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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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we're eager for justice for sierra lamar. we're eager for closure for the family. >> the trial is on. exclusive new details about the long delayed murder trial of sierra lamar. the prime suspect will soon face justice. good evening and thanks for being with us. >> that march toward justice begins mont.
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it's been four years since she was murdered. her accused killer has been sitting in jail almost as long. the waiting is over and the trial finally set to begin. pete, you spoke with a man who's been trying to find the woman's body? >> yes, i spoke with roger nelson who was a part of that voluntary team who spent three years searching for sierra lamar. he feels the trial will start bringing some closure. >> the murder of sierra lamar and the ongoing mystery of her missing body. he's a member of a search team known as team sierra. >> it was a young girl and a family that needed help. >> he will be at the santa clara county hall of justice when the
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murder trial begins. >> we're eager for justice for sierra lamar. >> she's presumed dead, she disappeared in 2012 while walking to a bus stop near morgan hill hundreds of volunteers like nelson spent years searching for sierra. >> we put in over 1150 volunteer searches. >> her accused killer is facing a potential death sentence but his defense team recently filed a motion in march to gain access to dna evidence that could change the course of the case. legal analyst steven clark says the defense may try to move the case and mentions these factors. >> because of the tremendous emotional effect the sierra lamar case has had on this community. and the fact that so many people continue to look for her body. >> for those who took part in the search. they hope justice will prevail. >> we hope this process
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ultimately brings sierra home to her loving family. >> while the formal searches have ended for sierra lamar. the group keeps open a tip line. live in san jose, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. police are investigating a homicide, a man was stabbed. just after 9:00, near highway 87 and kirtner. the man died at the scene we have crews headed to the scene. >> a hate crime at a local church. the disheartened parishioners are being asked to open their hearts and forgive. cheryl hurd is at the clayton valley presbyterian church with details. >> the rainbow flag is back here at the presbyterian church in
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clayton. it's a replacement flag and it's been taken down three times this week. the pastor and parishioners are upset because they believe the person destroying the flag is leaving a hateful message. scale scoville has been a member nor 15 years, he says the recent vandalism surrounding the rainbow flag is troubling. >> i'm surprised and i'm probably as angry as i can be. but still keeping what i call a christian attitude about the whole thing. >> the flag has been taken down eight times in the past six months. three times this week, on tuesday it was taken down and burned, according to pastor barbara barkley who took these pictures. she also found a note. >> the note was written in spanish and it basically said, all evil will be air rad indicated. >> a message that's filled with
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hate, but her church is filled with forgiveness. >> we profess openness and inclusion, and we will continue to be so. >> police were called after someone noticed a man taking down the flag. police say they arrested john james hearst a block away from the church. he's being charged with a hate crime. two counts of arson, petty theft and vandalism. >> you would think, nice little area, they have their problems, with things going on. >> police will not say if one of the with men seen in the pictures was arrested. more people, more witnesses will have to be interviewed. reporting live in clayton, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. frustrated by no leads in an old murder case. san jose police released this new video today. a group of 8 men walked out of
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the picture in the surveillance video and then back in. these may be the people who stabbed michael maynard to death. he died in the early morning hours of july 29th, 2014, almost two years ago, when he was attacked on southmark et and park in downtown san jose. the search continues for the shooter who opened fire on an east bay freeway killing an anti-of course man. he was driving a chevy impala around 8:00 last night. the impala launched off the freeway, crashing through a fence and on to a surface street. investigators believe he was targeted and they insist the public is not in danger. this is the 18th shooting -- >> the scandal of a volkswagen diesel car moves to san francisco tomorrow. that's where federal court hearings are scheduled. volkswagen is expected to announce a deal with the u.s.
