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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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two serious crashes---all within the last few hours--- on interstate 80 by the carquinez bridge. two serious crashes all within the last few hours on interstate 80. the first involving an ambulance and construction truck. mike is going to have updates in moments. we following the latest on another homicide in san jose. a solo voyage around the world for this plane. next stop mountain view. "today in the bay" stops right now. good thursday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. several people seriously hurt in a crash involving an ambulance on eastbound 80. crash happened about 1:30 in the morning. the ambulance slammed head-on into the back of a construction
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truck. we know several people were in that ambulance but none were patients. we don't know if fog played a role in this crash. a helicopter had trouble landing because of foggy conditions. chp cleared that accident, a different crash happened a short distance away. one person unfortunately died in that crash. >> that involved multiple vehicles including a big rig. let's go right to mike. that second crash only a half mile from the first one. >> the big concern there was a loss of life. as far as the drive to the bridge. here is our map of the day. and travel eastbound away from the bay bridge. at the overpass there, they had that crash and that closes the
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freeway. chp let us know you can get off the freeway. there will be a lot of congestion right there not heavily used right now. a light flow of traffic and is there a minor delay because of the scene. go slowly and carefully if you're heading hercules the rest of the east bay. or take heyway 4. i would suggest going over there use the off ramp then get back on. it's a minor delay. a lot of folks out there. we'll track this. the roadways are dry this morning. >> we'll have the latest on patchy fog and low clouds. temperatures are milder. it's 61 in the tri-valley and 59 in the south bay with highs today headed up to 75 in the
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south bay and mid 70s for the tri-valley and spotty light rain for the north bay. i'll show you the rest of the forecast for the whole bay area tomorrow. that's in the microclimate forecast. >> thank you. we have developing news this morning. a father stabbed to death by his son at a mobile home park on milspring drive. this happened 9:00 last night as the victim was pronounced dead on scene. they have not identified the victim officially. kris sanchez is at that scene gathering information. we'll have the latest in a live report in the next half hour. it is 4:33. >> the trial begins monday for the man accused of killing sierra lamar, four years after the teenager's disappearance. police arrested torres shortly after she went missing in 2012. physical evidence proves that
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torres kidnapped and killed lamar. the murder trial will take place in san jose. the defense may try to move that case. an arrest in a double shooting case out of berkeley. a license plate reader tracked the suspect's car to a denny's parking lot in sacramento and found anthony burton sleeping inside. he is wanted for the march 16 shooting of two people at prince and springmont street. police have not given a motive for that shooting. 4:34. mostly good vibes at the celebration in san francisco. one man who triggered panic may face charges. close to 10,000 people turned out for all things marijuana. moment try scare happened about 6:00 last night when park workers say a man pulled out a gun sending people running. shots were never fired and police took that unidentified
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man into custody. a solar powered plane will be arriving in mountain view in the near future. >> the aircraft is on an around the world voyage and traveling since march of last year but has been stranded in hawaii because of a fried battery. it's been fixed and the swiss adventurer is expected to leave honolulu this morning. the journey could take three days depending on the sun. we are tracking the movements of the sun. it popped out yesterday. temperatures have been on the decline. >> we are going to have warmer temperatures in the forecast. we are this next system here moving. in you see the swirl of the clouds left of us. that increasing cloud cover will give us a mild start not only today but will have slightly more humid conditions throughout the afternoon.
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a look at current temperatures. 58 in concord. 7:00 in napa and santa rosa. 61 in oakland and palo alto. the rest of the day, highs in the 70s. then it cools down for the rest of the week into the weekend. i'll show you that and more in the next microclimate forecast. let's get a view of the commute. >> we still have that deadly crash. that is a major situation for the roadways. it closes i-80 eastbound over away from the east bay use the offramp. be very careful through the area. minor slowing right there at the scene. around the rest of the bay we have one minor crash in the castro area. i want to show you this camera. looking west you see a smooth drive. behind me you see a little sheen off the roadway and maybe low clouds dripping through. it's a temporary thing.
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we'll see about the potential of fog development. it is 4:36. up next, trial for the drifter accused of killing two people in the bay area. a mother killed while out for her morning walk in pittsburgh. the family she is leaving behind. the man accused of running over
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and killing a pittsburg motheis 12:40. a man accused of running over and killing a pittsburgh mother. he hit the woman on tuesday. the suspect was trying to outrun police officers. after hitting the woman, he drove his car through a golf course then took off on foot. officers were able to track him down. the victim is a 65-year-old mother out for her morning walk. she was a full time care taker of their disabled son. the family is troubling to cope. >> the son knocked on my front door in tears. i said josh, man, i can't imagine what you are going through right now.
