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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 20, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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another freeway shooting in the east bay....this time leading to a fatal crash. sam//vo d a . >> a violent pattern popping up again, another shooting in the east bay. this time leading to a fatal crash. >> it's all for two road wary candidates for the new york primary. both donald trump and hillary clinton coming close to 60% of the vote. it's a late challenge smr plus, making sure where there's smoke, there is not fire. the methods law enforcement will take to keep things safe. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. keeping things fresh on a wednesday. we have a cooler day in store
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with kari hall. >> temperatures are slightly lower than yesterday t. downward trend continues. looking at those temperatures starting out at 45 degrees in the north bay. we are at low 50s now elsewhere across the bay area. here's a look at those highs today, up to 80 degrees in the south bay peninsula. 83 in the tri-valley. 72 in the north bay and san francisco. we will have a slight chance of rain in the north bay. i'll detail that, also a better chance by the end of the week. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. let's head over to mike now, tracking a few problems now in fremont. >> we had three trucks. we are down to two hutrucks huddled. the overnight road crew, two lanes were blocked there between auto mall parkway and mission boulevard. they should clear before the 5:00 clearing time. that is one issue. pretty much construction is the only thing going on throughout the bay. the lane or two blocked here or
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there. over on highway 4, that's the only other thing we had going on, a lot of the activity, a serious vision i situation overnight. ly hand that situation off to you guys. >> that's right. it is a developing story we are following overnight. a person is did after another highway shooting in east bay. it happened on highway 4 as mike had mentioned in pittsburgh about 8:00 last night. the search for the shooter continues this morning. there have been a rash of road shootings in contra costa highway. last night it happened near lane 4 near loveridge road. drivers are worried about the violence. >> innocent people can get hurt here and it just happens too often. every two months, we have a shooting on the freeway and that's scary. >> we'll have more coming up on the later shoot income our next hour. we are gathering information.
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he will join us coming up in a live report. >> today, once again, there is no place like home. >> thank you, new york. we love new york. >> a big bite out of the big apple. donald trump and hillary clinton win the fork primary. the front runners deliver crucial victories in their home state. experts say clinton and trump are now in good position to lock up the presidential nomination. >> but it's far from over. looking ahead, more contests to come. voters in maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island, all heading to the polls next tuesday t. biggest prize is pennsylvania, with the most delegates. bernie sanders has already started campaigning there. he was at penn state last night. ted cruz was in philadelphia. john kasich also left new york early and was in maryland last night. but those candidates have their work cut out for them. clinton and trump have leads in most of the states, voting next
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week. now, some political experts think delegate rich california will play a major role in the presidential nominations. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston thinks he can win. >> it's possible he can walk away with california with enough delegates, it's also possible with so many states out, he wouldn't have enough. in that case it would be an open or what some people call a contested convention. >> 1237 is the magic number of delegates for the republican party. gerston thinks clinton will wrap up the nomination before the golden state votes t. registrars office is expecting record turnout this year. it's purchased four new mail-in ballot machines to determine that. another major aftershock rattles ecuador. the 6.1 struck offshore, 4:00 a.m. local time.
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there are reports of minor injuries. no major damage has been reported so far. look at that they have enough damage there, they're trying to clean up from the after math of saturday's 8.2 magnitude quake t. death toll has risen to 525 people. president obama assures the u.s. will provide help to thousands of victims located if that quake zone. back at home, pacifica house is on the move. yesterday, work crews began lifting the home from its foundation along the crumbling cliffside in eplanade avenue. >> that home is being moved 20 feet back from the cliff. that's for now. it will be temporarily parked there until the owners find a new lot for its permanent location. today has special real estate for many people. it's 4:20. >> thousands are expected to attend festivities today at golden gate park. a group of high school students in the '70s nicknamed the waldos
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created the celebration. extra city workers will be on hand to clean up during today's celebration. they're expecting a lot of people. more officers will be out there patrolling as well. there will be street close years around hippy hill starting at 10:00 a.m.. that rush hour evening commute could ends up being kind of interesting, depending upon whether there is a lot of wind in the air. >> maybe they're laid back. >> relax, chim. kari, we have a chance of rain coming up? >> we have a chance of rain. the rest of the bay area won't see it until friday. a look at those temperatures now. it's 52 degrees in concord and oakland. 53 degrees in san francisco and san jose. here's a look at the radar now, you can see a couple of splotches of green offshore. once again, that will be rolling up well north of san francisco. so most of the bay area today staying dry. the next system we'll be watching well off to the west.
