, i tanked that, it was awful, he handed me a stack of cdc drcds. i was like, that's a nice consolation prize. two, my computer doesn't have a disk drive anymore. >> oh, gosh. we're so old, al. >> wow. >> but we had music to listen to while shooting. >> what music? >> actually, i feel like the best part of shooting a movie in 2015 about the '80s is i got to learn from other people's fashion mistakes. i wasn't wearing crazy, crazy makeup. the guys, i don't think, did their research. they're all in crop tops and
9:24 am
short shorts. you haven't lived until you shot a scene with 12 guys in crop tops and short shorts, wigs and it was like a whole situation. >> daisy dukes for guys. >> oh. >> did you learn anything about the '80s? >> yeah. it's a fun time. >> it was a fun time for those of us who lived it. >> and can remember it. >> it is like one big party. after the premiere, people came up to us, let's continue the party. you're my best friends. we're like, we don't know you. >> what's it like working on a richard linklater film? >> it was amazing. the most collaborative rehearsal-intensive and fun experience. we really were a family. >> it's about baseball. we saw on instagram, you got your own baseball card. >> finally, i got my own baseball card. i play an actress in the -- i look like a serial killer. >> but a cute one. >> thank you. >> adorable. >> that's what i was going for, cute serial killer. >> you're the only girl in the
9:25 am
movie. must have been fun. >> it was really fun. it was. >> great to have you here again. thanks so much. "everybody wants some" currently ♪ if you have allergy congestion, muddling through your morning is nothing new. ...your nose is the only thing on your mind... ...and to get relief, anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from your most frustrating nasal allergy symptom* ,all day and all night. hasn't your nose been through enough already? try new rhinocort® allergy spray. muddle no more® general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal. again! ♪ only kraft natural cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make, is creamier than ever.
9:26 am
♪ ♪ ==anim== a developing story... ==topvo== police are searching for whoever shot and killed a man in east san jose last night. good tuesday morning. police are searching for whoever shot and killed a man in east san jose last night. this happened about 11:00 p.m. near the each ridge mall. family members identified the victim as 25-year-old carlos ojeda. they say ojeda went to that neighborhood to try to sell a pit bull puppy. also, partial victory for people trying to save an ice rink. last night, they rejected a plan to demolish the ridgeville ice. the owners had previously said
9:27 am
they would consider other options. also happening today -- the fight beefs up over an open-air urinal in san francisco. developers installed the el fresco urinal as a relatively small addition to major renovation. everything opened earlier in the year. the conservative groups say the new pee pod has got to go. they're filing lawsuits claiming that the urinal is, quote, a nuisance and violates plumbing codes. supporters called the urinal a better alternative than nearby bushes and trees. coming up after this, we'll have a look at weather and traffic. we'll be right back.
9:28 am
good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot more sunshine today and quickly warming temperatures. here's a look at san jose. we got up to 91 degrees yesterday. it won't be as hot today but still pretty warm. we're 65 degrees there. 65 in oakland and san francisco.
9:29 am
it's 58 degrees in napa. we'll look at the highs in los g gottos. it's sticking around, dragging out that morning commute a little longer. good flowing northbound, 101 right near the airport. we'll show you oakland where northbound 880 does bog down. and since about an hour ago. back to you. >> that's what happens when you make big promises, mike. maybe the next half an hour. we'll see you then.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. michigan governor rick snyder says he'll comply with demands from people in flint and drink filtered water from the city for the next 30 days. snyder says he wants to show people measures put in place to deal with the city's lead-tainted water are working. the republican governor faced criticism for his handling of the water crisis. some workers at outpatient health care facilities have been caught dirty handed. a new study reveals they fail to wash their hands. researchers observed although water and soap were always available, employees skipped hand washing more than 1/3 of the time. workers also failed to discard syringes in 33% of cases. gestational diabetes is a
9:31 am
common health problem for pregnant women. eating healthy cuts the risk of high blood pressure later in life for women who develop diabetes during pregnancy. women who consumed lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains with little red or processed meats were 20% less likely to develop hypertension than those who did not. starting today, shopping at cvs means you can skip going inside the store. the pharmacy chain is rolling out a new curb-side pick-up service. customers use an app to order most items sold in stores. your order is then delivered to your vehicle when you pull up to the curb. cvs said it should take about an hour or so. prescription drugs must still be sold inside the store or through a separate drive-through window. a 7-year-old girl got a wonderful surprise while leading an assembly at her grade school. leah didn't realize it was her dad standing just a few feet behind her.