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>> chavez was trying with a suspended license and on probation with a prior dui arrest. new details on the so-called drifters accused of killing hikers. their lawyers are trying to lock the media out of their preliminary hearing. attorneys claim the news coverage might taint the jury pool. may 9 the hearings begin. all three suspects are accused of robbing and killing audrey kerry and steve carter last year. a concord man is behind bars accused of burning a gay pride flag. police arrested john hertz. the church says their rainbow flag has been tan down three times since monday and eight times in the past six months. a letter in spanish was left behind saying, "all evil will be eradicated." >> law enforcement in the south
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bay getting ready for gang activity. >> the task force are preparing for the summer months when violent crime typically rises. the group partners up with various businesses to provide jobs for teenagers. last summer the gang task force helps with 250 teenagers land job. this year they hope to help 1,000 young people find employment. >> conversation for both drivers who say they were doing their part for protecting the environment. wake up to this --
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it's a view of earth from space in "ultra high definition" >> hello. doesn't it sound like that? >> waking up to this this is a view of earth from space in ultrahigh-definition resolution. the stunning video is shot from the international space station. >> they are amazing pictures. it's incredible you throw a little bit of track underneath and all of a sudden you feel like you want to break out in narration. >> now it's time for weather and traffic. >> what tune are we singing to this morning? kari hall joins us now. >> sunny days? >> we'll see that after a couple of days of rain. a lot of clouds this morning.
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it's feeling warmer than yesterday at this time. we are at 56 in the north bay. compare that to yesterday about 10 degrees cooler. the clouds act as a blanket to keep our temperatures from dipping too much. expect a slow rice throughout the day. napa at 56. petta louima 7:00. heading up to the mid 70s with a mix of sun and clouds. pacifica 65. a lot more clouds in the mix than yesterday. we'll have a slight chance of showers for the north bay. check out the seven-day first at the bottom of the spring. it brings in scattered rain starting late tonight. for the north bay. the rest moving in right in time for tomorrow morning's commute we could have heavy downpours. it does clear out in time for the evening and to get the weekend started on saturday. rainfall totals look to be about 1/4 inch for san francisco
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and oakland farther to the south. then as you go over florida, santa rosa, maybe 1/2 inch of rain. not only will we get rain, there will be snow in the sierra. a winter storm watch in effect on friday and advisory from today into tomorrow. all these areas shaded in blue, we could have 4-8 inches of snow above 6,000 feet and wind gusts 5 miles per hour. snowfall a few inches. there will be more snowfall for the first part of next week. will be good to see 11 inches of snow at south lake tahoe. the weekend forecast, sunshine returning to the bay area some cooler temperatures. expect it to top out in the upper 50s in san francisco on sunday. then turn more cool and breezy as we see the snow cranking in the sierra. it will bring us gusty winds. our weather stays dry.
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let's head back over to mike giving us an update on incidents in the east bay. >> a quick look. everybody gets a chance to check how clear it is for most areas. something going on castro valley. westbound, light commute here. we do have sounds like a car fire. car on the shoulder with flames reported coming out of there. the person reporting this thought there was a person in the car. so we are tracking this. here a much more serious situation. a deadly crash blocking eastbound interstate 80 heading to the carquinez bridge. be very careful from hercules over to the carquinez bring. you can access the bridge but it will be slow going. bay bridge not so bad. >> thank you. good news for drivers. later today for people who bought volkswagen cars swept up in the emissions scandal. >> for more on that, we turn to
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landon dowdy at cnbc news headquarters. >> futures are higher. dow and s&p 500 are on a rising streak. we have a ton of earnings reports this morning. biogen, general motors, verizon, alphabet formerly known as google are the big ones to watch after the bell today. wednesday the dow climbing 42 points to 18,096. volkswagen reached a deal with u.s. authorities to settle the case over its emissions test. it is set to offer 6,000 cars and will pay $1 billion to compensate owners. that's about $5,000 each. >> apple is delaying its earnings report by one day to
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tuesday april 26. the company says this move is to accommodate a memorial service for bill campbell who was one of the most influential players in the tech industry. known as coach, he played a significant role advising apple and google. back to you. >> landon dowdy, thank you very much. facebook coo cheryl sandberg is fighting childhood hunger in the bay area. >> people don't realize there is so much hunger in the bay area. one in three children who lives in our area faces hunger, which means they do not know where all their meals are coming from. >> quite a contrast with all the money in silicon valley. in an exclusive interview, sandberg says she is working with the second harvest food bank to raise $7 million. she says she takes this issue personally and has gotten her own children involved. if you would like to donate go to our home page for the link to the stand up for kids campaign.
