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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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early morning hours, that could change a decades old rent control ordinance in san jose. the impact it will have on both tenants and land lords. today in the bay starts right now. >> i hope you got a good night's rest last night. thanks for joining us. i'm some brack. >> i'm laura a garcia-cannon. the temperatures help. when it's too hot, it's tough to sleep. >> it soothes you. it's just right. at least it was. let's check the weather with kari hall. >> good morning, feeling very nice now. we drop back to the 40s, 54 now in the south bay. it looked pretty warm yesterday. we will have warm temperatures today, above average. up to 80 degrees in the south bay. sunshine also in the north bay with a slight chance of showers early. san francisco looking at a high of 72 degrees. into the next few days, expect another chance of rain. a better chance of rain, that's
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coming up over the next several minutes. details on. that mike has been tracking something happening in union city. >> that's right, kari, we have two incidents, one looks big, one is bigger, though. we look at the map. we see the speed sensors are fine. this is the big one, folks. northbound side. we had a disabled big rig blocking the slow lane a. minivan couldn't avoid that rig. someone crashed into that van. there is all this police activity and emergency vehicles on scene. only your fast lane the far left lane is opened. you travel north at niles, union city, jammed up from alvarado boulevard. >> that will be an issue for folks traveling through that area. they may be dire. we'll take you over there. this one looks like a big deal. it's off the berkeley curve. there is a medical emergency. it's not blocking any lanes. it's a distraction. back to you. >> mike, thank you. breaking news
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overnight...another major aftershock rattling ecuador. the 6.1 quake struckoff shore about 2:00 in the morning our time, 4:00 a.m. local time. there are reports of minor injuries. no major damage has been roared. the death toll from saturday's quake has now ris on the 525 people. president obama assures the country the u.s. will provide help to the thousands of victims in that quake zone. >> now to some developing news closer to home at a major highway at the center of yet another shooting investigation. this time, it ends with a wild crash and one person dead. >> highway 4 near pittsburg high school was closed for evidence. we are live there now with some of the overnight developments. bob, this comes amade rash of highway shootings in that area. >> reporter: correct, lauren, sam. since november, there have been several shootings on east bay freeways, namely interstates 80,
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highway 4. the most recent one taking place last night on highway 4, which is right behind me. you can see the best damage there. that's where the victim's car crashed off the highway and ended up here at california near the intersection with diane. this was around 8:00 the driver was headed westbound when tear car was hit with several bullets. the driver lost control, went off the road, through that fence, on to california, which you are fol not familiar, runs parallel to the highway t. driver was declared dead on the scene. they issued a sig alert. shut down the westbound connection until 1:00 in the morning until it can do its investigation and try to figure out what led up to this. this is the 17th highway shooting to take place on east bay freeways over the past six months. >> we'd like for it to stop. this is just getting too rough here. i mean, innocent people can get hurt here and, you know, it just happened too often. every two months, we were having a shooting on the freeway and
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that's scary, but there's a lot of road rage. people will lose their tempers real fast. just in changing lanes. >> reporter: law enforcement doesn't know yet whether last night's shooting whats the result of road rage, gang violence or something else. reporting live here in pittsburg, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. new details, san jose leaders pharaohly approved new rent control limits that will impact thousands of families. councilmembers voted 6-to-5 to change the rent ordinance for the first time in more than 30 years. hundreds packed the meeting. changes include limiting annual rent increases to 5% him councilmembers approved an ordinance outlawing retaliation evictions. if at the end of small town living? that's what many people fear, a massive new retail and housing project gets approved. the north 40 project was up for
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discussion last night. it is a proposed 40-acre development right next to highway 17. it would be 320 residential units and 58,000 square feet of retail space. city leaders eventually decided to create a study group to inform the public about all the aspects of the project. >> i think it behooves all of us, a planning commission. the council, the school board and the public to be on the same page of information. >> i can't believe that a town of the size of that like of this magnitude did not go through. >> the north 40 project has been under public discussion for eight years now. the planning commission will tack up the proposal once again next week. front runners hillary clinton and donald trump, delivering crucial victories in new york's primary. nothing like a little home cooking. and a much needed boost as they now look towas the future. >> new york, home to clinton and trump, of course, and both xandz hard in that state.