9:32 am
airman first class hawkenberry had been deployed. since he missed the holidays at home, the family is celebrating christmas together this week. happy christmas to them a couple months late. doesn't matter. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> i could see those all day. thanks, natalie. jet stream to the north allowing above average temperatures in the eastern seaboard. new york city, cooler than yesterday, it's going to be 70 degrees. seven degrees above normal. savann savannah. 82. tomorrow, the heat continues from washington to indianapolis down to pensacola. thursday, washington, d.c., 79. boston, 71. finally warm up. on friday, the heat continues. out west, the pacific northwest, record-setting temperatures with temperatures 25 degrees or better. look for more records for olympia, eugene and seattle. i did that just so i could say
9:33 am
it will still be a warm day but not as hot as yesterday and a lot of sunshine. and 65 degrees for most of the inland areas. expect a high of 80 degrees in the north bay as well as the peninsula. 85 in the tri valley and san francisco topping out at 76 degrees. our cooling trend continuing for the rest of the week. more clouds in the mix and also getting ready for some showers about that here on friday but clearing out in time for the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. tamron? >> thank you, al. motherly love. we know the unsolicited advice, unexpected visits and, of course, sometimes the little bit of a smothering. you get it all in "the meddler." >> susan sarandon plays a mom who doesn't recognize personal boundaries. she comes from new jersey to l.a. to live near her successful but single daughter played by rose byrne. here they are, sharing a valentine's day dinner when spotted by rose's ex. >> we don't want to interrupt
9:34 am
your girlfriend. >> no, no. it's fine. we were just doing a drive-by until i go out later. i didn't want her to spend valentine's day alone. >> i didn't want her to spend it alone either. >> i'm not alone. >> we're together. >> until later, when i'm meeting other people. >> i thought we were having a sleep over. >> nope. >> so cute. i wish my mom and i were that close. >> maybe when you get older. >> the sleepovervalentine's. susan and rose, good to see you. >> morning. >> i know your son-in-law kyle well. he's a friend of mine. >> i didn't know that. >> he says you're nothing like this character. you're a wonderful mother and mother-in-law and would never smother. >> it's true. i'm scared of them. waiting until she gets older and then i'll corrupt her completely. not now. i'm very -- i just babysit. i go by whatever their routine is. >> but you're lying in wait. that comes later. >> snatch her up and corrupt her completely.
9:35 am
>> rose, you have a new baby, 11-week old son. >> yes. >> he's the manliest, we hear. such a cute guy. when you look at this character, how do you position yourself, having been a rebellion teenager, that's the word on the street. >> i wasn't an easy teenager but my mom was laid back and not overbearing. i was lucky. i had other people in my life who are more like susan's character in the film. >> what i love about the story, too, is it's directly based on the relationship of the director and her mother, to the point you were wearing their clothes. >> yeah. >> dogs were her dogs. everything, yeah. i had her mom's purse. but her mom wasn't allowed on the set because obvious reasons. but she's a great gal. actually, when i saw this reel of her mom doing the first five minutes of this, that made me jump in. but it's fun. it's such a funny movie, i
9:36 am
think. has some moving moments. i don't mind at all being called the meddler. >> that's the interesting combination, of the mother and daughter relationship. it's nofunny, tense and layered. that's what you see with the characters, including the awkward moment on valentine's day. i would have passed out. >> me, too. that's too far. >> we were lucky because there were so many standup comics. cecily strong and all these people that were the surroundings and gave humor in all the little parts. it really made it speed along. of course, j.k. simmons as you've never seen him before. >> fantastic in this. >> he is. >> before we go further, i'll tell the story of your ankle boot. a lot of people have injuries at the gym or something. instead, how did you do this? >> i fell off a mountain in columbia hiking. >> can't beat that. >> random day in susan's life. >> is anyone cooler than susan sarandon. >> you're okay, other than the ankle, thank goodness. >> it'll be off in a couple months. i did it at the bottom of the