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government. they will pay over a billion dollars and that money would be used to compensate owners of some 600,000 diesel cars. volkswagen admits it cheated on its emissions tests. owners could have the cars purchased back or have the cars fixed. did you hear it? the shark tank was rocking. playoff hockey in downtown san jose, and a familiar face leading the sharks out of the dressing room. recognize here? that's christie yamaguchi. it was loud inside the building tonight. the sharks looked great early on. brent burns with a power play goal right here the sharks hold on for dear life and beat the l.a. kings 3-2. the sharks take a commanding 3-1 series lead. will he or won't he play? steph curry says maybe not. curry and the warriors are in
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houston tonight getting ready for tomorrow's playoff game. he practiced with the team, no scrimmage, he did dribble and shoot the ball. the mvp says he's nursing that tender ankle and he's not 100%. >> based on how i feel right now i couldn't play. but tomorrow that could be different. >> as early as tomorrow morning we'll know about curry's status. is the drought emergency over? some water districts say yes. they're asking the state to dial back our restrictions. does that mean longer showers and greener lawns? maybe. here's ian cole. >> the time when green becomes the new brown may be nearing. today water districts around california are calling for the 30% statewide water reductions to be eased or lifted all together. >> it doesn't feel like an emergency any more. >> i can argue both cases, but
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i've yet to see a simple way of moving forward. >> this drought is pretty substantial. >> the santa clara valley joined the surrounding communities. >> there are areas in the state that have gotten a lot of rainfall. they may have reservoirs that are spilling. parts of the north coast now drought free. the bay area isn't in the clear yet. >> after four years of drought, our groundwater reserves are still pretty low. it's going to take more than one normal year for those to recover. >> we'll use a little bit of it to keep our homes nice. >> while those who installed a lawn last year think the conservation should continue. >> i would hope people will make it a lifestyle. >> the state waterboard will make its final decision on may
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17th. ian cole, nbc bay area news. i'm jeff ranieri, we're tracking a drastic change tomorrow morning. cloud cover and areas of drizzle. another chance of late season rain we'll let you know when this storm arrives and how much we'll pick up in about 10 minutes. they left behind a mountain of trash after they had gotten trashed. that's the story of the 4/20 pot party here in golden gate park. some people are fired up about it. the story on the way. this problem is unacceptable. >> an exclusive interview with cheryl sandberg and the problem on the streets that she's vowing to tackle next. when consultant josh atkins books at
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was found dead earlier today. she was 45 years old. she rose to fame in 1997 in the wwe, built as the ninth wonder of the world. >> 4/20 was a big deal. how does 4/21 look. the smokey unofficial holiday celebrating marijuana. tomorrow the cleanup will continue. terry, is there still a buzz at this hour? >> i don't know if you could call it a buzz, maybe a bad vibe. park officials say they're going to have to send crews out here tomorrow to clean up what was left. pot affects your short term memory, maybe so a lot of the partiers forgot to take their trash with them. >> for 8,000 people, the 4/20 party is over here in golden gate park. now comes the hard part.
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40 park workers desended on to hippie hill this evening. >> there's no event organizer. there's no permittee that has a permit with conditions of use or anything, we have to do it all right here. some celebrants are fired up about the garbage problem. >> the city could come in here and do something. send some good vibe people into the crowd and get things cleaned up. >> all the trash i see everywhere. i don't like it. >> there was a momentary scare that sent hundreds of people running. a man pulled the gun and people just stampeded. the gun was never fired and no one was injured. san francisco police confirmed that they removed four parents that brought their small child to the event. >> nobody was here around him at this time. >> by and large, a peaceful pot
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party, an unnecessary reminder above, and reasons for the party below. >> what's today all about for you? >> to smoke and have a good time. >> it's kind of like eating, a lot of people get together and eat for a social event. people get together and smoke. >> we have some froot loops. >> beautiful golden gate park like thousands of partiers took a hit. the workers are going to be back out here tomorrow morning at 6:30 to finish the job. they got the big stuff, now they're going for the small stuff like broken glass and maybe a hash pipe or so. >> the highs and lows of 4/20. a secret drug tunnel that runs under a mexican/u.s. border, it's 800 yards long.
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it extends from a house in tijuana to a house lot in san diego. a ton of cocaine and seven tons of pot were confiscated. baseball great curt schilling fired on espn for his comments about transgender people. he was a baseball analyst for espn. the former red sox pitcher treated out a comment about transgenders and which bathrooms they should use. south bay congressman tweeted this, he's pleased that schilling was axed, sports don't build character, they reveal it. hatred is not character, it's cowardi cowardice. the issue is very personal for honda, he has a transgender grandchild. a house fit for a governor.
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jerry brown's home is up for sale. not the governor's mansion but his personal home in the oakland hills. brown has owned it with his wife since 2007 and it can be yours for $2.6 million. the report card is out. this is a live look over santa clara county which got an f when it comes to year round particle pollution. that's the kind caused by forest fires. the american lung association put out its annual report on lung quality today. how did the others fair? alameda got a d. san francisco got a c. overall our area quality is better than it's been, and experts credit newer, cleaner power plants. >> we can save thousands and thousands of lives each year if we clean up the air.