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it paid off, huge victories with big margins for both of them. donald trump with 66% of the vote, john kasich won a handful of delegates as well. he's still behind marco rubio, rubio left the race weeks ago. hillary clinton showing those polls were pretty spot on in the weeks leading up to the new york primary. she wins with 58% of the vote. more than a million people voted for her in new york state. that's more votes than all three republicans combined. clinton, now looking to unite the party. >> and to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> we don't have much of a race anymore, based on what i'm seeing on television. we're going to go into the convention i think as the winner. >> trump doing well in the polls as we look ahead, up next, voters in connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island, all head to the polls on
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next tuesday. >> all right, california is still out there and some political experts think that our primary, which is coming up in june and contains the most delegates will still play fundamental role in the presidential nominations. at least if not for hillary, certainly for donald. nbc bay area political analyst believes that donald trump could clinch in california on june 7th. >> it's possible he can walk away after california with enough delegates. it's also possible with so many states still out that he may not have enough and in that case, it would be an open or what some people call a contested convention. >> solarry thinks that:t will ramp up the democratic nomination before the golden state votes. the senate county registrars office still expecting record turnout this year. it's purchased four new mail-in ballot county machines. >> in the meantime the current president is still pushing for
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free community college. jane kim is making city college of san francisco free for people that live and work in the city. she says it would cost about $13 million a year. that money will come from raising taxes on the wealthy t. supervisors is hoping voters will take up that issue in november. electric vehicle owners have a new place to charge their cars in the south bay. >> a new charging centers opens today at the public parking garage. right across from levi stadium. the center features 48 charging stations in one so-called super quick fast charger. the city of santa clara and silicon valley power worked towing to open that. >> super quick fast charger. it takes a long time to charge up those cars. kari hall, you have a hybrid car. you know what we're talking about. >> you need a fast charger for the teslas. other cars are fine with a regular car charger. we'll have a beautiful day for riding with the windows down. we start out with the morning with definitely a jacket needed
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as we are now at 43 degrees in napa and 50 degrees in oakland, concord and livermore, a warm day today, also heating up at the sap center, for the sharks back home tonight. 73 degrees at the start of the game, of course, we'll have a mostly sunny skies throughout the day. we'll be watching out for a chance of spotty showers for the north bay today, not a whole lot going on there, very weak system. i'll keep an eye on. that also, keeping an eye on the roadways. now, let's check in with mike and several problems already. >> yeah, cari. we have the east bay. this is the most serious problem. union city is where the crash happened. we will see you overall. now we'll zoom into this section of 880 north of the dunbarton bridge. it is basically from alvarado boulevard. jam it up towards alvarado boulevard, out of fremont, niles in union city. >> that big rig and the crash there, still blocked. all but one lane. >> that is bad news. the better news is over here,
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that distraction is clearing from that road just off of 80. back to you. >> thank you, very much, mike. coming up, weeding out past problems t. crackdown happening today in san francisco as people flock to the city. >> plus, intel with massive layoffs this morning. what effect does it have to the bay area economy? we'll have a look coming up in business tech. and a live look right now at the sap center downtown san jose t. sharks hoping to prey on the kings and take a three games to one lead over their arch rivals in round one of the playoffs. puck drops tonight at 7:30. we're back in two minutes. today is "4-20", the unofficial
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holiday for pot smokers.
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>> happening today, checking out the calendar him today is officially april 20th or 4/20, the unofficial holiday for pot smokers. >> a lot of people will be headed to san francisco. thousands expected to attend the festivities today in golden state park a. group of san rafael high school students in the '70s nicknamed the waldos created the celebration. they a0parently would get high at 4:20 after school. >> we want 4/20 to be like new year's eve, last a week. >> marijuana was kind of being passed around to folks who were underage, a lot of trash and vandalism and urination. >> sounds like fun. city workers will be on hand to try to clean up during today's celebration, more officers will be patrolling as well. there will be street closures around hippy hill starting at 10:00 a.m.. there is something in the air. not just in san francisco overall. also at dolores park.
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an outdoor urine nal not sitting well. two groups are making it a unique urinal at doris park intended to stop people from paying in the bushes. some conservatives, not from the neighborhood, filed a lawsuit in the hopes of getting rid of it. >> this huge regression of man kind and this ridiculous proposal must be condemned and terminated. >> this blatantly violates the restoration act of 1973 and of course the americans with disabilitiesing a. >> the outdoor urinal does not accommodate women or the disabled, what those remarks were talking about. city leaders say that's because there are two other traditional bathrooms in the park. we should also mention that according to southern poverty law center, the two groups suing are the same ones trying to stop unify sex bathrooms and one is phone as an lgbt hate group. well, people will be soon driving down harvey milk boulevard if salt lake city.
