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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a sinkhole---- the size of a swimming pool--- opens up in pacific heights. the scene is secure....but getting around parts of san >>. >> a sinkhole the size of a swimming pool opens up in pacific heights. the scene is secure, but getting around parts of san francisco could be bumpy this morning. >> and rain is dampening the start of your friday. a quick look at the golden gate bridge. slick roads out there. kari hall will have your timelines yet. morning turns into celebration on the streets of minneapolis remembering the life of prince this morning. "today in the bay" starts right now. hit after hit. it's been unbelievable. >> so many songs synonymous. >> it's been fun to reminisce.
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>> good morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> we'll get a morning of prince. let's get a quick check of weather. >> we do have rain approaching the bay area right now. and we will have wet conditions through the morning commute. we are taking a look at the radar now. we can see that it is moving through the north bay approaching san francisco. more of those showers off and on. light rain to start out the day. we are seeing it stretching from santa rosa to san francisco, approaching the peninsula now. that will be the trend through the rest of the day. our temperatures are feeling mild. in the lower 60s, upper 50s for the north bay. highs today reaching into the 60s. mid 60s. it will be much cooler along with the wet weather and windy conditions. i'll detail that and we'll talk about how much rain to expect in the next microclimate forecast. mike is tracking flashing lights
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in fremont. >> they are able to finish up the road work here. we'll look at your map. that is on the top of your map here heading north. the rest of your bay shows an easy flow of traffic. we'll watch for the effects. slicker roads. be careful starting from the north bay. we'll watch any other after effects. back to you. crews are repairing a big sinkhole, this one in pacific heights neighborhood in san francisco. appears to have been caused by a sewer main break. 17 by 22 foot sinkhole. could take up to three days to patch up. no one was hurt and muni in that area is not affected. new twist for a missing san francisco toddler. no sign of the little girl but detectives focusing on an apartment in oakland.
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neighbors in this building at castro and 18th street tell us fbi agents and police have been out there a few times. officials are talking to a couple believed to have been carrying for 2-year-old arianna fit. it's been two weeks since her mother's body was found in san francisco. the body was buried in a shallow grave covered with a plywood board. the man accused of killing a hayward police officer expected in court. the 21-year-old is accused of shooting and killing the officer during a traffic stop last july. police arrested him after he was treated for a gun shot wound. a traffic stop turned into a bomb scare. officers pulling over a driver arresting him on drug charges. they found a pipe bomb inside his backpack. officers immediately took the device outside. the bomb squad detonated it.
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>> hard not to feel a flood of memories come back after you hear all of prince's songs, hit after hit. he sang and danced his way into the hearts of people across the world. released in 1986 "kiss" by prince became a mega hit that is still being played at weddings, parties and clubs among many other songs. >> just to see that video again. >> brings back a lot of memories. the essence and magic of prince are being felt throughout the bay area. >> "today in the bay" has more on the impact prince had. >> reality sinks in for tamir powell as she looks up at the message on the marquee in oakland. >> my heart is broken. this has been the soundtrack to my life since i was a child. >> her favorite artist prince,
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who she recently watched perform at this venue passed away at the age of 7:00. >> the thought that that's not going to happen again breaks my heart. it really does. >> in san francisco, city hall was lit up in purple. fans wiping away tears and remembering prince. >> he was a genius at what he did. you don't use that word too much. >> dwayne williams played us a rendition of prince's "purple rain." >> he once shared the stage with prince as a member of the r&b group tony tony tony. >> it was all laid out. >> he can't believe that one of his inspirations is gone.
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>> i broke in tears because i understood these gentlemen did it for the cold, cold love. >> prince put on a heck of a party for fans. but like the words of his hit song, his party ran out of town but his legacy will live on. >> today in the bay jay gray is live in minneapolis this morning. people saddened by the loss of prince. in minneapolis, that was the star's home. >> somber is the best way to describe that. a lot of people still truthfully in shock. a lot of the fans here just can't believe that this has happened. the soundtrack of so many lives is now gone silent. fans started showing up here at paisley park, his recording studio and home soon after the news was announced and as it
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spread so did fans coming in throughout the day into the evening, and nowen through the early morning. most of the fans say they are looking for some kind of comfort and that they are drawn here to be with others during this time. they are here as authorities try to piece together how and why the pop icon died. that's an investigation that will include later today an autopsy by the coroner here. no news on when those results may be available. and sheriff's deputies playing it close to the vest saying their investigation will continue for some time here. so a lot unfolding as not only authorities here, but fans here and around the world as you talk about, try to come to grips with this loss. 7:00 years old, what you hear a lot from people here and fellow musicians around the world, way
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too early. >> it was shocking to fans now celebrating his life but have questions. specifically, was there any indication he was ill in the weeks leading up to his death? >> in what now will be his final concert in atlanta, he left after two shows there last week. on his way back here by private jet, there was an emergency landing in illinois where he was admitted to a hospital with what they are calling flu-like symptoms. stayed there a short time. was back here by the weekend, and saturday hosted a dance party. fans there say he looked and sounded fine. he didn't perform, but talked to the crowd briefly, showed them a new piano and guitar he had just received, and said he was concentrating on moving forward with his music. a lot of people stunned to hear that news.
