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tv   Today  NBC  April 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. welcom to thirsty thursday. april 21st and it's a regal, royal day. it's kathie's 90th birthday day to queen elizabeth. wait, is this live? >> no, it isn't. >> she's getting around beautifully for 90 years old. apparently she's sharp as a tack still. >> i saw pictures of her driving a car. >> where? >> with a hoodie on.
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she had a hoodie on. >> oh, that's funny. >> by the way, we thought in honor of this day we would have our wine out of tea cups. because we want to be classy. >> classy. 's the "water music suite in f major." it tastes different out of a tea cup. >> my stuff is always good. however, if we had somebody else who could bring it over to us with real glasses -- >> maybe we wouldn't have to drink it out of tea cups. >> maybe we would have the world's most beautiful waitress. brooke shields. >> hello. >> we want to talk to you about your hallmark movie. >> oh, yes. you're going to love it. >> "flower shop mystery." they're from books. i get to be a detective. it's very "murder she wrote." >> loved when you were growing
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up. >> i couldn't wait to watch "charlie's angels." >> this is not a movie, everybody. this is going to be a series. >> they are movies. each two hours long. >> you play the same character in each one of them. >> we will do a couple at a time, then take a couple months off. shooting in north bay, which is northern ontario. where you get frostbite. >> tell us what your character's like. your nose hairs freeze. >> her name is abby knight. she's a retired lawyer. her husband passed away, she decides she's going home to be close to her daughter and her dad, beau bridges. >> i love beau bridges. >> i'm executive producing. >> you haven't done that before? >> not that hands-on. and they are funny. hallmark has allowed me to just
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take that genre and just tweak it a little bit. just enough -- >> the thing about this, it's going to air on sunday night, right? >> on sunday. >> they all have really funny names. >> nipped in the bud, because it's flowers. >> dearly depotted. >> dearly depotted. cheers to you. we love you. >> all the best. i will drink out of my little tea cup. >> happy birthday to the queen. >> give our love to our friends at hallmark. >> brooke shields, still gorgeous. you got the orange memo. good girl. >> matt walsh is here from "v "veep." like that show? >> pinkies up, for the queen. for the queen. >> brilliantly written.
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that's all you want. can we do our show now, please? >> i'm out. i'm out. >> all right. that was fun. we already showed the queen. >> did we show this? >> check these out. these are bobbleheads. this is the queen and her corgis. they are solar powered. they have been waving forever. >> from >> there have been more than 30 corgis during her reign. i love to watch them. it's mesmerizing, isn't it? >> i love them. i would be that way. i was that way with bichons for a long time. now that i have discovered all they do is see your home as their toilet. they just do. because they used to be the royal dogs of france. >> did you see the queen posing with her corgis on the steps? those are kind of nice, right? they are all at her feet. >> look at the steps. all right. we wish her all the best.
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happy birthday. >> you can whoop it up. >> that's nice. they do love their queen. >> yes, they do. >> apparently, there are some new words that have been added to the dictionary. >> you guys going to play along with us? >> not really. >> okay. whoever wants to play. all right. >> we will show you new words and see if we can define them. >> see who knows. we don't know either. here's the first word. nomophobia. i say no more fears. no mo. >> i say fear of -- >> be careful. >> -- fear of nomar, former second baseman? >> let's see what it is. fear of being without access to a working cell phone. >> oh, no mobile. oh, we're going to play those kinds of -- all right.
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discogenic. genic means how you look. >> you look attractive on a roller coaster. >> i was the closest. >> what is it? >> you guys are always -- >> hey. hey. we already gave the answer, you guys. >> meet cute. what the heck. >> oh, meet cute. is that like when you meet and you have one of those little moments and it's adorable. a cute charming or amusing first encounter with a romantic partner. that was easy. here we go. collapser. >> new kind of luggage. >> what do you say? >> smartest one here. >> i don't have a clue. well, maybe something -- >> maybe gravitational collapse.