9:37 am
mountain. that was smart. >> if you're going to go, go to the bottom. >> yeah. >> you're going to have to speedy recovery, i'm sure. >> yeah. it'll be fine. >> back to the next mountain? >> i hope so. >> before we let you go, 25th anniversary of "thelma and louise." when you think of that role and what it meant for you and your career, you think what? >> who knew? we didn't think it would have -- it upset people. you forget the backlash. we've accepted it. but it was really -- caused people a lot of upset at that time. i mean, i guess, you know, what's unfortunate is there still aren't that many women in films and lead parts. that's why this was so fortunate for me, to get this. i'd just like to say, call your mother. this t-shirt is being sold online. it goes toward a group that i
9:38 am
work with in uganda that houses child soldiers. go to it'd be great. >> we'll check it out. this movie is fun. susan and rose, congratulations. in a minute, they'll be answering questions in our facebook live booth. check it out. >> susan gasped. she didn't know it. >> i am? wait a minute. wait. >> she's like, i'm wrapped, all done. al? we've got the legendary steve martin and edie brickell. >> legendary. >> teamed up for something big here in new york city. you'll get a taste of it. it is this year, make every amazing, despicable, wizarding second of your vacation count by staying where the adventure never ends. ♪ come with me now... two theme parks. spectacular resort hotels. more epic than ever. don't just vacation... ♪ whoa go with me now vacation like you mean it. universal orlando resort.
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recharging itself when it needs to. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot®. better together™. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh we have a music dream team with us. steve martin and edie brickell. already collaborated on two albums and earned a emmy together. their latest creation is a broadway musical inspired by a real story. >> the challenges of a teenage girl who grows up in north carolina in the '20s. when we catch up with her a couple decades later, she's trying to reconcile her past. steve and edie are here with us. you've been here all morning long. we're the luckiest kids in the world. >> teased yourselves more than
9:43 am
we've been interviewed. >> soon, the results of that tease will be coming. >> the fruits of your labor will be seen on this stage. >> stand silently in front of the cameras and go -- >> that's half of our show, actually. >> i was catching you while the cast was rehearsing. >> i felt that. >> even though the play is up and running, i could still see, you're watching. there's a sense of -- >> we enjoy our cast so much. they did a little rehearsal. we love them. we have such outstanding talent. when you finally give the show over to them and we're no longer writing songs, we just watch them interpret it. it's so much fun. they're so talented. >> do you regret not writing a role for the two of you in there, as well? >> not at all. >> happy to sit in the back? >> it's so much fun to watch the talented performers take our work and make it so much better. they're authentic and brilliant. >> it's a massive undertaking to put together a broadway musical. how long has this been in the
9:44 am
works? >> about four years. you know, it's a very interesting process. as opposed to everything else i, we i think, have ever done. it's truly collaborative. we have a great director and choreographer. i can't mention all the names. but it's so great watching everyone work and everyone contribute to make this thing wonderful. you realize, usually when i'm doing something, it's just me or just us. but this is a vast circus. >> the chemistry i notice in the earlier interview, you finish each other's sentences. you've known each other 25 years. >> yes. >> how do you explain the chemistry? >> two chemicals. sorry. go ahead. >> i've gone to five dinner parties in five years. he was the best one to sit next to. >> we were at the children's end of the table. >> don't go away. steve and edie will be back with
9:45 am
a performance from the "bright a performance from the "bright star" cast aft thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast i have been working ifor the last 12 years. there is a perception amongst dentists that whitening toothpastes are not good for people with sensitive teeth. some are quite abrasive. what we've developed in sensodyne true white is a product that is 10 times less abrasive than many of the whitening toothpastes that are out there, and especially designed for sensitivity sufferers. it's different, there's nobody else out there that i'm aware of that has developed whitening