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>> at least we have the music to keep his memory alive. >>. >> a deadly blast at an oil plant in new mexico. more than a dozen people are dead. dozens more injured. we'll tell you about the company safety record. 13-people killed -- more than a
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hundred more hurt after an explosion in veracruz, mexico. officials say a leak at a pch 13 people killed, more than 100 more hurt after an explosion in mexico. a leak at a petro chemical plant
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caused that blast. the ceo said it wasn't clear what caused the leak. since 2012, at least 63 people died in fires and explosions at that company's plant. uc berkeley is reportedly facing new scrutiny over sexual misconduct allegations again. this time centering around how a coach may have responded to claims made by a student athlete. "east bay times" reporting this involves ledgery cal men's rowing coach. cal hired an outside investigator to look into investigations that he failed to report a claim made by one of his female rower. she says she told him a teammate sexually assaulted her and reportedly he did nothing. he tells the "east bay times" those allegations are completely false. a high-profile attorney gloria allred is going to address students today. >> that is the same school where former san francisco 49er ray mcdonald gave a motivational
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address in february. his appearance sparked backlash because mcdonald faces sexual assault charges. allred represents a woman who says she was assaulted by mcdonald. when you get outside, are you going to find wet roads out there? a live look at the shark tank in san jose. kari hall is tracking the latest movement for rain. the full forecast next. good friday morning to you...
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if you're about to hit the road, get ready for some rain.
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a live look outside san francisco city hall colored in purple as the city remembers a pop legend. there was a dance party of sorts last night as folks came out to listen to prince's music, sing and dance and remember everything he's done to contribute to pop culture. good friday morning. get ready for rain. it's been coming down on and off all night so far. wet and slick. it's a good idea to keep an umbrella handy. >> we'll check the morning commute with mike in a few moments but let's see how long the rain will stick around. >> we'll see this rain moving north to south, then we'll have another round into this early afternoon. now looking at a closer look around santa rosa, we have
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splotchy light rain. this is not a widespread heavy downpour. in novato, you see the rain that may be affecting the roads down 101. moving into san francisco with spotty rain. that is what we will see for the next couple of hours. around us, heavier rain, then the winds turn gusty as those storms clear off to the east. rainfall totals may reach about 1/4 inch for los gatos to san jose. as you go towards oakland and san francisco may have 1/2 inch of rain. especially with the next round of showers this afternoon. a look at all the microclimates. it will be cooler today. upper 50s to lower 60s. mid 60s in spots. fairfield 67 and fremont 65. then as we go into the weekend, we'll see all of this clearing out. highs reaching into the mid 60s in the peninsula and 65 on sunday. maybe slightly cooler in some of
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those coastal spots. if you're heading out tomorrow for autism speaks, i'll be there. come and give some support for autism speaks. our temperatures will be very comfortable. lots more sunshine and highs reaching into the low 70s. into the next several days, we'll have more of that dry weather. mike has a look how the north bay drivers are faring with the rain coming down. >> we'll take a look over here. you see southbound 101, very light traffic. glowing lights, little misty, drizzly in the air. water ponding on the roof tops. we'll look at your map. the register says green. we take a look here. this is before where the camera is. we do have splotches of rain throughout mill valley and novato moving towards san francisco. giants don't play until tonight. >> right now the rest of the bay
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moves easily. at the speed limit as you would expect. we saw a couple of live cameras because they tell another tale here in free throw mont. you will see a one-time truck and crew here for caltrans picking up the cones heading south, starting back at auto mall where things are clear. north bound has the traffic break. we'll look at the san mateo bridge. the high rise and other patches -- sorry, of the bay bridge, we did see the camera shaking a bit. wind kicks up a bit. watch the high rise for 92. that's where their drivers caught the most wind. we'll hold on because that rain is coming in. back to you. >> be careful. uber drivers in two states reached settlements in two class action lawsuits. if the san francisco ride sharing public goes public, they
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will pay drivers in california and massachusetts $100 million. drivers will also be considered as independent contractors not employees. drivers are also allowed to put small signs in their cars that say "tips are not included and would certainly be appreciated." the fbi paid big money to hack into the iphone of the san bernardino terror suspects. he would not give an exact price but did say it's more than he'll ever make in his term as fbi director. that comes out to at least $1.3 million. the fbi did not reveal who they hired to hack the phone or what they found. no smoking and no drones. some revised rules for the largest urban parks districts in the country. park leaders approved the ban yesterday. save the bay argued the ban would prevent cigarette butts from piling up. it would keep the air clean for
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park visitors. for the drones, they added drone to an existing law that bans motorized model airplanes. a lot of dancing and celebration this morning. remembering prince and the musical legacy that he left behind. right now you're looking at live pictures from minneapolis where jay gray has been reporting for us. sfans there gathering and celebrating the artist larger than life. happening right now, the nbc bay area investigative unit uncovers new data showing how often one local police agency is using its body cameras. our home page is draped in purple. everything you want to know about prince, his legacy and the impact he left on the bay area. your heart loves omega-3s.