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>> i think it's a gravitational collapse after colliding with a star. >> what's a waggle dance? >> when a wiener dog chases his tail. >> i like that. brooke? >> here it is. the reveal is a series of figure eight movements performed by a bee to indicate the direction and abundance of a distant food source. >> that's what i was going to say. who would believe that. you guys did very well. >> thank you. >> okay. we have the first real look at john legend and chrissy teigen's daughter luna. oh, my gosh. look at the head of hair. they shared this picture. boy, that's a lot of hair. that was the one she showed yesterday. >> now all the photographers and
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paparazzi in the world are not thrilled because they can't get the first picture. they controlled that. how about a little music, shall we? we are going country. we are going country. >> i always try to swing it a little hip-hop. this is a great, great country song. it puts you in a good mood because it's just a great day to be alive. isn't it? >> yes. >> admit. >> is that the name of it? isn't it? ♪ ♪ got a three-day beard i don't plan to shave goofy thing but i just got saved i'm doing all right ♪ ♪ >> hold on, here it comes. ♪ ♪ think i'll make me some home-made soup -- >> here we go. come on. here we go. this is the good part. it takes awhile.
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♪ it's a great day to be alive i know the sun's still shining when i close my eyes hard times in the neighborhood but why can't every day be just as good ♪ >> come on! brooke, i want to point something out. can i just say something? as you're falling asleep, jill was mouthing every word. every single word. how about that? how about that? >> it's a hit. >> i like that. glad for him. it's hard for the older stars in country to even get any radio play. >> he's not that old, is he? >> compared to the people -- >> country is forever. that was the first thing i ever wanted to sing. i sang a song for a movie i did
10:10 am
called "wanda nevada." >> but if you talk to the long-time stars in nashville, in country music, i'm still making great music, i can't get on the radio, can't get myself played. >> yeah. talk to him about that. >> you're brooke shields. who did you talk to? >> it's the same for old comedians. we can't get any play. we don't get any love. >> we will give you some love in a minute. all right? >> you can find hoda every monday and wednesday at 2:00 and by the way, you are getting a gracie award for that. >> you are getting one for this show. cheers to you. >> is it okay or not to introduce kids early into a relationship? here's what we had to say about it. >>e do not know the intimate details of people's lives. therefore, it's hard to judge the choices that they make, hoda
10:11 am
woman. hopefully they will know when the right time arises to introduce a new relationship. >> are you finished? that was long. i say no, it's not okay. wait until your relationship is solid before you bring the kids in. >> how do you know if it's solid? >> when you know you know. >> cheese holes. all right. who knew presidential election could be so entertaining? >> we are talking about the hit show "veep" and one of its stars, matt walsh. he is so darned cute. >> and a great birthday surprise for one of our ambush makeover ladies. >> that's right after this. the challenges facing so neither does the u.s. army. we train. adapt. and get smarter. every soldier. every unit. every day. not to keep up with change; but to drive it. nobody knows what problems tomorrow will bring. but we do know who will solve them.
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hey, you're going to do great. ♪ hi. ♪ i made a little mistake. what else is new? i said michelle, i meant vickery. whether he's in hollywood or inside the white house, his comic genius, dry wit and incredible mustache are
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unmistakable. we are talking about one of the hilarious stars of the emmy-winning comedy "veep," matt walsh. >> he plays the press secretary to the president. in this sneak peek of season five, he has a major announcement to make. >> doesn't everybody. take a look. >> oh, and big news. >> oh, god. he made a statement? >> i'm sorry. i should have said big personal news. wendy and i are adopting a baby from china. we are keeping it secret until after the election. actually, wendy was keeping it a secret from me until today because i'm so bad at keeping secrets. i'm going to be a dad. >> you are a nincompoop. we are in the middle of a tied election. there is no time for some chinese baby. cancel it and see if you can get your money back. >> oh, my gosh. she's horrible. that is so cold. it's all about her. >> it is. she's very selfish. >> you are not allowed a little joy in life. >> i will, against her wishes.