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>> isn't that interesting? the largest city, also home to the mormon church unanimously voted to name the street after the late supervisors. he was the first openly gay official in the country. he was assassinated alongside the mayor george mosconie, it shows their state is an open an inclusive city. one of silicon valley's biggest companies about to get much smaller. >> intel says it's going to lay off a staggering 12,000 people. scott mcgrew, we have been in the boom cycle for some time now. is that the big question? >> that's a big question. a lot of families, salaries bigger than that. santa clara based intel says it will cut 11% of the work force globally. that works out to that 12,000 number, give or take. now, that's globally, not all of the layoffs will come in the south bay, but, frankly, many
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will. intel says it's restructuring. it's pivoting away from dhip chips for another things. so that is our first indication this might not be the sign of a darker day for the bay area economy, if we think of these layoffs as the result of that pivot. not because the economy is slowing. it's obviously no help to the families affected. but we've seen several companies pivot and shed jobs. hewlett packer sends people packing all the time. we've forgotten how many over the years. hp is trying to figure out what it's supposed to be. analysts at the respected replacement firm say it would be wrong to assume that increased job cuts are a weakness in the text sector. the industry is going through a transformation. companies have to either shift their focus or risk instings. so maybe not. dark days to come yet. let's check your news before the bell, landon dowdy is live. good morning, landon.
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>> hi there, scoot. good morning to you as well. markets tread water today, futures are relatively flat t. day off the dow and s&p 500 both closed at their highest levels of the year. what is notable. the dow moving average cost a key technical level which suggests more short-term gains may be ahead. another busy day for earnings. among the big names, quarterly numbers, american express, united continental and qualcomm. on tuesday the dow climbing to 18,053. the nasdaq down to 4940. >> landon, thank you. consumer reports loved the tesla model s. in fact, nike says it's the best car. not just now, but ever, kind of a surprise, when consumer reports announced it has concerns about the model x, the suv from tesla. the testers say the doors don't work. there are problems with the air-conditioning. some drivers even complain about the paint. tesla shares fell 3% t. model x
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is relatively new. we know there will be weeks to made to production. they got the model 3 coming. something like 300,000 orders for that. they need to get these things right and out the door. they're never going to be able catch up otherwise. >> interesting. >> could all the stress on production for the model 3 be affecting the quality of the model x? >> that's a very good question. the same engineers who will decide one line are probably responsible for the other. right? now they got to go back and look at the model x and see what's wrong, taking their eye off the model 3. >> i'm sure they have a lot of people interested. thank you. >> speaking of a team that we love to root for. one key player out there. seth curry. will he play? it's a question on everyone's mine right now ahead of tomorrow's big game against the houston rockets. now, good news for warrior's fans. x rays, mri tests came back negative for curry's average him. said to be okay. the bad news is we don't know in the super star is ready for game three. they tried to make it a go
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before game two. he ended up not playing t. warriors, though, they came through, won that game 115 hoff 106. should not be heavy lifting to get through the rockets. if you have ever had a hankering to operate heavy machinery, you want to do heavy lifting, yourself. you may want to book some tickets to texas. >> this is on your bucket list. that's where you will find a new extreme sand, bo. no need for-to-nka toys here. can you dig it? get it. >> i dig it. i do. >> if so, you have to head to tanglewood resort in texas about 50 miles north of dallas. no need for previous training either. instructors walk you through each step via a head set. >> i see the digging the dirt. i remember digging the sandbox. your kids ever do that? they had those miniature ones in there? you pull up the sand and move it to this side? >> this could be your life size big man dream. >> you know what, it's my size
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of machine. i got to get in there, see how it looks. >> i can't wait to see them in helmets and googles, kari. >> my conwould love that. he'll at this time there and watch the construction site. so any 4 or 5-year-old boy loves something like that. but now as we head out there, this morning, get out early. especially in the east bay. we'll check in with mike. he's got some issues and a heads up. now, temperatures at 43 degrees now in the east bay. 53 degrees in the peninsula and 54 degrees in the south bay. a closer look at the forth bay now. we have 40 degrees now in napa. petaluma 42. belvedere at 52 degrees. so a nice cool start. a warm afternoon. 74 in san mat eo. at&t park up to 71 degrees. fairfield and union city as well as livermore topping out at 80 degrees. 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. warm today, cooler tomorrow.