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new 84 oscar is -- the winner is prince for purple rain -- music oc: "...prince for purple rain .. nats of music." trt:10 sam/cont. vo that's prince winning the oscar for his songp the winner of a brand-new '84 oscar is? >> the winner is prince for "purple rain." >> as you heard from michael douglas, that's prince winning the oscar for his song "purple rain" all the way back in 1984. that song won the best original song score category, one of many accolades that he received throughout his career. we are remembering prince this morning as you see behind us. city hall in san francisco still lit up in purple. he died yesterday at the age of 7:00 in his paisley park recording studio complex in minneapolis. >> very nice tributes going out across the country. >> something magical happened yesterday as people gathered to mourn the music star. a rainbow appeared shortly after the news of prince's death was released.
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the rainbow was perfectly arced over his estate. quite stunning there. in brooklyn they partied like it was 1999 to remember the purple one. >> a close friend of prince organized a block party for the music icon. hundreds gathered outside. many wore purple in the tribute. street shut down streets as the party went late into the evening. >> we talk about how iconic and the imprint prince left right now. not just in terms of public venues dancing, what they are listening, if you go to itunes and look at the top songs, all are prince. >> you can go on and on, when you relive some of it and everybody has their memories of it. >> great ones. i hope they'll come out this morning.
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>> i really liked his music. it was great. it was part of the fabric of growing up. i remember when purple rain came on if you were at a school dance and didn't have a partner, that was the longest song ever. or you were dancing with someone that you didn't want to be dancing with, that was the longest song ever. barrel dancing, of course. a lot of memories. what an artist. his imprint. he was a songwriter, as well of so many songs that contributed to that many people don't know. >> and just the fact there was nothing that sounded like him before prince came on scene but since so many artists incorporated parts of his style. it is the testament to the fact there were so many levels to his music. >> it's fascinating to see and to relisten. like so many artists, as well, takes in so many different looks and personas and of course
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"purple rain" and the movie "purple rain." >> the fashion and the style he brought to the table. even the artistry of the music videos was so unique for the time. there were so many different ways that this artist impacted pop culture. >> he was recently in the bay area. i kick myself for not going to that show. i did attempt to look at tickets. >> how would you have known two of his last shows were here locally? >> i know. he went to the warriors game as well. a nice imprint here. appropriately, we have rain in the forecast. >> exactly. it's all during the morning commute. kari tracking it for us. >> all of this rain moves through today and will clear out in time for the weekend. we'll get a look at the timing in the microclimate forecast. area this morning--
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as a system makes it's way down our coast-- when to expect the rain in your neighborhood.. and if the wet weather will continue into the weekend... slick roads across our area this morning. when to expect rain in your neighborhood and if the wet weather will continue into the weekend. a developing situation as the rain moves in, the rush to fix this huge sinkhole. >> plus remembering an icon. how people here and across the globe are honoring prince. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning. thanks for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we are going to get to purple rain in a second but first the actual rain making its way across the bay area. we see several boxes depicting san francisco, san jose. soon enough most of us are going to be hit with showers this morning. >> kari hall tracking the radar for us. how long can we expect this rain to stick around? >> it will be off and on all throughout the morning and early this afternoon. now we are seeing that rain moving through the north bay as it is making things wet on the roadways. also moving into san francisco and just now approaching the east bay. a closer look at the north bay. we can see that the rain has been scattered, and not everyone has seen it so far. as you head down 101 from novato, the roads may be slick. also through san francisco and approaching san mateo, starting to move into the east bay.รง a look at the


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