10:16 am
might get some satisfaction at home. >> when you get satisfaction at home we call it poughkeepsie. >> oh, really? never heard that. >> we made it up. >> i never heard that. i'm going to use that. >> should we point out why we have these hats on? >> why do we? >> i was outside with the "today" show trying to drum up business. >> how did it go? >> i don't think we generated any more viewers. kind of an ill-minded idea. >> we do a lot of that on our show. >> happy birthday to the queen if she's watching. come on, pinkies up. >> this is your fifth season coming up, right? does your mustache play a main role like it did in the last one? i remember tangerine dream. >> the mustache takes a back seat this year. it's still there, still its own character, but there's not a lot of mustache intrigue, if you
10:17 am
will. mostly about her electoral college. we dig into that, unpack constitutional rules, how to resolve that. >> you shot this stuff a couple months ago. >> we finished months ago. yeah. yeah. >> you guys are so on the cusp. >> unwittingly. >> that's what i'm saying. who knew it would be that kind of contest. >> i know. >> the good thing it's an eye-opener for people. they are discovering a system they didn't even know existed all of these years. >> it is possible, everything we are doing in the show is quite possible. it's crazy. >> when you guys get back after you take a season off and get back together, does the old magic click in or does it take a couple -- >> a little sluggish, we do rehearsal so that helps the show so we get the new scripts, we get to play with them. >> do the writers -- >> yeah, they -- >> they write and then you can play? >> they get the scripts and we play with them and they will take notes and use what we -- >> and do new stuff. >> no.
10:18 am
>> yeah, they do. >> they do the lion's share of the writing. if there are good things we discover in the room they will use it. >> figure out where to put it. you ever want to burst out laughing like during that little scene, the chinese baby scene? >> there are moments, whenever we do a limousine scene for some reason because you are so on top of each other, the giggles always happen. >> we have a game called veep or creep. we give you the name, actual vice president or creep. here's the first name. harold payne. he's a creep. number two, hannibal mamlin. >> creep. >> vp for abraham lincoln. >> like a murderer. like "silence of the lambs." >> william wheeler. >> veep. >> alex forrest.
10:19 am
>> creep. >> glenn close's character in "fatal attraction." george dallas. >> definitely a veep. >> to james k. polk. lastly, max cadie. >> creep. >> robert. "cape fear." >> why are we wearing the hats? >> nobody knows. nobody knows. uncle sam. "veep" premieres sunday. coming up, beauty finds good for you and good for the environment. >> we love matt. >> and an announcement. my budges second-guessing me when i'd buy stuff for the family. fingerhut. fingerhut. fingerhut. fingerhut. [sfx: door creak] shop and save $25 on your first order of $100 or more. fingerhut has over half a million items like samsung, keurig and lego. just click on over to
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first of all, congratulations to bobbie. tell us why. >> thank you. we won a beauty ♪ >> this is an this is an nbc news special report. here's harry smith. >> good day. we are coming on the air with breaking news about the death of an american music icon. prince, the inno va tiff one of a kind artist who gave us so much great music has been found dead at his paisley park compound in minneapolis. the purple rain singer whose full name is prince rogers nelson was 57. prince sold more than 100 million records, won seven grammys, a golden globe and academy award with hits like little red corvette, purple rain, kiss and when doves cry. he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame the first year he was eligible.