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we'll have '80s for inland areas. 70s along the coast. there will be a shift to some 70s for many inland valleys and then 60s right around san francisco over up and down the coast. 50s on friday, major cooling moving in. also some higher waves. so there will be dangerous beach conditions as those temperatures come down. we'll also have some rain moving in for friday. but until then, we see a couple spotty showers possible today and also for the north bay as we see the next system moving in. so we'll talk more about that coming up. let's check in now with mike, still a big issue in the east bay. >> yeah, union city. that's where the crash is, fremont, the slowing starts. we'll show you the bay. >> that is the big issue right now. we are starting to see many more cars hit the roadway. we are looking at this stretch from north of dakota to alvarado. here's union city boulevard, one alternate for you. mission and boulevard technically an interstate roadway.
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north of the scene. meanwhile, we'll show you the bay tollway, back there if union city, we're looking to clear that big rig and the crash. so far, no progress reported. back to you. >> mike, thank you. coming up next, keeping beachgoers safe, pre ventive measures taken by city officials after swefrl people swept out to sea at ocean beach. i am live in pacifico, one homeowner is moving away from this eroding cliffside. she is taking her house with her. we will show you the latest el nino impact when "today in the bay" returns.
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>> some separation anxiety. a homeowner in pacifica taking drastic measures to try to save her home. >> the house is teetering dangerously close to a cliff crumbling by the minute. crews will move it several feet before it tumbles below. today bay's stephanie chuang with more on the big move slated for today. >> reporter: good morning, laura, sam, here it is 532 eplan isade. the goal is a temporary move. you see the house is sitting three-and-a-half to four feet up. the goal is to shift it closer to the sidewalk away from the water and the waves eating away at the cliff thanks to el nino this year. the city yellow tagged the house after those storms hit back in january, destroying the retaining wall as well as what was once a small back yard. crews spin itself hours lifting the house yesterday, separating it from its foundation to get
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ready for today's move. it's an effort to save what was, what began several years ago as a dream home. the homeowner is hoping to find a lot phish. >> it's a place to spend your last day on earth, which is what i would have liked to have done, stayed here. but if i can stay in pacifica, that's a pretty good second choice. >> now, this is the latest in a spring of impacts on this cliffside. you might remember, people who live at 310 eplan isade wanted to overturn the decision to yellow tag a. safety commission unanimously rejected that appeal after the city demolished the red tag. to 320 and 330 a. i apartment building. so the city manager saying she wants to make sure the area is safe here and working to make sure no one builds in the compromised areas ever again. live here in pacifica, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you so up m. more
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trouble at oaks beach, a surfer had to be rescued after getting caught up in a rip current yesterday, first responders say that man was shaken up but is okay. now, this comes for context just days after two teenagers died and five were pulled out to sea. rescue teams searched for hours. their bodies have not yet been found. city leaders are now planning a beach safety meeting. coming up, shots fired on another busy freeway. this time it ends with a wild crash. one person dead. overnight developments in a live report. >> and would you believe that the city of san jose's rent control ordinance discussion just ended about three hours ago. i'm chris sanchez here at city hall. i'll show you which side is happy with the outcome. . joining us.