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san francisco making history today and parents taking notice. >> ed lee will sign the parental leave ordinance. it requires fully paid parental leave for families. by 2018 businesses with more than 20 workers will have to comply. san francisco is the first city in the nation to require full benefits. coming up, where is she now? kim davis, the clerk that refused marriage licensees to gay couples in kentucky is back in the news. her new legal battle is next. happening right now, a body discovered a short time ago inside a burntout warehouse in oakland. we are working to put up more information right now. >> we are tweeting information following a crash in mountain view. car discovered upside down in a
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creek. san jose police releasing video of a group wanted for a homicide two years ago. your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb.
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hey spray 'n wash is and even better.
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it's powerful formula removes everyday stains the first time. which is bad news for stains, and good news for you. spray 'n wash. back 'n better. worldwide -- after denying gay couples marriage licenses in her small kentucky county. sam//vo kim davis became known worldwide after denying gay couples marriage licensees in her small kentucky county. >> she refused to give licensees because she said it violated her religious beliefs. davis was sent to jail and some republican presidential candidates demanded she be released from jail. after all that, davis sued the governor saying that experience caused her "irreparable harm." federal appeals course dismissed
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the case yesterday. a secret tunnel between mexico and the united states eight football fields long complete with a rail system, ventilation, lights and an elevator. smugglers used it to transport drugs from a house in tijuana to a fenced lot in california. authorities say those drugs have a street value of $22 million. as a result, six people have also been arrested. it is the queen of england's birthday today. queen elizabeth ii celebrating the big 90. >> well wishers line the streets near london to wish the queen a happy birthday. today's celebration includes gun salutes, fireworks and tributes in parliament. >> queen, quite a history there. where was prince george? 4:55.
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female civil rights hero replaces a president on the new $20 bill. >> harriet tubman will replace andrew jackson on the front of the bill. jackson is moving to the back. the treasury department says the response from americans has been overwhelmingly positive when it come to choosing tubman for the bill for the face of that bill. the change is expected to roll out officially in 2020. also president alexander hamilton will stay on the $10, but on the back there will be an image depicting women's suffrage. steph curry says maybe he won't play. curry and warriors are in houston getting ready for tonight's playoff game. >> curry practiced with the team. did a little dribbling and shooting the ball. he is nursing a tender ankle and not 100%. >> based on how i feel right now, i couldn't play. >> just a matter of hours about curry's status.
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warriors lead the best of seven serious 2-0. >> they are trying to get their star rested up for a longer playoff push. >> a smart move. >> do what you got to do. next, we've been following breaking news this morning. two crashes very closely related at least in proximity on interstate 80. this involving an ambulance hitting the back of a construction truck. mike has been following the latest in terms of the impact on traffic. also those injured. >> that's the first of the crash. the deadly one blocks the freeway to the carquinez bridge. i'll get you your option how to get there. >> not as much sunshine in today's forecast and getting ready for rain.
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with three homicides in matter of days. the overnight developments we're learning about the most recent one-- coming up. a violent week in san jose. overnight developments and we are learning about the most recent one. >> now the cleanup. the mess left over at golden gate park following 420 celebration. "today in the bay" starts now. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we are going to see colder temperatures moving into the weekend. the party not just on 420 lives on today. r(t&háhp &hc% >> we will have warm weather today, warmer than average but
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more clouds in the mix. some peaks of sunshine and rain moving in tomorrow. not as cool as the last few mornings. you feel it's milder. it's 60 in san francisco with high of the 67. breezy winds. mostly cloudy and peeks of sunshine. we'll talk about those showers and what else to expect in the microclimate forecast. another rough day. >> we did have the earlier car fire. for the carquinez bridge we had a couple of crashes. i want to let you know how traffic has impacted. there is a current crash closing eastbound 80. chp lets you get off the freeway and back on. you can access the


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