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>> the city's with the cleanest air include salinas and honolulu. new video of the earth from space in ultrahigh definition resolution. it was shot from the international space station. it shows our planet, a beautiful blue sphere speckled with clouds and land masses. it's the second video released by nasa in 4k resolution. >> let's turn things over toe jeff ranieri. we look at our teenie part of the area in that video, we see rain, don't we? >> yes. you're going to be able to see in the 7-day forecast. not only the possibility of rainfall on friday, but another chance of it in the next seven days. it's hard to see with it being dark and all. with our sky camera network, clouds increasing to 61 degrees. that's the biggest change for
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tomorrow. it's going to happen from the north bay to the south bay, what i want you to pay attention to here is the peninsula in san francisco. you might need the windshield wipers for a bit. temperatures will start off in the 50s. where is the next storm system. it's still over 900 miles away. it's out here in the pacific. all of the forecast models continue to line up with rainfall on the way. when exactly on friday will that get here? let's get to that next. i know a lot of you are anxious because we need the rainfall with our drought in place. friday morning at 4:00 a.m., we have heavier pockets of rainfall, and moderate areas mixed in from calistoga to santa rosa. it's an early start for you. this pushes across the greater bay area, contra costa, alameda, san mateo counties by 7:00 in the morning. we'll see areas with scattered rainfall lingering in the
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afternoon. the bulk of it happening from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. how much rainfall will we get out of it? >> you can see we'll get hit with the highest potential right around a half an inch. . for livermore and 23/100 for san jose. not too bad considering it's heading into late april. some of these el nino effects hanging on a little bit. the biggest change is the cloud cover moving in and the cooler temperatures, we'll see it drop from 5 to 150 degrees. san jose up 75. morgan hill 72. for the peninsula. palo alto 73, san francisco in the 60s, not a lot of sunshine. coolest location here right up into napa, santa rosa and mill valley with 60 to 70 degrees.
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cooler tomorrow with the clouds, friday morning the rain arrives, we get it clearing out for your weekend upper 60s and low 70s. it's been a lot of ups and downs lately, it gives me a lot to do in the weather center. >> thank you, jeff. >> she's on a mission to solve one of silicon valley's biggest problems. an exclusive interview with cheryl sandburg. tina fey, rachel maddow are here for a new game called know it all. we're tweeting updates on that breaking news in san jose. a deadly stabbing at a mobile home park. we're tweeting updates on that breaking news we told you about in san jose. a deadly stabbing at a mobil home park. police are still at the scene gathering evidence. what's wealthy in the bay area, how about $6 million. the story is popular on our website. the study found the local cost of living is unreasonable for
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nearly all bay area residents.
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i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast is leaning in to fight childhood hunger in the bay area. =sot= 00-05 "and i think people don't iz cheryl sandburg is leaning in to fight childhood hunger in the bay area. >> i think people don't realize there's so much humminger, how pervasive it is in the bay area. one in three children who lives in our area faces hunger. they do not know where all their meals are coming from. >> she's working with the second harvest food bank to raise $7 million. she takes the issue personally, and has gotten her own children
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get high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. tonight. the 3rd annual swinging skirts classic at lake merced some of the best golfers in the world are in the bay area tonight. the thirds annual swinging skirts classic at lake merced golf club. >> a lot of big hitters are there on and off the court. >> the power off the tee is what you're looking for. there will be plenty of that thursday through sunday. but if power in the boardroom is your thing, that happens today. >> i am so glad to join you on this inaugural event. >> ed lee kept his opening remarks brief. he wanted to focus on the first of its kind executive women's day to be on the women. >> we have a lot of women
11:29 pm
executives here today. they're using the opportunity to get together and collaborate. support each other. kay cochral co chaired the event. >> i was proud to be there as a norcal native and female golfer who's come up through the ranks just to feel the power and energy and enthusiasm with all the women there. >> it's been kind of empowering. changing ideas, different initiatives. i think it's good for us. >> what may not be good for ink sister or the rest of the field is lydia coe. she's back at lake merced where she'll attempt to three-point as champion. >> i'd say she has a pretty good chance. she loves the golf course. this area her game is supposed
11:30 pm
to be in top form. >> you come back to a place where you played well and you're feeling the love, they're excited for you to play well, you love coming back, and obviously here, you have so many great memories, i'm excited for tomorrow to start. >> it will be a good weekend. >> rough night at at&t park, the diamondbacks beat the giants, the giants have lost seven of their last eight games. the announcement that buster posey made alongside his wife that literally brought him to tears. an emotional buster posey today
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pledges a personal fight an emotional buchter pozzi today pledging a fight against childhood cancer. they are the parents of healthy twins but they've gotten to know a woman with a child about the same age as their kids. pozzi became emotional when describing the little girl's cancer diagnosis. >> her child was just diagnosed with neuroblastoma.
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i'll pull it together. he announced a fund-raising campaign aimed at helping with pediatric cancer. >> he doesn't talk much, but when he does it's pretty significant. it's a great program they're launching. >> jeff. >> tomorrow morning we have the clouds coming back. isolated areas of drizzle for the peninsula and san francisco. big change by the afternoon, will be the partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures cool off 5 to 10 degrees. rain returns 5 to 7 a.m. on friday. we'll be loched in for a wet commute friday morning. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tina fey, rachel maddow, musical


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