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i'm laura garcia cannon. =sam/2shot= and i'm sam brock. boxes boxes ad li . a very good morning to you. that mpgs so much for joining us. >> we saw chris has her trenchcoat on this morning. soon you could be rocking a rain coat. at least in the next 24 hour to 36 hours. kari, you are tracking the possibility for some rain? >> yes, you will see that rain moving in on friday. for now, we are cool and dry with mostly clear skies. it's 50 degrees now in the tri-valley t. north bay at 43 degrees. so really cooling down there. it will be up to 72 today. a few clouds mixing in. a light breeze in the tri-valley and some low '80s. still a warm day him still above average. still feeling a little bit like
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summer out there. over the next few days. we are definitely back to spring with some rain and cooler temperatures. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to mike, major issues heading through union city. >> things keep getting worse over there. look at the rest of the bay, you can avoid it, do that, look, we had this crash, a big rig and a crash there. major injuries as a result and a major backup from dakota up to alvarado, niles there. one lane, northbound is opened. southbound, it sound like a tow truck was arriving in the area. >> that crashed into a car. >> that busted out part of the center divide. now two lanes of the southbound side are also blocked. major slowing between the san mateo bridge and dunbar bridge. you can use union city boulevard to keep you well clear of these incidents. i want to take you to the bay bridge. this one, we do expect because the lights are on. we will send it back to you. >> mike, thank you. new details on a problem some say has not been adretsed
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for decades. people packing the san jose city council chambers last night demanding something be done about high rent. >> today chris sanchez is live in san jose with a decision that came down a couple hours ago. they stayed up late working on this one, chris. >> reporter: very late. let me tell you. everybody was a little grumpy by the time the decisions were made at 2:00. leading up to that point, the council chambers were crowded. so are the overflow here packed with hundreds of rentors, landlords and housing advocates. again, no one got what they wanted. a rent hikes are limited to 5% a year. those increases not tied to inflation, but landlord thanks him. he used them all at once. not to exceed 10% in a year. there is a new anti-retaliation provision. which means tenants cannot be evicted. and as we have reported previously, this affects 44,000 rent am units in the city of san
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jose built before 1979. now, there are still several other matters up in the air. those include how many rent controlled apartments can be torn down at a time. protection for rentors. relocation assistance for renters when landlord go out of business and requests for one councilman to freeze the rent hikes. this part is according to mercury news, whose reporter was here until the meeting ended just about three-and-a-half hours ago. now, tenants say they are not protected enough. landlords say this will put them out of business. one city council member was quoted as saying, we do not make our best decisions at 1:30 in the morning. can you get more of the details and a more thorough report. we only have a couple minutes here on our website nbc bay area doing you can find the story via my facebook page at chris at
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nbcary. >> thank you, chris. an area plagued with recent shootings hit once again, this time it ended dw what wild crash and a person dead last night. pittsburg high is the latest scene under investigation. >> bob redell is there. people who live there say this has got to stop. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. law enforcement has not yet determined whether last night's shooting on highway 4 behind my was the result of road rage, or gang violence or something else. can you see the damaged chain link fence there. that's where the driver who was shot lost control, careened off highway 4 and ended up on california this road that runs parallel to the highway we are standing on right now this happened around 8:00 last night. the driver was headed westbound on highway 4 when someone opened fire on their car, riddling it with several bullets. the driver went off the freeway before coming to a stop.
5:35 am
they were declared dead on the scene. this is the 17th shooting to take place on east bay he's. we're talking about highways 4, interstates 80 and 580. 17th since november, which is why pitsburg activist william lee is so concerned about his safety and others. >> yes, i am. very much so. especially at night. it's pretty dangerous, just all on the freeway. tears a lot of road rage going on over here. >> that could have been the situation. >> reporter: again, chp does not know if last nigh's shooting was related to road rage. they haven't even found the shooter yet. they did issue a sig alert and shut down the westbound direction until around 1:00 this morning, so it could conduct an investigation, obviously, westbound highway 4 is reopened in time for the morning commute. reporting like, bob redem, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. new details on the search for a
5:36 am
shooter. berkeley police releasing under surveillance video showing a man shooting at a homeless person. >> that shooting happened on kit ridge street last thursday about 3:30 in the morning. you see the man with the gun, walking through car wash on the corner there. following an argument. shots were fired at the complex. >> apparently there was some sort of argument between the two men. the argument escalated. one pulled out a pistol and shot at the other one. >> witnesses describe the shooter as a tall, thin man wearing a bucket-shaped hat and a distinctive rope chain. 5:36. large plumes of dark smoke seen for miles in modesto yesterday. flames sparked at an auto yard. about 20 cars were destroyed there. no injuries, no word on how that fire started. a developing story now. at least seven people have died in the worst flooding houston has seen in a decade.
5:37 am
five people died after their cars were swept away by rushing water. it's been raining there since this weekend. some parts of houston are reporting up to 14 inches of rain. not just in the last 24 hours. new action by governor brown may speed up federal funding to cover recent storm damage costs t. governor yesterday declaring a state of emergency for 11 counties affected by heavy storms last month. >> that list including alameda, contra costa, napa, san matea, santa clara and sonoma counties. it includes the cost to repair a massive sink hole that shut down basically a busy section of miraga. let's get a look at our forecast, cooler today? >> cooler today, also looking at rain in the forecast. i want to take you back to the houston area. we were just talking about that. there is another cluster of storms headed that way. they're expecting very heavy rain. so definitely an emergency situation there.