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with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> we are back with steve martin and edie brickell. co-creators of a new broadway musical playing called "bright star." now, a taste of the show. steve and edie, do the honors. >> here is the song "whoa mama." >> carmen cusack and paul alexander nolan. >> who you gonna take to the couple's day dance? >> i don't know yet. >> i'm standing right here in front of you. >> that's not proper. you asking me. >> i read in the book, sometimes, you have to plant an idea in a boy's head. >> that might be a smart book. ♪ you're a young girl and you wanna know better ♪
9:50 am
♪ than to be here, what would everybody think ♪ ♪ whoa, mama, pack up slowly and hurry on home ♪ ♪ at the rate you're going, you'll get a shotgun to run men off ♪ ♪ they'll hide in the shadows, fall out of trees ♪ ♪ wait by your window, whisper, bless you, when you sneeze ♪ ♪ someone will look at you just like this ♪ ♪ someone will ask you for a kiss ♪ ♪ you're a smart girl, make a fool of somebody ♪ ♪ i'm a smart guy, and i know that it won't be me ♪ ♪ we'll see ♪ whoa, mama, take a second look before you set your sights on me ♪ ♪ i'm a small town boy with a heart as wild as a big city ♪ ♪ someone will take your hand,
9:51 am
just like so ♪ ♪ someone will never want to let you go ♪ ♪ someone will put you on a pedestal ♪ >> oh! ♪ someone will tell you you're incredible ♪ ♪ i'm a young girl, and i wanna go dancing ♪ ♪ i want to go with the boy in town ♪ ♪ put a clean shirt on and pick me up at 8:00 ♪ ♪ somebody gonna take me there and have fun on the first date ♪ ♪ someone will want you to walk her home, want a little time alone ♪ ♪ someone will wait as long as it takes ♪
9:52 am
♪ for you ♪ you're a sweet girl, wrap a man around your pinky ♪ ♪ on your feet, girl, get going cause it won't be me ♪ ♪ somebody gonna buzz around me like a bubble bee ♪ ♪ whoa, mama, you're pretty as a daisy ♪ ♪ smell like a rose, make a man crazy ♪ ♪ but it won't be me [ applause ] >> fantastic. "bright star." >> that was great. >> amazing. >> so good. >> steve and edie, thank you so much. >> congratulations, guys. [ applause ] >> we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
here they are. [ applause ] >> so good. >> proud of you. >> unbelievable. they're fantastic. so much depth in the talent. >> wonderful show. called "bright star." check it out. up next, kathie lee and hoda have rebecca romaine. >> all after your local news and weather. let's do some foot stomping.
9:56 am
=wx sot!!= oc: now with mike trt: 33 = expect another sunny day, but it won't be as hot as yesterday. still pretty warm. heading up to 85 degrees in the tri-valley. 83 degrees in the south bay but in some areas that will be 10 degrees cooler than yesterday.
9:57 am
in the north bay up to 80 degrees. a lot of sun with high clouds. and in san francisco, expect a high of 76 degrees. a light onshore breeze will kick in as we go into this evening. and our cooling trend continues over the next few days. let's get an update on the morning commute from mike. >> we had an easy start but it's still hanging around. looking bad over on the peninsula, multiple crashes there. 92 east getting out of san mateo hills. a crash reportedly blocking a number of lanes and another crash off the san mateo bridge. northbound, 101 starts to recover past the airport. back to you. happening now -- police are looking for clues in a deadly shooting in east san jose. the victim apparently went to the neighborhood to sell a dog. our bob rideelle week with grieving family members. he'll have a live report.
9:58 am
and we're monitoring the results as they come in. republican front-runner donald trump taking heat this morning for confusing 9/11 with 7-eleven. you can read about it at
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. all righty, everybody. what a day you're in for. today is not only boozeday tuesday, it's also frankie tuesday. it's also primary day here in new york city. >> that's "i love me" by megan traynor, we adore her. >> we sure do. we have a great show today. rebecca romijn is here. she has a reality show called "skin wars" and all day long there's somebody getting their body pain


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