10:24 am
less than a week ago he was rushed to the hospitalfter his plane was forced to make an emergency landing. there were reports at the time that he was battling the flu. a one of a kind artist who performed many of the instruments on his albums, wrote the music, produced the music and was truly a once in a lifetime artist. at this time, the cause of death has not been released but we'll have the latest developments throughout the day and on nbc complete coverage tonight on nbc nightly news with lester holt. smith, nbc news, new york. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ comes to fashion, you want to try to make sure you spend your money in the right places. threads for thought is a great example of a brand that's looking to make a footprint. they use dyes that are low impact, so they don't have
10:25 am
toxins in them, and they use recycled polyester made from post-consumer water bottles. feel how soft. >> unbelievably soft. >> those are cozy. >> they really work to -- >> cute! >> don't think you will spend a lot for a really cute jumpsuit, dresses, around $60. >> all right. from everything these days. awards for rolling balls. awards for spelling words nobody uses. we get it. you're smart. they give awards for haircuts for dogs. awards for scientific theories. i've got a theory. nobody cares. but people care about cheese. cracker barrel has won awards for their delicious cheddar and they put that cheddar in a new macaroni & cheese. now, that's an award worth winning. and eating. and eating. and eating. general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal.
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again! happening now, we continue to follow the news just announced. musician prince was found dead in his recording studio in minnesota. a dental assistant accused of molesting dozens of sedated young patients is due in court. investigators say he used his
10:27 am
phone to film some of the incidents. bob will have a live report in the midday newscast. look for updates on our twitter feed as well. and the countdown to the summer olympic games is heating up. today organizers helped to light the olympic torch which will make a 15-week journey to rio. we have a link to it on we'll look at weather and traffic after the break.
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in the south bay expect 75 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. pal all the staying partly cloudy. a high of 73. more clouds in san francisco keeps the temperatures down to 67 degrees. low 70s for the north bay. a chance of spotty showers this evening as the next storm system approaches in through the north bay. it's also spreading clouds out well ahead of that. the rain will get going during tomorrow morning's commute. by 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning we'll see rain approaching san francisco. let's go to mike for a look at the roadways. >> we just had minutes ago our view impeded by low clouds drifting through. they will continue to come into the area. we have a lessening commute
10:30 am
through downtown. there's the rest of the bay. back to you. >> join us at 11:00 for our next newscast and the latest on prince. it's thirsty thursday which means we are looking for two lucky ladies who wanted to get ambush makeovers. now they are ready to come face-to-face with the mirror after getting the royal treatment from louis licari. from the louis licari color salon. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. we have author and fashionista and "today" contributor, jill martin. can i fix your collar for you? it's unfixable. it's one of those pastor things. >> yes. i will hear your confession now. >> we will talk about the people we have coming out but -- good
10:31 am
to see your face. how was today? >> today was great. it was a little confusing because of the trump thing. >> oh, that's right. >> i forgot. >> but we did manage. it was two wonderful ladies so all is well. >> pam is a retired flight attendant. she and her husband have a blended family of six kids, five grand kids. her son is the producer of a broadway show opening tonight and she wants to have that new york chic look going on for the occasion. let's take a look at her story. >> the dress code is new york chic but you said i don't know what to wear, i don't know what new york chic is. what are you hoping for for tonight? >> maybe something black or dark or i don't know. is that new york chic? something to make me look real pretty. >> i promise, i will fill you in on new york chic.