5:38 am
it comes on top of all the flooding they had recently and several inches of rain, even feet of rain. and now here in the bay area, we're tracking a couple spotty light showers that may move into the north bay later on today. another storm system that may be approaching moves in on friday. >> that will bring us widespread rain into the bay area. in the meantime, slightly cooler temperatures today, reaching into the low '80s. we will talk more about that rain, what to exeffepect and a at the weekend. >> let's head over to mike tracking a major issue. >> in fact the crash is in union city, i'll take you don't to fremont. it sound like they will run a track break for another five minutes through this area. chp giving us few details. they're working quickly to get some relief. we will zoom over toward fremont. we are jamming up from freedom boulevard road up to alvarado. as i understand it, they're running a traffic bridge. they have to make sure they can
5:39 am
stop traffic well short of this scene. they are trying to open more than one northbound lane. we'll let you know if chp gives you updates t. southbound lane has two lanes blocked. in toward union city. there is another crash on the southbound side, both directions jammed. expect more traffic across the bridges. for example, san mateo bridge, folks may bail out. we take a live look. we don't see aappreciable change. we see more than we expect to see. we track it closely. see how the ripple effect happens. back to you. >> coming up next t. votes are in, the front runners, hillary clinton and donald trump are waking up winners this morning. the impact the new york primary will have on the rest of the presidential race next. those new chip cards are so slow a. new move to speed them up this morning. we'll take a look coming up. >> where is your patient? pashs /* /- -- where is your patience?
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all right. with all the hubalu. hub ablu. >> hubabaloo. >> presidential candidates now focusing on next tuesday's contest. >> now the road to the white house has become easier for donald trump and hillary clinton after big wins in the big apple. tracy potts is live in washington, d.c. tracy, what's next now for these candidates? >> reporter: well, what's next, they got to get through a string of northeast states, laura,
5:43 am
after new york is behind them. donald trump has to win only 57% of all the remaining delegates to get this nomination. as for hillary clinton, she's already saying that she can see her path to victory. >> it proves once again, there is no place like home. >> reporter: hillary clinton the projected winner in new york this morning with more than half the vote and 177 more delegates. bernie sanders picked up 105 delegates so far. he says new york's closed primary for registered democrats only isn't fair. >> some 3 million new yorkers were unable to vote today because they have registered as independents, not democrats or republicans. and that makes no sense to me at all. >> reporter: donald trump also wins his home state by a landslide. >> we don't have much of a race anymore, based on what i'm seeing on television. we're going to go into the convention, i think, as the
5:44 am
winner. >> onward to victory. >> reporter: ted cruz came in 3rd, shut out in, no. he moves to pennsylvania. his game plan to win the nomination during a contested convention. >> yeah, look at this, huh? >> thanks for fighting for us. >> reporter: john kasich finished second if new york. picked up three delegates. he's concentrating on upcoming states, especially indiana, hoping the mid-west will once again keep his campaign alive. now, been indiana, there were those several states i mentioned. they got to go through next week, next tuesday. we got maryland, delaware, rhode island, connect, and the big prides, pennsylvania. >> all right, tracy potts. thank you very much. reporting live from d.c. only on nbc bay area now. late last night, we've confirmed hillary clinton will be returning to san francisco for another fundraiser. but this time, with a twist, a so-called low cost event.
5:45 am
unlike last week's san francisco fundraiser hosted by george clooney, $32,000 per tick to start, this time tickets start at $45. clinton will be here on may the 6th. >> will george clooney be there? . that's right, a bold proclamation from the state of utah declaring pornography a public crisis. governor gary herbert signed what isesquely a symbolic bill. it declares pornography an epidemic. utah is the first state in the nation to take such action. while the bill does not go so far as bank pornography. it calls for policy changes to address what he calls a plague harming children. >> we do want to tramp on people's first amendment rights. we want them tore fact, science, heightened awareness so they make a correct decision in their own lives. >> critics say the bill is driven by ignorance. they say conservative politicians are trying the squash sex education efforts.