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once again, that will be here on friday and could bring if widespread rain. you can tell there by the swatchs of white on the radar and the satellite showing those clouds that are pretty widespread. so i'll detail that and what to expect as we head into the weekend, once that systems moves out. that's coming up in the next microclimate forecast in the next ten minutes. let's head over to mike now, tracking an incident in san francisco. >> it sounds like a car fire. we'll show you what is going on for most of the day, very easy light and dry. someone called it into chp. they were on the freeway, presumably. they said we saw a car fire, 8th and bryant off the skyway there. there is one car engulfed in flame. we are getting more detame, if it affects any of the structures or traffic control. we'll let you know. again, a small fire car reported off the roadway if san francisco. golden gate bridge, a smooth flow of traffic here. we did know on the earlier map, on the megaphone shouting out the event. giants play again tonight. we send it back to you, guys.
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>> all right, mike. it's 4:37 right now. coming up next, almost 40 years without a change in san jose's rent control laws. it's a long night last night. leaders have passed new rent control measures. we will tell you what those are coming up. changes coming to san francisco's twin peaks. changes that will make hikers, bikers and walkers very pleased. sam//vo
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and lace up your walking shoes. san francisco will close roads around twin peaks. >> a follow-up now. lace up your walking and riding
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shoes. san francisco will close roads around twin peaks. supervisors approve that plan officially yesterday a. portion of twin pakistani will be shut down for two years, if that closure is successful, debating late into the night. san jose leaders impact thousands of families. >> supervisors voted 6 to 5 to change the ordinance in more than 30 years. hundreds packed up annual rent increases to 5%. they outline retaliation eviction. >> the cost of the college a concern for many.
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now supervisors jane kim is introducing a proposal to make city college of san francisco free for people that live and work and that money comes from raising taxes on the wealthy residents in san francisco. the supervisors is hoping voters will take up that issue in november. people will soon be driving down harvey lake boulevard, home to the mormon church you. the officially open gay official in the country. he assassinated in 1978. salt lake leaders say naming the street shows it's an open end inclusive city. >> coming up next. layoffs at intel. the san jose company looking to cut its work force, details
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ahead. >> what's going on there coming up? seen for miles in modesto
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yesterday. flames sparked at an auto yard. about 20 cars were destroyed. no injuries -- and no word on how that fire started >> large plumes of smoke in modesto yesterday. food news, there are no injuries or word on how that fire started. >> it looks like a lot of air
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pollution. >> because that central valley has nowhere to go. >> our week earlier was blowing up. a nice relief from those highs in the upper '80s and low flints today we bring you back to the lower '80s, and a morning start below 50s if you are headed out to the giants day. hopefully the game will be much better for the giants also tracking a little bit of some light rain. much does not look to make it into the bay area. a weak system.
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they will bring us more showers for the bay area. sunshine today still in the mid-80s. 76 degrees in nap what 82 in livermore. 80 degrees. in the future-cast, we will have it into the day tomorrow. showers moving in late to early friday morning. this is when the rain gets in the way for friday evening clearing for the weekend as well. a look at how much rain we will see during that time frame. up to half an inch. we will have beautiful weather,
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reaching into the mid-60s for the peninsula saturday and sunday 66 degrees on saturday. in the south bay. 70 degrees beautiful, perfect weather. comfortable all weekend long. keeping an eye on the beast bay. >> heads up. look at your sensors. this is dramatically changed. northbound 880 word of a big rig if lanes. a crash there. we know only the left lane is reported opened. this is bound to grow quickly. north of the dunbarton bridge. fremont into union city boulevard, that's a city street. >> that will get you on north of there.
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we talk about that car fire. no longer a spec cal at 8th and briant. back to you, guys. >> it is a hectic week, the bellwhether companies impact wall street. >> maybe they can take comfort in a little bit of food. because there are more options for big mac lovers out there. for more, let's turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: hey, there is nothing like a little comfort food. here's what's happening on wall street. marks will tread water. futures are relatively flat after a day the dow and s&p 500 closed at their highest levels of the year. what is notable, average costs a key technical level which suggests a more short-term gain may be ahead. it's a busy day for earnings. among the quarterly numbers today, abbott lab, american express, united and qualcomm, on tuesday the dow climbing 49
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points. the nasdaq down 19 to 4940. meanwhile the fuel economy test controversy is widening. auto maker mitsubishi addressing issues of misconduct. it says employees falsify data on vehicles. mitsubishi stock is down more than 15%. wiping $1.2 billion from its market value today. other auto makers have faced issues, including hyundai and affiliate kia motors. and mcdonald's altering its classic menu items in an effort to revise business t. fast food giant testing bigger and smaller versions of its big mac in ohio and texas. they will be calling it grand mac and mac, wallace if the tests are successful, they will roll out the options nationally. back over to you. >> grand mac and mac, jr., no mac daddy for you. >> no, what itself this med july big mac?