10:32 am
>> okay. thank you. >> oh, yes. there's husband bill. the show is "american psycho." that's the broadway show. bill, you ready? >> i guess so. >> blindfold on for just a second. i will tell you when to take it off. here's the before picture. all right, pam, come see the new you. wow! >> wow! >> all right. are you ready, bill? take a look at your glamorous -- you can take it off, bill. >> oh, my goodness. she was beautiful before but now -- >> knockout. >> spin right around. take a look at the new glamorous you. >> oh, my gosh! >> wow. >> she likes it. >> thank you. >> it's darling. look at camera 12 for us, if you wouldn't mind. louis, tell us what you did. >> first, this is her great
10:33 am
haircut. before it was long and kind of a triangle. now she can wear it curly or blown out like this. talk about the epitome of new york chic, you know? i made her eyes a bit deeper. >> what would you call that color? >> sort of just light brown. >> beautiful. beautiful. >> that's a great outfit, too. >> what do you think, husband? >> i think it's wonderful. you did a great job. >> her outfit looks really sharp. >> so what is new york chic? it's sort of cocktail and then it's a little chilly here in new york today. we just added the shawl from maggie london. >> you look beautiful. big round of applause. our next lady is amanda smith who turned 29 guess when? >> when? >> today. >> excellent. >> from rochester new york. she works at an electrical engineering company in the city. for the first time celebrated
10:34 am
her birthday with her husband of three years. let's hear her story. >> well, we plucked you from the stands, a wild day out there today. how do you feel about this makeover? >> i'm very, very excited. i'm a little nervous, anxious. it's my birthday today. what better day to have a makeover than today, on my birthday. >> we didn't even know that. happy birthday. we will give you a beautiful new fabulous birthday look. >> sounds good. my husband can take me out tonight in the city for my birthday. >> absolutely. >> she's here with her husband, sean. he's got the blindfold on. take one last look at amanda before. bring out the new amanda smith. >> glamorous! >> oh! all right, sean, what do you think? want to take a look? >> wow! very nice. very nice. >> turn around, sweetie. you look so pretty. >> oh, my gosh! look at the hair!
10:35 am
>> now, she wanted to keep her hair long. we wished we could have taken a few more inches off. >> i like it like that. >> of course, the way you make long hair work is to have shaping around the face. i made her hair color a little bit lighter, again, makes it a little brighter, more exciting. then of course, it's all put together with the most beautiful, natural looking makeup. >> doesn't she look like chloe on "24"? >> you are so right. >> go join your wife, sweetheart. i'm sorry, i forgot the outfit. >> i wanted to give her something versatile for new york. maggie london. >> big round of applause for both of our people. >> we have -- everyone has a story. coming up. >> what one couple has done for
10:36 am
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visit to find the store nearest you. new vivid matte liquid lip color from maybelline new york. now lips go vivid with... super saturated color new sensuous feel drench your lips in vivid matte. maybelline's vivid matte liquid make it happen maybelline new york that's golden. everyone has a story including two amazing people who dedicated their lives to bringing the performing arts into a local high school and the community at large. one student wrote in about his former theater teacher, writing that craig and his beautiful wife karen have an enormous impact on him when he was just a teenager. >> craig monk, along with his wife karen, has been teaching theater in a small rural community in indiana for almost
10:41 am
50 years. with a population of just 10,000 people, kendallville is a rural community without a single professional performing arts organization. but what we have are the high school productions directed and created by craig and karen monk. the program they established demanded excellence in all areas. the sets, the costumes, the lighting, the full orchestras and the 40-plus cast members with each show, all of it gave our community excellence in theater. the shows were our own version of broadway. i began high school in 1979 and was involved in over 20 productions during my four yes. craig instilled in me not only a passion for live theater but a passion for life. he brought an energy to the classroom and stage and never settled for mediocrity. at a time when finding your place and identity was not easy, craig's theater classes were the only place i could discover
10:42 am
myself. i could be who i wanted to be without any kind of judgment. what i learned from craig during those four years continues to resonate with me 33 years later. i am not the only one who feels this way. almost 50 years of live theater has raised doctors, lawyers, teachers, farmers, musicians, performers, moms and dads. each of us have stories of our time on one stage, the monk stage. and the one thing we all have in common is a love of theater and the love of craig and karen monk. >> that's great. >> wow! >> craig and karen monk are here along with rick, who nominated them. welcome, welcome. well done. >> thank you. >> well done. do you believe it's been 50 years, 5-0? >> it went very fast. >> is that all you ever wanted
10:43 am
to do, the two of you, when you first met and fell in love, did you say we are going to teach kids theater? >> i'm not sure about that. i really started as an art teacher and just slid right into the directing part. i think that's what i knew i would do. >> i guess sometimes teachers and people like these, they don't know how impactful they have been on your life so many years later. you told us some of what they mean to you but how have they kind of shaped who you are? >> i was telling them earlier, i think i spent more time in four years with them and that stage, you know, during high school than i did my own family. so everything that they taught me was doing the best that you can, being who you want to be and i think that's the biggest thing, when you are learning your years as a teenager, if you have strong support system such as a teacher, they mold you and they shape you. >> when you come from a small
10:44 am
town, it's easy to just think small, isn't it? >> yep. >> you always want for the excellence. that looked like it could have been broadway. >> karen, what does it mean for you when you hear students like rick and the rest who i'm sure have come up to you and said wow, i can't tell you what this has meant? >> sometimes i don't think they understand until they grow up that it's the importance that they are in our lives and that we see them grow and become the person they are. >> so impactful to you, too. i can't believe you're retiring. this is tragic. >> it's time. it's time. >> one of broadway's brightest stars has a special song just for the two of you. >> a.j. sings for us after this. there's a place for vacationers who seek more than just a little time off. the ones who choose to go big or stay home. ♪ come with me now...