5:46 am
the opposition to styrofoam heating up, a san francisco supervisors proposing the most expensive ban in the country. supervisors london brie proposed the ban of dock floats and packaging products. san francisco bans most foam food containers. they say styrofoam is a pollutant, it threatens the entire food chain. critics say it overstates the negative impacts and grocers need foam to keep food safe. in the meantime, san francisco is about to become the first city in the country to require solar panels on all new buildings. the board of supervisors approved that measure yesterday. it requires solar panels on new homes and businesses. supervisors unanimously passed that law. traveling with children can be stressful. the senate passed a bill that can make it easier for the parents parents. the faa bill says they will not be separated during tsa
5:47 am
screenings and they have to pay extra fees to sit with their young children. pregnant women get the option to pre-board. good news for everyone in that long line at the store. checkouts, which occasionally gets slowed down could be faster. >> especially when you write your actual check a. lot of people using chip cards these days. >> haven't you noticed? that's one of my personal bug-a-boos here. a certain drug store has your loyally football, you have to enter a coupon the reader, it feels your pain. it will push out software to make this process faster. chip cards protect your personal information. they're a huge step forward for privacy. but many people think they simply take too long. all stores were supposed to be using chip card readers last october as you well know, there are many that don't. i spoke recently with one store that is just now making the change him they say after their training seconds, showed them
5:48 am
the process, slowed the checkout enough. they will add another cashier just to compensate for the chip cards. we're in the midst of reporting season. intel made big news. we'll talk about that in the 6:00 hours. citrix, tomorrow the company formerly known as goog. on capitol hill, apple and the fbi were back testifying about encryption on tuesday. though, this time, they were separated. lawmakers talked a lot about finding a middle road between privacy and security. the problem is that encryption is kind of an esther/or thing. something is either encripped or it's not a. little encrypted, sam and laura is like being a little bit pregnant. >> no middle ground there, scott. thank you. >> a little bit. this story will surely brighten your day, that is if it doesn't blind you first. >> check out this massive rock
5:49 am
a. 9.54 caret blue diamond. sutherby's in new york put it up for auction yesterday. it's stunning t. jerusalem was actually a gift do actress shirley temple given to herbie her father back in 1940. she loved it and had it her entire life. sutherby's sales director expects the ring to sell for at least $25 million. >> so you got size, clarity and color. right. those are the big cle. >> that thing is the trifecta and cut. i learned a thing or two from you. >> just in case you are in the shopping mood. >> well, for that, put the pressure on. so we're going to check in with kari hall in a second. first, mike, you are watching a bad situation if fremont this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, over in fremont, a major crash, first started off on the northbound side. it's not the tire's fault. it was the truck that was disabled in the roadway, a minivan couldn't avoid it. so so someone has major injuries
5:50 am
after plowing into that truck. it moves out of the slow lanes northbound 880. they're trying to remove that. they have a majority coned off t. chopper moves back, you see this, that was going southbound 880. that plowed through the center divide. as the chopper moves out, we will see that cab is busted through that center dwiechltd it's over the centers divide and into the hov lane on the northbound side as well. this is causing a huge issue. >> that cab right there. a number of crews on scene, emergency crewles t. good news, we don't see fire. we are finding out more injuries related to this secondary crash as well t. chopper shows major issues, the slow lane or one lane gets by. southbound, looks like they're down to two. we'll look at your map, extensive backup between the san mateo bridge at the top and dunbar bridge at the bottom. union city boulevard. that's one alternate for you. here's mission boulevard. that's another or avoid this side of the bay.