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they're big. landon dowdy, live from new york. >> silicon valley chip maker intel announcing it is slashing 12,000 jobs to santa clara based company saying the job cuts will happen. they'll be phased in over the next year. but the company did not say how many people exactly will be laid off in the bay area. financial analysts say the company pay have to make more cuts in the future. and now to sunnyvale's yahoo, it is continuing to lose money, revenue fell by more than 11%. yahoo has had trouble growing its online search and advertising business. it's in the process of being auctioned off. verizon is one of the companies interested in that business. ladies, say hello to your new best friend, coming up, tiffany's diamond is sure time press. because it belonged to someone famous. we will tell you who and how much you need to fork over to get your fingers through it.
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but first, happening right now as kari hall mentioned, rain chances for the bay area. now is the time to download the app to track the rain to your doorstep. plus, it is known as one of the biggest water wasters, a country club on the pens larks facing more scrutiny from nearby residents, but this time, for doing something else. we posted that story on our home page. we'll be back in two minutes. hey there, heard the good news? spray 'n wash is back... and even better.
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it's powerful formula removes everyday stains the first time. which is bad news for stains, and good news for you. spray 'n wash. back 'n better.
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on what's next for the oakland coliseum. a live look at it this morning. the alameda county board of supervisors voted to next for the oakland coliseum. a like look at that col sighium. this morning, the alameda board of supervisors vote for the raiders here to stay at least
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one more season. the oakland city council needs to approve it officially. meantime, raiders owner park davis continuing to look for a permanent home. he says los angeles and las vegas are still possible options. will seth curry play? that is the question on warrior fans, against the houston rockets. >> there is good news for warriors fans. x rays came back for curry's average him t. bad news is we don't know if the super star will be ready for game three. curry tried to give it a go in pre game warm-ups before game two. but he didn't play. warriors ended up teaming towing. there is a team there, after all, they won that game 115-106. the mear fact that they had to give him an mri is not a good sign. right. >> you got to check it all out. make sure. >> i like that interpretation. always the optimist as you are. well, this story is probably going to brighten your day as well if it doesn't blind you.
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>> let's get right to this video, shall we? check it out. a massive 9.54 car etet ring. it was a gift to act tres shirley temple given to herbie her father back in 1940. you know, she lived in the bay area. she is said to have loved it. she had it her entire life. south sutherby's expects it to sell for $25 million. a couple girls have room on their finger. >> i have a feeling if you are having an issue, if you are worried about whether or not she will say yes, that will do the trick. i better get my hands on that. >> whatever you want. the buzz is already beginning across the northeast united states, people bracing for a massive secada. >> they come once every 15 years in different cycles. this particular type covers at least six states from ohio to new york. the adult bugs live up to four
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weeks, spending much of that time mating and making lots of noise and i remember this as a kid. >> do you? the sound of it? >> on the lawn. all of a sudden you walk out one day and there were bugs everywhere. it was the loudest thing, you had no idea what this takeover was, secadas. they're kind of gross. >> 4:57 right now. moving things along. coming up, the news continues, opened fire on the east bay freeway again. live on the scene where a driver was killed t. hunt for shooter is on. >> temperatures continue to come down with slightly cooler air today and also for the week with rain moving in. i'll detail the showers coming up in the microclimate forecast. and breaking overnight:
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a country-- already rattled by a devastating quake is shaken >> good morning, i'm going to take you live here in the east bay. where another person has been shot and killed on a bay area freeway. that story coming up. breaking overnight, a country already rattled by a devastating earthquake is shaken once again, more the tremor that hit off the coast of ecuador this morning. and losing sleep over a law that could impact thousands.
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this vote, once deep into the early morning hours, that could change a decades old rent control ordinance in san jose. the impact it will have on both tenants and land lords. today in the bay starts right now. >> i hope you got a good night's rest last night. thanks for joining us. i'm some brack. >> i'm laura a garcia-cannon. the temperatures help. when it's too hot, it's tough to sleep. >> it soothes you. it's just right. at least it was. let's check the weather with kari hall. >> good morning, feeling very nice now. we drop back to the 40s, 54 now in the south bay. it looked pretty warm yesterday. we will have warm temperatures today, above average. up to 80 degrees in the south bay. sunshine also in the north bay with a slight chance of showers early. san francisco looking at a high of 72 degrees. into the next few days, expect another chance of rain. a better chance of rain, that's


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