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast we love celebrating good people and that's just what we
10:50 am
have been doing today with everyone has a store. rick wrote in to tell us about craig and karen munk. we love these two, how he influenced his life when he was a young theater student. >> now it's time for you to hear the song david friedman and i wrote just for craig and karen called "your passion." here to sing it is a.j. scheible. ♪ ♪ how do you thank the person who helped you see your promise helped your dreams to crystallize ♪ ♪ how do you find the words to express your grateful heart for all they have taught you
10:51 am
about life and love and heart ♪ ♪ passion passion that thing that inspires you to get up every morning and give your whole life to ♪ ♪ your passion passion that thing that makes you soar when you were simply doing what you were born for ♪ ♪ your passion how do you thank that teacher who opened up your eyes who helped you see what you could do and helped you realize that everything you need in life already is within you ♪ ♪ and you don't have to be
10:52 am
afraid or even just begin to find your passion passion that thing that inspires you to get up every morning and give your whole life to ♪ ♪ your passion passion that thing that makes you soar when you are truly doing what you were born for ♪ ♪ your passion your passion your passion ♪ >> oh, a.j., yeah. we'll be back.
10:53 am
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10:56 am
we have been celebrating craig and karen munk who were just treated to a performance, a.j. got rave reviews for the new show, along with david friedman and david wild. >> what did you think of your little production here? >> unbelievable. beautiful. thank you, thank you. >> so on point. the lyric was beautiful and had everything. passion. >> a.j. was superb. >> stop it. >> now, we know kendallville has some great theater, obviously, because you guys do that. but we decided we wanted to give you a little something, an evening of theater here in new york city while you're here. first you will head to frankie and johnny's. they moved to a new location. >> and then -- >> guess what you're going to see? you will see a.j. again. you have three tickets to
10:57 am
"bright star." a musical with steve martin and edie brikell. big plans for tonight, baby. thank you so much. what's going on with you? >> got a new indy film out called "cuddle party" i did the music for. i just did the music. >> the new book, i have four shows and it's starting to go. i was just thinking, we're coming up on probably 100 songs for this. >> we are almost to 100. all right. thank you for being here. good to see you. >> beautiful letter. >> god bless everybody. >> tomorrow, america's funniest home videos shares something special. plus we help you get into the swimsuit by summer. all right. his publicist announcing -- the
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
musician died at his home in suburban minneapolis. live these are live pictures from minnepolis of prince's paisley park studios. prince's publicist says the music icon was found dead at his home today in chanhassen, minnesota. tmz is reporting prince had a medical emergency back on april 15th... and that his jet was forced to make an emergency landing in illinois. the website also reports he appeared at a concert the next day. there are reports he was battling the flu. (adlib scene) scott/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. kris/2shot and i'm kris sanchez. ==boxes== we have live team coverage for you this midday as is pouring in from the entertainment world and fans


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