5:51 am
if you have to cross, if you are coming northbound, cross over at the bun barton, south out of -- dunbarton, south of the san mateo bay. aside from the drama, the rest of the bay is just fine, looking really good. i will get out of your way, slowing for the altamonte pass, no surprises there. the bay bridge lights on on. aside from that crash in union city the rest of the bay is looking lighter. hopefully, we'll get you the progress, send it right back to you. >> we are starting out this morning with some weather, you want to keep an eye on the road and also make sure you have a jack before you head out. some chilly temperatures this morning. it is 52 degrees now in san francisco. 54 degrees in the south bayment as we drop in on the east bay now, livermore at 49 degrees, hayward 47 and 52 degrees starting out in alamo. so some cool temperatures this morning. it warms up again this afternoon. great weather for all of the sports activities going on,
5:52 am
including the giants at at&t park. later on this evening, it will be 55 degrees and 63 degrees by the 5th inning. breezy at times. make sure have you on a nice warm jack. if you will be in san jose for sharks game, no jacket there. 72 degrees by the time the match gets under way. we are looking at highs today, reaching into the low '80s in many spots. palo alto 81 degrees. san francisco low 70s. 80 degrees in union city and lub lynn, 81 napa today 76 degrees. we will have some cooling temperatures on the way. now, this cooling trend has been very gradual this week after such a hot start. but we will have some 70s inland tomorrow. some 60s right along the coast and then by friday, that's when we really get the change. some 50s along the coast and 60s inland as we will get some rain moving in, but also some dangerous beach conditions as we have had this warm weather but
5:53 am
also a couple of weak storm systems offshore that look to bring us some scattered showers, possible for the far north bay today. the rain moves in late thursday night into early friday and it does clear out in time for the week as we clear the way for some highs in the 60s and some low 70s. but looking by friday night mostly clear all across the bay. sam, laura. >> kari, thank you very much. she mention it is giants. >> that's right. in the giant fight against pediatric cancer, getting a big boost from the bay area superstar. >> maybe their most well known player. buster posey and his wife will make an announcement about a new program dedicated to fighting the disease t. poseys will help raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer research. they're going to work world trade center giants organization to put together events at the ballpark. today's announcement happening at willie mays' plaza later on this afternoon. >> nice to see na generosity. >> major developments out of
5:54 am
flint, michigan, who could be facing criminal charges after residents were exposed to toxic levels of lead for months. but firms, happening now, the warriors gearing up to hop on a plane to houston to take on the rocks for game three in the playoffs. but the big question, will seth curry be on the court? we'll be tracking development all day. plus a major milestone in the rebuilding of the calaveras dam. we posted updates on tampa we'll be back from a few minutes. . county main jail is suing the
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
sheriff's department for releasing information on racist and homophobic the union representing guards at the santa clara county main jail is suing the sheriffs department for releasing information on racist and homophobic techs. they claim lori smith violated her rights. the sheriff announced back then that an investigation was under way into guards sending offensive techs. some guards were placed on administrative leave. smith violated rules meant to protect the personal records of employees. criminal charges could be coming for several people in connection with the drinking water crisis in flynnt, michigan t. state's attorney general expected to make that announcement this morning. those charges will be brought against three officials. two of them whom are with the state's department of environmental quality t. other works for the city of flint. people living there were exposed to toxic levels of lead in their
5:58 am
drinking water for 18 months. and a wide ranging energy bill, delayed during a partisan dispute over how to help the problem in flint finally moving forward today t. senate is poised to pass that measure that would promote a variety of energy sources and speed up federal approval of projects to export natural gas to europe and asia. if approved, and signed by president obama, that bill would be the first far reaching energy law in almost a decade. 5 v. vangt. jurors will not get a chance to see what is left of the gas pipeline from the san bruno explosion. prosecutors wanted to haul the 30-inch pipe to the courthouse in the criminal trial against them. a judge ruled seeing the pipe in person might cause an emotional response from the jury. instead, he'll ilou them to see photos of the ruptured line t. trial is set to begin next month, if convicted, pg & e could face fines.
5:59 am
air force one touching down in saudi arabia. president obama will be meeting with the country's king later today t. president planning to talk about isis, syria and yemen as the mid-east still in turmoil. now, this trip coming as allegation of saudi arabia's involvement in the 9/11 attack. senators are considering a bipartisan bill that would allow victims to sue the kingdom of saudi arabia. the country denies any involvement in 9/11. president obama says, he's going to veto that bill. today marks a very grim time in colorado. it has been 17 years since the columbine high school mass shooting. >> most people never forget where they were. 12 students and one teacher were killed. 23 others injured. the two gunmen ultimately killed themselves. of course the shooting also put the issue of school security in the national spotlight. columbine high school canceled all of its classes today. at 6:00 on your wednesday morning, breaking news, we are following at 6:00.
6:00 am
new shake income ecuador a. advantage aftershock rattling that already devastated country. an update on injury and possible damages coming up. and more developments from your traffic situation as well as two crashes, both involving a big rig, both are slammed. look at this like picture. we are following the developments as they just removed a minivan from underneath this big rig. we will bring you whatever hope there is for an alternate coming up. >> reporter: another freeway shooting here in the east bay. this one fatal. i'm bob redell. i will take you loo i have been to pitsburg coming up. a major decision that will impact tens of thousands of people struggling to make rents. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. >> mike just mentioned, a second ago, a serious slow down right now on 880. mike, you were showing us a second ago, a minivan had


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